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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Habima to travel to Kiryat Arba, fans protestRan Boker - Ynet - A post protesting its showing in Kiryat Arba, which received hundreds of "likes" and dozens of "shares" on social media site Facebook, read, "There are few places more loathsome than that in our area. I suggest that the actors and crewmembers arrive a bit beforehand and tour Meir Kahane Park, which also includes the grave of Baruch Goldstein." The Habima Theatre management responded that, as the national theater of the state of Israel, it (...) condemns any attempt to culturally boycott any place where Israeli citizens live." [bz] 24/10/2016
200 Israeli cultural icons call to release Palestinian poet under house arrestHaokets - +972 - The treatment of Dareen Tatour by the authorities expresses a policy of severe discrimination vis-a-vis Palestinian citizens’ freedom of expression. The attempt to present legitimate political protest as a criminal act prevents the possibility of honest discourse, and is intended to block dialogue between Jews and Arabs. We, poets, authors, academics, and educators, who fear for freedom of expression and the ability to understand each other and build a life together with Arabs and Jews in this country, call on the state to put an end to Dareen Tatour’s persecution. [bz]23/10/2016
We have a partner among Palestinian womenZeruya Shalev - Ynet - From Jenin, from Bethlehem, from Nablus, from Hebron, from nearby Jericho. Older women and younger women, religious and secular, some speaking fluent English and some who introduce themselves only in Arabic, asking: Can we take a picture together? We squeeze into the iPhone screens together in the blazing heat. They will take the pictures back with them to Jenin and to Bethlehem, to Nablus and to Hebron. Pictures which bring us together on one rare day, in which we managed to believe. Because when I told my acquaintances about the planned event at Qasr el-Yahud with 1,000 Palestinian women, most of them doubted it. They won’t come, they said. [bz]23/10/2016
Coalition Chairman Threatens to Strip Citizenship of Israeli Activist Who Criticized Occupation at UN Jonathan Lis - Haaretz - Likud lawmaker David Bitan told Channel 2 that B`Tselem head Hagai El-Ad`s remarks were an "explicit breach of trust by an Israeli citizen against the state, and as such he should find himself another citizenship." The law allows the state to revoke someone`s citizenship only in cases of terrorism, treason or espionage. [bz]22/10/2016
New initiative aims to protect Palestinian working womenEntsar Abu Jahal - The work environment in Palestine suffers from violations of labor rights in general and women’s rights specifically, as women are the weakest entity in their patriarchal society. Consequently, the Palestinian Ministry of Labor and the National Committee for Women’s Employment (NCWE) coordinated with the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU), with the support of the International Labor Organization, to launch the first Guideline for Women’s Employment Rights on Oct. 4 in Ramallah.-rh 20/10/2016
Two new hunger strikers join battle: 6 Palestinians strike against administrative detentionSamidoun - Two more Palestinian prisoners have launched a hunger strike against their administrative detention without charge or trial: Mohammed Khattab, 28, and Majdi Oweidat, 23, who launched their strike on 8 October 2016. Both are from Jericho and their administrative detention orders for their imprisonment without charge or trial have been renewed twice, reported Palestinian lawyer Louay Akkeh. Both are held in the Ofer prison; Khattab and Oweidat are beginning to experience medical consequences of their strike including joint pain, headache, stomach pain and dizziness.-rh20/10/2016
Israeli government criticised for video depicting Palestinians as home invaders who only recently arrived: `What an awful, warped piece of propaganda. A complete and total erasure of Palestinians`Samuel Osborne - Independent - Israel`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been criticised for sharing an "awful, warped piece of propaganda" after it published a satirical video about the history of the Jewish people. Titled "Welcome to the Home of the Jewish People," the three-and-a-half minute long video depics Jacob, Rachel and their child, enjoying life in the "Land of Israel".-rh 20/10/2016
