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Egypt: Dynamics of Regime and Opposition Amr Hamzawy - bitterlemons-international - Hosni Mubarak landed a sweeping victory (88.6 percent) in Egypt`s first multi-candidate presidential election on September 7. The election represented a step forward toward opening up a persistently autocratic regime.30/9/2005
A non-zero sum Khalil Shikaki - Bitterlemons International - Israel is changing its definition of vital interests. Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip with its 1.3 million Palestinians, regardless of the immediate motivation, fits well into Israel`s desire to remain Jewish and democratic. 8/9/2005
A non-zero sum Khalil Shikaki - Bitterlemons International - Israel is changing its definition of vital interests. Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip with its 1.3 million Palestinians, regardless of the immediate motivation, fits well into Israel`s desire to remain Jewish and democratic. 8/9/2005
Security interdependence Abdel Monem Said Aly - Bitterlemons International - In the past quarter of a century, Egyptian foreign and national security policies have revolved around four pillars: Egyptian-American strategic relations, the Egyptian-Saudi regional alliance, Egyptian-European economic interactions, and the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. 8/9/2005
How does the Wall affect access to Palestinian health care services HDIP - Ramallah - Health and Segregation II: The report follows up on the previous edition by updating the research with new developments on the ground, including the Wall’s effects on medical services and the steps that must be followed by policymakers to address them. 29/9/2005
Calls mount for prisoner abuse commissionWilliam Fisher - IPS/Commondreams - NEW YORK - New allegations of prisoner torture in Iraq are likely to add urgency to pending legislation that would create a 9/11-type commission to investigate detainee treatment and ensure that the U.S. operates within the law on interrogations. 28/9/2005
The Wall in Bil`in and the Eastward Expansion of Modi`in IlitNir Shalev - Hagada Hasmolit - For the benefit of those interested in the complex legal history of the route of the fence in Bil’in, here is a summary of the main events. The chosen path of the fence is intended to allow Modi’in Ilit to expand to the east, beyond the current fence of the settlement.27/9/2005
Lebanon: Mehlis` report said to contain dangerous accusationsLeila Hatoum - Daily Star staff - Lebanese Justice Minister Charles Rizk expects Mehlis` report on the murder of Rafik Hariri to contain "dangerous information; not only accusations, but also names of non-Lebanese persons.26/9/2005
Iraq: Women`s rights activists dispute Iraq`s title of region`s most progressive stateAgence France Presse (AFP) - The Daily Star - Women`s rights activists in Iraq say rising extremism is restricting their freedom, even as the country prepares to vote on a constitution that is touted as one of the Arab world`s most progressive regarding women.26/9/2005
Kafka does Iraq: the disturbing case of Abdul Amir Younes HusseinArianna Huffington - Huffington Post/Commondreams - The disturbing case of Abdul Amir Younes Hussein, the CBS cameraman who has been detained by U.S. forces in Iraq for over five months without a shred of evidence being publicly presented against him, has taken yet another bizarre turn. 25/9/2005
"End this war": hundreds of thousands protest Iraq war Lisa Lambert - Reuters/Commondreans - Huge demonstrations against Iraq war on Saturday in Washington, other cities25/9/2005
Soldier`s chilling testimony fuels demonstrations against Iraq war Andrew Buncombe - The Independent - A former American soldier who served in Iraq and filed for conscientious objector status has given an extraordinary insight into the war`s dehumanising effects ­ an insight that helps explain why the British and American public has turned sharply against the occupation. 25/9/2005
The logic of colonial rule Tariq Ali - The Guardian - There is now near-universal agreement that the western occupation of Iraq has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster; first for the people of Iraq, second for the soldiers sent by scoundrel politicians to die in a foreign land. 24/9/2005
Iraq: Is there a way out of this mess?The Independent - about the options of Britain in Iraq22/9/2005
Under the Guise of Security: Routing the Separation Barrier to Enable Israeli Settlement Expansion in the West BankJoint report of T`Tselem (The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) with Bimkon - Planners for Planning Rights, Summary 22/9/2005
