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Siege, Wall, Checkpoints

Palestinians, Europeans support reopening Rafah crossingDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - With or without the movement of goods, the reopening of Rafah on a 24-hour basis after the implementation of a permanent cease-fire would have a profound effect on the besieged residents of Gaza, who would consider it the most visible sign that the war and the siege of Gaza are finally over.-rh 21/8/2014
In 2008 Israel Agreed to a Protocol for the Port of Gaza : Why not now?Paul Larudee - Dissidentvoice - In short, there is nothing in the Hamas demands that Israel cannot accept and has not already accepted in similar circumstances, as long as international monitors are placed in charge of implementing agreed protocols for control and security. This is a common sense solution that can meet the requirements of all concerned and allow Gaza to develop itself in ways that are well established in the rest of the world.-rh 21/8/2014
Homeless Gazans struggle to find shelterMohammed Othman - Al-Monitor - Abu Assar and her 13-member family fled the neighborhood of Shajaiya in eastern Gaza following a major attack by Israeli forces on July 19. “The situation is increasingly worsening in the hospital park, where thousands of displaced people have taken refuge,” Abu Assar told Al-Monitor.-rh 21/8/2014
How a Palestinian turned airstrikes into artLauren Hansen - The Week - It`s a harsh reality for those living in the war zone. But 27-year-old Tawfik Gebreel, who lives in Gaza, chooses to find some hope among the wreckage. The Palestinian architect and artist turns photos from the conflict into inspirational portraits of serenity, love, and strength. Using Photoshop, Gebreel manipulates plumes of black smoke into a father playing with his child, a fist emerging from ruins, and a stallion rearing above the crumbling cityscape.-rh20/8/2014
Gaza children unable to go back to schoolFares Akram - Aljazeera - A math teacher, al-Arqan was meant to return to school in less than a week. But as violence has resumed in Gaza after the breakdown of ceasefire talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Cairo, the school year has been postponed indefinitely in the besieged Palestinian territory.-rh20/8/2014
New Gaza truce holding after shaky startMaan News - After days of shuttle diplomacy, the agreement clinched by Egypt ushered in what is potentially the longest period of calm in the five-week conflict and will allow more time for talks on the thorniest issues that separate the two sides, the Palestinians said.-rh 14/8/2014
How the War in Gaza Could Have Been Avoided : The US and Israel passed on chance after chance to avoid the deadly war in Gaza—and prevent the deaths of thousands.Sandy Tolan - The Nation - Alongside the toll of death and broken lives, perhaps the saddest reality of the latest Gaza war, like the Gaza wars before it, is how easy it would have been to avoid. For the last eight years, Israel and the US had repeated opportunities to opt for a diplomatic solution in Gaza. Each time, they have chosen war, with devastating consequences for the families of Gaza.-rh 13/8/2014
NEWSLETTER 13 Aug. 2014B`Tselem - Newsletter - I`m in a constant state of fear. When I`m at home, I fear for myself, my wife and my daughters. When I go out, I`m afraid of being bombed, or that a nearby building or the street I`m in will be bombed. But I am the channel through which information reaches the office, and from there – the world, so I haven`t stopped working.-rh13/8/2014
As war with Israel shatters lives, more Gazans question Hamas decisionsSudarsan Raghavan - The Washington Post - So, after more than a month of war and devastation, Abu Halool speaks words that once seemed unthinkable: He says that although he despises Israel, he also blames Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups for his woes.-rh13/8/2014
Potatoes for Gaza - emergency food aid Gershon Baskin - The Israeli vegetable growers` association is going to destroy 5000 tons "surplus" potatoes on Sunday, and pay the farmers 0.50 NIS per kilo ($0.144) as compensation. If the sum can be collected in time - $730,000 for 5000 tons - it would be possible to send the potatoes to Gaza via a reputable international charitable organization and let them be distributed to the most needy. So far, some 36,000 Dollars were collected, and five days remain to raise the rest. ak12/8/2014
