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Ambulance to attempt to transfer hunger striker to hospital in RamallahPress Release - ISM - "Al-Qeeq refuses to stay in Israeli hospitals and will only accept medical treatment in the West Bank." - id10/2/2016
HCEF: Bringing Together Hundreds of Palestinians from the DiasporaIMEMC - "The goal of the conference is to bring awareness to the Palestinian cause and to introduce the diasporic youth to the situation on different levels, especially with regard to the fact that some of the participants have not visited Palestine for about ten years now." - id 10/2/2016
Protesters shut down the Red Cross al-Bireh office in solidarity with al-QiqMa`an - The protesters said they forcibly closed the ICRC office to protest “the silence by international community organizations -- namely the ICRC in Palestine -- about al-Qiq, who has been on hunger strike in Israeli custody for 76 days.” [bz]9/2/2016
`Don’t take part in a demagogic campaign against the Arab MKs`Gush Shalom - press release - The Prime Minister appealed to the general public to pour oil on the flames, to write to the Knesset Ethics Committee complaints against Knesset Members Jamal Zahalka, Hanin Zoabi and Basel Ghattas, and to demand that severe measures be taken against them. We of Gush Shalom appeal to the public to send to the Ethics Committee requests of an altogether different kind, and call upon members of the committee to act with responsibility and discretion. ... The Arab Knesset Members, who have won the vote of hundreds of thousands of citizens, are committed to represent the opinions of their own voters – not those of the Likud Party or ‘The Zionist Camp’. [ak]7/2/2016
Imprisoned hunger striker al-Qiq refuses Israeli offer to be released in MayMa`an - Muhammad al-Qiq rejected an offer by an Israeli military court to be released on May 1 and demanded an immediate end to his administrative detention. An Israeli doctor at the hospital where al-Qiq is being detained said on Saturday that the Palestinian journalist was in a critical condition, and that “each minute marks serious threat to his life.” Al-Qiq refuses any offer that does not include his release from administrative detention, as well as the guarantee that he will receive medical treatment in a Palestinian hospital once freed. [bz]7/2/2016
WATCH: Israelis and Palestinians join hands to say no to occupationOren Ziv/ - +972 - Over 200 Israelis and Palestinians marched on the Israeli army’s “tunnels checkpoint” south of Jerusalem Friday to demonstrate against the occupation and the ongoing violence in the country, and in support of a two-state solution. Border Police officers, some of them masked, arrested two of the march’s Israeli organizers. [bz]6/2/2016
Israeli doctor says Palestinian hunger striker could face immediate deathMa`an - Lawyer Hiba Masalha from the Palestinian Authority’s Prisoners’ Affairs Committee quoted the concerns of deputy director of HaEmek, Dr. Tubia, who said there was a “real danger” that al-Qiq’s internal organs were suffering damage. “Each minute marks serious threat to his life, because it is probable that his inner organs will stop operating at any moment, leading to immediate death,” Tubia was quoted as saying. Al-Qiq on Thursday rejected an Israeli Supreme Court decision to temporarily suspend his detention without trial [and resume it upon improvement in his health condition] and said he will continue his hunger strike until "martyrdom or freedom." [bz]6/2/2016
Al-Qiq rejects court freeze on detention, continues hunger strikeMa`an - The imprisoned journalist, Muhammad al-Qiq, views the court ruling as an attempt to undermine his resistance against the "immoral and inhumane administrative detention," referring to Israel`s internment of Palestinians without trial or charge. Al-Qiq also said it was an attempt to undermine public and international opinion that is critical of Israeli policy. The prisoners` committee said al-Qiq would not end his hunger strike unless Israel agreed to his full release. It added al-Qiq was refusing to receive medical treatment unless at a Palestinian hospital. Earlier Thursday, the Israeli Supreme Court suspended his six-month administrative detention sentence citing medical concerns, with the sentence to be resumed upon an improvement of his health. [bz]5/2/2016
Artists and NGOs Present "Blacklisted: a Show with a Glimmer of Hope" 4/2/2016
Fri. Feb. 5 - Israelis and Palestinians march together 4/2/2016
Progressive Jewish groups make New York Times parody issue to protest newspaper’s “biased Israel-Palestine coverage” Ben Norton - Salon - Activists from progressive Jewish human rights groups created a very convincing-looking fake edition of The New York Times to protest the leading newspaper’s coverage of Israel.The parody publication is written from a left-wing, anti-racist, anti-Islamophobic perspective that criticizes Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian human rights, along with what the groups say is the Times’ failure to adequately address these crimes.-rh 3/2/2016
