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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Siege, Wall, Checkpoints

Iranians say Israel should be `wiped off map` - but not by TehranAgence France Presse (AFP) - TEHRAN: Tens of thousands of Iranians marched in Tehran on Friday in a show of support for their president`s controversial call for Israel to be "wiped off the map," yet nearly everyone insisted the Islamic Republic was not about to attack the Jewish state. 29/10/2005
Hizbullah accuses U.S. and Israel of manipulating UN reports to stir regional and internal strife Adnan El-Ghoul - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT: Hizbullah accused Washington and Israel on Friday of manipulating UN reports to stir internal strife in Lebanon and Syria, while defending Syria and the search for truth and justice by the family of the late Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri. 29/10/2005
Assad tells Mubarak Syria will comply with UN probe Security Council tones down resolutionThe Daily Star staff - Syrian President Bashar Assad pledged that his government would cooperate with a UN inquiry into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in talks with his Egyptian counterpart President Hosni Mubarak Friday. 29/10/2005
Lebanese Cabinet rejects UN call to disarm HizbullahRym Ghazal - Daily Star staff - Beirut: The Lebanese government rejected on Thursday the latest UN call to disarm Hizbullah, in line with Security Council Resolution 1559, insisting the issue was "an internal matter" subject to national dialogue. 28/10/2005
Lebanese Army firms grip around Palestinian basesNada Bakri and Mohammed Zaatari - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army tightened its grip around seven Palestinian militant bases close to the Syrian border Thursday in an attempt to arrest the killers of a civilian surveyor shot dead on Tuesday. 28/10/2005
Syria: From Damascus, an appeal for salvationYassin Al-Haj Saleh - The Daily Star - On October 16, four days after the violent death of Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kenaan and five days before Detlev Mehlis released his report to the United Nations on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, several Syrian parties and individuals signed a historic document titled the Damascus Declaration for Democratic and National Change. 28/10/2005
Syria`s leaders will avoid mutual betrayalLee Smith - The Daily Star - At sunset last Friday, in the hours after Detlev Mehlis released a United Nations report on the assassination of former Prime Minster Rafik Hariri, I happened to walk through the Old City of Damascus, passing by the Umayyad mosque. 27/10/2005
Men and weapons flowing across border into Lebanon, says LarsenThe Daily Star staff - UN: Weapons continue to flow across the Syrian border to Palestinian groups and others in Lebanon, despite the Lebanese government`s efforts to crack down and assert its authority, a new UN report said on Wednesday; UN report welcomes dialogue about disarmament.27/10/2005
Iran president calls for Israel to be `wiped off the map`Daily Star staff - Iran`s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad openly called Wednesday for Israel to be "wiped off the map" and lashed out at Muslim nations which recognize the Jewish state, setting off a storm of protests. 27/10/2005
Bush insists UN hold Syria `accountable,` urges action Mehlis says probe team received `credible` threatsLeila Hatoum and Majdoline Hatoum - BEIRUT/NEW YORK: Damascus must be held accountable for its continuing "support for terrorism," including any involvement in the murder of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, said U.S. President George W. Bush on Tuesday. 26/10/2005
Iraq charter ratified despite Sunni rejection Allegations of tampering surface amid violenceDaily Star staff - Iraqi voters ratified a new U.S.-backed constitution despite bitter opposition in Sunni Arab areas where insurgents are battling to topple the Baghdad government, results showed on Tuesday. U.S. President George W. Bush praised voters in Iraq for their "courageous" approval of a constitution and warned that winning the increasingly unpopular war there will require more sacrifices. 26/10/2005
Cancer patient denied entry into Jerusalem Mustafa Sabri - PNN - Cancer patient denied access to Jerusalem hospital for medical treatment. Under the pretext of protecting Israel’s security, several Palestinian patients were denied entry to Israeli for treatment, while others were barred from leaving the country seeking treatment in the neighboring Arabic countries. 25/10/2005
