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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Not in My NameNour Odeh -- The Electronic Intifada -- "The crowning jewel of this crisis, with its twisted logic and perverse objectives, is the statement of the US Secretary of State, calling the current carnage `the birth pangs of a new Middle East`"31/7/2006
What Exactly is an "Existential" Threat, Mr. Olmert?Am Johal -- The Electronic Intifada – “’Existential’ threats do not absolve Israel of the responsibility to comply with international law. Carrying out these kinds of policies is clearly an `existential` threat to innocent civilians”31/7/2006
Anger in the Arab worldRashid Khalidi - Commondreams - "Israel`s regional power decreases when it escalates the use of force against Palestinians and Lebanese. This has been the case for the last couple of decades--the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, the first intifada of 1987-90 and Hezbollah`s defeat of Israel in south Lebanon in the years leading up to 2000 are all examples--and it will happen again."30/7/2006
Attempting to resolve Gaza separately George Giacaman - Bitterlemons - "The question is, if Hizballah had succeeded only in capturing soldiers without also inflicting casualties following the abduction, would Israel have behaved in the same way? It is a speculative question, but generally I think it was difficult to gauge the response as evidenced by the fact that Hizballah itself said it did not expect that the response would be of such ferocity." 30/7/2006
Not motivated by a Palestinian agenda Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - "The developments on the Israeli-Lebanese front were not motivated by a Palestinian agenda. In fact, although both Hamas and Hizballah are classified as political Islamist parties, there is minimal connection and coordination between them. One of the factors indicating this are the current negotiations, encouraged by Hamas, to reach a package deal with Israel that will include a ceasefire and exchange of prisoners."30/7/2006
Only Hizbullah can defend against an Israeli invasionJonathan Steele -- The Guardian -- Attempts to impose an international force would risk destroying Lebanon`s government and revive the danger of civil war29/7/2006
A political prisoner in Israel’s GulagRay Hanania -- YNET -- "Ghazi Falah, a Palestinian with US residency who also is a citizen of both Canada and Israel, was in Israel visiting his sick mother. When he decided to take pictures at the beach, he got arrested. Now he`s guilty. Guilty of being Arab"29/7/2006
Is Israel Losing Its War In Lebanon?Robert Fisk -- The Independent, via ZNet -- "The problem is that the US sees this slaughterhouse as an `opportunity` rather than a tragedy, a chance to humble Hizbollah supporters in Tehran and help to shape the `new Middle East` of which Ms Rice spoke so blithely this week"29/7/2006
War on Lebanon Planned for at least a YearJuan Cole - Information Clearing House - "He (W. Bush)clearly thought that it broke out because Syria used Hizbullah to create a provocation. The President of the United States did not know that this war was a long-planned Israeli war of choice."28/7/2006
BIRTH PANGSRobert C. Koehler-Tribune Media Services-"..the "unspeakably dangerous convulsion" Israel now risks provoking across the Middle East, as it polarizes the Arab world and fuels the cause of Islamic fanaticism. "28/7/2006
The neocon resurgenceSidney Blumenthal-The Guardian-"Rice`s trip is calculated to interpose the influence of the US to prevent a ceasefire and to give Israel at least another week of unimpeded military action."28/7/2006
A Call for Peace, Understanding and an end to the Violence: A Lesson from LebanonMichael Dahan - "I am an Israeli political scientist currently participating in an academic conference in Cairo, Egypt..... Even under the best ofcircumstances, it is not easy for an Israeli to participate in a coference in Cairo due to issues related to normalization. Today, when Israel is at war with Lebanon, it is even more difficult. Indeed, almost all the Israeli participants cancelled at the last minute. I decided to go because I felt that as an academic, an intellectual, it was crucial for me to participate, to keep lines of communication open with my Arab and Muslim colleagues in the region. To talk and to discuss. To share knowledge." 27/7/2006
UN told Israel 10 times that artillery attacks were near its observers Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "The UN warned Israel with at least 10 separate telephone calls during six hours that repeated aerial and artillery attacks had already landed at or dangerously close to their post in Khiam, south Lebanon, before the bombing that killed four of its observers there on Tuesday." 27/7/2006
