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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Colonization of Palestine Precludes PeaceJimmy Carter - - For more than a quarter century, Israeli policy has been in conflict with that of the United States and the international community.29/4/2006
The TrapUri Avnery - AMIR PERETZ is about to become Minister of Defense and he knows that it is a trap. So why is he doing it? 29/4/2006
A coalition is born Friday - Today`s Situation 28.4.06Robert Rosenberg - Ariga - "According to Israel Radio, ‘the government will strive to shape the permanent borders of the country while reducing the areas of settlement in Judea and Samaria." 29/4/2006
Breaking the Last Taboo : The United States of Israel? Robert Fisk - Counterpunch - "Stephen Walt towers over me as we walk in the Harvard sunshine past Eliot Street, a big man who needs to be big right now (he`s one of two authors of an academic paper on the influence of America`s Jewish lobby) but whose fame, or notoriety, depending on your point of view, is of no interest to him..."29/4/2006
A Lobby, Not a Conspiracy TONY JUDT , The New York Times , " In the eyes of a watching world, the fact that an Israeli soldier`s great-grandmother died in Treblinka will not excuse his own misbehavior. "28/4/2006
Gulf will quietly fund PalestiniansMiral Fahmy - The Jordan Times - "Wealthy Gulf Arab states will not let Hamas ministers go home empty-handed, wary that Shiite Iran might gain influence by filling the funding vacuum faced by the new Islamist Palestinian government, analysts said." 27/4/2006
EU says Israel key to avoiding Palestinian crisisReuters - "Israel, and not the European Union, holds the key to avoiding an economic disaster in the Palestinian territories, the bloc`s external relations Commissioner told EU lawmakers on Wednesday." 27/4/2006
Hamas says it could adopt Arab peace planAgence France Presse - "The Palestinian Hamas-led government said it was debating adopting a 2002 Arab peace plan which calls for the recognition of Israel in return for a restoration of pre-1967 borders." 27/4/2006
The Real Meaning of Deporting Hamas Members of Parliament Jonathan Cook - Dissident Voice - "Olmert could hardly campaign convincingly for a West Bank disengagement when it was clear Jewish settlers and soldiers would continue occupying a significant proportion of Palestinian land at the withdrawal’s end. So convergence is usefully, and misleadingly, supplanting disengagement." 27/4/2006
PFLP chief won`t face trial in killingAljazeera - "Israel`s attorney general has said that he did not find enough evidence to put on trial a senior Palestinian militant accused of masterminding the assassination of an Israeli cabinet minister." 27/4/2006
Israel and the Occupied Territories: Amnesty International calls for international action to prevent human rights deterioration in the West Bank and Gaza StripAmnesty International - "Amnesty International is calling on the governments of states who are High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, which concerns the protection of civilians in time of war, to take action to prevent a further dramatic worsening of the human rights situation of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. "26/4/2006
Prospects for two-state solution in Mideast receding: UN coordinatorAFP - "UN Middle East coordinator Alvaro de Soto warned the Security Council that prospects for a viable Palestinian state living in peace with Israel have receded."26/4/2006
Abbas must be allowed to be the linkGhassan Khatib - - "Ehud Olmert has so far continued the policies of former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon: closing the door on any political process in the face of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas while prompting a dramatic economic deterioration for, and humiliation of, Palestinians through draconian restrictions on movement. This has only served to contribute to the radicalization of Palestinian society and ultimately led to Hamas` parliamentary election victory in January"26/4/2006
Review: `The Wall and the Checkpoints`Maureen Clare Murphy - The Electronic Intifada - "In the near future, it would be worth doing a follow-up exhibition to The Wall and the Checkpoints, recently shown at the Darat al Funun in Amman, Jordan, which featured Palestinian artists’ work on that theme. To the individual fresh from the borders and checkpoints of the occupied Palestinian territories, the artwork already begs to be updated, for Israel’s grip there is becoming that more tight. "26/4/2006
