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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Tell Congress not to attend Netanyahu`s speechwith a special link for "Not from the US" just above the standard letter28/1/2015
Online petition: UN Security Council, set the date to end the occupation 27/1/2015
ICC backers defy Israeli call to cut funding to war crimes courtJerusalem Post - Last week Israel`s Foreign Minister Lieberman called upon funding states to cut off funding to "that biased political body, the International Criminal Court". Lieberman`s call was rejected out of hand by the states funding the ICC. Germany - the second-largest donor to the ICC budget - said it "couldn`t imagine" cutting off that funding. Similar statements were made by the French, British and Italians, and also by the Canadian government, which often supports the Netanyahu government on other issues. (The US, for its own reasons, did not join the ICC and does not contribute to its budget). [ak] 27/1/2015
IDF commander dismisses Unit 8200 refuseniksMairav Zonszein - +972 - "Unfortunately, the unit is choosing to cope with the claims we have raised by throwing us out of the unit, as if the harsh reality will disappear together with us." (The reservists in a statement responding to their dismissal.) [bz]27/1/2015
Thursday 29/1 at Ministry of Defence: demo calling for the immediate release of the 14 yr-old girl Malak al-Khatib 27/1/2015
Occupation Captured : A week of occupation in photosChristian Peacemaker Teams - Pictured here: Palestinian children playing in the streets of Hebron. Next to them and above them is the illegal settlement of Beit Romano, and the ever watchful eyes of the Israeli Military. Despite the presence of the occupation, they continue to play and practice their athletic tricks on their streets. THIS is resistance.-rh 21/1/2015
Peace Bus Project: JOURNEY TO JERICHO - January 22, Thursday, 8:30, Damascus Gate 21/1/2015
"Protest in the form of a prayer": Dream Defenders demonstration in Nazareth makes connections from Ferguson to PalestineAnnie Robbins - Mondoweiss "This powerfully moving video of a flashmob in Nazareth by the recent Dream Defenders delegation to Israel/Palestine is an earth shifter. The demonstration was coordinated by Patrisse Cullors co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter - " ca 16/1/2015
A Historic Day For The Palestine National Football Team, And, Indeed, PalelestineJack Muir - IMEMC - "The refusal of Israel to issue exit visas to players forced Palestine to abandon their qualification attempts for both the 2007 Asian Cup and the 2010 World Cup." - id 14/1/2015
Why I Wonít Serve IsraelMORIEL ROTHMAN-ZECHERJAN - NYT - "The outrage is disproportionate. Rarely do more than a few hundred Jewish Israelis publicly refuse to serve each year in protest against Israelís occupation of the Palestinian territories. The shrill condemnation of refusers is thus an indication of the establishmentís panic." - id 14/1/2015
General Briefing: Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli PrisonsAdameer - This general briefing, prepared by Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, provides a comprehensive overview of the situation of Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli prisons and detention centers. The issues covered include different violations that prisoners are subjected to, including torture, isolation, and medical negligence, as well as the main categories of prisoners, such as women, children and administrative detainees.-rh14/1/2015
Congress says possible Palestinian unity govít must recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to receive aidAllison Deger - Mondoweiss - Congress has passed provisions that immediately end funding to the Palestinian Authority in the event of a unity government with Hamas, or a joint government where Hamas exercises ďundue influence.Ē Though, there is one exception. If a supposed unity government recognizes Israel as a Jewish state, the aid will continue.-rh 14/1/2015
Humanitarian relief aid urgently needed in storm-battered Gaza and for Syrian refugees 13/1/2015
Khader Adnan launches hunger strike against administrative detentionMa`an - Khader Adnan, a Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails who staged one of the longest hunger strikes in history in 2012, has launched a new week-long hunger strike to protest his renewed detention without charge or trial by Israeli authorities. In November an Israeli military court ruled to release Adnan after five months without trial or charge, but that ruling was never implemented. [bz]13/1/2015
2014 Gaza crisis - your questions answeredREPORT Catholic Agency for Overseas Development - "We strongly believe that the only way out of the cycle of violence is to address the root causes of the conflict: there needs to be an end to the occupation of Palestinian territory, to the building of illegal settlements and to the closure of Gaza." ca9/1/2015
