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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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EXCLUSIVE: Report on Dept. of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion UniversityNoam Sheizaf - +972 - "The department has been the target of a campaign by the radical rightwing movement Im Tirzu for its “lefty” political leaning." - id 30/11/2011
29 November Anniversary marked in opposite ways across the national divide PNN, +972 - Palestinians mark the 64th anniversary of the UN Partition Resolution with a renewed demand for realization of their long-delayed statehood, while Israeli government agencies seek to commemorate the same as a Zionist victory and to re-enact festive celebrations on the Israeli streets 29/11/2011
Video - Noam Chomsky - 7th Edward Said Memorial Lecture 28/11/2011
A Goal for Peace - Real Madrid Foundation and UNRWA unite for Palestine refugee childrenAlaa Ashkar - IMEMC & UNRWA - "Real Madrid Foundation and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) have signed a Partnership Agreement to promote sports programmes in UNRWA schools that will contribute to improving the lives of Palestine refugee children in the Middle East"28/11/2011
Reform movement head Yoffie: Anti-democratic laws will distance American Jews from Israel Shlomo Shamir - Haaretz - Union for Reform Judaism President Rabbi Eric Yoffie questions the validity of bills being discussed in the Knesset regarding NGOs and Israel’s Supreme Court28/11/2011
Ashrawi: Quartet must take power, legality into accountMa`an - "If the Quartet wants to achieve any results, it has to deal with negotiations as a means and not as an end," Ashrawi said in a briefing to world diplomats on Thursday.26/11/2011
Right-wing Israeli group creates booklet listing businesses that employ PalestiniansSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - 19-year old Meir Ettinger was reported to the police for walking around the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem and asking merchants whether they employ Arabs. 22/11/2011
Arab teens rap out angry politics AFP - Ynet - "Hair, makeup and boys don`t concern us," says Tattur. "As a teenager, Israel concerns us. There are a lot of problems here. Some people tell you you`re Israeli, some people tell you you`re Palestinian. So you get confused. "We want to build a new generation through our music and words." 22/11/2011
Israel Shuts Down Radio Station for Criticizing RegimeJason Ditz - AntiWar - Likud MP Brags of Silencing `Radical Leftist Station`21/11/2011
Poland’s growing Palestine movement faces anti-Semitism smearsEwa Jasiewicz - Electronic Intifada "Earlier this month, the Polish Nationwide Organization of Jewish Youth, known as ZOOM, withdrew from an alliance of anti-fascist groups and cited the participation of the Polish Campaign of Solidarity with Palestine in the 11 November Coalition as the reason.The Polish 11 November Coalition was formed last year to oppose a march through Warsaw by the extreme right. Groups such as the Camp of Great Poland and the All-Poland Youth have expressed anti-Semitic and homophobic sentiments, and have been linked to neo-Nazi groups." ca 18/11/2011
Israel would be a backward country without the left-wingAri Shavit - Haaretz "So the time has come for Netanyahu to listen to Uzi Beller, as well as to his party colleagues Reuven Rivlin, Benny Begin and Dan Meridor. The time has come for him to return to the values of Herzl, Jabotinsky and Begin. Go back to Rehavia, Bibi. Rehavia may be a place for bleeding hearts, but Rehavia is enlightenment and strength. In your better days, Rehavia is also you." ca18/11/2011
France summons Israeli ambassador over Gaza raid Published 17:10 16.11.11 Latest update 17:10 16.11.11 Reuters - Haaretz - France summons Israeli ambassador over Gaza raid Israeli envoy rebuked over Gaza raid which wounded French consul and family; incident added strains to already tense relationship between Israel and France. 17/11/2011
Right-wing activist: Rabbi Kahane is sitting in heaven and smilingYair Ettinger - Haaretz "Once upon a time, right-wing activists used to hand out bumper stickers lambasting the "hostile media." But on Tuesday, at a memorial marking the 21st anniversary of Rabbi Meir Kahane`s murder, not a bad word was said about the press. On the contrary, the "hostile media" provided the evening`s chief entertainment - a fact that merely contributed to the euphoria gripping the massive crowd." ca16/11/2011
Palestinian reconciliation remains uncertain as Fatah, Hamas agree on electionsAvi Issacharoff - Haaretz "barring a last-minute surprise, the weekend will see a historic agreement between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshal, head of Hamas` political bureau. The two are expected to set parliamentary and presidential elections for May, six years after the last parliamentary elections, and seven years since Abbas was elected." ca16/11/2011