No call for truce at Lebanon summit Aljazeera - "Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general, had urged the Rome conference to back an "immediate cessation of hostilities" between Israel and Hezbollah forces." 27/7/2006
Israel`s `new Middle East`Tanya Reinhart - Electronic Lebanon - "Lebanon must die now, because `Israel has the right to defend itself`, so goes the U.S. mantra, used to block any international attempt to impose a cease fire."27/7/2006
Lebanon: the other Palestinians Marina Da Silva - Le Monde Diplomatique - "As the world focuses its attention on the grave crisis in Lebanon and Gaza,which risks being transformed into a regional conflict, it is time to listen to the Palestinians in Lebanon - in particular those still living in the refugee camps." 27/7/2006
Come Back, Uncle Walter, Don`t Leave Us!Michael Winship - Messenger Post Newspapers - ""President Bush has been very clear that he believes he has made the world a safer place... My question is, how much safer can the world afford to have him make us?"" 26/7/2006
Berri will have to take the lead in building a third Lebanese RepublicEditorial - The Daily Star - " The future of Lebanon has rarely looked so bleak."26/7/2006
This is not Dunkirk. This is Munich Robert Fisk - ZNet - " It was, our journalists told us, to be the greatest evacuation since Dunkirk."26/7/2006
House`s Support of Israel Draws WarningJonathan Weisman - Washington Post - " "Israel obviously dominates the House," "26/7/2006
No More Foot-Dragging NY Times - Editorial - "What is needed now is the sort of aggressive diplomacy and international coalition building that the Bush administration typically disdains. And it needs to come together in days, not weeks." 26/7/2006
Debate III: Israeli and Lebanese SALEEM KHOURY and GORDON ORR - BBC NEWS - "A Lebanese man in Beirut and an Israeli living in the border town of Shlomi exchange emails on the conflict in their countries. This is the third instalment of their correspondence. "26/7/2006
Who condemns the victimizer?Maarten Jan Hijmans and Fadi Hirzalla - The Electronic Intifada - "With regard to Israel`s "defense" rhetoric, one should pose some key questions and consider the obvious irrefutability of their answers."26/7/2006
Another Act in the Mizrahi-Palestinian TragedyReuven Abarjel and Smadar Lavie -- The Electronic Intifada -- "And now here we are, in front of the Israeli TV screen, bombarded by the discourse of experts. The channels are broadcasting live from studios and battlefields. Commercial interludes are part of the show. By default the majority of experts are Ashkenazi (European Jewish) males. They are flanked by a handful of Mizrahi men (Oriental Jews who immigrated to Israel mainly from the Arab World) [...] Together, they are Israel`s knowledge mercenaries [...] The viewers are convinced it must be humanistic, because it is calmly narrated by handsome necktied men"24/7/2006
A Primer on the Whys and Wherefores of PTSD: Whatever You Did in War Will Always Be With YouMarc Levy -- CounterPunch -- "After a time you learn what war is: the fish like iridescent gleam inside a brainless head; the sleek white caterpillar of pulsing human gut; the grotesque tableau of charred bodies frozen stiff; the impossible music made by voices howling beyond human form; pure white bones piercing ruby ripped flesh; the strange oily feel of blood; the sudden slump of the man next to you. The business of flies on the mouths of the dead"24/7/2006
"Stop that shit!"Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom/Counterpunch - There is no solution without settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And there is no solution to the Palestinian problem without negotiations with their elected leadership, the government headed by Hamas. 23/7/2006
Why is Israel Back in Gaza?Ramzy Baroud -- ZNet -- "... by maintaining low intensity warfare in Gaza, Israel is creating the perfect cover up to its army bulldozers to partition the rest of the West Bank and Jerusalem in accordance with the second phase of Olmert`s Disengagement Plan: which intends to slice up the West Bank into various enclaves with no physical continuity, and place its population under an effective, long term, collective incarceration in Bantustan-like areas, to be allowed or denied movement at the behest of an Israeli solider. The plan is being actualized in record time, yet few seem to notice, a reality that Israel will strive to maintain"21/7/2006
The Unfolding Horror Show -- Will Americans Join Iraqis, Lebanese and Palestinians as Neocon Victims?Paul Craig Roberts – CounterPunch – “Isolated in their evil, the neoconservatives are frantically and shrilly demanding that Bush join Israel in military attacks on Syria and Iran in order to ‘build democracy’ and to clear the Middle East of any opposition to Israel’s unbridled self-interest [... ] Neoconservatives believe that the US and Israel can extirpate Islam with fire and sword and that the present opportunity to escalate the current conflict into generalized war in the Middle East must not be missed” 21/7/2006
