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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

3G in Palestine: Too little, too late?Daoud Kuttab - AlJazeera - What`s really behind Israel`s decision to allow Palestinians in the West Bank to have 3G services [ry]30/11/2015
Along the DivideNathan Thrall--Israel is now confronted by the greatest unrest it has faced since the second intifada ended more than ten years ago. Palestinian protests and clashes with Israeli forces have spread from East Jerusalem to the rest of the West Bank, as well as to Gaza and Palestinian towns inside Israel. In the first three weeks of October, ten Israelis were killed and more than a hundred injured in stabbings and shootings, and by drivers ramming cars into pedestrians. Over the same period, Israeli forces killed 53 Palestinians and injured around two thousand. Compared to the second intifada, the protests this month have been smaller, the influence of Palestinian political factions weaker, and the attacks far less lethal. But they have been coming more frequently, with several of them, unco-ordinated, on most days. dn29/11/2015
Nobody is coming to end the occupationMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man--The Americans are disengaging from the conflict, the EU won’t go beyond half-measures, and the Palestinian Authority is on the verge of implosion. So what happens next? dn29/11/2015
Israel’s Open Season on ‘Arabs’ Jeremy Salt--Sometimes it must be such fun to be an Israeli undercover agent especially if you like amateur theatricals and perhaps thought of an acting career but were not quite good enough and had to settle for something less. You get drama and excitement without the element of danger to yourself. You can dress up as an ‘Arab’ and storm into ‘Arab’ homes on the West Bank to terrorize families and shoot dead teenagers. You have to put up with sobbing mothers and screaming children, but so what, they are all terrorists or will grow up to be one. You can storm into a hospital to kidnap and kill. Not a gun in sight except yours: nothing but wards, patients, bandages, cupboards full of medical equipment and a few orderlies wandering around in a green smock. You could actually walk into the hospital in uniform in the middle of the day and no-one could stop you, but at the Ahli hospital in Hebron you do it at 3am, wearing kuffiyas, false beards glued to your chin and a Muslim skullcap stuck on your head. Your act is an unconvincing as a poor quality high school play.dn29/11/2015
Shot for flying a flag in GazaCharlotte Silver--For the past six weeks, the boundary between Gaza and Israel has been a deadly place for Palestinians. Israeli forces killed at least 16 Palestinians during protests in that area between 1 October and 6 November.dn29/11/2015
Oslo is dead, but what`s next?Geoffrey Aronson--This is not for the first time Washington is behind the curve, and therefore aiming at the wrong target. Netanyahu is weighing a number of options, but none of them are in the least concerned with "strengthening Abu Mazen" - the poisonous mantra that in one of history`s cruel twists of fate - has all but emptied the Palestinian Authority (PA) of its original promise. dn29/11/2015
Treating Pollard Cruelly? Look What We Do to Vanunu Kobi Niv--The ability of the creature called man to look in the mirror and not see himself is truly amazing. For decades, the Israeli media have complained about the “cruelty” with which the U.S. administration and legal authorities have allegedly treated the man fondly nicknamed here “the Jewish spy” – Jonathan Pollard. . . . So now, in a land not far far away, in fact right here, in the same Israel Pollard yearns for, lives another Jew (based on Jewish law), an Israeli not an American. He’s named Mordechai Vanunu, also known by the notorious nickname “the atomic spy.” If anything the Americans have done or are doing to Pollard can be called “cruelty,” then what we’ve done and are doing to Vanunu is the mother of all cruelty times 77. dn 28/11/2015
Teaching peace during times of warDavid Lehrer--I am not naïve enough to think that peace will be made by people-to-people NGOs like the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. Peace will ultimately be made by courageous visionary leaders, not the small-minded cowardly politicians who currently occupy government offices in Jerusalem and Ramallah and who use fear and hate to hold on to their power. dn 28/11/2015
We are SORRY --A Message from the Muslim World to ParisA Muslim--What happened in Paris last night was awful. I stayed up late following the news in disbelief and I am so sorry to anyone who has been affected by these horrible attacks. The international community has responded, as predicted, by showing their unwavering solidarity with Paris. The night before that, a bomb went off in my country, Lebanon, killing 43 people. No one prayed for us. No one kept us in their thoughts. No world leaders made late-night statements about us. No one changed their profile pictures. There was no hashtag. No option to be "marked as safe" by Facebook. Just silence. dn 28/11/2015
Democracy, the High Court and punitive home demolitionsFrances Raday - +972 "Quiz 1: If this is not a matter of human rights, as Israeli politicians claim, then what is? Is the demolition of a home not a criminal penalty? As such, does it not require a fair trial of the accused and conviction of all who are to be punished, including each parent and all siblings? Are Arab parents more responsible for the murderous misbehavior of their offspring than Jewish parents? Has anyone considered punishing Yigal Amir‘s mother or Baruch Goldstein’s parents as a deterrent for the growing phenomenon of Jewish terrorism? Are our politicians unaware that their very own Defense Ministry concluded that efficacy of house demolitions as a counter-terrorism tool is questionable and hence should not be employed?" ca27/11/2015
Thanksgiving - More Than a Turkey Dinner Lawrence Ware - ICH "Let’s be honest: every year on the last Thursday of November, we celebrate the beginning of a European invasion that ends with the death or relocation of millions of native people. While many have tried to redefine the meaning of Thanksgiving into a time when we cultivate a sense of gratitude, the undeniable truth is that the blood of native people stains the genesis of the holiday." ca26/11/2015