IDF chief: Gaza violence may lead to significant military actionJonathan Lis - Haaretz - Speaking to Knesset`s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Benny Gantz says there is still a chance for West Bank violence over Palestinian disappointment of the statehood bid at UN15/11/2011
Fatah, Hamas reach agreement on key issues, preceeding Abbas-Mashaal Cairo meeting late NovemberMa`an - The upcoming meeting will discuss the status of the PLO, the future of the Palestinian Authority, the stalled peace process, upcoming elections and the nature of Palestinian resistance, [senior Fatah official Azzam] al-Ahmad added. 15/11/2011
Israel vs. Free Press: Uri Blau Faces Seven Years in PrisonRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam blog - "Investigative journalists are the cornerstone of transparency, which is essential if a society is to function in a democratic manner" [Reporters Without Borders` letter to the Israeli Attorney General, urging him to withdraw the charges against Blau].12/11/2011
‘88% of Jewish Israelis oppose price tag attacks’ MICHAEL OMER-MAN - J-Post - "Among Jewish respondents, 38% said they saw the authorities’ response to the attacks as appropriate, while 38% said the state reaction was “too mild” and 13% said it was “too harsh.”" - id 11/11/2011
UNESCO files complaint against Israeli delegation over Haaretz cartoonBarak Ravid - Haaretz - "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak sending an air force squadron to attack Iran, with Netanyahu ordering, "And on your way back, you`re gonna hit the UNESCO office in Ramallah!"" - id 11/11/2011
Russell Tribunal Finds Israel Guilty Of Apartheid, ProsecutionSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Thus, the majority of international crimes continue to go unpunished." - id9/11/2011
With yearning soul Salman Masalha - Haaretz - "Rabin tried to rescue "the Jewish state" ... by adopting an "Israeliness" that included Israel`s Arab inhabitants. But his actions came much too late." - id 9/11/2011
Netanyahu backs laws to limit donations to Israeli human rights organizationsJonathan Lis and Nir Hasson - Haaretz - "We will continue to do what we do even without money," vowed Sarit Michaeli, spokesperson for the B`Tselem group. "We will continue even if they continue to legislate bills whose goal is to silence us. We might have less financing, but they`ll have to find other ways to stifle the criticism - they`ll have to put us in prison." 9/11/2011
`Rabin is waiting for you` spray-painted on leftist`s buildingYair Altman - Ynet - Vandals target residence of Peace Now`s Settlement Watch project director for second time in two months; also spray-paint names of evacuated West Bank outposts N.B. demo today 7.30pm Prime Minister`s Residence, J`lem 8/11/2011
Report: Sarkozy calls Netanyahu `liar` Obama: You`re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day! 8/11/2011
UNESCO Science Braces for a Big SqueezeDANIEL STRAIN - Science Magazine "The sudden loss of U.S. dollars has triggered a two-part crisis at the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). How UNESCO responds will determine the fate of its roughly $120-million-a-year science portfolio." This is clear proof of the hypocrisy of those arguing against the boycott of Israel - claiming its contribution to the welfare of humanity through its scientific achievements - but now harming the very same values in their BOYCOTT of UNESCO" ca25/11/2011
Fayyad: PA close to breakdown after tax blockMa`an News Agency - "He spoke at a press conference alongside Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere, who demanded an end to the policy that Israel imposed a day after the UN cultural agency UNESCO granted full membership to the Palestinians."It amounts to waterboarding an economy," Stoere said, "because you almost kill it while allowing a small amount of air to come in." ca25/11/2011
Israeli ministers accused of trying to muzzle critics with funding curbsPhoebe Greenwood - The Guardian - Senior cabinet members have approved a bill limiting foreign donations to political not-for-profit organisations14/11/2011
Liberal, but still pro-Israel Steven M. Cohen - Haaretz - American Jewish leaders - even if they agree in principle with the positions of the more "dovish" JTS rabbis and students (and many leaders do ), many feel they lack the moral standing to voice them. Nor are they comfortable with others expressing dismay with the Israeli government, even when that dismay echoes that expressed by Israel`s highest security officials, opposition parties, leading writers - and, in truth, their own private views. 5/11/2011
Israel Faces Questions About News Reports of Eyeing Iran StrikeISABEL KERSHNER and DAVID E. SANGER - New York Times - “The Israelis fear that once it’s moved underground they won’t have the ability to see it, or reach it,” one American official said recently. bz 5/11/2011