B`Tselem`s response to Prime Minister`s attack: We will continue saying the truth in Israel and abroad; the occupation must endB`Tselem - Unlike the Prime Minister and his slander, we believe that the Israeli public is worthy of meaningful discussion of the occupation. And, contrary to the complete overlap the Prime Minister establishes between the occupation and Israel, we insist on saying loud and clear: the occupation is not Israel, and resisting it is not anti-Israel. The opposite is true. -rh20/10/2016
At the Checkpoint: The Blacklisted Woman Who Had Cancer Tamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - I have no idea why and how and how soon this quasi-miracle happened. I only know that the soldier then said in a soft voice, as though his voice knows that we are one: “Okay, go on”. Again we held each other and began to walk like one body, slowly, step after step. After one or two steps I left her for a second, returned to the window, to the soldier, and apologized. Even though I didn’t know what I was apologizing for, I knew it was the right thing to do.-rh20/10/2016
The March of Hope by Women Wage Peace reaches PM Residence in J`lem Gush Shalom - "The March will culminate on Wed. Oct. 19 in a rally outside the Prime Minister’s home, where we will demand from the government to strive for change, to try for a political agreement." = id19/10/2016
In Kansas City: can asking a question critical of Israel lead to prosecution? Ian Cummings - Kansas City Star - At the Kansas City Public Library, former diplomat Dennis Ross gave the inaugural Truman and Israel Lecture, established by the Truman Library Institute and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City. A member of the audience, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, asked Ross whether Jewish Americans such as himself should be concerned about actions by the U.S. and Israel "which amount to state-sponsored terrorism.” Instead of Ross answering the question, private security guards employed by the Jewish Community Foundation grabbed Rothe-Kushel and dragged him out. Now, is charged in city court with "trespassing" and "resisting arrest", while library employee Woolfolk is charged with "interfering" with Rothe-Kushel`s arrest by the police. “This is a big violation of the very first amendment to the Constitution of the United States,” says Kansas City Public Library executive director R. Crosby Kemper III. [ak] 18/10/2016
US ‘troubled’ by attacks on Israeli rights group B’TselemBarak Ravid/Rapul Wootliff - Haaretz/Times of Israel - US State Department spokesperson John Kirby said that Washington valued the information provided by B’Tselem about the situation in the West Bank. Reacting to the sharp attack of PM Netanyahu against B’Tselem, Kirby said: “We believe that a free and unfettered civil society is a critical component of democracy. We believe it is important that governments protect the freedoms of expression, and create an atmosphere where all voices can be heard. We are troubled by instances anywhere in the world where these principles are threatened.” [ak]18/10/2016
The March of Hope by Women Wage Peace reaches PM`s Residence in J`lem 17/10/2016
After Israeli PM `attack,` B`Tselem vows to continue efforts to end the occupationMa`an News Agency - "B’Tselem fired back in a statement Sunday morning, denouncing Netanyahu for `slander,` and vowed that the prime minister`s comments would not deter the organization’s work `nor the hundreds of thousands in Israel who oppose the occupation. We will continue saying the truth in Israel and abroad: the occupation must end`” [ry] 17/10/2016
B`tselem goes to UN, demands end to `occupation`Moran Azulay - Ynet - B`tselem chairman Hagi El-Ad, used his time at the UN to attack the Israeli government’s policies, blame the government for violence against the Palestinians, “take action (against Israel), now." The Israeli leftist organization “Peace Now” was also invited to the session, but was unable to come, instead sending a representative from its US office. The representative said that “the values enshrined in the Israeli Declaration of Independence are in question.” [bz]15/10/2016
`The occupation is sustainable because the world refuses to take action`+972 - Hagai El-Ad`s transcript of the prepared remarks he as B’Tselem`s executive director delivered to UN Security Council members during a special ‘Arria-formula’ session on ‘Illegal Israeli Settlements: Obstacles to Peace and the Two-State Solution’ in New York on October 14, 2016. [bz]15/10/2016