Violence, Moral Equivalence, and the End of a Two-State Solution in Israel-PalestineHenry Siegman - The Nation "A full-page advertisement in the New York Times of November 14 accuses Secretary of State John Kerry of anti-Semitism. The accuser is a Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who has designated himself as nothing less than “America’s Rabbi.” He ministers to the spiritual needs of the casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who finances the organization headed by Boteach in whose name the ad was placed." ca26/11/2015
Settler shoots dead 2nd Palestinian following alleged attack attemptMa`an News - -- A Palestinian was shot and killed near the illegal Israeli settlement of Kfar Adumim in the central occupied West Bank on Sunday, after the Palestinian, driving a taxi, ran into another car on a main road, an Israeli police spokesperson said.-rh25/11/2015
Violence, Moral Equivalence, and the End of a Two-State Solution in Israel-PalestineHenry Siegman - The Nation -  A slanderous ad in The New York Times accusing John Kerry of anti-Semitism could only have drawn its inspiration from the PR skills of Joseph Goebbels.-rh25/11/2015
Transnational legal actions threaten to end Israeli impunity Sagiv Galai - Mondoweiss - We cannot predict whether these cases will trigger anything more significant than consternation and rebuke from Israeli spokespersons, but it remains obvious that these cases developing outside of Israeli courts would not have been possible if solidarity activists did not leverage their privileged possession of foreign passports and attempted to utilize international courts in trigger concerns of Universal Jurisdiction and global accountability for war crimes.-rh25/11/2015
Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader saysRobert Tait - The Telegraph - Benzi Gopstein, the outspoken head of Lehava - which has drawn notoriety for its violent assaults on Jewish-Arab assimilation - made the remarks at a panel discussion for Jewish yeshiva students when asked by a fellow panelist if he believed burning down churches in Israel was justified.-rh25/11/2015
Whoa there, David Cameron! Haste and Rhetoric is no Recipe for PeaceRobert Fisk - Information Clearing House - Our reaction? All rhetoric, of course, brought about by our ignorance, our refusal to understand the injustices of the Middle East, our idleness in addressing conflict with political plans and objectives. If we could apply the “whoa, boy” advice today, it must be with an entirely new approach to the cult mafia that exists in the Middle East.-rh25/11/2015
The War on Terror Is a War on Youth: Paris and the Impoverishment of the Future Henry A. Giroux and Brad Evans - truthout - The seeds of terrorism do not lie simply in ideological fundamentalism; they also lie in conditions of oppression, war, racism, poverty, the abandonment of entire generations of Palestinian youth, the dictatorships that stifle young people in the Middle East and the racist assaults on Black youth in urban centers in the United States.-rh25/11/2015
Pollard and Vanunu: A tale of two spiesAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - Like Pollard, even after Vanunu served his entire sentence, he was considered a ticking time bomb of secrets. He, too, was prohibited contact with the media and permission to leave the country. Although it has been more than a decade since Vanunu`s release, and almost 30 years since he was jailed, he is still not a free man. This is where the similarity between the two convicted felons ends.-rh 25/11/2015
Bibi Times: Netanyahu`s tangled relationship with Israel`s mediaMaayan Lubell - Reuters - Amnon Abramovitz, Channel Two`s political analyst and a Netanyahu critic, said the government overhaul amounted to bullying by the prime minister."When you have a loaded gun, you don`t have to shoot it, everyone knows you have it," he told Reuters. "There`s no direct warning, but there is this constant threat in knowing he, as communications minister, rules and can set up new channels."-rh 25/11/2015
How Israel erases Arabic from the public landscapeUmar Al-Ghubari - +972 - The Israeli government has begun omitting the Arabic name for Jerusalem from its street signs, erasing not only the language from the Israeli consciousness, but Palestinian identity itself.-rh25/11/2015
WATCH: How the far-right glorifies killing of PalestiniansMairav Zonszein - +972 - "Murder is not a means to an end, it has become the end. And all of the above is mediated through images and videos that people can watch, manipulate and share as they wish. This of course is done by both Israelis and Palestinians. But let’s not forget who has the army, the right to carry weapons, and the monopoly on the use of force." - id 25/11/2015
Israel draft law allows jail for Palestinians aged 12Patrick Strickland - Aljazeera - An Israeli ministerial committee has approved a law sharply criticised by human rights groups as it would allow the imprisonment of Palestinian children as young as 12. Authorised by Israel`s Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday, the bill could enable Israel to impose jail terms for children aged 12 years or above, who are found guilty of "nationalistic-motivated" violent offences - including murder, attempted murder and manslaughter.-rh 25/11/2015
Magical Thinking about IsisAdam Shatz - London Review of Books - Recognition as a war combatant is not IS’s only strategic gain. It has also spread panic, and pushed France further along the road to civil strife. (...) What most of the jihadis appear to have in common is a lack of any serious religious training: according to most studies, there is an inverse relationship between Muslim piety and attraction to jihad. As Olivier Roy, the author of several books on political Islam, recently said, ‘this is not so much the radicalisation of Islam as the Islamicisation of radicalism.’ [bz]24/11/2015
How Israel uses its ‘security needs’ to justify discriminationBen White - The National - "A law that separates Palestinian spouses to protect Israel’s `Jewish majority`; a blockade of Gaza that constitutes collective punishment and a wall used to advance a land grab. As these three examples demonstrate, Israel uses the `security` excuse to defend and advance discrimination and colonisation. How much longer will the international community buy it?" [ry]23/11/2015
