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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Indignation and horror: 26 writers visit PalestineAnne Haverty - The Irish Times - Book review: ‘Kingdom of Olives And Ash: Writers confront the Occupation’ [ry]26/6/2017
Former soldiers to Israeli gov`t: Investigate us for occupation abuses+972 Blog - Israel’s justice minister demanded an investigation of an anti- occupation activist after he admitted to beating a Palestinian during his army service. Now other former soldiers are stepping up to show solidarity [ry] 26/6/2017
Jews Gather at Sumud Freedom Camp to Support Palestinian Outpost in the West BankElhanan Miller - Tablet Magazine "Six months ago, a coalition of Palestinian organizations and left- wing Jewish American groups decided to take up Aamar’s cause. On May 19, 300 activists arrived on the site and set up the “Sumud” Freedom Camp, Arabic for “steadfastness.” The group, which included 130 volunteers with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence, erected tents and began clearing rubble from the abandoned caves, preparing them for repopulation." ca23/6/2017
Write to NY Times about Gaza power cuts 21/6/2017
B’Tselem field researchers detained by Israeli police in HebronAmit Gilutz - B`Tselem - B’Tselem field researchers Manal al-Ja’bri and Musa Abu Hashhash were detained in Hebron while documenting the increase in movement restrictions imposed by the military at the Bakery Checkpoint. Al-Ja’bri was questioned and held in police custody in the settlement of Kiryat Arba until late night. Abu Hashhash was held at the checkpoint for about 40 minutes and released. [ak] 21/6/2017
Central Bureau of Statistics: 70% Rise in Construction of Settlements during The Past Year, Compared to Previous YearPeace Now - The ICBS data also shows that between April 2016 and March 2017 there has been a decrease of 2.65% in construction starts within Israel proper (excluding settlements).* [bz]21/6/2017
PNGO applauds Swiss Parliament blocking attempt to criminalize BDSPNN - Palestine News Network - "The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network said that the right to engage for the rights of the Palestinian people through BDS is publically recognized by the EU as well as the governments of the Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden." - id 20/6/2017
Israelis release paper lanterns in solidarity with blacked-out GazaEli Bitan - +972 - "According to Gisha, an Israeli legal NGO that focuses on Gaza, Israel has for years been selling 120 megawatts to Gaza — supplied through 10 power lines — with each line carrying 12 megawatts. On Monday morning, Israel cut supply on two lines from 12 to eight megawatts." - id 20/6/2017
Lighting the sky of Gaza 19/6/2017
Iftar in the RubbleShow solidarity with Palestinian families affected by Israel’s policy of home demolition 14/6/2017
Amnesty International: ban all settlement goods, prevent foreign companies from operating in settlementsEdith Garwood - Amnesty International USA - Amnesty International has launched the ‘Occupation @ 50’ campaign - calling on all states to abide by their legal obligations under international law to not recognize or assist illegal situations, and therefore to: 1) Stop helping to sustain the settlements (illegal activity) by banning all settlement goods from their markets; and 2) Prevent companies domiciled in their countries from operating in settlements or trading in settlement goods. [ak] 13/6/2017
The PA’s wrongful actions towards Gaza residents does not mean Israel can shirk its responsibility for their fateAmit Gilutz - B`Tselem - The Gaza Strip is in the throes of a humanitarian disaster. It is a crisis with severe, sometimes even fatal, consequences for the two million or so people living there. Without a regular power supply, all aspects of life are harmed; even the water and sewage systems are paralyzed, and untreated sewage flows straight into the Mediterranean. This reality is part of an Israeli policy, of the blockade Israel has imposed on Gaza for the past ten years, consigning its residents to living in abject poverty under practically inhuman conditions unparalleled in the modern world. [ak]13/6/2017
`Dean` of prisoners appointed to top Fatah bodyDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - "As the hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails ended, Fatah named the longest-serving prisoner, Karim Younis, to its Central Committee." - id 7/6/2017
Two shot in Hebron as Israeli forces clash with protesters during general strikeFeatures - ISM - "The demonstrations occurred on the same day that the Palestinians held a general strike in support of the prisoners. According to the organisers of the strike, it was the first general strike since the first intifada to be observed by Palestinians living both at home and in the diaspora." - id 7/6/2017
