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Israeli activists protest Palestinian home demolitions at Jerusalem mayor’s Chanukah candle lighting event Sarah Levy - Mondoweiss - Israeli activists came out last week to protest Mayor Nir Barkat’s ritual Chanukah candle lighting in Jerusalem and to bring a message that holiday cheer should not mask the fact that Palestinians in East Jerusalem are suffering due to his policies.-rh25/12/2014
Jerusalem Municipality expected to approve housing units beyond green lineRoi Yanovsky - "Ynet - "Earlier on Tuesday, a debate was held at the Jerusalem Municipality regarding the construction of 1,800 housing units in southern Jerusalem. About one-third of the land included in the plan is located in the no-man`s-land that was between Jordan and Israel prior to 1967." - id 24/12/2014
Palestinian entrepreneur seeks to turn Jerusalem into startup city - together with JewsInbal Orpaz - Haaretz - “I want people to come, to sit together and to start working together — young people from the east and the west. I want to build connections and to bring the two sides of the city together in projects,” Hani Alami, a high-tech entrepreneur and millionaire from East Jerusalem told. [bz] 19/12/2014
Extremist Settlers Continue to Storm Al Aqsa, Further Demolition Orders Imposed in JerusalemIMEMC News & Agencies - "Israeli settlers again stormed Al Aqsa Mosque, this Sunday, guarded by Israeli "special forces", Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency reports" [ry]15/12/2014
Thousands Attend Funeral Of Murdered Minister Abu EinSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The Palestinian Authority held an official burial ceremony for the murdered minister, while Arab members of Knesset Ahmad Tibi and Mohammad Barakeh also attended the funeral.The prayers were held in front of the Presidential headquarters in Ramallah, before thousands marched, carrying the body of Abu Ein to the Shuhada Graveyard in the al-Biereh nearby town." ca12/12/2014
The Young Woman at the Forefront of Jerusalem`s New Holy WarSARAH HELM - Newsweek - The women talk of how, a few days earlier, Latifa, aged 24, was arrested at this gate with eight others. She was accused of causing trouble by crying “Allahu Akbar” as the Jews tried to pray. The chant is called the takbir and means “God is great”. Women were hit by the police, they say, and some had their veils torn off.-rh11/12/2014
Settler Invasions at Al Aqsa Mosque Continue, Coalition Planning Chanukah RaidIMEMC - "...14th and 21st of December are going to be the two dates for "the big break", in support of Knesset deputies who demand the right of Jews to enter the Mosque at any time and without restriction or condition." - id 10/12/2014
A new wave of East Jerusalem house demolition orders Ma`an - Israeli authorities delivered demolition orders for residential homes and commercial stores in various East Jerusalem neighborhoods including Silwan, al-Tur, al-Isawiya, and Jabal al- Mukabbir. The Eweisat, Abu al-Jamal, and Elayyan families were issued demolition orders for their homes in Jabal al-Mukabbir. The Elayyan family home was built 10 years ago while the other two properties were built in the 1970s. A total of 25 people live in the three homes. Nader al-Rashq of Isawiya managed to gain a court order preventing for the time being the demolition of his family`s home. Since the beginning of 2014 Israeli bulldozers have demolished at least 359 Palestinian structures in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. ak9/12/2014
Erekat condemns Israeli threat to deport Jerusalemite MPsMa`an - Erekat`s statement came as the Israeli Supreme Court was preparing to issue a ruling on whether to deport four members of the Palestinian Legislative Council on Tuesday, but the hearing was postponed to a later date. In a joint statement, Palestinian lawyers Hassan Jabarin, Usama al-Saadi, and Fadi al-Qawasmi condemned the Israeli decision to postpone the hearing. The lawyers said that case did not depend on Israeli laws, but that it contradicted international law. They feared that if the court chose to deport the MPs Abu Teir, Ahmad Attun, Muhammad Tutah, and Khalid Abu Arafeh, the case might be used to deport any Jerusalemite without consideration of legal grounds. [bz]9/12/2014
Occupation and deportation policyRasem Obeidat - AIC - Israel commenced a policy of deportation against leaders and activists within the Palestinian political and social communities immediately following the occupation of 1967. This policy, however, didn`t end in the immediate post-war period, but continued due to the lack of international will to prevent such a practice, which contravenes Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Protection and immunity were provided to Israel in international institutions and by the United States and western Europe, thus encouraging it to continue the policy and practice of deportation [ry]8/12/2014
