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PHOTOS: Palestinian protestors offer soldiers popsicles, receive tear gas in returnOren Ziv / - +972 - The villagers of Kufr Qaddum look for a creative way to protest the occupation [ry] 29/8/2016
UN deeply concerned at deteriorating health of striking prisoner Bilal Kayed PNN - Palestine News Network - "After 70 days of hunger strike, Kayed is reported to be in a critical condition and doctors have informed him that he may suffer irreversible damage to his health." - id 24/8/2016
Cairo Institute condemns crackdown on Palestinian activists The Arab Daily News - "Under international law, such measures amount to a collective punishment, a serious breach of customary law." - id 24/8/2016
Palestinian journalist ordered to spend three months in admin. detentionHaggai Matar - +972 - The Supreme Court upheld the army’s request to extend Omar Nazzal’s remand by three months only, instead of four. The judges did not specify why he posed a security threat, and how he would cease to in three months’ time [ry] 22/8/2016
Rights groups say Israel behind death threats campaignJillian Kestler-D`Amours - AlJazeera - Palestinian human rights workers targeted for attempting to hold Israel accountable for its treatment of Palestinians [ry] 22/8/2016
Israeli buys Palestinian girl a new bike after border guards broke hersJudah Ari Gross - Times of Israel - Burqan’s experience reminded Jolles of something that had happened to his father in Europe during the 1920s, when a group of anti-Semites attacked him and threw his bicycle into a river, Jolles said. Giving a little girl a new bicycle after hers had unfairly been destroyed was a way to “close that circle.” [bz]20/8/2016
Army Injures Three In Kufur QaddoumIMEMC News - "Morad Eshteiwy, the media coordinator of the Popular Committee in Kufur Qaddoum, said a large military force invaded Kufur Qaddoum and assaulted locals, holding the weekly nonviolent protest, leading to clashes.The army fired rubber-coated steel bullets, wounding three Palestinians, and many gas bombs, causing dozens to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation." ca 20/8/2016
Global protests highlight severe water crisis in Gaza and West Bank Orly Noy - +972 - "In a display of lights reflected in the water, activists from Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Boston, New York, Houston, Johannesburg, Melbourne, and Perth stood alongside ponds and beaches forming illuminated words reading, “Water is a basic right,” in different languages." - id 17/8/2016
Crimea precedent might hasten “red card” to Israeli settlement teamsKwara Kekana - BDS South Africa - The next FIFA council meeting (October), is expected to deal will the six soccer clubs of Israeli settlements on the West Bank. A precedent is the decision of FIFA/UEFA, after the Russian occupation of Crimea in March 2014, to prohibit Crimean soccer clubs playing in the Russian league. [ak] 16/8/2016
Israel laying ground for new settlement near Bethlehem which would `cut West Bank in two`Ma`an - The announcement by the Israeli government came after Peace Now petitioned to the Israeli Supreme Court, demanding more transparency from the state of Israel regarding the plans, so the group could appeal the decision ahead of time. [bz]16/8/2016
WATCH: Activists show solidarity with parched Bedouin village Social TV - +972 - Israel’s National Water Company, Mekorot, supplies water to Israeli settlements in Area C of the West Bank while Palestinians are denied access to wells and pipes that run through their land. Watch Israeli activists show solidarity with Bedouin living on the edge of the village of Fasayil in the Jordan Valley. [bz]16/8/2016
Activists break their Fast of Av in Sussiya, praying Liberman will save it todayTovah Lazaroff - Jerusalem Post - The activists sang a traditional Tisha Be’av prayer, but added a special verse for Sussiya, “for the village in danger, because of the appetite of the state.” [bz]16/8/2016
Gaza merchants say Israel withholding permits, stifling tradeTimes of Israel staff and AFP - Gazan businessmen and traders staged a protest at a crossing point Monday over what they said was the mass cancellation of travel permits by Israel, which they blamed for suffocating trade, having scrapped hundreds of travel documents allowing them to enter Israel and the West Bank as well as other countries for trade. [bz]16/8/2016
Worldwide participation in the Palestine International Dance and Music Festival Palestine International Festival for Dance and Music (PIF) - This week in Palestine - The annual festival, designed as a creative project towards breaking the cultural siege imposed on Palestine and Palestinians, this year hosted international music and dance groups from such countries as Spain, Italy, Greece, Chile, Egypt, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Algiria, Iraq, the UK and Turkey. [ak] 16/8/2016