Take action: 71 days of hunger strike for imprisoned Palestinian journalist Al-QeeqSamidoun - Hunger-striking Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq is facing a severe risk of stroke, warned his lawyer Ashraf Abu Sneineh on 2 February. He has lost a massive amount of weight, and there is evidence of damage to internal organs of his body, Abu Sneineh said.-rh 3/2/2016
B`Tselem NewsletterHagai El-Ad - B`Tselem - "With or without an office, our activity remains focused on a single goal: exposing the reality in the Occupied Territories and the mechanisms driving it – in order to end the occupation." - id 3/2/2016
Haifa Demo Thursday: Save Muhammad Al-Qiq message spread by email, in Hebrew, Arabic and English2/2/2016
The Freedom March - Israelis and Palestinians March for Peace, Independence and Justice for Two PeoplesAt the 1st Friday of the month, Israelis and Palestinians hold joint marches against the occupation and for peace2/2/2016
Tell AirBnB not to rent vacation homes on stolen Palestinian land 2/2/2016
Interviews done at the weekly East Jerusalem Sheikh Jarrah vigilAbraham Weizfeld - The Struggle - In depth interviews with Sheikh Jarrah resident Mr. Jaffer and a Women in Black activist named Selie now transmitted on New England and NYC cable TV by `The Struggle`. The 2 interviews begin at 5:20. (NB: The preceding report on Syria is worth watching as well.) [bz] 2/2/2016
Portraits of Palestine’s youth rebellionActiveStills - EI - "For nearly four months, popular protests, violence and general unrest have buffeted the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, leading some commentators to suggest a third intifada or uprising. Most of this is driven by restive and young people tired of endless and evidently pointless negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel that have brought no end to Israel’s military occupation and only seen its illegal settlements expand" [ry] 1/2/2016
Tair Kaminer: Israeli teenager facing multiple prison sentences for refusing military service says she `won`t break`Lizzie Dearden - The Independent - In an exclusive interview with The Independent, she talked of her hopes for peace and the role of conscientious objectors [ry] 1/2/2016
Sun. Jan. 31 - accompany CO`s Tair and Tanya to the prison gates 30/1/2016
T`ruah: Ask JNF-USA CEO Russell Robinson: Do you support Im Tirtzu?This Sunday, Im Tirtzu is co-sponsoring a Tu BiShvat event near Jerusalem with the Jewish National Fund.30/1/2016
Are donations to JNF supporting an event with Im Tirtzu, which runs McCarthyist campaigns? T`ruah - This Sunday, Im Tirtzu is co-sponsoring a Tu BiShvat event near Jerusalem with the Jewish National Fund. ... Are American Jewish donations to JNF-USA supporting an event with Im Tirtzu, which runs McCarthyist campaigns against left-wing Israeli organizations and artists? [bz] 30/1/2016
Demo for a bilingual school in Jaffa 28/1/2016
Demo: release hungerstriking detainee Muhammad Al-Qiq 28/1/2016
Palestinian intelligence chief undermines his own political ambitionsDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Faraj rarely talks to the media, but in one of his first interviews, which was part of an article published Jan. 18 by the New York-based Defense News website, he seems to have gotten in big trouble with his own people. The attacks against Faraj, who was born in Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem, focus on what people see as his justification of the Palestinian security coordination with Israel.-rh 27/1/2016
The Limits of Israeli Liberalism: The Case of Ezra Nawi : A pro-Palestinian Iraqi Jewish homosexual activist exposes the limits of leftist solidarityJoshua Tartakovsky - Global Independent Analytics - However, it was from the Israeli liberals who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause that the most bizarre response came. In an article titled “Human rights groups smeared over actions of one man”, pro-Palestinian Israeli writer Edo Konrad distanced himself from Nawi and bemoaned “Nawi’s indefensible actions” while complaining that Israeli leaders used this exposure “to attack and smear the entire spectrum of left-leaning and human rights organizations.” Nawi’s “unjustifiable” statements do not represent a majority of NGOs which should care for human life, he explained.-rh27/1/2016
The E.U. vs. B.D.S.: the Politics of Israel SanctionsBernard Avishai - The New Yorker - This past Monday, the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council reaffirmed a November requirement that Israel label products made in the settlements differently from those made in Israel. On Tuesday, the State Department spokesman John Kirby unexpectedly reinforced the E.U. position, saying that “construction, planning, and retroactive legalization of settlements” is illegitimate, and that the U.S. does “not view labelling the origin of products as being from the settlements as a boycott of Israel.”-rh 27/1/2016
