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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Land Day Remembered MIFTAH - Thirty-five years ago, six Palestinians from the Galilee in what is now northern Israel lost their lives in a bid to protect their land from confiscation. Today, Palestinians everywhere commemorate what has come to be known as Land Day. 31/3/2011
Demonstration: No-Fly Zone Over PalestineSunday, April 3rd 2011, at 19:30 in front of Tel-Aviv US Embassy30/3/2011
Serving the Refugees of Dheisheh Camp: an Insight into the Popular CommitteeAlessandra Bajec - IMEMC - "Dheisheh camp was set up in 1949 as a temporary site for 3,000 refugees coming from 46 villages, west of Jerusalem and Hebron, destroyed in the 1948 war. Today Dheisheh remains home to around 13,000 people living on less than 1/2 square kilometre straining an always incomplete infrastructure." 30/3/2011
16 Israeli activists arrested in South Hebron HillsThe video was taken by activists and on the spot sent out from mc309@live.com29/3/2011
New Profile: Ajuad Zidan imprisoned for seventh time in a row29/3/2011
Protest against detention without charges for more than 30 days of Dirar AbusisWHERE: Petah Tikvah court. WHEN: Thursday 31/3/2011, 14:0028/3/2011
On the Run, the Palestinian Youth Movement May Yet Get Its WayKarl Vick - Yahoo!News - "Yeah, I`m sick of parties, too. That`s why we all agree at the end of the day Fatah didn`t serve us, Hamas didn`t serve us […] All their energy became about protecting the movement thing, not the Palestine thing. So we should step up and say, `Look at something bigger than your political interest.` As long as they`re divided, it will be like, well, like it is: Palestine is not Palestine. It`s Gaza and the West Bank"28/3/2011
Mighty Israel and its quest to quash Palestinian popular protestAmira Hass - Haaretz - The military has delegated its best soldiers, investigators and judges to safeguarding Israel against the organizer of Nabi Saleh`s popular uprising28/3/2011
On World Water Day, support the academic boycott call Susan Koppelman and Nidal Hatim - EI - "Palestinians are limited to merely 17 percent of the water under the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, even though more than 80 percent of the rain that recharges the shared groundwater falls over the West Bank." 23/3/2011
Breaking the Silence Activity Update for January and February 2011Breaking the Silence – reported actions include tours to Hebron and the South Hebron Hills and the monitoring of home demolitions and harassment of Palestinian residents, new eye-winess soldiers` testimonies, the opening of photo exhibitions in Hebron and Stockholm, participation at the J Street Conference in Washington, and a response to a Knesset committee asking BTS to help with official Israeli international PR (“As long as the Occupation is real, it will also be virtually mirrored on the Internet”). 21/3/2011
Buy Israel – Don’t Buy Settlements (They’re not the Same)Moises Salinas-Fleitman & Theodore Bikel - Meretz USA - American Jews, in order to express their support for the brave Israeli citizens refusing to cooperate with settlement policy, should refuse to purchase any goods or services, including tourism services, made in or by the settlements. 21/3/2011
New FB Page: Support a No-Fly Zone over PalestineSee link. ao19/3/2011
Palestine and the power of civil societyby Ramzy Baroud - Al-Ahram "The global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel and other related campaigns were aimed at exposing Israeli transgressions against the Palestinian people and galvanising international solidarity. What is so uplifting is to see how their achievements have far surpassed these initial aims. The campaigns have animated, accentuated and actually legitimised Palestinian civil society -- a notion that long stood outside the official paradigm acceptable to Israel, and which had very little space within the restrictive realm of the Palestinian Authority (PA)." ca 18/3/2011
Inching closer to unityJoharah Baker - Bitterlemons - For those young Palestinians who endured beatings in Gaza and those who were on hunger strike at Ramallah`s Manara Square, the news of a possible reconciliation is a burst of fresh air. Too early to predict just how sincere the parties are, it is not too early to appreciate the movement of the masses. Palestinians have made mistakes, they have followed their political affiliations blindly at times, but the bottom line is that they all want their leaders united. 17/3/2011
Freed from jail, West Bank protester vows fight against fence will continueDavid Sheen - Haaretz - Abdallah Abu Rahmah was given a hero`s welcome in the West Bank village of Bil`in after being released from Ofer Prison on Monday. He was greeted by over a hundred and fifty townsfolk who escorted him home waving flags and letting off fireworks in his honor. 17/3/2011
250 Palestinian & Israeli women in West Bank Civil Disobedience Conference Women Living Under Muslim Law - "The law regulating entry into Israel is illegal and should not be obeyed. As a group of women practicing civil disobedience, we will continue to work to destabilize the system of military decrees and regulations that make the life of our," said writer and translator Ilana Hammerman in an unprecedented women’s conference in the West Bank, celebrating civil disobedience. Palestinian friends and their families unbearable17/3/2011
