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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Why Jews Must Speak Out on Palestine Jonathan Tasini - Huffington Post - " To be honest, I don`t think most Jews -- and certainly this is true of most Americans -- understand the brutality of the occupation, the violations of international law and our role in perpetuating that occupation. " 31/3/2006
Hamas warns of return to violenceConal Urquhart - "Hamas warned yesterday that if the new Israeli government did not begin peace negotiations and end the confiscation of Palestinian land it would revert to "armed resistance" to the occupation of the West Bank. 30/3/2006
New Hamas-led cabinet hits back at Western boycottAgence France Presse - "The new Palestinian cabinet dominated by Islamist group Hamas accused the West of failing to respect democracy Thursday as its first day in office was marred by Western boycott announcements." 30/3/2006
Palestinian government led by Hamas begins workNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - "Hamas`s exiled leader abroad, Khaled Meshaal, said the Islamist militant group had not changed its stance now it was in government in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank."30/3/2006
Arabs Downplay Israel Vote ResultZEINA KARAM - The Associated Press - "Arabs sought Wednesday to downplay the significance of the election win by Israel`s centrist Kadima party but warned the Jewish state not to take unilateral action in its dealings with the Palestinians." 30/3/2006
Rice: U.S. might back unilateral withdrawal from West Bank The Associated Press - "United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday that Washington did not rule out support for any unilateral territorial choices that Israel may make." 30/3/2006
Israeli poll deepens Palestinian gloom Alan Johnston - BBC News - "As they digest the results of the Israeli election, Palestinians are in deeply pessimistic mood."30/3/2006
The New Israel: Plans to redraw border on West Bank Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Election victory gives Ehud Olmert a mandate to implement his controversial plan to redraw border and annex Palestinian territory 30/3/2006
A letter from Jerusalem Rev. Clarence Musgrave - Commentary on current events28/3/2006
Pro-Israel lobby in U.S. under attack.UPI - "Israel itself would probably be better off if the Lobby were less powerful and U.S. policy more even-handed." 28/3/2006
A struggle for Palestinian societyGhassan Khatib - - "This Monday, March 27, the dream of many Palestinians and the nightmare of many others will materialize when a Hamas majority in the Palestinian Legislative Council grants a vote of confidence to a Hamas government that will probably lead the Palestinian polity for the next four years"28/3/2006
Rewriting H.R. 4681 so that it actually produces peaceRima Merriman - The Electronic Intifada - "And it`s not only money that the US wants to keep away from the Palestinians` democratically elected government. It`s also manpower or "human capacity", something that donors have been trying to develop in the occupied territory for decades. The US government is threatening to strip anyone who is contracted to work with this government of his or her US nationality, or so the word is going around in Ramallah." 27/3/2006
Olmert to seek US support for W. Bank pullout plan: Says elections will be referendum on his proposalJeffrey Heller - Boston Globe - "Israel`s interim prime minister, Ehud Olmert, said yesterday that he would seek support from the United States and other countries before any unilateral West Bank withdrawal, part of his platform for tomorrow`s elections." 27/3/2006
Weight loss - Egypt`s role in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict appears to be slippingDina Ezzat - Al-Ahram Weekly -""Unfortunately, our efforts, along with the Arab group, to issue a strong presidential statement [by the UN Security Council] were aborted but we are going to keep pursuing the matter in the UN," Abul-Gheit said this week." 27/3/2006
Exhibition gives Israelis glimpse into Palestinian sufferingAmelia Thomas - Middle East Times - "Alongside keeping a written record of events unfolding at some 600 checkpoints within the West Bank, many of the Machsom Watch women also take photographs recording the encounters between Palestinian civilians and the `enemy` guards, the queues of human traffic waiting to enter and exit the checkpoints, and the small, heartrending moments that occur there every day." 27/3/2006
