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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Collection of articlesKhalil Tufakji - a link1/4/2005
The World View of Efraim HalevyPatrick Seale - Al-Hayat - Rarely have intelligence agencies wielded more influence, for good or ill, than in these troubled times. The blood-stained fiasco in Iraq is a monument to the blunders of American and British intelligence, although it is also a tragic illustration of the perverse manipulation of intelligence by political leaders for their own ends. 30/4/2005
Actions are needed to Make Peace a RealityNizar Abdel Qader - Al-Hayat - The election of Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), with his history as a peace-lover, provides Israelis and Palestinians a new opportunity to stop the violence, start the process of confidence building, and prepare to resume peace negotiations. 30/4/2005
Kidwa calls for an Int`l conference to rebuild Palestine IMEMC & Agencies - Palestinian Foreign Minister Naser Kidwa called Saturday for convening an international conference to help rebuild the Palestinian territories, which suffered large scale destruction during the past four years24/4/2005
Palestinian-Israeli team urges new peace initiativeRay Hanania - Advocates of a two-state solution and an end to the Palestine-Israel conflict need to recognize the benefits from Israel’s evacuation from Gaza and must work to strengthen the government of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 16/4/2005
New York Times Distortion - Up Close and PersonalAlison Weir - Founder of If Americans Knew - "A little over a week ago, some members of our organization, If Americans Knew, met with New York Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent to discuss the findings of a detailed study we had completed of two years worth of Times news stories on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." 29/4/2005
Red Flag – Resolution 194Gideon Spiro - The Left Bank (Hagada Hasmalit)- The subject of “The Right of Return” continues to haunt us and is a persistent topic of discourse. The various diverse Palestinian organizations are united in their demand to realize their ROR, without which the bloody conflict between the two nations cannot be resolved. 29/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 29.4.2005 Palestinian Mission to USA 29/4/2005
`And they were silent, and answered him not a word` (Isaiah 36:21)Nurit Elhanan-Peled - "Maybe the time has come to understand, that if people of letters and science in a State that is sunk up to its neck in racist discourse, in the blood of innocents, in injustice the likes of which have not been seen in years, do not condemn and do not call for the leader who incites and instigates to be brought to justice... then these people of letters and science deserve every condemnation and every boycott that the enlightened world can impose on them". 29/4/2005
Putin to Sharon: don’t pressure Abbas, help him IMEMC Staff 29/4/2005
Hamas unshakenKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly 29/4/2005
News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press Palestinian Mission to the USA reports from: Al-Ayyam, Al-HayyatAl-Jadida, Al-Quds, Thursday, April 28th 2005 29/4/2005
Israelis Resist the Arabs in Their MidstFerry Biedermann - Inter Press Service - "From separate polls, it emerged that more than half of the Jewish population does not wish Arabs to live in their neighborhoods and that many Israelis would like to see the government encourage Arab citizens to leave the country." 29/4/2005
Israel opposes Putin peace conference planThe Guardian -"Israel and the US today reacted coolly to an offer by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to host a Middle East peace conference as the Russian president began his historic visit to Israel." 29/4/2005
Understanding `ethnocratic` regimes: The politics of seizing contested territories: Oren Yiftach`el and As`ad Ghanem - Political Geography 2004 25/4/2005
International Law and the Israeli OccupationLaila Freivalds - Sweden`s foreign Minister - A speech at a Stockholm Conference on April 12th 2005: "The future of this conflict, as well as the Middle East as a whole, depends on how we and the parties decide to use the instruments offered by international law." 23/4/2005
The Hottest Button: How The Times Covers Israel and PalestineDaniel Okrent - The NYT - Let me offer two statements about this paper`s coverage of the conflict in the Middle East. First: I find the correspondents at The Times to be honest and committed journalists. Second: The Times today is the gold standard as far as setting out in precise language the perspectives of the parties, the contents of resolutions, the terms of international conventions. 24/4/2005
The New McCarthyismJuan Cole - A witch hunt against a Columbia professor, and the New York Times` disgraceful support for it, represent the gravest threat to academic freedom in decades.24/4/2005
For Whom the Bells TollUri Avnery - Vanunu, who is considered by almost all Israelis as a despicable traitor - proves once again that treason, like pornography, is a matter of geography. The question is not whether Mordechai Vanunu is a pleasant person, whether his views are popular or what he thinks about the State of Israel, after 12 years of solitary confinement. The question is whether he is doing a good job. I, for one, believe he is. 24/4/2005
Racism and the right of returnIlan Pappe - Hagada Hasmalit - "At the base of [Israel`s] position one can find the dilemma that haunted the Crusaders who discovered that they had established a State not in Europe but in the heart of the Muslim world, and White Colonialists who wanted to establish a tribal State of their own in Africa but could not cope with the Black Continent. It bothered less the Colonialists in both the Americas who annihilated a very wide swath of the non-white surround upon their arrival."23/4/2005
Checkpoint RealityPalestine Redcrescent Society presents a series of checkpoint pictures23/4/2005
Hope dim as Palestinian President struggles to maintain controlSoraya Sarhaddi Nelson - Knight Ridder Newspapers - Abu Mazen`s failure to deliver for the Palestinians threatens his position23/4/2005
On the Boycott: Lecturers vote for Israeli boycottPolly Curtis - The Guardian - Delegates at a conference in Eastbourne voted, against the wishes of the executive, for an immediate boycott of Haifa University, which they accuse of restricting the academic freedom of staff members who are critical of the government, and of Bar Ilans University, which has a college in the disputed settlement Ariel. 22/4/2005
