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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

New Gaza tragedy threatens Cairo truce talksIlene R. Prusher - The Christian Science Monitor - Part of the difficulty in reaching a cease-fire lies in the deep rifts that now exist in the Palestinian political arena, dividing the Hamas-controlled Gaza from the Fatah-run Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank. One of the demands that Hamas is making as a condition of a cease-fire, says an official trying to mediate between the two warring Palestinian movements, is that Israel agree to open all the crossings into Gaza, especially the Rafah Crossing with Egypt. But the official, who asked not to be named, acknowledged that Israel is not likely to agree to such a scenario without the involvement of the PA and the security forces loyal to PA President Mahmoud Abbas. 30/4/2008
Israel told to tackle West Bank plightDonald Macintyre - The Independent - While the growth levels are compounded by the near total collapse of Gaza`s economy, the World Bank paper also emphasises the marked increase since 2005 of checkpoints and roadblocks in the West Bank. The proposals now being urged on Israel include the removal of checkpoints in the West Bank itemised in a detailed list submitted to Israel two weeks ago by Tony Blair, as international Middle East envoy, as well as easing the remaining restrictions in the way of completing the economic development and industrial park projects also earmarked by Mr Blair. The Defence Minister30/4/2008
For the good of all its people, Israel must pursue diversityAmitai Etzioni - The Guardian - Trying to either fully assimilate minorities by eradicating their separate cultures, or to wash out the national ethos by eradicating the shared culture, will only heighten conflicts and tensions. Instead, all would benefit if the dialogue focused on where to properly draw the line between the elements of diversity and the core values that all are expected to embrace. 30/4/2008
Inclusiveness most promising approach Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Given the lessons from the different approaches to dealing with the complicated situation since the Hamas takeover of Gaza, it is clear that the most successful is that combining the promise of a possible end to occupation through political and peaceful negotiations with inclusive dialogue, primarily among the Palestinian factions. The inclusive approach encourages the pragmatic elements in Hamas and thus promises to be the most fruitful if it is accompanied by a serious process toward ending the occupation.-30/4/2008
Time for Americans to care about othersPaul J. Balles - Redress Information - Balles argues that it is past time for Americans to start caring about others – “about treating people as lesser humans, about poverty, power hungry warriors, wealthy hoarding, the environment and educating people to care”. The sitiation of the Palestinians is the first example he cites. 29/4/2008
The military optionUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - WAR WITH Syria? Peace with Syria? A big military operation against Hamas in the Gaza strip? A cease-fire with Hamas? Our media discuss these questions dispassionately, as if they were equivalent options. Like a person in a showroom making a choice between two cars. This one is good, and so is the other one. So which should one buy?27/4/2008
If I am not for myself: journey of an anti-Zionist JewMike Marqusee - ZNet - My grandfather had always seen himself as an anti-imperialist, he hated the British Empire and saw the Arabs as savage pawns of the British. All his worst traits come to the fore. His tone is militaristic and chauvinist and at times bloodthirsty. The man who had been a stand-up champion of refugee rights since he`d opposed the Quotas Act of 1924 was now, in 1948, almost gloating over the Palestinian exodus. One of the questions my book sets out to answer is how that transition came about. Partly, it`s an object lesson in the perversities of the politics of identity.27/4/2008
Countering Palestine solidarity work in CanadaZac Smith - ZNet - In 2007, the presidents of over 20 Canadian universities unilaterally issued statements opposing an academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions. The publication of these letters (prominently reported on university websites and in major Canadian newspapers) followed the passing of a pro-boycott resolution by academic unions in the UK.27/4/2008
Mixed Priorities: Why Palestinian Unity is Not an OptionRamzy Baroud - "While such noble efforts by the UN’s John Dugard, former US President Jimmy Carter and Bishop Desmond Tutu have brought much needed attention to the plight of Palestinians and Gazans in particular, PA officials are too busy attending donor’s conferences and issuing empty statements which few even bother to read. They act as if they are a neutral party caught in the middle of religious fanatics and Israel. Their fight no longer seems even remotely related to Palestine or its people."26/4/2008
Uneasy balanceWith Israel gaining more respect, at least in military terms, for Hamas, the situation over Gaza appears ever more deadlocked, writes Saleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram26/4/2008