US foreign policy failure in the Middle EastRichard Falk - AIC - Why has American foreign policy in the Middle East been such a dismal failure? [ry]23/11/2015
How Israel pressures BBC into changing headlinesAmena Saleem--In a rare burst of reporting on an Israeli atrocity, the BBC ran an article on its website headlined: “Israelis shoot dead Palestinian in Hebron hospital raid.” It was a straightforward headline which summed up the story. But later in the day, a different headline appeared above the report, reading: “Israelis in disguise raid Hebron hospital, seizing suspect.” dn 22/11/2015
IJAN Statement on Attacks in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Yola and KanoIJAN--The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network condemns without question the horrible crimes perpetrated in the last days, the ones the mass media has made visible, as in France, and the ones it has refused to see in Lebanon, Iraq and Nigeria, and as ever, in Palestine. We reject these criminal operations – whoever is responsible. And we stand with the people, the innocent victims of these crimes.dn22/11/2015
To Understand What `To Neutralize` Means, Look at This Broken Palestinian Man Gideon Levy and Alex Levac--A young Palestinian participates in a tumultuous demonstration, Israeli undercover men knock him to the ground and shoot him point-blank. The result: Mohammed Ziada, 19, is partly paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. dn22/11/2015
How banning Islamic Movement betrays Israel`s democracyAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor, Israel Pulse - Jewish clerics who do not accept the authority of the law are not brought before a judge. Arab inciters are deemed outside the law. Jewish inciters are above the law. [bz]21/11/2015
In Dealing With Terrorism, France Mustn`t Look to Israel for Answers Eva Illouz - Haaretz - Should France follow Israel’s securitist path, where securitism is a doctrine in which guaranteeing maximum national security replaces diplomatic initiatives and foreign policy, and ultimately trumps human rights and democratic values? [bz]21/11/2015
Paris, Fear, and RepetitionLucy Steigerwald - "The strange contradiction about America’s staunchest defenders is that they so often seem perfectly willing to sacrifice the country’s best ideals in order to enhance their own safety. And they’re not really doing so particularly." ca20/11/2015
6 Painful Truths About the War on TerrorismDylan Charles - Information Clearing House "The goal of the war on terror is transform people into willing participants in chaos, mayhem and murder, or to turn them into collateral damage. Nobody is born a terrorist, and we are all being set up as dispensable pawns in an orchestrated clash of civilizations. The truth is out there. When you cut through the propaganda, emotional triggers, and the divisive nature of discourse today, what’s left is the truth that the war on terror is something that we must end. The rise in global consciousness and our willingness to speak out may be our only hope." ca 20/11/2015
Invisible victimsJames Zogby - Al-Ahram Weekly "Palestinians are victims, invisible victims. It is this history of abuse to which they have been subjected. The anger and despair it has fostered has led the very young to act out as they have. Their desperate actions are deplorable and should not be celebrated.They should instead set off alarm bells causing us to reflect on how we in the West have contributed to their anger and despair by ignoring them for so long.Netanyahu should not have been hosted and feted in Washington. Rather, he should have been called out by policymakers for his behaviour. Until that occurs, nothing will change. Palestinians will remain invisible victims and denied their rights, and peace will remain as elusive as ever." ca 20/11/2015
Israeli ban on Islamic party marks a ‘dangerous turning point’ Jonathan Cook - Middle East Eye - The decision by the Israeli government on Tuesday to outlaw the country’s main Islamic Movement marks a dangerous turning point in Israel’s relations with its large Palestinian minority, Palestinian leaders in Israel have warned. The decision effectively drives underground a religious, political and social movement representing the views of a sizeable portion of Israel’s 1.6 million Palestinian citizens, comprising a fifth of the population.-rh18/11/2015
IMAGINE A THANKSGIVING OF REAL PEACE: PAIX, SALAAM, SHALOMEileen Fleming - The Arab Daily News - "In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. warned: Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence…The chain reaction of evil –hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars –must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation." - id18/11/2015
Obama gives up on the Middle East, Netanyahu gives up on peaceYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - "In his appearances at different forums in the United States, Netanyahu once again explained why it is not feasible to establish a Palestinian state and why Israel needs a permanent military presence in the West Bank." - id 18/11/2015
The Terrorist Grandmother, the Terrorist Child and Harry PotterAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "“It`s not an intifada." Defense Minister Moshe Ya`alon insists...What is clear is that Palestinians in increasing numbers, regardless of gender and age and social background, are rising up against the Israeli occupation which is quickly approaching its fiftieth anniversary." - id 18/11/2015
Outlawing the Islamic Movement is a gift to Palestinian citizensRami Younis - +972 - "This is yet another McCarthyist decision brought to you by the Zionist establishment, both its left and right wing. And while the Palestinian leadership in Israel is busy condemning the decision, a closer look shows that the security cabinet’s decision is nothing less than a gift to the Palestinian public in Israel." - id 18/11/2015
No, Israel, You Are Not ParisMichael Greenberger - Forward - But to frame Israel as a victim to the same violence — motivated by religious extremism — that claimed the lives of over 120 people in Paris, is to suggest that the Israeli government is politically blameless, and to exonerate Israel from all guilt in the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.-rh 18/11/2015