Leave or let live? Arabs move in to Jewish settlementsDan Williams - Reuters - "Little noticed amid the furore over one of Israel`s most contentious policies, a small but growing number of Arabs are moving into Jewish settlements on occupied land in East Jerusalem, drawn by cheaper rent and better services" [ry]8/12/2014
Ma`an Reporter`s Home Raided in JerusalemIMEMC News&Agencies - "Israeli forces broke into the home of a Ma`an News Agency reporter in Jerusalem, post-midnight Wednesday, inspecting the house thoroughly as they searched for her brother Majdi, who was at work when the soldiers arrived." ca 5/12/2014
Relative of Palestinian teen Abu Khdeir helped wounded in terror attackNoam (Dabul) Dvir - Ynetnews "Among those present during Wednesday`s terror attack at a supermarket were store employees, who helped overpower the assailant and treat the wounded. One of them was Mahmoud Abu Khdeir of the Shuafat neighborhood in East Jerusalem – a relative of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the teenage victim of a nationalistically motivated attack during the summer.Abu Khdeir, a cousin of Mohammed, works as an usher for an external company, and was in a storeroom when the attack occurred. He immediately rushed to help the wounded. "I didn`t see the actual attack," he said."ca5/12/2014
A good line from a Jewish fatherGeorge S. Hishmeh - The Jordan Times "For a clearer situation of life in Jerusalem, the opening paragraph by Nathan Thrall in the “London Review of Books” tells it like it is: “What the government of Israel calls its eternal, undivided capital is among the most precarious, divided cities in the world. When it conquered the eastern part of Jerusalem and the West Bank — both administered by Jordan — in 1967, Israel expanded the city’s municipal boundaries threefold. As a result, approximately 37 per cent of Jerusalem’s current residents are Palestinians. They have separate buses, schools, health facilities, commercial centres, and speak a different language." ca5/12/2014
Arab-Israeli school in Jerusalem `set on fire` and walls sprayed with racist graffitiLamiat Sabin - The Independent - The school CEO Shuli Dichter said, as reported by the Jewish Press: "This is not the first time that our shared civic endeavor has been targeted. Even when they stain our school walls, they will not succeed in destroying our work.-rh4/12/2014
NEWSLETTER 02 Dec. 2014B`Tselem - Newsletter - Recent months have seen many violent clashes in East Jerusalem. They began in July, after 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir of East Jerusalem was killed, and persisted as tension over the Temple Mount increased and settlers continued to take over houses in Palestinian neighborhoods.-rh4/12/2014
Israeli forces arrested seven Palestinians overnight in East JerusalemMa`an - "In the Jabal al-Mukabbir neighborhood, Israeli forces arrested 15-year-old Muhammad Abdo." - id3/12/2014
Several More Abducted in West Bank, Settler Assaults Taxi Driver with Pepper SprayIMEMC - "The Jerusalemite was driving at King George Street when he was attacked by the settler with pepper spray." - id2/12/2014
Makassed Hospital Celebrates Training Silver Jubilee and Graduation of 28 Specialist Doctors PNN - "Dr. Hidmi said that "Makassed Hospital is considered a success story for this steadfast people", noting that "the successive administrative boards developed and improved the Hospital`s services, turning it into the main referral hospital for the whole of Palestine, and an outstanding teaching hospital for medical students at Palestinian universities, particularly the University of Jerusalem"." ca28/11/2014
Israeli occupation stoking ‘holy war’ in JerusalemJonathan Cook - Mondoweiss "Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, cautioned that Israel’s intensified efforts to extend its control over the Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City, including by imposing severe restrictions on Muslim worship, risked plunging the region into “a detrimental religious war”...But despite these warnings, the Israeli government announced it was drafting a law that would ban Muslim guards on the esplanade, making it yet easier for Jews to visit." ca28/11/2014
Israel’s Model of Political Despair in JerusalemJonathan Cook -Countercurrents - Relations between Israelis and Palestinians have descended into a dangerous melee of tit-for-tat attacks and killings, with the violence of the past few weeks centred on Jerusalem. The city, claimed by Israel as its “undivided capital”, has been torn apart by clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian residents since the summer, when 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burnt alive by Jewish extremists.-rh 26/11/2014
