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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Why Israel is suddenly owning up to its terrorismDaoud Kuttab - AlJazeera - By calling Friday`s arson attack a terrorist act, the Israelis are hoping to avoid the full force of international law [ry]3/8/2015
No way to defeat Jewish terrorism without ending the occupationNoam Sheizaf - +972 - For the extreme right, violence against Palestinian civilians is not solely a result of racism — it is, first and foremost, a form of control [ry]3/8/2015
Israeli lawyer: Palestinians `have the right to fight`Al Jazeera--Lea Tsemel discusses the deportation and detention of Palestinians, torture, and discriminatory laws in Israel.dn2/8/2015
All Talk, No Action Nahum Barnea--Op-ed: The two hate crimes which shocked Israelis over the weekend drew condemnations from all parts of the political spectrum, but it`s unlikely there will be any action to prevent the next attacks.dn2/8/2015
How the killing of an 18-month-old boy in the West Bank exposed the Israeli authorities failure to stem tide of Jewish extremistsBen Lynfield--Hours after Jewish extremist settlers burned alive Ali Dawabsha, an 18-month-old Palestinian, some in the poor West Bank village of Duma, where some Arabs make a living by working on nearby Israeli settlements, took refuge in their religion.dn2/8/2015
West Bank murder: Leaders fail to address nature of settler violenceNatasha Roth--The murder of a Palestinian baby has provoked condemnation from Israeli leaders across the political spectrum. Yet the harsh rhetoric masks a consistent failure by the Israeli establishment to understand the endemic nature of this kind of violence.dn2/8/2015
If the ICC Is to Regain Credibility, It Must Investigate Israeli War Crimes in GazaAudrey Bomse and Azadeh Shahshahani--[To be clear, Israel is not the only liable party. Any investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israeli officials should also look into whether U.S. officials aided and abetted these crimes. The U.S. Congress, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and key members of their administrations — who provided financial assistance, weapons and other military support to Israel — were all aiders and abettors of Israel’s crimes in the Gaza Strip. For example, on July 20, 2014, in the midst of its offensive in Gaza, Israel, apparently running short on military supplies, requested additional ammunition, including 140-mm tank rounds and 40-mm illumination grenades from the United States. Three days later, the U.S. Defense Department authorized the transfer of munitions stored in Israel to the Israeli authorities. In early August, Congress passed an appropriation of $225 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system without a debate; Obama immediately signed the bill. Greta Berlin]1/8/2015
Israel’s hawks can`t dodge blame for this day of violenceJonathan Freedland--Two bloody attacks in 24 hours have laid bare a culture of impunity – and deep internal divisions. dn1/8/2015
Travel permits aim to manage, not solve, Palestine-Israel conflictDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Freedom to travel is a basic right that is taken for granted in most parts of the world, and after decades of travel restrictions on Palestinians, a worrisome situation has emerged, whereby Israel is making small gestures to the Palestinians, thereby ignoring the important decisions that could end the occupation. It appears that Israel has decided to manage the conflict with the Palestinians rather than solve it.-rh 29/7/2015
Netanyahu green lights construction of 300 homes in Beit ElItamar Eichner, Itay Blumenthal - YnetNews - Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, also of Bayit Yehudi, said following the court`s decision to demolish the homes that "We are living under the rule of law, and we must accept the ruling of the High Court and with that harsh verdict. The homes in Beit El will be destroyed, and immediately rebuilt after. This is the Jewish way. We don`t lose hope."-rh29/7/2015
Go ahead, tear down the High Court — watch the occupation crumbleNoam Sheizaf - +972 - In response to the High Court order to demolish the two settlement buildings Wednesday morning, ruling coalition MK Moti Yogev of the Jewish Home party said the government should send a military bulldozer to demolish the highest court of the land. Be my guest, Mr. Yogev. The High Court is the cornerstone of the occupation and each brick removed from its walls brings us one step closer to ending Israel’s military rule over the Palestinians.-rh 29/7/2015
‘Fortress Israel`: The Ups and Downs of Arms Sales and Cyber Surveillance Shir Hever - The Palestine Chronicle - The massive investments in surveillance technology, hacking and cyber-security indicate a change of direction in the Israeli arms-industry philosophy. The arms sector has not been able to sell the tools to achieve military victory in armed conflict, so it seeks to specialise in selling tools for repression. The Occupied Palestinian Territory continues to be Israel’s testing lab, and so citizens of governments who purchase the new cyber products from Israeli companies should consider the possibility that their governments seek to use similar control mechanisms on them, which Israel is using on Palestinians.-rh 29/7/2015
Where have Israel`s leftists gone? The changing face of LaborTom Cohen - +972 -It would be disastrous if the trauma of the most recent elections leads Meretz into a process that eliminates the party altogether by merging into Labor. The Labor party is an important partner. There are good people there. But it will never constitute a viable alternative to Meretz. The current efforts to court Labor, while it questions our very legitimacy, is especially disappointing.-rh29/7/2015
Q&A: `It is possible to break the Israeli occupation` : Palestinian Khader Adnan speaks with Al Jazeera about his recent release from Israeli jail after a 56-day hunger strike.Liam OHare - Aljazeera - Adnan: The prisoners` movement and hunger strikes in particular are a symbol of the principle and demand for justice in Palestine. It proves that of course it is both possible and necessary to break the Israeli occupation.-rh29/7/2015
Israel Could Lose America’s Democrats for a Generation : If the nuclear deal collapses, U.S. liberals will never forgive Israel for its starring role in a catastrophic turn of events.James Traub - Foreign Policy - Netanyahu threw down the gauntlet with the Obama administration a long time ago; perhaps he thinks he has nothing left to lose. But that’s almost certainly not true. If 13 Democrats heed the Israeli siren song and the nuclear deal collapses, only a fantasist can believe that Iran will come back for a new and harsher deal or that the United Nations and the European Union will hang tough on sanctions.-rh29/7/2015