Jimmy Carter Was Right to Meet with HamasJoshua Holland - AlterNet - "Of course, what separates Carter from his detractors may be that he has a genuine desire for establishing peace in the Middle East, while many "pro-Israel" hawks favor (an impossible) military solution to the conflict, with Israel crushing the Palestinians into oblivion.". Also, a related Gush-Shalom Weekly Ad, and an article "Carter says Hamas would accept deal to live in peace with Israel" by Eric Silver, the Independent26/4/2008
Shun or shine: Carter, Hamas, and pragmatic solutions to Islamism?Abbas Barzegar - Common Ground News - It would be an ironic, if not romantic, finale if Jimmy Carter, whose presidency is most remembered by Iranian hostage crisis and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini, becomes the symbol for pragmatic engagement and peaceful solution to the West`s alleged collision course with the Islamic world. In any case, it took many steps to eventually crush the Berlin Wall; one hopes that we can learn a little from our past, if not our present. 28/4/2008
Rattling the Cage: Not one inchLarry Derfner-THE JERUSALEM POST-" "WE" at Camp David was an Israeli coalition government made up of 32 Knesset members. 32 out of 120. That`s who Barak was representing. Rabin was blamed for making deals with Arafat when he only had a bare majority of 61 MKs in his government. What kind of deal could Barak have made with 32? The answer is none."25/4/2008
In his Death, a Truth was Told Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Perhaps it is for this very reason that Shana made the ultimate sacrifice. Israel carries out daily atrocities in the Palestinian territories, the Gaza Strip in particular, which often border on war crimes. When there is no one there to document it, Israel can spin the story as it wishes. It has sold its propaganda for years to the world in exactly this fashion. So, when a pesky journalist – Palestinian or otherwise – comes along and ruins this intricate plan, they must be stopped in their tracks, even if that means Israel’s spokespeople will have to do a little more explaining. 24/4/2008
Nadine Gordimer on her decision to participate in "Israel at 60 Celebrations"Haidar Eid - ZSpace - The news of your conscious decision to take part in the "Israel at 60" celebrations has reached us, students and citizens of Gaza, as both a painful surprise, and a glaring example of a hypocritical intellectual double standard. My students, psychologically and emotionally traumatized and already showing early signs of malnutrition as a result of the genocidal policy of the country whose birth you intend celebrating, demand an explanation. 24/4/2008
New "Pro Israel, Pro Peace" Political Group Launches: J Street Hopes to Prod Washington MidEast Policy Towards CenterLaura Rozen - Mother Jones - "It’s the first time that there has been a political arm for those of us who are pro Israel but pro peace, and who believe that reaching a negotiated settlement in the Middle East is absolutely essential for the security of both Israel and the United States," Jeremy Ben-Ami, the executive director of J Street and JStreetPAC told me. "That is the reason for this effort. We believe the majority of American Jews and many other Americans friendly and supportive to Israel really do recognize that a policy both here and there that would be geared towards really pushing for a two state solution is in Israel’s and the U.S.’s best interests." 24/4/2008
Activists hang up on Motorola Adri Nieuwhof - The Electronic Intifada - In March of this year, the US Campaign to End the Israeli occupation launched its newest corporate accountability campaign: "Hang Up on Motorola." Motorola Incorporated and its fully owned subsidiary Motorola Israel benefit from Israel`s occupation of Palestine. Present in Israel since 1964, Motorola supplies the Israeli army with equipment. The campaign was launched because the company failed to respond to the concerns of US activists. Therefore, the campaign demands that Motorola ends its production and sales of all products to Israel that support the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, now in its 41st year. 24/4/2008
Bill Kristol, great man of sacrifice, on the duties of PassoverGlenn Greenwald - Salon - The New York Times warrior/columnist points to the glories of sacrifice (by others) and the lessons of Judaism to urge a vote for John McCain. 23/4/2008
Professor John Yoo should be dismissed from Boalt Law School - and prosecutedCarlos Villarreal - Counterpunch - There is precedent for criminal liability against attorneys in circumstances not unlike the Yoo case. Philippe Sands, among others, has recently revisited the Nuremberg case of United States v. Altstoetter. Sands writes that the case "had been prosecuted by the Allies to establish the principle that lawyers and judges in the Nazi regime bore a particular responsibility for the regime`s crimes." The principal defendant in that case was imprisoned for five years, primarily for performing as an attorney - giving legal advice (or more accurately legal cover) for the "disappearing" of political opponents of the Nazi regime.23/4/2008