The `Viability` debate Comments by readers22/4/2005
Putting the Israel Boycott on the AgendaPress release - (PACBI) Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel - Finally, boycotting Israeli institutions, as a morally and politically sound response to Israel’s crimes, is on the mainstream agenda in the west; and no one can ignore it now. The taboo has been shattered, at last. From now on, it will be acceptable to compare Israel’s apartheid system to its South African predecessor. As a consequence, proposing practical measures to punish Israeli institutions for their role in the racist and colonial policies of their state will no longer be considered beyond the pale. 22/4/2005
Out of pocketGraham Usher - Al-Ahram Weekly - One hundred days into his presidency Mahmoud Abbas is a disappointment, and not only to the Israelis 22/4/2005
Sharon vows to defy Bush over expansion of Israeli settlementsDonald Macintyre - The Independent - Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Prime Minister, vowed to continue expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank despite his admitted differences with President George Bush on the issue. 22/4/2005
Votes that reboundHassan Nafaa - Al Ahram Weekly - Washington has determined that a democratised Arab world is in its - and Israel`s - interest. The assumption is wide off the mark.22/4/2005
The Four Questions of The Peace Process Yossi Alpher - Forward* - Disengagement is going to happen this summer. That is now the working assumption of most observers and practitioners. Even the settlers, the "victims" of disengagement, are increasingly recognizing the inevitable and are correspondingly adjusting their opposition tactics toward merely making the experience as unpleasant as possible. In so doing, they hope to persuade the Israeli mainstream that this should be the first and last dismantling of settlements. 22/4/2005
Later, Perhaps Omar Karmi - The Palestine Report - Both PLC elections and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements look set for postponement, after, on the one hand, legislators failed to agree on a new elections law, and on the other the Israeli Cabinet emerged split over a proposal to postpone the evacuation of settlements ostensibly until after a Jewish religious festival. 20/4/2005
West Bank Wasteland By Atef Saad - Palestine Report - A settlement dumpsite threatens the water supply in the Nablus region and infuriates locals...Local organizations and authorities, in addition to international organizations and NGO`s, are planning to organize a campaign to stop the building of the dump. 22/4/2005
Election Jitters Khaled Amayreh - AlAhram Weekly - An acrimonious debate is taking place within the Fatah movement over the organisation of parliamentary elections in the occupied territories this summer... Vulnerable Fatah backbenchers are pushing for a postponement of the Palestinian parliamentary elections.22/4/2005
In favor of the Boycott: Lecturer defends Israeli boycott plan on eve of voteMatthew Taylor, Polly Curtis and Conal Urquhart - The Guardian - The woman behind a divisive vote today to boycott Israeli universities has brushed aside criticism of the proposals, saying it is impossible to treat that country`s academics as "normal citizens from a normal state". 22/4/2005
Invitation to discussion: join the debate on the meaning of `VIABILITY`Ghassan El Khatib and Yossi Alpher - Bitterlemons - and Jeff Halper discuss the meaning of Viability as a key term in determining the contents of a "viable" Peace agreement bettween the parties.22/4/2005
Can Settlers remain behind?Bitterlemons - link to a Palestiinian-Israeli dialogue publication18/4/2005
What does viability mean?Bitterlemons - link to the Palestinian-Israeli dialogue journal11/4/2005
Sharon`s 92 Percent Solution - How the Misperceptions Roll OnKathleen Christison - Counter Punch - Imagine my chagrin. While vacationing in beautiful Vancouver, I had my sun-and-mountain reverie interrupted on Tuesday by a New York Times article seeming to give the final word on Ariel Sharon’s plans - blessed, of course, by George Bush - for the disposition of Israel’s border with the West Bank and the Israeli settlements inside that territory.22/4/2005
A Dog`s Life: Whose Blood is Worth More – That of Palestinian Civilians or a `Jewish` Dog?Keshev - Subject Monitoring - During February 2005, security forces killed six Palestinian civilians that were not combatants (including two minors, according to figures provided by B`tselem), and injured dozens more. None of these incidents was widely reported, nor were any of them reported with the emotion that accompanied reporting on the death of the dog "Arkos", killed during the pursuit of a suspect in the Stage club bombing in Tel Aviv. 21/4/2005
Channel Two`s Virtual Reality Keshev - an active link to the media analysis - Coverage of Events around the Sharbaty Family Home in Hebron,April 6-8, 2005 21/4/2005
The Third StageGush Shalom - weekly commentary on current events - Behind this smoke screen, Sharon is occupied with expanding the big "settlement blocs" in the western part of the West Bank. Their annexation is the second stage of his plan.21/4/2005
JVP : On the Caterpillar shareholders meetingCecilie Surasky - JVP - "On the global front, protests were held in over 30 cities around the world, bringing massive attention to CAT`s role in profiting from violating human rights and perpetuating the occupation."21/4/2005
Passenger Lists Sought For Flights Over U.S.Sara Kehaulani Goo - The Washington Post - The U.S. government plans to force foreign airlines flying over American soil to turn over the names of passengers on board or check the names against U.S. government watch lists in an effort to prevent terrorists from entering U.S. airspace. 21/4/2005
Israeli Lobby Reportedly Fires 2 Top Aides in Spying InquiryDavid Johnston - The NYT - An influential pro-Israel lobbying organization has dismissed two senior employees caught up in a federal investigation of possible Israeli spying in the United States, according to people who have been formally briefed on the case. 21/4/2005
Guns of Gaza stay loaded but silent as talks go onConal Urquhart in Gaza City - The Guardian - Abu Thair likes to appear with a masked group of gunmen to illustrate that while the guns of Gaza are silent, the magazines are loaded. In the back room of a residential building in the north of Gaza City, seven men pose with Kalashnikovs, a sniper`s rifle and a grenade launcher. In the corner is a pile of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades flags for funerals and demonstrations. 21/4/2005