Inciting Israeli Children To Kill Israeli children write "greetings" on artillery shells fired into Lebanon, e.g "May You Die" , "I`ve Waited So Long For This". Israeli officilas like to criticize our neighbours for military indoctrination of children.20/7/2006
A protracted colonial warTariq Ali - The Guardian - "With US support, Israel is hoping to isolate and topple Syria by holding sway over Lebanon" 20/7/2006
Fighting inside Lebanese border BBC News - "Israeli soldiers are fighting Hezbollah militants inside the Lebanese border, Israeli military officials say. The clashes come as Israel keeps up its bombing of Lebanon, carrying out 80 air strikes early on Thursday." 20/7/2006
Israelis against the warRob Winder - Aljazeera - "An overwhelming majority of Israelis support their country`s assault on Lebanon, opinion polls suggest, but despite the clamour for military action, voices of dissent continue to be heard." 20/7/2006
Not So Smart THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN - NY Times - "To me, the big strategic chess move is to try to split Syria off from Iran, and bring Damascus back into the Sunni Arab fold." 19/7/2006
Israel Violates US Law With Attack on LebanonThalif Deen - Inter Press Service - "Israel has a total of over 378 F-16s, considered one of the world`s most advanced fighter planes - besides 117 F-15s, 94 Skyhawks, 110 Phantoms - all supplied by the United States."19/7/2006
Atrocities in the Promised LandKATHLEEN CHRISTISON - Counterpunch - "Those who devise and carry out Israeli policies have made Israel into a monster."19/7/2006
Letter from an Artist in BeirutZena el-Khalil - email from Beirut - "I realized what was hurting the most was the "UNKNOWN"." "My husband and I have been housing foreign "refugees" helping them to find their way out of the country."19/7/2006
What else can Israel do?James Carroll - The Boston Globe - "Indeed, the responses of Israel and America are related." 18/7/2006
Global protests at indiscriminate Israeli bombings of LebanonJuan Cole - Informed Comment - "Israel again bombarded Lebanon`s airport and main roads in the most intensive offensive against the country in 24 years. For the first time, it struck the crowded Shiite neighborhood of south Beirut around Hezbollah`s headquarters, toppling overpasses and sheering facades off apartment buildings. Concrete from balconies smashed into parked cars, and car alarms set off by the blasts blared for hours. The toll in three days of clashes rose to 73 killed in Lebanon and at least 12 Israelis"16/7/2006
Terror timeDennis Perrin - Red State Son - Maybe it`s best that liberals don`t talk about Israeli aggression, because when they do, they usually have no idea what the fuck they`re saying.16/7/2006
Chomsky on Israel/PalestineNoam Chomsky - Znet - "Gaza, itself, the latest phase, began on June 24. It was when Israel abducted two Gaza civilians, a doctor and his brother. We don`t know their names. You don`t know the names of victims. They were taken to Israel, presumably, and nobody knows their fate. The next day, something happened, which we do know about, a lot. Militants in Gaza, probably Islamic Jihad, abducted an Israeli soldier across the border."16/7/2006
An Israeli view: playing poker with a human lifeAmnon Zichroni - Bitterlemons - "What we`re doing in Gaza regarding the Qassam rockets will not bring back Shalit. We have to get back to the point of origin of releasing the soldier."16/7/2006
The public demands an exchangeGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - The recent capture of an Israeli soldier has brought about high expectations in Palestinian society for a release of some Palestinian prisoners in exchange16/7/2006
Tel Aviv has to swap with Hizbollah to retrieve soldierAlaa Shahine - Jordan Times -"In 2004, Hizbollah swapped a kidnapped Israeli businessman and the bodies of three soldiers for more than 420 Arab prisoners after German mediation."15/7/2006
Becoming Israel`s greatest enemyNick Thorpe-BBC News-"By killing eight soldiers in a border raid and its aftermath on Wednesday, and taking two more hostages, Hezbollah has leap-frogged Hamas to take pole position in a gruesome competition: who can damage the Jewish state the most."15/7/2006
What Does Israel Want?Ilan Pappe - The Electronic Intifada - "This may be not enough, though, for the army generals. They already say clearly on TV that ‘we here in Israel should not forget Damascus and Teheran’. Past experiences tell us what they mean by this appeal against our collective amnesia."15/7/2006