Incitement against the leftYariv Oppenheimer - Peace Now - The attempt to link this terrorist act to the positions of the Israeli peace camp is irresponsible and is intended to incite the public towards violence against the left.15/3/2011
Israeli security firm owned by Danish G4S, said it will stop providing security gear over Green LineShuki Sadeh - Haaretz - The move comes in the wake of public pressure in Denmark following a report from the Coalition of Women for Peace, which runs the "Who Profits?" project monitoring Israeli companies operating in the territories. 15/3/2011
Abdallah Abu Rahmah released at last + videoIyad Burnat - "I have no intention to go back home and sit there idly", says Abu Rahmah, despite the six-months suspended sentence still imposed on him. 15/3/2011
COSATU Supports Call for Termination of U. Johannesburg Relations with Ben Gurion U. Congress of South African Trade Unions [...] - AIC - "COSATU supports the call from students, academics and numerous prominent individuals, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, for UJ to terminate its apartheid-era relationship with Israel`s BGU, a university that actively collaborates with the Israeli Defence Force in its enforcement of apartheid occupation against Palestinians, by offering special privileges and services to the army"14/3/2011
video of solidarity visit and tree planting Saturday, March 12, in Al ArakibVideo of a solidarity demonstration with Al Arakib and tree planting action to replace the trees that the Israeli authorities have had uprooted. Al Arakib is a Bedouin village that the Israel Lands Authority has demolished 20 times these past months, and on which the Jewish National Funds intends to plant a forest. The villagers refuse to leave, and keep on rebuilding and putting up tents after every demolition.13/3/2011
Jaffa, Wed. Mar 16: Life and Struggle in ApartheidSaraya Theater, Nizar 054-6381841 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              054-6381841      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Sa`eed 052-3966052 12/3/2011
Dexia excluded for involvement in IsraelTriodos Bank - "Belgian bank Dexia has been excluded from the Triodos sustainable investment universe because of its ongoing financing of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories." "11/3/2011
al-Tawamin David Shulman - There are two large wells on the hill—hence its name, al-Tawamin, "the Twins." We also know that these wells belong to the Palestinians; we`ve come here before to help our friends from Bir el-`Id and elsewhere draw water and fill tankers. We mention this to the major and, somewhat surprisingly, he at once agrees that the wells are indeed Palestinian and that Palestinians have the right to take water from them. Good, we say, we want to water the herds now. No, he says, you can`t do that. Why is that? Because, although the wells indeed belong to Palestinians, the area surrounding them, including the high ridge and slope where we are standing, are off limits to Palestinians. They could, he says, in theory, draw water from the wells, if they could somehow manage to approach them, but they definitely can`t bring their sheep there to drink. 10/3/2011
Israeli solidarity activist interrogated by police for "incitement"Jesse Bacon - The Only Democracy - At the same JStreet conference, lawyer Michael Sfard of Yesh Din reminded us that there are hundreds of Palestinians arrested every week for nonviolent protest, and now the same criminalization has spread to Jewish Israelis. I am struck by the courage of the people who stand up to the theft of settlers when Barack Obama won’t, and how sad that the sincere solidarity people around the world felt for the Egyptian protesters is now apparently a crime.10/3/2011
B’Tselem volunteers film soldiers waking children in Nabi Saleh to take their photographsB’Tselem - Newsletter - Israeli Channel 10 TV aired yesterday footage filmed by Nariman and Bilal a-Tamimi, volunteers in B’Tselem’s video project and residents of Nabi Saleh, offering a rare glimpse into a new method employed by the army: soldiers enter homes at night to photograph youngsters from the village. The soldiers enter the homes and demand that every child and youth over the age of 10 be wakened. They then photograph the minors and leave. B’Tselem knows of at least four incursions of this kind during January 2011. 10/3/2011
J Street Offers Alternative to AIPACJon Basil Utley - Antiwar - "Several members of Congress thanked J Street for presenting its case and giving those concerned for Israel’s long-term viability another position than that of AIPAC’s pro-occupation and settlement-expansion promotions." 9/3/2011
100,000 demonstrators against the occupation - The Israeli Facebook Revolution! 8/3/2011
Temporary Injunction Issued against Tender for Building Plots in Lifta VillageCoalition to Save Lifta: In the given situation that the village of Lifta is an abandoned village and its original inhabitants live as refugees at a distance of only a few hundred metres from their village, it would have been befitting to abstain from all construction in the area and certainly to prevent building that would result in destruction of the village and the complete dispossession of the rights of the original inhabitants of the place.8/3/2011
West Bank wind of changeJoseph Dana and Jesse Rosenfeld - Le Monde Diplomatique - As protests multiply across the Arab world and grassroots resistance grows in the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority faces popular anger for its investment in a failed ‘peace process’7/3/2011