Palestinian girl Malaak al-Khatib, 14, detained for additional week by Israeli forcesSamidoun - Palestinian girl, Malaak Ali al-Khatib, 14, was arrested on 31 December near her school in Bittin village, near Ramallah. Her detention was extended on Monday, 5 January for one week, until Sunday, 11 January, under the pretext of requiring a ďconduct reportĒ on the girl before releasing her. The 14-year-old girl is accused of ďthrowing stonesĒ at Israeli occupation soldiers at the settler bypass road closed to Palestinians near her school. She is one of 23 women and girls and nearly 200 children detained by Israeli occupation forces.-rh 7/1/2015
First Palestinian ICC case to focus on Gaza warAttila Somfalvi - AFP - The first case the Palestinians will refer to the International Criminal Court will be the crimes Israel committed during summer 2014, including the Gaza war, a legal expert said Sunday.-rh 7/1/2015
The amazing things we achieved together in 2014Palestinian BDS National Committee - BDS Movement - "Hereís our round up of some of the key BDS developments of 2014." - id 7/1/2015
The German Leftís Palestine ProblemLeandros Fischer - Jacobin - he history of the German leftís attitude to Israel/Palestine is truly complex and for the uninitiated foreign leftist, perplexing and occasionally shocking. In the 1950`s Israel was seen as a progressive Socialist society. In the 1960`s and 1970`s, conversely, left-wing German students, like their peers elsewhere, felt strong solidarity with the Palestinians. Later, however, came the so-called "anti-German" intellectual and political current whose opposition to and rejection of German Nationalism took the perverse form of uncritical support for Israel and Israeli policies. The influence of such "anti-German" activists is perceptible in the present controversy convulsing Gregor Gysi`s Die Linke, the main political expression of the German Left. [ak] 6/1/2015
On US College Campuses, Semester Ends With Big BDS PushAlexander Joffe - The Algemeiner - The most important BDS development took place in the American Anthropological Association (AAA) which held several panels on BDS at its annual meeting. While no pro-BDS resolution was proposed, a resolution opposing BDS was defeated. As expected, discussions were dominated by pro-BDS speakers, and it is widely expected that a BDS resolution will be introduced and approved at next yearĀfs meeting. [ak]6/1/2015
Alumni of the Israel Arts and Science Academy call on others to refuse military serviceAnnie Robbins - Mondoweiss "Over fifty alumni, former educators and staff members of the Israel Arts and Science Academy, Jews and Palestinians, have published a letter calling the high-school community Ė students and alumni alike Ė to refuse service in the Israeli military...ďThe refusal to serve means also resisting the militaristic indoctrination process we all went through since our childhood in schools, youth movements, national ceremonies, in high school Ė and which continues in our adult lives.Ē ca 2/1/2015
PALESTINIAN RESIDENCY REVOKED AS PUNISHMENT Amnesty International - Urgent Action - The Israeli authorities have revoked the residency of a Palestinian woman, Nadia Abu Jamal, and stripped her three children of their health care rights. They are threatening to do this to all Palestinians involved in ďterrorĒ attacks, and their relatives.-rh 1/1/2015
Uriel Ferera released from military serviceRuth Ferera - I am happy to inform you that last week Uriel Ferera was released from the Israeli military after spending 177 days in jail. You can read more about Uriel`s release in this article from the online magazine +972. Thank you for all your ongoing support.-rh1/1/2015
Partners in Apartheid - Why Indigo Books and Music Should be BoycottedT.J. PETROWSKI - Counterpunch - "All peace loving people should support the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheidís boycott of Indigo Books and Music." - id 31/12/2014
New refuser group: alumni of Jerusalemís Arts and Sciences Academy Orly Noy - +972 Magazine - Three months ago reservists from the secretive Unit 8200 declared their refusal to serve in the army. Now a group of alumni from Jerusalemís Israel Arts and Sciences Academy (IASA) are calling on the schoolís students to do the same. There are many similarities between the two groups: if Unit 8200 is considered to be one of the most elite units in the army, then IASA is its educational equivalent.[ak]30/12/2014