Danino: Mistake to allow Feiglin to visit Temple MountMatan Tzuri - Ynet - "Police commissioner slams attorney general for permitting radical right-wing elements to attempt to change `status-quo` on holy site." - id 26/11/2014
Debunking Netanyahu’s propaganda on JerusalemMicha Kurz - Mondoweiss - This short piece of inflammatory propaganda above has been circulated by the Israeli Prime Minister’s office. It is dangerous and should be explained and put into context urgently.-rh 26/11/2014
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is NOT a Religious StruggleDon Wagner, Friends of Sabeel North America, Dr. Hatem Bazian, American Muslim for Palestine, Rabbi Alissa Wise, Jewish Voice for Peace -Action Alert - The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a political struggle and needs a political solution: period. Let’s tell John Kerry not to pass the buck.-rh 26/11/2014
Israeli forces `detain 10-year-old Palestinian boy` in SilwanMa`an News - "The rate of child arrests is equivalent to "an average of two children each day," the UNICEF report says." - id 25/11/2014
Jerusalem posters call to ban Arab workersMairav Zonszein- +972 - "“Employed an Arab? You endangered a Jew!”" - id 25/11/2014
Netanyahu`s "battle for Jerusalem " can`t end well for any of usPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss "Calling Jews to put aside their little differences and take up arms for the “battle for Jerusalem” is a vision of holy war, with fascistic trimmings. The words “battle for Jerusalem” recall the Battle of Algiers in the late 1950s, a similar contest between overwhelming military force and terrorist attacks. And we know how that turned out, in a zero sum game, in which the colonizers felt they had to leave Algeria in 1962, even colonizers who’d been there several generations." ca21/11/2014
Israel summons Palestinian pathologist for questioningMa`an News Agency - "The pathologist said that the order was illegal and only a court or the general prosecutor could issued such a demand for a court session, and not a closed interrogation.Al-Aloul attended the autopsy of Yousuf Hasan al-Ramouni, 32, who was found hanged inside his bus at the Har Hotzvim terminal near Jerusalem." ca21/11/2014
A House of God no moreTalal Jabari - +972 "What is certain from the events of the past six months is that increasingly, this conflict is stripping people of their humanity — on both sides of the divide. As a human being, I find the synagogue attack unacceptable, and even more so as a Palestinian because it just feels so familiar. As I lay there in bed reading the news, I couldn’t help but remember my childhood. I thought back to the 1990 Aqsa Mosque massacre, in which tens of Palestinians were killed and injured. I thought back to the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, when an American-Israeli surgeon gunned down dozens of Muslim worshippers as they prayed." ca21/11/2014
380 Palestinians arrested by Israeli forces in last 20 daysMa`an News Agency - "Israeli forces have detained at least 380 Palestinians in raids across the West Bank and East Jerusalem over the last three weeks, including 21 early Thursday alone.The Palestinian Prisoner`s Society said in a statement on Thursday that Israeli authorities have engaged in a wide-ranging crackdown on Palestinians that has led to the arrests of nearly 200 in East Jerusalem since the beginning of November.The startling figures come amid growing instability in Jerusalem..." ca21/11/2014
Jewish girls attack Arabs in JerusalemNoam (Dabul) Dvir - Ynet News "An Arab man claims a group of Jewish girls attacked him with pepper spray in the center of Jerusalem. The incident follows the claims of an Arab taxi driver who also claimed to have been attacked by a group of girls. The incident with the cab driver took place in the city`s King Jerusalem District Police and was, according him, nationalistically motivated...Jerusalem District Police investigated the incident and then held four girls from the settlement of Yitzhar; they were found carrying two cans of pepper spray." ca21/11/2014
How to create a terrorist : Jerusalem SkunkAnnie Robbins - Mondoweiss - In the A-Tur neighborhood, the police shot skunk water at four large schools, forcing the parents of 4,500 students to leave their children at home due to the unbearable smell. “It was this past Friday, at around 5:30 p.m.,” says Khader Abu Sabitan, a member of the parents’ committee in the neighborhood. “I was on the road and saw them pass with their machine, and saw how they began shooting water at the school. I’m telling you – there was nothing there. It is Friday at 5:30 in the evening, and there was no one in the school or on the streets. Nothing. Everyone was home. They went to all four schools in the neighborhood, shot the water, and left.”-rh19/11/2014