5 June 2017: Today is no ordinary dayB`tselem - Reporting the truth combined with international action that resonates locally are what may bring about a non-violent resolution to the present reality: this is the objective we are committed to and are working towards. Otherwise, the violence of the past half century - both organized and spontaneous - might be just a preview of much more to come. The effort to achieve a different future here is not only a pressing moral task. [bz] 6/6/2017
Celebrate the end of Apartheid Jewish Voice for Peace - Youtube Video - Yesterday was New York’s annual “Celebrate Israel Parade.” But while Palestinians are denied their freedom, what is there to celebrate? So with JVPers and friends, we did something about it-- and you have to see it. Over 100 activists, seven of whom were arrested for civil disobedience, stopped and slowed the parade over and over again with a vision of what we can celebrate: ending Israeli Apartheid and the #DeadlyExchange between US and Israeli police and military. One group blocked New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and his contingent, protesting the New York Police Department’s collaboration with Israeli security forces, an exchange of worst practices that harm Palestinians as well as communities of color in the US. Another group of queer Jews staged a sit in disrupting the LGBTQ contingent, holding signs saying “No pride in apartheid” and “Queer Jews for a free Palestine.” [bz]6/6/2017
LGBTQ Israelis come out against occupation and homophobiaYael Marom - +972 - We are not prepared for the state to continue cynically using our identity in order to portray itself as an enlightened country, as all the while the occupation continues undisturbed, people are thrown out of their homes and into the street in Givat Amal and Umm al-Hiran, asylum seekers are sent to jail, and demonstrations are violently suppressed. [bz]6/6/2017
UK poll shows strong backing for Israel boycottAsa Winstanley - EI - “Majorities of voters for the opposition Labour and Liberal Democratic parties said BDS is reasonable – 51 percent and 54 percent respectively. But even two in five of voters for the ruling Conservative Party also agreed BDS is reasonable. The poll is another sign of the growing divide between Prime Minister Theresa May and her own voters” [ry]5/6/2017
Life under occupation: Resisting Israeli apartheid in H2 area of HebronPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - AIC - The violence of soldiers and settlers has not deterred the Shamsiya family from reporting on human rights violations in Israeli occupied Hebron [ry]5/6/2017
In Haifa: A Jewish-Arab demonstration against the occupation 5/6/2017
Palestinian hunger strike ends with prisoners declaring victory – but Israel claims nothing happenedJonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - So what are we to make of this glaring discrepancy between the two versions? The Israelis are basically saying that nothing happened, and the Palestinians are noting that most demands were met. his should be a major source of concern, since it is the Israelis who are the jailer. If they are claiming this essentially did not happen, then there could be a real chance that they would ignore the reported agreements.-rh31/5/2017
Tens of thousands of Israelis attend `two states one hope` demonstration in Tel AvivMa`an - Among the first speakers at the demonstration was Peace Now`s Director General Avi Buskila, who addressed the crowds saying, "We, here in this square, are the hope of Israel. It is time for a Palestinian state alongside Israel." A message from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was read which said: "There isn`t a voice stronger than the voice of just and inclusive peace, just like there isn`t a voice stronger than the right of people for self-determination and freedom from the burden of occupation.[bz for dn]28/5/2017
The Israeli Left must show up to protest 50 years of occupationHaggai Matar - +972 - After 50 years of a racist military regime, it’s time for the Israeli Left to go out and protest en masse — and, in the face of such an urgent task, to overlook our differences. [bz]27/5/2017
Returning From Gaza War in Despair, Army Vet Created Israeli-Palestinian Incubator Eliran Rubin - Haaretz "Elhelo began to lecture about the conflict and his insights from the battlefield, stressing the need for immediate change. Some of his lectures went viral, and in 2015 he took his idea to the next stage, setting up OGS: Our Generation Speaks, a startups incubator for Israelis and Palestinians." ca27/5/2017
After 40 days, Palestinians suspend mass hunger strike in Israeli prisonsMa`an - The statement added that IPS officials announced the end of the strike after negotiating with Barghouthi, who they had consistently refused to speak with throughout the strike’s duration. However, the statement did not mention which of the hunger strikers’ demands were actually met by Israeli prison authorities. [bz]27/5/2017
