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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Campus upheavalGhazi Hamad - Palestine Report - THE RECENT events that took place at Al Azhar University in Gaza City have cast a dark shadow on the institution as on its future, which has already suffered significant academic and administrative instability for the past few years. 16/3/2005
Inside the Matrix of Control Richard Ward - ICAHD - We were in Anata from August 8th through the 22nd as volunteers with ICAHD’s (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) 2004 summer work camp to help rebuild a Bedouin home destroyed by the Israelis only a few months before. There were about twenty of us “internationals”—from Europe, the UK, Canada and the US, our ages ranging from early twenties to mid seventies. 16/3/2005
FBI at crossroads in probe of pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC Tom Regan - Christian Science Monitor - The ongoing investigation into allegations that a Pentagon staffernamed Larry Franklin passed on classified government documents to two members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel lobby group, continues but with several new twists. 31/3/2005
Israel/Occupied Territories: women and conflict: the untold storyAmnesty International - Press Release - "Palestinian women have borne the brunt of the escalation of the conflict and decades of Israeli occupation, while in Palestinian society they are subjected to a system of laws and norms that treats them as unequal members of society," said Amnesty International. 31/3/2005
Can a “Patriotic” Mob Take Over the Universities?Baruch Kimmerling - Dissident Voice - In the American academy, there is currently an organized campaign by some public figures to vilify prominent researchers and departments that are regarded as “anti-American” or even as “anti-Semitic” because their research and teaching are not in accordance with the views of the recent American administration.31/3/2005
Until Israel decides to choose the path of peace`Hasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times - The Palestinian Authority should immediately halt all contacts and dealings with Israel until the latter agrees to and observes a full truce and begins serious negotiations to end its occupation of all Palestinian lands. 31/3/2005
BBC reporting doesn`t tell the whole storyVictor Kattan - The Electronic Intifada - Interviewing Tim Llewellyn, BBC`s Middle East correspondent twice from 1976 - 1982 and from 1987 - 1992. Based in Beirut and Cyprus, Llewellyn covered the Lebanese civil war, the Iranian Revolution, the Tanker Wars, the first Palestinian intifada, and the first Gulf War. He was one of the first foreign correspondents to enter the camps of Sabra and Shatila. 31/3/2005
Rice Alarms Reformist Arabs with Stability RemarksJonathan Wright - Reuters - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has alarmed many reformist Arabs with comments suggesting a new U.S. approach that promotes rapid political change without regard for internal stability. 30/3/2005
International activists demand boycott of Israeli products inSean Yoong - Associated Press - International peace activists on Wednesday called for a boycott of Israeli products to oppose what they called the oppression of the Palestinian people. 30/3/2005
Columbia Panel Reports No Proof of Anti-SemitismKaren W. Arenson - NYT - An ad hoc faculty committee charged with investigating complaintsthat pro-Israel Jewish students were harassed by pro-Palestinian professors at Columbia University said it had found one instance in which a professor "exceeded commonly accepted bounds" of behavior when he became angry at a student who he believed was defending Israel`s conduct toward Palestinians.31/3/2005
Sharon`s latest victories look like blueprint for Israel`s permanent bordersSteven Gutkin - Associated Press - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - in spectacular fashion and with both overt and tacit support from Washington - is fast imposing a blueprint for Israel`s permanent borders that would extend beyond the 1967 frontiers the Palestinians say should frame their future state.31/3/2005
Sabeel Paper on Divestment" Palestinian Christian group Sabeel releases “A Call for Morally Responsible Investment” in support of the churches’ selective divestment initiatives from companies profiting from Israeli military occupation "29/3/2005
Doom in HebronLydia Gall - Electronic Intifada - Free postcards at a pub in West Jerusalem. One of the postcards shows a labyrinth. My Danish colleague Maria laughs and claims that the postcard is a map of the West Bank. To make her statement evident she takes out a pen and writes the words "checkpoint", "road block" and "occupation" all over the postcard. 29/3/2005