Egypt: Stifling real change may be beyond even Pharaoh`s reachDavid Ignatius - Daily Star staff - It`s hard to imagine Egypt`s President Hosni Mubarak as an agent of change. During the 24 years he has ruled the country, he has displayed a military man`s passion for stability and a corresponding wariness of democracy. His Egypt has often symbolized the political stasis of the Arab world. 22/9/2005
Lebanon: There is no hiding from Mehlis` reportMichael Young - Daily Star staff - There was no easy lesson to be derived from what Walid Jumblatt said on Monday, after a Syrian publication declared him persona non grata in Syria, and held him responsible for the killing of Syrian laborers in Lebanon after the assassination of Rafik Hariri.22/9/2005
Egypt: One-way streetHossam Tammam - Al-Aharam Weekly - The inevitable rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, so confidently predicted by many, now looks implausible. At a time when restrictions on Muslim Brotherhood activities are less than ever before, and when the group has demonstrated that it can put thousands of people on the streets seemingly at will, it looks, ironically, less effective than at any time in its recent history. 22/9/2005
MachsomWatch Summary - August 2005Reports from checkpoints by a Women`s human rights organization. "A closure was imposed in the Occupied Territories throughout August (a Jewish holiday = a punishment for Palestinians) to avoid hindering the pullout process. People couldn`t get to work, couldn`t see a doctor unless they were certifiably dying, nor could they get to a mosque or a church for prayers. Gush Katif`s residents complained bitterly about having to present identity cards at the entrance to the region."22/9/2005
Iraq: Softly softly army tactics shattered by day of chaosIan Cobain and Richard Norton-Taylor - The Guardian - For some at Westminster, the dramatic events in Basra on Monday were a sure sign that Iraq is sliding towards civil war. For other, more sanguine voices, it was no worse than a busy night in Belfast. 21/9/2005
Nine US personnel killed in IraqAl-Jazeera, Agencies - US authorities in Iraq have reported the deaths of nine Americans - five soldiers, a diplomatic security agent and three private security guards. 21/9/2005
The day that Iraqi anger exploded in the face of the British occupiersHelen McCormack - The Independent - "The dramatic events began to unfold just before dawn yesterday, when two British nationals were detained by Iraqi authorities. It emerged later that they were British soldiers."20/9/2005
Under fire: British soldiers attacked in BasraTerri Judd and Colin Brown - the Independent - "Army used tanks and helicopters to storm jail and free captured troops, say Iraqis"20/9/2005
The Impact of the WallPCBS - Sep. 15, 2005 - Survey on the Impact of the Expansion and Annexation Wall on the Socio-Economic Conditions of Palestinian Localities which the Wall Passes Through, June 2005 (English - Arabic) 19/9/2005
PCBS: `Separation Wall displaced 2448 Palestinian families` Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) reported that 2448 households were displaced since the beginning of the construction of Separation wall until the end of May 2005, in different West Bank areas. 19/9/2005
Sunni cleric condemns Iraq violenceAl-Jazeera - "We don`t need others to come across the border and kill us in the name of defending us," he declared, a reference to foreign fighters who have joined the insurgency under the banner of al-Qaida. "We reject the killing of any Iraqi."18/9/2005
Car bomb kills 30 in Iraq - Nine Iraqis found executed in BaghdadCNN - A car bombing in a town on the eastern outskirts of Baghdad killed 30 people and wounded 38 others on Saturday evening, emergency police said. 18/9/2005
IRAQ UPDATE: 8-11 September 2005CPTnet - NAJAF: Sheila Provencher and William Van Wagenen traveled from Najaf to Kerbala and then on to Baghdad. Along the road they encountered more than thirty checkpoints, manned by either Iraqi Police officers or Iraqi Army soldiers. 17/9/2005
Iraq: For Kurds, sovereignty easily beats out the Iraqi constitutionBashdar Ismaeel - The Daily Star - After many long weeks of squabbling and protracted negotiations between Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites, the draft Iraqi constitution was finally delivered in late August amid controversy and pessimism. On Tuesday, negotiators approved a final document, with some modifications on the original, to be officially presented to the United Nations for distribution. 17/9/2005