Pink Floyd Singer Joins Cultural Boycott of IsraelSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "In his letter, released Sunday, supporting the boycott, Waters wrote that in his view, `the abhorrent and draconian control that Israel wields over the besieged Palestinians in Gaza, and the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, coupled with its denial of the rights of refugees to return to their homes in Israel, demands that fair minded people around the world support the Palestinians in their civil, nonviolent resistance`"7/3/2011
Facebook protest: `Free Palestine` on NISElior Levy - Ynet - Facebook group calls on members to promote peaceful protest by writing `Free Palestine` on all forms of Israeli currency. Founders hope Netanyahu `gets the message` 7/3/2011
Links to two videosvideo of Friday’s demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah [link forwarded by Ruth] [about 8 minutes] ===================== video of Gaza woman confronting Israeli Knesset Member Nachman Shai [forwarded by Paula] Youtube: Gaza woman confronts Member of the Knesset Nachman Shai over the Gaza siege [about 4 minutes] 6/3/2011
Nazareth activist honored by global women`s groupJack Khoury - Haaretz - "Espanioly, 56 and unmarried, is a social worker and clinical psychologist. She is also active in the Hadash political party and in various Jewish-Arab peace groups." id 11/3/2011
Tree Planting and Protest Vigil at Al-ArakibSaturday, March 12, 2011 Yaacov: 050-573327611/3/2011
Jerusalem, Fri March 11: Alternative Archaeology TourRegister online.5/3/2011
Lod-LUDD: Join Protest Tent against DemolitionsThe wave of anti-Palestinian destruction is now 10 km from Tel Aviv. Esther 050-9266291 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              050-9266291      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              050-9266291      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              050-9266291      end_of_the_skype_highlighting5/3/2011
CO Ajuad Zidan Sentenced to 6th Prison Term; Please Send LettersDetails inside.5/3/2011
J Street is liberating Jews from Zionism. So far so good Philip Weiss -Mondoweiss - " The good news from the J Street conference is that the organization made it a point to include the Jewish left, non-Zionist Palestinian solidarity activists, and this opening will have important consequences for Jewish life if not for the future of the Middle East...J Street is doing great things by liberating American Jews from their servitude to nationalism. While I hope this makes a difference in the struggle for Palestinian freedom, that struggle is likely to require greater daring and imagination. " "4/3/2011
Petition : Free All Palestinian Women Political Prisoners 4/3/2011
boycott-news : Letter to Josep Carreras" The Academic and Cultural Boycott is an effective way of putting pressure on Israel and has a real chance of obtaining a change in the policies that contravene International Law; this was made clear in the case of South Africa. Israel clearly needs political legitimacy and moral recognition and the world of culture should not satisfy this need. For all of the reasons given in this letter we urge you to cancel your concert in Israel. As an outstanding and respected international figure in the world of music you can contribute to obtaining freedom, justice and a just peace in Palestine. "4/3/2011
JVP’s Rebecca Vilkomerson debates for BDS at J Street’s annual conventionMax Blumenthal - I just want to take a moment in appreciation of J Street for including this discussion at the conference. It is the most important conversation, in my mind, that we can have at this moment, and I thank you for having it. I want to take a moment to make sure we all are clear about what BDS is. BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. It’s a Palestinian led, globally active, non-violent movement in support of equality and freedom for the Palestinian people. 3/3/2011
How Palestine`s uprising inspired Egypt`s Hossam el-Hamalawy - Electronic Intifada - Only after the Palestinian intifada broke out in September 2000 did tens of thousands of Egyptians take to the streets in protest -- probably for the first time since 1977. Although those demonstrations were in solidarity with the Palestinians, they soon gained an anti-regime dimension, and police showed up to quell the peaceful protests. The president, however, remained a taboo subject, and I rarely heard anti-Mubarak chants. 3/3/2011
Back in actionYigal Sarna - Ynet - ""My sentence term was shortened by a third; I had visitation rights and was written about in the newspapers. These are rights they don`t have," he lamented." 2/3/2011
The Right to Boycott Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "Now, there is also the "Prohibition of Boycotts Act, 2010", a bill which the Knesset Judicial Committee approved for its First Reading. It includes draconian punishments of all who call for a boycott against the settlements."2/3/2011
Yesh Gvul`s Response to the Findings of the Committee Appointed to Inspect the Shehade AssassinationYesh Gvul - The committee`s report is toothless, paving the road to similar military actions in the future. The report will not protect alleged war criminals from indictment.1/3/2011
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