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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Killing the Count Al Jazeera - "Bernadotte negotiated the release of more than 30,000 prisoners, one third of them Jews, from German concentration camps, in an extraordinary humanitarian effort which would come to be known as the `White Buses campaign`...three years later, as the United Nation`s first mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and his assassination four months later in September 1948 by Zionist extremists during an official visit to Jerusalem." ca4/5/2016
A Palestinian View on the Antisemitism Row Kamel Hawwash - Information Clearing House "I remind all who are interested in peace in historic Palestine that we Palestinians did not choose our occupiers. They chose Palestine knowing it was not an empty land but one that had a people, my people, the Palestinians that have paid with their land, lives and rights. As we approach the 68th anniversary of our catastrophe or Nakba, our occupiers need to acknowledge the wrong they did to us..." ca 4/5/2016
Erekat: “All Security Meetings With Israel Have Been Ceased”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC "Erekat told the Palestine Radio that the decision to suspend all security coordination with Israel was made after Israel clearly and officially informed the Palestinian Authority it is not committed to the signed peace agreements, and insists on continuing its invasions into all communities that are under full Palestinian “control.” ca4/5/2016
Netanyahu, Accept the French Peace Initiative Haaretz Editorial -  It would behoove Netanyahu to openly state if he would be prepared to compromise on territory in exchange for peace. If there is no substance to allegations against him as rejecting any diplomatic solution, he should stop hiding behind the “Without precondition” cover – a phrase that in and of itself is a precondition that up till now has halted continued negotiations. [bz]3/5/2016
The American Jewish scholar behind Labour’s ‘antisemitism’ scandal breaks his silence Norman Finkelstein and Jamie Stern-Weiner - Open Democracy UK - Ironically, in light of the current hysteria in the UK, the most vociferous and vehement opponents of the Balfour Declaration were not the Arabs, about whom almost nobody gave a darn, but the upper reaches of British Jewry. [bz]3/5/2016
Mimouna, a Jewish-Muslim festival everywhere except IsraelSamah Salaime - +972 - The harmonious relationships between Jews and Muslims in the Arab countries are all but wiped out. One should be careful not to idealize that period: There were plenty of difficulties and crises. But 50 years on, looking at the racism and hostility around me today, I can safely say that our ancestors did a better job. I’ve never taken part in Mimouna celebrations. When the day comes, I hope for myself and my Jewish friends that I’ll do it for the right reasons: respect, friendship and good neighborliness. [bz]3/5/2016
Report: Germany considering stopping `unconditional support` of IsraelEldad Beck--Der Spiegel reports senior officials in the German government believe Netanyahu is `instrumentalizing` Berlin`s friendship, while the magazine quotes Merkel as saying she understands `why President Abbas continually seeks out the Security Council.` dn1/5/2016
One Legal System, for Both Israelis and Palestinians Shuki Friedman--These legal revisions should lead to the creation of a clear and coherent book of laws that will give expression to the Supreme Court rulings and the various norms that already apply in the territories. But this book cannot only be a copy of the existing structure. Wherever the existing situation requires change and a single law can be forged, this must be done. The legal aspect is just one — albeit significant — facet of maximal normalization of life for all the people living in the West Bank. Similar action should also be taken in other areas. Even if creating fair and equal living conditions for all people in the territories is not a solution to the conflict, it is necessary in order to offer a better life, for Palestinians too, during the interim period — whose end is nowhere in sight at the moment. dn1/5/2016
Skepticism of German-Israeli Friendship Growing in BerlinRalf Neukirch and Christoph Schult--Top Berlin officials are becoming less inclined to unconditionally support Israel. With the two-state solution increasingly unlikely, there is concern that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is "instrumentalizing" Germany`s friendship. By now, Angela Merkel is used to it. Whenever she meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the confidential content of their discussion appears in an Israeli newspaper a few days later. dn 1/5/2016
Boycott Is the Only Way to Stop the Israeli Occupation Gideon Levy--BDS has not yet begun to lick at our lives here. Meanwhile there is no real economic warfare, rather only movements that are only gradually changing international discourse about Israel. On the edges there are perhaps some elements of anti-Semitism, but it is basically a protest movement by people of conscience who want to do something. Economic decline as a result of it might occur quickly, not necessarily gradually. In South Africa the business community came to the government and said: Enough, this cannot go on. That could happen here too. That actually imbues me with great hope, Benn, I don’t see any other alternative. dn1/5/2016
Gazans` Only Possible Collective Act of Defiance Against Blockade Amira Hass--If not for the tunnels and rockets, the Gaza Strip would never be mentioned in the Israeli media. From our perspective it nearly fell into the sea, together with its almost two million residents. So even if we don’t openly acknowledge the Gazan skills behind the tunnels, they are the only beneficiaries of free publicity from the Israeli machine for generating panic and concealing the true causes for concern. Occasionally Gaza pops up in our media as a mute or inarticulate community of welfare cases that needs the world’s generosity and the kindness of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (which rescues sick lions from Gaza’s zoo and facilitates their transfer to Tul Karm, in the West Bank). dn30/4/2016
