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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Boycotts Have an Honored Status in Jewish HistoryRichard Silverstein = Tikun Olam - "In 1933, American Jewish leaders organized an international boycott of Germany. The campaign was extremely effective."..."But there was another, more disturbing impact: the Jewish-led boycott campaign was sabotaged and ultimately failed because a major portion of the world Jewish community rejected and abandoned it. Meaning that the most effective tool that world Jewry devised to combat the Nazis was torpedoed by Ben Gurion. This is a little known historical incident which pro-Israel advocates either themselves don’t know; or else ignore because it poses inconvenient moral questions about the loyalties of the Zionist leadership in the lead-up to the Holocaust." - id 17/10/2018
Normalizing the Siege: The ‘Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism’ and the Contradictions of Humanitarianism and ReconstructionPietro Stefanini - POMEPS/George Washington University - If a radical change to the status quo does not occur, “post-conflict” reconstruction will remain part of a “humanitarian attack”[lvii] on the people of Gaza. The short-term gains in housing normalize the existence of a siege that holds almost 2 million Palestinians in carceral conditions. What is conceived as a temporary mechanism bears the risk of becoming a permanent arrangement. [bz]16/10/2018
Sinwar`s hidden message: Calm for Gaza rehabilitation or warAlex Fishman - Ynet - "The interview with Hamas leader in Gaza is a call for help, a moment before winter makes life in the strip hell and puts his rule at risk. And between the lines there`s also a warning: this is the last chance for a change. If the stalemate in talks continues, Sinwar indicates he won`t hesitate to go to war." - id 10/10/2018
Israel Privileges Jews, But Only the “Right” JewsRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "Israel still welcomes Jews. But not just any Jew. You must be the right kind of Jew. You must have the right political views. And those views must be as racist and ultra-nationalist as the government itself. Or, in the alternative, you may have no views; or views which are vaguely liberal Zionist. That won’t get you into too much hot water. It goes without saying that leftist Jewish students who endorse the BDS movement will be suspect." - id10/10/2018
Ruling the air and women’s empowermentAdam Keller - Gush Shalom - "No complicated intelligence operation is needed in order to know where the Dimona nuclear reactor is located. It`s no secret, the reactor’s location has been well known for decades. But in all these years, no IAEA inspector has ever set foot there." - id10/10/2018
The Last Word - What’s in a Name? Sani P. Meo - This Week in Palestine - The assault on Palestinian identity is real. Almost unanimously, Palestinians view the appropriation of what they consider to be core cultural symbols or icons, such as Palestinian embroidery, the olive tree, and yes, falafel, as theft of their culture and an infringement on their cultural identity. The attack on Palestinian identity doesn’t stop there, in fact. Part of the Zionist offensive includes a narrative that actually questions the very origins of Palestinians, clearly hoping to paint them as a bunch of nomads who happen to be living in this land almost by a freak accident or at best as a forgotten people who were part of Greater Syria. Naturally, not all Israelis view Palestinians as such, but I dare say that there is a sizeable portion of Israeli society that does. Palestinians naturally become defensive when confronted with this view, and then they go on the offensive with arguments, some logical and objective and some over the top, leading one to believe that the Palestinian identity, as it exists now, is age-old; in existence almost since God created the world! Silly, I know, but such people do exist; in the same way as some Israelis believe that they’re God’s gift to the human race![ak]9/10/2018
The audacity of unchecked power in Khan al-AhmarHagai El-Ad - +972 - An entire Palestinian village is facing destruction. What follows will dictate the fate of Palestinian communities all over the West Bank. As Israel`s largest trade partner Europe should do much more than "questioning". [bz] 9/10/2018
Foreign Ministry: `US reaffirms disdain towards international law`Ma`an News Agency - "The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the US administration`s announcement to withdraw from the optional protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations reaffirms the administration`s disdain towards international law and the rules-based international order.The State of Palestine has exercised its right to defend itself through legal means by resorting to the International Court of Justice on the issue of the illegal US embassy move to our capital, Jerusalem. This step was based on the compulsory jurisdiction of Court, as stipulated in Article I of the Additional Protocol." ca 6/10/2018