Settlers spit on Abu Khdeir family as they exit court; alleged killer refuses to enter plea Allison Deger - Mondoweiss - Abu Khdeir’s alleged murderers were in court today for a second pre-trial. All three defendants were supposed to enter pleas. In the session the self-proclaimed ringleader of the group, Yosef Haim Ben-David, 29, refused to cooperate. His lawyer told the judge he could not give a statement on guilt on behalf of his client, as was the case in the last pre-trial in October. Today, the delay was because Ben-David is no longer speaking.-rh 19/11/2014
Israel Instates Harsher Measures Isolating East JerusalemIMEMC - "The Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (ad-Dameer) has reported that the soldiers kidnapped, Tuesday, ten members of the families of Odai and Ghassan Abu Jamal, who carried out the attack against the Yeshiva earlier in the day." - id 19/11/2014
Conflicting reports on death of Palestinian found hangedMairav Zonszein - +972 - "...past experience proves there is no reason for Palestinians to trust the Israeli authorities. Quite the contrary. Both the police and the military often ignore complaints from Palestinians, and almost always fail to prosecute." - id19/11/2014
Right-wing Protesters Attack Art Talk in JerusalemYonatan Amir & Ronen Eidelman - Hyperallergic - The night of the event, Monday, November 10, there were roughly 50 people inside to attend our event, while others were left outside after the guards locked the gates as a safety precaution. When police arrived, they recognized some of the protesters — and they suspected things may turn violent — so the police officers stayed at the scene and called for backup.-rh19/11/2014
Jerusalem synagogue attack puts Israel close to brinkPeter Beaumont - The Guardian - Netanyahu called the attack a “cruel murder of Jews who came to pray and were killed by despicable murderers”. In an evening press conference he once again accused the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, of stirring tension in Jerusalem, and called on the international community to express its outrage.-rh19/11/2014
`Home demolitions have not stopped attacks`Dalia Hatuqa - Aljazeera - "Israel has increased its violations against al-Aqsa, and crackdowns on people on checkpoints, and through red-tape. All this leads to violence. All this pressure will ultimately lead to an explosion. As you can see, home demolitions have not stopped attacks. Violence breeds violence."-rh Israel has increased its police force exponentially in Jerusalem in the past few weeks in an attempt to curb the violence, but many Palestinians say their long-simmering frustrations over what they called Israel`s oppressive measures are finally boiling over.-rh19/11/2014
Shin Bet chief: Abbas is not inciting to terrorAttila Somfalvi - Ynet News - While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly points an accusing finger at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the head of Israel`s top secret security service said Tuesday he did not believe Abbas was responsible for the current round of terror and violence.-rh19/11/2014
Tense calm continues at Al-AqsaDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - With age restrictions dropped, 40,000 Palestinians were allowed into Al-Aqsa Mosque that Friday. A few young people were ordered to temporarily surrender their ID cards to ensure that they wouldn’t participate in any violent demonstrations afterward.-rh 19/11/2014
PHOTOS: Palestinians build a bridge over the separation wallActivestills - "Some 50 Palestinian and international activists used two make-shift bridges to cross the separation wall between Qalandiya and northern Jerusalem Friday morning. They also cut razor wire adjacent to the wall.The non-violent direct action was in protest of the restrictions on access to the Aqsa Mosque that Israel places on Palestinians from the West Bank." ca 15/11/2014
Hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis protest collective punishment in East JerusalemMoriel Rothman-Zecher - +972 "The demonstration yesterday began at 4:00 p.m., and was guarded by dozens of Border Police officers dressed in riot gear and armed with tear gas, rubber bullets and other crowd dispersal measures. Some of the officers were mounted on horseback, and behind them a “skunk” vehicle loomed." ca14/11/2014
Kerry meets Abbas as Israeli-Palestinian tensions soarMa`an News Agency - "The meeting in Amman came hours after fresh clashes broke out in East Jerusalem where Israeli police fired tear gas, percussion bombs and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators. Months-long unrest in annexed East Jerusalem has in recent days spread to the occupied West Bank and Palestinian communities across Israel." ca14/11/2014