Israeli attack on Lebanon threatens to engulf entire Middle East in warStatement of the Editorial Board -World Socialist Web Site - "There is a profound sense in which the policies of the United States and Israel appear counterproductive and self-defeating."15/7/2006
U.S. vetoes draft UN Security Council resolution calling for end to Israeli invasion of Gaza IMEMC @ Agencies14/7/2006
Stop the war madness!Adam Keller - The Other Israel - "Considered in isolation, Hizbollah`s attack on the Israeli patrol, the killing and capturing of soldiers would indeed constitute "an unprovoked aggression". But without the daily carnage in Gaza going on under the nose of an indifferent international community, it is highly unlikely that Hizbollah would have done anything of the kind."14/7/2006
A Middle East Update, 14 July 2006 Avraham Oz - alef - "Far be it from me to try and justify Palestinian rockets fired daily at Israeli civilians.. Having said that, I stand dumbfounded in view of my own government, abandoning all restraint in the attempt to answer the most insane battle cries from the lunatic fringe of the Israeli public; losing any capacity for using commonsense; foregoing any belief in words representing truth; and frantically resorting into violence, retribution, and collective punishment of civilian population."14/7/2006
Two Invasions, One ReasoningRev. Dr. Mitri Raheb - "What is the common denominator between the decision of the Israeli military to invade the West Bank in March 2002, and their decision to invade Gaza?"13/7/2006
Options for U.S. Limited As Mideast Crises SpreadRobin Wright - Washington Post - "Israel has sent troops into Gaza and Lebanon over three captured soldiers -- one held by Hamas in Gaza and two seized yesterday by Hezbollah in Lebanon. The United States and its allies set a collision course with Iran over its nuclear program. And there is mounting concern that Iraq`s sectarian violence is crossing the threshold to a full-blown civil war." 13/7/2006
Israel launches ferocious assault on Lebanon after capture of troops Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Israeli forces launched their most serious military assault on southern Lebanon in six years yesterday by land, sea and air after Hizbollah militants seized two soldiers in a cross-border raid described as an "act of war" by the Israeli Prime Minister. Seven Israeli soldiers were killed in the raid, and the response."13/7/2006
How Israel was pulled back into the peril of LebanonNicholas Blanford, Ian MacKinnon and Stephen Farrell - The Times -"The air raids and the advance of Israeli tanks and troops marked the beginning of Israel’s biggest strike across its northern border into Lebanon since it withdrew from the country in May 2000. 13/7/2006
WHAT ARE THEY FIGHTING FORTanya Reinhart - "In Israeli discourse, Israel ended the occupation in Gaza when it evacuated its settlers from the Strip, and the Palestinians’ behavior therefore constitutes ingratitude. But there is nothing further from reality than this description. In fact, as was already stipulated in the Disengagement Plan, Gaza remained under complete Israeli military control, operating from outside."13/7/2006
Lama Hourani from Gaza (3)Lama Hourani-Gaza - "Still, we can hear the news on the radio. We still live under the continuous sound of the no-pilot planes that are over our heads twenty four hours a day. They have a very loud and disturbing sound like a constant buzzing. Added to that the sound of the F16s and the Apaches. Also the canon shelling all the time at different areas around us." 13/7/2006
Arab journalist to Palestinians: Recognize Israel Yitzhak Benhorin - Ynet - "The new position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is expressed in commentaries from Arab intellectuals in letters to editors and in political television programs in Arab-language television stations." 11/7/2006
Aggression Under False PretensesIsmail Haniyeh - The Washington Post - " thoughts again turn to the minds of Americans. What do they think of this?" 11/7/2006
Blaming the Victim, GazaDavid Edwards - Znet - " "Why do Israeli militants `detain` and `arrest`, whereas Palestinian militants `kidnap`?"" 11/7/2006
"Summer Rains Are a Good Blessing" Rami Almeghari -- IMEMC News – “For the twelfth consecutive day, such summer rains, which fall unexpectedly and at any moment could hit from above, have already killed more than 40 Gazans including children and women, wounded over one hundred others and destroyed Gaza`s infrastructure, rendering a population of 1.3 million in the dark and with no potable water”10/7/2006