European lawmakers show solidarity with hunger striking Palestinians prisonersMa`an - Anger directed at the Red Cross for the reduction in visits and at Israeli authorities for denying entry to scores of Palestinians from entering Israel to visit their incarcerated relatives has only intensified in recent weeks, as hunger strikes in Israeli prisons continued to gain momentum. [bz]16/8/2016
Global protests highlight severe water crisis in Gaza and West BankOrly Noy - +972 - An international light installation coordinated by the ‘Water Coalition’ calls for equal water rights for Palestinians [ry] 15/8/2016
Gaza football club dazzles IrelandCiaran Tierney - EI - “The talented young Palestinian footballers got to showcase their talents before Galway United’s biggest crowd of the season. Al-Helal played an exhibiton game during the half-time break in a match between Galway United and Dundalk. During the event, football fans rose to their feet, singing ‘stand up for Palestine.’ The gesture brought tears to the eyes of the boys and their two adult coaches” [ry] 15/8/2016
Palestinian seeks freedom in 3rd month of hunger strikeAP, Yahoo!News - “Bilal Kayed, 34, began the fast June 14, after Israel ordered him held for six months without charges, immediately following completion of a 14-and-a-half-year prison term, his relatives said” [ry] 15/8/2016
In photos: Bethlehem LivePoppy Liuba-Carmichael - AIC - The Bethlehem Live Festival brings local and international artists to Palestine to revive historic Star Street and energize cultural resistance to Israeli occupation [ry] 15/8/2016
Tisha B`Av visit to threatened villages 14/8/2016
Statement concerning Israeli measures against activists Features - International Solidarity Movement - "Further isolation of Palestinians by denying access and/or deporting human rights activists aims to make Palestinian communities already vulnerable and suffering from abuse even more vulnerable." - id 10/8/2016
Swedes demand Israel repair ship after court victoryAFP - Yahoo News - In its ruling on Sunday the Supreme Court said the state impounded the ship illegally and awarded its owners legal costs of 40,000 shekels ($10,500, 9,400 euros). Ship to Gaza spokesman Dror Feiler said Ship to Gaza would now file a claim for damages. "They kept the boat for four years in the port of Haifa." It is still afloat but unfit to put to sea. "We will demand that the boat will be put into seaworthy condition so we can sail." [bz] 9/8/2016
Fans call upon singer Gali Atari to cancel settlement performance Jerusalem Post - Singer Gali Atari, winner of the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest, is currently in the eye of the storm because left-wing fans want her to cancel her scheduled performance in the West Bank settlement of Shilo. The fans wrote on Atari`s Facebook page that if she sings in Occupied Territory, she will lose a lot of her following. Atari answered that "music was created as a bridge". [ak]9/8/2016
Re/Max continues settlement real estate deals - Code Pink intensifies protests Code Pink - Ahead of the Presbyterian General Assembly in June, CEO Dave Liniger of the real estate giant RE/MAX told the Presbyterians that "RE/MAX would stop earning profits" from sales of properties at Israeli settlements on the West Bank. As soon turned out, however, the Israeli subsidiary of RE/MAX in no way feels bound to change its policies. RE/MAX Israel CEO Bernard Raskin told Judy Maltz of Haaretz that the promise to the Presbyterians has “zero impact on anything we are doing.” RE/MAX Israel currently operates in all of the large settlements and even has an office in the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumin! Therefore, the activists of Code Pink decided to intensify their campaign. There were protests outside RE/MAX offices in Los Angeles, California, and Syracuse, New York. Further protests are planned at cities across the country: from Chicago to Atlanta to Portland, Oregon. [ak] 9/8/2016
Israel launching task force to target, deport BDS activistsMa’an News Agency - "The Israeli government announced on Sunday that it was launching a task force to identify and deport members from the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, marking the latest attack on left-wing and pro-Palestinian activism by Israel" [ry] 8/8/2016
Solidarity Ships to Sail for Besieged Gaza in SeptemberIMEMC News & Agencies - "Named ‘Amal’ and ‘Zaytouna’ — meaning ‘Hope’ and ‘Olives’ in Arabic, respectively — the ships will be led by an all-female crew of 24, including Nobel Prize winner Mairead Maguire" [ry] 8/8/2016
Palestinian music band protests Israeli Security Forces with an impromptu concertMEMO - Dawaween was blocked from leaving Gaza to travel to the Palestine International Festival for Dance and Music in Jerusalem [ry] 8/8/2016
Global Shabbat Against Demolition!a call from Center for Jewish Nonviolence, T`ruah6/8/2016