How education became an Israeli political toolAkiva Eldar--Minister Naftali Bennett and his colleagues from other Orthodox parties know that teaching their ideology to school children will benefit themselves politically in the long run. dn30/4/2016
Palestinian woman, teen shot dead after alleged stab attempt at QalandiyaMa`an News Agency - Israeli forces on Wednesday shot and killed a pregnant Palestinian woman and her 16-year-old brother after they allegedly attempted to carry out a stab attack on border police at Qalandiya military checkpoint near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, police and witnesses said. Israeli police spokesperson Luba al-Samri said two suspects -- a woman and a youth -- approached the vehicular path leading through the military checkpoint and walked towards border police officers, the woman with her hand in her bag and the youth with hands behind his back. Officers ordered them to halt several times and they began to turn back before police said the woman threw a knife at an officer. Police opened fire, killing the woman immediately. The youth`s death was confirmed shortly after.-rh27/4/2016
Israel bulldozes scores of EU-built Palestinian homes in bitter dispute over control of West Bank Raf Sanchez, Jabal al-Baba - The Telegraph - Simple homes like this are at the heart of a bitter argument raging between Israel and the EU. So far this year, Israel has bulldozed more than 65 of these houses in the West Bank, arguing that they were constructed illegally and the EU has no right to build in the area without permission. Some Israelis even accuse Europe of building its own version of "settlements" .-rh27/4/2016
An Israeli journalist asks, ‘What happened to the people in the photographs?Michaela Whitton - Mondoweiss - The uncommon scenario of an Israeli Jew attending a wedding in a Palestinian refugee camp meant Kratsman was accepted by locals immediately. He quickly found himself the centre of attention as people clamoured to spot themselves in his photos. As the Palestinians pored over the images taken during a 2007 parade of militia, he handed out pens and they circled the faces of those they knew were dead. Returning home with 20 martyrs identified and keen to locate more Palestinians in his archive, Kratsman soon realised he couldn’t carry thousands of images all over the West Bank and Gaza. Then, prompted by his wife, he quickly understood the potential Facebook had to help in his quest. - rh27/4/2016
Has the countdown to next Hamas-Israel war begun?Adnan Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - Despite the growing mutual warnings between Hamas and Israel about an imminent confrontation, a number of factors might prevent its outbreak, at least for now. The Israeli army is preoccupied with the growing unrest in the West Bank that began in October. Also, Israelis seem to doubt how much the IDF could actually achieve in Gaza — in terms of completely eliminating the Palestinian factions’ missiles and toppling Hamas — except for killing and wounding thousands of Palestinians. The Israelis must wonder whether it is worth getting pulled back into the Gaza quagmire.-rh 27/4/2016
Why President Rivlin supports Israeli-Palestinian confederationAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "Perhaps it is maturity, or perhaps the move from the Knesset to the presidency that has transformed him." - id27/4/2016
In Israel, an ugly tide sweeps over PalestiniansJonathan Cook - The National - Attacks on soldiers were wrong, said Mr Bahloul, but a Palestinian such as Mr Al Sharif – who tried to stab soldiers at a checkpoint in the West Bank city of Hebron – was not a “terrorist" by any normal definition. Terrorists target civilians, Bahloul noted, not soldiers enforcing an illegal occupation.-rh27/4/2016
First food truck rolls into Palestine : Two former prisoners have launched an environmentally friendly mobile kitchen in the occupied West Dalia Hatuqa - Aljazeera - Onlookers and elderly men sitting at a cafe across the street appear intrigued. "What is this?" someone yells. "It`s a food truck," shouts back owner Khaldoun Barghouti, a 43-year-old from Kobar, a village near Ramallah. This is the first mobile kitchen in the West Bank.-rh 27/4/2016
Jerusalem at the center of Palestine-Israel naming disputeDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Shortly after Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967 it faced a problem in how to refer to Jerusalem in Arabic. Not wanting to use the Arabic name al-Quds, the Israelis came up with a compromise by inserting the biblical Jewish name Urashalim. Listeners to Israel’s radio broadcasts in Arabic, for instance, were informed before and after every news bulletin that the station was reporting from Urashalim al-Quds. Combining the Jewish and the Arabic term reflected what then was the prevalent Israeli attitude of treating the holy city as a crucible of religions. Israel’s mayor of Jerusalem at the time, Teddy Kollek, regularly referred to the mosaic of the city in reference to its diversity and pluralistic nature, residents and religions.-rh 27/4/2016
Israeli pronouncement on policing West Bank solidifies one-state apartheid regime — Erekat Allison Deger - Mondoweiss - Despite protocol, Israeli forces do enter Area A nightly, mostly for arrest operations. Palestinians leaders regard this as a tell-tale sign of Israel’s lack of seriousness in working towards a Palestinian state now, or at any point in the future. More to the point, Palestinians see Israeli soldiers in their cities as why they want out of Oslo and a driving cause of their forays at United Nations for a Security Council resolution to order Israel to turn over the keys to the West Bank and Gaza.-rh 27/4/2016