As prisoners strike, relatives wait and hopeBudour Youssef Hassan - Electronic Intifada "Waiting for news on the hunger striker is like torture,” she said. “You live with your family, you try to remain calm, to go to work, to pretend you are strong, but your heart and mind are elsewhere, in a cell that you don’t know, with the person you love.” ca27/5/2017
Anti-Trump protests greet U.S. president in IsraelYael Marom - +972 - "“Trump and U.S. government policy are part of the problem, not the solution. After 50 years of occupation, peace between Israel and the Palestinians will come from the people who live here, and not from the interests of the American superpower — which is the biggest beneficiary of the continuing wars, destruction and repression in the region.”" - id 24/5/2017
As Trump Toured the Holy Land, Palestine Went On StrikeJesse Rosenfeld - The Daily Beast - "...the arrival of an American president whose ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, and whose chief advisor, son-in-law Jared Kushner, have actively supported expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank — that injected new energy into the protests." - id 24/5/2017
100 year of conflict - 50 years of occupationPalestine-Israel Journal invitation to public event at the occasion of its new issue "50 Years of Occupation". It will be held May 24, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the American Colony Hotel, and the keynote speakers will be Dr. Hanan Ashrawi and MK Zehava Galon. [bz]23/5/2017
American Jewish Activists assaulted by troops at Sumud Freedom CampSharon Goldtzvik / Adam Greenberg / Oriel Eisner - If Not Now/CJNV 2017 - Approx. 25 IDF soldiers arrived at Sumud Freedom Camp, which re-established the Palestinian village of Sarura in the South Hebron Hills. About 90 activists were present, approx. 60 American, Canadian, European and Australian Jews, 20 Palestinians and 10 Israelis. An American Jewish activist was punched in the ribs by a soldier. Several activists stood around the camp`s generator - whereupon soldiers shoved, punched, and kicked them in order to seize the generator. One soldier hit an American Jew in the leg with the butt of his gun, causing a large visible bruise. Another soldier punched another American Jew activist in the face. A Canadian Jewish activist was thrown into a table by a soldier. Soldiers tore down three tents and confiscated tent poles and sleeping mattresses. They also confiscated a generator and threw the camp`s food on the ground. After approx 45 minutes, the soldiers left the area. No arrests were made. The activists remain. [ak]23/5/2017
Mass Tel Aviv Rally, Sat. May 27 - Two States, One Hope 23/5/2017
May 24 - protest the `Jerusalem Day` march of hate 23/5/2017
Bethlehem Rally for Palestinian prisoners develops into anti-Trump protestMa`an - Solidarity demonstrations with the hunger striking prisoners developed into fierce anti-Trump rallies. At least 20 Palestinians were shot and injured during rallies that were violently suppressed by Israeli forces. In front of the the Nativity Church in Bethlehem, protesters chanted “Trump, listen! The prisoners will not kneel!” and “We have a message to the Americans: Prisoners are our priority!". An effigy representing Palestinian prisoners was erected in front of the Nativity Church. However, Trump avoided the location, heading back to Jerusalem by another route after his meeting with President Abbas. [ak] 23/5/2017
PIJ conference: 50 years of occupation - with Hanan Ashrawi and Zehava GalonMay 24, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the American Colony Hotel. 23/5/2017
Prominent Palestinian community leaders, activists seized by Israeli forcesSamidoun - AIC - Israeli occupation forces seized at least nine Palestinians in overnight or pre-dawn raids, including three prominent human rights activists and former prisoners [ry]22/5/2017
Is BDS to blame for Israel’s poor showing in the Eurovision Contest?Naomi Zeveloff - The Forward - Israeli music director Yoav Tzafir, who headed the Israeli delegation at the 2017 Eurovision song contest in Kiev, is blaming Israel’s poor showing on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Israeli pop singer Imri Ziv came in 23rd out of 26th places in the competition. “There is no doubt that BDS worked very hard all over Europe,” Tzafir told Israel’s Army Radio. Ahead of Eurovision, a group of boycotters had set up a Facebook page urging the judges to give “zero points to the song of Israeli apartheid.” The group called Ziv’s participation in Eurovision a “mask covering up a loathsome ugliness” of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. [ak]16/5/2017