Hamas to present cabinet on eve of Israeli voteKhaleej Times - "Palestinian legislators are expected to hold a vote of confidence on the Hamas cabinet and government programme on Tuesday or Wednesday after debating both. It should be a formality because of the Islamic group’s majority." 27/3/2006
Whom To Vote For?Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - During the elections campaign we have made clear our position: let`s vote even when no party is perfect, but let`s choose one which comes closest to our ideas. We got several emails asking `which party do YOU think comes the closest?` We didn`t answer that question, as the principle in Gush Shalom is not to identify with a specific party. In the following, Uri Avnery does answer it as far as he is concerned, but he introduces some other criteria so, a dilemma it remains. 26/3/2006
Canada: A Safe Haven for War CriminalsCOALITION AGAINST ISRAELI APARTHEID - Despite requests from Canadian human rights groups, Justice Minister Vic Toews and Immigration Minister Monte Solberg, both members of the pro-Israel lobby group "Canada Israel Friendship Group" allowed accused war criminal Israeli Lt. Gen. (ret.) Moshe Ya`alon into Canada.26/3/2006
Dual War: The Legacy of Ariel SharonYoav Peled - Middle East Report - Viewed from the other side of the wall, the main card that Hamas holds against Israel’s punitive measures, and any measures the West may impose, is its ability to declare the PA null and void for reasons of financial bankruptcy. Such a declaration will put Israel in a position of again being directly responsible for the lives of the Palestinians in occupied territory, as it was before the Oslo accords. Since April 2002, the PA has been a sham anyway, functioning as Israel’s subcontractor 26/3/2006
Foreign correspondent faults "Christian" ZionistsRuel S. Amdur - Arab American News - In a talk given at Ottawa`s First Unitarian Congregation on March 10, former CBC foreign correspondent David Halton laid much of the blame for the failure to resolve the Middle East conflict at the feet of the Christian Right in the United States25/3/2006
Rewriting HR 4681 so that it actually produces peaceRima Merriman - Electronic Intifada - The biased hearing for this bill included just three witnesses: An Israeli brigadier general, a researcher who claims that the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics overcounts Palestinians by 1.3 million people, and a researcher who claims that the European Union funds a Palestinian Authority war against Israel25/3/2006
EJJP Statement on the Withdrawal of British and American Monitors from the Jericho Prison EJJP, European Jews for a Just Peace - " Attacks on prisons located in land under occupation are forbidden according to the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Treatment of Prisoners of War. "24/3/2006
Israel`s superfluous electionGraham Usher- AL-AHRAM Weekly - " Everywhere you go in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem the Palestinian consensus is that the "third Intifada" is just waiting to blow. It is not clear whether Israelis also sense this. As they live, eat and work in their various cities against the background of a largely superfluous election they feel as though they are "separate" already. " 24/3/2006
US media bias in covering Israel and Palestine Remi Kanazi - IMEMC & Agencies " Every time a suicide bombing strikes Israel, mass coverage of the tragedy begins instantly. Whether landing on the front page of The New York Times or taking up the headline block on, the pain that Israeli people endure is shown endlessly...Palestinian pain occurs far more frequently, and yet it is often overlooked by the mainstream American media. " 24/3/2006
Mission impossibleInterview with Raji Sourani - Bitterlemons - Israel is deepening the separation between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip exactly to make the creation of a Palestinian state impossible 22/3/2006
A disgusting exerciseUri Avnery - Gush-Shalom - "Avnery, who watched the pictures coming out of Jericho on the TV of a Palestinian friend whom he visited, draws lines back to the 1956 when Britain and France conspired with Israel to go to war against Egypt and concludes with a harsh question. "21/3/2006
A letter from JerusalemRev. Clarence Musgrave - Commentary on current events21/3/2006
Destroying the two-state solutionGhassan Khatib - - "Without geographic integrity of the West Bank and Gaza, a viable state, one of two ultimate objectives of the peace process, the other being security, becomes untenable. "21/3/2006