Israel, apartheid, and the Hasbara machineRan Greenstein - JNews Blog " To be blunt, Palestinians in Israel are the sole authority regarding their own experiences; South African Jews are not. If we wish to find out what it means to be Palestinian citizens in Israel, why not ask them directly? Indeed, a wealth of documentary material detailing conditions of massive formal and informal discrimination in the fields of land (especially), labour, housing, education, social services and so on, has been produced by research, human rights ,and legal advocacy organisations representing this group (numerous examples can be found at and Goldstone and Pogrund make no use of this material. Instead, they reproduce official talking points, long debunked by social science research conducted by Israelis and Palestinians alike." ca 4/11/2011
The Bedouin vs Israel`s bulldozers Catrina Stewart - The Independent "For the Bedouin, however, worse is to come. Under a sweeping new proposal, dubbed the Prawer report, Israel is seeking to corral 30,000 Bedouin living in the Negev`s "unrecognised" villages – some little more than tented encampments – into destitute Bedouin townships, a move that human rights groups say will not only dispossess a people of their ancestral lands but also shatter a disappearing way of life." ca 4/11/2011
Israeli is not a synonym for JewishMike Prashker - Common Ground News - Sixty-three years after Israel’s establishment, it is easy to feel demoralised by such events. Comprehensive research conducted for Kulanana shows that far too many of Israel’s citizens hold stereotypical and negative attitudes towards “others”. This is not confined to Jewish-Arab relations. Indeed, inter-group relations across the many national, religious and ethnic groups that form Israeli society are far from open and accepting. 2/11/2011
The law and practice of apartheid in South Africa and PalestineJohn Dugard - Mondoweiss - "From my first visit to Israel/OPT I was struck by the similarities between apartheid in South Africa and the practices and policies of Israel in the OPT." - id 2/11/2011
Sites the Palestinians want on U.N. heritage list AFP - Daily Star - "There are 20 sites which the Palestinians want to have recognized ...The main site is the West Bank town of Bethlehem and its Church of the Nativity." - id2/11/2011
Not judges, but witnesses: the third Russell Tribunal on Palestine beginsFrank Barat - The Electronic Intifada - "A stellar cast will observe the proceedings, acting as the jury, and after hearing more than twenty witnesses and legal experts over two days, will answer the question: “Are Israeli policies towards the Palestinian people in breach of the prohibition against apartheid under international law?”" - id 2/11/2011
Palestinians hit by cyber-attack following success at UnescoHarriet Sherwood - Guardian - "The attack had interrupted services, causing internet connections to range from "very, very slow to completely stopped"." - id 2/11/2011
In Israel, Press Freedom Is Under AttackDIMI REIDER - NYT - "The judges did not elaborate on how Ms. Kamm’s documents have actively damaged Israel’s security...But the damage the Tel Aviv District Court has inflicted on Israeli democracy is immediate and concrete." - id 2/11/2011
`Public discussion of Iran strike is `reckless, damaging`` JPOST.COM STAFF - Jerusalem Post - "The media attention, Begin said, "pales in comparison to the acts of Anat Kamm, for which she was sentenced to four and a half years in prison," echoing sentiments expressed by Intelligence and Atomic Energy Minister Dan Meridor Wednesday in a Ma`ariv op-ed." - id 2/11/2011
Don`t say we did not know #285Amos Gvirtz - Demolished this week: two homes, four animal sheds, and a chicken coop [and more]. 1/11/2011
Leaked emails show Israel role in UK plot to ban Raed SalahAsa Winstanley - - Salah refused to consent to voluntary deportation — the UK Border Agency (UKBA) tried to persuade him to drop his in-country appeal. Salah was concerned that, once he returns home, the Israeli authorities would use a successful deportation from Britain in their long-standing campaign against him. 1/11/2011
Palestinians aim to join 16 other UN agencies Elior Levy - Ynet - Israel has previously expressed concern over the possibility of the Palestinian Authority joining the International Criminal Court in The Hague. 1/11/2011
Police shut down Jewish-Palestinian radio stationYossi Gurvitz - +972 - Mossi Raz: As far as I recall, in all of the years of the saga surrounding settler radio Channel 7, never were any of its managers arrested – even though its broadcasting interfered with the radio frequencies of the Ben Gurion Airport, and even though it never even claimed to be legal or licensed. 19/11/2011
Hamas: Next Palestinian gov`t headquarters will be in Gaza staff - Hamas would support the UN membership bid, and the establishment of a Palestinian state on the pre-1967 border with Jerusalem as its capital. 19/11/2011
Hamas official: Abbas, Mashaal meet will end disagreementMaan - "Ismail Haniyeh and Salam Fayyad were causes of disagreement in the previous stage, and so both will be exempted," former adviser to Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh Yousef said.19/11/2011
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