New Report Warns Against Continued Strangulation of Gaza StripB`Tselem/HaMoked - Israel has cut off the Gaza Strip from the rest of the world to such an extent that it is easier for Palestinians in Israel or the West Bank to visit relatives in prison than visit a relative in Gaza. 29/3/2005
"To The Conscience Committee ..."Alex Kohn explains his refusal to serve in the IDF - Hagada Hasmalit, 19 March 200528/3/2005
"To The Conscience Committee ..."Letter from Alex Kohn explaining his refusal to serve in the Israeli armed forces - Hagada Hasmalit 19 March 200528/3/2005
Settlers celebrate while Palestinians are under curfewLink to photo gallery by Eyal Dor-Ofer - Israeli settlers, some in fancy dress, were escorted by Israeli soldiers past Palestinian homes on their way to the Cave of the Patriarchs during Purim festivities March 27, 2005 in the West Bank town of Hebron. For Palestinians, Purim meant curfew.27/3/2005
Gaza disengagement means West Bank settlement expansionPalestine Report - This week Palestine Report Online interviews Orient House Mapping and Survey director Khalil Tufakji on the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.28/3/2005
Reinhart-Altman: an exchangeColman Altman sends an "open letter" to Tanya Reinhart about her Yediot Ahronot piece on the Israeli left. Reinhart then replies to Altman. (Reinhart`s piece, "The Israeli left is opting for suicide", is posted here, below the exchange between CA and TR)28/3/2005
E-1: The end of a viable Palestinian stateJeff Halper - ICAHD - The fatal flaw in most analyses of the Israel-Palestine conflict is the assumption that if the Palestinians can just get a state of their own, then all will be fine. 27/3/2005
`Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Palestinians`Noam Chomsky - MER - Noam Chomsky speaking in person at a meeting organized by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign in 2003 sometime before the War on Iraq. His talk is titled "The Fateful Triangle: The US, Israel & the Palestinians - Another World is Necessary, Another World is Possible". 27/3/2005
The third PLOAmira Howeidy - Al Ahram Weekly - Hamas leader Khaled Meshal explains the significance of the Cairo Declaration 27/3/2005
Israeli Refuser Pilot on US TourSonia Nettnin - Palestine Chronicle - On the final day of his U.S. tour, Israeli Air Force Pilot Yonatan Shapira spoke about his refusal to continue serving in the Occupied Territories. 27/3/2005
Hawatma: “We will support Abu Mazin as long as he remains committed to national interests” IMEMC - Nayef Hawatma, secretary general of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that the front will support Abbas as long as he remains committed to the national interests of the Palestinian people. 1/3/2005
Racism alive and well in Israeli society Tony Jassen - Jerusalem Post - A survey conducted on occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, observed Tuesday in the Knesset for the first time in Israel, demonstrated that racism is alive and well in Israeli society.23/3/2005
Palestinian ElectionsMohammed Omer - Washington Report - IN THE EYES of the world, Palestine’s Jan. 9 presidential election, won by Yasser Arafat’s long-time associate and former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, changed the public face of Palestine. Once symbolized by the black-and-white barbed wire design of Arafat’s omnipresent keffiyeh, the business suits and ties of Abbas and his colleagues now suddenly have come to symbolize a "new Palestine".1/3/2005
Did Palestinians Elect a Leader or Their Own Prison Warden?Rachelle Marshall - Washington Report - Palestinians watch an Israeli army bulldozer demolish a house in the West Bank village of Qarawat Banizeid, near Ramallah, on Jan. 12, following an exchange of gunfire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian resistance fighters in which two Hamas militants were killed.1/3/2005
Potential for Peace from the Arab Side MIFTAH - In return for peace and normalization with Israel, the Arab League demands that Israel stop the war, ongoing since 1967. And fully in line with international law, it requires full Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders, a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and a just solution for refugees based on the 1948 U.N. resolution which gives them the right to go home or receive compensation.27/3/2005
Freeze This Settlement Eitorial - Washington Post - The government of Ariel Sharon "must freeze settlement activity," the president said in a speech to European leaders in Brussels in February.26/3/2005