The power of saying NoJeff Halper - ICAHD - "While warning Hamas that their vote did not constitute a mandate for imposing an Iran-like theocracy on Palestine, the Palestinians took the only option left to a powerless people when all other avenues of redress have been closed to them: non-cooperation. "21/3/2006
“Liquidation Sale”Keshev - Israeli Media Coverage of Events in Which Palestinians Were Killed by Israeli Security Forces 19/3/2006
“Kadima [Forward!] and Back”B. Michael - Yediot Aharonot - "In favour of Peace! – But not just now. Supporting Withdrawal. – But only a small one. Against the Settlements. – But continues to establish them. For Negotiations. – But is happy that we have no partner. Want Permanent Borders. – But will never “draw maps”. Extends a Hand of Peace. – But somehow that hand will always grab one more chunk of their land before it returns to the pocket from which it emerged…" 18/3/2006
Three ways to remember RachelCindy and Craig Corrie - On the third anniversary of Rachel`s killing in Gaza, here are three things that we urge you to consider doing today, or as soon as possible18/3/2006
Iraqi civil war threatens regionFiras al-Atraqchi - al-Jazeera - interview with Prof. As`ad AbuKhalil: "I have no doubt years from now people in the West and East will look back and remember George Bush as the most incompetent and most unwise US president ever"18/3/2006
`We have what it takes to succeed` Bitterlemons - interview with Ismail Haniyeh18/3/2006
Give us an optionGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - the gradual radicalization of Palestinian public opinion that led to victory for the opposition to the peace process is a direct result of systematic Israeli policies and practices that aimed at preventing any prospect for a politically negotiated solution on the basis of international legality18/3/2006
The Israel lobbyJohn Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt - London Review of Books - Lobbyists enjoy a disproportionate amount of influence when they are committed to an issue to which the bulk of the population is indifferent. Policymakers will tend to accommodate those who care about the issue, even if their numbers are small, confident that the rest of the population will not penalise them for doing so18/3/2006
Extract from “Kadimah [Forward!] and Back”B. Michael - Yediot Aharonot - "In favour of Peace! – But not just now. Supporting Withdrawal. – But only a small one. Against the Settlements. – But continues to establish them. For Negotiations. – But is happy that we have no partner. Want Permanent Borders. – But will never “draw maps”. Extends a Hand of Peace. – But somehow that hand will always grab one more chunk of their land before it returns to the pocket from which it emerged…" 17/3/2006
Forcing surrenderGraham Usher - Al Ahram - "Palestinians hold Britain and the European Union responsible for the abduction of Ahmed Al-Saadat.. [Their actions] have certainly radicalised the Palestinians. "17/3/2006
Britain`s standing is now at a nadir in the Middle East Seumas Milne - the Guardian - "By colluding with the Israeli attack on Jericho, Straw has underlined the Americanisation of British policy in the region "17/3/2006
A Letter from JerusalemRev. Clarence Musgrave - Commentary on current events17/3/2006
The erosion of free speech Robert Fisk - The Independent - "It was the wrong sort of courage and she was defending the freedom of the wrong people" 13/3/2006
Recognising Israel `is up to the people`Ahmed Janabi - Aljazeera - "Handing the issue over to a popular referendum would neatly disengage Hamas from being labelled as a hardline movement that refuses to recognise Israel on ideological grounds"13/3/2006
Colonisation of Palestine precludes peaceJimmy Carter - Jordan Times - "Post-election polls show that 80 per cent of Palestinians still want a peace agreement with Israel and nearly 70 per cent support Abbas as president"13/3/2006
Building an edifice on blackmailSaree Makdisi - The Electronic Intifada - "Sen. Jacob Javits and the people of New York do not stand for justice, peace, humanity and the law but injustice, war, inhumanity and illegality" 13/3/2006
Tomorrow`s common hope: Israeli and Palestinian youth are dreaming of mobilityFranck Biancheri - Newsropeans - Their elders speak only of land and states, while the youth on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict dream of mobility, of freedom of movement within their own borders, and beyond. 12/3/2006