Barghouti threatens to escalate Palestinian prisoners` hunger strikeRaanan Ben-Zur, Elior Levy - Ynet - Barghouti, who is leading the hunger strike, has been put in solitary confinement since it began almost a month ago. The only visitors he has been allowed to have are representatives of the Red Cross and his attorney. His lawyer, Hader Shkirat, told Ynet after their meeting on Sunday that if no agreement is reached between the striking prisoners` leadership and Israeli authorities in the coming days, the prisoners would also stop drinking water in addition to not eating. [bz]16/5/2017
69 years on, Palestinians see Nakba as `ongoing journey of pain, loss, and injustice`Ma`an - “The Nakba is ongoing, not only through policies of ongoing displacement implemented through the Zionist-Israeli strategy which seeks to control the maximum amount of land with the minimum number of Palestinians on that land, but also through the failure of the international community and Arab states to uphold their obligations, the continued internal fragmentation, the disenfranchisement of the PLO, and the weak performance of the Palestinian Authority which is dictated by the restrictive Oslo Accords” says the Global Palestinian Refugee and Internally Displaced People Network. [bz] 16/5/2017
Norwegian Trade Unions call for boycott of Israel Itamar Eichner - Y-Net - LO, the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, voted by 197 to 117 in favor of an international economic, cultural and academic boycott against Israel. The newly elected LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen objected to the decision, arguing that a boycott might also negatively affect Palestinian workers - however, his position was rejected by the majority. Israeli activists of the radical "Boycott from within" expressed support for the LO decision, stating that it was "a direct continuation of Norwegian involvement in opposing South African Apartheid". [ak] 16/5/2017
Final protest: Aerosmith visit Occupied Territory 16/5/2017
IDF reservists and Pro-Palestinian demonstrators clash at California campus LIDAR GRAVÉ-LAZI - Jerusalem Post - At the campus of the University of California, Irvine, two groups - "Reservists on Duty" and "The Lone Soldier Center" - organized a meeting to denounce BDS and declare total support for Israel and especially for the Israeli armed forces. A group of five Israeli military reservists was invited to speak, with care taken to include Christian and Muslim Israeli soldiers, as well as Jewish ones. Pro-Palestinian protesters, some fifty of whom showed up, were not convinced by this evidence of Israeli multicultural democracy. A riot broke out and finally the reservists were escorted off the campus by police. [ak]16/5/2017
35 More Palestinian Detainees Join Hunger StrikeIMEMC News & Agencies - "35 more Palestinian detainees have reportedly joined the Freedom and Dignity hunger strike, which nearly 1,800 Palestinian detainees have been active in for 28 consecutive days" [ry]15/5/2017
Palestinian hunger strikers: `They had no choice`Nigel Wilson - Al Jazeera - Family of Majd Ziadeh, one of 1,500 hunger-striking prisoners, say they support the fight for dignity and humanity [ry] 15/5/2017
Lawyer visits Barghouthi for the first time since beginning of prisoner hunger strikeMa’an News Agency - "In a letter reportedly written by Barghouthi and released Sunday, the leader of the mass prisoner hunger strike urged the Palestinian people show more solidarity with the prisoners on the 69th anniversary of the Nakba commemorated on Monday, including through acts of civil disobedience at a national level" [ry]15/5/2017
BDS urges audience to give `zero points to Israel at Eurovision` Becky Brothman - Jerusalem Post - "Even if there will appear in Kiev an exquisitely beautiful Israeli song, it will be a beauty covering up a loathsome ugliness – the ugliness of oppression, dispossession and killing." [bz] 13/5/2017
`Struggling with death`: Palestinian prisoners enter 27th day of mass hunger strikeMa`an - Issa Qaraqe held the Israeli government and Erdan responsible for the condition of the hunger strikers, saying that the Israeli authorities are “carrying out a massacre” by refusing to negotiate with the leaders of the strike whose demands are all about basic rights. The hunger strikers have only been calling for improved prison conditions, such as an end to the denial of family visits, the right to pursue higher education, appropriate medical care and treatment, and an end to solitary confinement and administrative detention. [bz]13/5/2017
Hunger Striking Detainees Reach Critical Levels, Many Vomiting BloodIMEMC - "The committee stated that the striking detainees, and despite their life-threatening health conditions, are facing escalating Israeli violations, while the authorities are not even trying to negotiate with them...The Israeli Prison Authority is also frequently transferring striking detainees to various prisons, despite their deteriorating health conditions, while the soldiers have assaulted many of them." CA12/5/2017