Massive collective punishment: homes of 149 Palestinians suspected of no wrongdoing demolished since Oct. 2015; hundreds more under threatB`Tselem - Since October 2015, Israel has stepped up use of house demolitions as a way to punish the families of Palestinians who perpetrated attacks against Israelis or are suspected of perpetrating or aiding such attacks. Since then, the authorities have demolished or fully or partially sealed 37 apartments. Fourteen of these apartments were not under demolition orders and were damaged simply because of their proximity to apartments slated for demolition. As a result of this large-scale punitive action, 149 people, 65 of them minors, have lost their homes. Four of these homes were issued demolition or sealing orders prior to October 2015. Ten more families are currently waiting ruling by Israel’s High Court of Justice (HCJ) in petitions they filed against orders issues for their homes. One more home is expected to be demolished, as the HCJ rejected the family’s petition. Since October 2015, the HCJ revoked six demolition orders. In this time, 53 apartments have been demolished or issued demolition or sealing orders.-rh27/4/2016
The Return of the Desert GodAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "A Jewish organization called "If Not Now" who tried to hold a Liberation Passover Seder on the premises of AIPAC"..."A statement issued by the organizers read: "Thousands of American Jews will do what it takes to make sure the next President – whoever they may be – knows that the strongest movement in history to end the occupation is rising in the Jewish community"." - id 27/4/2016
Israeli police detain 2 Palestinians, evacuate 9 Israelis from tense AqsaMa`an News Agency - Israeli police continued heightened security measures in occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City early Sunday morning following tension surrounding the Jewish holiday of Passover on Friday. Witnesses told Ma’an armed Israeli forces escorted a group of right-wing Israelis to the area, who were stopped by guards after they attempted to carry out “rituals” in the compound. Following a verbal and physical confrontation between Palestinian youths and the group of Israelis, two Palestinians were detained and five Israelis were evacuated from the compound.-rh27/4/2016
Why Would Netanyahu Want to Remind the World of the Golan Heights?Gershom Gorenberg - The American Prospect - In principle, no country in the world accepts Israel`s rule of the Golan Heights. In practice, this is the least burning issue on the agenda regarding Syria. Surely no sensible Israeli politician would want to spoil this situation by calling attention to it. Perhaps no sensible Israeli politician would. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just has. [bz]26/4/2016
Who agrees with Bernie Sanders on Israel? Large numbers of Americans.Dina Smeltz - - By flipping the script, Sanders’s comments help to highlight the nuances of American attitudes on Israel. Americans do not necessarily see any conflict in expressing support for a two-state solution, concerns about the treatment of Palestinians and concerns about Israeli settlements — all the while maintaining support for Israel. Time will tell if this frees up other political leaders to challenge the status quo. [bz]26/4/2016
Were Bibi`s Golan comments a `death blow` to peace?Akiva Eldar--The declaration by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel will hold on to the Golan Heights forever threatens any possibility of an agreement with the Palestinians and Arab states. dn24/4/2016
Indignity, grief and mourning on the Gaza borderNomi Heger--Over the last two weeks, while everyone in Israel was talking about the segregation between Palestinian and Jewish women in post-natal care, we here at Gisha (an organization that promotes the freedom of movement of Gaza residents) provided legal assistance to one pregnant woman, who just happens to be Palestinian and could not care less who was lying next to her, where that woman was from or what sort of partying her hospital room mates would be doing. These privileges were the last thing on her mind. She wanted one thing and one thing only – which to us seems self-evident – she wanted to hold her spouse’s hand while the doctors induced her fetus’ demise.dn24/4/2016
This Passover, We’re Joining Simone Zimmerman To Fight for Freedom for AllEthan Miller and Sara Sandmel--When the American Jewish establishment went after Simone Zimmerman, Bernie Sanders’s recent pick as his liaison to the Jewish community and a longtime social justice activist and organizer, it made a clear statement to an entire generation of young Jews: If you dare to depart from our position on Israel, you are not welcome in our fold.dn24/4/2016
Speaking Arabic while flyingKhaled A Beydoun--Will it soon be necessary to check in one`s Muslim identity before boarding a plane? dn24/4/2016
Israel`s covert war against Palestinian mediaNoam Rotem--Palestinian journalists are increasingly threatened, arrested and interrogated just for doing their jobs. And for the most part, Israeli journalists remain silent. dn24/4/2016
Next year in rebuilt Jerusalem: A Passover call for justiceOren Kroll-Zeldin - +972 - The seder is a ritual that foregrounds the act of asking questions and we should participate in and encourage this important aspect of the seder. This year, ask the people around your seder table what Jerusalem means to them – reflect on what it means to you and what it might mean for others. What does Jerusalem symbolize? Who is permitted to go to Jerusalem— for work or school or to visit with family—and who is forbidden from entering the city? This year when you end your seder, think about what it means to say, “Next year in Jerusalem.” What would it mean to truly “rebuild” Jerusalem? How can true freedom, justice, and liberation be achieved? [bz]23/4/2016
Who is really inciting violence in Israel-Palestine conflict? Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor "The Palestinian Information Ministry in Ramallah has in recent months been compiling materials it claims are proof that the Israeli media incites hatred against Palestinians in general and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in particular." ca 22/4/2016