The West Bank: Siege mentalityDonald Macintyre - The Independent - For 20 years a house in the biblical city of Hebron has been at the centre of a vicious campaign by Jewish settlers to oust its Arab owners. Now, protected by a concrete wall built by Israeli troops, the Sharabati family is attempting to return home. 21/4/2005
To boldly go Ilan Pappe - The Guardian - Haifa University academic Ilan Pappe is one of the few Israelis supporting the university boycott of Israel. Here he explains why 20/4/2005
Reflections of a translatorYaron Racah - Occupation Magazine - An Israeli who translates articles into Hebrew for an anti-occupation website discusses his inner conflicts. Excerpt: "The most recent and most problematic article was written by an Israeli, Shamai Leibowitz, and he calls for the enactment of sanctions against Israel" 20/4/2005
Why we ask for a boycottOmar Barghouti and Lisa Taraki - The Guardian - The statements against the proposed academic boycott of Israeli universities (Letters, April 19) miss the clear analogy between Israel`s apartheid system and South Africa`s. Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu has recently drawn similarities between the two, calling for boycotts against Israel. 20/4/2005
Palestinian minister says Israel seeking to trade Gaza for JerusalemAgence France Presse - CAIRO - A Palestinian minister charged Wednesday that Israel`s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip was a ploy to tighten its grip on Jerusalem and increase settlement activity elsewhere in the occupied territories. 20/4/2005
Dangerous DemocracyDavid Hirst - The Guardian - Imperial America won`t like the free Arabia that missionary America will have helped to spawn 20/4/2005
Speakers Tour N. America for Palestinian PrisonersSonia Nettnin - Palestine Chronicle - "Sometimes Israeli forces imprison family members of prisoners as a means of applying pressure.." 17/4/2005
Israel on its own, is shaping the borders of the West Bank *Steven Erlanger - NYT - Maaleh Adumim, West Bank - They`re building away here in Israel`s largest settlement, with Palestinian workers laboring on new apartment houses overlooking the red-brown hills of the West Bank. 21/4/2005
US to provide three billion dollar loan guarantees to Israel Agence Frence Press - The United States is to provide loan guarantees totaling three billion dollars to Israel for 2005-2008, a joint statement said. 20/4/2005
`Let me fight my monsters` The Guardian - Two years ago Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American protester, was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza. Since then she has become a potent symbol for both sides of the conflict. But who was the real Rachel? Katharine Viner, who has edited her writings for a new play, on an ordinary woman with an extraordinary passion. 10/4/2005
Parents of Peace Activist Killed by Israeli Bulldozer Target Caterpillar Maxine Frith - The Independent - From boots to baseball caps, the Caterpillar fashion range is marketed as upmarket outdoor wear for label-conscious youth. But customers are now being urged to boycott the construction and clothing company because it supplies bulldozers to the Israeli government, which uses the vehicles to destroy Palestinian homes, roads and olive groves. 14/4/2005
A Tale of Two DemonstrationsUri Avnery - The controversy with the peace activists is a genuine struggle for the future of Israel: whether it will be a state within the Green Line borders, a liberal, democratic state that lives in peace with a viable Palestinian state at its side; or an aggressive, nationalist state, that will hold on to practically the whole of the West Bank and keep the Palestinians in some isolated enclaves. 30/4/2005
Palestinian Self-determination and the Israeli OccupationZNet - Bashir Abu Maneh - "My aim in the following is to provide a very brief historical outline of the conflict, and to show how the Israeli Government`s current policies fall within the longer continuity of domination and negation. I will also, at the end, address the question of whether the Palestinians are capable of countering Sharon`s current onslaught and of overcoming their own subjugation." 28/4/2005
Of Passover, Exile, and deliveranceMike Odetalla - "As the Jews of the world and particularly those that live in Israel get ready to celebrate the Passover holiday or Pesach, I cannot but help draw an analogy of this holiday and my experience during the 1967 war." 30/4/2005
Of Passover, Exile, and deliveranceMike Odetalla - "As the Jews of the world and particularly those that live in Israel get ready to celebrate the Passover holiday or Pesach, I cannot but help draw an analogy of this holiday and my experience during the 1967 war."30/4/2005
Racism of the Mob and Enlightened RacismAmnon Raz-Krakotzkin - Mahsom - The responses of the commentators to the racist cries of the fans of the Betar Jerusalem football team were to be expected. Just as it was not at all surprising to see the many condemnations, so we didn’t have to wait much time for Knesset member Yossi Sarid’s call to close the Teddy football stadium.30/4/2005
Marla Ruzicka, Rachel Corrie and "CredibilityAlexander Cockburn - Counterpunch - The murder of Marla Ruzicka in Baghdad prompted a wave of mourning by US elite. Her funeral was attended by a US Senator; not so in the case of US citizen Rachel Corrie two years before, who was killed by a US-paid soldier driving a US-supplied bulldozer.30/4/2005
Red Flag – Resolution 194Gideon Spiro - "My advice to all those who fanatically support the ROR of Palestinians to Israel, to change their priorities. Let us gather the strength to impose international rule over Jerusalem as stated in clauses 7 and 8 of Resolution 194, and let us see how Jews and Arabs and other nations of other religions live together under the international authority of the United Nations. If co-existence in Jerusalem turns out to be successful, al other issues will become less threatening. 30/4/2005
The Disengaged: Gaza and the fragmentation of Palestinian NationhoodJennifer Loewenstein - writes about the actual meaning of the so called "disengagement": the ghettoization of Palestinian life and the fragmentation and deconstruction of the not yet born nationhood and the national identity 27/4/2005
The Disengaged: Gaza and the fragmentation of Palestinian NationhoodJennifer Loewenstein - wrties about the actual meaning of the so called "disengagement": the ghettoization of Palestinian life and the fragmentation and deconstruction of the not yet born nationhood and the national identity27/4/2005