A traffic jam in the middle of the desertAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "In the direction of Palestinian Susiya there was no road sign. For the Israeli authorities, it simply does not exist. "The competent military authorities take the position that there had never existed an Arab village named Susiya" stated on the Knesset floor Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan, of the Jewish Home Party." - id29/7/2015
A bad deal? Diplomacy saves Israel from taking military action against IranShemuel Meir - +972 - The positive consequences for Israel’s security are both many and important. First and foremost, the agreement precludes the introduction of a new nuclear-weapon state in the Middle East. Nuclear weapons are league of its own and the only class that constitutes an “existential threat.” That has now been prevented. The agreement strengthens the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Israel is not a signatory but one of its beneficiaries.-rh29/7/2015
Anniversaries: Who counts?Alice Rothchild - Mondoweiss - I found a unique and intimate window into Gazan society, its massive losses, challenges, and phenomenal resilience. I bore witness to 1.8 million traumatized and extraordinary survivors. The intersections of a brutal siege, recurrent wars, homelessness, factional rivalries, and a patriarchal society were clear. I came to understand in a very personal way, the challenging political and human realities in a war-torn area and the desperate need for basic human rights; a respect for personal autonomy, freedom from violence, availability of education and economic choices, and access to housing and health care. I also came to love and respect the immense warmth, humor, and energy of the people in this forgotten and demonized place.-rh 29/7/2015
Aid in Gaza: We don’t have the words to deal with this level of sufferingLaura Grant--Like most Palestinians from Gaza, not one of my colleagues has left the 45km-long, blockaded Gaza Strip since the last war ended 10 months ago. After living and working through through that brutal 51-day war, they began the business of picking up the pieces of their own lives and that of their broken cities – all in the very well-grounded fear that the next war is only a matter of time. dn26/7/2015
Forum: Why does Connecticut continue to invest in Israel?Stanley Heller and Bob Gelbach--The decision on June 30 of the million-member United Church of Christ to join in measures of BDS — boycotts, divestments and sanctions — to pressure the Israeli government is of great, perhaps historic importance. The UCC includes the Congregationalists, whose roots go back to the Pilgrims and Puritans and the founders of Yale and Harvard. dn 26/7/2015
Forum: Why does Connecticut continue to invest in Israel?Stanley Heller and Bob Gelbach--The decision on June 30 of the million-member United Church of Christ to join in measures of BDS — boycotts, divestments and sanctions — to pressure the Israeli government is of great, perhaps historic importance. The UCC includes the Congregationalists, whose roots go back to the Pilgrims and Puritans and the founders of Yale and Harvard. dn 26/7/2015
Your Time Is Over Mr. NetanyahuHaroun Yashayaei,Chairman of Tehran Jewish Committee’s Board and Leader of Iran`s Jewish Community--The Israeli prime minister was daydreaming and when Americans had announced that the military option against Iran was no longer on the table as negotiations were the best solution for Iran`s nuclear issue, Netanyahu made a fuss by claiming that even without the support of the United States, his army will carry out a military attack on Iran. Even when his own military commanders told Netanyahu that realization of his dream was neither possible, nor proportionate to the capabilities of the Israeli regime and army of Israel, he still didn’t understand that his time is over. dn26/7/2015
US Jews want Congress to approve Iran deal, by whopping 53 to 35, far more than Americans overallPhilip Weiss--An important survey of Jewish opinion by the LA Jewish Journal says that American Jews are overwhelmingly for the Iran deal, even though they believe it endangers Israel. Here are the numbers. Incredible; they are a lot like the Iraq war, which the Jewish orgs supported but the Jewish street was against. dn26/7/2015
Israel, Don’t Level My VillageNASSER NAWAJAJULY--SUSIYA, West Bank — IN 1948, as Israeli forces closed in on his village of Qaryatayn, my grandfather carried my father in his arms to Susiya, about five miles north, in the South Hebron Hills area. “We will go back home soon,” my grandfather told my father. dn 26/7/2015
Israel’s Endless Misery for Gaza is No Policy at All Jonathan Cook--What`s going on? Does Israel want Hamas weakened or strengthened?. . . For those trying to read developments between Israel and Gaza over the past weeks, the picture has been unusually puzzling. dn26/7/2015
Are Arabs white?Khaled A Beydoun--In the US, race has always mattered. Whiteness in particular has mattered most, standing as the seal of civilisation and the gateway towards citizenship. Since 1944, Arabs have been deemed white by law. Many Arabs still embrace and defend that status today. dn 25/7/2015
The human cost of the IDF`s `nonlethal` ammunitionGideon Levy and Alex Levac--The human cost of the IDF`s `nonlethal` ammunition Security forces entered a refugee camp to make arrests and fired a sponge bullet at short range at Nafez Demiri, who is deaf and dumb, blinding him in one eye. 1 Now the man who has never heard anything and never uttered a spoken sound is also half blind: His right eye was shattered and had to be removed. Border Police troops fired a No. 4557 black sponge bullet at him, supposedly nonlethal ammunition that a year earlier killed a boy in Jerusalem. dn 25/7/2015
The Iran Deal RealityMargaret Kimberley - Information Clearing Hosue "The nuclear energy agreement between Iran and the P5+1 nations has finally concluded and the moment is bitter sweet. Iran’s sovereignty should have been respected and it should not be forced to make concessions for doing what it always had a right to do. Iran has as much right as Israel or any other country to produce nuclear material or even nuclear weapons. But it was impossible to withstand the onslaught of crippling sanctions and the loss of $100 billion in funds that were frozen under pressure from the United States." ca24/7/2015
Is the `Military Option` on Iran Off the Table?Ray McGovern - Information Clearing House " the wake of last week`s accord with Iran in Vienna, it is possible now to hope that the "military option" is finally off the table — in reality, if not in occasional rhetorical palliatives for Israel." ca24/7/2015
Walking the Green Line: 48 years of occupationNir Baram - Haaretz "It is now 48 years since the Six-Day War, a short military campaign with long-term consequences for Israel and the Palestinians. Writer Nir Baram spent a year meeting people on both sides of the Green Line." ca24/7/2015