What`s really behind PA`s threat to sue Britain? Rasha Abou Jalal - Al Monitor "“The PA is upset as the international resolutions that are in favor of the Palestinian cause are not being implemented, such as Resolution 194 issued by the UN in 1948, which acknowledged the Palestinian refugees’ right to return. The PA is seeking to push Britain into taking action to implement those resolutions.” (Quote from political analyst Eyad Qara - ca)" ca 5/8/2016
Solidarity Water Convoy to the Jordan Valley – Sat. Aug. 6 2/8/2016
Pressure mounts on Israel to release Bilal KayedEmily Mulder - Al Jazeera - At least 100 Palestinian political prisoners have now joined a mass hunger strike in support of Bilal Kayed, as he nears 50 days without food in protest against his detention by Israel.Prisoners who have joined the strike, the majority comprising PFLP members, have come under harsh punitive measures by the Israel Prison Service, including isolation, violent raids on cells, and revocation of family visits. Lawyer Farah Bayadsi,who visited Kayed on Sunday at the Israeli hospital where he is being held, said that his health was continuing to deteriorate as he remained shackled to the bed under the constant watch of Israeli guards. [ak]2/8/2016
A concrete call for international action re Palestinian water rights 2/8/2016
Kiryat Arba settler population is shrinkingDebra DeLee - Americans for Peace Now - A recent article in the Washington Post revealed the fact that Kiryat Arba – one of the most iconic and radical of the ideological settlements on the West Bank – is shrinking. Settlers there are given to lament that frequently-made statements of support from the Netanyhau government "mean nothing" because the government is constrained by "political considerations and outside pressure". [ak]2/8/2016
After FIFA complaint, Israel lets Gaza soccer players travel to championship game in HebronYoni Mendel - +972 - Like last year, the Israeli authorities - citing unspecified "security considerations" - initially refused to allow Palestinian soccer players to travel from Gaza to the West Bank to participate in the Palestine Cup Final. Like last year, the decision was changed and the players allowed to travel after the Palestinians appealed to FIFA, the International Soccer Federation. Travel restrictions on Palestinian players are one of the ongoing soccer-related issues raised by Palestinians, along with the situation of West Bank settler clubs being admitted to the Israeli Soccer League in contravention of FIFA bylaws. In last year`s FIFA Congress, the Palestinians agreed to shelve their motion to have Israel suspended - but it might be revived in the next congress. [ak] 2/8/2016
BDS and normalization: a Palestinian perspectiveHaidar Eid - AIC - Opposing the normalization of Israeli occupation does not make the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement exclusive; it is an essential political commitment for justice in Palestine [ry] 1/8/2016
Palestine Youth Orchestra’s triumphant UK debutSarah Irving - EI - Palestine Youth Orchestra at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 26 July 2016 [ry] 1/8/2016
What the economic boycott of Israel can achieve Nada Elia - Mondoweiss "Clearly, BDS, with its call for an economic boycott of Israel, is a movement to be reckoned with. Nevertheless, its greatest impact is not and cannot be the economic strangulation of Israel. Nor is this its only or primary goal. Rather, BDS seeks to disrupt the narrative that presents Israel as victimized by the Palestinians, and empower every individual to act upon their outrage at Israel’s decades-long oppression of the Palestinian people. And this, BDS is doing very well." ca29/7/2016
Two States, One Homeland: The Promised Land of Isra-stine?Elhanan Miller - Haaretz "On June 2, some 300 Israelis and Palestinians gathered at the Tel Aviv Convention Center to listen to details of the unique confederation in a conference titled “from initiative to implementation.” Breakout sessions tackled thorny issues such as security, education and constitutions. Settlers from Ofra and the Etzion Bloc mingled with post-Zionists from north Tel Aviv and Palestinians from Beit Sahour in an excited medley of Hebrew, English and Arabic." ca29/7/2016
Will Palestinians sue Britain over the Balfour declaration of 1917? Ian Black - The Guardian "the statement may be seen as a symptom of desperation about the Palestinian cause at a time when the peace process is non-existent and hopes for an end to occupation and a two-state solution to the conflict appear moribund." ca29/7/2016
Israeli state-funded radio station could lose financial backing after reporting on Palestinian poetCaroline Mortimer - Independent - Israel’s official Army Radio has come under fire by senior government ministers for featuring a piece about a renown Palestinian poet on an education programme about “fundamental Israeli texts”. Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman summoned the station director Yaron Dekel to explain why the Palestinian nationalist Mahmoud Darwish was featured on the station which is controlled and funded by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).-rh 27/7/2016
