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Bahrain ends boycott of Israeli goods Al Jazeera Net - Al Khalifa said the decision was to comply with US free trade deal: "Bahrain took the decision to end the boycott of Israeli goods because this is one of the conditions of the free trade agreement"24/9/2005
Bahrain ends boycott of Israeli goods Al Jazeera Net - Al Khalifa said the decision was to comply with US free trade deal: "Bahrain took the decision to end the boycott of Israeli goods because this is one of the conditions of the free trade agreement"24/9/2005
PA holds Hamas responsible for blastMargot Dudkevitch and AP - Gaza - The Palestinian Authority issued a statement holding the Hamas responsible for the deaths of 17 Palestinians when a Kassam-laden truck exploded at a Friday night Hamas rally. 24/9/2005
Mofaz threatens ground operation if Kassams continueArieh O`Sullivan - The Jerusalem Post Online - In response to the recent salvo of Kassam rockets against southern Negev communities, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz instructed the Air Force to continue its offensive targeting Hamas and Islamic Jihad infrastructure in the Gaza strip and West Bank. 24/9/2005
UN envoy: Gaza pullout encouraging, but road map only way forward The Associated Press - Israel`s recent pullout from the Gaza Strip was encouraging, but mutual steps laid out in the United Nations-backed road map remain the only realistic way to achieve peace with the Palestinians, the top UN Middle East envoy said Friday. 24/9/2005
President Abbas: No Alternative to Comprehensive Solution WAFA and IMEMC - At the Freedom and Liberty festival in the presidential headquarter in Ramallah city, President Mahmoud Abbas said that no comprehensive settlement can be reached without a just solution for the Refugees issue, based on international resolution N.194 of 1949, and taking off all the colonies inside Palestinan lands. 25/9/2005
Warning: Don’t travel to Arab villagesAhiya Raved - YnetNews - Haifa University distributes document among its foreign students saying, ‘It is prohibited to travel in the West Bank and Gaza; refrain from entering Arab population centers in Israeli territory, including east Jerusalem and the Old City.’23/9/2005
Abbas rejects plea to disarm groupsAljazeera - " The moderate Palestinian leader has preferred to co-opt resistance fighters with jobs after having coaxed them into a ceasefire in February."22/9/2005
Israel will not allow Gaza port without control: ministerAgence France Presse - JERUSALEM Sept 21-- Israel will not allow a seaport to be built in the Gaza Strip unless it can control all incoming and outgoing shipments, said a junior minister responsible for economic negotiations with the Palestinians. 21/9/2005
Israel reiterates Palestinian vote threat despite US pleaAgence France Presse - JERUSALEM Sept 21-- Israel reiterated threats Wednesday to hamper January`s Palestinian election if the radical Islamist movement Hamas stands, despite being urged by the United States to cooperate in organising the polls. 21/9/2005
Uzi Dayan: "Evacuate 32 more settlements"Manar Jibreen - IMEMC & Agencies - According to the plan, the following settlements will remain under full Israeli control and territory; Ariel, Gush Etzion, Ma`ale Adumim, Efra, Beit El and Kiryat Arba.21/9/2005
PA rejects international presence at the Rafah border crossing Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - The Palestinian Authority announced on Tuesday that it rejects any international presence at the Rafah Border Crossing, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.21/9/2005
Israel boycott feud resurfaces; Fresh exchanges as academics try to forge new policy in wake of lecturers` union votePolly Curtis - The Guardian - " The battle lines of the academic boycott of Israel are being redrawn."20/9/2005
Church to keep shares in firm with Israel linksJonathan Petre Religion Correspondent - The Daily Telegraph - "The Church`s ethical and investment advisory group said yesterday that it had decided not to withdraw its pounds 2.2 million from the Caterpillar group, which makes bulldozers used in Israeli clearance projects." [Church of England will thus continue profiting from Palestinian home demolitions - the OM Editor]20/9/2005
Israelis warm to security role for EU on Gaza`s border with Egypt Stephen Castle and Eric Silver - The Independent -" The European Union may be given a security role at the border between Egypt and Gaza in a significant escalation of its involvement in the Middle East peace process."20/9/2005
