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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

`You never told me`: Confronting American Jewish myths about IsraelEmma Goldberg- +872 - "A group of young American Jews are challenging the the institutionalized myths they were taught about the Jewish state in classrooms, youth group trips, and summer camps." - id 20/6/2018
‘The camera is our peaceful weapon’: In conversation with the youngest activists in HebronISM - International Solidarity Movement - "Abdullah and Saleh live with their families in the Tel Rumeida area of occupied Hebron, under Israeli control. They are the youngest members of Human Rights Defenders (HRD), a collective of Palestinian activists who use journalism and video to expose the daily crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces and Zionist settlers in Al-Khalil." - id20/6/2018
Israeli activists bring images of Gaza dead to the heart of Tel AvivOrly Noy - +972 - "In the middle of the night, left-wing activists hung 115 kites along Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv’s central street — one for each Palestinian protester killed by Israeli forces during the Great Return March protests." - id 20/6/2018
Riot in Nafha prison, as man seized for tweeted photo in cellPNN - Palestine News Network - "This is not the first revolt in the prison- in 2015, riots and hunger strikes were some of the tactics used by prisoners there to bring attention to their conditions, which include frequent night-time raids, being held indefinitely without trial and force-feeding of those on hunger strike." - id 20/6/2018
The night the Palestinian Authority showed us whose side it is onRami Younis - +972 "The brutal violence meted out by PA forces, undercover police, and young Fatah supporters against Palestinian demonstrators Wednesday night was unlike anything I had experienced in my life. After it was all over, one thing became clear: just like Israel, the Palestinian Authority is against Gaza." ca15/6/2018
Upending the Palestinian Leadership: The Role of YouthFadi Quran - IMEMC News "...a new generation of leaders is slowly emerging. Their goal is to build a new framework for the Palestinian struggle that avoids the mistakes of the past and ensures that freedom is achieved in their lifetime. Their successful entrance into leadership will require both a reckoning with and breaking of a cycle that blocks change." ca15/6/2018
Japan provides two new contributions to the Jericho Agro Industrial Park incentives program implemented by the EUWAFA - ""As one of the oldest documented cities in the world, Jericho has always been famous for its production of agricultural products. The Jericho Agro Industrial Park is on the best way to take this long-standing heritage to the future," said the EU Representative Ralph Tarraf." - id13/6/2018
Human Rights Defenders Statement June 2018International Solidarity Movement - ISM - "We condemn the recent fierce attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation soldiers, who have notably begun to target all activists working with Human Rights Defenders (HRD) to document the crimes of the occupation. The Defenders’ association has documented many of the cold-blooded murders in the city of Hebron, most recently the killing of 35 year old road construction worker Rami Sabarneh who was shot by the IOF. 13/6/2018
Young Fathers bullied by German festival to renounce support for Palestinian rightsAli Abunimah - EI - "It appears that Young Fathers is being targeted because it is one of a number of acts that withdrew from last year’s Pop-Kultur Festival in Berlin, over that festival’s acceptance of sponsorship from the Israeli embassy." - id13/6/2018
Palestinian teen to serve full sentence for slap Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The parole board at Rimonim Prison has denied Ahed Tamimi’s early release request. The 17-year-old Palestinian girl was sent to jail for eight and a half months after slapping an Israeli soldier in her West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.Tamimi’s attorney, Gaby Lasky, wrote in reaction on Facebook, “It’s interesting that the parole board decided it was OK to grant an early release to Elor Azaria (so that he would serve nine months), and a different board prevented Ahed’s release so that she would serve eight months.” Lasky was protesting the early release in March of Azaria, who shot an incapacitated Palestinian attacker in the head in the West Bank city of Hebron and served almost the same time as Tamimi, charged with slapping a soldier.-rh 13/6/2018
Free Khalida Jarrar, Palestinian parliamentarian and feminist 13/6/2018