Jaba’ pays with its land to build a new checkpoint “terminal”Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - Jaba’ village, in the southwestern Bethlehem district, received a new confiscation order that will contribute to the apartheid system of Walls and Jewish-only roads that is being built on Palestinian land. 12/10/2005
Iraqis approve new constitutionBBC News Online - Iraq`s new constitution has been approved, according to official results from the nationwide referendum held earlier this month. 25/10/2005
The Dangerously Incomplete Hariri ReportRobert Parry - Consortiuom News - A new United Nations report implicates the Syrian government in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, giving a lift to George W. Bush’s demand for “regime change” in Damascus. But the investigation has many holes, including failure to follow up on a mysterious van connected to the Feb. 14 bombing. 25/10/2005
Rice calls war part of post-9/11 planNicholas Kralev - The Washington Times - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday that it was always the Bush administration`s intent to redesign the Middle East after the September 11 attacks, which exposed a "deep malignancy growing" in the region, and that the Iraq war was part of that plan. 21/10/2005
U.S. Sees Opening For Change in Syria; Eroding Assad`s Power Is Short-Term GoalRobin Wright - The Washington Post - The Bush administration is brokering a series of steps designed to unravel the regime in Syria but not oust the government of President Bashar Assad -- at least not yet, U.S. policymakers say. 24/10/2005
Iraq Insurgency Shows No Signs of AbatingHamza Hendawi - Associated Press - With the grim milestone of the 2,000th U.S. military death looming in Iraq, many wonder about the direction of the insurgency that killed most of them. 24/10/2005
Iraq: Secret MoD poll: Iraqis support attacks on British troopsSean Rayment - The Sunday Telegraph - Millions of Iraqis believe that suicide attacks against British troops are justified, a secret military poll commissioned by senior officers has revealed24/10/2005
The spirit of OctoberHassan Nafaa - Al Aharam Weekly - Perhaps Washington believes that arresting or killing Osama Bin Laden, and the collapse of Islamic fundamentalism that is supposed to ensue will force the Arab and Islamic worlds to accept a settlement on Israeli conditions. If the Americans do believe this they are grossly mistaken. This is the one lesson to be drawn from 6 October. 23/10/2005
Further Arrests in Bil’inInternational Solidarity Movement - Bil’in village residents suffered another sleepless night when the Israeli army invaded the village of Bil’in for the second consecutive night. They arrested another two people, further to the nine they had arrested the previous night.25/10/2005
Syria: The Next IraqRobert Dreyfuss - - The news from Syria shows that the neoconservative plan for the Middle East is still in play24/10/2005
An affordable translation service from the Arabic language pressNajla Said - The Electronic Intifada - Since the late 70s, many Arabs and Muslims in the United States have been frustrated and discouraged by the portrayal of their culture and society in the Western media. As the chasm between the United States and the Middle East has continued to grow, this frustration has only become worse. 24/10/2005
Analysis: Assad’s fate in U.S. handsRoee Nahmias - YnetNews - Insufficient evidence to put Syrian president on trial, Professor Eyal Zisser says; Americans must make strategic decision – are they interested in toppling Assad or cutting deal with him, he says22/10/2005
Analysis: Assad’s fate in U.S. handsRoee Nahmias - YnetNews - Insufficient evidence to put Syrian president on trial, Professor Eyal Zisser says; Americans must make strategic decision – are they interested in toppling Assad or cutting deal with him, he says22/10/2005
Pressure on Lebanese president to quit; The Assad family looking for alternative for BasharRoee Nahmias - YnetNews - Pro-Syrian Lebanese President Emile Lahoud is under mounting pressure to resign following publication of U.N. report on Hariri assassination; Words spreading in the Arab press that President Bashar Assad’s regime on brink of collapse 22/10/2005
Israeli troops kill Palestinian in W.Bank - medicsReuters - TULKARM - Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian in a confrontation near the West Bank town of Tulkarm on Friday, Palestinian witnesses and medics said. 21/10/2005
Fence to protect Red Sea resort BBC Online - Egypt has started to build a security fence around the Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh to try to stop attacks on the town, security officials say. 18/10/2005