Closing ranks before overwhelming challengesSayed Abdel-Meguid - Al-Ahram Weekly "A resolution is expected on Palestine that will set priorities for political action to champion Palestinian rights and affirm OIC support for international efforts to revive the peace process within a set timetable with the goal of ending the Israeli occupation. The summit will also consider supporting an international peace conference to end the Israeli occupation, the establishing of a ministerial liaison team on Jerusalem and approval of a strategic plan for the development of the city." ca22/4/2016
Marwan Barghouti is planning a comeback — from behind barsMenachem Klein - +972 "He may be serving five consecutive life sentences in an Israeli prison but Marwan Barghouti is the only leader who has a chance to succeed Mahmoud Abbas and unite the Palestinian people. This is how he plans on doing it." ca22/4/2016
Bernie`s Israel HeresyRoger Cohwen - NYT - "..we are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignitu." - id20/4/2016
How many Palestinians are imprisoned by Israel?Megan O`Toole, Konstantinos Antolopoulos - Aljazeera - After ramping up arrests in recent months. Israel is currently holding about 7.000 Palestinian Prisoners.-rh20/4/2016
Israel Sentenced a 13-year-old Palestinian Girl to PrisonGideon Levy - Information Clearing House - S. is not home. She is in Sharon Prison. A 13-year-old girl, in the seventh grade, she is an inmate in an Israeli jail. Last Thursday, S. was sentenced to four-and-a-half months in prison and a fine of 7,000 shekels ($1,860). If the fine is not paid – and for this family it’s an absolutely unimaginable amount – S.’s mother, Amna Takatka, will be sent to jail for up to seven months: one month for every 1,000 unpaid shekels, for what her daughter did. That was the sentence handed down by military judge Lt. Col. Ami Navon.-rh20/4/2016
As Hamas grows stronger in Gaza, IDF prepares for future conflict Yoav Zitun - YnetNews - Hamas has upped the number of fighters in its elite and commando units and is testing short-range rockets with a heavy payload in an effort to restore its strength to what it was before summer 2014; the IDF, meanwhile, is planning to defeat Hamas`s military wing and set them back years; `We`ll defeat them by offense, not defense,` says senior officer.-rh20/4/2016
A Confederation of Israel and PalestineUri Avnery - - This week, President Rivlin published a peace plan. That is not a usual act by a president, whose office is mainly ceremonial. His plan is based on a federation of two "entities" – a Zionist-Jewish entity and an Arab-Palestinian one. He did not go into detail. He obviously believes that at this stage it is better to float a general idea and get the people used to it. This may well be wise.However, it also makes it difficult to judge the plan seriously. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. It can be a very good plan or a very bad plan. Depends. Depends on the details.-rh 20/4/2016
From Israeli jail, ‘nonviolent’ bid to ‘free Palestine’ takes shapeAvi Issacharoff - The Times of Israel - A group of people close to leading Fatah activist Marwan Barghouti, jailed in Israel for murder, have reached an understanding with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaderships overseas on a comprehensive plan to jointly campaign against the Israeli occupation until it is brought to an end, Palestinian sources told The Times of Israel.-rh20/4/2016
Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel Phil Weiss and Jonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - The medical establishment insisted on Wednesday that there was no segregation between Jewish and Arab women in maternity wards. However, Arab doctors complained of racist and discriminatory treatment by medical staff in the country’s hospitals… For many years the health establishment has been segregating Arab and Jewish mothers who come to deliver their babies, particularly in hospitals and maternity wards that serve mixed populations. While this may not be official policy, it is implemented by nurses on these wards, with doctors and hospital management turning a blind eye.-rh20/4/2016
Netanyahu Claims Syria ‘Occupies’ Golan, Despite International Recognition of Syrian SovereigntyRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "In a total charade-provocation, he brought his entire cabinet to the Golan, that is sovereign Syrian territory Israel wrested from Syrian control during the 1967 War." - id20/4/2016
Sanders vs. Clinton: Palestinian Defender vs. Israeli Apologist by MARJORIE COHNMARJORIE COHN - CounterPunch - "An amazing thing happened at the prime-time Democratic debate in Brooklyn on Thursday. A few days ahead of Tuesday’s delegate-rich New York primary, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dared to criticize Israel. Rival Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, stood firm as an uncritical apologist for Israel." - id 20/4/2016
Literary Stars Learn ‘Occupation 101’ Firsthand in Tense Tour of West BankNaomi Zeveloff - Forward - The American writer Ayelet Waldman was on a tour near the Hamra checkpoint, deep inside the Palestinian West Bank, when a silver car with Israeli plates pulled over. The driver, an Israeli Jew, got out and began taking photos of Waldman’s tour group, which included the Austrian author Eva Menasse and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Geraldine Brooks, as well as a bevy of photographers and anti-occupation activists.-rh 20/4/2016
Israel-Palestine: Social Media As a Tool Of Oppression - and ResistanceNadim Nashif - Huffington Post - The most important role of social media seems to be that it is opening new opportunities for Palestinians who are separated by the many physical borders Israel has erected to freedom of movement, including the Separation Wall and checkpoints, to connect and build solidarity movements with one another. [bz] 19/4/2016
World Bank: Raw Deal With Israel Costs Palestinians $285 Million in Annual RevenueJack Khoury - Haaretz - Israel continues to withhold payment of $669 million in accumulated Palestinian tax revenue. This sum includes pension payments by Palestinians working in Israel and their employers, as well as deductions meant to cover the workers’ health insurance and other benefits. [bz]19/4/2016
Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems George Monbiot--Financial meltdown, environmental disaster and even the rise of Donald Trump – neoliberalism has played its part in them all. Why has the left failed to come up with an alternative? dn17/4/2016
Criticizing Israel, Bernie Sanders Highlights Split Among Jewish DemocratsJASON HOROWITZ--Senator Bernie Sanders at Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn. In response to a question about Israel, Mr. Sanders said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “is not right all of the time.” Credit Chang W. Lee/The New York Times dn17/4/2016
What Bernie Sanders gets right about IsraelJamal Zahalka--Bernie Sanders remarks on the last Israel attack on Gaza raised controversy and led to a series of angry responses by both the Zionist lobby in the United States and the Israeli public. His opponents took advantage of the fact that he mistakenly told the New York Daily News that 10,000 innocent Palestinian civilians were killed in the attack (despite Sanders clarifying in the interview that he is not sure of the numbers, and asked the interviewer to correct him if necessary). Many demanded that Sanders not only correct his mistake, but also retract his statement that Israel bombed Gaza indiscriminately, leveling entire neighborhoods, hospitals, and schools.dn16/4/2016
Do Israelis lack empathy for Palestinian suffering?Akiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "While Israeli Jews have always demonstrated solidarity with Jews around the world, they reject demonstrations of solidarity by Israeli Palestinians toward their brothers under occupation." - id15/4/2016
The Israeli Right`s historic ties to European fascismNoam Rotem - +972 - "The ruling Likud party welcomed to Israel members of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party, whose founders were high-ranking officials in the Third Reich. But the Israeli Right’s ties to fascist movements stretches back as far as the 1920s." - id 15/4/2016
Netanyahu: Ethnic CleanserRichard Silverstei - Tikun Olam - "“Israel should have exploited China’s suppression of the demonstrations [Tienanmen Square], at a time when the world’s attention was devoted to events in that country, in order to conduct mass expulsions of the Arabs [sic] of the Occupied Territories. However, to my sorrow, they [government ministers] didn’t support the policy I espoused and whose implementation I continue to recommend.”" - id15/4/2016
Israel`s ‘Bible Trail’: Demolishing Palestinian homes to make national parksJonathan Cook - Middle East Eye - Planners and human-rights group accuse the Israeli authorities of increasingly using such parks as a tool to grab control of Palestinian land and demolish homes, under the guise of archaeological preservation and tourism development.-rh13/4/2016
Surge in demolitions leaves more Palestinians homelessDalia Hatuqa - Aljazeera - Everyone at Umm al-Khair knew why they had come, and a woman started yelling: "May God judge you for what you will do". As the roosters crowed, the bulldozers advanced on the first of six small, metal sheet homes, crushing its walls, and turning the entire structure on its side. Within minutes, 35 people were rendered homeless. The tiny village had been through this before, their ramshackle tin sheds and metal dwellings destroyed numerous times.-rh 13/4/2016
Ex-Abu Ghraib Interrogator: Israelis Trained U.S. to Use "Palestinian Chair" Torture DeviceEric Fair - Democracy Now - As a former interrogator in Iraq working as a military contractor for the private security firm CACI, Eric Fair was stationed at the Abu Ghraib prison and in Fallujah in 2004. While in Fallujah, he witnessed a torture device known as the Palestinian chair. He writes in his new book, "Consequence: A Memoir," that the chair was a way to immobilize prisoners in order to break them down both physically and mentally. He also wrote that the Israeli military taught them how to use the Palestinian chair during a joint training exercise.-rh13/4/2016
Why more Israelis are shying away from interaction with Palestinians Akiva Eldar - Al-Monitor "Of course I’m frustrated with our lack of success in breaching the walls of Israeli fear and loathing, but I’m not completely surprised,” said Zananiri. “What do you expect of Jewish citizens whose leader questions the basic democratic rights of Israel’s Arab citizens?” ca 13/4/2016
 Did Bernie Sanders Commit ‘Blood Libel’ Against Israel?an G. Finkelstein - The Nation - The criminal dimensions of Protective Edge can be gleaned from these Israel Defense Forces (IDF) testimonies: When we left after the operation, it was just a barren stretch of desert…. We spoke about it a lot amongst ourselves, the guys from the company, how crazy the amount of damage we did there was. I quote: “Listen man, it’s crazy what went on in there,” “Listen man, we really messed them up,” “Fuck, check it out, there’s nothing at all left…, it’s nothing but desert now, that’s crazy.”-rh 13/4/2016
Furtive Jewish wedding held on Temple MountSTUART WINER and JUDAH ARI GROSS - The Times of Israel - The announcement of the wedding came hours before Palestinian leaders, apparently unaware of the wedding, warned that Jews visiting the compound during the upcoming Passover festival will inflame tensions.-rh 13/4/2016
How Hebron shooting highlights shift in Israeli societyMazal Mualem - Al Monitor - It becomes obvious how much Israeli society has changed when comparing the public’s attitude toward soldiers convicted of excessive force during the first intifada and the transformation of the Hebron shooter into a national hero. There are, of course, many reasons for this, ranging from the rise of the right in Israeli politics to the longstanding Israeli feeling of exhaustion and fatigue resulting from Palestinian terrorism despite the 1993 Oslo Accord. The prevailing mood in the country is that there is no one to talk to on the other side. It is a reality in which an organization like Breaking the Silence is branded a group of traitors, while left-wing, human rights or simply critical civil society groups become targets of incitement.-rh 13/4/2016