Senior Palestinian official refuses to give up on peace processDaoud Kuttab - Senior Palestinian leader Maj. Gen. Jibril Rajoub told Al-Monitor on Nov. 13 that the Fatah Central Committee and other factions are opposed to turning the current uprising into a military one. “There is a decision by all Palestinian factions not to militarize the popular struggle. We want to send a civilized message to the world that military occupation and colonial settlement is the real terrorism and that its continuation is a danger to them as well,” Rajoub said.-rh 18/11/2015
Shin Bet photo lineup: Can you pick out the female suspect?Avi Blecherman - +972 - During his interrogation, the prosecution’s key witness was presented with seven photos. Six of the photos were of men. See if you can pick out which one of the photos is of the female Palestinian parliamentarian currently on trial?-rh18/11/2015
Shadows of Algeria: the Lost Context of the Paris AttacksRobert Fisk - Counterpunch - Whenever the West is attacked and our innocents are killed, we usually wipe the memory bank. Thus, when reporters told us that the 129 dead in Paris represented the worst atrocity in France since the Second World War, they failed to mention the 1961 Paris massacre of up to 200 Algerians participating in an illegal march against France’s savage colonial war in Algeria. Most were murdered by the French police, many were tortured in the Palais des Sports and their bodies thrown into the Seine.-rh18/11/2015
Misusing Hard Data To Paint Palestinians As Irrational AnimalsDahlia Scheindlin - Forward - Polisar portrays Palestinians as holding an irrational, “demonic” and “diabolical” image of Israel, because a majority fears that Israel wishes to annex all the occupied territories and to expel the Palestinians. Where would they get such an idea? One might think Palestinians woke up in Switzerland one day and decided to hate us. Israelis often remind one another, “We don’t live in Switzerland” — but apparently Polisar expects Palestinians to behave as if they do.-rh 18/11/2015
Red Cross Backs Palestinian Paramedics in Controversy Over West Bank MurdersJTA - Forward - “A PRCS’ team arrived at the scene and started providing First Aid to the wounded. A few minutes later, two Israeli ambulances, one belonging to the Israeli army and another from Magen David Adom, arrived at the scene,” the statement said. “The ambulances’ teams headed towards the wounded persons, brandishing their weapons. Given that Israeli paramedics had arrived and were providing medical care to casualties, PRCS’ team left the scene which they felt had become unsafe.”-rh 18/11/2015
Netanyahu: `In Israel, as in France, terror is terror`Akiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the perpetrators of the Paris attacks and those attacking Israelis are the same — terrorists determined to kill those who are not part of extreme Islam." - id 18/11/2015
Outlawing the Islamic Movement - a demagogic and anti-democratic move, harmful in every respectGush Shalom - Prime Minister Netanyahu has taken advantage of the atmosphere of hysteria following the atrocity in Paris, in order to take an ill-considered step and gain cheap immediate popularity among a frightened and confused public, at the expense of incurring serious long-term damage. Historical experience in many times and places has shown that when a government gets away with outlawing one political movement, there would follow acts of oppression also towards other movements and parties. ak 17/11/2015
Acts of War: Destroy Daesh wiselyLynette Nusbacher - Times of Israel - François Hollande, President of the French Republic, has been very clear that Daesh committed an act of war against France last Friday. Given that France has been committing acts of war against Daesh by flying 200 air support missions against Daesh combatants since September of 2014, this is a rhetorical flourish. (...) At all costs demand that before your leaders take any action that will deal death and destruction, they tell you their strategic vision. (...) It doesn’t matter how angry we are. [bz]17/11/2015
Let`s Not Turn the West Into a Temple Under Siege Yitzhak Laor - Haaretz - That’s why at some point we have to remember everything the West has done since World War II in non-Western countries, from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, through Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. To turn the West into a temple under siege is to forget history for the benefit of our wounded narcissism, just because we know and love Paris and fear ISIS, and rightly so, and because Jewish children who are afraid to go to school in Brussels or Paris inspire in us genuine identification. The fact that we here like to defend “Western culture” is a bit ridiculous. Still, what was the U.S. administration thinking when it armed and trained the jihadists, including Osama bin Laden, in their war against the Soviets in Afghanistan? What was the Élysée Palace thinking when it continued – more than Britain or Germany – to participate in wars in Africa and in our region? That French society would not suffer? [bz]17/11/2015
Go ahead, blame IslamMark LeVine - Al Jazeera - So by all means, let us blame Islam for the carnage done in its name. But let`s be honest about how much all of our most cherished ideals, identities and ideologies have contributed to the death and destruction piling up around us. And then, let`s figure out how to recapture the sense of justice, mercy and compassion that have always existed - too often in the shadows - at the core of Islam, Judaism, Christianity and many of the world`s other great belief systems, before there`s nothing left to fight over. [As the Al Jazeera link gave problems, the Yahoo Maktoob link was used instead-bz]17/11/2015
Destruction of al-Aqsa is no conspiracy theoryIlan Pappe - EI - “’It is useless,’ asserts the colonizer in Albert Memmi’s classical tract, The Colonizer and the Colonized, ‘to try and forecast the colonized’s actions (‘they are unpredictable! ‘With them, you never know!).’ It seems to the colonizer that ‘strange and disturbing impulsiveness controls the colonized.’ The only explanation official Israel and its supporters could give for why Palestinians have risen up lately is that they were influenced by Islamic propaganda” [ry]16/11/2015