Israeli Soldier Who Shot Helpless Palestinian Suspect Claims Commanders Were ‘Complacent’Marcy Oster - Forward - Azaria testified that during briefings before the March attack, the soldiers had been warned by Shin Bet security service officials that intelligence information indicated a “serious attack” was being planned by Palestinians in Hebron, which had been a flashpoint in a spree of Palestinian attacks against Jewish Israelis since October. When he heard bystanders shouting that the downed Palestinian was moving, and took into consideration that he was wearing a heavy coat on a warm day, Azaria said he took aim and shot Sharif.-rh27/7/2016
“Palestinians ought to be free.” Rabbi Alissa Wise - Jewish Voice for Peace - "Dr. Cornel West said it plain and clear at the Democratic National Convention Platform meeting: “Palestinians ought to be free.” - id 27/7/2016
Carlos “Let The Children Play” Santana to Perform in Tel Aviv Boycott Movement - IMEMC - "Carlos, the records and CDs with your music will be thrown into the garbage today, and the first that will go will be your “Love, Devotion, Surrender”. Rest assured that I’ll be breaking them so nobody can pick them up from the trash to use them." - id 27/7/2016
US labor board affirms union’s right to boycott IsraelAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - Last August, the 30,000- strong United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) voted to support BDS. Shurat HaDin, a right-wing Israeli lawfare group filed a complaint on the grounds that "support for BDS violates the law against secondary boycotts" - but this was thrown out by The National Labor Relations Board.UE national president Peter Knowlton said: "UE had withstood attempts to silence us during the McCarthy era in the 1950s, and we are unbowed by this latest attempt by a surrogate of the Israeli government". [ak] 26/7/2016
Dareen Tatour Returned… To Prison!Yoav Bar - Free Haifa - Poet Dareen Tatour, accused of publishing "seditious" poetry on Facebook, expected to move to house arrest at her own family home surrounded by family and friends - after more than three months in prison and more than six months in house arrest in exile in Kiryat Ono near Tel Aviv (more than 100 km from her home). But seemingly technical problems in installing electronic surveillance at the family home led to her being taken off once again to prison, to the great chagrin of herself and her family and supporters who crowded the courtroom. [ak]26/7/2016
Activists defeat anti-BDS legislation in MassachusettsNora Barrows-Friedman - The Electronic Intifada - At the legislatures various states in the US, bills are put forward - encouraged by Israel lobby groups and the Israeli government – to suppress BDS activism. In Massachusetts, one such initiative was foiled, thanks to a broad coalition of groups coming together and engaging directly with lawmakers over a sustained period. The bottom line: Amendment 133, which would have blacklisted individuals and businesses that engage with the boycott of Israel, was withdrawn a few hours before the vote. [ak]26/7/2016
Solving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, One Phone Number at a Time Ofra Edelman - Haaretz - Anyone caught last Friday at the edge of Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv was liable to think that the new Middle East was coming to fruition before his very eyes. Some 300 Israelis and Palestinians sat around 20 large tables spread out along the boulevard, discussing a solution to the conflict. One proposal called for two states for two people, another for confederation and a third for internationalizing Jerusalem. [bz]26/7/2016
Palestinian Artist in Gaza Using Spices and Fruit as PaintEman Hussein - BarakaBits - Abu Al-Eish explained that her main goal is to “promote the Palestinian cause to the World”. To be able to carry out her art she had to find alternatives for paint - not available under the siege. [bz]26/7/2016
Honey provides relief for Palestinian womenShatha Yaish, Agence France Presse - The Daily Star - “Muntaha Bairat, 37, started beekeeping four years ago in an olive grove near the village of Kafr Malik, near Ramallah. [...] She was not expecting big results, she told AFP as she examined the beehives, which she runs with five women from the village. `But after we worked we discovered it was a great project for us. [...] It has totally changed our lives`" [ry] 25/7/2016
Imprisoned Palestinian women and girls: Teen detained over Facebook posts, injured woman denied medical careSamidoun - "Qamar Manasra, 16, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, remains detained after she was arrested by Israeli forces who invaded her home in Reineh village on Tuesday, 19 July. Her home was ransacked and her father and two brothers assaulted. Qamar is allegedly being investigated for `incitement` for her posts on social media, specifically Facebook. Facebook `incitement` charges have been cited as the reason for arrests of hundreds of Palestinians" [ry] 25/7/2016