Sinwar: Another war with Israel not in Hamas`s interestAl Jazeera News - "Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth and Italian newspaper La Repubblica published a rare interview with Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Friday in which he outlined his views on a ceasefire with Israel as entailing "complete calm" and an end to the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza. "Through war, we don`t achieve anything," he said." ca 6/10/2018
IDF Beats Palestinian Youth to Death, Then Denies ItRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "For the sheltered and naïve among you, dear readers, this is not the first or even the tenth time the IDF has engaged in such a charade. They lie regularly in order to cover their asses. Some overeager 18 year olds, eager to win favor of his commander, or just hoping to make a name for himself as the roughest and toughest of the lot, got carried away. They beat Rimawi to a pulp and killed him. Now they have to scurry like rats to repair the damage." - id3/10/2018
Israel Supreme Court says OK to kill civiliansEditorial - The Arab Daily News - "Eighteen years have passed since the October 2000 Israeli police killings of 13 unarmed Palestinian protesters and – despite solid condemnation of this practice on both the national and international levels – the Israeli military continues killing unarmed Palestinian civilian protesters with snipers and live fire in the Gaza Strip, with the approval of Israel’s Supreme Court." - id3/10/2018
Fateful misconception: Israel’s Russia mistakeYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - "...Israel, which prides itself on solving complex problems by one simple means: the Air Force. If there is no drinking water in Gaza, no hospitals, no employment, andHamas is in charge there, Israel’s panacea is to bash them from the air. And what is right for Gaza is right for Syria too." - id3/10/2018
What Netanyahu`s idea of peace looks likeHaggai Matar - There is no question that any end to the occupation must promise peace, security, equality, and freedom to all those who live on this land. But security arrangements can be agreed upon between two sovereign states, ensuring that both their peoples’ interests are considered – rather than the interests of one people. (...) A solution based on two states is, of course, not the only option. Israelis and Palestinians can live under a single state in which no group of people is more entitled to security and equality. Either of these solutions is legitimate, as long as we put an end to the illegitimate military rule over millions of Palestinians who are denied the most basic of human and civil rights. [bz] 2/10/2018
How Israel Undermined Washington and Stalled the Dream of Palestinian Statehood Seth Anziska - NYT "Having sacrificed a great deal of political capital on the Middle East, Mr. Carter was bitterly disappointed with the failure of a broader effort on the Palestinian front. “I don’t see how they can continue as an occupying power depriving the Palestinians of basic human rights, and I don’t see how they can absorb three million more Arabs into Israel without letting the Jews become a minority in their own country,” he said during his final meeting with Israel’s ambassador in Washington. “Begin showed courage in giving up the Sinai. He did it to keep the West Bank.” ca28/9/2018
War criminal promoted to chief of Israel lobby group David Cronin - Electronic Intifada "War criminals are seldom out of work. The shrewdest can turn a bloodstained history to their advantage.The career of Israeli military strategist Michael Herzog is a good case in point.Herzog has been sued by human rights activists over his role in a 2002 attack on Gaza. Despite – or perhaps because of – his association with state violence, Herzog’s analysis has been much in demand." ca 28/9/2018
Palestinians try to move peace process forward without Trump Laura Rozen - Al-Monitor "Palestinian officials said they feel positive after a meeting on the sidelines of the UN to discuss how to advance a two-state solution that preserves Palestinian rights — a meeting that pointedly did not include the United States.Though representatives of some 40 countries and international organizations attended the meeting, including eight foreign ministers, the United States was not invited and did not attend, Maliki said." ca 28/9/2018
Time to Wake Up: the Neoliberal Order is Dying Jonathan Cook - CounterPunch - "By crying wolf continuously about Corbyn’s supposed anti-semitism without any tangible evidence for it, and by making an unfounded charge of anti-semitism the yardstick for judging Corbyn’s competence for office rather than any of his stated policies, the real anti-semite’s argument begins to sound more plausible." - id27/9/2018
Palestinians ponder reasons for punishing US measuresAhmad Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - "Wasel Abu Youssef, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, told Al-Monitor that closing the PLO’s financial accounts and expelling its representatives from Washington is “a declaration of war” on the Palestinian people and leadership. He said the US administration seeks to impose Trump`s pending peace plan, which he said is designed to liquidate the Palestinian cause." - id 27/9/2018