The Middle East: Turning the page on US foreign policyJustin Raimundo - As Mearsheimer and Walt relate in detail, the Lobby has fought relentlessly against the establishment of a Palestinian state and against the very idea of a more balanced treatment of the issue in American policymaking circles. This has been the case ever since Bush the first caved on the question of Israeli settlements in Palestine, and when Bill Clinton took office, things got worse. 23/4/2008
Carter`s Peace Mission - the view from Dubai Aijaz Zaka Syed - Arab News - Two scenes from the Middle East this week offer an amazing study in contrast. Qatar, home to Al Jazeera, rolled out red carpet for Israel`s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. Around the same time as Ms. Livni was enjoying the traditional Arab hospitality in Doha, a frail, 83-year old peacemaker who happens to be a former US president was being given a taste of Israeli hospitality in Jerusalem. Jimmy Carter, the original architect of Arab-Israel peace process and the Egypt-Israel accord in 1979, was made to feel as welcome as Bin Laden would be at the Bush White House.  22/4/2008
Returning to Palestine -- What`s in a year? What`s in 60?Aaron Lakoff - IMEMC - "…as we move closer to those two states, who are somehow miraculously supposed to live side by side in peace, one can see a deeper entrenchment of the Israeli apartheid system here. One obvious manifestation of that is the complex system of illegal Israeli settlements that are still found throughout the West Bank" 21/4/2008
An Interview with Robert Fisk - "Just as the Wall is Called a Fence, So are the Mercenaries Called Contractors"Robert Fisk to Dan Glazebrook - CounterPunch - "...there`s the inability of many journalists from the United States to actually tell the truth about the Israel-Palestine situation--hence, occupied territories are called disputed territories, the wall is called the security barrier, a colony or settlement is called a neighbourhood or an outpost. Which means that if you see a Palestinian chucking a stone, if it`s about an occupation, you can understand it, but if it`s about a dispute, which you can presumably settle over a cup of tea, then obviously the Palestinians are generically violent"21/4/2008
The lion and the gazelleUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - If we, the Israelis, want to consolidate our nation, we have to free ourselves from the myths that belong to another form of existence and re-define our national history. The story about the exodus from Egypt is good as a myth and an allegory - it celebrates the value of freedom - but we must recognize the difference between myth and history, between religion and nation, between a Diaspora and a state, in order to find our place in the region in which we live and develop a normal relationship with the neighboring peoples.20/4/2008
How Arabs have been driven out of HebronMario Vargas Llosa - The Independent/El Pais - 19 April 2008 - When I told Israeli friends [what I had seen in Hebron], some looked at me with incredulity and I saw they suspected I exaggerated or lied, as novelists often do. It turned out that none had ever set foot in Hebron. 20/4/2008
Tough Love for IsraelHenry Siegman - The Nation - "That problem is that for all the sins attributable to the Palestinians--and they are legion, including inept and corrupt leadership, failed institution-building and the murderous violence of rejectionist groups--there is no prospect for a viable, sovereign Palestinian state, primarily because Israel`s various governments, from 1967 until today, have never had the intention of allowing such a state to come into being. "19/4/2008
We do not forgive.Shlomo Gazit - AJDS Newsletter April 2008 19/4/2008
Who Owns Passover?Tony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitan - "The idea that the Passover/Exodus narrative of the Hebrews’ flight from Pharaoh and slavery doesn’t belong exclusively to any tribe, but is a universal tale of freedom into which suffering people everywhere are able to insert themselves. And also that even if your forebears were victims of injustice, you’re quite capable of being a perpetrator of injustice."19/4/2008
On Jimmy Carter`s Middle East visit (1) The Gush-Shalom Weekly Ad; (2) Fury as Carter meets leader of Hamas - Ian Black and Rory McCarthy - The Guardian; (3) Carter: Israeli blockade of Gaza an "abomination" - Ma`an; (4) Jimmy Carter and the Art of Growing Up - commentary by Tony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitan;19/4/2008
Into the Lion`s DenHussein Agha, Robert Malley - The New York Review of Books - "In its final year in office and the first year of its Israeli–Palestinian diplomacy, the Bush administration has introduced the latest and in some respects oddest idea for achieving peace, the shelf agreement."19/4/2008
Barak: Do not lose judgment in times of griefAttila Somfalvi - Ynet - Defense minister addresses situation in Gaza, says that while mindful of suffering of Palestinian population Israel`s top priority remains the suffering of its citizens in communities near border. Top IDF officer says initial probe into conduct of Givati force during morning`s clashes indicate casualties were result of `tactical errors` 17/4/2008
