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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Drumont`s Jewish disciple By Adam Keller - Gush Shalom - In 1886 the French antisemite Edouard Drumont published `La France Juive` (Jewish France), creating the false nightmarish image of a France dominated by Jews, and sowing the poisonous seeds which came to fruit when Vichi French officials collaborated in the mass murder of French Jewry. The present-day British-Jewish writer Gisèle Littman aka "Bat Yeor", follows in Drumont`s notorious footsteps. Her book "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis", now given a Hebrew edition courtesy of the Shocken Publishing House, creates the false nightmarish image of a Europe dominated by Arabs and Muslims, with the obvious intention of driving Europeans into a continent-wide orgy of hatred and violence against the Muslim immigrants who are now a significant ethnic minority throughout the continent. 29/8/2008
Palestinians May Demand CitizenshipBruised Earth-"Rather, much of the impetus in continuing the so-called ‘roadmap’ is to create a prison (sorry, a broken, weak and non-contiguous Palestinian State) to deposit the non-Jewish (Arab) residents of Israel - to legitimize the final ’solution’ to the world as working for peace on behalf of the Palestinians."29/8/2008
Occupation by Another NameRan HaCohen - Antiwar - "The two-state solution, proposed by the UN 60 years ago and endorsed by the Palestinians 20 years ago, is still unacceptable to Israel`s military and political leadership." 27/8/2008
Obsessed with the LeftYair Lapid - Ynet - "The Left says, the Left thinks, the Left does, the Left aspires – in short, the Left is at fault for everything." 27/8/2008
Israeli settlement growth nearly doubles since 2007AFP - The international community considers all Israeli settlements in the occupied territories to be illegal, and the Palestinians view the settlements as the main obstacle to reaching a full peace agreement.26/8/2008
`Israel`s Achilles heel exposed `?Herb Keinon - Jerusalem Post - A method that proved to work: employing the media as an instrument to force Israel to buckle under 26/8/2008
Disarming the bomb in the basementKhaled Diab - - Israel`s weapons policy jeopardises the country`s own security and undermines efforts to create a nuclear-free Middle East25/8/2008
The long silence: American Jews and the PalestiniansHoward Lisnoff - Counterpunch - As Israeli settlements expand in the West Bank and the blockade of the Gaza Strip continues, I can no longer remain silent.24/8/2008
Soldier`s captivity epitomizes Olmert ruleOakland Ross-, Toronto Star-"Hamas is willing to wait until Israel pays the full price it demands." That price is huge, including release of more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, many with "blood on their hands," as Israelis say of militants engaged in violence."22/8/2008
The only alternative to two states is conflict Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - In fact, the only alternative to the two-state solution is the continuation of confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians with all the negative consequences this will have on the regional level. There are only two options for Israelis and Palestinians: conflict or ending the occupation according to international law and allowing Palestinians to establish an independent state on all territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem.- 21/8/2008
Encountering Peace: What Olmert has to complete before exitingGERSHON BASKIN - J-lem POst - "It is probably too late for Olmert to make good on most of his other promises (removing outposts, freezing settlement building, reaching an agreement with Abbas, cleaning up government, election reform, etc.), it is not too late for him to bring Gilad Shalit home." 20/8/2008
Perils of an Israeli Transition Editorial - NYT - "There has always been a wide gap between what Mr. Olmert understands about the need for a peace settlement and what he has done about it."20/8/2008
Why Bush Will Pardon AIPAC for Espionage Grant F. Smith - antiwar - "The files reveal that stalling tactics – and most critically, regime change in Washington – provide ample opportunity for the Israel lobby to subvert due process." 20/8/2008
Time to change strategy - an interview with Eyad SarrajBitterlemons - Israel, with the encroachment of its army and settlers on land that is supposed to form the basis of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, is in effect decreasing the practical likelihood of a Palestinian state emerging. 19/8/2008
Large picture lostKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - With Fatah clamping down hard on Hamas in the West Bank, Palestinian unity is the clearest victim18/8/2008
The anger, the longing, the hopeUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Instead of reading the intelligence reports, you should have read our poets."17/8/2008