Iraqi referendum: Sunni area `rejects` Iraq charter; Indications suggest the referendum may have been approvedBBC News Online - Partial results of the vote on a new Iraqi constitution suggest at least one Sunni province has rejected it. The 20% sample said 81.5% had rejected the draft in Salahuddin, but in Diyala -which has a slight Sunni majority - it was approved by just over 50%. 22/10/2005
Violence erupts in Egypt over play Al Jazzera net - Egyptian riot police have battled to prevent thousands of angry Muslims from storming a church in Alexandria, beating protesters with sticks and firing tear gas in a riot that ended with three people dead and 53 arrested. 22/10/2005
Al-Hariri son seeks international trialAl Jazeera Net - Saad al-Hariri: We are seeking justice, not revenge 22/10/2005
Conning historyAzmi Bishara - Al Ahram Weekly - Delves into the real meaning of Bush-speak 21/10/2005
Lebanon camps under pressure Alex Klaushofer - BBC, Beirut - Palestinians in Lebanon have suffered over 50 years of poverty. Pressure has been mounting on Lebanon`s Palestinian militias to disarm. Fears that Syria is using them to retain some sort of grip on the country have been exacerbated by international pressure to implement UN resolution 1559, which calls for all non-government factions to lay down their guns. 18/10/2005
Syria faces crisis over Hariri report Jeremy Bowen - BBC Middle East editor - It is not surprising that the Syrian government has dismissed the contents of the UN report into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri21/10/2005
The Full UN report on the Hariri assassinationA UN probe has found evidence pointing to Syrian and Lebanese links in his bomb death - claims which both deny. The names included those of the brother and brother-in-law of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - Maher al-Assad and Asef Shawkat. In the removed section, a witness names the presidents` relatives as being among five senior Syrians who decided in 2004 to kill Mr Hariri. 22/10/2005
Excerpts of the UN Hariri reportAssociated Press - The United Nations released a report late Thursday that implicated Syria in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Following are several important excerpts. 22/10/2005
UN Hariri report controversialJP Staff and AP - The last-minute alterations made to the Detlev Mehlis report on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri may have been made under pressure by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Israel Radio reported Friday afternoon22/10/2005
Defense lawyer in Saddam case abducted and killedMichael Georgy - Reuters -A defense lawyer for one of Saddam Hussein`s co-defendants was shot dead after being abducted by gunmen, police said on Friday, throwing a brutal new twist into a case that is deepening Iraq`s sectarian schisms. 21/10/2005
Rice calls war part of post-9/11 planNicholas Kralev - The Washington Times - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday that it was always the Bush administration`s intent to redesign the Middle East after the September 11 attacks, which exposed a "deep malignancy growing" in the region, and that the Iraq war was part of that plan. 20/10/2005
Cheney `cabal` hijacked US foreign policyEdward Alden in Washington - Financial Times - Vice-President Dick Cheney and a handful of others had hijacked the government`s foreign policy apparatus, deciding in secret to carry out policies that had left the US weaker and more isolated in the world, the top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed on Wednesday. 20/10/2005
In Iraq, Two Views: Hero or VillainEllen Knickmeyer and Bassam Sebti - The Washington Post - BAGHDAD - Bursting into applause at Saddam Hussein`s resolve, Sunni Arab customers in a north Baghdad barbershop on Wednesday welcomed the undaunted reappearance of their fallen leader."I swear he is a hero," Mohammed Yousif cried, as men around him cheered televised images of Hussein refusing to identify himself to the tribunal convened to try him. "Look at his brave and strong look!" 21/10/2005
Iraq constitution vote to be auditedAssociated Press - Iraq`s electoral commission said it intended to audit "unusually high" numbers in results coming from most provinces in Saturday`s landmark referendum. 17/10/2005
High Sunni turnout in Iraqi referendumAssociated Press - Sunni Arabs voted in surprisingly high numbers on Iraq`s new constitution, many of them hoping to defeat it in an intense competition with Shi`ites and Kurds over the shape of the nation`s young democracy after decades of dictatorship. With little violence, turnout was more than 66 percent in the three most crucial provinces. 15/10/2005