US, EU take strong stand against Israeli demolition planAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - Kirby made clear that the consequences of Israel’s harassment of Susiya residents would extend beyond the demolitions’ impact on the villagers and their families. He noted that the planned expulsions and land appropriations in Susiya were particularly glaring given the settlement activity in that same region.-rh22/7/2015
Exclusive: The IDF is monitoring what Israeli citizens say on FacebookJohn Brown* and Noam Rotem - +972 - Did you post the word ‘demonstration’ in Hebrew on Facebook? The army is keeping an eye on you. Did you use the word ‘Al Quds’ in Arabic in a WhatsApp conversation? You may have just been flagged as a terrorist. How the IDF contracts private tech companies to monitor Israeli citizens on social media.-rh22/7/2015
Life and DeathAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "The removal of the fearsome bulldozers which appeared near the village of Susya in the Southern Hebron Hills two weeks ago turned out to be a strictly temporary respite in the military government’s plans of destruction." - id22/7/2015
CAN THERE BE MIDDLE EAST PEACE?Ray Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "The answer is yes. But peace requires that the world recognize that the true obstacle to peace is rising extremism in Israel and the need for Israelis to finally recognize the right of Christians and Muslims to statehood and the right of Palestine to exist, something most Israelis reject." id22/7/2015
Israeli media drowns out pro-Iran-deal voicesMazal Mualem - Al Monitor - "...overpowered the important voices of those who argued that the agreement would actually improve Israel’s position, and not the reverse." - id 22/7/2015
Israel`s failed prisoner release policiesShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The bottom line is that Israel’s working premise — according to which "heavyweight" prisoners are to be expelled to the Gaza Strip upon their release — has been proven to be wrong. Keeping them at a distance doesn’t keep them away from terror. Moreover, banishing them to Gaza further motivates them to resume their terrorist activities.rh 22/7/2015
The Horseman of the Jewish ApocalypseShlomo Ben-Ami - Project-Syndicate - Zionism was supposed to enable the Jews to break with their history. Netanyahu, however, has imbued the Israeli state’s existence with all of the Jewish people’s past anxieties, pains, and struggles. It does not matter that Israel possesses, according to foreign sources, a nuclear arsenal, as well as a robust economy and a strong alliance with the world’s most powerful country; for Netanyahu, it is essentially an old Jewish ghetto, attempting to hold out against relentless threats.-rh 22/7/2015
Justice Minister: Remove legal ambiguity from settlements Tova Tzimoki - YnetNews - Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked of Bayit Yehudi has recently begun the process of establishing a committee to organize the legal status of land plots in the West Bank. According to Shaked, the committee`s establishment means residents of the West Bank will cease fearing the threat of land ownership disputes.-rh 22/7/2015
Video: Israelis in West Jerusalem call for attack on Iran Dan Cohen - Mondoweiss - Days after the announcement of the Iran nuclear deal, I set out in West Jerusalem’s Yafo Street to find out what Israelis thought about the agreement. The range of responses reflected the continuous right-ward shift and the complete militarization of Jewish Israeli society against a backdrop of apathy.-rh22/7/2015
Israel: Security Forces Abuse Palestinian ChildrenHuman Rights Watch - Israeli security forces have used unnecessary force to arrest or detain Palestinian children as young as 11. Security forces have choked children, thrown stun grenades at them, beaten them in custody, threatened and interrogated them without the presence of parents or lawyers, and failed to let their parents know their whereabouts.-rh22/7/2015
Why This Man Supports Iran Deal — Despite Bibi`s BlusterJ.J. Goldberg - Forward - Given the imperfections in the world at large and the Middle East in particular, the imperfect nuclear agreement that was concluded with Iran this week in Vienna is “the best possible alternative from Israel’s point of view, given the other available alternatives,” Ayalon told me in a telephone interview. He finds the agreement “hard to defend,” but he defends it anyway.-rh 22/7/2015
Europe Has Had Enough of Benjamin NetanyahuLiam Hoare - Forward - Judging by Hammond’s tone and posture, that press conference was in fact a manifestation of Europe’s problem not with Israel but with Netanyahu himself. Simply put, they’ve had it up to here with a man who is famed for inaction, yet berates foreign leaders on the need to do something about Iran — a man who has no compelling vision for his own country’s issues, yet cries daily, “This is a bad deal,” without really offering a viable alternative. Europe has stopped listening to Netanyahu about Iran.-rh 22/7/2015
Amira Hass: “Let me be blunt: Gaza is a Huge Concentration Camp”Amira Hass, JULIE POUCHER HARBIN - Juan Cole - In practice, Gaza has become a huge, let me be blunt, concentration camp for right now 1, 800,000 people. This is not a novelty. This is not something new. This did not start, unlike what many people think, with the rise of Hamas, Hamas being elected in 2006, or Hamas taking over the security agencies and apparatus in Gaza in 2007 after the short civil war. We can almost trace it to the moment when it started, and this is the 15th of January 1991 — long before Oslo, long before Madrid, and of course long before the suicide attacks inside Israeli cities and against Israeli civilians.-rh 22/7/2015
The misleading legal arguments that legitimize injustice in the West Bank Haaretz editorial - The families Israel wants to forcibly dislocate from Sussiya were already expelled in 1986 from a village of caves in which they had lived for more than a century, and which was declared an archeological site. They found refuge in other caves, on lands they owned or held, and over time built homes and animal pens there. (...) Dismantling Palestinian Sussiya would allow the settlement of Sussiya, founded in 1983, to expand its grab of Palestinian lands and create yet another “settlement bloc” to be part of the so-called national consensus. [bz]21/7/2015
Not so fast: On dismantling Israel’s human rights NGOsNoam Rabinovich - +972 - Small battles can be waged against the injustices of occupation while simultaneously fighting the bigger war against the occupation itself. A response to ‘The case for dismantling Israel’s human rights organizations.’ [bz]21/7/2015