`Gaza-Egypt border to remain closed`Khaled Abu Tiameh - The Jerusalem Post - The Gaza-Egypt border will only reopen as part of an international agreement, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said Monday, quashing speculation that Egypt and the Palestinians might operate a crossing there without Israel`s blessing. 19/9/2005
Special report: “No need to receive open-fire orders” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - “Another pediatric, and a baker where shot in the face by the Paratroopers Unit, we broke into homes all day long, and killed children”, An Introduction of a report published by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reads. 19/9/2005
Israel to Britain: Change lawsTal Rosner - Ynet News - State to set up taskforce to examine legal situation in European countries; will press for changes to prvent abuses of laws to attack IDF officers 18/9/2005
Arabs furious at police decisionRoee Nahmias - YnetNews - Arabs, left-wing blast police decision not to indict any officers over deaths of 13 Arab civilians during October, 2000 riots in support of Aqsa Intifada. MK Cohen: `racist decision`. MK Barake: `premeditated murder against Israeli citizens` Israeli Arab leaders and left-wing politicians slammed Sunday`s decision by the Police Investigations Committee not to prosecute any police officers for the deaths of 13 Arab civilians during riots in support of the al-Aqsa Intifada in October, 2000. MK Mohammed Barake (Hadash –Ta`al) said the decision meant the state was guilty for the deaths. "The decision to clear the state representatives who committed these murders... places the responsibility for the killings on the state. "The State of Israel murdered its citizens with it`s own hands. If Arab citizens can`t find justice in the Israeli justice system, they will find it elsewhere – in international courts," he said. Ilan Marciano also contributed to this report 18/9/2005
No indictments for killing 13 Israeli Palestinian citizens in October 2000 riotsEfrat Weiss - Ynet News - Police say insufficient evidence to press charges for deaths of 13 Israeli Arabs during October 2000 riots 18/9/2005
Qatar calls on Arabs to talk to Israel after pullout Jordan Times - Arab nations should make a gesture towards Israel after its withdrawal from Gaza by talking with their Middle East neighbour to chart a future for the region, Qatar`s foreign minister said. 17/9/2005
British police cancel arrest warrant against retired IDF commander The Associated Press - British police have canceled an arrest warrant against Major General (res.) Doron Almog, wanted for alleged war crimes, a Foreign Ministry official said Friday17/9/2005
Will Rafah be reunited?Roee Nahmias - Ynet News - PA, Egypt hold secret negotiations in bid to redraw Gaza-Egypt border, reunite Palestinian families. One suggestion being considered is reunification of divided town of Rafah Roee Nahmias 17/9/2005
Sharon not eager to do time in British jailAgence France Presse (AFP) - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has complained about legal proceedings against senior Israeli officers in Britain by quipping that he could be arrested himself on any visit to London, media reported Friday. Meeting British Prime Minister Tony Blair on the sidelines of the UN summit in New York, Sharon responded angrily to an invitation to visit Britain by saying that as a general he didn`t want to do time in a "tough" British jail. 17/9/2005
Report: Egypt, PA may unite RafahJPOST STAFF AND AP - Egypt and the Palestinian Authority are negotiating on a possibility that Rafah would be united, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported on Saturday. 17/9/2005
Saeb Erekat: `Stay out of our elections`Associated Press - The Palestinians on Saturday urged Israel not to interfere in upcoming parliamentary elections, after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was quoted as saying he wants Hamas excluded and might withhold cooperation if the Islamic militants participate in the vote. 17/9/2005
Three Emmys for cameraman killed by IsraelisStephen Brook and Dominic Timms - The Guardian - Cameraman James Miller has posthumously won three Emmy awards for his film "Death in Gaza" - two years after he was shot dead by Israeli troops. The documentary about three children in the Rafah refugee camp won awards for outstanding direction, outstanding cinematography and exceptional merit in non-fiction filmmaking in the creative arts section of the awards. 15/9/2005
Palestinians cross Egypt-Gaza border unhinderedAgence France Presse - RAFAH, Gaza Strip Sept 15-- Hundreds of people continued to cross the border between Gaza and Egypt unhindered on Thursday despite efforts by police on both sides of the frontier to assert control. 15/9/2005