Welcome to the status quo — a tour of the occupationNaomi Dann - Mondoweiss "As a first time visitor to the region, and as someone who had studied this so-called conflict extensively in an academic setting, it was incredibly powerful and disturbing to witness the visual manifestations of the occupation and to meet people working to bring peace with justice to the region. Infrastructure plays a subtle yet violent role in enforcing and expanding the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank. The separation wall, check points, the plethora of barbed wire, settler-only roads running over Palestinian underpasses, and rooftop water tanks are visually striking elements of the architecture of occupation. Equally striking, however, is the resilience and strength of popular resistance against the occupation." ca8/8/2014
We are all complicit in the bombardment of GazaANDREW SMITH - Open Democracy - Yesterday Baroness Sayeeda Warsi resigned from the UK government in opposition to its uncritical support of Israel, while Scotland`s First Minister Alex Salmond called for an embargo on all arms sales to Israel. In Birmingham activist group London Palestine Action successfully shut down and occupied a factory owned by Elbit Systems, Israel`s largest arms company.-rh7/8/2014
Eight Days in Gaza: A Wartime DiaryAtef Abu Saif - New York Times - Sunday, July 27 For the last two hours we’ve heard nothing but sonic booms and the sound of rockets and mortars. Shells have fallen on our street a few hundred yards from my father-in-law’s house, where my wife and I, and our five kids, are staying, and on the street behind us.-rh7/8/2014
Gaza`s health and humanitarian crisisKristin Solberg - The Lancet - The deadliest attack on a health facility was the shelling of al Aqsa hospital in Deir al Balah in central Gaza on July 21. The hospital came under direct tank fire several times, and the surgical ward, the intensive care unit, and pieces of life-saving equipment were severely damaged. Four people died instantly and six died later from injuries, according to WHO.-rh 7/8/2014
Gazans return to their neighborhoods — and find them decimatedSwati Sharma - The Washington Post - Another cease-fire took effect between Israeli forces and Hamas in Gaza, allowing many residents to venture back to their homes. Many found their houses in ruins and tried to salvage any belongings that might have survived the fighting. Others took the time to search for any victims buried in the piles of rubble. Intense airstrikes and ground attacks have taken a huge toll on many towns in the region. Here is a look at Gaza almost a month after Israel began Operation Protective Edge.-rh6/8/2014
Israel Bombs Gaza Back To Stone Age: Razes Only Power Plant And Plunges Strip Into DarknessJuan Cole - Countercurrents - Israel has completely reduced to rubble some 5,000 homes and damaged 26,000. If you figure that Palestinians in Gaza live on average 5 in a dwelling, there would be roughly 340,000 domiciles in Gaza. Israel has therefore destroyed or damaged about ten percent of the housing stock. This is on top of past campaigns of indiscriminate and wanton bombing campaigns. Since Israel keeps Gaza under blockade, it won’t receive the necessary materials to rebuild. The Israelis, having bald-facedly stolen the homes and farms of the people of Gaza, won’t be satisfied until they are forced to sleep in open fields.-rh30/7/2014
26 Palestinians Killed in Wednesday Afternoon Airstrikes; Including 17 Killed in Crowded MarketMohammad Nabil - IMEMC News - Today’s latest casualties bring the total number of Palestinians killed in the offensive which began on July 8th to 1359, with 7677 wounded, according to the Ministry of Health.-rh 30/7/2014
At Gaza Hospital, Grief and Shock for Families of VictimsSudarsan Raghavan - Information Clearing House - Outside the hospital’s morgue, Saleh Eleyan sat on a step, his head buried in his palms. The bodies of his two sons were inside. A hospital worker came by and asked him to confirm their names, written on a sheet of paper. Afterward, silent and sobbing, Eleyan spotted a boy who resembled his sons — and hugged him hard.-rh30/7/2014
Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza—DebunkedNoura Erakat - The Nation - Israel claims that it is merely exercising its right to self-defense and that Gaza is no longer occupied. Here’s what you need to know about these talking points and more.-rh 30/7/2014