Before we storm Capitol Hill[Former Mossad Chief] Efraim Halevy - Ynet - As Netanyahu tries to muster a majority in US Congress against deal with Iran, it`s important to hold a profound debate in Israel on whether no agreement is preferable to a signed agreement with components that are crucial for Israel`s security. [bz]21/7/2015
Why Palestinians Fight Back: The Logic of Life and Death in GazaRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - "Expecting Gaza not to resist is an invitation for Israel to complete its humiliation of the Palestinian people, to utilize the Strip for financial gains (for example, natural gas near the coast and racially segregated beach resorts, etc.), and to turn its men, women and children into cheap labor, trying to eke out a living in order to secure mere survival. Indeed, that was the case for many years, starting in 1967 till Israel’s so-called disengagement in 2005. [...] This is not a matter of strategy, but an act governed by a simple logic that they live by: either a life with dignity or death with honor" [ry]20/7/2015
Netanyahu prepares war against ObamaSergio Yahni - AIC - Netanyahu estimates that his current battle against Obama, regardless of its immediate outcome, will cause future American presidents – both Democrat and Republican – to fear confrontation with Israel [ry]20/7/2015
Analysis: The spirit of GazaHanine Hassan--Gaza - One year after the Gaza Strip`s third war with Israel in less than a decade, the possibility of recovery seems very far away. Residents whose homes and communities were destroyed are now paying the price as they experience long delays in reconstruction. dn19/7/2015
U.S. warns Israel against evicting Palestinians from SusyaMairav Zonszein--Although Susya has been under constant threat of destruction for years, the State Department is now warning Israel that any demolitions in this tiny village in the West Bank would be considered a provocation. dn19/7/2015
US Justice Dept. will not oppose Pollard`s releaseOrly Azoulay, Itamar Eichner--Israeli held for spying on the US will fulfill 30-year sentence in November; sources say administration will allow for his release, possibly as concession to Israel after Iran deal. dn19/7/2015
ICC decision on the Gaza flotilla raid is just the start of Israel’s troublesAeyal Gross--The judges sent a clear message that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a hot potato that does not deter the court.. .The ruling sends a warning to anyone who has never taken the court seriously. The ICC dismissed Bensouda’s decision in a way that will leave her no choice but to launch a probe. The original complaint was made to the court by the Comoros Islands, in whose name the ship was registered.dn19/7/2015
Red Rag column: Reflections on the 1980sGideon Spiro - Memories from the 1980s, and one lesson. One year since the crime of "Protective Edge". Thank you, President Obama!19/7/2015
UK`s Hammond: Israel wants permanent state of stand-off with IranReuters--British foreign secretary to visit Israel to discuss nuclear deal with Netanyahu; tells UK parliament that Israel would not have been satisfied with any kind of deal with Tehran. dn18/7/2015
Why This Man Supports Iran Deal — Despite Bibi`s BlusterJ.J. Goldberg--“There is no ideal world, and there are no ideal agreements,” says Ami Ayalon, a former director of Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service. “And let me add that there is no ideal Middle East.” dn18/7/2015
Chicago’s Rebel Rabbi: An Interview with Brant RosenEli Unger-Sargon--If you’ve heard of Rabbi Brant Rosen, chances are that you know about his vocal and principled stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rosen has been on a personal journey ever since Israel’s 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead, the brutality of which compelled him to question his beliefs about the State of Israel and Zionism. Much of this journey unfolded in public as Rosen courageously wrote about his evolving views on Israel/Palestine in his well-read blog, Shalom Rav. These blog posts and some of the responses to them formed the basis for his 2012 book “Wrestling in the Daylight: A Rabbi’s Path To Palestinian Solidarity.”Rosen is the founder of the Jewish Voice For Peace Rabbinical Council and for 17 years he was the Rabbi of the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston. dn18/7/2015
With Iran Deal, Israel Turns a Day of Celebration Into a Day of MourningGideon Levy - Information Clearing House "An intelligent Israel, one not brainwashed and angst-ridden, would be happy this week. The day the agreement was reached with Iran should have been a holiday celebrating the prevention of the next war, the worst of them all. When a country claims to face a threat to its survival, what should make it happier than a chance to prevent war? But it turns out that in Israel the very chance to prevent war is a disaster — another Holocaust." ca17/7/2015
With Iran threat off the table, Israel should resolve Palestinian issueAkiva Eldarn- Al-Monitor "Netanyahu complains that the agreement with Iran expires after 10 years. It turns out he knows how to think ahead beyond the next elections and to worry about future generations. If he devotes just some of the energy that he has invested in the Iranian matter into the Palestinian issue, in another 10 years Israel will be a far safer, more likable and democratic place." ca 17/7/2015
Anti-Arab vigilante group retakes streets of JerusalemRoi Yanovsky - Ynet News - The members of Lehava, a self-styled "anti-assimilation" pressure group, often clash with Arabs and left-wing protesters, as they did on Thursday. In a video filmed by the group "Jerusalem Stands up to Racism," a marcher is seen shouting at a counter-protester: "Do you want your children to marry with Arabs? Go to Gaza then!"-rh 15/7/2015
Gaza Today : Gaza Testimonies B`Tselem Project - The bombings of the Gaza Strip began a year ago today. For hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, last summer’s nightmare has become an ongoing reality. There are now some 100,000 displaced persons in Gaza living with relatives or in rented homes, in tents, or in the ruins of their old homes.-rh15/7/2015
The World Rebukes NetanyahuRobert Parry - Reader Supported News - In a rare rebuke to his bullying, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to stop the United States and five other world powers from reaching an agreement to constrain but not eliminate Iran’s nuclear program. Yet, Netanyahu still is dominating how the U.S. public and congressional debate is being framed, with Iran accused of regional “aggression” in four countries.-rh 15/7/2015