From the heart of the struggleIan Douglas - Al-Ahram Weekly - speaks to Nasser Jumaa, leader of the Nablus Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades 19/4/2005
Is a new Intifada coming?Khaled Amayreh - Al Ahram Weekly - Sharon continues to thwart Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts while extremists vow to storm the second most sacred site of Islam19/4/2005
Behind the smiles Attila Somfalvi - Ynetnews - Some of the behind-the-scenes agreements and disagreements at Bush-Sharon summit: We can assume the president made it clear to his buddy from Israel that he wants to see an independent Palestinian state up and running by the end of his term. 15/4/2005
Abed-Rabbu: “Sharon transforms Gaza into a big jail, W. B into isolated cantons” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Member of the PLO executive committee Yasser Abed Rabbo warned that Israel seeks to obstruct the Palestinian legislative elections slated for July 17. 19/4/2005
Gandhi comes to West Bank, Palestinians miss opportunityKhaled Al Sabawi - The Electronic Intifada - During the meetings with influential American actors and businessmen, no Palestinians politician, NGO, or individual, had the confidence to directly confront the American actors and tell them that as American citizens, they are held responsible for their countries direct and devastating involvement in the Israel-Palestine conflict. 19/4/2005
Film review: `Door to the Sun`Jenny Gheith - The Electronic Intifada - "Bab e-Shams" (Door to the Sun) is the most recent cinematic achievement from Egyptian director Yousri Nasrallah. Adapted fromm the epic novel by Lebanese writer Elias Khoury, this ambitious film takes on the weighty goal of covering roughly fifty years of Palestinian history, from 1943 to 1994. 19/4/2005
When the first shot is firedDaphna Baram - The Guardian - Three Israeli divisions and more or less the entire police force are now ready for one of the biggest military operations in Israel`s history: the evacuation of about 8,000 settlers - most from the Gaza Strip, and a few hundred from the northern West Bank. Ariel Sharon`s unilateral "disengagement" plan is about to move to an operational stage. 18/4/2005
The Zionist Project Continues MIFTAH - Only the history books will record current developments within a context that connects events into a full picture, and by the time they are written and published, it will be too late to do anything to halt or reverse the current development. 15/4/2005
Palestinian Detainees: Guilty until Proven Innocent MIFTAH - For Palestinians, April 18 is not a normal calendar day. On this day the Palestinian people commemorate and celebrate their fellow brothers and sisters, who are being held unjustifiably in Israeli prisons.18/4/2005
Another comment concerning the question of academic boycott Ran Greenstein - The question is what can academics do, as academics rather than just citizens or human being in general, to help Palestinian academics under siege, and to help the struggle against the occupation. 17/4/2005
What next in the Gaza StripEditor`s comments (V. Buch)15/4/2005
From Canada with LoveZalman Amit - The Canadian Jewish community gives large amounts of money to Israeli institutions through official Canadian "charities" that have tax-deductible status. Since money is fungible, this means that the government of Canada is in effect subsidizing Israel`s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the tune of several million dollars a year. 14/4/2005
Who will investigate?Weekly ad by Gush-Shalom14/4/2005
Britain`s double gameAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - "British government talks peace while helping UK firm profit from Israeli occupation"14/4/2005
Beating Around the Bush Miftah - The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue & Democracy - on the Bush - Sharon meeting14/4/2005
An Open letter from European Jews for Just Peace to the President of the EUEuropean Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP) - We welcome the mission of Mr Leffler to Israel later this month. But we are gravely concerned that the EU will offer Israel economic benefits in exchange for minor humanitarian gestures.14/4/2005
A Washington Post cartoon on the Bush-Sharon meeting(For non-Americans - the characters at the door are Bush and wife)14/4/2005
Behind the smoke screen of the Gaza pulloutTanya Reinhart - Yediot Aharonot - Sharon travelled to the USA as a hero of peace, as if he had already evacuated Gaza and only the follow-up remained to be worked out. What has completely disappeared from the public agenda is what is happening meanwhile in the West Bank.14/4/2005
The Wall weaving through JerusalemLink to Stop the Wall13/4/2005
Living with the WallLink to Stop the Wall13/4/2005
Barbed Wire Ripping through Palestinian CommunitiesLink to Stop The Wall13/4/2005
Deir Yassin memorial A link to the site of Amutat "Zochrot" 13/4/2005
He still thinks he has the right to preach...Ehud Barak in the Guardian - Trust is built on realities - know thy `enemy` 13/4/2005
The New York Times Supports Thought Control: The Massad Case Edward Herman - ZNet Commentary - We are in another period of escalating attacks on civil liberties, with the Patriot Act, a lawless rightwing administration,open threats to retaliate against judicial failures to follow rightwing dictates, and perpetual aggression to create the justification for repressive policies at home. 18/4/2005
Israel Plays Down Discord with U.S. on SettlementsMatthew Tostevin - Reuters - Israel sought to play down differences with the United States Tuesday after President Bush told Prime Minister Ariel Sharon the Jewish state must not expand settlements in the occupied West Bank13/4/2005
Bush tactics with Israel will have to change soonBronwen Maddox - Times Online - GET Gaza out of the way, and then have a row, if necessary. Those seem to be the Bush Administration`s tactics in dealing with Israel, judging by this week`s summit in Crawford, Texas. 13/4/2005
House of Slameh Shkerat - Dec 6 2004Jabal El-Mukaber, Jerusalem13/4/2005
Salt of the EarthNahum Barnea - Ynetnews - Who said the settlers deserve special status in Israeli society? ...there is security logic to separation. But there’s more: different laws for different groups. Settlers are salt of the earth, Palestinans are dust of the earth. In South Africa, this was called APARTHEID. 13/4/2005