Netanyahu’s transfer plan is met with silent complicityYehudit Oppenheimer--The prime minister’s proposal to revoke the residency status of 100,000 East Jerusalemites sends an unequivocal message to all Arabs living under Israeli rule: your rights are rooted in our good will alone, and conditionally so. The silence of Israel’s ‘democratic’ camp is deafening. dn15/11/2015
Steven Salaita: I Will Always Condemn Injustice, No Matter the State of My EmploymentSteven Salaita--The embattled professor reflects on the trials of free speech, Zionism, and what it means to reach a settlement. dn15/11/2015
Israel need not worry about Justin TrudeauAntonia Zerbisias--Stephen Harper may have left the building but when it comes to Israel, he haunts us still.dn15/11/2015
Diaspora Jews offer a rare chance for hope in the Middle East Jonathan Freedland--Diasporas can be trouble. Whether it was the German-Americans who agitated to keep the United States out of the war against Hitler, the Irish-Americans who bankrolled the IRA’s “armed struggle”, or the Cuban-Americans who lobbied to keep the US shackled to a pointless embargo of the island, émigré communities have a chequered record when it comes to the influencing of foreign policy.dn15/11/2015
Walking to their death: The new child terrorists [not terrorists but freedom fighters]Ronni Shaked--Walking towards one`s death in the current wave of terror, on the other hand, stems from despair and loss of hope. The helpless Palestinian society supports the acts of the young stabbers and mainly honors them in the funerals, but it can`t even give them the hope of the shahid in heaven which the myth promises. dn14/11/2015
Attacks on Palestinian hospitals are a red line we must not crossHaggai Matar--The next time Palestinians hide weapons in a civilian ambulance, the next time a stabber disguises himself as a journalist, the next time Palestinians shoot rockets from near a United Nations building, remember that officers from Israel’s Yamam (Special Police Unit) disguised themselves as a woman in labor on a wheelchair entering a hospital in Hebron in order to arrest a wounded suspect and kill his relative. dn14/11/2015
What Obama Should Have Told Bibi - And also the World Jewish CongressPhilip Giraldi - Information Clearing House "And how to fix things? Lauder claims that Netanyahu has “the greatness, the vision and the courage to move this relationship forward on a positive path.” Sure. And pigs have wings. Let’s face it Ron, Bibi is quite likely clinically insane. Even many Israelis are saying so, though they still vote for him based on his government’s relentlessly implemented and self-fulfilling program of inciting fear of Arabs.For what it’s worth, this is what I propose Obama should have said to Bibi but didn’t, with a transcript of the conversation also faxed over to Ron Lauder at the World Jewish Congress: (read! read!)" ca 13/11/2015
Netanyahu`s Overtures Come Too Little, Too LateAri Shavit - Haaretz "What happened to Israel in recent years is disastrous. The country is on a collision course with the winds of time. This collision is more dangerous than a collision with an iceberg. From a certain point on, Netanyahu’s arguments are no longer heard, even if they are spectacular. From a certain point on, he’s not treated as legitimate, even when he’s absolutely right. Since he’s seen as a fossil from another era, he has become anachronistic,irrelevant and tedious. Then, one day, the family of nations vomits him out. Suddenly, the winds of time blow him over. After long years of saying “no big deal” and “not so bad,” the bottom of the boat breaks apart and Netanyahu finds himself in the frozen water of ostracism." ca 13/11/2015
Red Rag column: Netanyahu and the Mufti - Palestinian Grynszpans? - One-State solutionGideon Spiro - Imagine a declaration to the effect that we should look at Eichmann in a new light. He was not a Jew-hater, but an army officer who had to obey orders, just as we demand of our soldiers. In cases when he could exercise discretion, he showed himself to be a friend of the Jewish people and saved Jews, as he did with Israel Kastner’s train full of selected passengers. A lie along the lines of “Hitler and the Mufti”. gm12/11/2015
Video: Israeli police interrogate 13-year-old accused of stabbingMa`an News Agency - The interrogator is next recorded showing Manasra a video of the attack, shouting questions at him about details of the incident. Manasra starts to cry as he says that he "doesn`t know" and "cannot remember," pleading with the officer to "take me to the doctor to check me," all while hitting himself on the head. Manasra continues to say that "he cannot remember anything," begging the detective to believe him, and adds that he "woke up the next day not knowing what had happened to me."-rh11/11/2015
Jerusalem and Hebron: A tale of two citiesDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - "East Jerusalem and Hebron are bound by familial ties and shared solidarity from their experiences under Israeli occupation." - id 11/11/2015
The Palestinian cause and international lawHatem Bazian - Al Jazeera - "As Palestinians move to join a host of UN commissions, organisations and legal bodies, the Israeli government is leaning on the US to punish international agencies by withholding funding and threatening Palestinians with the same." - id 11/11/2015
A Palestinian Call For ‘Unarmed Warfare’Jonathan Cook - Countercurrents - One of the architects of the first intifada’s non-violent resistance, Mubarak Awad, recently reminded Palestinians that it is no soft option. “It’s about using nonviolence militantly, like a kind of unarmed warfare,” he told an interviewer. He suggests instead refusing to carry Israeli-issued IDs, defying curfews, blocking roads, planting trees on sites intended for settlement, tearing down fences, staging sit-ins and and inviting mass arrests to fill to breaking point Israel’s jails. Such actions require mass participation, mobilising women, children and the elderly – the very groups likely to be excluded by armed struggle.-rh 11/11/2015