Ilan Halevi: In memoriamMichel Warschawski - Alternative Information Center "Already three years since my friend Ilan Halevi passed away, when he was only 70 years old. In a few days, Syllepse Editions will re- publish Ilan`s book, Jewish Question: Tribe, Law and Space. This book was published in French first in 1981 by the prestigious Les Editions de Minuit. For many years now, it has been almost impossible to find a copy. Thanks to his daughter Mariam, Ilan`s book will be again be available." ca 14/10/2016
B’Tselem Executive Director, Hagai El-Ad, to lay out the reality of the occupation in a special discussion about settlements at the United Nations Security CouncilB`Tselem - Press Release "The discussion will take place on Friday, October 14th, 2016, starting at 10:00 am EST (5:00 pm IST), and lasting a total of three hours. It will be broadcast live at the following link:" ca14/10/2016
Israel and Academic Freedom: a Closed BookStanley L. Cohen - counterpunch - Though each generation has confronted different demons in different ways, at day’s end, it has always come back to the notion of free and robust speech as the best vehicle for knowledge and change. Ironically one of the most eloquent explanations of the First Amendment’s critical role in the search for truth was penned by none other than a Zionist, Justice Louis Brandeis in his concurring opinion in Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357, 375 (Brandeis, J., concurring).-rh 12/10/2016
Occupation denial is pushing me out of my Jewish communityJenn Pollan - +972 - I can no longer remain silent as many in the Jewish establishment continue to support the occupation, publicly reject the Movement for Black Lives, and remain silent on Trump. [bz]11/10/2016
Two Palestinian prisoners end hunger strikes after reaching deal with Israeli authoritiesMa`an/Palestinian Committee of Prisoners` Affairs - Two hunger- striking Palestinian prisoners ended their hunger strikes on Monday after the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) answered their demands. Jawad Jawarish had been on two weeks of hunger strike to protest being punitively moved from one prison to another - five times in short succession. Maher Ibayyat`s hunger strike lasted 18 days, in protest of being places in solitary confinement. Both ended their hunger strikes when their specific demands were answered. It should be noted that while a hunger strike of two to thee weeks could win some improvement in prison condition, in order to have any chance of complete release Palestinian prisoners need to hold far long hunger strikes. For that is usually needed a strike on the order of 70 or 80 days, bringing the prisoner into concrete danger of death or irreversible brain damage. [ak]11/10/2016
Pink Floyd unite to support the Women`s Boat to Gaza The Guardian - 11 after the last time that Pink Floyd reunited, the three remaining members have put their differences behind them in common cause - not musical cause: David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters have joined together – in word only – to offer their support for the Women’s Boat to Gaza, a group of women from around the world who set sail from Barcelona to Gaza last month, to protest Israel`s siege of Gaza. They were intercepted at mid-sea by the Israeli navy, arrested, taken to Israel and deported. Their boat remains in Israeli custody. [ak] 11/10/2016
Israeli troops block non-violent demonstration in Bil’in, abduct organizerIMEMC - Before the protest began, the soldiers stopped local organizer Mohammad al-Khatib. When the soldiers tried to confiscate his car, al-Khatib staged a sit-in, lying in front of the car to prevent the soldiers from confiscating it. He told a camera person, “I will not move. This is my car, this is my land.” The soldiers then abducted al-Khatib and took his car. [bz]8/10/2016
Israel Settlement Activity Quadrupled Over Past Year Jason Ditz - (based on latest report from settlement watchdog group Peace Now) - Perhaps even more disturbing than the actual numbers is where the construction is taking place, as large amounts of the construction is happening deep in Palestinian territory, in places like Ariel, settlements that are far beyond the borders of any expected negotiated two-state solution. [bz] 8/10/2016
‘An attack on local democracy’: UK gov’t and Spanish High Court issue decisions against BDS Kate - Mondoweiss "In a devastating blow against democracy, new guidance aims to curb the power of local authorities to make ethical financial choices — The UK government’s attack on local democracy and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has intensified in recent weeks." ca7/10/2016