Israel wants Assad `bloodied, not beaten`Herb Keinon - The Jerusalem Post - 15/10/2005
Palestinian forces take first step toward drafting joint list of demandsMohammed Zaatari - The Daily Star staff - SIDON: As Prime Minister Fouad Siniora prepares to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Paris for talks on the status of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Palestinian forces in Lebanon took their first step toward drafting a joint list of demands. 18/10/2005
PNC suggests transfer of arms to the territories: `We respect all the Lebanese laws`Daily Star staff - GENEVA: Leading Palestinian, Taiseer Qabaa, said he hoped Palestinian weapons in Lebanon would be transferred to the Palestinian territories and that the Palestinian Authority would reach an agreement with the Lebanese government over the protection of the camps. 19/10/2005
Head of Syrian military intelligence suspect in Hariri killing, says SternLeila Hatoum and Majdoline Hatoum - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT/NEW YORK: Assef Shawkat, brother-in-law to Syrian President Bashar Assad and the head of Syrian military intelligence, has been named as a suspect by the head of UN team investigating the murder of Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri. 19/10/2005
Security sector is critical to Arab reformRami G. Khouri - The Daily Star - As Israeli-Palestinian war-and-peace-making prospects continue to bounce around like a ping-pong ball in a wind tunnel, some important new survey evidence has just been published that warrants the attention of those who work for peace and normalcy in the entire Middle East.19/10/2005
Nearing a `High Noon` showdown with DamascusDavid Ignatius - Daily Star staff - It`s the Middle East equivalent of a "High Noon" showdown: on Friday, the United Nations special prosecutor, Detlev Mehlis, will present his findings on who killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.20/10/2005
Syrian official slams private, public sector monopoliesAgence France Presse - DAMASCUS: The deputy prime minister for economic affairs, Abdullah Dardari, warned on Tuesday that private and public sector economies were standing in the way of planned reforms in Syria.20/10/2005
Palestinian alliance meeting to review Siniora-Abbas talks; Factions skeptical about isolating arms issueMohammed Zaatari - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT: The alliance of Palestinian forces is expected to hold an urgent assembly on Thursday in Beirut to examine the outcome of the meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Lebanese Premier Fouad Siniora in Paris. 20/10/2005
U.S. and France to take serious steps against Damascus if implicatedRym Ghazal and Majdoline Hatoum - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT/NEW YORK: On the eve of the final report on the probe into the murder of Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri, Lebanon and Syria take center stage at the UN Security Council, with the U.S. and France planning to take serious steps against Damascus if accused. 20/10/2005
The differing fates of Saddam Hussein`s top aidesAgence France Presse (AFP) - The Daily Star - BAGHDAD: The former top henchmen of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein have experienced wildly different fates, with many detained, others living openly abroad and some still on the run some two-and-a-half years after the U.S. invasion. 20/10/2005
MachsomWatch Summary – September 2005MachsomWatch is an Israeli women’s organization that monitors one of the gravest aspects of the Occupation – the restriction of free movement by Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. 18/10/2005
Charge made over al-Hariri killing; Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has denied any involvementAl Jazeera - Lebanon has charged with murder a key Syrian witness detained in France over the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri. 18/10/2005
Syria struggles with new realities Gerald Butt - Middle East analyst - BBC Online - Syria is not the country it used to be: buttoned up and oblivious to changes in the world at large. Under intense international pressure since the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri last February, cracks are starting to appear in the once solid shell around the regime in Damascus. 18/10/2005
Nonviolent Resistance in PalestinePatrick O`Connor - Znet - The fact that thousands of Palestinians and hundreds of Israelis are together employing nonviolent tactics similar to those of the US civil rights movement and the South African anti-Apartheid movement would come as surprising and welcome news to most Americans. 18/10/2005