Who is occupying whom? - TOI-Billboard, April 25, 2006The Other Israel - "The right to a state of the ... must be recognized. The threat to the existence of ... by ... must stop. But, who is actually occupying whom? "26/4/2006
YES MR. SOLANA, THE EU HAS ABANDONED THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLEAli Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada - ...That is all very well, but why is it then that the EU only acts against the Palestinians when they are perceived to be violating these principles? In recent weeks, dozens of Palestinian civilians have been killed by the Israeli army`s relentless, deliberate shelling of civilian areas in the Gaza Strip.26/4/2006
Hamas rejects bin Laden messageAl Jazeera - "What Osama bin Laden said is his opinion, but Hamas has its own positions which are different to the ones expressed by bin Laden," he (a spokesman for Hamas) said.25/4/2006
Who`s the dog? Who`s the tail? Uri Avnery - The American-Israeli symbiosis is unique and far too complex a phenomenon to be described as a simple conspiracy. I am sure that the two professors did not mean to do so. 23/4/2006
A letter from JerusalemCommentary on current events by Rev. Clarence Musgrave22/4/2006
`Justice and equality`Rima Merriman - The Jordan Times - "The dynamic between Israel and its strategic allies, on the one hand, and the Palestinians locked in their occupied land, in refugee camps and in Israeli prisons, on the other, is characterised by unilateral dictates from one powerful side and resistance by any means possible from the other. " 22/4/2006
Pushing Palestinians to the edgeKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram- "Suicide bombing returns to the Israeli-Palestinian scene as the Palestinians continue to be deprived by Israel of the basic necessities of life" 22/4/2006
Can Hamas Change to Political Organization?Mike Whitney -- -- "There is no longer any reasonable expectation that violence can succeed; it only strengthens the occupation and ensures greater suffering for Palestinians"21/4/2006
The Massacre at Qana, 10 Years LaterStanley Heller -- CounterPunch -- "Coincidentally enough the current attacks take place almost exactly ten years after a terrible Israeli massacre of Lebanese inside a UN compound in Lebanon (April 18, 1996). This was during the days Israel occupied southern Lebanon, when Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres was Prime Minister. During the election campaign Peres decided to have a little war to improve on his `dovish` image"21/4/2006
Hamas: Jordan fabricated arms storyKhaled Amayreh -- Aljazeera -- "Amman`s accusations of arms smuggling came less than two weeks after the Jordan-based Arab Bank stopped all financial dealings with the Palestinian government, Palestinian banking officials said. A banking official in the West Bank told Al that the Arab Bank was afraid of possible US retributions"21/4/2006
UK wants `normal relations` with HamasYnet - "British foreign secretary says country wishes to hold ties with Hamas-led government as it had with previous Palestinian governments, adds UK must seek ways to financially aid PA "20/4/2006
Gush Shalom: commentary on day of suicide bombingAdam Keller - Gush Shalom - we saw an email coming from overseas to the Gush Shalom mailbox, a very short one: "Any comment on the latest terror attack assholes?" 18/4/2006
Olmert - dreaming in technicolourGwynne Dyer - Jordan Times - Olmert`s chief of staff Yoram Turbowicz is dead wrong in assuming that US support will be enough to make the change in Israel`s borders legal, permanent and widely accepted. The world does not work like that17/4/2006
Interview with former Senator AbourezkKevin Zeese - Counterpunch - "because the Congress is pretty much reliant on money from radical Zionists, stopping the flow of American taxpayers` money to Israel will not come soon"17/4/2006
Hamas plans aheadAl-Ahram - Amid rising tensions between the newly formed Palestinian Hamas government and Israel, Erica Silverman in Ramallah interviews Hamas member and Parliament Speaker Abdul-Aziz Duwaik - "So many Israelis have said for so many years, "they are going to throw us into the sea." What sea? We do not even have access to the sea. We do not even have the ability to import medical supplies. We do not even have access to the Grand Mosque in Jerusalem. What are they talking about?"17/4/2006
"The Trees Went Forth"Uri Avnery provides a detailed look from behind the scene at the biography of Ehud Olmert, and the prospects for his term in office 15/4/2006