Netanyahu alarmed over Abbas-Olmert meetingShlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - "The meeting of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas discredits the longstanding claim by Israel’s political right that Abbas is not a partner for peace negotiations." - id 27/9/2018
Trump’s UN speech was the worst thing for IsraelOrly Azoulay - Ynet - "Rather than addressing those in the General Assembly chamber, Trump’s speech was intended for domestic consumption and for his political support base. On the outskirts of Pennsylvania and in the villages of Ohio, residents could hear a fiery speech in which their president kicks the world’s behind and gives them what they have always wanted—an isolationist America surrounded by great oceans, and to hell with the rest of the world." - id 27/9/2018
In face of American spiteful and irresponsible blackmail, a just peace needs multilateralismDr. Hanan Ashrawi - PLO Dept. of Public Diplomacy & Policy - "Israel has willfully violated its commitments and agreements under international law. The United States administration has undermined all requirements of peace and engages in spiteful and irresponsible efforts to blackmail and inflict unilateral punitive measures on the Palestinian people. There is an urgent need to to rescue multilateralism, in order to achieve a just peace. There is a need d for responsible initiatives and positive engagement and intervention. We urge governments worldwide to increase their contributions to UNRWA and support our request for the upgrading of the status of Palestine at the UN. We acknowledge the diplomatic mobilization and defense of Khan Al-Ahmar, and call on all diplomatic representatives and their governments to prevent its demolition by Israel." [ak]25/9/2018
Antisemitism is more complex than political criticism of IsraelLia Tarachansky - Jewish Voices of Canada - I`ve had the privilege and the pain of being on various sides of bigotry. From neighbours, teachers, and the other children in the Soviet kindergarten I attended I learned that being a Jew was something loathsome. As a high school student in Israel, I was taught by neighbours, teachers, and classmates that non-Jews are not wanted, that everything would be okay if they all just disappeared.Antisemitism and racism of all kinds are complex. Sometimes they`re black and white, sometimes they`re grey with misunderstanding, and sometimes they`re red with blood. One thing antisemitism is not, however, is criticism of the governments of Israel, and I don`t care whose definition of "antisemitism" you throw at me. Lately, with the attempt to redefine political criticism of Israel as "the new antisemitism," some organizations and groups have crossed the line. [ak] 25/9/2018
Illegal Jewish Settlements Surge By 187% As Israel Eyes Formal Annexation of Occupied PalestineWhitney Webb - Mint Press News - The jump in construction comes just a few months after the United Nations warned that Israel is seeking to formally annex Palestine’s West Bank. [bz]25/9/2018
Palestinians were never at the tableOmar Karmi - EI - “Israelis may have understood this or they may have not. It didn’t really matter. The imbalance of power between the two and the equally unbalanced American approach to mediation meant Israel was negotiating with itself and – on rare occasion – Washington. What the Palestinians wanted mattered little” [ry]24/9/2018
Palestine: The Testbed for Trump’s Plan to Tear up the Rules-Based International OrderJonathan Cook - CounterPunch - "Europe’s leading states anxiously wish to uphold the semblance of an international order they believe has prevented their region’s descent into a Third World War. Israel and the US, on the other hand, are determined to use Palestine as the testbed for dismantling these protections" [ry]24/9/2018
Meet the woman who could lead Israel’s right-wing camp IDMazal Mualem - Al-Monitor "On Sept. 17, center-left Knesset members came up to the podium one by one and warned of Shaked’s big and dangerous plan. “In one thing the justice minister is right, it’s either us or them. … It’s either a messianic, nationalist, religious and occupying Israel or an open liberal democracy that extends a hand to peace and grants equality to all its citizens,” Meretz party leader Tamar Zandberg said." ca 21/9/2018
This Yom Kippur, I am haunted by the idea that the damage to Palestinians and Jewishness is permanentMarc H. Ellis - Mondoweiss "A Rabbi friend wrote recently that the “Jewish project” was in danger. By that he meant the ethical core of Jewish life, the search for justice, equality and the dignity of Jews and others. On Yom Kippur and after, the world’s library shelves will continue to expand with books that go far beyond what has been written by and about Jews in the past. There is no other way, if we are truthful. As Jews, we have not confessed and turned toward justice. We won’t this Yom Kippur either." ca21/9/2018