Lawyer: Hunger-striking journalist on brink of deathMA`ANS NEWS AGENCY - Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq, who has been on hunger strike in Israeli jail for 61 days, is on brink of death, the journalist`s lawyer told Ma`an on Monday. After visiting al-Qiq earlier in the day, Ashraf Abu Sneina, a lawyer with the Palestinian Authority`s Committee for Prisoners` Affairs, said al-Qiq was unconscious and unable to speak, adding that he has exhibited "sudden symptoms that could lead to his death."-rh27/1/2016
Netanyahu has taken Israel’s crackdown on Jewish dissent to a new low Mairav Zonszein - The Guardian - Not only were Shapiro’s comments condemned by Binyamin Netanyahu as “unacceptable and wrong”, but a former spokesman for the prime minister called Shapiro a “Jew boy” on an Israeli talk show – a derogatory term that essentially accuses him of being a self-hating Jew, a sellout, a traitor. Shapiro was personally and publicly attacked for uttering not his opinion, but a basic description of the reality on the ground.-rh27/1/2016
Airbnb told to cease profiting from Israel’s war crimesRyan Rodrick Beiler - The Electronic Intifada - "Five organizations launched a campaign called Stolen Homes calling on Airbnb “to immediately stop listing vacation rentals in Israeli settlements, all of which were built on stolen Palestinian land and deemed illegal under international law.”" - id 27/1/2016
Israeli, Palestinian Activists Freed, Police Investigation CollapsesRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "The judges admonished the police when they failed to provide any new evidence to support their charges, and ordered all of the suspects freed. The police appealed and asked for an extension of the remand and the judges refused." - id 27/1/2016
Journalists protest for release of hunger striking PalestinianHaggai Matar - +972 - "The protesters held signs in Arabic, Hebrew, and English against al-Qiq’s detention and in support of freedom of the press." - id 27/1/2016
When homophobia becomes a tool for political persecutionNatasha Roth - +972 - The campaign against the Left in Israel reaches a new low: a planned protest at the wedding of an anti-occupation group’s director and her wife-to-be. It shows that when dissent is characterized as treason, there is no area of one’s life that is off-limits.-rh27/1/2016
Update on imprisoned CO Tair Kaminer including link to the discussion on Tair in the British Parliament26/1/2016
Prime Minister Netanyahu: Don’t Build Jewish Communities on the Rubble of Bedouin Villages 26/1/2016
B`Tselem field researcher Nasser Nawaj’ah released after six day arrestPress release - B`tselem - It would seem that a political investigation that seeks only to incriminate and entrap left-wing and human rights activists by the use of self-appointed secret police has driven itself into the brick wall of reality. [bz]25/1/2016
Stormy weather, tree planting at Duma Village put off 24/1/2016
Sat. Jan 23: demo support imprisoned CO Tair Kminer 22/1/2016
They will not break usVigil today (21/1/2016). 8PM at the Russian compound, Jerusalem. 21/1/2016
Free Ezra!Release Ezra Nawi, and end the oppression of Palestinians and the theft of their lands. 20/1/2016
Upcoming Alternative Archaeological ToursThe English tour will take place on Sunday January 31 at 2 pm 20/1/2016
ACTION to end the closed military zone in HebronCalling for an end to the closed military zone in Tel Rumeida20/1/2016
Slovenia`s biggest supermarket chain takes Israeli products off shelvesItamar Eichner - Ynet - "The Slovenian ambassador to Israel was this week summoned for a discussion at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, where senior ministry officials explained the seriousness with which Israel views the affair." - id 20/1/2016
Israeli military forces came to Khirbet Susiya in south Hebron and arrested B`Tselem`s field worker, Nasser Nawaj`a. B`Tselem - Early this morning, Israeli military forces came to Khirbet Susiya in south Hebron and arrested B`Tselem`s field worker, Nasser Nawaj`a. The family reported that the arrest was accompanied by violence. Nasser was taken to the Shai police headquarters, near Ma`ale Adumim settlement. The investigators told his lawyer, att. Gaby Lasky, that they will issue a warrant prohibiting him from consulting with her. Preventing an arrestee from meeting his lawyer is a draconian and unacceptable measure, and a blatant violation of due process. His lawyer was not told for which suspicions he is to be interrogated.20/1/2016
Israeli Police Falsely Allege Murder Conspiracy by Human Rights NGOs, ActivistsRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - After a shady astroturf outfit, Ad Kan, infiltrated two spies into Ta’ayush, a South Hebron Hills support group for local Palestinian farmers, they created a hoax land deal which claimed (falsely) to sell the family land of a B’Tselem Palestinian activist, Nasser Nawaja’ah.-rh20/1/2016