Activists attempt to construct protest village on confiscated landsMa`an - Dozens of Palestinians and foreign activists took part in a march near the town of Beit Fajjar to mark the beginning of the protest village, which was erected on lands Israel has declared its intention to confiscate. Since the beginning of the 1967 occupation of the West Bank, Israel has confiscated hundreds of thousands of dunums by declaring it state land (...) to construct Jewish-only settlements on the land. [bz]28/12/2014
Stop distribution of Ahava settler products in the Netherlands 28/12/2014
Palestinian Rights Protesters Find Levievís NYC Diamond Store Closed and EmptyADALAH-NY: "Forty New York human rights advocates arrived to protest Saturday afternoon at Israeli billionaire Lev Levievís flagship Madison Avenue diamond store and were surprised to find the store closed and the display cases completely emptied of all merchandise during the busiest shopping period of the year. The New Yorkers had gathered for the eighth consecutive year to sing parody holiday carols opposing Levievís companiesí construction of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land in violation of international law." ca 26/12/2014
Israeli activists protest Palestinian home demolitions at Jerusalem mayorís Chanukah candle lighting event Sarah Levy - Mondoweiss - Israeli activists came out last week to protest Mayor Nir Barkatís ritual Chanukah candle lighting in Jerusalem and to bring a message that holiday cheer should not mask the fact that Palestinians in East Jerusalem are suffering due to his policies.-rh25/12/2014
No donkeys allowedInternational Solidarity Movement - Mohammad arrived at the Bab Al-Zawiye side of the checkpoint at 13:40 on Mondayafternoon, his mule laden with empty milk jugs and saddlebags packed with various provisions. Israeli forces refused to let him through, claiming no animals were allowed past the checkpoint Ė a claim no one, including other international organisations at the scene as well as the Palestinian District Coordination Office for al-Khalil, had ever heard before.-rh24/12/2014
Bethlehem: Israelis Disperse Non-Violent Christmas Demonstration with Teargas and Sound GrenadesIMEMC - "Several journalists, activists and citizens were rushed to the hospital following the dispersal of a peaceful Bethlehem march calling for "Christmas Without Occupation"." - id 24/12/2014
Popular Struggle Christmas Tree: Decorated with Teargas Grenades, Missile Leftovers and Children PhotosPNN - Palestine News Networkd = "The tree aimed to deliver the message that the Holy Land of Palestine still suffers Israeli occupation even in the midst of joyous celebrations." - id 24/12/2014
Gaza students call for speedier repair and rebuilding of schoolsMohammed Asad - The Arab Daily News - "The students complained that progress is extremely slow in replacing the schools despite funds donated or pledged by dozens of international nations through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)." - id 24/12/2014
Palestinians continue the struggle against the Adei Ad outpostPress Release - ISM - "After praying near the spot where the minister was stopped by the army, protesters with olive trees climbed the hill to the site where Abu Ein had intended to plant trees. They began planting under a barrage of tear gas, stun grenades, and beatings by Israeli border police." - id 24/12/2014
From Gaza to London-Help me to study abroadAwni Farhat, known from the Gaza Ark, worked during the July-August war with children taking refuge in UN schools23/12/2014
At West Bank checkpoint, a fleeting victory for Palestinian laborersHaggai Matar - +972 - Thousands of Palestinian laborers refused to pass through a West Bank checkpoint in protest of overcrowding and bad treatment from Israeli guards. A day later, their demands were met at the privatized checkpoint, but many believe the improvements wonít last long. [bz]23/12/2014
After 177 days in prison, Israeli conscientious objector gets draft exemptionGili Cohen - Haaretz - Uriel Ferera, happy that his ordeal ended, says that it isnít his fight, but that of the Palestinian people. This is what he did to oppose the occupation. [bz]23/12/2014
6,000 Palestinians strike over `daily humiliation` at crossingElior Levy - Ynet - Palestinian workers who use the crossing daily say construction to create pedestrian crossing is not progressing and making conditions worse [ry]22/12/2014
Solidarity hunger strike brings end to 570-day isolation of Palestinian prisonerAdri Nieuwhof - EI - ď[...] more than one hundred Palestinian political prisoners ended a hunger strike in solidarity with Nahar al-Saadi, a Palestinian prisoner who was held in solitary confinement for more than 570 days by Israel. [Ö] The Israeli Prison Service gave in to the hunger strikersí demands to end al-Saadiís isolation and respect his right to family visitsĒ [ry]22/12/2014
Abdallah Abu Rahma facing years in prison for standing in front of bulldozers Take part in Amnesty International letter campaign19/12/2014