‘Oslo sold us out’: Young Palestinians on the moment that shaped their generationYumna Patel - Mondoweiss "“What does Oslo mean to me? For me, Oslo means that the Palestinian people did not get to decide their fate as a whole.” The words of Yasmin Abu Shakdim, a 22-year-old Sociology student from the city of Hebron, are expressive of a sentiment held by many Palestinian youth...“We have two occupations, the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority,” al-Azza said. “Anyone that tries to resist or get involved in politics will be arrested by either the PA or by Israeli security forces as part of their coordination. This is a result of Oslo.” ca 21/9/2018
I asked Israel`s only journalist in Palestine to show me something shocking – and this is what I sawRobert Fisk - The Independent "Show me something that will shock me, I told Amira Hass. So Israel’s only journalist in the Palestinian West Bank – or Palestine, if you still believe in so unorthodox a word – took me down a road outside Ramallah that I remember as a highway which led to Jerusalem. But now, just over a hill, it deteriorates into a half tarmac road, a set of closed, rusting shop doors, and garbage. The same old summer smell of raw sewage creeps up the road. It lies, green and gentle, in a pool at the bottom of the wall." ca21/9/2018
If ending Syria’s war means accepting Assad and Russia have won, so be itJonathan Steele - The Guardian "The Syrian conflict was never a simple binary struggle between supporters and opponents of Assad. Millions of Syrians had little or no faith in either side but deplored the militarisation of what had started as a non-violent uprising and became a proxy war in which outside states used Syria as a battleground for their own interests." ca21/9/2018
Is Israel a Democracy?Faisal Khan - CounterPunch - "I feel that whilst there is indeed some Anti-Semitism in Labour (can prejudice ever be entirely eradicated?) the whole issue is primarily a witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn because there is a realisation in many quarters that for the first time in many years we may have a Prime Minister in this country who has Pro-Palestinian sympathies." - id 20/9/2018
How Pro-Israel Goons Rule TwitterRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "Yesterday, I criticized foreign media (see Facebook post above) for calling Ari Fuld, a settler murdered by a Palestinian assailant in Gush Etzion, an “activist.” Fuld was many things. But activist was not one of them. He was a militant heavily armed settler. He served for decades in the elite IDF paratroopers unit. His websites revealed his absolute hatred of Palestinians and denial of their existence. He also organized armed patrols in his settlement, Efrat." - id20/9/2018
The Demise of the Palestinian QuestionYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - "Even before the rollout of the “Deal of the Century”, its general guidelines are clear. Jerusalem is off the table; defunding UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) solved the refugee problem; a confederation with Jordan will replace Palestinian sovereignty over the West Bank; and the closure of the PLO’s mission in Washington effectively removes the PLO as a partner for negotiations with Israel." - id 20/9/2018
The Veiled Danger of the ‘Dead’ Oslo AccordsRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - "Oslo is not a specific legal document that can be implemented or rejected. It is a spectrum in which the likes of Beilin, Lieberman and Pipes have more in common than they may think, and in which the fate of the Palestinian people is left to inept leaders, incapable of thinking outside the permissible space allocated to them by the Israelis and the Americans" [ry]17/9/2018
How educated Arabs present a dilemma for IsraelYaron London - Ynet - "Unlike ultra-Orthodox Jews, country’s Arab sector is eager to acquire education and integrate into modern labor market, and although this is excellent news for economy, Israeli government views educated minority as a potential threat that might be able to form adequate political opposition and exacerbate current hostility." - id12/9/2018
The Plea That Echoes Everywhere in Gaza: ‘We Just Want to Feel Safe.’Sandy Tolan - The Daily Beast - "They blame Israel, they blame Hamas, they blame many people for their misery, but, still—after so many wars, so much destruction—people try to lead “normal” lives." - id12/9/2018
The Day the Music Died: Will BDS Bring Tel Aviv`s Club Scene to a Standstill?Idit Frenkel - Haaretz - DJs like Shanti Celeste, Volvox, DJ Seinfeld, Python and Leon Vynehall also dropped out of Meteor. Why was this unexpected? Because Israel’s nightlife and clubbing scene – especially in Tel Aviv – had been an oasis regarding cultural boycotts, an extraterritorial hedonistic space with no room for politics. Moreover, two of the DJs spearheading the struggle on the nightlife scene regarding Mideast politics – the Black Madonna and Anthony Naples – have been here, enjoyed themselves, been honored and promised to return, until they discovered there’s such a thing as the occupation. So what has changed since 2015? First, there has been a change on the Gaza border, with civilians getting shot. Second, news reports about the nation-state law and the discrimination that comes with it have done their bit. Third, the arrests and detentions of left-wing activists entering Israel. [bz]11/9/2018