Gaza`s shocking devastationHarry Shannon-Hamilton Spectator-"As a Jew, I, too, am ashamed and disgusted at what is happening. Yes, Israel needs security. But what is happening goes far beyond security needs. Israel`s actions amount to collective punishment, forbidden under international law. I am ashamed that the Harper government has tilted toward unconditional support for Israel against the Palestinians. The current policy is unconscionable, as anyone who visits Gaza can see only too well."15/8/2008
Here We Go `Round the Mulberry Bush Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - In all cases, the people are the key to any lasting solution. The Palestinian people are clear about one thing. Without an end to the Israeli occupation on their land, neither Abbas nor Olmert can convince them to accept anything less.14/8/2008
"Israeli policy won`t change with a new PM" Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al-Omrani - The Electronic Intifada - Whoever takes the reins of government in Israel, few local commentators expect any significant change in terms of long-standing Israeli policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians. These policies include frequent military assaults (often resulting in high civilian death tolls) and assassinations in Palestinian areas, the hermetic siege of the Gaza Strip and the continued construction of Jewish-only settlements on occupied Palestinian land. 14/8/2008
America`s Israeli-Occupied MediaPhilip Giraldi - - "Many Israelis not surprisingly believe it is in their interest to convince the United States to attack Iran so that Israel will not have to do it, and they are hell-bent on bringing that about."13/8/2008
On borrowed time Yossi Beilin - Bitter Lemons - "Negotiations will have to address the location of the 1967 border. Since this border was never demarcated, these will be complex talks and will take months. Nearly all the other issues were already agreed at Shepherdstown in January 2000 and need not be reopened."13/8/2008
What is missing or hidden in the Olmert plan?Gershon Baskin - AMIN - "Absent from the plan is any mention of Jerusalem." 13/8/2008
No reason for prideB. Michael - Ynet - "All those hundreds (or is it thousands?) of soldiers, officers, Mossad agents and Shin Bet men who are traveling around the world and selling the violent and dark skills they acquired here – seemingly only to protect their own citizens – are mercenaries in every way." 13/8/2008
The world`s media: pulling out of Israel?Seth Freedman - Guardian - "Foreign correspondents (or, as one poster preferred, "biased leftist pro-Arab loonies") were not welcome on these shores." 6/8/2008
An added complication in a bleak picture : an interview with George Giacaman Bitterlemons - Giacaman: Since the beginning of the Annapolis process there have been plenty of commentators--Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, US and European--who are not optimistic. This pessimism appears to have been borne out by subsequent events, unless there is a last minute surprise, which I think one should not completely rule out no matter how bleak the picture looks now. Still, hardly anyone seems optimistic, including President Mahmoud Abbas. 5/8/2008
In Gaza, a Blurry Line Between Enemies and Friends ETHAN BRONNER - The New York Times - In truth, the relationship between the Fatah leadership in the West Bank and the Hilles clan was poor. President Mahmoud Abbas, the head of Fatah, who is allied with other former Fatah leaders in Gaza, was angry that the Hilles clan stood on the sideline when street fighting broke out between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza in June 2007. Some Hilles members are with Hamas. And generally the clan cares about itself more than about either party. Send them back, Mr. Abbas told the Israelis5/8/2008
Syrian leader gets top billing in Middle East by doing nothingRobert Fisk - The Independent - President Bashar al-Assad is once more one of the "triple pillars" of the Middle East. We may not like that. George Bush may curse the day his invasion of Iraq helped to shore up the power of the Caliph of Damascus. But Mr Assad`s latest trip to Tehran – just three weeks after he helped to toast the overthrow of the King of France beside President Nicolas Sarkozy – seals his place in history. Without a shot being fired, Mr Assad has ensured anyone who wants anything in the Middle East has got to talk to Syria. He`s done nothing – and he`s won. 5/8/2008
A Stamp for Letters to the Edge of MadnessGershom Gorenberg - South Jerusalem - The Israeli Post Office has issued a stamp commemorating the settlements of Gush Katif in Gaza - the settlements evacuated by the Israeli goverment in 2005. The stamp shows an orange ribbon, originally the symbol of the furious protest movement against the withdrawal. Today the ribbon is the icon of those who have never forgiven the state for evacuating settlements from occupied territory. 5/8/2008
