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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Saturday Feb. 6: East Jerusalem Tour by Combatants for Peace4-hour tour starting 10 AM. Transportation from Tel Aviv available. Cost 25 NIS. To check for English-language support during the tour, contact Aya - 0526024494, Neta 0548146429 or Itamar- 054808744030/1/2010
Donations for Surgery for Eymad Bornat of Bil`in - Urgent!Urgent call for donations - "I am coordinating the collection of these urgent donations for Eymad"29/1/2010
An Invitation to Cover a Demonstration in release: - RCUV - Regional Council for the Unrecognized Bedouin Villages in the Negev "Friday, January 29th, there will be a large demonstration organized by the Peoples` Committee in protest of these policies of demolitions in the Arab neighborhoods of the city of Lod."29/1/2010
Israeli activists: Germany’s blanket support for Israel is ‘harmful and immoral’Adam Horowitz - Mondoweiss - While it is certainly justified to condemn and act against attacks on innocent Israeli civilians, it is morally unacceptable that German decision-makers consistently ignore, or even defend, Israeli attacks on innocent civilians, which inflict a much higher number of casualties, mostly in Lebanon and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). Furthermore, we are concerned about a climate of fear in German politics, when moderate and well-founded criticism of severe Israeli violations of human rights is treated with McCarthyite methods, such as the attacks against Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul and Herman Dierkes. 28/1/2010
Israeli arrests aimed at quashing popular resistance continuePopular Struggle Coordination Committee - Press release - The recent wave of arrests is largely an assault on the members of the Popular Committees – the leadership of the popular struggle – who are then charged with incitement when arrested. The charge of incitement, defined under Israeli military law as "an attempt, whether verbally or otherwise, to influence public opinion in the Area in a way that may disturb the public peace or public order," is a cynical attempt to punish grassroots organizing with a hefty charge and lengthy imprisonments. Such indictments are part of the army`s strategy of using legal persecution as a means to quash the popular movement. 28/1/2010
Leftists in Sheikh Jarrah: Police discriminateRonen Medzini - YNET - Left-wing protestors in east Jerusalem say police treating them more harshly than haredim, settlers25/1/2010
January Newsletter of Combatants for PeaceDear friends: a bit later than expected, we, Combatants for Peace, are sending you a quarterly review of our activity in the last months of 2009. We invite you all to take part in our activities, to visit our website at, and to support our doing by charitable donations (now needed more than ever). 24/1/2010
Urgent aid needed for the opening of Massafer Yatta School in the second semesterEhud Krinis - Villages Group - Last month, the new elementary school located in the middle of the caves dwellers area of south Mt. Hebron, lost its transportation car as a result of the Israeli army interference. Now, the opening of the school second semester is uncertain as a donation of 10,000 Shekels (2,700$) is needed for the purchase of another transportation car.24/1/2010
Saturday 23/1/10 - Solidarity with today`s detainees , 20:00 , Russian Compound, JLM *** Reports about Sheikh Jarah 23/1/2010
Photos from today`s demos 22/1/10 23/1/2010
Thieves go home - Sheikh Jarrah is Palestine!Gush Shalom - This was the largest demonstration yet in Sheikh Jarakh, where for some time now a demo is taking place every Friday, much like the demos in Bil’in, Nilin and other places. The Friday before, the police had brutally squashed the protest and arrested 11 demonstrators, among them the director of the Association for Human Rights. 31/1/2010
ACTION ALERT: US Groups Demand that Israel End Crackdown on Palestinian Protesters Adalah-NY Press Release "Protests and Boycotts Targeting Illegal Israeli Policies Must Not be Criminalized"20/1/2010
From the Belly of the Beast: An Inside look into the Israeli Justice SystemWritten by Tali Shapiro Pulse Media "Already 70 activists have been wrongfully arrested during the weekly protests in Sheikh Jarrah, under the charges that we riot, conduct unlicensed demonstrations and assault officers."20/1/2010
Silwan/City of David: Some Positive Effects, and New Causes for ConcernUpdate Call to action "In the following update: - Our efforts and the debate on archeology in Jerusalem 1. Tunnels and galleries – new (and very old) ways of excavation 2. A dangerous master plan prepared by the municipality for "the City of David" 3. The excavations in the Givati parking lot – an opportunity for change. 4. Renewed call to take the archeology out of the hands of the settlers." 20/1/2010
Uphill battle for academic freedom in US universitiesNora Barrows-Friedman - The Electronic Intifada - Despite the expanding and momentous student-led BDS movement, open dialogue around the reality of the situation in occupied Palestine continues to be an uphill battle for many professors inside the classrooms. Educators who openly align with the BDS movement, or speak out against Israeli-US policy in Palestine and the region, are being harassed, threatened, blacklisted, denied tenure and fired from their academic posts.19/1/2010