For Israel, Khan al-Ahmar residents lack “good faith” displayed by settlersSharona Weiss - +972 - Both Mitzpe Kramim and Khan al-Ahmar were built without the necessary permits – Mitzpe Kramim on privately owned Palestinian land, Khan al-Ahmar on so-called state (public) land that was confiscated from Palestinian landowners from Anata in 1975. Both communities requested that their civilian structures be legalized retroactively. The difference? Apparently, only one community has the quality of good faith: decent, well-behaved Israeli settlers who gained rights to property that they seized illegally, all because their intentions were assumed innocent. [bz]11/9/2018
Trump, Spinoza, and the Palestinian RefugeesSheldon Richman - "Some blame victims; others – like Trumpand his ilk – pretend the victims don’t exist. Anyone who attempted somethinglike this with respect to, say, Jews would properly have been denounced by alldecent people...Let’s be clear: Trump has no intention of actuallyaddressing the refugee situation, and Israel has no intention of treating anyPalestinian justly. The criticism of UNRWA is simply a ruse for once again stickingit to the Palestinians. Why? Because Trump, like the rest of America’s ruling elite, favors Israel for geopolitical, domesticpolitical, and cultural and ethnic reasons." ca10/9/2018
Trump`s endgame in PalestineMitchell Plitnick - +972 - Washington defunding the Palestinian refugee agency is not merely an attack on UNRWA, as serious as that may be. It is an attempt to destroy the Palestinian national movement [ry]10/9/2018
Ceding the Palestinian narrative to ... PalestiniansBy Samer Badawi - +972 "Marcello Di Cintio’s Pay No Heed to the Rockets borrows its title from Mahmoud Darwish, Palestine’s most widely translated poet, who, amid the sounds of destruction accompanying Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon, marks one night under siege with a how-to on coffee brewing. The passage, even in translation, brilliantly evokes the banal, methodical persistence of the civilian in wartime:" ca7/9/2018
New IDF strategy to focus on missilesBen Caspit - Al-Monitor - The assessment is that a missile corps of the type that Liberman dreams about would cost somewhere between six and eight billion shekels ($160-200 million) over a decade. Israel’s defense industries develop leading technologies in the precision, self-correction, maneuvering and firepower of missiles and rockets. They are already selling missiles to other countries around the world. Now Israel will make use of this impressive technology.-rh 5/9/2018
Israel welcomes end of US funding for UN Palestinian refugee agencyTOI STAFF and AGENCIES - The Times of Israel - Israel welcomed Saturday a US decision to end funding for the UN Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA), accusing the organization which supports some 5 million Palestinians of perpetuating the Middle East conflict. “Israel supports the US move,” an official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said on condition of anonymity.-rh5/9/2018
Jerusalem mayor vows to kick out UN agency for Palestinian refugeesAllison Deger - Mondoweiss - Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat today promised to kick out the UN agency responsible for refugee services saying the move will support Israeli “sovereignty and unity of Jerusalem.” He also appealed to “increase the Israelization” of East Jerusalem. Barkat’s promise to shut down the UN Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, operations in Jerusalem was made at conference hosted by Israel’s Hadashot TV network, reported the Times of Israel. In his speech Barkat accused UNRWA of running schools that promote “incitement” against Israel through its education system.-rh “We will close their schools and give pupils hope and Israeli matriculation in the city’s schools, we will put an end to incitement, and we will replace their failed welfare services with our plan,” he said.       5/9/2018
‘We have the right to be equal citizens!’ Palestinian mayor slams Israeli Housing MinisterJonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - Amer el Huzail, the Deputy Mayor of Rahat, wouldn’t take this chauvinist, colonialist offense lying down. He answered Galant’s words in Hebrew, putting the “illegal construction” claim into its actual colonialist context, and rebuffing the shameful demand to be silent about Israeli Apartheid: First of all, thank you for your contribution of 13 million shekels from the Housing Ministry, really, thank you. But this is not the time and place to sting politically. Therefore I must retort in the same political way. First of all there is no “illegal construction in the Negev”. There are unrecognized villages and they must be recognized. Recognize the villages! You can’t follow this model of concentrating a maximal number of Bedouin Arabs on a minimal area. The Negev is large enough to include the unrecognized villages. Recognize the unrecognized villages. Stop demolishing the houses of Bedouins in the Negev. Let them live just like the Jewish neighbors!-rh5/9/2018