Link to a cartoon on Sharon the peace-maker 26/3/2005
Paved with bad intentions Uri Avnery - Gush-Shalom 26/3/2005
Weapons of mass deception revisitedPatrick Seale - Al-Ahram Weekly - Democratising the Arab world is no less a flimsy fig-leaf for Washington`s real designs in the region than were Iraq`s alleged WMDs and Al-Qaeda links 26/3/2005
PLO 2Mohamed Sid-Ahmed - Al-Ahram weekly Will the Cairo meeting breathe new life into the PLO?26/3/2005
Beyond all limitsMustafa Barghouti - Al Ahram weekly - Unity among the Palestinian factions is necessary but not sufficient. Peace is only possible if Israel stops sabotaging international law.26/3/2005
EU: Israel in breach of road mapYnet News - Reuters - European Union foreign policy head says Israeli decision to build 3,500 housing units in Maaleh Adumim is violation of two year old peace plan.26/3/2005
The rabbi who pricks Israel`s conscience Chris McGreal - The Guardian - Zionism is moral, not military, says activist convicted of blocking West Bank bulldozers 26/3/2005
Jordanian diplomacy falters on Palestine, Syria and IraqHasan Abu Nimah - The Electronic Intifada - In recent weeks, Jordan has been embroiled in crises with its neighbors Iraq and Syria and has been subjected to harsh regional criticism for the initiative it launched to amend the Arab League peace initiative towards Israel.26/3/2005
Inside scarred mindsDaniel Day-Lewis - Authors in the Frontline - The Sunday Times - On his first visit to the Gaza Strip, Daniel Day-Lewis meets the Palestinian families living in the heart of the danger zone and the psychologists who are counseling them. 25/3/2005
Rice slams Israel`s settlement plansYitzhak Benhorin and AFP - Ynetnews - Rice says Israel must help Abass conduct reforms within Palestinian Authority, Iran yet to take serious action regarding nuclear program 25/3/2005
One step forward, 3,500 steps backOmar Karmi - Palestine Report -Israel, however, announced plans to build 3,500 new settlement units in it largest West Bank settlement while a reported Jerusalem land sale of Greek Orthodox property inside Jerusalem’s Old City to foreign Jewish investors caused Prime Minister Ahmed Qrei’ to name a ministerial committee to investigate the matter. 25/3/2005
US-Israel Strategic RelationsNoam Chomsky - ZNET - US-Israel are hoping that a new (Palestinian) leadership may be more willing to accept unchanged US-Israeli demands. 25/3/2005
Arab leaders tell Israel: Don`t expect normalization without concessionsThe Associated Press - ALGIERS, Algeria - Arab leaders said yesterday that Israel cannot expect peace and normalized ties with the Arab world if it does not make concessions and give up occupied lands. 25/3/2005
Sharon`s new settlements set back Mideast progressEDITORIAL - New York Times/IHT - Maybe Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel doesn`t quite get it yet, but this new era of hope in the Middle East means he needs to restrain his instincts for building settlements. 24/3/2005
Jordan`s King Asserts Israel Imperils TalksSTEVEN R. WEISMAN -NYT - King Abdullah II of Jordan warned yesterday that prospects were "dwindling" for successful peace talks in the Middle East, citing steps Israel has taken that he said undercut the possibility of a contiguous Palestinian state, as outlined in the peace plan known as the road map. 24/3/2005
Basketball Rules in PalestineDror Feiler - Rule 1: Israelis have the right to play on both sides of the court, whereas Palestinians can only play on their own side. 25/3/2005
The Israeli left is opting for suicideTanya Reinhart - To judge by the political discourse, being a leftist today means supporting Sharon. 25/3/2005
Link to "Stop caging Qalqilia", an excellent presentation abour the WallPresented by Ma`rouf Zahran, the mayor of Qalqilya24/3/2005
The Trouble with Zionism: An Interview with Joel Kovel *Lorna Tychostup - This interview was inspired by an article Kovel wrote entitled "Zionism’s Bad Conscience" in the September/October 2002 issue of the journal Tikkun. 24/3/2005
Settlement or Colonization – What is the Conflict all About?Badil - Jewish settlements constitute a form of colonization in a world that has outlawed colonialism. Is it possible to end the occupation without addressing Israel`s very nature as a colonial state? 23/3/2005
Palestine, Democracy, and Peace: A Global Investment Dr. Hanan Ashrawi - Miftah - Despite the predictable degree of uncertainty and apprehension that accompanies any transition, the post-Arafat era is exhibiting positive indicators in both spheres of nation-building and peacemaking.23/3/2005
And the Land Grab Continues MIFTAH - Israel’s decision reveals that it has no true intention of solving its decades-old conflict with the Palestinians by pursuing a peaceful solution, but rather regards a Palestinian defeat as a fait accompli. 23/3/2005