Over 300 public figures from around the world: Forcible transfer of Khan al-Ahmar community a war crimeB`Tselem - All people responsible for it – including the Israeli prime minister and the minister of defense – bear personal liability. The recent decision by Israel’s High Court of Justice to approve the demolition of the Khan al-Ahmar community, and thus to provide their legal stamp of approval for the forcible transfer of the community’s residents, changes nothing with regard to the above analysis. All it does is also implicate Israeli High Court justices in what is nothing short of a war crime, no matter how much legal formalism is enlisted in an effort to excuse the inexcusable. [ak]12/6/2018
LGBTQ activists block Tel Aviv Pride March: `There is no pride in occupation`Yael Marom - +972 - “We came here to protest against the cynical exploitation of the LGBTQ struggle for the good of the Israeli government’s crimes, which is why we came with a fence,” said Tamar Ben David, one of the demonstrators. “While we’re demonstrating here, just a few kilometers away [Israeli soldiers] are shooting people exercising the right to protest.” [bz]12/6/2018
51st Anniversary of Naksa CommemoratedIMEMC - "Officials and rights groups called upon the international community to not only take action but demand every country to assume its legal responsibilities and stop all cooperation with the Israeli occupation, and to secure freedom and independence for the Palestinian people and protect them from the ongoing crimes and violations committed by Israel. Furthermore, according to Ma’an News Agency, officials declared the coming Friday to be a “Day of Rage,” encouraging people to protest and, for those who are able to, travel to occupied East Jerusalem and establish a presence at the Al-Aqsa Mosque." - id6/6/2018
The Oncologists Letter: Let Gaza Women Cancer Patients Out! Press Release - Gush Shalom - "According to data we have collected, over the past year medical treatment has been significantly delayed for at least 45 women cancer patients from Gaza. Some were delayed for six months and even more, and their exit was made possible only thanks to PHRI and others` public pressure on the authorities." - id6/6/2018
Haifa peace activists protest Gaza killingsThe Arab Daily News - "In Haifa and Gaza, one struggle and one hope for liberation."6/6/2018
Protestors in Ramallah honor Razan Al Najjer, young medic executed by Israeli forces in GazaRamallah team - International Solidarity Movement - "Members of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society from across the West Bank, largely students, marched with portraits of Razan. Protestors held signs calling for #JusticeForRazan and end to Israeli war crimes and the seige in Gaza." - id 6/6/2018
On the 51st year of the occupation - special protests Women in Black - Jerusalem/Tel-Aviv 5/6/2018
Shakira cancels Israel performance in face of worldwide outcryThe Arab Daily News - "Shakira is sending a super-star powered message: she’s choosing freedom, for Palestinians and all people, over apartheid and occupation." - id 30/5/2018
Bankrolling Abuse - Israeli Banks in West Bank SettlementsHuman Rights Watch - The transfer by the occupier of members of its civilian population into the occupied territory is a war crime. Israel’s largest banks finance a critical step in this transfer. The banks are providing services that help support, maintain, and expand unlawful settlements by financing their construction in the occupied West Bank, including partnering with developers to build homes on land unlawfully seized from Palestinians. The banks’ involvement is direct and substantial: they acquire a property interest in the development projects and shepherd them through to completion. In addition to construction projects, banks provide loans to settlement councils (local authorities) and mortgage loans to home-buyers in settlements and operate ATMs and bank branches there (but not in Palestinian towns). [ak]30/5/2018
The persecution of Ezra NawiOrly Noy - +972 - "The fabrication of criminal cases against activists, particularly anti-occupation activists, has become an almost routine tool. Every one of us could find themselves the target of a similar right-wing campaign." - id 30/5/2018
Italian Jews call: "Let arms be silent, move back to a path of dialogue!"Giorgio Gomel - Repubblica/Espresso/Manifesto - "Israel today may be a fortress, but it is not yet a home” stated David Grossman. We look with the utmost concern to the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem as decided by the Trump administration. We cannot keep silent in the face of the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Gaza. The use of live ammunition against civilians is admitted only if those civilians take part directly in acts of armed violence, not if they approach or seek to break the border fence with Israel. We ask that arms be silent and that avenues be sought now and for the future to attain dialogue, mutual recognition and peace in the region. (The above is taken from the statement issued on May 15, 2018 by a number of Jewish-Italian intellectuals and political activists, published in several Italian newspapers and later endorsed by 400 others). [ak] 29/5/2018