A lesson in anti-democracy Tami Arad - YNet News - The goal of wearing badges is to declare that foreign countries are involved in the NGOs` activities. That will make it possible to mark Israel haters, the minister believes. It will be interesting to see what color she chooses for the leftist patch. And when the Halacha laws take effect, one will also be allowed to stone leftists or find another punishment recommended in the Bible against traitors.-rh 11/11/2015
Majority of Jewish Israelis support extrajudicial killing of subdued Palestinian suspects, new poll findsAdam Withnall - Independent - Of those identifying as Jewish, 53 per cent agreed with the statement: “Any Palestinian who has perpetrated a terror attack against Jews should be killed on the spot, even if he has been apprehended and no longer poses a threat.”-rh11/11/2015
Children of Hebron: `Everyone is afraid`Matthew Vickery - Aljazeera - The escalation in violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories has killed 77 Palestinians and 10 Israelis in recent weeks. Around a third of the Palestinian deaths have been in Hebron. According to Natalia Garcia, the mental health activities manager in Hebron for Doctors Without Borders (MSF), recent events have exacted a heavy psychological toll on residents of the city. While there have always been tensions due to soldiers, settlers, and Palestinians living in such close quarters, the situation has been exacerbated over the past month - hitting the children particularly hard, she says.-rh11/11/2015
Netanyahu`s RhetoricStephen Eric Bronner - Reader Supported News - This kind of provocative rhetoric has a mobilizing purpose. In the current context, it also expresses the genuine fear (whether conscious or unconscious) of a new intifada in the making, born of frustration over stalled peace negotiations and expanded Israeli settlement activity, which has gripped the imagination especially of the young in the West Bank and which has led to violence, mostly against settlers. Having lost the moral high-ground, sensing his growing isolation, Netanyahu must have thought that making reference to the Holocaust seemed a safe and traditional way to regain it – or, at least, deflect criticism – even while calling upon Israelis to circle the wagons, prepare for further militant action, and maintain the present expansionist strategy.-rh 11/11/2015
Why the `hijacking` of Israeli democracy is a mythEdo Konrad - +972 - Centrist Israeli political parties, to one of which Shaffir belongs, have been at the forefront of propagating some the more virulent forms of anti-Arab racism in recent years, often supporting — and in some cases even proposing — laws and policies one would commonly ascribe to the far right.-rh 11/11/2015
Benjamin Netanyahu Ignores Roots of Palestinian Violence — and Betrays His Party`s FoundersJ.J. Goldberg - Forward - The chief of Military Intelligence, Major General Herzl Halevi, had come to deliver the Israel Defense Forces’ analysis of the terror wave plaguing Israel for the past month. The main causes, he reported, are tension over the Temple Mount; anger over the unsolved July 31 murder of the Dawabsheh family in the West Bank; and rage and despair among Palestinian youth who see no future and feel they have “nothing to lose.” -rh11/11/2015
Hillary Clinton Is No Friend of IsraelGideon Levy - Information Clearing House - What happened to the Hillary Rodham Clinton who in her youth fought for civil rights and against the Vietnam War, and as a lawyer specialized in children’s rights? Did she not hear what her dream state is doing to Palestinian children? What happened to the glorious career woman who was considered liberal and justice-seeking on her way up? Did she forget it all? Does money buy everything? Or, when it comes to Israel, do all principles suddenly change?-rh 11/11/2015
EU issues guidelines on labelling products from Israeli settlementsPeter Beaumont - The Guardian - Despite insisting in public that the new guidelines provide clarity to consumers, European diplomats have privately made it clear the move is designed to put pressure on Israel over its continued settlement building in the occupied territories and the absence of a peace dialogue; a sharp rise in violence between Israelis and Palestinians has claimed 90 lives in the last month.-rh11/11/2015
Netanyahu won. Here’s how to beat himMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - By accepting that the two-state solution will just have to wait until Israel is ready to accept it, the White House has effectively conceded to Netanyahu’s strategy: declare support for two states — in theory — while continuing to deny Palestinians their most basic rights and liberties. [bz]10/11/2015
Ahmad Dewabshe does not smileAnnelien Kisch - Facebook - Imagine a toddler of 5 years having to undergo these torments! Those treatments will probably take at least two years. Not only will the Israel government not take responsibility for the medical costs, it still has not “found” the perpetrators of this cowardly and cruel act! 10/11/2015
We are lifelong Zionists. Here’s why we’ve chosen to boycott Israel.Steven Levitsky and Glen Weyl - Washington Post - Undemocratic measures undertaken in pursuit of Israel’s survival, such as the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the denial of basic rights to Palestinians living there, were understood to be temporary. But we must face reality: The occupation has become permanent. (...) The only tools that could plausibly shape Israeli strategic calculations are a withdrawal of U.S. aid and diplomatic support, and boycotts of and divestitures from the Israeli economy. Boycotting only goods produced in settlements would not have sufficient impact to induce Israelis to rethink the status quo. [bz] 10/11/2015
Can we call it one state and be done with it?Amjad Iraqi - +972 - The debate over whether we are living in a single state is irrelevant – the answer is a resounding yes. The real problem is that freedom and equality are only extended to some of its subjects [ry]9/11/2015
Israel jails own Palestinian citizen without charge or trialCharlotte Silver--The Israeli high court has approved the administrative detention of a 19-year-old woman who is a Palestinian citizen of Israel. dn8/11/2015
The undercurrents of violence in Israel and PalestineNeve Gordon--A new film reveals how the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians are played out on a daily basis. dn8/11/2015