Al-Qaeda`s operatives now dominate the ideologuesReuven Paz - The Daily Star - Suicide or martyrdom operations, most recently in Europe but most intensively in Israel and in growing numbers in Iraq, leave the Western world astonished. The terrorist attacks in London and Sharm al-Sheikh in July 2005, like other attacks by Al-Qaeda or affiliated jihadist groups worldwide, raise the unsolved question, "What does Al-Qaeda really want?" 17/9/2005
Beyond cowboys, map a workable anti-terror strategyRami G. Khouri - Daily Star staff - It is unfortunate that the more the United States and friends have used military and other heavy-handed means to fight terrorism in the last four years, the greater and more diffused has become the terror threat around the world. A core weakness in the American government`s approach to terrorism since September 11, 200,1 has been a wild disproportion between its faulty analysis of the terror threat and its ferocious actions to confront it. 17/9/2005
Egypt: Follow the leaderDina Ezzat - Al Ahram Weekly - Follows the guidelines of Egyptian foreign policy in the wake of Mubarak`s election 17/9/2005
Egypt: Time for deliveryGamal Essam El-Din - Al-Ahram Weekly - Following his election victory President Mubarak now faces the task of delivering on his campaign pledges 17/9/2005
U.S. says Syria facilitates terror in Iraq, Israel and Lebanon The Associated Press - In a spirited attack, the State Department`s spokesman accused Syria of making trouble not only for Iraq, by allowing foreign fighters to infiltrate the country, but also for Lebanon and the Palestinians. 17/9/2005
`This is ten times worse than under Saddam`The Times - Saoud Faisal, 20, policeman:"I drove my brother Mahmoud, 23, to al-Aruba Square, where all the labourers gather waiting for someone to hire them....There was a very big explosion and all the windows of the restaurant were smashed and my leg was injured by the glass. The scene was horrible. The place was covered with blood. Dead bodies, body parts lay scattered everywhere. I saw many cars burning." 15/9/2005
Baghdad Neighborhood Suffers Latest Round of Suicide BombingsEllen Knickmeyer and Naseer Nouri - The Washington Postm - At Least 31 Killed Today, Following Deaths of More Than 160 on Wednesday 15/9/2005
Court tells Israel to reroute part of W.Bank barrierOri Lewis - Reuters - Israel`s top court ordered the government on Thursday to reroute part of its West Bank barrier to reduce Palestinian hardship, a ruling that could force Israel to remove a section already built on occupied land. 15/9/2005
Lebanese party: Kill all PalestiniansRoee Nahmias - Ynet News - The "Guardians of the Cedars" Party`s political campaign include calls to deport and kill all foreigners and Palestinians; Party`s platform states that the civil war in the country had never ended 14/9/2005
Official: Fence complete within monthsHanan Greenberg - YnetNews - Outgoing Defense Ministry Director-General Amos Yaron says, ‘the entire security fence, from the Tirat Zvi area in the north to the Mezudat Yehuda in the south will be finished by the end of the year within three to four months’14/9/2005
For Washington, fear is now in Bashar Assad`s campDavid Ignatius - Daily Star staff - Notable by his absence from this week`s gathering of the United Nations General Assembly is Syria`s president, Bashar Assad. The Syrian leader had hoped to attend, and was even said to be weighing television interviews for himself and his stylish British-born wife. His decision to stay home indicates the disarray in Damascus these days. 14/9/2005
Syria facing isolation over Iraq and LebanonDaily Star staff - Talabani says some U.S. troops can leave Iraqi soil by the end of 2006 14/9/2005
Four years since Sept. 11 and since declaring war on terrorHasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times - This week, America and the whole world with it remembered the bitter memory of Sept. 11, 2001. For America, the fourth anniversary of the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania is a reminder of terrible loss of life and the loss of a sense of invulnerability of the American "homeland". 14/9/2005
Informants decide fate of Iraqi detainees: U.S. military relies on guidance of `sources` in Tall AfarJonathan Finer - Washington Post - A masked teenager in an Iraqi army uniform walked slowly through a crowd of 400 detainees captured Monday, studying each face and rendering his verdict with a simple hand gesture, like a Roman emperor deciding the fate of gladiators.14/9/2005