Open the Shuhada Street in Hebron 18/1/2010
We`re Sailing Again: Join Us!Free Gaza Movement - IMEMC News - "This spring, the Free Gaza Movement is sending at least six boats to Gaza to break Israel’s illegal blockade on 1.5 million Palestinians"18/1/2010
Norwegian academic backs debate on boycott of Israel universitiesThe rector of a leading Norwegian university on Wednesday told Haaretz his institution would support and sponsor a `positive` debate on boycotting Israel.23/1/2010
Action Alert: Free Wa`el al-FaqueehPal Reports - On the night of December 9th ,2009, over 200 Israeli soldiers entered the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Their mission: to round up local grassroots activists, whose promotion of popular struggle Israel had no answer for. Amongst those taken was 45 year old Wa’el Al-Faqeeh.17/1/2010
Come to demonstrate against the ongoing suppression of the Sheikh Jarah protest. Saturday night at 20:00, in front of the magistrate court in Jerusalem. 16/1/2010
Please pledge & contribute for Yousif , 13 from GazaMy buddy Maha Mehanna in Gaza and I are looking for ten really kind people to pledge and send $100 each -- to cover two crucial days for her nephew Yousif, age 13 going on 14, at the Pediatric Immunology Clinic at Safra Children`s Hospital at Tel Hashomer. 26/1/2010
Jamal Juma` - local organizer released from detentionGhassan Banourra & Nathan Stokes - IMEMC News - “In the first 12 days I was interrogated and they targeted my work with the popular committees, the non-violence work. The main accusation was incitement. They said that my work was a danger to the security of Israel at a local and international level.. It is clear that they are panicking about the popular struggle, the international solidarity and the steps to boycott Israel. That is why they are starting to target Palestinian activists inside, to stop the movement outside.” 14/1/2010
Crushed under Israel`s bootNEVE GORDON - Mail Guardian Online - But in the past five years ­Palestinians from scores of villages such as Bil`in and Jayyous have developed new forms of pro-peace resistance that have attracted the attention of the international community. Even Prime Minister Salam Fayyad recently called upon his constituents to adopt similar strategies. Israel, in turn, decided to find a way to end the protests once and for all and has begun a well-orchestrated campaign that targets the local leaders of such resistance. 13/1/2010
Jamal Juma’ freed! Jamal Juma`, co-ordinator of War on Want partner organisation Stop the Wall, has been freed after having been detained without charge by the Israeli authorities for four weeks.13/1/2010
Army continues crackdown on nonviolent, anti-wall protest organizers Ghassan Bannoura -IMEMC - Israeli troops kidnapped four men on Tuesday, during invasions targeting a number of areas in the West Bank. All four are members of local Popular Committees, active in organising protests against the Separation Wall and/or settlement construction. 13/1/2010
PA sets up fund for boycotting products made in settlements Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz - Among the products that the PA intends to boycott are those of Beigel Beigel (pretzels), Ahava (beauty products) and the Barkan winery, as well as a large variety of agricultural products grown in the settlements, including fruits, vegetables, eggs and flowers. 13/1/2010
Saturday, 16th January, we shall accompany shepherds in South Mt. Hebron - Ta`ayush 13/1/2010
Army stages night-time Ramallah raid to arrest an international solidarity activistAmarat al Ramouni - Popular Struggle Coordination Committee/Ma`an - The raid was conducted to apprehend Eva Nováková, a Czech citizen, who has been the International Solidarity Movement`s media coordinator for the past few weeks. The raid was held despite a recent statement by president Mahmoud Abbas, who said the PA is considering scaling back security ties with Israel over area A operations. 12/1/2010
Amnesty International: Israeli Detention of Palestinian Activists Must End Amnesty International - AIC - "In a letter sent to Ehud Barak, Israeli Defence and Deputy Prime Minister on Thursday, Amnesty International expressed concern that Jamal Juma`, Abdallah Abu Rahma and Mohammed Othman were prisoners of conscience, held for legitimately voicing their opposition to the fence/wall"11/1/2010
Video: Nebi Salah_8-1-10 demonstration against the creeping annexation of the village lands From yisraelpnm: Villagers from the Palestinian village of An Nabi Saleh (population approx 500) held its third demonstration in three weeks against creeping settlement expansion and land confiscation by the illegal Israeli settlement of Hallamish (also known as Neve Tzuf).
Around 120 residents of An Nabi Saleh were joined by Israeli anti-occupation activists and internationals from the International Women`s Peace Service and the International Solidarity Movement in a non-violent demonstration, which marched to the land which the Hallamish Settlers have attempted to re-annex. During the course of the demonstration, the residents of An Nabi Saleh successfully blockaded 465, the illegal Settler highway, for more than two hours.