Israeli Settlement To Reach Jerusalem Molly Moore - Washington Post Foreign Service - Palestinians Say Plan Violates `Road Map` - The Israeli government gave initial approval to the expansion plan in 1999, but construction was soon halted after inquiries by The Washington Post confirmed that it was being performed without building permits and in violation of Maleh Adumim`s master development plan. 23/3/2005
Report on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories Prof. John Dugard - UN - the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967, February 200521/3/2005
Palestine is not for sale!Jamal Juma - ZNet | Israel/Palestine - Popular movement shuns attempts to curb resistance to the Apartheid Wal21/3/2005
Ariel, too?Adam Keller - the Other Israel billboard - report from the Saturday demonstration - " How do you feel, being in a demonstration in support of Sharon?" Ami asked... "Not at all well, thank you. How about you?" 20/3/2005
Waiting For JusticeJerry Levin - Christian Peacemaker Teams - "Sadly despite Prime Minister Sharon`s retreat from Gaza (masquerading as disengagement) scheduled to take place this summer, the colonizing, the settlement building and the aggressive unilateral annexation of sections of the West Bank has not slackened a whit..." 20/3/2005
Apartheid targets Palestinian home-owners inside IsraelJonathan Cook - The Electronic Intifada - House demolitions and land confiscations are threatening the Palestinian citizens of Israel too. 20/3/2005
“The main problem is within Fateh”Palestine Report - an interview with Ali Jarbawi, Palestinian political analyst and lecturer at Bir-Zeit University, shedding light on the recent political devoloppments within the Fateh and the Palestinuan political arena20/3/2005
Victims of violenceAhmad Sub Laban - The Palestine Report - describes the phenomenon of increasing rates of domestic violence in Palestinian families. According to experts this phenomenon must basically be attributed to the years of escalating Israeli assaults and violence.20/3/2005
Israel`s `generous Offer` Was Not Really All That GenerousJeff Halper - Sharon has worked tirelessly and openly for a "cantonized" Palestinian entity for the past quarter century, always rejecting the notion of a viable Palestinian state. 13/3/2005
Speech on International Women`s Day at the Eu Parliemanet, in a debate about violence against womenNurit Peled-Elhanan - International Women`s day, The European Parliament, Strasbourg. "I would like to dedicate my speech to Miriam R`aban and her husband Kamal, from Bet Lahiya in the Gazza strip, whose five small children were killed by Israeli soldiers while picking strawberries at the family`s strawberry field. No one will ever stand trial for this murder." 16/3/2005
CAT Charged with War Crimes in Federal Suit Jewish Voice for Peace - "Rachel Corrie`s parents today filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing Caterpillar of war crimes and wrongful death..."16/3/2005
Disaster and Mental Health:Eyad El Sarraj, M.D. and Samir Qouta, PhD - Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, GCMHP14/3/2005
`A Judicial Dr. Strangelove`Haim Baram paints a devastating portrait of the head of the International Law Department of the IDF`s legal branch. Kol Ha`ir/Hagada Hasmalit 11 March 200513/3/2005
Ariel Sharon and the Jordan OptionGary Sussman - MERIP - In a provocative essay Gary Sussman of Tel Aviv University suggests another possibility: What if the Israeli premier has quietly held on to his once openly expressed belief that "Jordan is Palestine"? 13/3/2005
The Price of an OrangeStarhawk - For Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall - as we approach the anniversary of two murders. 12/3/2005
Peace, Propaganda and the Holy LandJonathan Curiel. San Francisco Chronicle, a review of the film.11/3/2005
The people v the intelligence services Daoud Kuttab. bitterlemons.org10/3/2005
A FAQ: What do you think about suicide bombers?Moshe` Machover - The common motivation behind this frequently asked question is by no means an innocent one. In fact, the question itself is quite strange: why ask about suicide bombers rather than about bombers simpliciter?10/3/2005
It is not democracy that`s on the march in the Middle EastSeumas Milne - The Guardian - Managed elections are the latest device to prop up pro-western regimes10/3/2005
Sharon`s cellmateDaphna Baram - If my prime minister is a war criminal, so is Tony Blair10/3/2005
First Impressions of RamallahDan Gudgeon - Palestine Monitor volunteer in Ramallah9/3/2005