The Troops are Frustrated From the Desk of Reuven Kaminer (Veteran Israeli peace activist) - The prestige of their superiors, the leaders of the strongest power in the region and its generals is damaged and that hurts more than anything else. What shall we do? Golda Meir said she hated the Palestinians for forcing us to do things to them that we did not want to do.15/4/2006
AIPAC`s complaintEric Alterman - The Nation - while it contains the word "American" in its name, AIPAC does Israel`s bidding, pure and simple. 15/4/2006
Talk to usSameer Abu Aisheh - Bitterlemons - an interview with the Palestinian Authority Minister of Planning15/4/2006
A call for cool heads Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is unique because of the extent to which the two parties are dependant on the international community15/4/2006
Mearsheimer, Walt and Corrie -- the Lobby and the BulldozerNorman Solomon -- CounterPunch -- "For several decades, to the present moment, Israel`s treatment of Palestinian people has amounted to methodical and despicable violations of human rights. Yet criticism of those policies from anyone (including American Jews such as myself) routinely results in accusations of anti-Jewish bigotry"14/4/2006
Paradise NowPeter Bradshaw -- The Guardian -- "Paradise Now takes its place in the traditional choreography of our liberal debate about terrorism: the question of whether the suicide bombings are justified is generally answered in the negative, though with the proviso that they have to be explained or contextualised" 14/4/2006
Viewpoint: US attitude to Hamas and the parallel with NicaraguaRamzy Baroud -- Middle East Times -- "The bottom line is that the stage is set for Palestinians to pay, for Israel`s illegal settlements policy to be officiated as part of the country`s permanent borders and for the US to prolong its international campaign of economic and political suffocation"14/4/2006
The Big WinkUri Avnery - A true leader will want to set up a coalition that will enable him to realize his vision. But a Prime Minister who is a politician - and nothing but a politician - is simply interested in a coalition that makes life easier for himself. 9/4/2006
Israeli Election 2006: Kicking the System Analysis by Assaf Oron,Israeli Peace Activist9/4/2006
Israel gives cold shoulder to Hamas overture : Haniyya indicates willingness to talkDaily Star - "Confusion swirled around the Palestinian Authority`s Hamas-led government Wednesday after conflicting reports of unprecedented overture to Israel via the United Nations."6/4/2006
When vigilance undermines freedom of speechMark Mazower - Financial Times - What is striking is less the substance of Walt and Mearsheimer`s argument than the outraged reaction: to all intents and purposes, discussing the US-Israel special relationship still remains taboo in the US media mainstream 5/4/2006
The Israel lobby and beyond: why the US may be acting against its own interests in the Middle EastMichael Neumann - Counterpunch - Professors Walt and Mearsheimer`s "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" is an important contribution to the Israel/Palestine debate. It`s too bad the important stuff got lost in the melodrama. What really matters is whether support for Israel serves US interests. If it does, why on earth would we care about a pro-Israel lobby? 5/4/2006
No horizon for a settlement Ali Jarbawi - Bitterlemons - political trends in Israel are moving right. When the Kadima party is considered centrist, the center is effectively moving right. The significant political consequence of this is that any future dealings with the Palestinians and any political settlement will be more extreme and radical than in the past5/4/2006
No clear direction Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - the Israeli elections reflected a slight change away from the rightwing policies of Sharon, but they also showed confusion, indecisiveness and hesitation5/4/2006
Breakthrough to a governmentRobert Rosenberg - Ariga - Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Labor Party Chairman Amir Peretz held an afternoon press conference today where they announced they will make every effort to expedite the formation of a government5/4/2006
Another brick in the wallRobert Fisk - The Independent - "Israelis deserve peace and security as much as Palestinians. But "new" and expanded "controversial" Israeli frontiers will not bring peace or security to either. If I were an Israeli I would have built a wall, but not as a way of stealing land." 4/4/2006