The politics of self-interestAzmi Bishara - Al Ahram Weekly - The neo-conservatives may be tied to ideological consistency but it has never been the true driving force of US policy. That, writes Azmi Bishara, is all about money, and nothing will get in its way 14/10/2005
Egypt: From the president to parliamentKhalil El-Anani - Al Ahram Weekly - The bigger test for Egyptian democracy lies in the People`s Assembly elections in November. It is unlikely that the ruling party will cede power easily, writes * 14/10/2005
Palestinans in Lebanon: At the table at leastRamez Masaarani - Al Ahram Weekly - Talks between the government and Palestinian factions in Lebanon get off to a qualified start 14/10/2005
Under pressureSherine Bahaa - Al Ahram Weekly - While the international process of demonising Damascus continues at full speed, the Syrians have no option but to strike a deal. But at what cost? 14/10/2005
Sort the good Baath from the bad Baath before there`s a bloodbathDavid Ignatius - Daily Star staff - Ask the generals and colonels who are running the war in Iraq what really worries them, and it`s rarely a military problem. "We haven`t lost a platoon in combat! We haven`t lost a skirmish!" explodes one general when asked about a recent poll that reported a majority of Americans think we are losing the war. 4/10/2005
Lebanon: Challenges of a transition to an unknown futureExpert briefing by INEGMA - UN report on Hariri assassination will have a `strong and direct impact` on Lebanese-Sirian relations 3/10/2005
US troops `starve Iraqi citizens` BBC - US troops have been deliberately witholding food and water from Iraqi civilans, a UN official alleges19/10/2005
Palestinian factions denounce security measuresKaren Mneimne - Special to The Daily Star - BEIRUT: Palestinian factions denounced the security measure deployed by the Lebanese Army around the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command (PFLP-GC). 3/10/2005
AU slams Khartoum`s `calculated destruction` in DarfurDaily Star staff - Rebel group recalls delegation from peace talks in Nigeria 3/10/2005
`Assad insists that Syria and Iran will not be intimidated`Daily Star staff - Syrian President Bashar Assad told the speaker of Iran`s Parliament that the international pressure on Syria and Iran aims at intimidating the two countries, something that would never happen, an Iranian official said. 3/10/2005
Syria probe backs suicide theory BBC News Online - Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan committed suicide on Wednesday with his own gun shortly after a brief visit home, an official inquiry has found. After examination of the body and questioning witnesses the case has now been closed, the chief prosecutor said. 14/10/2005
Egypt ruling party seeks new MPs BBC News Online - Gamal Mubarak, the president`s son, wants to modernize the NDP. Egypt`s ruling National Democratic Party has announced its will to replace a third of its existing MPs ahead of next month`s parliamentary election. 14/10/2005
Syria death `could herald change` BBC News Online - Former intelligence chief Ghazi Kanaan was a powerful figure. A prominent Syrian rights activist says the death of Syria`s interior minister - apparently by suicide - could herald a more positive future for Syria. 17/10/2005
No instructions received to refer Chidiac case to Security CouncilKhalil Fleihan and Jessy Chahine - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT: The Lebanese permanent delegation to New York did not receive instructions from the Foreign Ministry to start diplomatic discussions about the possibility of referring the assassination attempt of journalist May Chidiac to the Security Council, sources told The Daily Star. 3/10/2005
Committee takes journalists` fears of murder to international arenaMajdoline Hatoum - Daily Star staff - As fear in Lebanon intensifies over the lives of its prominent journalists following a string of assassinations and murder attempts, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has decided to take the case to the international arena. 13/10/2005
The Kana`an Suicide: Kana`an - once Syria`s most feared man in LebanonRym Ghazal and John Thorne - Daily Star staff - Kanaan, a powerful member of his country`s military, security and intelligence apparatus, was best known for running the Syrian mukhabarat in Lebanon for twenty years, stepping down in 2002. 13/10/2005
`This is the last statement it is possible for me to give` last public words of Ghazi Kenaan before his deathMayssam Zaaroura and Adnan El-Ghoul - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT: Ghazi Kenaan, Syria`s interior minister and former intelligence chief in Lebanon, was reported to have committed suicide, shortly after giving his "last statement" to a Lebanese radio station. 13/10/2005