Obama and Netanyahu to meet in D.C., looking for a way past the ugliness of the Iran dealSteven Mufson--President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will seek to move beyond the nasty public clash over the Iran nuclear deal and restore a more transactional approach to the U.S.-Israeli relationship — including delicate conversations about possible expansion of military aid — when they meet in Washington on Monday. dn8/11/2015
Palestinian Political Crisis Worries Israel No Less Than Terror Wave Amos Harel - Haaretz - Israel is less worried about the immediate implications of the wave of violence, which is continuing at middling intensity, than about the anarchy that could descend on the West Bank as a result of an internal political crisis among the Palestinians. Because the PA is also facing growing economic problems, there is also a possibility that the interplay between those pressures will cause the PA to abandon its responsibility altogether, with the result that Israel will be sucked in again, against its will, to a position of assuming full rule over the West Bank population. [bz]7/11/2015
Benjamin Netanyahu Ignores Roots of Palestinian Violence — and Betrays His Party`s FoundersJ.J. Goldberg--At a November 1 top-secret Israeli Cabinet meeting, the tension between Likud lawmakers and the country’s intelligence chiefs finally exploded. dn7/11/2015
Israel`s Silent Occupation Turns to a Noisy OneMiriam Barghouti--Near Qalandia checkpoint, four Palestinian youth uncover their faces as they get into an orange service taxi heading back to Ramallah. Omar, 18, wipes his dirtied palms and says "look, it has to get ugly, really ugly, before it can start to get better." His friend Osama, 19, looks at him and says in jest "dude, let`s be real, a stone isn`t going to liberate it." Omar confidently retorts, "no one said we`re trying to liberate it with the stone, rather send a message that for every action there will be a reaction. This is a reaction to Israeli aggression, no one said we`re liberating it." dn7/11/2015
Wave of violence fuels Arab-Jewish suspicions in Israel`s heartlandIan Black - The Guardian "Knife attacks fuel fear across a bitterly divided country, with no expectation of a political settlement any time soon...Relations between Israel’s Arab minority – 20% of the country’s population – and their kinfolk in the occupied territories have evolved in the decades since they were reunited after the Six Day war. The so- called Arabs of 1948, who stayed in their homeland after the Nakba, routinely express solidarity with their fellow Palestinians." ca6/11/2015
IDF Intelligence Chief: Palestinian Despair, Frustration Are Among Reasons for Terror Wave Barak Ravid - Haaretz "Major General Herzi Halevi`s assessment contradicts Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s message which blames the attacks on incitement and ingrained hatred. The head of Military Intelligence, Maj. General Herzl Halevi, said at Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting that feelings of rage and frustration, especially among younger Palestinians, are part of the reason for the wave of terror attacks in Jerusalem " ca6/11/2015
HARD TALK: Saeb ErekatStephen Sackur - BBC- Podcast "Stephen Sackur speaks to veteran Palestinian negotiator and secretary general of the PLO Saeb Erekat. Why are so many mostly young Palestinians intent on killing Israeli Jews with whatever weapons they can lay their hands on? The Israeli Government blames the surge in violence on hate fuelled incitement sanctioned by the Palestinian authorities. The Palestinians say it is a response to the intolerable conditions of occupation. Is a new wave of extremism sweeping the West Bank and Gaza?" ca6/11/2015
How to apply the lessons from protecting Hebron to JerusalemDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The Temporary International Presence in Hebron has failed to make a major change in relations between Israelis and Palestinians, as many argue that a similar force in Jerusalem will not work unless it is given clear mandate and power to hold any violators accountable.-rh 4/11/2015
How Israel’s Most Successful Terrorist Stalked Rabin and Ended PeaceChristopher Dickey - The Daily Beast - "The engrossing new book ‘Killing a King’ tells the story of the Rabin assassination up close and personal—and how the killing effectively ended the best chance for peace." - id 4/11/2015
Living by the sword - on a powder kegAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "It is yet to be determined who would place the cameras, and at which precise locations on the sacred Mount, and who would be authorized to view the footage and publish it. Each and every one of these points could well become the subject of negotiations lasting months - perhaps years." - id 4/11/2015
When will Israel have a leader like Bill Clinton?Sima Kadmon - Ynet - "Why can`t Netanyahu offer his citizens wise, optimistic, comforting and uniting words - like the former US President did at the Rabin rally - instead of promising us that we will forever live by the sword?" - id 4/11/2015
Oz: Israel`s prison for Palestinian childrenYlenia Gostoli - Aljazeera - Since the beginning of October, hundreds of young men from Jerusalem have spent the night in Oz - not the magical fairy-tale land, but a police station in Jabal al-Mukaber. Like the rest of occupied East Jerusalem, the neighbourhood is mired in neglect and has become a scene of regular clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli security forces. Those who come to Oz arrive in military vehicles, handcuffed and blindfolded.-rh 4/11/2015
The Israeli justice minister`s `transparency law`Mazal Mualem - Al-Monitor - Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked`s transparency bill is actually aimed at delegitimizing left-wing NGOs and damaging their ability to operate, and helps her score points with her supporters as well, as these NGOs by law already have to submit the requested data.-rh 4/11/2015
Israeli foreign ministry cadets to defend ‘legality’ of West Bank settlements Ben lynfield - Independent - “We think it does not matter what your political positions are. You must know that the Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank] is legal,” deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely told Army Radio. “When I say legal, I also mean international law. It is settlement with a historical base and has very deep roots.” -rh4/11/2015