Bush is building a “Greater Middle East” for Israel!!Faisal Abu-Khadra, al-Quds 1 March 20057/3/2005
This is about Israel, not anti-semitism By Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London. The Guardian. ".. the same universal human values that recognise the Holocaust as the greatest racist crime of the 20th century require condemnation of the policies of successive Israeli governments - not on the absurd grounds that they are Nazi or equivalent to the Holocaust, but because ethnic cleansing, discrimination and terror are immoral." 5/3/2005
Sharon is not suffering from a split personality – definitely not!Gerardo Leibner - Hagada Hasmalit - By supporting Sharon on the Gaza disengagement, some in the Israeli left are unwittingly helping Sharon to strengthen the settlement enterprise in the West Bank. 6/3/2005
This is about Israel, not anti-semitismKen Livingstone, the London mayor, in the Guardian. "..The same universal human values that recognise the Holocaust as the greatest racist crime of the 20th century require condemnation of the policies of successive Israeli governments - not on the absurd grounds that they are Nazi or equivalent to the Holocaust, but because ethnic cleansing, discrimination and terror are immoral." 4/3/2005
When Academic Freedom Is Kicked Out of ClassAlisa Solomon4/3/2005
Palestinian population exceeds Jewish population says U.S. governmentMichael Brown, Ali Abunimah, and Nigel Parry, The Electronic Intifada1/3/2005
A Letter of Protest to the French Minister of HealthDr. Rita Giacaman and Dr. Iyad Sarraj - Occupied Palestinian Territory3/3/2005
A Revolution in PalestineThe latest suicide bomber was a political orphan. By Muhannad al-‘Akluk, Al-Quds, Jerusalem, 1 March 2005 4/3/2005
Disengagement and After: Where Next for Sharon and the Likud?From a report from the International Crisis Group 9/3/2005
Heavily armed duo in no position to lay down law on proliferationThe Sydney Morning Herald. Thwarting Iran`s nuclear ambitions would be easier if the US and Israel kept their side of the bargain, writes Richard Butler. 8/3/2005
Escaping Arafat`s ShadowBy MAHMOUD ABBAS; MATT REES; JAMIL HAMAD. Time Magazine. Interview with President Abbas6/3/2005
Lives on Hold - The right of birth and the right of returnAaron Lakoff - "I have a birthright to come to a place I really feel no attachment to, while the Ayoubs and millions like them have no right of return to their homelands. It`s a privilege that disgusts me to the core." 9/3/2005
On Globalization, Iraq, and Middle East Studies Noam Chomsky - interviewed by Danilo Mandic, ZNET about hisviews on the recent World Social Forum that was held in Porto Allegre, Brazil. What has the social justice movement done since the first forum five years ago? 31/3/2005
Amos Oz and Sallah A`Din: How does an Israeli Intellectual become a mobilized political propagandist?Yehudith Harel - How did it happen that Amos Oz put himself into the service of Barak`s propaganda machine in order to facilitate the marketing of the "no partner myth to the Israeli Peace camp and to the whole world? 31/3/2005
Public Discourse and Perceptions MIFTAH’s Full Report - Palestinian Media Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict 23/3/2005
Despite PA objections, Plans to link J`lem with Ma`ale Adumim settlement move forward IMEMC - "Israeli security sources said Monday that the plan to establish two new settlements between Ma`ale Adumim and Jerusalem will be completed within a few weeks." 22/3/2005
Arabs to Normalize ties with Israel if it reciprocatesIMEMC - "For the second time in less than two years, the Arab world offers Israel a chance to end the occupation in return of full-scale normalization of ties. The Arab leaders convening in Algiers insisted that normalization should be reciprocated." 22/3/2005
The Cairo Declaration by Palestinian factions AP - Miftah 21/3/2005
What future for Israel`s Palestinian citizens?Jonathan Cook - The Electronic Intifada - Neither Abbas nor Sharon paused at Sharm el-Sheikh, or have done so since, to consider how their agreements will affect the only community for which both are responsible by virtue of their office: the Palestinian citizens of Israel. 19/3/2005
Fear and loathing across the Middle EastHasan Abu Nimah & Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada.19/3/2005
DiarySaree Makdisi. "The resumption of negotiations ... generated a sense of optimism that one hesitates to dismiss out of hand. Yet previous rounds of negotiation, beginning with Oslo, served only to consolidate Israel’s grip on the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, while making life even more difficult for the Palestinians."2/3/2005
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