Video appears to contradict account of Israeli officer who killed PalestinianPeter Beaumont - The Guardian - Doubts about the account of Col Yisrael Shomer, a brigade commander in the occupied territories, began to emerge last week in witness accounts and medical evidence collected by the Guardian, Washington Post and human rights groups. They suggested that 17-year-old Mohammed Kasbeh was shot in the upper body by Shomer as the youth was fleeing, not in the midst of a life-threatening attack.-rh 15/7/2015
Addameer: Report on 13 July military court hearing of Khalida JarrarAdameer - Samidoun - At the hearing today for Palestinian Legislative Council Member Khalida Jarrar, the defense team submitted preliminary arguments to cancel the charges. The defense argued concerning the legality of the occupation. Particularly, it argued that the occupation’s situation as continued and long-term deems it illegal. The defense also argued that Mrs. Khalida Jarrar is entitled to immunity as a Palestinian Legislative Council Member.-rh 15/7/2015
A Year Later, Palestinian Family Mourns 4 Boys Killed on Gaza BeachNaomi Zeveloff - Forward - That was where his son Ismail died in an Israeli strike last summer during Israel’s 51-day war with Hamas. Ismail was one of four young cousins aged 9 to 11 killed while playing on the beach July 16 in one of the most high-profile incidents of the war. The event became instantly emblematic of the high civilian death toll on the Palestinian side. More than 2,200 Palestinians, including hundreds of children, were killed in the war. Sixty-six Israeli soldiers and six civilians also died.-rh 15/7/2015
Israel slow to rescue captured citizen. Is it because of his race?Mazal Mualem - Al Monitor - Since the lifting of the gag order July 9 at the media`s request, politicians and journalists have described Mengistu’s Ethiopian background as the main reason that the state kept his disappearance a secret. Reasoned op-ed columns explained why the color of the youth’s skin was what caused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to do enough to secure his freedom.-rh15/7/2015
Israeli media review: Is Bibi going back to Congress over Iran deal?Edo Konrad and Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - Netanyahu’s mouthpiece largely parrots the prime minister’s warnings and fears; leading columnists in other newspapers label the deal a personal failure for Netanyahu, warn that the ground-breaking agreement actually puts a military option back on the table.-rh15/7/2015
Shoot and lie: Israeli forces are killing civilians with impunity .Ben White - Middle East Monitor - Encountering resistance from local residents, the undercover forces requested assistance, and a large number of uniformed Israeli forces entered the camp. The police, in order to "extract the undercover unit and the detainee", deployed "tear gas, sponge-tipped bullets and stun grenades."-rh15/7/2015
Why Bibi is personally responsible for Iran policy failureAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be held solely responsible for Israel`s diplomatic failure on Iran, maintaining too much control over too many portfolios and surrounding himself with people who won`t criticize him." - id 15/7/2015
WHAT U2’S BONO DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT PERES AND VANUNUEileen Fleming - The Arab Daily News - "The Oslo process brought about a dangerous breach in Palestinian consciousness, an occupation, even, of the consciousness of a significant number of Palestinians. Oslo was the second victory for the state of Israel, behind the Nakba. Shimon Peres succeeded in dividing the Palestinian people and their land, and in the process dismantled and destroyed the Palestinian social fabric." - id 15/7/2015
Celebrations at Syntagma - bulldozer games in SusiyaAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Justice Sohlberg (to give him his correct judicial title) refused to grant a stay of execution, and authorized the army to raze Susiya at their convenience. The army usually does not issue advance notices in such cases." - id 15/7/2015
Palestinian leadership faces foggy futureDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - That the presidential succession has returned as a strong issue is a sign of uncertainty about the future among Palestinians. Without a clear executable agreement that includes parliamentary and presidential elections with Hamas and some kind of understanding within the ruling Fatah movement, the writing on the wall is very worrisome. The recent success of nonviolent activities by Palestinians abroad, such as the boycott, divestment and sanctions activities, might lead some to argue that the time is right to give up on the limited powers of presidency under occupation and return to the days where the real power is in the hands of the PLO leadership outside the occupied territories.-rh 15/7/2015
Poor Netanyahu, the world has taken away his most beloved toy – the Iranian bombB. Michael - Haaretz - My heart goes out to Benjamin Netanyahu. With one cold, cruel stroke of the pen, the rulers of the world have taken away his most beloved toy – the apple of his eye and the joy of his heart, the rock of his existence and the source of his strength, and above all, the rock of his refuge and safe haven. Or in short, the Iranian bomb. [bz]14/7/2015
No, BDS does not unfairly `single out` IsraelDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - It’s attractive to work for a cause where there’s a possibility you can actually make a change. Precisely because Israel has a democratic ethos, because it is part of the West and in dialogue with it, activists reasonably believe gains can be made. [ak+bz] 14/7/2015
The heart-breaking stories of innocent children, victims of last year`s 51-day battleSally Newall--The BBC`s chief international correspondent, Lyse Doucet, has said that her role in conflicts is to tell human stories; that it is right "to be on the side of the children." It was innocent kids` whose stories we heard in Children of the Gaza War, an uncompromising, balanced film focusing on the impact of last year`s 51-day battle. dn12/7/2015
The mysterious case of the Israeli who slipped into GazaWilliam Booth--Family members charged that Mengistu’s disappearance and possible capture by Hamas would have been treated far differently if he were not of African descent. In recent months, Ethiopians have staged large demonstrations to protest what they call racist treatment by Israeli police and society. dn12/7/2015
Israeli Supreme Court allows wall through Cremisan ValleyVatican Radio--(Vatican Radio) Leaders of the small Catholic community in the Holy Land have reacted with dismay to a decision by Israel’s Supreme Court to allow the building of the separation barrier through the historic Cremisan Valley.dn12/7/2015
The fawning candidate: Hillary Clinton and Apartheid IsraelRobert Fantina - Counterpunch - It won’t be the United States that brings human rights to the Palestinian people. A nation run by corporations, whose elected leaders rely on wealthy individuals and powerful lobbies to obtain and keep their jobs, will not seek what is best for the common man or woman, either at home or abroad. And the U.S. was one of the last nations to censure South Africa for its brutal apartheid government, so there is no reason to expect it to lead any human rights battle. gm 11/7/2015