Mubarak vows to pursue reform driveAgence France Presse (AFP) - The Daily Star - CAIRO: Egypt`s veteran President Hosni Mubarak pledged to pursue political reforms after sweeping to a fifth term in office in an election widely criticized by his opponents. "The true victory is the victory for democracy and pluralism," Mubarak said in his first speech since his victory in the country`s contested presidential election. 12/9/2005
New life for the Dead Sea?It has survived the desert sun for 75,000 years. Now the Dead Sea is rapidly drying up, and a $5bn`peace conduit` could be the only way to save it from vanishing altogether. An article on the limitations of `Zionist ecology` and the pitfalls of trying to make the desert bloom.11/9/2005
Egypt`s election feverMohamed Sid-Ahmed - Al-Ahram Weekly - Where does Egypt stand on the eve of President Mubarak`s fifth - and very different - presidential campaign, asks Mohamed Sid-Ahmed 10/9/2005
Lebanon: Mehlis postpones crucial visit to Syria until MondayLeila Hatoum - The Daily Star - Head of UN investigating team to interrogate former heads of Syrian intelligence apparatus in Lebanon 10/9/2005
Al-Jazeera launches children`s channel to teach toleranceAgence France Presse (AFP) - The Daily Star - The Al-Jazeera Arab satellite channel was to launch a new children`s channel to combine entertainment with teaching tolerance. The "Al-Jazeera Children`s Channel" hopes to be a first in the Arab world, as the Qatar-based television network bids to overcome criticism by the United States and conservative Arab regimes over alleged bias in its news broadcasts. 10/9/2005
Will Egypt take advantage of its golden opportunity to regain its leading role in the region?Khatoun Haidar - The Daily Star - The presidential election that took place in Egypt this Wednesday may have been only a symbolic value. The potential for change in this country resides in an interlinked equation between political and economic reforms. 10/9/2005
In Egypt, the `thrill of defying tyranny`Saad Eddin Ibrahim - StarThe Daily - Egyptians go to the polls today to elect a president from among 10 contenders, including the incumbent of 24 years, Hosni Mubarak. While few doubt the outcome will be his re-election, many are following the process intensely. 8/9/2005
With Death at Their Door, Few Leave Iraqi City; Civilians Urged to Flee Before U.S. AssaultJonathan Finer - The Washington Post - "On one side of the concertina wire lining an avenue stood 100 U.S. troops, five Bradley Fighting Vehicles and two M1-A1 Abrams tanks. Across the street were about 1,000 men, women and children of this embattled northwestern city."8/9/2005
Egypt poll ruling restores judges` roleal-Jazeera - The Egyptian Administrative Court has cancelled an election committee’s decision to ban 1700 judges from monitoring Egypt`s first presidential elections, saying the elections law does not authorise such decision. 7/9/2005
Beirut Diary: April 2005Rasha Salti - Merip - Like most places in the world that, time and time again, have been fit into the journalist’s script or forced into the novelist’s frame, Lebanon has been tirelessly taxed with metaphors and allegories. 7/9/2005
Syria’s Curious DilemmaBassam Haddad - MERIP - Seasoned observers of Syria have learned not to make much of apparent political changes in the country. This lesson holds true today, but with a twist. 5/9/2005
Inside Syria and Lebanon: Editorial remarksMiddle East Report 236 (Fall 2005) - Mere months ago, devotees of President George W. Bush’s Iraq adventure were positively giddy. Not only were they convinced that Iraq was on the fast track to peace, prosperity and perpetual friendliness with Washington, they believed that countries across the Greater Middle East were following close behind. 5/9/2005
Egypt`s Election All About Image, AlmostMariz Tadros - MERIP - The presidential election is of only symbolic value, the parliamentary elections to be held in November have the potential to transform the political landscape in Egypt. The legislative campaigning may see the emergence of new coalitions - possibly including the Muslim Brotherhood - as well as a challenge to NDP hegemony in some electoral districts, assuming that the parliamentary election is truly free and fair. 6/9/2005
Well-known UK graffiti artist Banksy hacks the WallHow Bansky came to create a piece of opposition art-graffiti on the Annexation Wall. 6/9/2005
Well-known UK graffiti artist Banksy hacks the WallHow Bansky came to create a piece of opposition art-graffiti on the Annexation Wall. 6/9/2005
IRAQ: How the occupation divides IraqisCPTnet - Last Wednesday`s tragic events in Iraq illustrate the way in which this country is being slowly ripped apart. Rumors of a suicide bomber induced panic in the roughly one million Shiites gathered at the Shrine in Kadimiyya to mourn and commemorate the death of the Imam Musa Al-Kadim. 6/9/2005