Has Israeli army become defender of democracy?Uri Savir - Al-Monitor - Israel’s democracy is in a crisis mostly due to its occupation policies. Its alleged executions of Palestinian terrorists, settlement expansion, demolition of houses and Palestinian land expropriations cast heavy clouds over Israel’s identity as a Jewish democracy. There is a regional and international price to pay for these flaws in the democracy. The Palestinians perceive themselves as the victims of these policies, and most of the international community is critical of the policies as well.-rh 13/4/2016
Israeli Demolitions Displace 124 Palestinians in Just One Day The Palestine Chronicle - The details have been revealed in a statement by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA): “In total, 54 structures were demolished in nine different communities in Area C, displacing 124 people, including 60 children.” The statement, issued on Friday, added: “A further 293 people, including 98 children, were otherwise affected.”-rh13/4/2016
Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program and the Displacement of Palestinian BedouinsIMEMC News - Lance Bartholomeusz, Director of UNRWA Operations in the West Bank condemned Israel’s latest round of large scale demolitions of homes in the Palestinian Bedouin refugee community Um al-Khair in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. Israel uses parts of the Negev desert for testing weapons with nuclear material and to dispose of nuclear waste from its not-IAEA monitored Dimona nuclear facility.-rh13/4/2016
Amid the bloodshed, Palestinians and Israelis are giving up on themselves Jonathan Freedland - The Guardian - The case has sparked huge controversy. Unexpectedly perhaps, the army and the military establishment has been loud and clear in its moral condemnation of the soldier’s conduct. Israel’s defence minister (and former army chief of staff) Moshe Ya’alon delivered an impassioned denunciation of the crime. In parliament he warned of “an army that is becoming bestial”, one “an army that has lost its moral backbone”.-rh13/4/2016
Isolated Palestinian prisoner Shukri Khawaja launches hunger strikeSamidoun - Al-Khawaja’s isolation was extended on Thursday by an Israeli military court in Eshel prison for an additional three months, prompting his hunger strike. He has been held in solitary confinement sine 17 December 2014, and has received only one family visit since that time.-rh13/4/2016
Israel Should Let Conscientious Objector Serve Both Society and Her Conscience Haaretz editorial - IDF officials hinted to Tair Kaminer that “there are ways to get out of the IDF,” by seeking a mental-health exemption, for example. But her honesty, conscience and declared principles frighten the IDF and cause the military system to continue abusing her. [bz]12/4/2016
Israel’s Unsung Protector: ObamaLara Friedman - NYT - Netanyahu’s policies, words and actions — especially continued settlement expansion and new land confiscations — proved that Mr. Obama’s tactic had been ineffective, perhaps even counterproductive. There is reason to hope that Mr. Obama, having achieved nothing by shielding Israel, is now ready to embrace constructive Security Council action related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [Lara Friedman is the director of policy and government relations for Americans for Peace Now-bz]12/4/2016
Obama, Support Abbas` UN Resolution, No Matter What Netanyahu SaysHaaretz editorial - The resolution calls for the immediate resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, with a one-year deadline to complete them and reach a final-status arrangement based on the principle of two states. It would (...) condemn continued Israeli construction in the occupied territories, as well as any action whose purpose is to change the demographic balance in the area. (...) The Security Council must demonstrate daring that will breathe new life into the peace process. [bz]12/4/2016
What happened to all the stabbing attacks?Yoav Zitun - Y-net - The last substantial attack took place more than two weeks ago. Ironically, what happened 11 minutes later could have escalated the violent uprising; a Kfir Brigade soldier shot one of the terrorists, lying neutralized on the ground. Despite fear of reprisals, Palestinians have not carried out new attacks. According to Palestinian officials the Israeli public and military response to the incident has calmed Palestinian desire to exact revenge. [ak]12/4/2016
Lawfare and the threat of human rightsNeve Gordon - MEMO - “From the Israeli government’s perspective, the human rights organisations in Europe which submit petitions to national and regional courts are involved in ‘lawfare’, a compound term which combines law and warfare and is defined as the use of law for realising military objectives. Lawfare refers to the attempt on the part of individuals and groups to file suits in international courts against state violence emanating from the so-called global war on terrorism, practices that include torture, extra-judicial executions and the bombing of civilian urban infrastructure” [ry] 11/4/2016
What`s so threatening about human rights?Dror Etkes - +972 - The Right doesn’t reject the concept of universal human rights because it threatens the Zionist project, they do so because it would mean seeing Palestinians as equals [ry] 11/4/2016
MK Zouheir Bahlou defends remark that Hebron stabber is not a terroristAhiya Raved--When Dichter later discussed a nationality bill, Bahloul responded, “Then why are you attacking me when I say this is your state? This is your state! You are making the definition of the state more radical. Instead of a democratic and Jewish state, you say the state of the Jewish nation.” dn10/4/2016