Israeli ministers pass bill jailing stone throwers for 20 yearsRT - Government ministers in Israel have voted to increase penalties ten-fold on people convicted of throwing stones at vehicles from two to 20 years, in a move designed to deal with a wave of violence that has hit some of Jerusalem’s Arab districts.-rh12/11/2014
Jerusalem family’s home destroyed by Israel for second time in two yearsBudour Youssef Hassan - The Electronic Intifada - ""I feel that here in Silwan, we are left alone, fighting Israel on our own. Everyone pays lip service to Jerusalem, but on the ground, no one is really doing anything for us. And to tell you that my economic situation is rough is an understatement."" - id 12/11/2014
Israeli forces order arrest of a 2-year-old child from JerusalemPNN - Palestine News Network - "The family denied the order, when an Israeli occupation intelligence officer stormed into their house, kidnapped another son of the Family, Mohammad, and stole three computers." - id 12/11/2014
WATCH: `There`s no peace in Jerusalem`Social TV - +972 - "You see the wall there - they have nowhere to go." - id12/11/2014
Solidarity tour: `Isawya is a calm village, don`t make it lose its calm` / hands off al-aqsa 11/11/2014
Isawya is a calm village, don`t make it lose its calm!"Free Jerusalem" - (...) main entrances to the village have been blocked and regular citizens are being attacked by noise-bombs, tear gas and `Skunk`. Also, many minors have been arrested.11/11/2014
Police blame violence on rightwing MKs` Temple Mount visitOmri Efraim - Ynet - "Repeated attempts by members of Knesset to reach the Temple Mount is a provocation that incites Palestinians` to respond and significantly and unequivocally increases tensions in the Temple Mount and the capital," a senior police official told Ynet as clashes between security forces and Arabs and Palestinians continue. [bz] 11/11/2014
Settlers Attempt To Occupy A Building In SilwanIMEMC News - "Israeli settlers attempted, just before midnight Sunday, to occupy a vacant Palestinian building in the central neighborhood of Silwan town, south of the al-Aqsa mosque in occupied East Jerusalem" [ry]10/11/2014
Jerusalem a city on edge as tensions spiralYolande Knell--Confrontations between young Palestinians throwing stones and armed Israeli police are now an almost daily occurrence in Shuafat in East Jerusalem. The residential streets around the house of Hussein Abu Khdeir, through which the city`s tramline passes, are regularly transformed into a battleground. dn 9/11/2014
Netanyahu may go down in history as prime minister who lost JerusalemShimon Shiffer - Ynet - On Wednesday, Netanyahu lashed out at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas again, accusing him of incitement. But conversations with senior European diplomats, who are monitoring the situation in Jerusalem with a lot of concern, reveal that Europe and the United States mainly hold the Israeli side fully responsible for the deterioration due to, among other things, the announcement of construction plans within Palestinian population centers in East Jerusalem and what appears as a change in the status quo in the city`s holy sites. [bz]8/11/2014
Palestinian Survives A Ramming Attack Near BethlehemIMEMC & Agencies - "The farmer, identified as Mohannad Sa’ad Salah, was trying to cross bypass road #60 when a settler shifted his vehicle towards him and tried to run him over...Last Month, a Palestinian child identified as Enas Dar Khalil, 5 years of age, was killed after an Israeli settler rammed her and her friend with his car and fled the scene." 7/11/2014
PEACE BUS ACTION PLAN November 5 - November 12Peace Bus Project - "This Friday, at 9am, we plan to visit the Makassed Hospital of the Red Cross in East Jerusalem, Mountain of Olives, and to meet Palestinians from Gaza, to understand their needs and with help of our supporters to buy goods for them (budget 7000 NIS), which is most needed. We will have translators from Arabic to Hebrew and English. The meeting point is Damascus Gate, Old City, Jerusalem, 8:30 am, from there we will take off to the Makassed Hospital." ca7/11/2014
Police detain employees union officialsMa`an News Agency - "Zakarneh and the union had recently called for strikes to protest the government`s "failure to meet the union`s demands." The official is frequently at odds with the Ramallah-based authorities over labor disputes." ca 7/11/2014