Terrorism in the Israeli Attack on GazaGlenn Greenwald - Information Clearing House - As I’ve written many times before, “terrorism” is, and from the start was designed to be, almost entirely devoid of discernible meaning. It’s a fear-mongering slogan, lacking any consistent application, intended to end rational debate and justify virtually any conduct by those who apply the term. But to the extent it means anything beyond that, it typically refers to the killing of civilians as a means of furthering political or military goals.-rh30/7/2014
In Gaza, no one knows who will surviveAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - Where can children be safe? That was the question I kept asking myself as I moved my children from house to house. I was separated from my family for the first time when they decided to remain in my uncle’s house. I preferred to take my son and daughter to another place until I could find an apartment where we could again gather. I learned that some people had left Gaza for Egypt. I don`t think I can do the same.-rh30/7/2014
Photos: Gazans use `ceasefire` to pick up the piecesPhotos and text: Anne Paq, Basel Yazouri, - +972 [ry]28/7/2014
Power Shortages Hit Gaza Maternity WardJesse Rosenfeld - the Daily Beast "Members of the hospital staff say they are seeing 15 to 20 percent more premature births since the Israeli offensive began in Gaza more than two weeks ago. Then, on Tuesday, the Israelis hit the Gaza power plant. Many homes and institutions have their own generators, but fuel for those is running out, and without electricity to operate pumps, many people are going without water. At Shifa Hospital the generators are old and cranky and don’t always kick in right away." ca25/7/2014
Israeli Forces Invade Azzun and Use Palestinian Civilians as Human ShieldsInternational Solidarity Movement - IMEMC "The soldiers spent the next few minutes stopping cars on the road and began forcing the drivers to arrange their cars in a circle. The soldiers then forced these residents of Azzun to surrender their keys. The occupants of the cars included women and children. They were very frightened and the soldiers did not allow them to leave. The Israeli forces positioned themselves inside the circle formed by the cars, began to fire tear gas at the youths, and knelt behind the civilian occupants of the cars as to protect themselves." ca 25/7/2014
UN Observer: Israel Slaughters Entire FamiliesChris Carlson - IMEMC News - “With no regard to human life, Israel, the occupying Power, continues to slaughter entire families,” Palestine’s Permanent Observer to the United Nation, Ambassador Riyad Mansour, said during an open debate at the United Nations Security Council.-rh 24/7/2014
Why Do Television Producers Think a Grey Blob Over a Dead Person’s Face Shows Respect? : Cruelly obliterating their image kills the child a second timeRobert Fisk - Information Clearing House - If a little body can be shown, but his or her face – the very image of their soul, especially if it is undamaged by the wounds that killed the body – must be cruelly obliterated by a scientific blob, then we kill the child a second time.rh 24/7/2014
Blast, a Fire and an Israeli Soldier Goes MissingISABEL KERSHNER and JODI RUDOREN - The New York Times - Capturing an Israeli soldier — or even withholding a soldier’s remains — can have a powerful impact on Israeli society, more in some ways than death. Israel in the past has traded the freedom of hundreds of prisoners in exchange not just for the living — like Gilad Shalit, who was held from 2006 to 2011 before Israel negotiated a trade for his release — but also for the corpses of soldiers who died in battle.-rh 24/7/2014
Israeli forces bomb al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza CityMa`an News Agency - The bombing comes on the 16th day of the Israeli offensive on Gaza, which has left more than 650 Palestinians dead, more than 4,000 injured, and more than 135,000 displaced in the coastal enclave of 1.7 million people.-rh 24/7/2014
Why Israel should accept Hamas` termsBen-Dror Yemini - Ynet - So Israel must make a move: It must accept Hamas` conditions, add to them, and announce its agreement to a ceasefire, in exchange for the Strip`s demilitarization by an international force.-rh 24/7/2014
It is a war crime to target densely packed Gaza homesRaji Sourani - The Irish Times - The purpose of the Gaza doctrine is straightforward: disproportionate force is used to cause terror among the civilian population to exert political pressure on the authorities in Gaza. This policy of collective punishment, of deliberately causing terror, is unequivocally illegal but it is all too real.-rh24/7/2014