What Happened at This Once-idyllic West Bank Spot Embodies the Israeli Occupation`s Evils Gideon Levy and Alex Levac--As of this week, Israeli authorities have demolished structures in a Palestinian hamlet near the Jordan Rift Valley four times this year. An improvised school and a small swimming pool also fell victim to the bulldozers. . . The embodiment of evil is on display in Khirbet Tana. If you want to see evil in its most distilled form, visit the heap of ruins that until two weeks ago was a small swimming pool here. Sheer malevolence and nothing else motivated those who destroyed it. No bureaucratic or legal justification can account for this act of brutality – the destruction of a tiny, unique leisure site in the heart of one of the most spectacular areas of the West Bank, not long after its construction, financed by donations from Palestinian sources. dn10/4/2016
The Case of ‘Soldier A’Uri Avnery - Antiwar, Gush Shalom - For the first time in the history of Israel we are witnessing a full-fledged mutiny. A group of soldiers, supported by a major part of the political scene, has mutinied against their commanders. This is a major menace to the structure of the state, a challenge to what remains of our democracy. gm9/4/2016
Nothing Justifies Palestinian Stabbings, Nothing Justifies Israeli Executions Rita Khoury--Palestinians are losing hope I`m a Palestinian citizen of the State of Israel. I speak and understand both Arabic and Hebrew. I follow both sides’ commentaries on events. I can understand how the two sides think. I feel obliged to use this special position, this bridge, to show empathy and criticism for both sides. I have no interest in the State of Israel disappearing or in expelling the Jews. I am a Palestinian with many Jewish friends: we work with and respect each other. But I have my hard moments. When I’m in a business meeting with Jewish colleagues in Tel Aviv, working together, joking around, then I hear about a security incident in Jerusalem, blood flowing in the streets. I try to stay quiet, to continue the meeting, but I run to the washroom crying, asking myself why this is happening. dn 9/4/2016
Israel`s war on the Arabic languageJonathan Cook - Al-Jazeera "The hostile attitude of official bodies, including municipalities like Tel Aviv, encourages a general climate that treats Arabic as an alien and despised language.”...Worse, the same survey found that half of Israeli Jews with a western heritage wanted Arabic scrapped as an official language, while the figure rose even higher - to 60 percent - among Jews whose families originated from Arab countries." ca 8/4/2016
Will Israel’s power cuts leave West Bank towns in the dark? Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor "One thing is clear: Any punitive measure against the PA, even cutting off the power supply 24/7, will not make the Palestinians pay their debt. According to the IEC’s announcement, the PA owes 1.74 billion Israeli shekels (about $430 million) — practically equal to all the funding the PA gets annually from the European Union states... The official Palestinian argument, according to which the PA’s debts to the power company are the result of this Israeli conduct, only partially explains the huge debt it has racked up. Actually, the Palestinian electric company, which supplies the power it gets from Israel to Palestinian consumers, cannot collect bills from extensive areas of the West Bank due to the economic distress of most households." ca 8/4/2016
Execution of Palestinian Exposes Israel’s Military Culture Jonathan Cook Counterpunch - "For decades Israel has trumpeted its army as uniquely “moral”. The claim was always risible. But in an era of phone cameras, hiding the systematic crimes of a belligerent occupying power has proved ever harder." - id 6/4/2016
Between Betrayal and BrutalizationYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - "All attempts to make the occupation “normal” explode daily in the face of the current government. The army is brutal. People are brutal and extremism rules." - id 6/4/2016
Will a two-state solution be announced in November? Akiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "The US administration is discreetly testing Israeli and Palestinian reactions to three options it is currently contemplating to advance the two-state solution." - id 6/4/2016
B`Tselem’s Camera ProjectB`Tselem - In 2007, B`Tselem’s Video Department launched its innovative camera project. The organization distributes video cameras and provides training to Palestinians living in areas in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip where tensions are high and clashes are commonplace.-rh6/4/2016
Private Security companies and the Israeli OccupationWho Profits - Private security companies in Israel play an active role in the occupation of Palestinian land and control over Palestinian people. Private security guards operate checkpoints and guard settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These security guards have policing powers, they bear arms and are entitled to use force in performing their duties. In the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the private security guards, who are hired by the state of Israel to guard the settlements, de facto serve as a private police force that serves the settlers population. The employment of private security guards enables state authorities to provide security services only to the settlers, without acknowledging or meeting the security needs of the Palestinian communities around the settlements. This situation creates an inherent inequality between the Palestinian and the Jewish population in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.-rh6/4/2016
Nowhere to run: Palestine marathoners race on short trackDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Local Palestinian organizer George Zeidan told Al-Monitor that this year’s marathon was the biggest. Zeidan proudly noted the participation of more than 2,000 women, nearly 46% of all registrants. While a large number of participants completed part of the marathon, 298 men and 89 women ran the entire 42-kilometer run. Runners of 64 nationalities participated in the marathon, which 450 volunteers helped make a major success.-rh 6/4/2016