Police arrest nine during march in unrecognized Bedouin villageOren Ziv, - +972 - Nine Bedouin and Jewish activists arrested for trying to prevent JNF bulldozers from turning Al-Araqib’s land into a forest [ry] 25/7/2016
500 Israelis and Palestinians hold Grassroots Negotiations in Tel Aviv 21/7/2016
Bilal Kayed shackled to hospital bed on 34th day of hunger strike as increasing number of prisoners join protestNorman G. Finkelstein - Over 45 Palestinian prisoners are now on an open hunger strike against administrative detention and in solidarity with imprisoned hunger striker Bilal Kayed, 35, on his 34th day of hunger strike against administrative detention. Kayed was scheduled for release after the completion of his 14.5 year sentence in Israeli prison on 13 June – instead, however, he was ordered to six months’ administrative detention without charge or trial.-rh20/7/2016
`We want water` say Bethlehem area protestersDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - “We haven’t had water for nearly 40 days,” a caller to the Voice of Palestine radio station told the presenter of the show July 8. The caller lives in the picturesque village of Artas, southwest of Bethlehem, which is known for its fertile land and imposing monastery. Residents of the village are the latest victims of this summer’s extreme water shortage that has hit many parts of Palestine, but especially the Bethlehem governorate.-rh 20/7/2016
Palestinian child Muawiya Alqam, 14, sentenced to 6.5 years in Israeli prisonSamidoun - Muawiya and his cousin Ali Alqam, 12, were arrested on 10 November 2015 and accused of attempting to stab an Israeli occupation guard on the Jerusalem light rail. Today, Ali, who was 11 at the time of arrest and turned 12 while imprisoned, is held inside a juvenile detention facility while Muawiya is held in Megiddo prison. Ali was shot three times by Israeli forces and had to undergo surgery to remove a bullet from his stomach. He is being detained for at least one year. Muawiya was accused of attempted murder and possession of a knife, despite the fact that the guard was only lightly wounded.-rh 20/7/2016
Using My Jewish Privilege To Make a Difference for Palestinians in HebronBecca Strober - Forward - Our direct-action of creating a communal space in the form of a cinema reminded me how privileged I am, and how capable I am (we are) of using our bodies in a different way. Instead of using my body and the privilege that comes with it to uphold a system, I can use it to resist that system. In that, I feel neither pride nor shame, but simply a responsibility to use my body and privilege to help dismantle the systems that oppress Palestinians.-rh20/7/2016
Benjamin Netanyahu investigated for money laundering by Israeli authoritiesJess Staufenberg - Independent - Benjamin Netanyahu is under investigation by Israel`s attorney general after reports he was gifted a large amount of money from an unknown source. The Israel Prime Minister has dismissed the allegations of corruption, which are the most recent in a series leveled against himself and his wife, as "baseless". But a formal examination was announced by the attorney general late on Sunday, and could prove to be embarrassing for the leader known as "Bibi" if found to be true.-rh 20/7/2016
LA Times Editorial: Boycotts of Israel are a protected form of free speech BDS - Editorial - "Many supporters of Israel have sought to portray the BDS movement as anti-Semitic." - id 20/7/2016
`No military solution` say Israeli, Palestinian ex-fightersDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - What makes Combatants for Peace unique is its Israeli and Palestinian wings, both committed to ending the occupation. “Over the years we had a lot of discussions about the situation, but we agree that the occupation is the basis of violence (...)" [bz]19/7/2016
Hunger striker Bilal Kayed to hospital - other prisoners began collective hunger strike - international campaign: 20-30 JulySamidoun - Kayed’s case is a threatening precedent to all Palestinian prisoners: of indefinite detention following the expiration of lengthy sentences in Israeli prisons. [bz] 19/7/2016
Hunger striker Bilal Kayed to hospital - other prisoners began collective hunger strike - international campaign: 20-30 July 19/7/2016
Ambassadors protest Israel`s confiscation of West Bank shelters Peter Beaumont - The Guardian - Eight ambassadors to Israel - from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and Norway - accuse the Israeli military of breaking international humanitarian law by confiscating shelters for Bedouins in the occupied West Bank that were paid for by European governments. In the first incident, the army dismantled and confiscated 10 residential caravans in the community of Jabal al Baba, displacing 49 people. The second incident referred to the dismantling and confiscation of seven caravans in Sateh el Bahir, six of which were being used as homes and the seventh as a kindergarten. Six families, numbering 26 individuals, were displaced.[ak] 19/7/2016