Syria ready to punish `traitors` in Hariri murderDaily Star staff - President Bashar Assad vowed that Syria would punish as a traitor any national implicated in the murder of Rafik Hariri, adding he was prepared to hand such suspects over to an international court. 13/10/2005
Who`s who in Syria`s leadership BBC News Online - Bashar al-Assad is said to lack his father`s power base and his ruthlessness. Although he inherited Syria`s presidency on his father`s death in 2000, analysts say he does not have Hafez al-Assad`s absolute grip on power. Syria today is not so much an autocracy as an oligarchy controlled by military and Baath party figures - many of whom thrived under Assad the elder. 11/10/2005
Syrian `suicide` sparks theories Roger Hardy - BBC Middle East analyst - The official Syrian News Agency announced Ghazi Kanaan`s suicide without attempting to explain it. Given Mr Kanaan`s long and intimate connection with neighbouring Lebanon, many will regard his death as suspicious and will link it to the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February. 12/10/2005
Syrian minister `commits suicide` BBC News Online - Syria`s Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan has committed suicide, the official news agency in Damascus says. He was reportedly questioned by a UN investigator last month over the murder of ex-Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri.12/10/2005
Iraqis` Broken DreamsJackson Diehl - The Washingtonpost - Three years ago Kanan Makiya and Rend Rahim were among the most persuasive advocates of a U.S. invasion of Iraq. Both liberal Iraqi intellectuals and eloquent English speakers, they made the case that Saddam Hussein`s removal was a cause to be embraced on moral and human rights grounds, and that its result could be the replacement of the Arab world`s most brutal dictatorship by its first genuine democracy. 10/10/2005
Lebanon: Palestinians insist weapons in camps for defenseJessy Chahine and Mohammed Zaatari - Daily Star staff -SABRA and CHATILA/AIN AL-HILWEH:"Neither the lebanese government nor the army is capable of providing full protection to the camps. We will not hand in our weapons as long as the ultimate purpose of having them has not been achieved yet," said Palestinian Central Committee member Abu Rushdi. "Our weapons are a guarantee of our right to return home and our refusal of any settlement and immigration plots." 11/10/2005
PSP: Syria must be `held accountable` if guilty in reportLeila Hatoum - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT: Damascus must be "held accountable" if it is officially accused of involvement in the assassination of Lebanon`s former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, said a statement released yesterday by a powerful Lebanese opposition party. Chouf MP Walid Jumblatt`s Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) said there "10/10/2005
Iraq Update: 19-24 September 2005CPTnet - Nash and Holmes visited the Baghdad morgue and spoke with the director to set up a date for a delegation visit. The director reported that an average of thirty bodies per day come through the morgue. Most have gunshot wounds. The morgue sends about 100 unclaimed bodies to Najaf for burial in the Shi`a cemetery every week. 6/10/2005
ICG report slams Egypt`s first multi-party elections for falling far short of breaking from its pastInternational Crisis Group (ICG) - Egypt`s first multi-candidate presidential election, a response to U.S. pressure, was a false start for reform. Formal pluralism has never seriously limited the dominance of President Hosni Mubarak`s National Democratic Party (NDP); 5/10/2005
Lebanon fills critical security appointments; Key State security position still pendingAdnan El-Ghoul - Daily Star staff - BEIRUT: The Lebanese government has filled key security positions after a year of assassinations and months of political wrangling, but postponed discussions on its security policy and the position of state security until its next session scheduled for Thursday. With the appointments, Premier Fouad Siniora`s Cabinet will be better equipped to face Parliament`s accountability session to be held later today, in which the government is expected to be questioned on its security policy. Kesrouan MP and opposition figure Michel Aoun`s Reform and Change parliamentary bloc had demanded the accountability session during last week`s Cabinet meeting4/10/2005