International Powers Failing Palestine, Again -- Globalizing the OccupationJamal Juma` -- CounterPunch -- “While the silence of the international community might be shocking, Palestinians and their supporters are well aware of the deft machinations of global powers complicit with their Occupation. Increasingly they have witnessed global government abscond from the responsibilities of international law and pursue the globalization of the Occupation. Now the international community, together with Israel, places sanctions on the Palestinian people for having conducted the democratic vote the world asked them for”10/7/2006
A One-sided WarUri Avnery -- Gush Shalom – “Like every single event in the 120 years of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict, this one, too, is burned into the consciousness of the two peoples in very different ways. For most Israelis, this is another chapter in the long war against ‘Palestinian terrorism’ [...] Again we fight because ‘there is no alternative’ […] For the other side, this is a heroic stand of their finest sons against an evil and vicious enemy. One of the strongest armies in the world, equipped with the most up-to-date weaponry, is deployed against a handful of untrained fighters with primitive arms”10/7/2006
Palestinians Say Their Rockets Create a `Balance of Fear` GREG MYRE - NY Times - "With these rockets, the Israelis feel fear, too. We will have to live in peace together, or live in fear together."" 9/7/2006
Special session resolution S-1/Res.1. Human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory(UN) Human Rights Council - "Expressing deep concern at ...the military attacks against Palestinian ministries, including the office of the Premier, and the destruction of Palestinian infrastructure, including water networks, power plants and bridges..."7/7/2006
The march of folly GUSH SHALOM - "A Government that refuses to negotiate will sink even more into the quagmire. And together with them - all of us."7/7/2006
U.S. and Israel Shoot Down Chances for Middle East PeaceIra Chernus - - "The guys with the biggest guns have good reason to shoot down the fleeting dove of peace. They built those biggest guns to prove to the world -- and mostly, I suspect, to themselves -- just how tough they really are. And they feel driven to keep on proving it. So they need an enemy they can shoot at. "6/7/2006
Palestinian crisis and Arab LeagueMohammed A. R. Galadari - Khaleej Times - " The League and OIC could indeed have made a difference, if only they had been consistent with their words and action. There is a huge gulf between our rhetoric and action. No wonder we are ignored by the international community. "4/7/2006
Israel`s act of war is inexcusableWill Hutton -- The Observer – “The dark interpretation of Israel`s reaction in Gaza is that it does not want a politically viable negotiating partner in Palestine. It suits Israel to characterise Hamas as terrorist fundamentalists who are beyond the pale. Thus it can proceed with its unilaterally imposed settlement, wall and land grab, in turn fanning the flames of Palestinian extremism”3/7/2006
Palestinians Prepare for Peace While Israel Practices WarRaji Sourani -- Palestinian Centre for Human Rights -- As the Palestinian factions prepare for peace, the Israeli military has continued to commit grave breaches of international law and inflict further suffering against the civilian population of the OPT 3/7/2006
The poisoned chaliceAzmi Bishara -- Al-Ahram – “A huge penal colony, a collection of overcrowded slums, a cesspool of poverty and frustration ready to explode at any minute because there is no hope -- that is Gaza. It is there in front of us for anyone to diagnose or analyse. But, Israel, above all, has no right to pass judgment or complain about the way the denizens of Gaza behave. Israel is the curse of Gaza; it made Gaza what it is today” 3/7/2006
Israel detains ministers, knocks out electricityJuan Cole - Informed Comment - Destroying electricity generation capability interferes with water purification. Palestinian children will die because of this, from drinking unpurified water. And what crime did Palestinian toddlers commit, to be murdered in this way?2/7/2006
Summer Rains Justin Podur - Znet - [In the West Bank] Israel wants the land but not the people. In Gaza, however, Israel wants neither the land nor the people, as Rabin’s comment ("I wish Gaza would sink into the sea.") suggested in 1992, and as Israel’s evacuation of their settlements in Gaza suggested last year. (Appendices: PRCS and Btselem`s lists of Palestinian casualties)2/7/2006
Democracy can`t be hijackedRoni Ben Efrat - Challenge Magazine - The crisis has brought to light the full extent of the split within Hamas. As tensions grew around the captured soldier, Haniyeh agreed to sign the Prisoners` Document, signaling that he was not to be classed with the militant wing. He also called (through his spokesperson) for the captured soldier`s unconditional release. The response of his "street," however, was to demand an exchange for Palestinian political prisoners.2/7/2006