Let the refugees returnEDITH GARWOOD-EDITH GARWOOD-The refugee issue and the Palestinians` "Right of Return" need to be recognized, addressed and resolved for there to be any hope for peace in the region. 25/4/2008
Carter calls Gaza blockade a crime and atrocityJonathan Wright-Reuters-"Carter said Israel and its ally the United States were trying to make the quality of life in Gaza markedly worse than in the West Bank, where the rival Fatah group is in control. “I think politically speaking this has worked even to strengthen the popularity of Hamas and to the detriment of the popularity of Fatah,” he added. The United States has been trying to achieve the opposite outcome."25/4/2008
Honouring the `unbreakable promise`John Pilger - Zspace - The threat to our societies comes not from Al Qaeda but from the terrorism of powerful states. Ask the people of Iraq, who in five years ago have seen the physical and social destruction of their country. President Bush calls this "nation-building". Ask the people of Afghanistan, who have been bombed back into the arms of the Taliban - this is known in the West as a "good war". Or the people of Gaza, who are denied water, food, medicines and hope by the forces of so-called civilisation. The list is long and the arithmetic simple. The greatest number of victims of this war of terror are not Westerners, but Muslims: from Iraq to Palestine, to the refugee camps of Lebanon and Syria and beyond. 17/4/2008
30 years of Peace NowAriel Rubinstein - Ynet - It seems to me that Peace Now placed too much emphasis on the price of war and the benefits of peace, and too little on the principled stance against ruling over another people. Personally, I never liked the name "Peace Now," which is based upon an axiom of the feasibility of peace. 17/4/2008
Carter`s visit with Hamas` Meshal Hasan Abu Nimah - The Electronic Intifada - It is also unlikely that Carter would come out of a meeting with Meshal fully convinced of the Hamas program, but he may not adopt the notion that Hamas is merely a terrorist organization and an obstacle to peace that no one should ever talk to. Indeed, in an interview with Haaretz, he stressed that to make peace you have to talk to everyone. That possibility alone is frightening enough for an Israel that has no interest in genuine negotiations or an end to conflict that requires it to recognize the rights of the Palestinians. 17/4/2008
Self-help for self-hatersSeth Freedman - The Guardian - Though my detractors often claim otherwise, I see myself as anything but a "self-hating Jew", and the more vocal I am in my criticism of the Israeli government`s crimes, the more credence I give that claim. I passionately love my religion, and just as fervently defend its teachings to the hilt when it comes to how to treat our fellow man. That Zionism has come along, hijacked Jewish doctrines, and twisted them to form part of an all-out supremacist movement is not something I can swallow if I want to stay loyal to the true values of Judaism.16/4/2008
To create something out of nothing: a Palestinian stateMats Svensson - Counterpunch - I saw when Mavivi cried for the first time. Mavivi had then been in Gaza for less than 24 hours. During a day, she had spoken to 30 representatives from several women`s organisations. She stands outside the hotel and looks out over the Mediterranean when she spontaneously exclaims, "South Africa was a picnic compared to the situation here."16/4/2008
How Palestinian children really learnCarol Scheller - The Electronic Intifada - It is a common mistake to hold religion as the core issue in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. This is incorrect and harmful. The issue is territorial: two peoples lay claim to the same land, land which they are going to have to somehow share, someday, no matter what form of religion they happen to profess, if they indeed practice a religion.16/4/2008
The Window is Closing in Palestine - Back to Square OneGeorge S. Hishmeh - "A recent visitor to the West Bank, Edward Abington, Jr, who was the US consul general in Arab East Jerusalem during the Clinton administration, said he came back to Washington ‘convinced more than ever that the two-state solution is dead as a doornail’. His finding: ‘There is absolutely no willingness on the part of the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) to change the situation on the ground from the stranglehold they now have.’ He noted that 40 per cent of the West Bank is off-limits to Palestinians, primarily because of the expansion of colonies in the region and the highway network that is exclusively confined to travel by Israeli colonists and the military"14/4/2008
Manifest Destiny?Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The Zionist strategy resembles the waters of a river flowing to the sea. In the end it reaches its destination. That is the real agenda. It does not need decisions, because it is encoded in the genes of the movement. This explains the phenomenon described in a recent report on the settlements: all the organs of the establishment, the government and the military, without any official coordination but with miraculously effective cooperation, acted to set up the "illegal" settlements. Every one of the thousands of officials and officers knew exactly what to do, even without receiving any instructions.13/4/2008