Is Abbas on the verge of collapsing? Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC - As time passes without any noticeable change on ground, Palestinians, who have seen Abbas as the savior, the leader who would bring a change, are losing confidence in the current process.13/4/2005
Amira Hass Reflects on Reporting Under OccupationAmy Goodman - Democracy Now - talks to Amira Hass the only Israeli reporter living and working in occupied Ramallah, Palestine13/4/2005
Far from Texas, in dire needJames Carroll - The Boston Globe - Does he (President Bush) see the ever more desperate plight of the Palestinian people? Having turned Iraq into a recruitment and training center for terrorists, can he see how the final collapse of peace between Israelis and Palestinians will fuel Arab and Muslim hatred of America? What is Bush waiting for? What good is the view if the rancher is blind? 12/4/2005
Palestinians see peace as a lost causeKhalid Amayreh - Aljazeera - The goal of Palestinian statehood looks increasingly beyond reach. The proposed expansion of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank has convinced many Palestinians, intellectuals and laymen alike, that peace with Israel is no longer within the realm of possibility. 12/4/2005
New York Times Supports McCarthyite Witch Hunt Juan Cole - - I am cancelling my subscription to the New York Times, and I urge others to do the same. 9/4/2005
US dressing down for SharonSuzanne Goldenberg - The Guardian - George Bush delivered an unusually stern public warning to Ariel Sharon against plans to expand Jewish settlement blocs in the West Bank, insists he will not permit settlement blocking off Palestinian East Jerusalem12/4/2005
Academic Boycott and the Israeli LeftOmar Barghouti and Lisa Taraki - PACBI* - Some of the most committed Israeli opponents of their state’s illegal military occupation of the Palestinian territories have recently expressed serious reservations about, if not strident opposition to, the Palestinian call for boycott** of Israel’s academic and cultural institutions. We think that their concerns are worth addressing. 11/4/2005
A Palestinian prison-state?Jeff Halper - Boston Globe - "One gets the impression that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is being set up for yet another generous `offer.` "11/4/2005
A Palestinian prison-state?Jeff Halper - The Boston Globe - One gets the impression that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is being set up for yet another ``generous offer".. which though fictitious, worked once. It is the responsibility of everyone seeking a just and endurable peace to ensure that it does not happen again. Viability is the devil in the details. 11/4/2005
Pushing for peace: US should demand an Israeli freeze on settlementsFinancial Times - Ariel Sharon`s last visit to the US, a year ago, was an enormous success for Israel. The prime minister returned home with unprecedented American concessions designed to reward him for his planned evacuation of the 7,000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip. 11/4/2005
Sharon`s Gamble Rides on BushJackson Diehl - The Washington Post - Rather than seek accord with the Palestinians, whom he knew would never accept his terms, Sharon sought to anchor his initiative in a deal with Bush, whom he asked for an endorsement of Israel`s eventual annexation of West Bank territory and its determination never to accept the return of Palestinian refugees. 11/4/2005
Ex-Mossad head says Israel risks religious coupThe Jordan Times - Reuters - Israel faces the danger of a coup by religious troops opposed to quitting the Gaza Strip if it does not stop far-right rabbis from preaching mutiny, a former head of the Mossad intelligence agency said on Sunday. 11/4/2005
Killing of three Gaza youths puts ceasefire under strainChris McGreal - The Guardian - The Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire, in place for two months, has been given its stiffest test by the Israeli army killing three teenagers in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, shortly before the prime minister, Ariel Sharon, left for a meeting in Texas today with President George Bush . 11/4/2005
The Politicide of Palestinian PeopleBaruch Kimmerling - Dissident Voice - The primary goal of the present government (of Israel ) is the destruction of the Palestinian Authority and the dismantling of the Oslo Accords. This can only be defined as the politicide of the Palestinian people, a gradual but systematic attempt to cause their annihilation as an independent political and social entity. 11/4/2005
Time to Reassess the Media Coverage of Israel Baruch Kimmerling - Dissident Voice - "I find myself puzzled by the uncritical and biased coverage of the Israeli political scene. All too often, the American media sounds just like a mouthpiece of the Israeli government`s propaganda"11/4/2005
Annexation Now Dan Tamir - Hagada Hasmalit - The author argues that "two-state solution" is impossible. The only solution is for Israel to annex the West Bank and Gaza Strip and give Israeli citizenship to all its inhabitants. Hagada Hasmalit 21 March 2005 8/4/2005
The biggest losers?Rima Merriman - The Jordan Times - "What, if anything, has the Israeli occupation of Palestine got to do with patriarchy -- specifically, abusive patriarchal Arab traditions?" 9/4/2005
Fatah legislator paints bleak scenarioKhalid Amayreh in the West Bank - - "A Palestinian legislator has warned that a genuine solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may no longer be possible, due to what he called Israel`s wanton settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem." 8/4/2005
Liberal education and aggressive nationalismBashir Abu-Manneh - Znet - The author discusses Israeli and US policy in the context of the current Columbia University controversy: "Beware when the powerful cry tears of victimhood. Beware when those tears seek to curtail legitimate academic discussion and silence the truth about Israel."9/4/2005
Peace by PiecesKhaled Duzdar -IPCRI - "Months have passed since Sharm el Sheikh and we still haven’t reached any real rebuilding confidence and trust between the sides."9/4/2005
Remove the settlements, period!Khaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - "We don`t want to hear words about the illegality of the settlements," said an angry Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei this week. "We want action by the US and the international community and we want it now." 9/4/2005