Israel`s Top Generals Split With Benjamin Netanyahu on Roots of Terror WaveJ.J.Goldberg - Forward - ...two active-duty IDF generals who are among the army’s top experts on Palestinian affairs spoke out publicly to state that Palestinian violence is driven to a considerable degree by anger at Israeli actions. One of the two went a step further, warning that only a serious Israeli diplomatic re-engagement with the Palestinians will help to quell such violence over the long term.-rh 4/11/2015
Israel clears Palestinian woman of stabbing charges MEE Staff - Middle East Eye - Israa Abed, 29, was shot multiple times in the Afula bus station on 9 October and has been in Israeli custody since. The Israeli Justice Ministry on Wednesday said that police investigations into Abed’s shooting were conclusive of the fact that she did not pose any threat, particularly as she was standing close to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man with no intent to hurt him.-rh4/11/2015
Israeli shuts down a radio station in HebronNasouh Nazzal - Gulf News - Israel claimed that the occupation forces closed the Hebron-based radio station over the radio’s “incitement to violence”. The Israeli military said in a statement that “the operation against the radio station was carried out specifically to battle vicious incitement against Israel, encouraging stating attacks and supporting violent resistance”.-rh4/11/2015
Israel set to release famed Palestinian hunger strikerMa`an News Agency - Israel is set to release famed Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Allan on Wednesday, the Palestinian Prisoner`s Society said Tuesday, ending a year-long stint in administrative detention that he undertook a 66-day hunger strike to protest.-rh 4/11/2015
The `non lethal` chemical weapon killing PalestiniansSheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - During the middle of the assault, the Israeli army and border police in a surprise move issued a message to residents via loudspeaker. One young man caught the entire message on video. "People of Aida refugee camp, we are the occupation army, the border police officer`s voice boomed through a main part of the camp in Arabic. "If you throw stones, we will hit you with gas until you all die, the youth, the children, the old people, you will all die" -rh4/11/2015
98th Anniversary of the Balfour DeclarationDr. Saeb Erekat - IMEMC - "In 1917 Palestinians rejected the Balfour Declaration, making clear that the problem was not with Jews living in Palestine, but with the transformation of an Arab country overwhelmingly Christian and Muslim, into an exclusively Jewish State." - id 4/11/2015
A dignified rally, a paralyzed nationNahum Barnea - Ynet - We have such a talented, vital, creative, ambitious people living here, which succeeds in everything it does - until it comes to politics. There, we are paralyzed. We are wasting ourselves. But we do know how to put together beautiful, sad rallies. [bz] 3/11/2015
The only way to end the violence in HebronYehuda Shaul - +972 - Hebron is the microcosm of the military’s system of control throughout the entire West Bank. The lessons we are learning in the city can and must be applied to the entire system. Prolonged military control over Palestinians will not bring security, but rather perennial cycles of violence. More forceful “security” won’t change a thing. We aren’t the only ones to blame in this story but we are the stronger side, and we have a choice. We may either continue to enforce this policy of “security” and the violent routine that accompanies it, or try a different approach, working toward ending the occupation and militarily control of the territories. [bz]3/11/2015
Why the BDS Campaign Can’t Tolerate Israeli Moderates Dan Rabinowitz - Haaretz - BDS’ insistence on Israel’s withdrawal from the territories it took in 1967 suggests a two-state solution. But statements by BDS leaders and supporters over the years reflect vehement opposition to this formula and a preference of a future with no Israel. [bz]3/11/2015
The political black holeYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - The black hole swallows all Jews and Arabs who seek to put an end to the occupation, refuse to take part in the religious war, and aspire to an egalitarian democratic society. Herzog’s future partnership with Lapid and the Haredim will not lead to the kind of civil and political revolution which is needed to put an end to the occupation and vanquish the right wing. Likewise, the partnership between Balad, Hadash, and the Islamic Movement does nothing for the Arab citizens of Israel. It prevents an effective struggle against the Israeli right wing and renders impossible any Jewish-Arab cooperation. [bz]3/11/2015
Israel lost not just Yitzhak Rabin, but his politics of reason Avi Shlaim - The Guardian - Twenty years after his assassination, the Israeli leader’s eventual insight that there is no military solution to the Palestinian conflict is still missed [ry]2/11/2015
Adolf, Amin and BibiUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Now I am afraid. If indeed we are governed by a man with mental problems – just where is he leading us?" [ry]2/11/2015
Palestinians have become unreasonably reasonableSam Bahour--"Give me liberty, or give me death!" Patrick Henry declared in a speech he made to the Virginia Convention in 1775, at St John`s Church in Richmond, Virginia. Fast forward 240 years, and if Israel and the US were able to pin those words to a Palestinian and decry incitement, they would do so in a heartbeat.dn1/11/2015
Why do J.K. Rowling and her opponents so misunderstand BDS?Jeremiah Haber--Whether they support BDS or oppose it, everyone wants to feel like they are Harry Potter fighting off Voldemort. Though perhaps it’s best we leave Harry out of this debate. dn1/11/2015
One State is the SolutionNadia Harhash--For two decades, we have been filled with notion of a two state solution that was idealistically based on the least of expectations of any Palestinian. And yet, we thought, at the end, the power rules, and let’s start building are land with the minimal of the agreed upon land. dn1/11/2015
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