Lebanon: Interview with Samah Idriss about Assassinations, Elections and PalestineStefan Christoff - The Electronic Intifada - A critical perspective on the changing face of Lebanon`s politics from an important literary figure, the co-founder of the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel and editor-in-chief of al-Adab, a Lebanese arts and culture magazine based in Beirut. 6/9/2005
Security fence [sic] protesters, IDF clash (ie: The Annexation/Apartheid Wall protesters attacked by the army...) 6/9/2005
Main candidates in Egyptian presidential electionThe Daily Star - Ten candidates are running in Egypt`s first presidential polls on Wednesday, including President Hosni Mubarak, 77, who has ruled Egypt since 1981. Egypt`s largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, cannot take part because Mubarak has never allowed it to form a party and independents need support from 65 members of the lower house of Parliament, which is dominated by the ruling party. 5/9/2005
Israel accelerates barrier projectDaily Star staff - Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel would accelerate construction of its controversial West Bank barrier to fend off an increased risk of Palestinian attacks. 5/9/2005
Grilling of Lebanon security chiefs continuesLeila Hatoum - Daily Star staff - Raghida Dargham, Al-Hayat`s respected political correspondent in New York, said she has spoken to several "well informed sources" and they had told her that Mehlis has "enough evidence and that his report is already concluded." 3/9/2005
Egypt: Al-Azhar continues to assert that Islam rejects terrorism. But who`s really listening? Gihan Shahine - A government mouthpiece? The dwindling credibility of Al-Azhar - once the Sunni Muslim world`s most prestigious seat of learning - may have helped spawn the rise of extremist Islamist thought. Gihan Shahine sheds light on why the demise took place, and what can be done to reverse it 4/9/2005
The end of Arab IraqAbdallah Al-Ashaal - Al Ahram Weekly - The draft Iraqi constitution is set to break the country into three, pitching ethnic and denominational differences against each other and isolating Arabs 4/9/2005
Iraq`s charter reflects a deeper Arab ordealRami G. Khouri - The Daily Star - The spectacle of Iraqis negotiating intensively over their draft constitution during the past several months has been a very powerful one from the perspective of the wider Arab world. 4/9/2005
A Declaration Of WarPhyllis Bennis - Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies , is the author of the forthcoming Challenging Empire: How People, Governments, and the U.N. Defy U.S. Power (Interlink Publishing, Northampton MA, October 2005 2/9/2005
Israeli Army stops West Bank mural project, citing Gaza disengagementWhile the world is distracted by the withdrawal from Gaza, the Israeli Apartheid Wall continues to claim land and cut across homes and villages in the West Bank. The Gaza withdrawal has become another excuse to prevent resistance to this injustice2/9/2005
The Gaza Evacuations: Disengagement or Tactical Military Redeployment? Shamai Leibowitz and Katerina Heller - The imminent handover of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority and the evacuation of a small portion of the West Bank from Israeli settlers has been billed by the international media as a turning point in the violent history of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 1/9/2005
950 Die in Pilgrims` Stampede on Baghdad BridgeBy Robert F. Worth - The New York Times - BAGHDAD, Iraq, Aug. 31 - More than 950 people were killed and hundreds more injured Wednesday morning when rumors of a suicide bomber provoked a frenzied stampede in a procession of Shiite pilgrims as they crossed a bridge in northern Baghdad, government and hospital officials said. 1/9/2005
Pakistan-Israel in landmark talksBBC News Online - The foreign ministers of Pakistan and Israel have for the first time held publicly acknowledged talks. After the talks Pakistan`s foreign minister said that his country had decided to "engage" with Israel after Israel`s withdrawal from Gaza. 1/9/2005
The National Guard belongs in New Orleans and Biloxi [not in Iraq]Normon Solomon - - "National Guard troops don`t belong in Iraq. They should be rescuing and protecting in Louisiana and Mississippi, not patrolling and killing in a country that was invaded on the basis of presidential deception. They should be fighting the effects of flood waters at home – helping people in the communities they know best – not battling Iraqi people who want them to go away." 1/9/2005