Sharon meets Bush, says no peacemaking soonJeffrey Heller - Reuters - "sraeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said after talks with U.S. President George W. Bush on Wednesday that Washington realized there was no chance of resuming peacemaking with the Palestinians any time soon. "15/9/2005
PA Minister Ghassan El Kharib: Pullout an empty gestureAli Waked - Ynet News - In interview with Ynet, Ghassan Khatib says continued Israeli control of border crossings undermines Palestinian economy, constitute continuation of occupation 14/9/2005
PA: Abbas aims to disarm terror groupsReuters - Senior aide says PA leader will insist Hamas disarm after parliamentary elections in January; says Abbas will start with armed groups within his own Fatah party 14/9/2005
Gaza bursting at seams without West Bank linkAgence France Press - The Daily Star - The Gaza Strip, one of the most overcrowded places in the world, faces demographic asphyxiation if it remains cut off from the rest of Palestinian territory after the Israeli pullout, experts say. 14/9/2005
Palestinian leaders demand end to looting in Gaza StripThe Daily Star - Palestinian leaders demanded a halt to looting on Tuesday after Israel`s military withdrawal from Gaza and said Palestinians should start rebuilding in abandoned Jewish settlements. 14/9/2005
Three Emmys for cameraman killed by IsraelisStephen Brook and Dominic Timms - The Guardian - "Cameraman James Miller has posthumously won three Emmy awards for his film Death in Gaza - two years after he was shot dead by Israeli troops."14/9/2005
Investigation urged after Israeli officer avoids arrestVikram Dodd and Conal Urquhart - the Guardian - "Scotland Yard was urged yesterday to launch a criminal investigation into officials at the Israeli embassy in London who helped a retired Israeli general wanted in Britain for war crimes to escape arrest."14/9/2005
Amnesty International deplores failure to arrest Israeli war crimes suspectAmnesty International - Amnesty International today deplored the failure of the United Kingdom (UK) authorities to arrest Israeli army General Doron Almog when he arrived at London’s Heathrow airport yesterday, describing this as a clear violation of the UK’s obligations under both national and international law.14/9/2005
Volunteer Translators Needed for the Occupation Magazine Please - help us with the translations from English to Hebrew. 11/9/2005
Peres: Gazans to get travel freedomAl Jazeera - Shimon Peres, seeking to calm Palestinian fears, has said Palestinians will be able to enter and leave Gaza after Israeli troops pull out next week. 11/9/2005
Al-Assad meets Palestinian groupsAl Jazeera - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has met leaders of 10 Palestinian resistance movements based in Syria, defying US pressure to crack down on these groups. 11/9/2005
Israel to abandon Gaza synagogues BBC News Online - The issue of Gaza`s synagogues has been a sensitive one Israel has decided to leave the Gaza Strip without demolishing more than 20 synagogues at evacuated settlements. 11/9/2005
Shake-up in Palestinian diplomatic corpsKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Most of the Palestinian ambassadors abroad will be replaced soon as part of a major shake-up in the Palestinian diplomatic corps. 6/9/2005
Moussa was a relic of his uncle`s misruleKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Yasser Arafat was most likely turning in his grave on Wednesday in the aftermath of the assassination of his devoted nephew, Gen. Moussa Arafat. 8/9/2005
Palestinians say PA security forces involved in Arafat assassinationKHALED ABU TOAMEH - The Jerusalem Post - Many Palestinians in Gaza City said Wednesday`s assassination of General Moussa Arafat, the former commander of the PA`s Military Intelligence, and a nephew of Yasser Arafat, could not have been carried out without the involvement of at least one of the PA`s official security branches. 8/9/2005
Israel declares end to Gaza rule; pullout imminent; Palestinians to boycott Gaza handover ceremonyMatt Spetalnick - Reuters - JERUSALEM, Sept 11 - Israel declared an end to its military rule in Gaza on Sunday, clearing the way to complete its pullout and turn the territory over to the Palestinians on Monday after 38 years of occupation. Palestinians: Occupation not yet over 11/9/2005
Israel closes vital Gaza-Egypt border crossing ahead of pullout Jordan Times - Agencies - ISRAEL ON THURSDAY closed Gaza`s vital border crossing with Egypt just days before completing its military pullout from the coastal strip. Palestinians charged the move blocks Gaza`s main link to the outside world, but Israel said it would build a new terminal to allow Palestinians to travel freely without Israeli interference. 9/9/2005