Peter Beinart joins US Jews for civil rights-style protest in West BankAndrew Tobin - Times of Israel - Though anti-occupation demonstrations in the West Bank are nothing new, such a large group taking action under the banner of American Judaism is. [bz]19/7/2016
Combatants for Peace - film screening on the Separation Wall 19/7/2016
Jewish, Palestinian activists try to build a cinema in HebronDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - As soldiers and settlers look on, dozens of foreign Jews join Palestinians in the segregated city of Hebron try ‘to make the unbearable a little more bearable.’ Police detain six Israelis among the group, prevent others from even joining. [ak]19/7/2016
IDF releases longest-serving female conscientious objectorEdo Konrad - +972 "Israel’s longest-serving conscientious objector Tair Kaminer was granted exemption from military service on Thursday after spending nearly 150 days in an IDF prison." ca15/7/2016
Three Israeli minors arrested over anti-Arab attacksAFP - "Three Jewish minors have been arrested for having set on fire a vehicle in the village of Yafia... and for having sprayed graffiti calling for vengeance after the attack on the Sarona in Tel Aviv," it said in a statement." ca 15/7/2016
The Freedom March - Israelis and Palestinians march together 14/7/2016
Israeli police initiate ‘friction activity’ on quiet streets in East Jerusalem Annie Robbins - Mondoweiss - An internal Jerusalem police department report reveals Israeli border police “initiated friction activity” to deliberately provoke violence in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, according to Haaretz.-rh13/7/2016
BDS is a war Israel can`t win Stanley L Cohen - Al Jazeera - "Israel`s apologists would call the BDS campaign "immoral", but the slander is laughably false." - id 13/7/2016
Israeli MPs Try To Assault Haneen ZoabiJonathan Cook - Information Clearing House - But when Zoabi accuses the soldiers of “murder” at about 4.30-min into the video, all hell breaks loose. A dozen or more Jewish MPs rush to the podium and start circling Zoabi like a pack of baying hyenas. By this stage, when Zoabi is being physically threatened by a number of MPs in the parliament chamber, you might think it would be time for some of them to be forcefully ejected, if only to indicate that this subversion of the democratic process will not be tolerated. But not a bit of it. They are treated with kid gloves.-rh13/7/2016
Why Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet Leaders Are Morphing Into ‘Leftists’J.J. Goldberg - ForwaRD It’s the conflict between the security chiefs’ overwhelming support for two states and the seeming immobility of a rightist-led political system that’s driving the growing clash between the groups. Generals complain that time is running out for a two-state solution because settlement growth will make separation impossible. Politicians dismiss the complaints as self-serving bellyaching by isolated individuals. The result is a growing mood of despair among security chiefs, leading to explosions of the sort that took place near Tel Aviv June 28.-rh 13/7/2016
How education reform could curb Palestinian unemploymentAhmad Melhem - Al Monitor - There are more students in Palestine pursuing academic tracks at universities than the job market can handle. While university graduates can`t find jobs in their majors, technical and vocational jobs go unfilled.-rh 13/7/2016
Hunger strike enters 25th day for Palestinian dissident Dezeray Lyn - The Arab Daily News - "The occupation surges forth and with it, the captives rattle the bars of their cages, refusing to be broken on a wheel." - id 13/7/2016
Hunger striker Bilal Kayed likely to be transferred AgainAlternative Information Center - On June 14th, Israeli authorities imposed six months of administrative detention upon Bilal Kayed rather than release him at the expiration of his 14.5-year sentence. He immediately started a strict hunger strike. After 27 days, his physical condition is deteriorating and he is likely to be soon transferred from Ashkelon prison to Barzilai Hospital. Earlier cases show that Administrative Detainees get released only if when they bring themselves in grave life danger. [ak]12/7/2016
EU: Israeli "NGO Law" undermines democratic values EU External Action - The new legislation, specifically targeting non-profit organisations, imposes reporting requirements which go beyond the legitimate need for transparency and seem aimed at constraining the activities of civil society organisations. This new legislation risks undermining such democratic values as the freedom of speech and a diverse civil society. We call upon Israel to continue to promote its active NGO sector and to refrain from actions which may curtail freedom of expression and association. [ak] 12/7/2016