Without agreement, settlement blocs are on chopping blockHagit Ofran - Ynet - In the event that there is no peace agreement, there will be no legitimacy for settlements, nor for settlement blocs. Even if Israel pulls back unilaterally from the rest of the area with no agreement, the Palestinians will view the blocs as a reason to continue the struggle, and the blocs could come under constant terror. 12/3/2006
One Hundred Women Walk the LineReuven Kaminer (a veteran Israeli peace activist) 12/3/2006
CIC condemns murder of Tom FoxThe Canadian Islamic Congress has reacted with "shock and profound sadness" to yesterday`s late-breaking news that the body of Christian Peacemaker Teams hostage, Tom Fox, has been found in Iraq11/3/2006
Bearded Arabs 1; US-American ladies 0 Rami Khouri - Daily Star - Rice and Hughes, when they are not preaching democracy for Arabs, spend the few remaining hours of their days fighting the incumbency of democratically elected Arabs11/3/2006
The two-state solution: a cruel jokeIssa Khalaf - Information Clearing House - Israel’s current delusional, myopic policies in the occupied territories will render its people even more profoundly insecure, for a state cannot live in peace and security by denying it to others11/3/2006
Israeli officers: Gaza land operation inevitableYaakov Katz - Jerusalem Post - Acknowledging the IDF`s failure to eradicate the firing of Kassam rockets into Israel, senior IDF officers told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday that Israel would have no choice but to launch a massive ground operation into the Gaza Strip in the near future11/3/2006
Evolution of the Palestinian feminist movementGhada Hashem Talhami - The Palestine Center - At a recent Palestine Center briefing, Dr. Ghada Hashem Talhami addressed the political status of women in Palestine and the dynamic between their identity as women and the broader nationalist struggle against occupation11/3/2006
Palestine at the crossroadsHassan Nafaa - Al-Aharam Weekly - "It is Israel, not Hamas, that should be pressured to moderate its position "10/3/2006
Olmert says could target Hamas PM-designateReuters - "Israel could target Palestinian Prime Minister-designate Ismail Haniyeh if the senior Hamas leader gets involved in militant attacks, Israel`s interim leader said in remarks published on Friday." 10/3/2006
Israelis cannot achieve peace by ignoring Palestinian aspirationsDaily Star - Editorial - "The Israelis cannot expect a peace that does not take into account the aspirations of the Palestinian people. Any attempt to annex more Palestinian land will only sow the seeds of future conflict." 10/3/2006
Olmert to redraw Israel`s borders `within four years` Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Israel is ready to annex sections of the West Bank and withdraw from others to establish "permanent" borders by 2010, the acting Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said yesterday." 10/3/2006
Link to the photo gallery of checkpoints, by MachsomWatchPhotographs from Endless Checkpoints, a recently opened photography exhibition in Tel Aviv. [Click the arrow at the bottom to see additional sets of photographs] 9/3/2006
They must talkThe Guardian - "Hamas is a new Middle Eastern reality that makes it much harder to get these two bitter enemies to deal with each other. But in the end they must talk - or carry on dying."9/3/2006
Davis` essay on Rachel Corrie play - comments Mark Marshall - Occupation Magazine - "I agree with Davis’ main point, which is that theatre has important social value and the play should be produced regardless of the offense it may cause. But I have reservations about other things he says. At one point Davis links the “Danish Cartoons Crisis” with the New York Theatre Workshop’s cancellation of MNRC."9/3/2006
Amid AIPAC`s Big Show, Straight Talk With a Noticeable SilenceDana Milbank - Washington Post - "The undiplomatic diplomat went on to describe a war on radical Islam: "While it may be true -- and probably is -- that not all Muslims are terrorists, it also happens to be true that nearly all terrorists are Muslim." But ask people at this week`s gathering about Steve Rosen, the father of modern AIPAC, who goes on trial next month for disseminating classified information, and you get the sort of look you`d expect if you inquired about an embarrassing medical condition. "9/3/2006