Israel closes vital Gaza-Egypt border crossing ahead of pullout Jordan Times - Agencies - ISRAEL ON THURSDAY closed Gaza`s vital border crossing with Egypt just days before completing its military pullout from the coastal strip. Palestinians charged the move blocks Gaza`s main link to the outside world, but Israel said it would build a new terminal to allow Palestinians to travel freely without Israeli interference. 9/9/2005
Israeli troops ready to roll out of GazaJeffrey Heller - Reuters - JERUSALEM - Egypt began deploying guards along its border with the Gaza Strip on Saturday to replace Israeli troops set to withdraw from occupied territory that will become a testing ground for Palestinian statehood. 10/9/2005
Mahmoud Abbas: The big jihad is constructionRoee Nahimas - YnetNews - Palestinian leader says no compromise on Temple Mount; committed to `two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace,` in interview with Israeli Arab newspaper 10/9/2005
Who killed Moussa Arafat?Ali Waked - YnetNews - Popular Resistance Committees denies any connection to the killing, says Palestinian minister Mohammad Dahlan responsible for the assassination, due to `internal disagreements` 10/9/2005
Palestinian stone-thrower wounded by Israeli Army Forces fire in Gaza The Associated Press - Israeli Army Forces shot and wounded a Palestinian man who threw stones at their makeshift position in the Gaza Strip, military officials said Saturday. 10/9/2005
Palestinian charged with Al-Qaeda linksThe Daily Star - Israeli military prosecutors charged a Palestinian on Thursday with undergoing training at an Al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan, but said the defendant declined an offer to join Osama bin Laden`s global network. 10/9/2005
Conductor Barenboim in radio rowBBC News Online - Israel`s education minister has branded conductor Daniel Barenboim "a real anti-Semite" after he refused to be interviewed by an army radio reporter. The Jewish musician was promoting a book he had written with Palestinian intellectual Edward Said. 6/9/2005
Israel threatens reprisals for attacks from Gaza Agence France Press - Israel threatened Saturday to strike the Gaza Strip if militants use the Mediterranean coastal strip to launch attacks after the Israeli military completes its pullout from the territory later this month. 5/9/2005
Abbas: “Border Crossings are constructed on Gaza land”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said that Israel will be still occupying some of the Palestinian lands on the coastal strip in Gaza, even after pullout from the Gaza Strip. 3/9/2005
Palestinians willing to consider Israeli checks on Gaza tradeAgence France Presse - RAMALLAH, West Bank Sept 1- The Palestinians are willing to discuss Israeli demands to inspect goods coming into the Gaza Strip after the impending departure of its troops from the territory, foreign minister Nasser al-Qidwa said Thursday1/9/2005
Israel approves historic Egypt deploymentAgence France Press - AFP - Israel`s parliament approved an historic plan for Egyptian border guards to patrol along the Gaza border after the last Israeli troops leave the Palestinian territory next month. 1/9/2005
`Free Officers Movement` urges PA to target corrupt officialsKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Ramallah - A hitherto unknown group called The Free Officers Movement in Palestine on Saturday called on the Palestinian Authority to take action against senior officials allegedly involved in financial corruption and to launch a "serious investigation" into the death of Yasser Arafat. 4/9/2005
Rantisi`s widow runs for electionKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Rasha Rantisi, the widow of slain Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, announced on Saturday that she was planning to run in parliamentary elections scheduled to be held next January. 4/9/2005
Jubilant Palestinians enter Gaza settlements Ecstatic crowds of Palestinians flooded into empty Jewish settlements today, setting abandoned synagogues on fire and looting ruined buildings in a celebration of the end of 38 years of Israeli military rule over the Gaza Strip. 12/9/2005
Israel threatens to hand Gaza to Egypt and West Bank to Jordan Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israel may consider the possibility of handing the West Bank to Jordan, and the Gaza Strip to Egypt, as the situation was prior to the 1967 war.21/9/2005
Palestinians reject Gaza security zoneKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - The Palestinians on Saturday warned Israel against establishing a buffer zone in the northern Gaza Strip, saying such a move was tantamount to Israel`s continued control of the disputed Shaba Farms along the border with Lebanon. 19/9/2005
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