Abdallah Abu Rahma facing years in prison for standing in front of bulldozers Amnesty International - Palestinian activist Abdallah Abu Rahma faces up to five years in jail as a prisoner of conscience: he will be sentenced by an Israeli military court on 5 January 2015. He was convicted on 21 October of charges relating to a 2012 protest. At the time, Israeli forces detained him for standing in front of bulldozers which were bringing concrete blocks to be used as road blocks and defences. He was released on bail after a few hours and was only summoned in February 2013 on charges of obstructing a soldier in the line of duty. [Including letter campaign details-bz] 19/12/2014
Palestinians sceptical of UN statehood vote : The repercussions of a resolution that ends the Israeli occupation would have a resounding effect on Palestinians.Creede Newton - Aljazeera - But a lack of US support may not end the issue entirely. The recent wave of recognition of a Palestinian state by European parliaments gave him further hope that "there might well be sanctions" taken against Israel, should they refuse to comply.-rh17/12/2014
Death of Ziad Abu Ein could work to Abbasí advantageDaoud Kouttab - Al-Monitor - On a strategic level, the death of Abu Ein will certainly help Abbas and Fatah demonstrate that their policy of nonviolent resistance is a serious strategy that needs to be encouraged and expanded. Fatah is holding its seventh congress on Jan. 2 in Ramallah, and there is no doubt that the story of the new martyr and his effort to save Palestinian land with his body will resonate and produce a much more serious plan for Palestinian statehood based in large part on the need to support nonviolent popular resistance.-rh 17/12/2014
US Feels The Heat On Palestine Vote At UNJonathan Cook - Countercurrents - But while Europe is tentatively finding a voice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, silence reigns across the Atlantic. The White House appears paralysed, afraid to appear out of sync with world opinion but more afraid still of upsetting Israel and its powerful allies in the US Congress.-rh 17/12/2014
Israel tries to head off UN resolution calling for West Bank withdrawal in two yearsBEN LYNFIELD - The Independent - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today mounted a last-ditch effort to thwart a Palestinian and Arab bid to pass a UN Security Council resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank within two years.-rh17/12/2014
Take Action: End Solitary Confinement and Isolation, Support Palestinian Hunger StrikersSamidoun - Over 100 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails are now participating in a collective hunger strike, as prisoners from Eshel and Ramon prisons joined the strike demanding an end to the policy of solitary confinement and in solidarity with Nahar al-Saadi, who has been held in solitary confinement since May 2013 and has been on hunger strike since 20 November. The collective strike was launched by 70 prisoners on 9 December. The strikers are demanding al-Saadiís release from isolation; regular family visits for al-Saadi; and an end to the use of solitary confinement and isolation against Palestinian prisoners.-rh17/12/2014
New mooovie remembers cows that `threatened` IsraelDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Audiences across the globe might not initially believe that this agricultural act is innocent, but to the Israeli army, which was terrified of Palestinians becoming self-sufficient, this was nothing short of a declaration of war. Israeli military officers interviewed for the film admit that they were concerned that this action would spread, empowering Palestinians. Until the very last scene of the film, Israeli military officials were curious as to what happened to the cows.-rh 11/12/2014
Time for international community to hold Israel accountable ó here`s howHiba Husseini and Omar M. Dajani - +972 - What is needed is a coherent and sustained effort by the international community to enable Palestinians to secure their fundamental rights as individuals and as a people. International recognition of Palestine Ė and, by extension, of the Palestiniansí right to self-determination in their homeland Ė is an important part of that effort. But it must be complemented by unequivocal non-recognition of the legitimacy of Israelís continuing presence in the Palestinian territory, as well as further steps to define the framework for an eventual negotiated settlement.-rh11/12/2014
PHOTOS: In West Bank village, Palestinian farmers go against the grainAhmad al-Bazz, Activestills - +972 - Farmers who own lands located near Israeli settlements, military camps or settler bypass roads are barred from accessing their land throughout most of the year. In these areas, Israeli authorities allow farmers to reach their lands only two times a year: once in April, during which they till the soil around olive trees, and again in October for the olive harvest. Because this process is limited to such a short time, it is usually not long enough to finish the work.-rh11/12/2014