CriminalDennis Perrin - Red State Son - Israel`s assault on Gaza continues, which is now an open effort to overthrow the elected Palestinian government and punish the population, something the IDF does quite effectively2/7/2006
Agatha in the rainUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The "kidnapped" soldier served as a pretext for an operation which must have been prepared a long time ago. The Israeli and international public has been told that the aim is to set him free, but in practice it has put his life in greater jeopardy.2/7/2006
The problem with arroganceDaoud Kuttab - Media Monitors - Israel has always refused to talk to what it calls terrorists, so as not to reward them. Presently, the Israelis have no right to use the term “terror” to describe a purely military operation that targeted a military location.2/7/2006
The dangerous liaisons of Hamas` exilesZiad Asali - THE DAILY STAR (Lebanon) - "Haniyya was pursuing talks with a great sense of urgency, and had reached an agreement with Abbas on the formation of a national unity government. The threat of assassination, with the Israeli military already striking at Gaza, may have convinced many Hamas leaders of the wisdom of striking a deal with the secular Fatah."1/7/2006
Bitter Gazans await their fateAlan Johnston -BBC News, Gaza - "Her mother, her grandmother and her brother all died in the Israeli attack. But the Amin family`s tragedy went almost unremarked in the wider world - Jacques Chirac, the Pope and Kofi Annan said nothing."1/7/2006
Giving ‘terrorists’ exactly what they wantRay Hanania - Ynet News -"No civilized nation starves people to death because extremists committed violent acts....Responding to violence with violence is a form of terrorism, and failing to pursue peace despite the violence is also terrorism, too." 1/7/2006
Palestinians Prepare for Peace While Israel Practices WarPCHR-Palestinian Centre for Human Rights-"The main power station in Gaza, a private civilian facility, was destroyed by an Israeli missile attack – this has resulted in 80% of the population being denied electricity. "1/7/2006
A way out of the Gaza crisisArthur Neslen - - " Out of sight of the international press pack, a bid to resolve the Gaza crisis, involving a dialogue between a Jewish religious leader and Hamas representatives, continues and is well advanced." 5/7/2006
Instead of two states side by side, why not one superimposed on the other?Mathias Mossberg - The Guardian - "Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, accompanied by the development of credible and lasting Palestinian institutions, could ignite the process. At some point, direct talks about shared economic, civil and defence responsibilities could begin to build the architecture for this new type of state." 5/7/2006
Perception and deceptionGERSHON BASKIN - THE JERUSALEM POST - "In the end, the only way to bring Shalit, Elad Regev and Ohad Goldwasser home alive to their families will be some kind of negotiations that will include the release of Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners." 18/7/2006
Israel in Gaza; Israel in LebanonMichael Lerner - ZNet - " Meanwhile, the partisans on each side, content to ignore the humanity of "the Other," rush to assure their constituencies that the enemy is always to blame."18/7/2006
The Real AimUri Avnery -- Gush Shalom – “The calculation now is that if the Israeli Air Force rains heavy enough blows on the Lebanese population - paralysing the sea- and airports, destroying the infrastructure, bombarding residential neighborhoods, cutting the Beirut-Damascus highroad etc. - the public will get furious with Hizbullah and pressure the Lebanese government into fulfilling Israel`s demands. Since the present government cannot even dream of doing so, a dictatorship will be set up with Israel`s support” 17/7/2006
The Army Wants Action: The great fiascoRan HaCohen -- Antiwar -- "The strongest army in the Middle East seems unable to protect its own soldiers, let alone Israel`s citizens. A sane state would send its talented chief of staff home; Israel, instead, sent him to wreak havoc in Lebanon"17/7/2006
Captive in GazaGraham Usher - Al-Ahram - "Ever since the first mortar was fired into Israel from Beit Hanoun in 2001, the Israeli army has been invading and reinvading Gaza to take out the launchers. And, after every incursion, the mortars have returned, as they will do after this one. The only way the mortars will end is in the context of a mutually-binding ceasefire, and the only way that can be brokered is in negotiation with Hamas. But Israel will not negotiate. The result is a process where the balance of power in Gaza is swinging from Hamas` political to its military leadership."8/7/2006