Death and humiliation: A tale of a Palestinian village : Sa`ir, a West Bank village, is the outcome of living in the intense microcosm of the Israeli occupation. Matthew Vickery - Aljazeera - The village makes up just one percent of the Palestinian population of the West Bank, yet seven percent of all Palestinians killed (including Palestinian citizens of Israel and residents of Gaza) since October, have come from this rural, underdeveloped community.-rh20/1/2016
Behind the Ban on the Islamic Movement in Israel Jonathan Cook - Middle East Research and Information Project - The decision to outlaw the northern wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel was announced by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government on November 17, 2015, days after attacks claimed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, left 130 dead in Paris. Although the ban had been long in the making, the timing was patently opportunistic, with Netanyahu even comparing Israel’s Islamic Movement to ISIS.-rh20/1/2016
WATCH: A conscientious objector and a feministSocial TV - +972 - "The protest, which was organized by a new group called “Mesarvot” (“Refusers” in Hebrew), included anti-occupation activists, Druze conscientious objectors, anarchists, communists, and others." 20/1/2016
Palestinian prisoners resistSamidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network - AIC - Twelve Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in protest of administrative detention, jail conditions [ry]18/1/2016
Israelis, Palestinians march together against the occupationText Yael Marom/Photos by Oren Ziv - +972 - “We all know that there is no military solution,” Sulaiman Khatib of Combatants for Peace said. “We need a third way, which is not just Israel and not just Palestine — a path of dialogue and joint nonviolent struggle.” [bz]16/1/2016
Israeli Investigative TV Program Unsure of Its Facts Amira Hass - Haaretz - The segment on Ad Kan was not true investigative journalism, for reasons elaborated on by +972 Magazine and the Friends of George blog (in Hebrew) . It was a puff piece for a privatized, mini-Shin Bet. If it had been investigative journalism, “Uvda” would have told us about Ad Kan’s funding sources and budget. It would have explained why the name of Goldway, as the recipient of a medal, appeared only in initials. Is the army associated with Ad Kan, and is it protecting Goldway from exposure, so he can spy on the left? -rh13/1/2016
I, too, was undercover when I met Ezra Nawi. Here`s what I sawMijal Simonet Corech - +972 "I have plenty of criticism for Ezra Nawi. I also have lots of love for him. Part of being a leftist is using language that transcends black and white." ca13/1/2016
The Palestinians MUST Put Their Political Act Together If Their Cause Is To Be Kept AliveAlan Hart - Countercurrents - For several years I have been wondering, sometimes on public platforms and in writing, if Palestine is a lost cause. I have now come to the conclusion that as things are it is and will remain so unless the Palestinians, the occupied and oppressed and the diaspora, put their political act together in order to give their cause new life with some real hope of justice eventually.-rh13/1/2016
The response to an Israeli official’s ban on a Jewish-Arab love story? A video of Jews and Arabs kissingRuth Eglash - The Washington Post - How have Tel Aviv’s young liberals responded to a decision by Israel’s conservative, right-wing education minister to ban from the official reading list a novel about forbidden love between an Israeli Jew and a Palestinian Muslim? They`ve made a video of Israelis and Palestinians kissing each other.-rh 13/1/2016
Birzeit University rises up against Israel`s arrests : Israeli forces have arrested dozens of politically active students amid a rise in violence in West Bank and Jerusalem.Mariam Barghouti - Aljazeera - About 90 students and two faculty members at University have been arrested in the past few months amid an Israeli crackdown. About 90 students and two faculty members at University have been arrested in the past few months amid an Israeli crackdown.-rh13/1/2016
Palestinian journalist`s health deteriorates as hunger strike enters 46th dayNoam Rotem - +972 - As his health steadily deteriorates, Palestinian journalist Muhammad Al-Qeeq has lost his ability to speak or walk [ry]11/1/2016
CO Tair Kaminer goes to jail - demo at Induction Center 9/1/2016
Tair refuses - and goes Sunday Jan 10 to `Bakum`, accompanied by friends and supportersI did volunteer work in Shderot working with children living in a war zone; it was then that I decided to refuse to serve in the IDF 9/1/2016
Tair refuses - and goes Sunday Jan 10 to `Bakum`, accompanied by friends and supportersEmail distribution - I did a full year of volunteer work in Shderot working with children who live in a war zone and it was then that I decided to refuse to serve in the IDF. 9/1/2016
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