A Letter from JerusalemClarence Musgrave - "Unfortunately, when a boundary is set for one people, it impinges on other people, and this is the case with the views being put forward at present by those who would like to be the next Israeli Government."4/4/2006
"Blessed are the Peacemakers" - Preface to the German edition of Beyond ChutzpahFelicia Langer - Portside - " The hysteria about a "new anti-Semitism" serves not only to silence legitimate criticism of Israel, but also to deflect attention from violations of international law and elementary human rights. " 3/4/2006
The myth of the ‘honest broker’: Britain and Israel Mark Curtis - - IMEMC News " Growing links between the British and Israeli militaries have just resulted in one Israeli company, Elbit systems, receiving a £317 million contract from the Ministry of Defence. The MoD has trialled an Israeli-built anti-tank missile despite its use against civilians in the occupied territories. " 2/4/2006
The Israeli Elections – Elusive StabilityReuven Kaminer (veteran Israeli activist) - A funny thing happened to the Israeli bourgeois on its way to dismantling the last remains of the welfare state and privatizing its way through those pearly gates into a globalized heaven. 2/4/2006
Olmert will converge; the occupation will continueMenachem Klein - Ynet - Unilateral withdrawal will create a border three times as long, convert every soldier into a target for guerrilla war and will not put an end to the occupation 1/4/2006
Children on their way to school in Nazlat-Issa Photo by Vera Reider. 1/4/2006
on beauty, checkpoints and metaphorsBy Aya Kaniuk - link to to - Reports from the West Bank1/4/2006
Innocence Killing InnocenceSam Bahour - AMIN - "This week’s suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, which took nine innocent Israeli lives and one innocent Palestinian life, was the most predictable act by any novice observer of the ongoing conflict.. Suicide bombings feed modern media, whereas, a decades old military occupation feeds on the occupied. "24/4/2006
The Little Mermaid on Highway Six: Rooting for ordinary Israelis to wake upDeb Reich - "Palestinian children are not made for war, any more than Israeli children are made for war. Yet while the politicians jockey for power, our Israeli mothers go on loyally sending their children to join the army and terrorize the neighbors, as if that were a normal thing to do, believing it their duty to the nation; and Palestinian mothers continue to live in fear when their kids sneak out to throw stones at the tanks those Israeli kids are driving, and sometimes they come back in a box."24/4/2006
African National Congress: An Inspiration for PalestiniansBangani Ngeleza and Adri Nieuwhof- The Electronic Intifada -"..we analyse the history of the struggle for freedom and democracy of the South African National Congress (ANC) in order to inspire Palestinians to explore new strategies."11/4/2006
Last chance for two states Manuel Hassassian - The Guardian - "Negotiation rather than unilateralism is the way out of the spiralling Israeli-Palestinian crisis" 20/4/2006
This week in Palestine….. Behind the news with Hanna SinioraHanna Siniora -Jerusalem Times -"The fragile Palestinian economy, that depended on more than a billion dollars of assistance, regular transfer of revenues collected by Israel to the PA, is facing economic strangulation, by being denied the means for recovery, and driven toward total collapse."19/4/2006
Attack damaging to Palestinians, Jordan saysJordan Times - "In Jordan, Government Spokesperson Nasser Judeh, quoted by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, condemned attacks against civilians and said the bombing would "be very damaging to the Palestinian people."19/4/2006
Hamas `willing` to recognise Israel Khalid Amayreh - Aljazeera - "What it means is that the Palestinian government is willing to recognise Israel if Israel met certain conditions, including a complete withdrawal from the territories Israel occupied in 1967," a source told Al on Wednesday.13/4/2006
Israeli Foreign Minister says Palestinians who kill Israeli soldiers are not terrorists IMEMC & Agencies - "Somebody who is fighting against Israeli soldiers is an enemy and we will fight back, but I believe that this not under the definition of terrorism, if the target is a soldier," Livni said"13/4/2006