"Not you! You!!!"Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Like everybody else, I support the right of the Tibetan people to independence, or at least autonomy. Like everybody else, I condemn the actions of the Chinese government there. But unlike everybody else, I am not ready to join in the demonstrations. Why? Because I have an uneasy feeling that somebody is washing my brain, that what is going on is an exercise in hypocrisy. 13/4/2008
Israel, Palestine and a tenure battleThe New Yorker, 14 April 2008 - Jane Kramer - The struggle of Barnard College professor Nadia Abu al-Haj for tenure (through Richard Silverstein`s blog: )12/4/2008
Solidarity with indigenous political prisoners incarcerated by CanadaPalestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - Palestinians will not forget how former Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Matthew Coon Come was replaced for openly speaking out against the apartheid reality that faces indigenous communities in Canada during the 2001 UN Anti-Racism Conference in Durban, South Africa.12/4/2008
Is the West anti-Islam? Ed. 15 12/4/2008
Empty gestures destroy credibilityGhassan Khatib - 12/4/2008
Healing Israel’s Birth ScarTony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitan - "With the 60th anniversary of Israel’s birth — and of the Palestinian Nakbah (catastrophe) — which are, of course the same event, almost upon us, I was reminded this week that April 9 was also the 60th anniversary of an event that has long epitomized the connection between the creation of an ethnic-majority Jewish state and the man-made catastrophe suffered by the Palestinian Arabs - the massacre at Deir Yassein.."12/4/2008
Hamas: A Silent Partner for Peace? Gershom Gorenberg - The American Prospect - "Faced with internal political pressures and the hard fact of Israel`s strength, Hamas has moderated its political positions significantly. The moment may be ripe for pushing Hamas further toward the center."12/4/2008
Al Jazeera: Frontline: USA, pt IIAvi Lewis explores the Israel lobby in the USA - Part II11/4/2008
Al Jazeera: Frontline: USAAvi Lewis explores the Israel Lobby in the USA: Part I11/4/2008
Hamas in Largest Arms Buildup Yet, Israeli Study Says ETHAN BRONNER - The New York Times - An Israeli study says Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza, is engaged in the broadest and most significant military buildup in its history with help from Syria and Iran. It adds that Hamas is restructuring more hierarchically and using more and more powerful weapons, especially longer-range rockets against Israel’s southern communities 10/4/2008
Peacemaking becomes surrealMIDDLE EAST TIMES - Editorial - Last week Rice was in Israel, and as well as trying to keep her interlocutors focused on the final issues in that historic agreement – borders, Jerusalem, and refugees – she also chivvied the Israelis into agreeing to reduce the number of roadblocks in the West Bank from 580 to 530. Armed with this victory she left, and the Israelis promptly turned around and announced plans to build 800 new homes in Betar Illit, a West Bank settlement. 10/4/2008
Palestine and the Crisis in US Middle East Policy Reuven Kaminer - One can only wonder at the logic that suggests that a one-state solution is now more likely because the two-state solution has been successfully frustrated up till now by the US and Israel. Are we to understand that the US will now force Israel into accepting a single democratic state? Or are we to understand that Israel has been waiting till now to confess that it opposed a Palestinian state because it really wants a single democratic state between the sea and Jordan? Or can we use a bit of our old Talmudic learning to the effect that says if the two- state proposal is a tough proposition, then the one-state alternative is a simple impossibility. 10/4/2008
Encountering Peace: Creating a culture of peace in Israel and PalestineGershon Baskin - J-lem Post - "The objectives of peace education are the imparting of values of tolerance and acceptance of the other, mutual respect of rights, equality and social justice."9/4/2008
Intimidation and Violence in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq - The U.S. Disdain for Mideast DemocracyRannie Amir - CounterPunch - "Whether it is the blowback from the Palestinian elections or the menacing presence of U.S. warships off Lebanon`s coast or the provoked fratricide in Iraq, in the Middle East, the power of the ballot is being confronted by the power of the bullet"7/4/2008
`Hizbullah may send bomb-laden UAVs`YAAKOV KATZ - J-lem Post - "The defense establishment believes that the threat level will continue to be high through Pessah, Independence Day and possibly until the end of the year." 6/4/2008
Ben-Eliezer warns of bi-national stateJPOST.COM STAFF - J-lem Post - ""The only one who can stop this is Marwan Barghouti."" 6/4/2008