Somaia Shahin: Engraving Gaza’s seashellsGroup 194 - Somaia has chosen a new pattern of arts, engraving colorful drawings and phrases on stones and seashells, and decorating the hands of girls with henna. Somaia, a mother of five, is taking engraving as her career of profession, after graduating from the English language department and not practicing her teaching career.-rh 10/5/2017
Is A Jewish Group Funding Killers While The U.S. Slams Palestinians For Doing The Same Thing?Naomi Zeveloff - Forward - Last week, Israeli Channel 10 reported that Honenu, an Israeli legal aid group, has been paying thousands of dollars to Jewish killers, including Yosef Ben David, who was convicted of burning alive Palestinian teen Muhammad Abu Khdeir. The Central Fund Of Israel, a U.S. tax-exempt organization that funds 300 different charities around Israel, supports Honenu. Following the Channel 10 report, U.S. rabbinic human rights group T’ruah asked the IRS to investigate the Central Fund Of Israel.-rh 10/5/2017
Hunger Strike Continues For The 24th Consecutive DayIMEMC News - "The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society and the Detainees’ Committee have reported that some of the striking detainees started refraining from drinking water for several hours at a time, due to the increasing difficulties they face just by trying to walk to the toilets, including when trying to refill their water bottles." - id 10/5/2017
Could Hamas` pragmatic new leader finally reconcile with Fatah?Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - Haniyeh’s election has injected great optimism into the Fatah movement. Fatah leaders are well acquainted with Haniyeh, as opposed to Meshaal. Meshaal has lived his entire life outside the Palestinian territories, so the vast majority of Fatah activists have never even met him. “Haniyeh is the ticket to reconciliation,” said a member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council and former Gaza resident on condition of anonymity. He said that Haniyeh is very interested in reconciliation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and has in fact been operating behind the scenes toward this end. Haniyeh realizes that the only way to save Gaza and extricate it from its blockade is by resolving the long crisis between the two organizations. This Fatah higher-up argued that Meshaal did not succeed in this task because he is a foreigner in the West Bank and Gaza and never really understood the distress of the Palestinians. “He only knows how to inflame the masses, to talk about jihad. And that others should fight in his stead. By contrast, Haniyeh knows that only Palestinian unity will benefit the Gaza residents and the Hamas movement that he now heads,” he added.-rh 10/5/2017
Hunger strike solidarity - Haifa & Paris Yoav Haifawi, Haifa - We will not leave alone those who daily sacrifice their freedom and their lives for the sake of our freedom. // Olivia Zémor, Paris - We have been on hunger strike since Monday midnight, expressing our support for the Palestinian political prisoners who have been fasting for three weeks. 9/5/2017
Israel resorts to “psychological warfare” to try to break strikeCharlotte Silver - EI - In addition to increased raids and transfers to solitary confinement, Israel has also begun seizing money from striking prisoners’ accounts. In response, the Palestinian Authority announced that it would stop paying an allowance to prisoners. This money is used for purchases at the prison commissary, including salts, which are a vital nutrient for hunger strikers. According to lawyers who visited Ketziot, several of their clients were unable to walk or stand. (...) Prison authorities have begun fining them for not standing up during roll call. [bz]9/5/2017
Israeli-Palestinian FIFA war nearing the decisive point Tovah Lazaroff - Jerusalem Post - PM Netanyahu is making an intensive personal to avert the impending vote by FIFA, the International Soccer Federation, on the issue of six soccer teams based at West Bank settlements being enrolled in the Israeli soccer federation? Should it come to a vote, the FIFA bylaws are very clear - one national federation (in this case the Israeli one) is not allowed to set up soccer clubs in the territory of another federation (in this case, the Palestinian federation). Should the matter come to a vote, FIFA would have no choice but to to demand that Israel stop the participation of settler teams. Non-compliance potentially leading to Israel being altogether banned from international soccer. There is already a precedent - soccer teams from the Crimea were not allowed to play in the Russian soccer league. [ak]. 9/5/2017