USAID Provides $100m to PA, Settlements Condemned InternationallyIMEMC News & Agencies - "WAFA reports that, in a ceremony at the Office of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, Minister of Finance Shukri Bishara, U.S. Consul General, Michael Ratney, and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) West Bank and Gaza Mission Director Dave Harden announced the U.S contribution to the PA... Today`s transfer will be used to directly pay for fuel purchases and support of six hospitals in occupied East Jerusalem, allowing them to continue to provide critical services to the public." ca 7/11/2014
7 Birzeit students injured in clashes with Israeli forces near OferMa`an News Agency - "Sources at Birzeit University told Ma`an that the Student Union suspended classes in the morning and organized a large rally in the center of campus opposing Israeli attempts to divide the Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem into Jewish and Muslim sections." ca 7/11/2014
East Jerusalem – A Socioeconomic DisasterWAC-MAAN and Ir Amim - n occupied East Jerusalem (EJ) reside 300,200 Palestinians, 37% of Jerusalem’s population. Of them, 77% are beneath the poverty line (according to figures of Israel’s National Insurance Institute). The Separation Barrier (SB), which runs through EJ, cuts whole neighborhoods off from municipal services. On the side of the SB that does get services, there is a severe housing shortage, and on the side that doesn’t, construction is wild and unsupervised. This reality has brought the outside-SB neighborhoods to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.-rh5/11/2014
‘There’s no such thing as illegal houses, there is such thing as racist laws`: Israelis demonstrate against collective punishment in East JerusalemSarah Levy - Mondoweiss - About 80 Israelis rallied last Wednesday night outside of Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat’s house, chanting and banging drums in protest against the intensified attack on East Jerusalem that has taken place over the last week and to demand an end to what they call the policy of collective punishment toward the residents of East Jerusalem.-rh 5/11/2014
History shows current Jerusalem crisis not its lastDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The closing of Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Israelis seems to be in line with the objective of a radical Jewish group to build a third temple in Jerusalem and replace the Jordanian authority at the compound.-rh 5/11/2014
Army Denies Hundreds Of Worshipers Access To The Al-Aqsa MosqueReport - IMEMC - "Israeli fanatics are planning to invade the mosque area in large numbers, Wednesday, while the Palestinians said they would be countering the attack." - id5/11/2014
APN to Netanyahu, Obama: Stop East Jerusalem Settlement ConstructionManaging Editor - The Arab Daily News - "We call on President Obama to go beyond condemnations and make clear to Netanyahu that halting settlement activity – particularly at this sensitive time – is necessary for de-escalating tensions in Jerusalem." - id 5/11/2014
War in JerusalemAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "On the Israeli TV news last night commentators said that it had been a relatively calm day in East Jerusalem, but reporters from the ground brought footage of confrontations and shooting and clouds of tear gas over the alleys of the Old City." - id 5/11/2014
Israeli forces demolish Palestinian homes in SilwanMa`an - One building belonged to former Palestinian prisoner Khalil Abu Rajab, who told Ma`an Israeli troops and intelligence officers escorted bulldozers to the Wadi Yasoul area and proceeded to knock down the walls of the building without allowing the family to remove property. The demolition came without any prior notice, while his lawyer had been trying to obtain the proper license for the building.[bz]4/11/2014
Far-right Israeli MP visits al-Aqsa compound, defying NetanyahuLuke Baker - Yahoo!News - "A far-right politician who wants Jews to be allowed to pray at Jerusalem`s al-Aqsa compound visited the site on Sunday, defying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s calls for restraint after clashes [...] between Israeli police and Palestinians" [ry]3/11/2014
Victory for al Quds!Ahmad Jaradat - AC - Gaza Strip and the West Bank rise up in solidarity with Jerusalem [ry]3/11/2014
Timeline: Al-Aqsa mosqueDalia Hatuqa and Mohsin Ali - AlJazeera - A review of the critical events that have marked the history of al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem [ry]3/11/2014
Under U.S. pressure, Netanyahu calls for restraint on Temple MountBarak Ravid--Prime minister urges Israeli parliamentarians to show `responsibility and restraint.` dn2/11/2014
The Jerusalem paradox in the heart of Israel Avraham Burg--Jerusalem is not only Israel’s vibrant capital, it’s also the precise hub of the internal contradiction and self-deception of the political formulas pushing Israel firmly toward strategic non-existence. dn1/11/2014
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