Will Israel invade West Bank?Adnan Abu Amer - Al Monitor - "Israeli-Palestinian relations are back to square one as Israel recently threatened to invade and occupy the West Bank." - id 10/7/2015
About a fishing boat and sitting ducksAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Asher Shechter of Ha’aretz pointed out the Orwellian logic of the government saying: "There is no blockade on Gaza, and if you violate it you will be arrested." - id 10/7/2015
Why is Israel turning a blind eye to South Sudan arms sales?Akiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "In April 2014, the United States froze military aid to South Sudan, and President Barack Obama signed an executive order imposing sanctions and freezing assets of those involved in fighting and war crimes there. At the end of the year, the European Union decided to impose an arms embargo on the African state, which was founded in 2011. Meanwhile, in June, an official delegation from South Sudan attended ISDEF, the Israeli weapons expo, unencumbered." - id 10/7/2015
Is There a Human Right to Kill?NICOLA PERUGINI - NEVE GORDON - Counter Punch - "We are living in an era where human rights are used by the state and human rights organizations to “civilize” the ways of killing." - id 10/7/2015
We owe nothing to anybodyShmuel Amir - Seventy years have passed, but even today we would do well to remember again that what was true for the USA was also all the more true for the Jews of the world. Hitler would have destroyed the Jews of Russia and every other place he got to. The Jewish Yishuv in Palestine faced imminent destruction. I still remember the sense of danger and fear when General Rommel began his African campaign and reached within 100 kilometres of Alexandria. Rommel was eventually defeated, and so the Yishuv was saved. But we must remember that Rommel had only about three German and five Italian divisions at his disposal. Rommel did not have enough divisions to conquer Africa, and he could not get reinforcements because about 150 German divisions were fighting in a life-and-death struggle against the Red Army in Russia.10/7/2015
Another Occupation government – and more aid from ObamaShmuel Amir - If Marwan Barghouti is a terrorist who deserves all the punishment that can be meted out to him, then Nelson Mandela too was a terrorist. And so was Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Jomo Kenyatta and even George Washington. All those and many others rebelled against colonial rulers. And is there any oppressed and imprisoned country that not did not liberate itself eventually? And after they liberated themselves did the world not applaud them? Who does not remember the enthusiastic reception Mandela received all over the world, even in New York, after the victory over the Apartheid regime in South Africa?10/7/2015
BDS - the new enemyUri Avnery - Netanyahu saw with growing anxiety that the Iranian threat was losing its edge. The US, so it seems, is about to reach an agreement with Iran, which will prevent it from achieving the Bomb. Even Sheldon the Great cannot prevent the agreement. What to do? Looking around, three letters popped up: BDS. They denote Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Ah, here we have a real threat, worse than the Bomb. A second Holocaust is looming.10/7/2015
Michael Oren’s hate campaign against Obama, peaceRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Oren’s attacks are a sophisticated strategy to broaden the assault against both Obama and peace, and cast critics of Israel’s extremist policies as “anti-Semites” or worse." - id 10/7/2015
Netanyahu and Obama find a shared interest — screwing the Israeli peopleMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - On the night of the vote, which was ultimately postponed once Netanyahu realized he had no majority, a spokesperson for the Joint List reassured that, “of course the Joint List will vote against Netanyahu’s policies on [natural] gas.” The slate is “independent and not swayed by pressure from tycoons like the Netanyahu government,” he added.-rh 8/7/2015
Ghassan Kanafani`s ongoing resistanceNassar Ibrahim - Alternative Information Center "On 8 July 1972, the Israeli Mossad murdered Ghassan Kanafani, one of the most prominent Palestinian writers, intellectuals and political leaders. 43 years later we discuss with Nassar Ibrahim, author and Co-Director of the Alternative Information Center (AIC), about Ghassan Kanafani`s work, vision and heritage. Nassar was 14 years old at the time of the assassination of Kanafani." ca8/7/2015
On the One-Year Anniversary of Israel’s Attack on Gaza: An Interview with Max BlumenthalGlenn Greenwald - The Intercept - Months after the attack concluded, U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon visited Gaza and labeled the destruction “beyond description,” far worse than prior Israeli attacks. At least 17,000 homes “were obliterated or severely damaged during the conflict,” and it will take two decades to rebuild them; that means that “nearly 60,000 people have lost their homes.”-rh8/7/2015
Hunger Striking Detainee Moved Into Solitary ConfinementIMEMC - The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported, Wednesday, that the Prison Administration of the Negev Israeli Detention Camp, forced a hunger striking detainee into solitary confinement.-rh8/7/2015
Palestinian teenager `shot in back by senior Israeli soldier while fleeing`Peter Beaumont - The Guardian - The killing of Mohammed near the Qalandia checkpoint last Friday received widespread coverage in the Israeli media, both because of the seniority of the officer involved – a brigade commander, Col Yisrael Shomer, and because of the support he received immediately after the shooting from senior members of Israel’s government, including education minister Naftali Bennett.-rh8/7/2015
IDF: Hamas is deterred, restrained and restrainingAmos Harel - Haaretz "A year after the start of the war in Gaza, there is a sense in the Israel Defense Forces General Staff that the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip is “deterred, restrained and restraining.” A senior IDF officer said Tuesday in a conversation with journalists that the organization’s leadership does not seem interested in conflict with Israel and that it is working to retrain small, more extreme Islamist groups and to prevent rocket launching at the Negev." ca8/7/2015