Gaza faces imminent water crisis Ala Qandil - Al Jazeera "For seven days now, when Khalil Hassan turns on the tap, he finds no water. He must now go back and forth between his home and an open vegetable stand in Zeitoun district, where he collects water from a truck with a water tank."I have 30 people living at home, and not a drop of water for almost a week,” Hassan told Al Jazeera." ca 18/7/2014
Ravaging Gaza: The War Netanyahu Cannot Possibly WinRamzy Baroud - "But there is still more to Israel’s war on Gaza than this. Fearing an intifada that would unite Palestinians, threaten the PA, and slow down the construction of illegal settlements, Netanyahu’s war on Gaza means to distract from the slowly building collective sentiment among Palestinians throughout Palestine, and among Palestinian citizens in Israel.This unity is much more alarming for Netanyahu than a political arrangement by Fatah and Hamas necessitated by regional circumstances. The targeting of Hamas is an Israeli attempt at challenging the emerging new narrative that is no longer about Gaza and its siege anymore, but the entirety of Palestine and its collectives regardless of which side of the Israeli "separation wall" they live on." ca 18/7/2014
Demonstration: Stop the killing and destruction! Cease the fire, lift the siege, move towards peace! 17/7/2014
The Peace Bus, Jerusalem to the Gaza border 17/7/2014
No Exit from Gaza: A New War Crime?Richard Falk - The Palestine Chronicle - The entrapment of the Gazan population within closed borders is part of a deliberate Israeli pattern of prolonged collective punishment that has for the past several years been imposed on Gaza. This amounts to a grave breach of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which qualifies as a potential Crime Against Humanity.-rh16/7/2014
Ambulance workers brave Gaza dangers : Paramedics, emergency responders, and ambulance drivers in Gaza City face great risks as they tend to the injured.Mohammed Omer - Aljazeera - The emotional impact has also taken a toll on medical workers in the besieged coastal enclave. Abuelkas told Al Jazeera that one of the worst calls he responded to was to help the al-Batsh family; eighteen members of the same family were killed by an Israeli missile in Gaza City on Saturday.-rh16/7/2014
Intolerance becoming all too common in IsraelMazal Mualem - Al-Monitor - Ben-Ari, who`s on the far right of the political spectrum, is constantly expanding his list of targets. In fact, he now calls for shipping the chairwoman of Zionist Meretz, Knesset member Zehava Gal-On, to Gaza. At the same time, he lashes out and curses, fouling the mood and further exacerbating the existing tensions between right and left over Operation Protective Edge.-rh 16/7/2014
Israeli troops launch first incursion in Gaza Al Jazeera--Commandos clash with Hamas fighters in Gaza, during deadliest night of bombings that killed 18 members of same family. dn13/7/2014
Gaza hospitals struggle to treat woundedFares Akram - Aljazeera - Gaza also suffers from a shortage of medicine and medical supplies, Gaza`s Health Ministry spokesman, Ashraf al-Qedra, told Al Jazeera. Gaza is completely missing about 30 percent of essential drugs, while 15 percent of the remainder is expected to be exhausted within days of an Israeli assault, he said.-rh9/7/2014
Palestinian report: Islamic Jihad commander, 5 others killed in IAF attack in Beit HanounElior Levy - YNetnews - The homes were hit using what the IDF call the `Knock on the roof` procedure, in which forces fire a small mortar at the target to indicate the imminent attack and signal those inside to flee before hitting it with full forces.-rh9/7/2014
Eight Children Killed As Israeli Warplanes Relentlessly Bomb GazaMaureen Clare Murphy - Countercurrents - Twenty-five lives have been claimed by Israel in Gaza since Monday, including at least eight children, as warplanes bombed areas across Gaza, whose 1.7 million Palestinian residents live under a tightly-enforced siege and are unable to flee and have nowhere to seek shelter.-rh 9/7/2014
Palestinians in Gaza struggle this RamadanFares Akram - AlJazeera - Grappling with unpaid wages and a struggling economy, Palestinian families have little to celebrate during holy month [ry]7/7/2014
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