`Let me fight my monsters` The Guardian - "Two years ago Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American protester, was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza. Since then she has become a potent symbol for both sides of the conflict. But who was the real Rachel? Katharine Viner, who has edited her writings for a new play, on an ordinary woman with an extraordinary passion."8/4/2005
Reject the Law of SilenceJohn Pilger - "New Statesman" - "From the BBC`s capitulation to the Israeli government, to the rush to eulogise a deeply reactionary Pope, pressure on the media is leading to insidious new state propaganda. " 8/4/2005
"Israel is the key to Bush`s Iraq strategy"Neve Gordon - Counterpunch - The "Palestine model" is being followed by the US in its occupation of Iraq: control of and responsibility for the population is subcontracted to locals while control of the land and its wealth is retained by the occupying power. 8/4/2005
Annexation Now Dan Tamir - Hagada Hasmalit - The author argues that a "two-state solution" is impossible. The only solution is for Israel to annex the West Bank and Gaza Strip and give Israeli citizenship to all its inhabitants. Hagada Hasmalit 21 March 20058/4/2005
Israel Downplays Bush`s Statements, Continues Settlement ExpansionIPC "The Israeli government declared that it would continue building more housing units at illegal settlements south of Jerusalem, in a clear undermining of the statements made by the US President George Bush and members of his administration, in which they called Israel to halt all settlement activities. "8/4/2005
Pulling investments in Israel will promote Mideast peace Hasan Newash and David Finkel - The Detroit News - During the past three years, a movement has begun, calling for divestment from companies engaged in business dealings with the Israeli military or with settlements in the occupied territories. 6/4/2005
The Matrix of ControlJeff Halper - ICAHD - A viable and truly sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel is an absolute prerequisite for a just and lasting peace; Israel needs a Palestinian state. Without a Palestine state Israel faces what it considers as two unacceptable options. 6/4/2005
Israeli youth rejects military service IMEMC and Agencies - An Israeli youth identified as Micha Hadar, 19, informed the Israeli military authorities that he will not join the military service, since he does not believe in violence as a means to solve conflicts.6/4/2005
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon: worthwhile steps before final settlementMichael Young - Al-Hayat - Amid ongoing discussions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on transforming the current truce into something durable, little attention has been paid to an issue that will one day come back to haunt final-status negotiations: the fate of Palestinian refugees living in Arab countries. 4/4/2005
Israeli Minister Tsipi Livni Acknowledges U.S. RiftAssociated Press - A senior Israeli Cabinet minister acknowledged Wednesday that serious differences exist between Israel and the United States over Jewish settlement expansion. 6/4/2005
Israel`s contribution to maintaining the calmShlomo Gazit - Ma`ariv - Without making war on the terrorist organizations, Abu Mazen succeeded in stopping terrorism. Our contribution to mutual confidence is to build thousands of new housing units in "Judea" and "Samaria" [sic] 6/4/2005
Israel`s next War?Dan Setton - Frontline - FRONTLINE goes deep inside the world of militant Jewish radicals who pose a grave new threat to Israeli security and, potentially, to the region. "The dream of these extremists" is to blow up the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, one of the most important holy sites in the Muslim world "should give us sleepless nights," says former Israeli Security Chief Avi Dichter. "Jewish terror is liable to create a serious strategic threat that will turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a conflict between thirteen million Jews and a billion Muslims all over the world." 5/4/2005
Boycott call resurfacesPolly Curtis - The Guardian - The campaign by some academics against Israeli universites will intensify at the Association of University Teachers` annual council this month. 5/4/2005
Dialogue on the Left - Raz and RavonTwo Israeli leftists discuss the meaning of the low turnout at the 19 March demonstration in support of "Disengagement" - 4 April 20054/4/2005
Indifferent to death: tragedy of the traumatised children of the IntifadaSandra Jordan - The Observer - Daily acts of violence may be leaving Gaza`s youngsters too emotionally scarred to adjust to a life of peace.4/4/2005
Indifferent to death: tragedy of the traumatised children of the Intifada Sandra Jordan - The Observer - Daily acts of violence may be leaving Gaza`s youngsters too emotionally scarred to adjust to a life of peace. 4/4/2005
Israeli AttacksJohn Petrovato - ZNet - The upswing of attacks against non-combatant Palestinians by both the Israeli military as well as Israeli civilians who are illegally residing in the Palestinian West Bank, is not reported in the US press. 4/4/2005
Sharon Exploits Apparent U.S. Confusion over Settlements MIFTAH - There was absolutely no need for the U.S. confusion. To begin with, international law, as well as the U.S.-sponsored road map to peace in the Middle East, is unambiguous: the first says settlements on Occupied Territories are illegal; the second says Israel should freeze settlement activity.3/4/2005
Why do they collaborate?V. Buch - "Why do mainstream Israelis collaborate with the Occupation? Most of them are unenthusiastic about the settlement enterprise. You may often hear from them “I do not support the settlers”… “I would gladly give up the Territories for peace”. And while the nationalist hype exists in Israel, it is limited. "2/4/2005
Panel`s Report On Faculty At Columbia Spurs DebateKaren W. Arenson - The New York Times - The release of a faculty report on complaints that pro-Palestinian professors at Columbia University had intimidated Zionist students triggered new campus debates yesterday on issues of intimidation and academic freedom. 1/4/2005
Israel and the Occupied Territories: Conflict, occupation and patriarchy - Women carry the burdenAmnesty International - The spiraling violence and killings in Israel and the Occupied Territories in the past four and a half years has brought untold suffering to the Palestinian and Israeli civilian populations. More then 3,200 Palestinians, including more than 600 children and more than 150 women have been killed by Israeli forces, and more than 1,000 Israelis, including more than 100 children and some 200 women were killed by Palestinian armed groups. Most of the victims were unarmed civilians who were not taking part in any armed confrontations. Thousands more have been injured, many of them maimed for life. 1/4/2005