Demonstrators close Bethlehem-Hebron road to protest water shortageMaan - Residents of the village of al-Khader in the southern West Bank closed the main road between Bethlehem and Hebron to protest ongoing water shortages. There were large-scale traffic jam, as protesters used rocks and car tires to block the way. The severe water shortages shortages previously sparked clashes between Israeli forces and local youths. A Palestinian youth was injured in the al- Duheisha Refugee Camp on Friday after Israeli forces suppressed a demonstration there with live fire. [ak]12/7/2016
Presbyterian Church, real estate giant RE/MAX - and West Bank settlementsJudy Maltz - Haaretz - Ahead of the Presbyterian Church General Assembly two weeks ago, RE/MAX CEO and co-founder Dave Liniger sent a letter to church officials reassuring them that RE/MAX "will no longer receive any income from the sale of Jewish settlement properties in the West Bank. However, RE/MAX Israel CEO Bernard Raskin said that this "has zero impact on anything we are doing" and that the company will continue activity in the settlements as usual. Marita A. Mayer of the Presbyterian Church said that RE/MAX must follow up on its verbal statement with "concrete action to fully end its complicity in Israel’s occupation and theft of Palestinian land.” Adam Keller of Gush Shalom said “Again and again, Israeli companies discover that it is impossible to be involved in the settlement project and at the same time build business relationships and partnerships abroad”. [ak]12/7/2016
South African Congregational Church commits to BDSRev. Thulani Ndlazi - Marthiemombergblog/United Congregational Church of Southern Africa - We recognize that the Palestinian struggle is not simply a conflict, but an asymmetric struggle between an oppressor and the oppressed. We hear the call of our sisters and brothers from Kairos Palestine who asked the world, and Christians in particular, to take a public stand against injustice. We are extremely concerned about fundamentalist Christian Zionism which conflates the Biblical Israel with the modern state of Israel. We call on all Christians to read the Bible responsibly so as to not trample on the human rights and the dignity of the Palestinians. We pledge our support to the international Boycott Divestments Sanctions (BDS) campaign. [ak]12/7/2016
Lieberman Blocks Israeli Pro-peace Group From Visiting RamallahGili Cohen and Amos Harel - Haaretz - “This makes it clear who’s a partner here and who isn’t,” said Geneva Initiative Director General Gadi Baltiansky. “It’s the government that prevents itself, and its citizens, from speaking to the person responsible for ties with Israeli society.” [bz]12/7/2016
The bulldozers get closer to Umm El HiranRabbi Arik Asherman - Rabbis for Human Rights - The residents of Um El Hiran have issued an urgent call, after being informed that JNF bulldozers are going to start working on a security road right next to their homes. Up until now they have been working much further away. The police said they will not be entering the village or demolishing homes for another few months, but the residents don`t trust that. [ak]10/7/2016
Help us give the Palestinians back their stolen water! 10/7/2016
Amputees in the Gaza Strip - for them the war is not over Physicians for Human Rights - During the summer 2014 offensive on the Gaza Strip medical teams were often forced to work in field conditions. Chaos also reigned in the hospitals due to the heavy workload and the shortage in resources to provide care. And with wounded individuals prematurely discharged from hospital in order to clear beds for hospitalization, their treatment remained partial and faulty. For all these reasons, many individuals who were injured in the limbs underwent improper limb amputation, which prevents the fitting of an artificial limb without surgery to correct the stump. [ak]10/7/2016
Help Nabil Abed Get Higher EducationNabil lives in besieged Gaza. After 3 wars he still has a dream: to complete his studies at Al-Azhar University 6/7/2016
Boycotts of Israel are a protected form of free speechLos Angeles Times - Editorial - You don’t have to support the so-called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement to be troubled when state governments in this country penalize American citizens for their political speech. As the Supreme Court has recognized, boycotts are a form of speech, protected under the Constitution.-rh6/7/2016
Israel Is Secretly Shipping Thousands Of Refugees To AfricaAmy Fallon - Thinkprogress - Adam, 29, who requested his real name not be used, escaped the genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region and is now one of the many “refugees in orbit,” as Israeli NGOs have dubbed them, created by the flaws in Israel’s “voluntary” return system. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to visit Uganda on July 4 for the 40th anniversary of the Entebbe raid — the first time an Israeli premier has visited Africa since 1994 — Adam and other African asylum-seekers remain stranded in limbo here.-rh6/7/2016