Israel begins deporting women who tried to sail to Gaza Israel/Palestine Allison Deger - Mondoweiss "Mina Harbalou and Huda Rahmeh, both journalists with Al Jazeera, arrived at Heathrow airport, greeted with bouquets of flowers. Harbalou was draped in a Palestinian flag.The remaining 11 passengers and captain of the Zaytouna-Olivia are still in Israeli custody, according to an organizer with Women’s Boat to Gaza, Wendy Goldsmith who spoke to Mondoweiss from Canada." ca 7/10/2016
‘Women’s Boat to Gaza’ set to arrive this weekMondoweiss - Thirteen women including several parliamentarians, an Olympic athlete, Nobel Laureate, Mairead Maguire and former US Diplomat, Ann Wright are days away from breaking the Israeli blockade by reaching Gaza shores. Sources indicate that the Israel navy has been given orders to intercept the boat. According to Wright “we are sailing to remind the world of the brutal, illegal Israeli naval blockade that has trapped the 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza and made Gaza a prison for them. As a citizen of the United States, I am sailing to remind my nation’s leaders of their complicity with Israel in maintaining this prison, as well as the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the apartheid walls and the inhumane checkpoints for Palestinians.” [ak]5/10/2016
The camera that made Elor Azaria `man of the year`Yael Marom - +972 - "Without Abu Shamsiyeh’s camera having been pointed in the right direction at the right time, the story would have ended exactly as it was reported by Channel 10 and so many other news outlets that March morning: “Soldier lightly wounded in Hebron stabbing, the terrorists were killed.”" - id 5/10/2016
Soldiers harass journalists during trip to Jordan ValleyWafa - Journalists on a tour organised by the Palestinian Ministry of Information were stopped for three hours by Israeli soldiers. They were forbidden to use the main road to their destination, the Palestinian community of Ein Sakout in the Jordan Valley. Instead, the soldiers directed them to a very rough side road. When the journalists persisted, arrived at Ein Sakout and started talking to inhabitants, the soldiers came again and forced them to leave. Recently, an Israeli court ruled that 6500 dunums of land in this area, taken over by settlers, should be returned to their Palestinian owners. So far, however, the Israeli authorities failed to implement the court decision. [ak] 4/10/2016
Israelis seek to uncover government’s secret war against BDSAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - Attorney Eitay Mack and human rights activists Sahar Vardi, Ofer Neiman, Rachel Giora and Kobi Snitz have filed requests under Israel’s freedom of information law, to both the foreign ministry and the strategic affairs ministry. They are asking the government to reveal its financial support to foreign organizations, individuals, journalists or bloggers assisting Israel in its battle against what it calls “delegitimization.” The Israeli embassy in London has warned in a leaked cable that some of Israel’s tactics against the BDS movement may violate UK law. [bz]2/10/2016
Detainee Jawareesh Starts Hunger Strike Demanding Ending Violations, Constant TransfersIMEMC - "Mohammad Hamida, the head of the Association of Palestinian Prisoners called on international human rights and legal groups to intervene and stop the constant and escalating violations against the detainees, and the illegal policies of medical neglect, which recently claimed the life of detainee Yasser Hamdouni." id28/9/2016
`Vancouver wine stores are on the wrong side of history!`Boycott Israeli Wines (Canada) - "Don`t Drink with Apartheid!" Vancouver activists came out in the rain to support BDS (despite all attempts to silence them) and to call upon Liquor Stores in British Columbia that by selling Israeli wines they are on the wrong side of history. [ak]27/9/2016
Let the Women’s Flotilla reach the Port of Gaza!Gush Shalom - Gush Shalom calls upon the government to allow the Women’s Flotilla which sailed from Barcelona to reach the shores of Gaza. There should be no repetition of the shameful images of Israeli commandos brutally boarding and taking over vessels on the open sea and using Taser guns against international peace activists - images which are a disgrace to the State of Israel and its citizens. [ak]27/9/2016
For an Economic Boycott and Political Nonrecognition of the Israeli Settlements in the Occupied TerritoriesTodd Gitlin, Peter Beinart, Peter Brooks, Michael Walzer, Edward Witten, et al. - The New York Review of Books - We believe that [the] so-called Green Line, as defined by the 1949 armistice, should be the starting point for negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian parties on future boundaries between two states. To promote such negotiations, we call for a targeted boycott of all goods and services from all Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories. [bz]27/9/2016