Truce can`t stand the murder of children-analysis Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC - On Saturday afternoon, Israeli soldiers stationed near the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah opened fire at a group of Palestinian children playing soccer at an open field, killing three of them. 11/4/2005
Peace times more dangerous than crisis periods Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC - The planning-construction process of the Har Homa settlement north of the West bank city of Bethlehem, took place over an extended period following the signing of the Oslo accords between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization {PLO}. 11/4/2005
Why Is the US Scaring Me?BARUCH KIMMERLING - Counter Punch -"Following the events of September 11, 2001, which were tragic and traumatic indeed, I am increasingly disappointed by the American government and its unbearable willingness to jettison the basic principles of American liberalism and enlightenment both domestically and abroad."1/4/2005
Obstacles to PeaceMarcus Cuel - The Palestine Monitor - No Comment: Israeli Army clashes with Palestinian Police in the Old City of Hebron - March 2005 11/4/2005
Israel’s ‘Security’ Follows Confused LogicMIFTAH - In response to threats by Jewish settlers to invade the Haram al-Sharif compound in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israeli police have heightened security and deployed about 3,000 police in the area as a preemptive measure against possible Palestinian responses. 9/4/2005
Life, Sustenance and Love: The Ambulance, the Olive Tree and FerasAnne Gwynne - Washington Report - "I HAVE DECIDED it is as well to sleep here tonight at the center run by the PMRS (Palesinian Medical Relief Society, formerly the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees), because it is too dangerous to return home—only a 15-minute walk away."11/4/2005
Life, Sustenance and Love: The Ambulance, the Olive Tree and FerasAnne Gwynne - Washington Report - "I have decided it is as well to sleep here tonight at the center run by the PMRS (Palesinian Medical Relief Society, formerly the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees), because it is too dangerous to return home—only a 15-minute walk away."11/4/2005
Media Grossly Exaggerate Palestinian Voter TurnoutAli Abunimah - Electronic Intifada - How many Palestinians in the occupied territories actually voted in the Jan. 9 election for president of the Palestinian Authority? Reports from several major news organizations are misleadingly stating or giving the impression that nearly 70 percent of potential Palestinian voters in the occupied territories voted. In fact, the number is well below 50 percent. 11/4/2005
Zionism`s Bad Conscience Joel Kovel - "Neither understanding nor sympathy can nullify the judgment that Zionism set the stage for the present hellish outcome. And this has a great deal to do with the fact that the notion of a democratic Jewish state, despite its allure, is a logical impossibility and a trap.10/4/2005
Report from the Upper West BankJohn Giuffo - Village Voice - Analysis of the controversy surrounding Columbia University professor Joseph Massad, accused of intimidating anti-Palestinian students.10/4/2005
Upheaval in the security servicesOmar Karmi - Palestine Report - UPHEAVAL OF the security forces dominated the week’s news, after armed men went on a rampage in Ramallah protesting what they saw as a PA failure to support and protect them. 7/4/2005
Don’t Shoot the Croupier!Uri Avnery - As a decent person, I am supposed to feel compassion for the Gush Katif settlers...But however much I try, I really cannot feel much pity for them...Every settler without exception knew that he or she was moving to an area conquered in war, where another people lives, and which, moreover, was never annexed to Israel. In other words: he wagered on his future. 10/4/2005
The 57th anniversary of the Deir Yassin MassacreMahsom - Editorial Board - Yeshurun Schiff, the adjutant to the Hagana commander in Jerusalem who was in Deir Yassin during the massacre, described thus what his eyes saw: “It was a beautiful spring day, the almond trees were blooming, there were flowers all around, and everywhere there was the stink of death, a strong smell of blood, and the strong stench of bodies burnt in the quarry.” 10/4/2005
57th anniversary of the Deir Yassin MassacreMahsom Editorial Board - Yeshurun Schiff, the adjutant to the Hagana commander in Jerusalem who was in Deir Yassin during the massacre, described thus what his eyes saw: “It was a beautiful spring day, the almond trees were blooming, there were flowers all around, and everywhere there was the stink of death, a strong smell of blood, and the strong stench of bodies burnt in the quarry.” 10/4/2005
Statewide Academic Union Calls for University of Wisconsin IsraelAl-Awda Wisconsin - "The Association of University of Wisconsin Professionals (TAUWP) has adopted a resolution that calls on the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents to divest from companies that provide the Israeli Army with weapons, equipment, and supporting systems." 29/4/2005
Boycott will do nothing to change Israeli policyBaruch Kimmerling - Times Higher Education supplement - Rather than leave academics out in the cold, Baruch Kimmerling says scholars should reach out to all colleagues in the Middle East 29/4/2005
The Case for Selective SanctionsHenri Picciotto - Jewish Voice for Peace - Some members of Jewish Voice for Peace raised the question of how to escalate our nonviolent activism, and the possibility of calling for sanctions against the Israeli government. Many of us are frustrated by the contrast between the horrors of the situation and our inability to effect immediate, sweeping change. Still, we have to keep reminding ourselves that frustration alone is not sufficient foundation for policy, as it provides no useful way to evaluate competing strategies. 26/4/2005
Ten measures descended on the worldReuven Abergil - Hagada Hasmalit - Bimat Smol - a veteran Israeli activist discusses bureaucratic obstacles and other forms of oppression used against Palestinians in Jerusalem and the surrounding villages27/4/2005
U.S. accused of pro-Israel bias at 2000 Camp David - Nathan Guttman - Aron Miller, a senior member of the U.S. peace team during the 2000 Camp David talks has accused the United States of adopting a distinct pro-Israeli policy that, together with other mistakes, led to the failure of the negotiations between Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat. 29/4/2005