Neocon flap highlights Jewish divideDaniel Luban and Jim Lobe - EI - "The controversy began 24 June, when Klein argued in a TIME blog post that the ‘fact that a great many Jewish neoconservatives -- people like [independent Democrat Sen.] Joe Lieberman and the crowd at Commentary -- plumped for this war [in Iraq], and now for an even more foolish assault on Iran, raised the question of divided loyalties.’ […] What distinguishes the recent furor over Klein, however, is that it involves someone who is widely regarded as an exemplar of the centrist political establishment"4/8/2008
Hollow TimeUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "The final summing-up of the Olmert era: not the smallest real step toward peace has been taken. The historic peace initiative of the Arab League has been buried. The secular, peace-seeking Palestinian leadership has been almost destroyed, paving the way for the Hamas takeover in the Gaza strip, and perhaps also in the West Bank. Not one single hut in a settlement was dismantled, and the settlements have been enlarged everywhere"4/8/2008
My crime was to tell the truth [About the film Jenin, Jenin]Mohammad Bakri - EI - " Israel raised a storm about this film. It recruited all its ambassadors to combat it and prevent it from reaching the world`s screens. And it succeeded... Israel defamed my reputation on its screens, in its newspapers and from the podium of the Knesset, accusing me of terrorism. In the eyes of some I was no better than Bin Laden! I, who have been struggling for peace for 35 years? "3/8/2008
Documentary `The Israel lobby - The influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy English version-- An episode of the Dutch documentary program "Tegenlicht" about the Israel lobby in the USA. This documentary (April 2007) was created as a result of the controversy created by Mearsheimer and Walt`s "The Israel Lobby" article. Featuring interviews with Mearsheimer, geostrategist Lawrence Wikerson, Richard Perle, historian and critic Tony Judt, John Hagee, former Congressman Earl Hilliard, Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch, Michael Massing and Daniel Levy. `Tegenlicht` (`Backlight`) is a program from the Dutch VPRO public television. English elucidation at the VPRO website: 3/8/2008
Closed Military Zone Haggai Matar- - The Alternative Information Center - " An additional tradition born in Naalin in the past few months, apart from the three demonstrations weekly, occurs at the beginning of the Sabbath. Then, hundreds of villagers go out toward the valley and the settlement for an additional demonstration. They are equipped with drums and whistles and shout in megaphones one main message: as long as Naalin isn’t quiet, it will not be quiet in Heshmonaim. However, in Heshmonaim it is actually quiet... The tens of demonstrations in the past two months were barely felt in Heshmonaim " 3/8/2008
Soldiers charged with assault yelled `Arabs must die`Hanan Greenberg - Ynet News - Indictments filed against four soldiers serving as security guards at naval facility accused of shocking racially-motivated assault against group of Druze youths at Atlit beach, one victim a Border Police officer. 2/8/2008
Candidate who wants Olmert`s job once `sought deaths of 70 Palestinians a day`Donald Macintyre - The Independent - A leading candidate to be Israel`s next premier called for a death toll of 70 Palestinians a day when he was head of the military during the second intifada, according to a best-selling book by two Israeli journalists 2/8/2008
Museum in Gaza to Display Area`s Rich Cultural HistoryETHAN BRONNER - Middle East Times - It may sound like the escapist indulgence of a well-fed man fleeing the misery around him. But when Jawdat Khoudary opens the first ever museum of archeology in Gaza this month, it will be an act of Palestinian patriotism, showing how this increasingly poor and isolated coastal strip ruled by the Islamists of Hamas was once a thriving multicultural crossroad. 1/8/2008
Do not pass goSaleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram Weekly - Listening to what Abdullah Abdullah, prominent Fatah leader and head of the PLC`s political committee, has to say, the impression is that a lot of time will pass before the national dialogue begins given the depth of the rift separating the positions of Fatah and Hamas. Abdullah told Al-Ahram Weekly that no dialogue will take place until after the split is resolved and the "overthrow" ends. Until the Palestinians are united under a single leadership, government dialogue, he says, will remain illusory.1/8/2008
Hottentot moralityUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "If he steals my cow, that is bad. If I steal his cow, that is good" - this moral rule was attributed by European racists to the Hottentots, an ancient tribe in Southern Africa. It`s hard not to be reminded of this when the United States and the European countries cry out against Russia`s recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. What`s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, as the saying goes. What`s true for Kosovo is no less true for Abkhazia and South Ossetia.31/8/2008