Hown New Orleans was lost: another terrible casualty of the Iraq warPaul Craig Roberts - Counterpunch - There were not enough helicopters to repair the breeched levees and rescue people trapped by rising water. Nor are there enough Louisiana National Guards available to help with rescue efforts and to patrol against looting. The National Guard and helicopters are off on a fools mission in Iraq.1/9/2005
New Orleans after Katrina - victim of Iraq warAlexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair - Counterpunch - The mostly black poor population of New Orleans is being sacrificed for the sake of the occupation of Iraq. As they sat on their rooftops waiting for rescue, National Guard helicopters were on the other side of the world, shooting at Iraqis.1/9/2005
Basic Typologies of the Separation BarrierIr Amim Postion paper - The route of the segment of the separation barrier known as the Jerusalem "Security Envelope" disclose varying fundamental, and often contradictory, perceptions, whether among the decision-makers themselves or the non-establishment players. Hereunder is an "inventory" of these typologies, and an attempt to scrutinize their relative advantages and disadvantages. 1/9/2005
Federalism means Iraq`s destruction ...Aijaz Zaka Syed - The Daily Star - Iraq`s draft constitution, which must be approved by voters in an October 15 referendum, is yet another example of how a once united and stable country is being systematically destroyed by the "coalition of the willing," led by the United States. 2/9/2005
No, Iraq needs federalism, and the Sunnis do tooHaytham Mouzahem - The Daily Star - The Sunnis reject federalism because they believe it emphasizes sectarianism and will lead to the loss of Iraq`s Arab and Sunni Islamic identity. But their acceptance of federalism for the northern Kurdish region suggests their real problem is with the Shiites, not with federalism per se. 2/9/2005
Iraq`s charter reflects a deeper Arab ordealRami G. Khouri - The Daily Star - The spectacle of Iraqis negotiating intensively over their draft constitution during the past several months has been a very powerful one from the perspective of the wider Arab world. 3/9/2005
Iraq sectarian tensions escalateDaily Star staff - One man was killed and four wounded in a drive-by shooting on two Sunni mosques as tensions escalated between Iraqi Sunni and Shiite communities in the aftermath of a deadly stampede that killed nearly 1,000 Shiite pilgrims. 3/9/2005
Iraqi actor hopes for theatre`s revival Ahmed Janabi - Al Jazeera - I am Iraqi, this is the only identity I am proud of. I am not interested in any other identity, and I have never and will not attach myself to a party, sect or ethnic group. 2/9/2005
Iraq: Thousands displaced from Talafar by fightingReport, IRIN - BAGHDAD - Thousands of families are fleeing the northern Iraqi city of Talafar, aid workers confirmed, as Coalition forces conduct a military operation against insurgents. 12/9/2005
The problem isn`t Islam, it`s the extremist MuslimsNancy El-Gindy - The Daily Star - As British-Indian author Salman Rushdie put it in an August article in The Times of London article in early August 2005: "What is needed is a move beyond tradition, nothing less than a reform movement to bring the core concepts of Islam into the modern age." 19/9/2005
Will Jordan`s National Agenda push real reform?Samer Abu Libdeh - The Daily Star - King Abdullah II`s latest domestic reform initiative for Jordan - the National Agenda Committee - will soon release a series of major political recommendations. These proposals will provide the Jordanian government with a detailed framework to guide the reform process in coming years. 19/9/2005
The important discussion on freedom in the Middle EastJon Alterman - The Daily Star - The important discussion about freedom that needs to be held in the Middle East is not one of grand speeches and bold U.S.-led initiatives. It is a serious one that occurs government-to-government. The U.S. government needs to have frank talks with its regional allies about the perils of opening up societies, and yet the necessity of doing so. 19/9/2005
Iraqi Parliament approves draft charterThe Daily Star staff - Iraq`s Parliament has finally approved a draft constitution, just four weeks before the text is put to a referendum, as violence persisted after one of the bloodiest weeks since the U.S. invasion of 2003. 19/9/2005
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