Too hot for New YorkPhilip Weiss - The Nation - New York may pride itself on being a sophisticated town, but its provincial side reveals itself in the controversy over the play My Name Is Rachel Corrie13/4/2006
From Gaza to IranRobert Rosenberg - - Iran`s nuclear capabilities may be an existential threat, but if it follows through on promises of financial aid to the Hamas-run Palestinian Authority, Iran`s immediate activities locally will be very annoying to Israel12/4/2006
Abbas: our sons will fight Israelis for a just dealChris McGreal -The Guardian - "The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, says Israel`s plan to impose its final borders deep inside the occupied territories while expropriating large areas of Palestinian land for Jewish settlers will lead to another war in a decade."8/4/2006
Israeli rights groups denounce barrierKhalid Amayreh in the West Bank - Al Jazeera, B`Tzelem - "An 82-page study by human rights organisation B`tselem and NGO Bimkom says only 20% of the barrier`s route run along the Green Line (the former armistice line between the West Bank and Israel)."8/4/2006
Today`s Situation - Confusion on the ground -- or at the top Robert Rosenberg - Ariga - "Whether it’s lack of unified policy, the interregnum between the outgoing government and the new government, or the left and right hands not quite sure of what the other is doing, [yesterday] was full of events that showed just how complicated the situation is for Israel -- and the Palestinians."7/4/2006
"There is No Remedy Against the Language of Truth"Robert Fisk - the Independent - "A Lesson from the Holocaust for Us All"7/4/2006
A Decisive Vote for Apartheid Omar Barghouti - / IMEMC - " And since Western governments have welcomed the result as a breakthrough for peace, Israel’s Wall and colonies can only be expected to grow more aggressively under the pretence of “consolidation” and “separation,” condemning the entire region to endless bloody conflict. "7/4/2006
Just make sure we don`t knowShulamit Aloni - YNET - Machsom Watch women struggle to show what`s happening on stolen land. "No patriotism justifies hiding the truth, no shame justifies denying the facts, no abomination justifies allowing public officials to prevent publication of acts that should never have been committed. "7/4/2006
US professors accused of being liars and bigots over essayJulian Borger - the Guardian - "Prof Mearsheimer said the storm of protest proved one of its arguments - that the strength of the pro-Israel lobby stifled debate on US foreign policy." [I prefer to call them pro-anti-Israel lobby - the Editor [VB]]1/4/2006
War on Qassams not kosher Aviad Kleinberg - "Some methods of dealing with rocket attacks simply not kosher. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sounds of spring: Birds chirping, the buzz of mosquitoes, and the incessant sound of IDF artillery, turning the lives of innocent Gazans into a living hell. "12/4/2006
Hamas: The Last Chance for Peace?Henry Siegman - New York Review of Books12/4/2006
Oxfam criticizes EU decision to suspend aid to the Palestinian AuthorityOxfam - Electronic Intifada - "With the worsening humanitarian crisis facing Palestinians and the potential opportunity offered by new governments in both Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, we urge you not to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority and to redouble your diplomatic efforts to address the humanitarian situation so that civilians are protected."12/4/2006
British MP suggests sanctions against Israel for killingsAssociated Press - "Gerald Kaufman, a Labour Party lawmaker who has frequently criticized Israel, called for trials in Britain or before an international tribunal for those accused of killing peace activist Tom Hurndall and filmmaker James Miller in 2003."12/4/2006
A CALL TO EUROPEGush-Shalom - "Stop the blockade on the Palestinian government! "12/4/2006
Today`s Situation - An apology for a girl`s death Tuesday, April 11, 2006Robert Rosenberg - Ariga - "As of now, the apologies for what the press, echoing the army, called `the unfortunate images` of children being ferried to hospital, are sounded with rationalizations meant to justify the shelling, which continued today, even though only one Qassam fell in an empty field in Israel. " "12/4/2006
Israeli television: Interview with 2 generalsIsrael channel 1 - Former Southern Command chief Zvi Fogel: "We took 300,000 residents in Lebanon and drove them from south Lebanon to the gates of Beirut. We can do that [in Gaza] too." 12/4/2006
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