Gaza boats will attempt to break Israel Navy siege on TuesdayMEMO - “’This trip will carry the hopes and dreams of the Palestinian people for freedom,’ Salah Abdul-Ati, a member of a Palestinian committee tasked with breaking the siege, told a press conference in the Gaza City on Sunday. He said the first ship will set sail on Tuesday morning, with a number of injured Gazans and patients aboard” [ry]28/5/2018
Tayseer Khaled: Prosecution of Israeli Officials Became Possible after Referral to ICCTayseer Khaled - IMEMC "Tayseer Khaled, member of the PLO’s Executive Committee and Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department, has described the referral of the Palestinian situation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a qualitative step, adding that the leaders have to be reckoned for the series of crimes they have committed against the Palestinian people under occupation, including settlement crimes." ca25/5/2018
If Bob Dylan Were Palestinian “Blowin’ in the Wind” Would Blow the Doors off Israel’s OccupationEileen Fleming - The Arab Daily News - "Palestinian Christian author and activist Samia Khoury updates Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” in response to this week in Gaza."..."How many massacres must we go through - Before they see us as humans?" - id 23/5/2018
In Haifa, a display of Palestinian grassroots powerAmjad Iraqi - +972 - "The combined efforts of Palestinians in using their bodies, cameras, and voices to support detained protesters made it impossible for the police to hide the severity of their actions." - id 23/5/2018
Freedom Flotilla Sets Sail for Gaza after The Great March of ReturnDimitri Lascaris - IMEMC - "Starting this week, human rights activists will again attempt to break the blockade of Gaza peacefully. Several ships, including a Canadian vessel, are departing this week from Copenhagen and Denmark. They will sail South through Atlantic waters, and then into the Mediterranean, stopping at various ports along the way to draw attention of the world to their voyage, and above all, to the suffering in Gaza." - id23/5/2018
In search of Israel’s oppositionNaomi Chazan - The Times of Israel - The arrest of Jafar Farah along with 21 other protestors in Haifa on Friday night and his subsequent beating and hospitalization for a broken knee are the culmination of a series of increasingly violent police efforts to silence what remains of the opposition in Israel. Systematic attempts to quash alternative voices have been a norm for quite some time; the events of the past two weeks have granted a renewed mandate to push almost all divergent voices beyond the pale. Dissent is being presented as betrayal; protest is viewed as treason; criticism has become illegitimate.-rh23/5/2018
`Police broke my knee, threatened my doctors,` Arab civil society leader tells courtOren Ziv, Yael Marom and Meron Rapoport - +972 - "Seven require medical treatment for injuries sustained during their arrests or while in custody, including Jafar Farah, who says an officer broke his knee inside the police station. Police file criminal complaint against Arab MK Ayman Odeh for calling the officers who refused to let him visit a hospitalized protester ‘losers’." - id 23/5/2018
Gaza border killings lead Brazilian artist Gilberto Gil to cancel Tel Aviv performanceBDS Movement - The internationally-renowned Brazilian artists Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso have long grappled with the dilemma of whether or not to perform in Israel. In the July 2015 they rejected a call by the BDS movement to cancel their Tel Aviv performance. At the time, Veloso wrote that, though hating the occupation and the arrogance of the Netanyahu government, they would go to Israel for the sake of Israelis who oppose the occupation and love their music. However, while in Israel they were taken to see a samll Palestinian village on the West Bank. What he saw there led Veloso to announce in Novemeber 2015 that he would never again go to Israel - for which the Brazilian Jewish community denounced him as "having given in to Anti-semitism". Veloso`s long-standing partner Gilberto Gil did not share this decision, and he scheduled a new performance in Tel Aviv for July 2018. However, the mass killing of Palestinian demonstrators on the Gaza border caused Gil to change his mind and cancel this performance. [ak] 22/5/2018