Israeli, Palestinian Leaders to Meet ASSOCIATED PRESS- NYT - "The leaders had committed to meet every two weeks, but they last met Feb. 19." 6/4/2008
THE BANALITY OF OPPORTUNISMThe Editors - The Other Israel - "...the long term implications of grassroots partnership as a model of non-violent struggle creates a rare ray of hope..." 6/4/2008
Should the U.S. End Aid to Israel? Funding Our Decline ALISON WEIR- Counterpunch- ` in Israel`s sixty years of existence, it has received more US tax money than any other nation on earth...currently, about 7 million dollars per day...By providing massive funding to Israel, no matter what it does, American aid is empowering Israeli supremacists who believe in a never-ending campaign of ethnic cleansing; while disempowering Israelis who recognize that policies of morality, justice, and rationality are the only road to peace. ` 5/4/2008
What we must do [against] Israel`s strategic choice of permanent war against the Arab nation Azmi Bishara - Al-Ahram - ` There is very little hope on the horizon that Israel will come around to either the one-state or the two-state solution, which means that the Palestinians and the Arabs can anticipate a situation that is not conducive to the fulfilment of their rights. But this does not mean that they should renounce their rights. Rather, they should reject all unfair solutions and, at the same time, develop a fixed democratic alternative to present to both Jews and Arabs within a framework of safeguarding for future welfare of the Arab region as a whole. `5/4/2008
Who are the Mid-East prisoners? BBC NEWS - ` The issue of prisoners held on each side of the Arab-Israeli divide is an emotive and high-profile one. Some individuals have become household names and the subject of intense campaigns, military and political, for their release. But the vast majority are Palestinians from the occupied territories, arrested in near-daily raids by the Israeli army. `5/4/2008
Gush on new law75 years ago this week, the Nazis forbade Germans To enter Jewish shops. The Knesset decided to forbid Israelis to bring their cars to Palestinian garages in the occupied territories. Where will this lead us?4/4/2008
Politics goes with you everywhereNina Mayorek4/4/2008
Grab more hills, expand the territoryHenry Siegman - London Review of Books - "The claim that it is only Palestinian violence and rejectionism that compelled Israel to remain in the territories is a fabrication. As I argued in the LRB, the assiduously promoted story of Israel’s pursuit of peace and its search for a Palestinian ‘partner for peace’ was fashioned to buy time to establish ‘facts on the ground’: settlements that would so completely shatter the territorial and demographic contiguity and integrity of Palestinian land and life as to make the establishment of a Palestinian state impossible. In this, Israel’s leaders have succeeded.. The price that Israel and Jews everywhere – not to speak of the Palestinian people – may yet have to pay for this ‘success’ is painful to contemplate."4/4/2008
Remembering PalestineDana Olwan - IMEMEC - On Israel`s anniversary, Palestinians commemorate Al Nakba—the Catastrophe3/4/2008
There is a clear alternative Ghassan Khatib - Bitter Lemons - "Perhaps the key to understanding what went wrong is to realize that Israel in fact has no interest in empowering Mahmoud Abbas or the Palestinian peace camp."2/4/2008
The PA Dissolution DiscourseCaelum Moffatt - Miftah/Palestine Chronicle - The idea is gathering momentum among Palestinians of dissolving the Palestinian Authority and ceremoniously "presenting the keys" to Israel and the International Community, in challenge leading either to a One State solution or to a real implemenataion of the Two States. The articles examoines the possibilities and dangers. 1/4/2008
The enemy: eliminate it. Then - hey presto - there will be peace Tony Klug - Progress Magazine - Just as eradicating the ‘Zionist entity’ is a euphemism for dismantling the state of Israel as the embodiment of a Jewish national movement, so destroying the ‘terrorist infrastructure’ is a euphemism for excluding a major political current within the Palestinian movement from involvement in determining the end game. Neither aim is achievable, at least not in the short term (nor even in the long term if force or the threat thereof is the principal means of delivery). Not only will a strategy based on either of these aims fail to bring peace nearer but it promises a prolonged period of diplomatic stagnation and further rounds of mutual atrocities.1/4/2008
You can’t ‘tame’ Israeli ArabsAbir Kopty - Y-net - From the days of Ben-Gurion who wanted to make us (Israeli Arabs) into “woodchoppers and water bearers”, to the present day when blatant incitement against us abounds, and calls for transfer are rampant and have become part of the mainstream. Many believed that we could be domesticated, house broken, the national consciousness seared out of us. They were wrong, and they mislead others into seeing us as a problem, an enemy. This prevents many people from listening to our national narrative, our tale, and acknowledging our legitimate needs and concern. 1/4/2008
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