Clarify Municipality`s Accountability for East Jerusalem Neighborhoods Located Beyond the Separation Barrier ACRI - “Segev`s statement that the Jerusalem Municipality has no role in managing the municipal affairs of Palestinian neighborhoods situated on the other side of the Separation Barrier constitutes an admission that the Municipality is breaking the law. We urge Mayor Barkat to act decisively and to eradicate discrimination in the provision of municipal services and budgets.10/1/2010
Do Social Struggles have a Chance? Film and DiscussionTuesday 12/1/2010 at 20:00, Multaka-Mifgash, no.7 Shlomo Hamelech St. Beer-Sheva9/1/2010
Clash in Egypt over Gaza aid effortAl-Jazeera = "The convoy with 210 lorries full of medicine and other supplies set out from the UK nearly a month ago." 6/1/2010
Event in WallajeFriday 08/10/10 - departure from Jerusalem at 09:00 AM 6/1/2010
Viva Palestina calling upon all friends of Palestine to mount protests: Our situation is now at a crisis point! 5/1/2010
Dear MetallicaOpen letter by Jews and Palestinians, Israeli citizens - Given your longstanding, vocal commitment to ideas of true justice for all, we cannot envision you cooperating with continued Israeli defiance of justice and morality and playing a part in the Israeli charade of self-righteousness.4/1/2010
The only thing flourishing - the settler housesBeny Gefen - The peasant began to plow his plot, about 800 meters from Itamar settlement. A military vehicle came and ordered him to leave his land "being a security danger to the settlement"...
I had been in this area a year ago. Then there had been on one of the hills a small outpost of one house. Now there are about 25
El Ma`asara weekly demo - 1-1-10ISM -"Over 150 local activists protested today in al-Ma’asara and the neighboring villages against the construction of the illegal Apartheid Wall and settlements on the lands of the nine intertwined villages to the South of Bethlehem. Protestors walked through the villages towards the construction site of the wall, but as every Friday for the past few years, they were intercepted by dozens of soldiers who had again cut off the main road with a barb wire fence."2/1/2010
YouTube: Israels Anti-Apartheid PrisonersAIC - " Jamal Juma the coordinator of Stop the Wall campaign was arrested by the Israeli security at midnight of 15 December. After searching his house the parting words of the soldiers directed at his wife were you would only see you husband again through a prisoner exchange. Since then, Juma has been detained. No explanation has been given for his arrest. "2/1/2010
Total racism, total warSaleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram - " On the first anniversary of Israel`s war on Gaza, shocking revelations are appearing on the methods and reasoning behind the war...According to Palestinian medical sources, the number of patients with cancerous tumours residing in areas that the Israeli army targeted during its war on Gaza is on the rise... A Palestinian woman whose house in the district of Al-Shaaf, east of Gaza City was targeted with white phosphorous missiles gave birth to a baby with a deformed heart. "2/1/2010
Dexia Bank Refuses Grant For Jewish SettlementsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - " The Belgian-French Group, Dexia, refused to finance grants meant for the construction of property in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. The decision came after a Palestinian and a Belgium groups filed a petition against financing settlement constructions. "2/1/2010
Gaza Freedom Marchers issue the "Cairo Declaration" to end Israeli Apartheiddeclaration aimed at accelerating the global campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli Apartheid.Roughly 1400 activists from 43 countries converged in Cairo on their way to Gaza ... to break Israel`s illegal siege. They were prevented from entering Gaza by the Egyptian authorities. 2/1/2010
Viva Palestina Update: Back On The Move Towards Gaza - VideoUpdate on the Viva Palestina 3 Convoy that was stuck in Jordan due to Egyptian issues. Now back on the move and onwards to Gaza. Aired on December 31, 2009. 2/1/2010
100 of 1340 `Gaza Freedom Marchers` enter Gaza with help of Egyptian President`s wifeby Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News "A small delegation of 100 of the 1,340 peace activists from around the world gathered in Egypt for the `Gaza Freedom March` were allowed to pass into Gaza Wednesday, while the other 1,240 marchers say that the approval of only 100 marchers is insufficient, adding that they should all be allowed in. "1/1/2010
Protesters are being brutalized in Tahrir Square by Adam Horowitz - Source: Mondoweiss "Press release: Protesters are being brutalized in Tahrir Square right now – 500+ protesters violently forced into pens, others barricaded in their hotels" 1/1/2010
Life for them = Life for us! "Other Voice is a grassroots group that has no political aspirations. We are citizens of the Sderot region and the Gaza region. We are interested in finding creative ways of hearing a new voice from the region and for promoting hope and non-violent actions for the benefit of the locals who live here in Sderot and in the Gaza Strip." 1/1/2010
Open Rafah Crossing for AymanAyman Talal E. Quader received a scholarship program for a university in Spain for the International Masters in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies. Please sign the petition on his behalf at