Haber: “Israel assassinated Pal. Novelist Kanafani and other figures” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Fort the first time, and in an official statement, Israel admitted that its Mosad agents assassinated Palestinian novelist, short-story writer, and dramatist Ghassan Kanafani in 1973 by plating explosives in his car. 4/10/2005
In the light of the Nobel Prize in Economics: "The Game Theory" and the Arab WorldJawad Anani - Al-Hayat - The Game Theory affects our daily lives. From morning till night, the moment we return back to our homes, we perform many activities that require from us to bargain, negotiate, think, assess, and value the other`s strength. 22/10/2005
Winds Sweeping Across the Arab MashreqMaher Othman - Al-Hayat - Violent storms have been sweeping across the Arab Mashreq ever since the United States have occupied Iraq, thereby triggering an earthquake in the region, where the sudden dramatic incidents portend political instability and hamper the economic and social progress. 15/10/2005
Mehlis report: Legally inconclusive, politically powerfulRami G. Khouri - The Daily Star - The report by the commission headed by UN chief investigator Detlev Mehlis is a stronger political indictment of the Syrian and Lebanese security-political systems than it is an ironclad legal case. But it is powerful stuff, with potentially huge implications. 22/10/2005
Iraq: The Sunni factorOmayma Abdel-Latif - As Iraqis await the final results of the Saturday vote on the constitution, Iraq`s Sunnis, the charter`s fiercest opponents, emerged as the ultimate force to pass or reject the charter. Iraqi observers say that passing the constitution without Sunni approval equals a hollow victory. 23/10/2005
Egyptian Copts fearful after protestAl Jazeera Net - Christians in the Egyptian city of Alexandria have stayed home and kept their shops shut, scared from going outside by violent protests outside a church, a local priest has said. 23/10/2005
Lebanon arrest after Hariri probe BBC News Online - Mahmoud Abdel-Al allegedly made calls just before the car bombing Lebanon is reported to have made its first arrest since the release of a UN report into the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The detained man, Mahmoud Abdel-Al, is said to be a member of a hardline Islamic group allied to Syria. 23/10/2005
The carve-up of Iraq will spawn a redivision of the Middle EastDavid Hirst - The Guardian - The adoption of a weak Iraqi federal constitution is likely to unleash an ethnic and sectarian crisis across the region 19/10/2005
Bush to Blair: First Iraq, then SaudiMarie Woolf - Independent - George Bush told the Prime Minister two months before the invasion of Iraq that Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea may also be dealt with over weapons of mass destruction, a top secret Downing Street memo shows. 19/10/2005
Iran arrests 20 over bombing blamed on UKParisa Hafezi - Mirror - Iran said on Tuesday it had arrested more than 20 people in connection with deadly weekend bombings in southern Iran which the government has blamed on Britain.19/10/2005
The treasure, the strongbox and the crowbarTom Engelhardt - Juan Cole - Prof. Cole discusses the situation in Iraq and the USA`s motives for invading, and the terrorism that necessarily characterizes the US style of warfare: "The U.S. has used bombing of civilian neighborhoods on a massive scale because the alternative is to send its forces in to fight close, hand-to-hand combat in alleyways in Iraq`s cities and that would be extremely costly of U.S. soldiers` lives. It certainly would have turned the American public against the war really quickly." 19/10/2005
Religion and the Iraqi constitutionMohammad Sammak - The Daily Star - Edward N. Luttwak, a military strategist and consultant argued that a unlikely alliance could sink not only Iraq`s proposed new constitution, but all the ambitious plans and even all the wishful thinking of the Bush administration in the Middle East. 15/10/2005
The status of democracy in the Arab worldBy Rami G. Khouri - The Daily Star - Much as it has been for the past century, the Arab world remains caught, and nearly politically immobilized, between three forces that define and confound it: the self-interested interventions of foreign powers, the self-preservation instincts of its small ruling elites, and the frustrated self-expression yearnings of its own citizens. 3/10/2005
Washington deliberates new steps against SyriaKnight Ridder - U.S. President George W. Bush and his top aides are weighing new steps against Syria, according to U.S. officials involved in Middle East policy. Bush`s national security team is due to meet Saturday to review policy toward Syria, the officials said. 3/10/2005