Why I`ll be on the Gaza flotilla this Jewish New YearOrly Noy - +972 Magazine - In the days set by Jewish tradition for introspection and forgiveness, I am reminded that as an Israeli citizen I am responsible for the disaster and tragedy befalling the people of Gaza. I am reminded of one girl, Muna, whom I saw in a film by Gaza-based director Fida Qishta: bombings, white phosphorous, children’s bodies, more bombings, cruel and arbitrary attacks on fisherman, gunfire at farmers whose land is too close to the no-go zone, a father harrowingly calling for his son among the wreckage, and a 10-year-old girl, Muna, who accompanies Qishta throughout almost the entire movie, pointing out the location where the people she knew were killed. [ak] 27/9/2016
In latest Cases of Travel Ban; Israeli Authorities Prevent Nadia Abu Nahla from Travelling for Medical TreatmentThe Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns the Israeli forces decision to prevent Nadia Abu Nahla (al-Bakri) (52), a cancer patient, from travelling via Beit Hanoun “Erez” crossing to receive medical treatment in Tel Hashomer Hospital.[bz]27/9/2016
PHOTOS: Palestinians hold pray-in to protest road closuresAhmad Al-Bazz / Activestills - +972 - Palestinian residents of a village cut off by Israeli military closures hold prayer services at the roadblock to protest [ry] 26/9/2016
Why won’t Norway theater apologize for embracing Israel’s war crimes?Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - The video and a written “apology” were published as a work of art on Friday, online and in the national newspaper Morgenbladet. The ambiguity was deliberate and those who didn’t pay attention to the small print might not have noticed that it was a performance. The work’s creators wanted to draw national attention to artistic complicity in Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights. [bz] 25/9/2016
Jewish National Fund Gives $530K From American Donors to West Bank SettlementJosh Nathan-Kazis - Forward - “People who are putting their dollar bills in a JNF (box), or writing a check to buy a tree, might want to know that instead of buying a tree in Israel … that their money might be going to developments in the settlements which block peace,” said Rabbi Jill Jacobs, T’ruah’s executive director. T’ruah also noted that JNF reported giving $33,000 to a U.S.-based group called Friends of Ir David, which funds the Israeli organization Elad, which is engaged in settlement activity in East Jerusalem. [bz]24/9/2016
Bil’in’s Weekly Nonviolent Protest Celebrates Victory Of Hunger Striking DetaineesIMEMC News - "The procession started from the center of the village, and headed towards the Israeli Annexation Wall, while chanting against the illegal Israeli occupation, ongoing violations and also celebrating the victory of Mohammad Balboul, his brother Mahmoud, and Malek Qadi." ca24/9/2016
Zaytouna-Oliva Leaves Corsica for Italy before Sailing to GazaIMEMC - "The Women’s Boat to Gaza (Zaytouna-Oliva) left the port of Ajaccio at 09:30, this morning. It is due to arrive later this week in Messina, Sicily, Italy, where it will dock for the last time, prior to sailing to challenge the illegal blockade of Gaza." CA23/9/2016
Why I am on the Women’s Boat to GazaLISAGAY HAMILTON - CounterPunch - "I’m here because some 1.8 million Gazans are trapped in what is often described as a giant open-air prison." - id 21/9/2016
Women`s flotilla to Gaza is more than mere symbolismSusan Abulhawa - Al Jazeera = "Their actions blur the boundaries of nation-states, race and class, shifting loyalties towards universal rights." - id21/9/2016
It`s time for the UN Security Council to recognize Palestine! We – Israeli and Palestinian citizens, and those of the rest of the world – call upon you20/9/2016
Stand with Issa AmroCodepink petition20/9/2016
B`Tselem: IDF prosecutors whitewashing Protective Edge crimesIlana Messika/TPS - Ynet - Even though Israel is not a party to the ICC, the Palestinians filed for “retroactive jurisdiction” which could entitle the court to jurisdiction on Operation Protective Edge if the Hague deems Israel “unwilling or unable” to prosecute its own alleged war crimes. [bz]20/9/2016