The Young Woman at the Forefront of Jerusalem`s New Holy WarSARAH HELM - Newsweek - The women talk of how, a few days earlier, Latifa, aged 24, was arrested at this gate with eight others. She was accused of causing trouble by crying ďAllahu AkbarĒ as the Jews tried to pray. The chant is called the takbir and means ďGod is greatĒ. Women were hit by the police, they say, and some had their veils torn off.-rh11/12/2014
PA official dies after being assaulted by Israeli soldierMa`an News Agency - Ziad Abu Ein, 55, died after an Israeli soldier beat him on the chest with his helmet in the village of Turmsayya in the Ramallah district, the director of the committee`s information center, Jamil al-Barghouthi, told Ma`an.-rh11/12/2014
Palestinian prisonersí resistance escalates as occupation increases use of solitary confinementSamidoun - Nahar al-Saadi, 33, has been on hunger strike for 16 consecutive days in protest of denial of family visits and solitary confinement; al-Saadi has been held in solitary confinement since May of 2013, despite an earlier agreement with Palestinian prisoners to abolish solitary confinement in order to end the mass hunger strike of April 2012.-rh 11/12/2014
Rock Stars produce benefit album for Gaza ReliefRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "A diverse group of famed musicians...have come together for a first-of-its-kind benefit album to deliver urgent humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza." - id 10/12/2014
Journalist most recent victim of Israeli military violence at Kufr QaddumNablus team - International Solidarity Movement - "Bashar has been going to the Kafr Qaddum demonstrations since they began four years ago. This particular one was a special demonstration in solidarity with Patrick, an Italian activist who was shot in the chest with a .22 caliber bullet the Friday before." - id10/12/2014
2014: The Political Year in ReviewRami G. Khouri - This Week in Palestine - This year may a historic shift away from the two dominant failed legacies - American-mediated peace negotiations and armed-struggle resistance leading to savage Israeli attacks, primarily against Gaza - towards a new and potentially more effective diplomatic strategy. This combines the use of international organisations and the power of European recognition to achieve meaningful Palestinian statehood, together with bottom-up activism such as the BDS movement. ak9/12/2014
These famous Israeli authors want Europe to recognize a Palestinian state!Albawaba - Three famous authors Ė Amos Oz, David Grossman and A.B. Yehoshua Ė signed their names to a public petition with 878 signatures of Israelis that calls on European nations to recognize ďPalestineĒ as a state. Among earlier signatories are Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg and former Minister Yossi Sarid. The petition, along with a letter, was sent on Sunday to members of Irelandís House of Commons, which is scheduled to vote on Wednesday on a nonbinding motion, already approved by its upper house, in favor of a Palestinian state. The same letter was also sent to members of the Danish parliament, which is scheduled to hold a similar vote on Thursday of this week. Letters will also be sent to the Belgian parliament and the European Union Parliament, which are also voting on the matter this month. The letter states: ďWe citizens of Israel who wish it to be a safe and thriving country are worried by the continued political stalemate and by the occupation and settlements activities which lead to further confrontations with the Palestinians and torpedo the chances for a compromise. (...) Your initiative for recognizing the state of Palestine will advance the prospects of peace and will encourage Israelis and Palestinians to bring an end to their conflict.Ē ak 9/12/2014
Friday 12.12. Marching against the Wall, Occupation, and Settlements in Nabi Saleh , Kufr Qaddum, Al Ma`asara , Ni`lin and Bil`inRegister for Transportation9/12/2014
Today (Sun. Dec. 7) at Jerusalem District Court, Tristan Anderson`s damages suit against the IDF 7/12/2014
VIDEO: Non-violent protest met with tear gas and stun grenadesKhalil Team - International Solidarity Movement - "The protesters met outside of the closed checkpoint at 1 pm, armed with nothing but Palestinian flags." - id 2/12/2014
We are Staying - Morning in PalestineMATS SVENSSON = Counter Punch - "All he knows is that the house will soon be razed to the ground. He knows that everything will be over in a few hours." - id 2/12/2014
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