Qaraqe: “We will Prosecute Any Doctor Who Participates In Force-Feeding The Detainees”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "The head of the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee Issa Qaraqe stated, Saturday, that the committee will file legal charges against any physician or health professional, regardless of their nationality, who participates in force-feeding the hunger striking Palestinian detainees" [ry]8/5/2017
Don’t give Israel another free pass, Palestinian teams urge FIFAAli Abunimah - EI - "More than 170 Palestinian football clubs and sports associations are urging FIFA to suspend the Israel Football Association because of its inclusion of Israeli teams based in settlements in the occupied West Bank" [ry]8/5/2017
Mohammad Sabaaneh’s dangerous cartoonsMarguerite Dabaie - EI - Every tiny detail is pregnant with meaning. Sabaaneh said such density is a reflection of Palestinian life. “This crowded cartoon reflects our lives in Palestine, the limited land, and our limited city,” he told The Electronic Intifada. “My blank paper looks like [Palestinian] cities surrounded by limits and I should put everything in this limited area.” [bz for dn] 7/5/2017
After mob attacks alternative Memorial Day ceremonies, Israeli education minister criticizes ceremonies not mob Jonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss "in the past 12 years, there has been a serious attempt to offer an alternative commemoration. Two organizations joining Palestinians and Israelis – the Parents Circle – Families Forum, and Combatants for Peace, arrange alternative commemoration ceremonies, which take into account the loss on both sides – that is, also on the side that is considered “the enemy”... The Tel Aviv assault against the mourners was particularly virulent, with mobs shouting “Nazis,” “worthless cowards,” “seed of Amalek,” “go back to Auschwitz,” “get out of our country”. The video embedded in the article is really quite unbelievable. These protesters simply came ‘in honor’ of the fallen, whom these people supposedly desecrate, because they show empathy with the ‘other’." ca5/5/2017
Three Jordanian Detainees Join Hunger Strike IMEMC - "The Jordanian al-Ghad newspaper said the detainees are aware of the life-threatening consequences of the hunger strike, but are determined to continue because they are fighting for basic, fundamental rights."..."It is worth mentioning that Israel is still holding captive twenty-three Jordanians in its prisons." - id 3/5/2017
Only 2 days left to the Aerosmith BDS Thunderclap! 2/5/2017
Israel says 300 inmates end hunger strike; Palestinian official says it`s not soMiddle East Eye - The prison service plan to set up 400 medical centres inside jails "to avoid as much as possible the transfer of hunger striking detainees to civilian hospitals". The hunger strike began on 17 April, with those taking part ingesting only water and salt. They have issued demands ranging from better medical care to phone access. [bz]2/5/2017
Former prisoner dies in protest tentIMEMC - Mazin Mohammad al-Maghraby, 45, died of a heart attack at a protest tent in Ramallah- where he took part in a hunger strike in solidarity with that of the detainees. Al-Maghraby was himself released from Israeli detention only five months ago. During his five years` detention he suffered from medical neglect, leading to a severe deterioration of his health, including kidney failure. Since being released he had been forced to undergo kidney dialysis, and was hospitalized a number of times. [It was in fact unwise of him to take part in the solidarity hunger strike - evidently he felt it to be his duty to still imprisoned fellows. ak] 2/5/2017
To Honor Israel`s Memorial Day, They Attacked My Family Bradley Burston - Haaretz - The annual memorial, organized by the Bereaved Parents Circle and Combatants for Peace, joint Israeli-Palestinian groups working for reconciliation and peace, has resonated so deeply within this society that after a dozen years, even the Tel Aviv-area basketball arena in which it was held this year, proved too small to contain all those who wanted to take part. And this was even after Israel denied entry permits to hundreds of West Bank Palestinians who wanted deeply to attend. But, some self-appointed saviors of the Jewish race saw these thousands as a danger. [bz] 2/5/2017
Day of anger in Palestine in solidarity with the hunger strikers Ahmad Jaradat - AIC - Protests and clashes with Israeli soldiers erupted soon after Friday prayers. Dozens of Palestinians were injured and many more overcome with teargas [ry]1/5/2017
Video: Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace - The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, 2017 1/5/2017
Wife of jailed Fatah leader tells of her fears for hunger strikersPeter Beaumont - The Guardian -Her husband is the convicted killer some call the Palestinian Mandela [ry]1/5/2017
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