 Gaza’s Mental-Health Crisis and the Trauma of Permanent WarJen Marlowe - The Nation -  The issue is the condition of chronic war, which doesn’t lead to speedy recovery,” said Dr. Elena Chere- panov, a mental-health specialist whose expertise is in collective and cultural trauma. She compares the psychological impact of the violence in Gaza to the public-health crises she’s seen in Chechnya, Liberia, and Abkhazia. “Ongoing war means a really severe and systemic traumatic impact on the community, which permeates all areas of life. There are generations who grow up never having the chance to live in safety or plan for the future, which is crucial for trauma recovery.”-rh8/7/2015
Photo Essay: Crossing Qalandia, and the Wall, during Ramadan Karam Saleem - Mondoweiss - The second Friday of Ramadan saw more than 350,000 Palestinians descending onto Al Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem, many of whom were taking advantage of eased restrictions by Israeli authorities on those living in the West Bank. Qalandia checkpoint operates with several adjustments during the Islamic holy month and for those unable to cross legally, smugglers organize locations along the separation wall for Palestinians to sneak in.-rh8/7/2015
The Death and Life of the Two-State SolutionGrant Rumley and Amir Tibon - Foreign Affairs - For the Palestinians, in other words, the increasingly likeliest way to achieve an independent state is, paradoxically, to give up on trying to get one. Only when the Palestinians make the Israelis recognize that the status quo cannot persist indefinitely and reach for something the Israelis hold even more dear than the West Bank—control over Israel itself as a Jewish state—will the Israelis begin to see a two-state solution as their least-bad option.-rh8/7/2015
Minutes to survive: reflections on Israel`s `roof-knocking` policyMa`an - In a number of cases, the warning explosion itself killed innocent civilians. On July 17, 10-year-old Afnan and his two younger cousins Jihad and Wissam were playing on their roof in Gaza City when a warning missile struck the house. All three children were killed instantly by shrapnel.-rh8/7/2015
Bulldozers poised outside Susiya, right in time for July 4th congressional break Donna Baranski-Walker - Mondoweiss - Congressional intervention, along with a network of US and foreign diplomats whom we contact in emergencies, has helped stave off demolition and keeps that kindergarten safe and Al Aqaba Village thriving.-rh8/7/2015
Another grim anniversary for GazaSharif Nashashibi - Aljazeera - Israel`s recently elected government - aptly described as the most extremist in the country`s history (and that is saying something) - consists of figures who believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has actually been too soft on Hamas, and want a full-scale invasion and reoccupation of Gaza to wipe out the Palestinian faction.-rh8/7/2015
Wooing Jewish-American millennials: A job for Israel`s left [Zionist left as is]Maya Kornberg - Haaretz - Israel depends on the billions of dollars it receives annually from the United States in military aid, as well as donations to the arts, academia, and countless other causes. Young American Jews represent the next generation of American support for Israel, so Israel must strengthen its connection to them to secure its future. [bz]7/7/2015
Why is Israel concocting ties between Hamas and ISIS?Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - By dreaming up an association between Hamas and Islamic State, Netanyahu hopes Israel will have it easy the next time it goes to war against Gaza [ry]6/7/2015
The Sin of Being OccupiedNadia Harhash--A year after the ugly murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir on the hand of a group of fanatic Jews. The fanatic army of the state of Israel hunted down another young life, pointing again to Ramadan. A young (17 years) man smuggling himself out to the Aqsa on a Friday prayer. In the last weeks, […] dn5/7/2015
Letter to the UN_ You cannot remain silentPNN--Charge d’Affaires of the Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations, Feda Abdelhady-Nasser, yesterday released a very strongly-worded letter condemning the UN Security Council’s silence on crimes committed by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt), and urging the Council to demand that Israel act in accordance with international law. dn5/7/2015
Israel against the United Nations [forwarded by Dorinda Moreno]Vijay Prashad--The latest hard-hitting UN report on Israel`s military violence in Gaza tells a familiar story, but is unlikely to change much without a concerted international reaction. dn5/7/2015
Baskin’s Generous Offer: Making Peace with Israeli Occupation Ramzy Baroud--It would be fair to assume that Gershon Baskin’s recent article in the Jerusalem Post – Encountering Peace: Obviously no peace now, so what then? (June 24) – is not a mere intellectual exercise aimed at finding ‘creative’ solutions to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. dn5/7/2015
Netanyahu and Obama find a shared interest — screwing the Israeli peopleMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - The story starts with two of the most common ingredients found in nearly all Middle Eastern dramas: fossil fuels and American economic interests. You see, about six years ago a surprising discovery was made off of Israel’s coast— the largest natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean. Almost immediately, people started talking about the discovery as a game-change. [bz]4/7/2015
After UN report on summer Gaza war, Israel Air Force still believes it acted properlyGili Cohen - Haaretz "During the 50 days of hostilities more than 5,200 targets were attacked: tunnels, launching areas, houses and weapons depots. Their number was greater than in the two previous operations – Cast Lead and Pillar of Defense – combined.The army is not turning its back on the results of the war, but even today it is convinced that all the targets went through what they call “the oiled machine.” This air force-speak means that they were researched by intelligence people and approved to the effect that bombing them did not violate international law." ca 3/7/2015
Beating Hitler by numbersAnshel Pfeffer - Haaretz "Oren’s love affair: Whatever you think of Oren’s opinions on U.S. foreign policy and the psychological complexes of American Jews, it can’t be argued that these are not detailed and nuanced, if rather misguided. But the chapters which deal with his years in Israel could have been lifted from Leon Uris’ “Exodus.” Oren’s Israel is a country constantly at war while valiantly seeking peace and his Israelis are one-dimensional caricatures, summarised in a few, glowing adjectives...Oren is doing our country no favors. Israel needs politicians, writers, diplomats and historians capable of looking at it without rose-tinted spectacles and demanding that at 67 it finally grows up. He fails us by spinning fairy tales." ca3/7/2015