How Easy It Is to Follow Orders, How Hard to Refuse Moria Shlomot - Haaretz - “While I was waiting for another trial here, 42 civilians were killed. I hope my refusal and that of others will help stop this senseless killing. I am more certain than ever that it’s better for me to be in jail than to take part in this system of bloodshed,” CO Ayelet Brachfeld, who already spent three months in military prison. [The writer, former Peace Now director, is her lawyer.-bz]22/5/2018
`Open up or we`ll tase you`: Police arrest activists protesting Gaza violenceOrly Noy - +972 - In the northern city of Haifa, Israeli police are arresting activists who are organizing demonstrations against the violence in Gaza [ry]21/5/2018
Demonstration near the Gaza border: Put out the Fire – Rebuild Gaza!! 17/5/2018
“We witnessed at least 40 Palestinians dropping to the ground from tear gas inhalation”ISM - International Solidarity Movement - "Palestinian children released black balloons with Palestinian flags attached into the skies when they reached to Qalandiya. Hundreds of Palestinians then proceeded to protest against the Israeli occupation. Palestinian press and medics were assaulted by Israeli forces before the march even made its way to Qalandiya. Israeli forces used weapons of violence to suppress a peaceful march, attended by men, women and children. Many were injured by rubber coated steel bullets and foam batons fired by Israeli forces. The amount of tear gas used was shocking." - id 16/5/2018
Gaza Killings Spark Mass Protests in Ireland, South AfricaIMEMC - " “The IPSC condemns this latest massacre of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces. This is the single deadliest day for Palestinians in the occupied territories in four years. The ‘Great March of Return’ protests come on the 70th Anniversary of the Nakba – the expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians, two thirds of the indigenous Arab population, from their homes by Israeli forces between 1947 and 1949." - id16/5/2018
Laila Anwar al-Ghandour becomes the face of Gaza carnageAl-Jazeera - "An eight-month-old baby girl, died of tear-gas inhalation at dawn, Gaza`s Ministry of Health says, highlighting international outrage over the killings by Israeli soldiers of 60 Palestinians who joined in a massive protest against the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem." - id 16/5/2018
Trump: moving the Embassy won`t hide the occupation! "All That`s Left" - This Jerusalem demo takes place only 24 hours after Jerusalem Day, during which thousands of Israelis marched through Palestinian East Jerusalem and the Muslim Quarter of the Old City shouted racist and hateful slogans. It takes place as Israeli snipers on the Gaza border go on shooting and killing dozens of Palestinian demonstrators. In parallel, American Jewish IfNotNow activists are holding a protest against the Embassy move in Washington D.C. [bz]15/5/2018
Army Injures Many Palestinians Marking the Nakba Day In HebronIMEMC - Soldiers fired dozens of gas bombs, and rubber-coated steel bullets. In addition, the army invaded and ransacked many homes in the southern part of Hebron city. [bz] 15/5/2018
Tuesday, 15.5, 7pm opposite Likud HQ in Tel Aviv: STOP THE FIRE! STOP PLAYING WITH LIVES! STOP THE BLOCKADE! 15/5/2018
Ahed Tamimi’s brother detained in overnight raid on Nabi Saleh Jaclynn Ashly - Mondoweiss "Waed is now being held at Israel’s Ofer detention center near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank and is undergoing interrogations with Israeli authorities, Bassem said. Waed was previously imprisoned in 2015 for almost a year when he was 19-years-old... “Waed’s arrest is just another attempt by Israel to break Nabi Saleh,” Bassem said. “This is the point of all of this. Israel wants to break the example of Nabi Saleh’s resistance to occupation.” ca11/5/2018
Canada: Group initiates “World Keffiyeh Day” in solidarity with PalestinePNN - Palestine News Network - "World Keffiyeh Day (May 11th) will be commemorated on an annual basis in conjunction with Nakba Day (15 May), in order to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause and struggle." - id 9/5/2018
De-colonising the mind - a former Zionist fighter`s journeyWilliam Parry - Al-Jazeera - "Tikva Honig-Parnass joined the Palmach militia as it ethnically cleansed Palestinians and now works to expose the crime." - id 9/5/2018
Why Israel`s Eurovision contestant became a target for BDSOrly Noy - +972 - "That we have succeeded in creating a conscious separation between our lives and the occupation is our tragedy. The boycott movement is simply trying to stop the rest of the world from making the same mistake." - id 9/5/2018