Barak admits Gaza truce success BBC News - Israel`s defence minister has acknowledged a military invasion of Gaza would not stop cross-border rocket attacks by Palestinian militants. Mr Barak said if Israeli forces invaded Gaza and stayed there two years "destroying the Hamas regime down to the last office and the last activist... you control another people against their will". He said that such circumstances would strengthen Palestinians` support in Gaza for Hamas rather the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party.12/8/2008
Two states for two peoples: solution or illusion?Open Democracy - Israel/Palestine is not South Africa; nor is it Northern Ireland; nor is it directly analogous to a host of other international or historical trouble-spots. Each conflict has its own peculiar features and, for a solution to work, it needs to spring from the inside-out.12/8/2008
(Don’t) Teach Mahmoud Darwish Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin - AIC - "The Israeli left is willing to accept a Palestinian poet, but as a personal poet, i.e. by annulling his national identity. This distinction is problematic, particularly in relation to the poetry of Darwish: his political poetry is also personal and lyrical, just as his “personal” poetry is clearly political"11/8/2008
A knight on a gray horseUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Once every few days Livni meets with Abu Ala, the Palestinian representative, to tread the water of the fictitious negotiations. After more than a year, not a single article of the absurd putative "shelf agreement" has been settled. At this pace, peace can be expected in a century or two.10/8/2008
Israel must rein in settler movement, protect Palestinian childrenJoel Gulledge - Clarion Ledger/Commondreams - The day I was attacked, the Palestinian children with me were fortunate to escape unscathed. One result of my spilt American blood is that the Israeli military is now providing these children with an escort. However, just three days after my attack, my colleagues in CPT and other international volunteers witnessed the soldiers failing to escort the children the entire designated route; settlers hiding along the way began to throw rocks at the children.31/8/2008
How Arab normalization is undermining the boycott movementWassim al-Adel - The Electronic Intifada - While boycott and divestment campaigns in the West become more sophisticated and widespread, the Arab world`s longstanding boycott of Israel is being undermined by Arab governments, companies and businessmen. This attempt at no-concession normalization with Israel must be countered by all those working for justice in Palestine. The recent Adalah-NY campaign against Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev sheds light on the burgeoning relationship between Arab governments and businesses, and Israel. 31/8/2008
Citizens in a State-Solution NowBeate Zilversmidt- All human beings under our responsibility, also Palestinians, must be citizens in a state and enjoy full civil rights.30/8/2008
From Usurpation To Liberation: The Palestinian HopeDan Lieberman - Countercurrents - Yasser Arafat formed the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in an attempt to liberate the Palestinians from what he perceived as gross injustices and persecution. Israel`s occupation of Palestinian lands and oppressive tactics facilitated the Palestinians to embrace their common language, culture and history and to regain their rights. Israel`s oppressive policies forged a Palestinian national identity. 1/8/2008
The Devil`s hoofUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - This amounts to an ultimatum: If the Israelis miss this opportunity, which is still there, and if they continue to accelerate the settlement activity in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, the Palestinians will turn their backs on this solution. Instead, they will accept the annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories to Israel, i.e. Israeli rule over the entire country between the sea and the river, and struggle for equal civil rights within this state. Sari Nusseibeh calls this a "default alternative".24/8/2008
It`s Israel`s dilemmaElias Samo - "The Israelis have created their own bogey men and they will live or die with them."23/8/2008
Harsh words, but trueSeth Freedman - "Comment is free" - the Guardian - "Settlers are colonisers, just as the IDF is a force engaged in occupation, and any attempt to try to paint the scenario otherwise is both disingenuous and deceitful."23/8/2008
The Death of MahmoudTribute to Mahmoud Darwish, by South African poet Breyten Breytenbach, - Rootless Cosmopolitan. Also, translation of Darwish poem, published in "Mahmoud Darwish: Palestine`s Prophet of Humanism" - by Saifedean Ammous - 3 Quarks Daily.23/8/2008
Oh my golly, have they finally got it?Mitri I. Musleh - Ma`an - "The current events being played on the Palestinian/Israeli stage are a prime example of Israel’s strategy... In essence, it does not really matter which party is in power at the Knesset, the idea is to prolong the negotiations and dictate the terms of peace while continuing the Israeli siege of Palestinian lands, expelling Palestinians from Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza while continuing with the construction of the separation wall."23/8/2008