How Netanyahu sows fear among IsraelisMazal Mualem - Il-Monitor - Like an articulate Middle East commentator, Netanyahu sounds like he knows what he is talking about. But Netanyahu does not provide any solution — he only scares. Inside, the nicely wrapped package of words is hollow. There is no solution there — only a void. Netanyahu simply blinds the public with more words and more slogans.-rh 6/4/2016
Fighting Israeli Occupying Forces Is “Terrorism.” Boycotting Is “Anti-Semitism.” What’s Allowed?Glenn Greenwald - The Intercept - THAT “TERRORISM” IS a malleable term of propaganda, with no fixed meaning or consistent application, is now quite well-established. Still, its recent application to a spate of violence targeting Israel’s occupying soldiers in the West Bank is so manipulative and extreme that it’s well worth highlighting.-rh6/4/2016
Frontline: East JerusalemJennifer Loewenstein - Counterpuntch - Is it any wonder that US-Israeli actions over the past 22 years have significantly worsened? That a United Nations report concludes that the continued deterioration of conditions on the ground for approximately 4.5 million people in Gaza Strip will render it “uninhabitable” by 2020 (UN UNCTAD Report, Sept 1st, 2015)? and that the ongoing denial of basic human rights in the West Bank have made the atmosphere there more heated and tempestuous than it has been since the military crackdowns of the second Intifada (uprising)? Surely Abbas recognizes that his “security arrangements” with Israel transformed his own fighting forces into Israel’s proxy police. If he isn’t there yet, he is miles behind his own people and gradually falling out of sight.-rh6/4/2016
Who Occupies Whom in Israel-Palestine? Don’t Ask an AmericanEric Schuler - ANTIWAR - That reality is why the recent poll on Americans’ understanding of Israel is both important and depressing. Facts shape our opinions. When those facts are wrong, the opinions tend to reflect that.-rh6/4/2016
Israel`s top court to discuss release of Palestinian bodiesMA`AN News - A joint statement released earlier this month by Addameer and the Israeli minority rights group Adalah condemned Israel’s practice of withholding bodies as "a severe violation of international humanitarian law as well as international human rights law, including violations of the right to dignity, freedom of religion, and the right to practice culture."-rh6/4/2016
Is BDS such a bad thing? Sima Kadmon - Ynet - "The boycott movement is greatly feared and hated in Israel, but what does it really look like, and what would its victory really mean for Israel?" - id 6/4/2016
The source of Palestinian incitementRami Younis - +972 - Israelis are right, there is dangerous incitement among Palestinians. Here’s what they can do to fight it [ry] 4/4/2016
The Ultimate Trial of Israeli SocietyYoav Litvin - CounterPunch - “But what is the significance of yet another injustice in an endless list of those committed as a result of the occupation? While cold- blooded murder is an ‘official’ taboo for the ‘most moral army in the world’, last week’s execution and Israeli society’s response to it may serve as a milestone on the long and ugly road toward complete dehumanization of Palestinians and the resulting collapse of Israeli society” [ry] 4/4/2016
Arrest of soldier filmed executing Palestinian was just public relationsMaureen Clare Murphy--An Israeli soldier shown on video executing an incapacitated Palestinian last week was arrested only “to avoid embarrassment in front of the world,” according to the human rights group Al-Haq.dn3/4/2016
AIPAC polarizing US JewsYossi Shain--Op-ed: The purportedly bipartisan pro-Israel organization has become increasingly identified with right-wing politics, and its recent conference provides evidence of that. dn3/4/2016
Donald Trump or Ted Cruz: Pick your poisonGeoffrey Aronson--There is nothing that is funny or even enjoyable about this campaign season. Personalities like Cruz and Trump are not cardboard characters, but serious contenders to be president of the US, writes Aronson [AP] dn3/4/2016
The only way to ensure Palestinian lives matterMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 "The IDF’s decision not to charge Abed Fatah al-Sharif’s killer with murder should not surprise anybody — it is entirely consistent with the impunity Israeli security personnel have enjoyed for decades when it comes to killing Palestinians." ca1/4/2016
Inside the Mind of the Budding Fascist B. Michael - Haaretz "In the neofascist Israeli consciousness, the Palestinians are like cockroaches. Even when they lie on the ground, helpless, their heads must be crushed with a slipper, or punctured by a bullet...All doubt has therefore been removed; we can check off the “dehumanization” box and move to the next stage." ca1/4/2016
American lawyers request investigation into the Jewish National Fund statusPalestine News Network - "The U.S. National Lawyers Guild (NLG) on Wednesday submitted a regulatory challenge to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requesting an investigation into the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) on grounds of discrimination and contravention of U.S. policy. According to the NLG, the JNF enjoys tax-exempt status as a charitable organization in the United States even though the reality of its work- supporting Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine – is anything but charitable." ca 1/4/2016
From the West Bank to NYC: Challenge Dani Dayan wherever he goesYonah Lieberman - +972 "For 15 years, Dayan was a leader of the Yesha Council, the umbrella organization representing the settlements of the West Bank, serving for six of them as chairman. Currently a resident of the settlement of Ma’ale Shomron, he has for years taken his pro-occupation message to the opinion pages of the New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, USA Today, and more, and has even flown to Congress to lobby representatives against the two-state solution...Dayan, the champion of the settler movement, is now headed straight into the epicenter of the American Jewish diaspora." ca1/4/2016
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