BDS campaign targets Netta Barzilai`s Eurovision bidYaniv Halily - Ynet - Singer Netta Barzilai, Israel`s representative to the Eurovision song contest, was noted as an early favorite to win the competition, whose final will be held Saturday, with her song "Toy." In an attempt to prevent that from happening, the boycott`s organizers called on European residents to boycott the Israeli song, awarding it zero points. The campaign`s Facebook page, titled "Eurovision boycott of Israel – ZERO points to the song of Israeli Apartheid," uploaded a photo of the Israeli crooner from her days in the Israeli Navy`s band, noting she had served in 2014— during Operation Protective Edge—and sang "My Sailor, My Angel" to navy members who later took part in the massacre of children in Gaza. "The gunboat crews whom Netta Barzilai sent off with her songs played a part in the Gaza carnage," the Facebook page accused, going on to say that while Toy was supposedly an anthem of female empowerment, it did not empower the "women of the Gaza open-air prison." [ak] 8/5/2018
International campaign: Ensure safe passage to Palestinian school children!Rabbis for Human Rights / The Action Network - In the highly vulnerable Palestinian communities pf the the South Hebron Hills, poverty levels are high and there is no access to basic services including clean water, sewage and electricity. Children from the small villages of Tuba and Maghiyir al Abeed attend school at the nearby village Tuwani. However, the road to the school — forbidden for Palestinians except for the schoolchildren — traverses closely to the illegal Israeli outpost "Havat Maon," known for harboring a number of ideologically extreme and sometimes violent Israeli settlers. For over ten years these extremists have physically attacked and verbally intimidated these schoolchildren as they attempted to walk to school in neighboring Tuwani. Although the state has clearly acknowledged the ongoing danger to the children, it has refused to act against the criminal perpetrators. No arrests, to our knowledge, have ever been made despite clear documentation of the abuse (see videos). [ak]8/5/2018
Palestinian poet convicted of inciting terror in Facebook +972 Magazine - Dareen Tatour, 36, hails from the village of Reineh near Nazareth and is a Palestinian Israeli citizen. She was arrested on October 15, 2015 after publishing a number of poems on her Facebook page, including “Qawem Ya Sha’abi, Qawemhum” (“Resist my people, resist them”). She spent three months in detention until she was placed under house arrest. Tatour`s attorney Gabi Laski disputed the poem`s translation to Hebrew which was presented to the court - done by a policeman with no training in literary translation. Experts on Hebrew and Arabic literature, appearing as expert witnesses, testified about the various meanings of specific words and phrases used by Tatour in her art, as well as the nature of political poetry. The court ruled against the poet. "They say that every poet is a prophet. Well, I have written a poem about being in handcuffs, and it came true" said Tatour after the verdict. [ak]8/5/2018
Netanyahu, ensure safe passage to Palestinian school children! 8/5/2018
The new Jewish-Arab movement that plans to save the Israeli leftJoshua Leifer - +972 "Standing Together, a new joint Arab-Jewish movement, is aiming to transform Israeli politics. It won’t be easy, but the Israeli left’s first step back to power might be believing that it can win again." ca4/5/2018
Gaza in 2018 is what Selma was in 1965David A Love - Al-Jazeera "Israel`s latest attacks on non-violent protesters in Gaza mark a turning point in the Palestinian movement for justice...With a younger generation committed to racial justice, social equity and human rights, attitudes towards Israel`s occupation of Palestine are shifting, even as many mainstream Jewish organisations remain silent. 4/5/2018
Verdict expected in the trial of poet Dareen Tatour 2/5/2018
Israel rejects entry to human rights activistsVincent Warren - The Arab Daily News - "Israel has a well-known history of denying human rights advocates and other possible critics of its policies entry to Israel, even if those individuals only seek to visit and meet with Palestinians—whose borders Israeli fully controls." - id2/5/2018
A new anti-BDS tactic - dress up as chickensMondoweiss - The George Washington University student Senate convened to vote on a proposal to divest from nine companies known to be complicit in Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights. Suddenly Members of the anti-BDS group "Canary Mission" showed up, dressed in yellow chicken costumes. By a rather convoluted logic this was supposed to deter the students from adopting the divestment resolution... [ak] 1/5/2018
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