Baskin’s generous offer: Making peace with Israeli occupationRamzy Baroud - Ma`an News Agency "Baskin is very close to those in power. His initiatives are rarely his own, and the latest is a mere reflection of the political bankruptcy of Netanyahu’s government.Baskin is, of course wrong. Palestinians have shown much willingness to end the conflict in a method that hinges on Israel’s respect for international law, including the ending of the construction of illegal settlements.Now that Netanyahu’s government is stacked with more rightwing zealots - individuals who made careers and gained famed and notoriety, because of their insistence on the maintaining of the occupation, and feeding off, politically and financially, the illegal settlements - a return to the "negotiation table" is unattainable." ca3/7/2015
Will Israel Cooperate With ICC Palestinian Probe?Thomas Escritt - The Forward - The Palestinian Authority made its first submission of evidence of alleged Israeli war crimes to the International Criminal Court on Thursday, trying to speed up an ICC inquiry into abuses committed during last year’s Gaza conflict. The move may leave Israel in a quandary since it must decide whether to cooperate with the ICC investigation or find itself isolated as one of a very few countries that have declined to work with its prosecutors.-rh 2/7/2015
The West Bank - Gaza DivorceYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - "...if Israel continues to make life unbearable for Gazans, it will find itself facing al-Qaeda. In the West Bank, the PA will fall into al-Qaeda’s hands like a ripe fruit. Netanyahu, Abu Mazen and Haniyeh are walking on ice that could break any moment." - id1/7/2015
In Gaza, the ultimate humiliation Dan Cohen - Mondoweiss - That Israel allows Palestinians in Gaza to import used goods is not a symbol of goodwill or charitable policy – it represents normalization of the siege. To place this in proper context, remember that basic necessities such as adequate electricity and water are not let into Gaza, and Israel calculates the caloric intake for every Palestinian in Gaza, keeping the population malnourished but above catastrophe.-rh1/7/2015
Khader Adnan for Presidentnadiaharhash - In a cynical scene, Saeb Eriqat mentioned the Khader Adnan’s crisis and hunger strike yesterday after a rich Iftar yesterday, condemning Israeli coercive laws and behaviors against Palestinian prisoners. A scene that reflects the bitter reality of Palestinian leadership. Whereas, the single act of one man and his very own family in believing so strongly in the righteousness of his cause, made him eventually defeat occupation. With his meager, sick, body and powerful undefeatable soul. Maybe we should consider. Khader Adnan for the next Palestinian President.-rh1/7/2015
Robert Fisk: Israeli disinformation sullies a rare moment of wartime compassion Robert Fisk - The Independent - When will the Israeli government stop misusing the RAF’s wartime raid on the Gestapo’s Danish headquarters to justify their killing of children? Their shameful and dishonest version of the 1945 air attack in Copenhagen is repeated constantly by Israeli spokesmen whenever the world responds in horror to the country’s pulverisation of Arab civilians. It popped up again last week when the Israeli spokesman, Mark Regev, tried to avoid Channel 4’s questions about the UN’s latest report on the 2014 Gaza bloodbath and the killing of four children on a beach a year ago.-rh1/7/2015
Newsletter 30 Jun. 2015B`Tselem - Israel goes to considerable lengths to demonstrate that it administers the occupation, now going on fifty, in a way that does not involve systematic abuse of the human rights of Palestinians, the residents of the occupied territory. One area in which such attempts are focused is the military court system in the West Bank. -rh1/7/2015
Church-run schools in Israel face `death sentence`Jonathan Cook - Aljazeera - Israel is seeking to bring dozens of church-run schools under government control, a move that community leaders have warned will curb the last vestiges of educational freedom for the country`s large Palestinian minority. Most of the 47 schools, which are among the highest-achieving in Israel, were established by Christian orders more than 100 years ago, before Israel`s creation in 1948.-rh 1/7/2015
A vicious cycle of lawlessness in the West BankEyal Hareuveni - +972 - For nearly 50 years the Israeli army has been treating settler violence against Palestinians as a decree of fate, some sort of force majeure that trumps it in the territories otherwise under its control and responsibility. In other words, the army has dealt with the phenomenon without actually dealing with it.-rh1/7/2015
Islamic State threatens to topple Hamas in Gaza Strip in video statementReuters - The Guardian - The video statement, issued from an Islamic State stronghold in Syria, was a rare public challenge to Hamas, which has been cracking down on jihadis in Gaza who oppose its truces with Israel and reconciliation with the US-backed rival Palestinian faction Fatah.-rh1/7/2015
Expelled for lifeJen Marlowe - Al-Ahram - Nasser was only four years old in June 1986 when, after the remains of an ancient synagogue were discovered in Old Susya, Israel’s Civil Administration, the military body through which it manages the Occupied Palestinian Territories, declared the village an archaeological site and expropriated it.-rh 1/7/2015
New report outlines Al-Aqsa Mosque recommendationsDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - In its summary, the report deals with two issues where it deviates from the accepted opinions of the two conflicting parties. It doesn’t accept the repeated Arab and Muslim claims that Israeli archaeological attempts are aimed at destroying the mosque, and at the same time it accepts Muslim demands that organized and planned visits by Jews to the site should be tightly regulated and that Jews should continue to be disallowed from praying at the compound. Al-Aqsa has banned non-Muslim prayer since 1187.-rh 1/7/2015
The Human Rights Crisis is About Domination, Not PerceptionNEVE GORDON and NICOLA PERUGINI - Counter Punch - "...what happens to human rights once they have been hijacked by the law and become a prism for debating the legality or illegality of violence - namely, they cease to raise questions about the morality and legitimacy of the law itself." - id 1/7/2015
A most moral occupation: Keeping the prisoners in lineNoam Sheizaf - +972 - "Does Israel have the right to turn millions of the people under its control into prisoners simply because it is afraid of what might happen once they are released?" - id 1/7/2015
A home denied: the Zionist ethnic cleansing of PalestineJafar M Ramini - The Arab Daily News - "Looking back at the truth of Zionism and its leaders in ethnically cleansing Christian and Muslims from Palestine to create their exclusive state, Israel." - id 1/7/2015
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