Rand Studies Make Reccomendations for a Successful Palestiniam State Rand Corporation - News Release - The proposals — including a landmark rail, highway and infrastructure link between the West Bank and Gaza that would open the door to dramatic new development in Palestine — would give Palestinians new access to jobs, food, water, education, health care, housing and public services. 27/4/2005
Israelis Resist the Arabs in Their MidstFerry Biedermann - Inter Press Service - A string of recent polls, events and policy issues shows that both popular and official attitudes toward the country`s Arab minority remain problematic. 28/4/2005
Boston meeting with `Women in Blue and White`Hanna Barag - Mahsomwatch - an Israeli peace activist relates her experience with a pro-occupation group in the US 17/4/2005
Facing the destruction of the Palestinian agriculture by settlers, and trying to assist the Palestinian farmersBy Beny Gefen, an Israeli peace activist17/4/2005
Some thoughts on the academic boycottComments by an Occupation Magazine editor - V. Buch - Some are proposing a boycott of Israeli academics because of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The US and UK have brutally murdered thousands of innocent Iraqis in the past two years - should we boycott academics from those countries too? 17/4/2005
Caterpillar shareholders refuse to reconsider sales to IsraelRan Dagoni - Globes Online - A victory for Israel in the US: "Jewish activists regard the pro-Palestinian initiative at Caterpillar as another link in a chain of initiatives for delegitimizing business with Israel, along the same lines as the campaign against the apartheid regime in South Africa." 16/4/2005
NYC Activists Call for End of CAT`s Support for Israeli Human Rights AbusesEI - "In Manhattan yesterday, sixty human rights activists marked the International Day of Action Against Caterpillar by protesting outside of the Manhattan office of Caterpillar Board member Gail Fosler."16/4/2005
Contemplating the context of occupationSam Bahour - calls our attention to some of the practices of the "objective" and "enlightened" Israeli media/16/4/2005
Don`t boycott us, plead Israeli academics Polly Curtis - The Guardian - Israeli academics are appealing to members of the Association of University Teachers not to back an academic boycott of a number of their institutions. 18/4/2005
What does it mean to disengage?Maia Carter Hallward - an analysis of the current disengagement and the motives for it. The author argues that Sharon is planning two things: to distract attention from the West Bank and to put on another Yamit-style "national trauma" show, which he hopes will make it easier for Israel to keep the West Bank settlement blocs19/4/2005
The Case Against Alan Dershowitz Regan Boychuk - Public Committee Against Torture in Israel vs. Dershowitz - More than three years after Professor Dershowitz claims torture had stopped, PCATI reported: "Each month, the ill-treatment reaching the level of torture as defined in international law is inflicted in dozens of cases, and possibly more. In other words -- torture in Israel has once more become routine." 18/4/2005
It`s Not the Boycott, Stupid, It`s the OccupationUri Ram - Ben Gurion University - The angry responses in Israel to the decision passed by the Association of University Lecturers in Britain to boycott two Israeli universities, Bar Ilan and Haifa, because of their acquiescence with the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, have, as usual, succeeded in diverting attention from the main issue – the occupation, to the secondary issue of the boycott. 27/4/2005
Moving checkpointsDaoud Kuttab - The Jerusalem Post - "The more likely scenario is that the Israelis are preparing for a new border crossing point between the north and south West Bank, as well as between the northern Jerusalem neighborhoods and Ramallah... The most troubling aspect of these "concrete" changes is not so much what exactly will become of this or that location, but the utter helplessness I and so many other Palestinians feel in the face of it."27/4/2005
New York Times Minimizes Palestinian DeathsAlison Weir - Counter Punch - The Perversions of Daniel Okrent: "A little over a week ago, some members of our organization, If Americans Knew, met with New York Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent to discuss the findings of a detailed study we had completed of two years worth of Times news stories on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Okrent was going to be writing a column discussing the paper’s coverage of Israel/Palestine, and we felt our study would be an important resource." 26/4/2005
You brought the boycott upon yourselves Gush Shalom letter to Bar Ilan University 26/4/2005
Israeli Authorities must put an End to Settler violenceAmnesty International - Press release - Amnesty International calls on the Israeli authorities to investigate recent incidents of poisoning of Palestinian fields and the increasingly frequent attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinian villagers in the West Bank. Such acts must not be allowed to continue. 26/4/2005
Rupture And Return: A Mizrahi Perspective On The Zionist DiscourseElla Shohat - The MIT Electronic Journal of Middle East Studies - Eurocentric norms of scholarship have had dire consequences for the representation of Palestinian and Mizrahi history, culture and identity. In this paper I would like to examine some of the foundational premises and substratal axioms of hegemonic discourse about Middle Eastern Jews (known in the last decade as “Mizrahim”).26/4/2005
The Meaning of Academic BoycottBaruch Kimmerling - Against the boycott: "I will be the first to admit that Israeli academic institutions are part and parcel of the oppressive Israeli state that has, among other acts of foolishness and villainy, committed grave crimes against the Palestinian people. (However) A successful boycott will have a boomerang effect by cementing the dependence of Israeli academic institutions and their members on an increasingly capricious government." 26/4/2005
Israeli universities condemn British boycott decisionAssociated Press - Two Israeli universities targeted in a boycott by Britain`s biggest university teachers` union condemned the decision on Monday, calling it shameful and a blow to academic freedom. 25/4/2005
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