Israel Doesn’t Want to Be My StateSayed Kashua - The New York Times - When Israel was founded on the ruins of the Palestinian people in 1948, it was defined as a Jewish state. The Israeli flag was always a Jewish one, bearing a Star of David; the national anthem invokes the “Jewish soul,” excluding anyone who is not Jewish from these national symbols. The Palestinians who became Israeli citizens when the state was founded — like my family — have always been viewed as an undesirable demographic burden and subjected to discrimination. So what does the issuance of the Nationality Law change? In essence, perhaps not that much. It has turned de facto racism into de jure racism.-rh5/9/2018
August 2018 newsletterBazel Yazoury - Defence for Children International - As children around the world head back to school, our thoughts are with Palestinian children who spent their summers locked up in Israeli detention centers and prisons. Many remain behind bars now, unable to join their classmates on the first day of school.-rh5/9/2018
US cuts to UNRWA point to the dark future being readied for the PalestiniansJonathan Cook - Countercurrents - The US State Department said on Friday it would no longer continue its $360 million annual contributions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), depriving it of a third of its budget. US officials described the organisation as “irredeemably flawed”. The move follows an announcement last week that Washington had slashed $200 million from other aid programmes for the Palestinians. About five million Palestinians – many languishing for decades in refugee camps across the Middle East – rely on the agency for essential food, healthcare and education.-rh5/9/2018
Israeli court drops mask on support of occupation Akiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - “A strategically important decision” was how Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked categorized the Aug. 28 decision by Jerusalem District Court Judge Arnon Darel. The court barred the Israel Defense Forces from evacuating several homes at the West Bank settlement of Mitzpe Kramim, even though these houses were built on private Palestinian lands, thus legalizing the outpost. Darel ruled that under Israeli law, even legally questionable transactions could be valid if conducted in "good faith," accepting the argument by the settlers and the state that when the land was allocated to build Mitzpe Kramim in the late 1990s, neither of them was aware that it was private. “Working together intensively we have wrought a change in the state’s policy,” Shaked said, patting herself on the back and praising Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit for overturning his predecessor’s stand on the issue.-rh 5/9/2018
What Lies Beneath: The US-Israeli Plot to ‘Save’ GazaRamzy Baroud - Countercurrents - Regardless of whether a permanent truce is achieved between Israel and the Hamas-led Gaza factions, the sad truth is that, whatever grand illusion is harbored by Washington and Tel Aviv at the moment, is almost entirely based on exploiting Palestinian divisions, for which the Palestinian leadership is to be wholly blamed.-rh5/9/2018
Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism: the Invidious ConflationSheldon Richman - CounterPunch - "How could anti-Israelism on campus or anywhere else pose a “civil and human rights challenge to North American Jewry”? If Judaism values universal justice, which the great prophets admonished the ancient Hebrews to honor, attention to the systematic injustice that Israel inflicts on the Palestinians qua non-Jews should be welcomed rather than feared by all, including Jews." - id "5/9/2018
Trump to Defund UNWRA to Eliminate Palestinian Refugee Status, Right of ReturnRichard Silverstein= Tikun Olam - "While many of us have been calling Trump’s “deal of the century” dead in the water, he has made an alarming effort to implement his approach in de facto fashion without any party (except Israel) having any input. In other words, without even putting forward a proposal, Trump can create “facts on the ground” which would (he believes) determine the outcome without the Palestinians even realizing it." - id 5/9/2018
An indomitable crusaderDr Naazir Mahmood - Uri highlights in his last article that the new law contains two important omissions (...)‘No Democracy. No equality. A state of Jews, for the Jews, by the Jews.’ This is pretty much what we have done in Pakistan. Though, on paper we may show some equality clause somewhere, in practice we are trying to make Pakistan a state of Muslims, for the Muslims, by the Muslims. And the situation is not much different in most other Muslim countries including Iran and Saudi Arabia. [bz] 3/9/2018
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