Family Politics and the New Gaza Crisis Ramzy Baroud - Ma`an - "The bombing of 25 July, the violence of 2 August, and the political repercussions they have generated have proven immensely harmful to Palestinian national interests and spoiled the prospects of political reconciliation, thus national unity, which in my opinion, was the very intent of the violence in the first place."23/8/2008
Indictments filed against officer, soldier involved in Naalin shootingHanan Greenberg - YNet News - The Military Judge Advocate General indicted Armor Corps Regiment 71 Commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Omri Bruberg and Staff-Sargebt L., who were involved in the Naalin shooting of a bound Palestinian detainee, for conduct unbecoming on Thursday.7/8/2008
PCHR Concerned over Preventing its Lawyers from Visiting Clients in Gaza PrisonsPCHR - Press Release - PCHR is extremely concerned over preventing the Center’s lawyers from visiting their clients detained by security forces of the Government in Gaza. The Centre views this prevention as a violation of the rule of law and relevant international standards, including the right of a client to meet an attorney. The Centre is concerned that this prevention might be motivated by illegal actions perpetrated against prisoners, including the use of torture and other forms of cruel and degrading treatment. 7/8/2008
Shame On Us Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Yes, we are in trouble. This time, we can not turn to the international community, to the United Nations or to peoples of conscience to come to our rescue. We cannot blame the Israeli occupation for our missteps. This time, we need to clean up our own mess and hope for a miracle that our people can move past this bloody chapter in our story. The truth is, we cannot look for salvation elsewhere. Only we can save us from ourselves 7/8/2008
Occupation has only corrupted Israel`s democracyAvraham B. Yehoshua - The Daily Star - In the West Bank the organs of jurisdiction operate in a completely different way. Palestinian lands are illegally confiscated. Jewish settlers act outside of the law and commit provocative acts harming Palestinians, rarely incurring any penal sanctions. Injustice and exploitation are an everyday occurrence, justified by references to security or the ideology of Greater Israel. 7/8/2008
As a Gesture to Abbas, Israel Says It Will Release About 150 Palestinian Prisoners ETHAN BRONNER - The New York Times -Fatah is in deep disarray, losing political ground to Hamas, which rules in Gaza, and both Mr. Abbas and Mr. Olmert clearly hope that the release of a range of Palestinians to Mr. Abbas will boost his troubled political standing. 7/8/2008
Olmert`s departure: The perfect alibi Hasan Abu Nimah - The Electronic Intifada - The negotiations continued through all this not because they were going to resolve the conflict, but merely because going through the motions was necessary for all the participants -- Israeli, Palestinian, American, European and Arab -- to justify their existence and at the same time defer the day when they might be held accountable for the fact that they have achieved absolutely nothing towards the "vision" of a two-state solution. 7/8/2008
Palestinian, Israeli Lawyers in ‘Dialogue and Action’ Program Palestine Media Center - The objective of the program was to train Palestinian and Israeli lawyers how to work from a human rights perspective that acknowledges the needs of both peoples. Through this newly acquired lens, the hope is that participants will help create opportunities for easing the conflict between the two peoples, form a critical mass dedicated to institutional change and reconciliation, and actively promote peace. 7/8/2008
Is it all lost?Gershon Baskin - AMIN - ...what needs to be done is quite clear: freeze all settlement building, including in Jerusalem, remove checkpoints and road blocks, free prisoners to President Abbas, strengthen the security coordination and cooperation without Israeli incursions, invite the US to mediate and present bridging proposals in the stalled negotiations and begin to transfer additional land and authority to the Palestinian government. If not, it is only a matter of time before the West Bank will turn into another Gaza. 9/8/2008
Sharon`s Legacy Nurit Peled (Israeli peace activist, who also lost her daughter Smadar in a suicide bombing) - 8/8/2008
Is it all lost? Gershon Baskin - AMIN - A Palestinian friend who is a senior official in the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah spoke with me this morning. Usually optimistic and positive, this morning she said to me “We lost it all; it is just a matter of time before the West Bank turns into Gaza”.8/8/2008
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