Prisoners begin mass hunger strike to support jailed student “fighting death”Charlotte Silver - The Electronic Intifada - Approximately 100 Palestinian prisoners have started to refuse food in support of 25-year-old Malik al-Qadi, who fell into a coma on 10 September after eight weeks on hunger strike. Just two days before he fell unconscious, an Israeli court suspended his detention order but said it could be reimposed if his health improved. Al-Qadi refused to end his strike, insisting his administrative detention order be completely cancelled. [bz]20/9/2016
Hundreds of Israeli intellectuals to world Jewry: ‘End occupation for Israel’s sake’Times of Israel staff and AP - “We call upon Jews around the world to join with Israeli partners for coordinated action to end the occupation and build a new future, for the sake of the State of Israel and the generations to come,” the letter said. Signatories include seven high-ranking IDF officers, 20 former ambassadors, authors David Grossman, Amos Oz. [bz]17/9/2016
Barcelona Hosts Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG) for their inaugural journeypPalestine News Network - "From September 12-14, the sailing vessels Amal-Hope and Zaytouna- Oliva will moor at Bosch i Alsina dock in the port of Barcelona where various events (concerts, talks, nonviolent workshops, a street parade and visits to the boats) will take place as farewell for the women leaving to break the blockade on Gaza." ca16/9/2016
Force-feeding law seeks to oppress Palestinian lives, not save themAmjad Iraqi - +972 - "Israeli security authorities view hunger striking Palestinian prisoners as political time-bombs that can undermine the occupation’s control. The High Court agrees." - id 14/9/2016
Peace Now: Proposing a referendum on ending the occupation Ori Nir - Americans for Peace Now - Peace Now, in cooperation with other Israeli civil society organizations, launched a new initiative demanding a referendum on the future of Israel’s rule over the West Bank and on peace with the Palestinians.The referendum initiative, anchored in a new organization, Decision at 50, will collect signatures of Israeli citizens, demanding a voice in deciding on the future of the Occupied Territories – a decision until now dictated by the settlers and their allies, through establishing facts on the ground, with an immense impact on the national security and wellbeing of the state of Israel.Many prominent Israeli public figures have joined the initiative, including current and former Knesset members, former security officials, as well as prominent academics, entertainers and writers.[ak]13/9/2016
Naomi Chazan: Against a referendum on ending the occupation Naomi Chazan - Times of Israel - The idea of a referendum is motivated by the need to challenge the foot-dragging of the Netanyahu government. Referenda, however, are very fickle political instruments. To conduct the first referendum in Israel’s history on the most essential and contentious question on the public agenda is foolhardy at best, if not downright irresponsible. Moreover, The notion that Israelis have the right to decide the political destiny of Palestinians is beyond absurd.It assumes that Israel possesses all the lands in question and can retain or discard them at will. Worldwide, referendums on the future of a specific territory are conducted among the residents of the areas affected - not among their overlords.[ak] 13/9/2016
Barcelona Hosts Women’s Boat to Gaza - Departing WednesdayWBG - On September 14, the sailing vessels Amal-Hope and Zaytouna- Oliva, with their crews of women seeking to break the blockade on Gaza, will leave the port of Barcelona after a large farewell ceremony by the municipality and citizens of Barcelona. The boats will depart for Ajaccio, France and then travel through another Western Mediterranean port before reaching the shores of Gaza in early October. For the Barcelona-Ajaccio leg, the passenger lists include Malin Björk, a Member of European Parliament from Sweden; Zohar Chamberlain Regev, an Israeli who currently lives in Spain and Ann Wright, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and former U.S. diplomat who resigned in 2003 in opposition to the invasion of Iraq. [ak] 13/9/2016
I need your immediate help to continue my life`s work 13/9/2016
Call to action: Olive Harvest 2016 Press Releases - International Solidarity Movement - "Despite efforts by Israeli settlers and soldiers to prevent them from accessing their land, Palestinian communities have remained steadfast in refusing to give up their olive harvest." - id 9/9/2016
Olive Harvest 2016 Please contact for further information. 9/9/2016
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