Crisis in US Media Coverage of GazaPatrick O`Connor- ZNet - "Once again, Israeli government spin overpowers the Palestinian narrative, and human rights and international law are belittled. These examples illustrate how the US corporate media is actively shaping the information reported to the US public to Israel’s advantage, and promoting the view that Hamas and Palestinian terrorism are the sole problem in Israel/Palestine."8/7/2006
The Real Reasons for Israel`s Invasion of Gaza: An Experiment in Human DespairJonathan Cook - Counterpunch - " perhaps most significantly of all, Israel is using the siege and invasion of Gaza as a laboratory for testing policies it also intends to apply to the West Bank after convergence. Gazans are the guinea pigs on which Olmert can try out the "extreme action" he has been boasting of. The destruction of Gaza`s power plant and loss of electricity to some 700,000 people; the consequent scarcity of water, build-up of sewage that cannot be disposed of, and inevitable spread of disease... all these factors are designed to one end: the slow demand by Palestinians, civilians and militants alike, to clear out of the hell-hole of Gaza. "8/7/2006
Palestinian moderates are Israel`s real enemies, so it deliberately drives them from the scene"[Israeli government] abhors the recent Hamas-Fatah accord, which implicitly recognises Israel, because it threatens to produce a Palestinian partner ready to negotiate the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. Israel has no intention of ever returning to those borders. It is no accident that its assault followed immediately on the Palestinian accord. "8/7/2006
Europe`s response to the siege of Gaza is shameful Jonathan Steele - The Guardian - "Thank goodness for the Swiss. Alone in Europe, their government has dared to condemn what the Israelis are doing to Gaza. It is collective punishment, they say. It violates the principle of proportionality. Israel has not taken the precautions required by international law to protect civilians."6/7/2006
Israel intensifies Gaza offensive after second rocket attack Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Saying that its goals remained the release of the abducted army corporal Gilad Shalit, 19 ­ without negotiations on an exchange of prisoners ­ and the halting of Qassams, the cabinet communiqué pledged "prolonged and graduated security activity" to achieve its aims." 6/7/2006
The attack on Lebanon has produced strange role reversals Daoud Kuttab - Palestine News Network - "Hizbullah which is called by Israel and the US a terrorist organization is acted more and more like a traditional army, and Israel which prides itself with its military is acting more like a terrorist state"23/7/2006
Britain criticises Israeli tacticsNed Temko, Conal Urquart,Peter Beaumont-Guardian Unlimited -"Britain has dramatically broken ranks with George Bush over the Lebanon crisis, publicly criticising Israel`s military tactics.."22/7/2006
Tel Aviv begins to doubt offensiveMarius Schattner-Agence France-Presse/Jordan Times-"It is undeniable that Israel is in a bind. The army has again been overconfident and underestimated its abilities to break Hizbollah," said Israeli military analyst Reuven Pedatzur.22/7/2006
Things Come ’Round in MideastTom Hayden-TruthDig/Common Dreams-"There followed a descent into moral ambiguity and realpolitick that still haunts me today.....It is not being a “friend of Israel” to turn a blind eye to its never-ending occupation."22/7/2006
Gaza: A Never-Never battle Jerrold Kessel and Pierre Klochendler - IHT - " The "never say never" lobby is battling to ensure that the Gaza disengagement was a one-time "accident" which will not reoccur in the West Bank." 12/7/2006
Missed opportunities in Gaza, again H.D.S. Greenway - IHT - "Would it have been better, after withdrawing from Gaza, to lessen Israel`s controlling grip on Gaza`s borders so that Gazans didn`t feel they were living in a South African-style Bantustan?" 12/7/2006
ABC Nightline Biased Toward Israel Genevieve Cora Fraser - Ramallah Online - "It implicitly blamed Palestine who is the victim - not the oppressor." 12/7/2006
Entry denied: Deporting witnesses of Israeli occupation and unilateralismMaureen Clare Murphy - The Electronic Intifada - "West Bank Palestinians will no longer be allowed visitors to their open-air prison" 12/7/2006
Let`s go to the West BankNina Mayorek - MachsomWatch - (PDF file, 1.58MB) - a short introduction to the Occupation. Presented during a recent tour with "Partners for Peace" - `The chief obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians are the West Bank settlements: 145 permanent settlements and 105 outposts, all of which are illegal according to international law. It is important to add that the settlement enterprise continues now, in these days, at an accelerated rate. Settlements preempt the possibility of a two state solution. `1/7/2006
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