They are laughing, and our children are dyingRami Elhanan - Haoketz - I have the dubious honour of belonging to the ranks of the victims of Palestinian terrorism. I ended up being one of those who pay the price for others’ arrogance and stupidity. And as such I wish to express my deep shock and strong protest at the haughty, high and mighty and racist comment by [PM] adviser [Dov] Weisglass, who suggested putting the Palestinians on a “diet”.9/3/2006
A need for actionMustafa Barghouthi - Bitterlemons - For a whole year, Abu Mazen was the president, his party, Fateh, was in the government, and still Israel would not talk to him, claiming he was irrelevant because he could not eliminate Hamas8/3/2006
A crucial roleGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Hamas` election victory and the Israeli/international response have created an impasse from which the two sides need a way out. Hamas, whose victory was overwhelming, is gradually realizing that it cannot fully realize that victory without a minimal level of cooperation with other forces8/3/2006
Choked Passages to Frustration Greg Myre - New York Times - reports on rising tensions at border crossings in Gaza. Link to a multimedia report.4/3/2006
Activism Call: Why are people afraid of Rachel Corrie`s words?Ann Petter and Jen Marlowe - Electronic Intifada - Rachel`s mother Cindy wonders, "Why are people so afraid of Rachel`s words?" We ask the same question and are determined to give people the opportunity to hear those words4/3/2006
Israel`s clear-cut policyGraham Usher - Al-Ahram Weekly - "There are three planks. The first is to complete construction of the West Bank wall, which -- if the current route is adhered to -- will incorporate 10 per cent of the West Bank, including "Greater Jerusalem", into Israel. The second is to ethnically cleanse the Jordan Valley of its Palestinian residents so that it, too, will become "effectively annexed" to Israel. The third is the effect a permanent severance between the West Bank and Gaza, with the latter becoming the de facto Palestinian "state" with the life support courtesy of its crossing into Egypt." 3/3/2006
Today`s Situation; Meetings and messages , Friday, March 03, 2006 Robert Rosenberg - ARIGA - "The conventional wisdom is that Olmert, if he is serious about going ahead with a grand unilateral disengagement scheme from the West Bank, will need at least Labor at his side. But the conventional wisdom was that Kadima would be a flash in the pan, that Hamas was not ripe to win the Palestinian elections, and that Sharon would never collapse into a coma in the middle of his term in office. In other words, conventional wisdom is hardly a measure to go by nowadays. "3/3/2006
Clash Seen Over Hard Line on Islamists; Groups WorriedORI NIR - Forward - "Jewish organizational leaders say, signs of softening are already visible. Several pointed to the planned visit to Moscow this coming weekend of a Hamas delegation, breaking the international quarantine on the Islamic group that Israel and the United States have sought." 2/3/2006
Olmert: I won`t meet with HaniyehRonny Sofer - Ynet - "Acting prime minister sends tough message to Palestinians in wake of latest terror wave, says he will not meet with Hamas leader; security forces ordered to act against terror with no constraints, Olmert says" 2/3/2006
Time to behave maturelyThe Jordan Times - Editorial - "At a time when the major Palestinian players are committed to a ceasefire and have proved that commitment over a year, why continue with this policy of bloodlust and punishment? What is Israel hoping to gain?" 2/3/2006
Israeli `ruler-in-waiting` plans to starve Hamas Leonard Doyle - The Independent - "Ms Livni`s hardline views were displayed earlier this week when she said that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was "irrelevant" and could not be permitted to become "a fig leaf for a terrorist entity"."2/3/2006
A whole new ball gameHaim Baram - Kol Ha`ir - the author argues that Israel`s current course is an insanely self-destructive one, and makes concrete proposals whereby Israel can avoid a disastrous confrontation with the entire Islamic world 1/3/2006
The US, Israel & HamasNoam Chomsky - Znet Blogs - Press reports in Israel indicate that, as expected, the Israeli government is delighted with the Hamas victory, which enables the government to persist in its "there is no partner" posture, enabling it to carry forward its programs of taking over the valuable parts of the West Bank1/3/2006