Netanyahu vs. the Generals : Israel’s prime minister is fighting hard to weaken the most important moderate force in his country. Which is why he’s going to be a big problem for the next U.S. president.Amir Tibon - POLITICO MAGAZINE - But Netanyahu doesn’t seem to be going anywhere; instead it is Israel’s former generals, like Barak, who are being marginalized while the longest-running prime minister in the Jewish state’s history consolidates his power. Barak wasn`t speaking only for himself when he attacked Netanyahu in such strong language. Over the past few months, the top news story in Israel has been the right-wing prime minister`s tectonic power struggle with Israel`s security establishment. One after the other, Israel`s top security chiefs and military leaders have criticized Netanyahu`s flagship policies and warned about the direction in which he is leading the country, typically over his refusal to engage in talks with the Palestinians and his push for military action against Iran.-rh 6/7/2016
What Israel`s payoff for Turkish civilians means for PalestiniansShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The agreement to compensate those injured by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) actions, whether they were “terrorist activists,” as they are called in Israel, or “human rights activists,” as they are called in Turkey, has also angered groups in Gaza and the West Bank. For years, human rights organizations have tried to get the Israeli government to take responsibility for harming civilians, but Israel passed a series of laws that prevent Palestinians from suing for damages to body or property.-rh 6/7/2016
Peace Now: Settlement expansion strengthens extremism, endangers IsraelisMa`an - “New housing units in the settlements will not prevent the next victims but rather strengthen the extremists on both sides." [bz]5/7/2016
Join Amnesty International\s protest at detention of Human Rights activist 5/7/2016
“We have a right to engage in non-violent action”: Christian leaders refuse to be silenced in struggle for Palestinian rights David Palumbo-Liu - Salon - "I respectfully request that the New York Conference, United Church of Christ be placed on the top of your list of organizations you would like the state of the New York to boycott. Gov. Cuomo – stop denying our rights. Rescind your executive order now!" (From a letter to Governor Cuomo by Reverend David Gaewski representing 260 churches in the state of New York). [bz]5/7/2016
Evict Israeli settlement teams from FIFA 5/7/2016
Hunger striker refuses "release in exchange for deportation"Samidoun - Hunger striking detainee Bilal Kayed refused an offer made by the military authorities to set him free on condition that he accepts a four years` deportation to Jordan. Since starting his hunger strike he had been harassed by the authorities, repeatedly transferred from prison to prison and denied a fan in the summer heat. Kayed had served a long prison term and at its end was not released but kept imprisoned under an Administrative Detention order. Rejecting all medical examinations, vitamins, and salt supplements, Kayed told lawyers: "If they refuse to allow me to live with dignity, then I will choose to die with dignity.” [ak] 5/7/2016
Dozens of Senior Legal Experts In An Urgent Appeal to the Chief Military Advocate: “Tair Kaminer’s imprisonment is an unacceptable policy.”Misarvot Press Release - “An individual’s refusal to serve in the IDF, because s/he believes that serving in the army would force him/her to act in such a way that would deeply compromise his/her basic concepts of morality, is the realization of a person’s right to the freedom to follow their own conscience" [ry] 4/7/2016
Al-Hadidiya, Jordan Valley - No running water, of course, and almost no water at all. David Shulman - Touching Photographs - Here’s the point. Suppose you want to build a pipeline for water—to be taken from well-known, legal Palestinian sources and paid for according to a water meter that you install—so that your tents and shacks would have the elementary happiness of running water. In theory, you could apply to the Civil Administration for a permit. Your application will be rejected. Almost all such applications are. Palestinians in the Jordan Valley cannot get water through pipes or wells by the standard bureaucratic procedures. In desperation, lacking any alternative, they may try to put a pipeline in place. They can be sure the Civil Administration will send its soldiers and policemen to demolish it and to punish them. It happened today at Al-Hadidiya. I saw it. [bz]2/7/2016
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