Palestine`s occupation tourism : Palestinian protesters are often joined by international tourists who see their struggle as an entertaining spectacleSeth Freedman - The Guardian - those who come to the protests with the sole intention of seeing the violence for themselves, rather than as part of a wider effort to assist the Palestinians in their quest for freedom, should be discouraged from treating the region as a safari park. Occupation tourism does no favours for the serious and committed activists on either side of the separation wall, and only reinforces the perception that for far too many observers, the conflict is merely an entertaining spectacle, rather than a decades-old matter of life and death. 21/1/2010
Building a Different Middle EastJoel Beinin - The Nation - Haggai, a young Israeli man who was jailed for two years for refusing to be drafted into the army, addresses the soldiers in Hebrew. Showing them a hand-drawn poster-board map of the area, he explains, "You are not in the territory of the state of Israel and you could not do what you are now doing inside Israel. We are demonstrating peacefully on Palestinian land. You are violating international law. Don`t be surprised if, when you repress peaceful demonstrations, some Palestinians resort to violence. You can choose not to obey your orders."20/1/2010
Students, the occupation must be opposed! - high school principal speaks outNaomi Reichman - Y-net/My-net - "When you join the army, go to the checkpoints. You will see what happens there, bring a spirit of moderation, help create a different situation, and eventually you will reach the conclusion that the occupation should not go on. Military service is a duty - but service in an army which guards the borders and protects the country, not in an army concerned with occupation duties". 5/1/2010
`The Blockade is Terrorism!` the Tel-Aviv demo reportedRafi Jerbi-Israel Post / / -- “Gaza, do not despair / We shall put and end to the occupation!”, “We are ashamed – the blockade is inhuman!” 5/1/2010
A year after the Gaza War - Nurit Peled Elhanan`s speech at the protest rally in Tel-AvivGood evening to all who came to mark the first anniversary of the Gaza carnage, and to protest the comfortable complacency which inhabitants of this city and this country exhibit in face of the slow annihilation which goes on and on in Gaza and throughout Palestine.5/1/2010
Viva Palestina aid convoy hours away from breaking Gaza siege - NOW UPDATED `Riot has broken out in the port of Al- Arish` Update: The Egyptian authorities have by their stubbornness and hostility towards the convoy, brought us to a crisis point. We are now calling upon all friends of palestine to mount protests in person
PSC - 198 convoy vehicles, including ambulances and vans, were loaded on to a ferry in the Syrian port of Latakia on Saturday (2nd January) and have now docked and cleared customs at the Egyptian port of El Arish. This is the third Viva Palestina convoy to attempt to break Israel`s siege of Gaza this year. The last two convoys were successful in delivering aid.
A Calendar of activities on radicalendar.orgMost postings are in Hebrew, but some in English.16/1/2010
Jamal Juma`s hearing today at OferMC - Indymedia - Jamal`s attorney, who did not have any access to the report, as mentioned above, argued that the military court has no jurisdiction over Jamal Juma`a, an east-Jerusalem resident holding an Israeli ID card. This claim was not discussed, since the judge ruled that it can only be done during the appeal. Jamal himself argued that he was held for 12 whole days without being interrogated, and later interrogated only once, which proves that there is no real need for additional time to interrogate him. Before the hearing began, Jamal addressed the large audience who has shown up to support him and said: "This is an attempt to silence the voice of the national struggle against 7/1/2010
Lethal Clashes At Gaza-Egypt Border Aljazeera - Countercurrents - A border protest on Wednesday turned violent over frustration that the aid convoy, Viva Palestina, had been delayed.Egyptian forces opened fire to disperse stone-throwing protesters who had gathered on the Gaza side of the Rafah border crossing, witnesses and medics said. Gaza`s Hamas leaders had called for the rally to protest the delay of the Viva Palestina international aid convoy at Egypt`s port city of al-Arish. 7/1/2010
My Husband: Jailed for Protesting Israel`s WallMajida Abu Rahmah - The Huffington Post -On International Human Rights Day in 2008, my husband Abdallah Abu Rahmah was in Berlin receiving a medal from the World Association for Human Rights. Last year on the same day, December 10th, Abdallah was taken away at 2am by Israeli soldiers who broke into our West Bank home. Abdallah was arrested for the same reasons he received the prize - his nonviolent struggle for justice, equality and peace in Israel/Palestine. 6/1/2010
CANCELLED BECAUSE OF THE WHEATHER: Saturday Feb. 6: Olive Tree Planting at the Bedouin Village of Al `Arakib9:00 AM at the El-Al terminal near Tel Aviv`s Arlozoroff train station or 10:30 AM at Lehavim Junction heading south. The activity is family-friendly.
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