Accusations of anti-semitic chic are poisonousDavid Clark - The Guardian - "The unbearable truth is that the left that identifies with the Palestinians today is largely the same left that identified with Israel in the 50s and the 60s. Moreover, it does so for largely the same reason: instinctive sympathy for the underdog." 6/3/2006
U.S. should see opportunity in Hamas winRob Malley - The Daily Star - "It`s far better, for all these reasons, to have the Islamists in the PA instead of opposing it. What they could afford from the outside they cannot similarly get away with from within."6/3/2006
Where is the Palestinian Gandhi? John Petrovato - Palestine Chronicle - Imemc - "Rather than ask, “why is there not a Palestinian Gandhi?”, we should consider the question posed by the Palestinian human rights activist, Arjan El Fassed: “why is there not an Israeli De Klerk?”" 6/3/2006
Israel and Hamas united on ditching road map Eric Silver - The Independent - "Kadima and Hamas, the ruling parties of Israel and Palestine, united at the weekend in burying the international road map, the blueprint for peace that was previously endorsed by the governments of Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat."6/3/2006
The Israeli election and the prospects for peace (audio)The Wire - Ali Abunimah is the co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, an online news site that tells the story from the Palestinian perspective. He gave his response to Kadima policy of unilateral disengagement in this interview with Erica Vowles of The Wire, an independent current affairs program broadcast on community radio around Australia.28/3/2006
VOTE!Gush-Shalom weekly ad - "A call To all who Strive for peace: VOTE!" 28/3/2006
Jericho: an election stunt?Brian Whitaker - The Guardian - "Israelis think it will benefit Ehud Olmert, who is already leading in the polls." 16/3/2006
Britain and US complicit in Jericho raid, says Abbas Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Touring the ruins of the devastated jail less than 24 hours after the surrender of six wanted Palestinians after a day-long siege, Mr Abbas said their arrest had been "illegal" and that the raid by troops, bulldozers and tanks had been a "humiliation for the Palestinian people and a violation of all the agreements". 16/3/2006
Abbas blasts Israel`s `unforgivable` raidDaily Star - "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of an "unforgivable crime" Wednesday as he toured the scene of a devastating raid on a West Bank prison that sparked widespread diplomatic recriminations.16/3/2006
Israel`s attack on Jericho: Palestinians remain without protectionAli Abunimah, Arjan el-Fassed - Electronic Itifada - The Israeli attack on Jericho and kidnap of a number of Palestinian prisoners, including the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) demonstrates once again the fiction that there is a functioning Palestinian "government" in the occupied territories 15/3/2006
Egypt`s role in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict appears to be slipping,Dina Ezzat - Al-Ahram Weekly - " Egyptian diplomacy is losing its weight in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and is showing an alarming diplomatic withdrawal when it chooses to restrict itself to promoting Palestinian-Israeli talks irrespective of the developments on the ground. " 31/3/2006
A just peace or no peace Ismail Haniyeh - The Guardian - " Israeli unilateralism is a recipe for conflict - as is the west`s racist refusal to treat Palestinians as equals. " 31/3/2006
Israel must completely withdraw from Palestinian territories: MeshaalAFP - Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal said the price for peace was Israel`s total withdrawal from the Palestinian Territories29/3/2006
The Israel Lobby?Noam Chomsky - Znet - Recognizing that Mearsheimer and Walt took a courageous stand, which merits praise, we still have to ask how convincing their thesis is. Not very, in my opinion 29/3/2006
A new realityHisham Ahmed - Bitterlemons - the new Israeli government, most likely led by Kadima, will be encouraged to pursue its unilateral measures, and will now with greater emphasis claim there is "no Palestinian partner for peace" in order to secure international acceptance and recognition of that unilateral strategy29/3/2006
Review of Beyond Chutzpah: on the misuse of anti-semitism and the abuse of history Michael Benazon - Outlook - The fact that Dershowitz has not carried out his threats to sue Finkelstein and the UC Press is a strong indication that Finkelstein’s claims cannot be refuted in a court of law29/3/2006
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