Sort the good Baath from the bad Baath before there`s a bloodbathDavid Ignatius - Daily Star staff - Ask the generals and colonels who are running the war in Iraq what really worries them, and it`s rarely a military problem. "We haven`t lost a platoon in combat! We haven`t lost a skirmish!" explodes one general when asked about a recent poll that reported a majority of Americans think we are losing the war. 3/10/2005
Israelis urge U.S. to stop Iran`s nuke goalsDavid R. Sands - Washington Times - Three Israeli parliamentarians, on a visit to Washington, threaten Israeli attack on Iran if the USA does not do it2/10/2005
Bin Laden`s little helperSidney Blumenthal - The Guardian - Karen Hughes` Middle East tour to "sell brand America" is an utter disaster, and will help only Bin Laden.2/10/2005
Better late than neverAbdel Moneim Said Ali - Al Ahram Weekly - The key to the Arab world`s future stability is in Iraq, and Amr Moussa knows it30/10/2005
Syria: The Mehlis investigation - a special in-depth coverage Al-Ahram Weekly - Detlev Mehlis` initial report on the assassination of Rafik Al-Hariri raises new political scenarios in the Middle East. Al-Ahram Weekly provides special in-depth coverage and expert analysis on the various political and legal issues stemming from the investigation`s findings 30/10/2005
Syria: Out of our handsSami Moubayed - Al Ahram Weekly, Damascus - reports on Syria`s condemnation of the Mehlis report; The fact that Syria is not Libya, Al-Assad is not Qaddafi, and Syria is innocent unlike Qaddafi who was guilty of Lockerbie, is actually irrelevant to the Americans at this stage. 27/10/2005
Syria sets up own probe on Hariri BBC Online - Rafiq Hariri and 22 others died in February`s blast in Beirut Syria says it is setting up its own investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in Beirut in February. 30/10/2005
Government for and by the dead Robert Fisk - The Independent - All over the globe, our leaders seem to be suffering from a severe bout of infantilism. For as someone who has to look at the eviscerated corpses of Palestine and Israel, the murdered bodies in the garbage heaps of Iraq, the young women shot through the head in the Baghdad morgue, I can only shake my head in disbelief at the sheer, unadulterated, lazy bullshit - let`s call a spade a spade - which is currently emerging from our great leaders. 29/10/2005
Israeli ‘Barrier’ Under Fire for Security Failings Conal Urquhart in Tel Aviv - Israeli commentators have united in criticising the government for the failure of the security barrier to protect Israel from suicide bombers after three years of construction and expenditure of almost £1bn. 29/10/2005
Mubarak in Syria for talks with AssadThe Associated Press(AP) - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak held unexpected talks with beleaguered Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad Friday in Damascus on that country`s crisis with the West over the killing of a former Lebanese leader. 28/10/2005
Syria`s right step George S. Hishmeh - The Jordan Times - Syria has taken the right step, as reaffirmed by its representative at the UN Security Council session on Tuesday, Fayssal Mekedad, by agreeing to extend the term of the controversial UN mission investigating the assassination last February of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. 29/10/2005
Israel minister rules out peace until next generationAgence France Presse - Israel`s Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz has ruled out the chance of peace with the current Palestinian leadership amid escalating violence, a newspaper quoted him as saying on Friday. 28/10/2005
Blair hints at military action after Iran`s `disgraceful` tauntPhilip Webster - The Times - TONY BLAIR gave warning last night that the West might have to take military action against Iran after worldwide condemnation of its President`s call for Israel to be "wiped off the map". 28/10/2005
Syria warns `gates of hell will open` if U.S. attacksLeila Hatoum - Daily Star staff - In the latest official Syrian comment on the increasing pressure on Damascus, Premier Naji Otari said "all the gates of hell will open on the U.S. if it attempts to attack Syria." 12/10/2005
Egyptians rally for campus freedomsAgencies/Al Jazeera - "We don`t want security forces on campus, we don`t want the regime to intervene and rig student elections on 11 November" 12/10/2005
US starts offensive in Iraq`s AnbarReuters+AFP - Aljazeera - "Up to 2500 American troops have moved into western Iraq, with the US military saying this is the biggest offensive there against al-Qaida-linked fighters this year. "4/10/2005
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