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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Israeli forces detain 18 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem (occupation routine)WAFA - RAMALLAH, Tuesday, September 10, 2019 (WAFA) – Israeli forces detained early this morning at least 18 Palestinians from various West Bank districts and East Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) and local sources. PPS said Israeli forces detained five Palestinians from Jenin district in the northern occupied West Bank, in addition to three others, including a 19-year-old, from Qalqilia area. Two more Palestinians were detained in Ramallah, one in Tubas, and another in Nablus. In addition, local sources said a 59-year-old man was detained in Hebron in the south of the West Bank. Five were also detained in Issawiyeh, an East Jerusalem neighborhood. [bz] 10/9/2019
Video: Going to school under Israeli occupationThe Electronic Intifada - "Omar Hajajleh is a local school bus driver in the occupied West Bank village of al-Walaja...As is shown in the video, Hajajleh takes the children halfway to school in one bus and walks them past a permanent Israeli roadblock. He then loads the children onto a second vehicle and continues to school.Hajajleh fears that the road he takes may soon be closed off by the wall, which is being expanded by Israeli occupation forces." ca7/9/2019
Netanyahu renews pledge to annex all West Bank settlements : Saeb Erekat, secretary general of PLO, calls on international community to take action after Netanyahu`s commentsMEE and agencies - Settlements are one of the most heated issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Palestinians have voiced fears Netanyahu may defy international law and move ahead with annexation with possible backing from US President Donald Trump, a close ally. With the publication of a US peace plan still pending, Trump has already recognised Israel`s 1981 annexation of the Golan Heights, land captured from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war. Netanyahu made the same promise of annexation ahead of the last election in April, but the results left him unable to form a viable governing coalition and he opted for a fresh poll.-rh3/9/2019
Israeli Settlers Assault Farmer near BethlehemIMEMC - A Palestinian farmer sustained injuries in the head, when he was assaulted by settlers near the village of Artas, to the south of Bethlehem. Settlers from the Israeli settlement bloc of Gush Etzion reportedly broke into the farm of Ayman Khalil Sa’ad, who comes from Artas, while he was working there. When Sa’ad attempted to prevent the settlers from raiding his farm, they assaulted and beat him, causing him bruises in the face and eye. He was moved of moderate injuries to a nearby emergency center for treatment.[ak] 3/9/2019
Jerusalem’s Israeli municipality demolishes Palestinian house in the occupied cityWAFA - The Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem demolished today a Palestinian-owned house in al-Tur neighborhood of the occupied city under the pretext it was built without a permit, according to the house owner Mohammad Abu al-Hawa. He told WAFA that Israeli municipality demolished his 90 square meter, one story house under the pretext he did not have a building permit. He said that the Israeli authorities handed him a demolition order 15 days ago, noting that the house is close to the main street in the neighborhood. Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem say they are forced to build without permit because the Israeli municipality rarely issues permits to the city’s original Palestinian citizens as a way to reduce their number by forcing them to leave it and find accommodation and work elsewhere. [bz]3/9/2019
Hamas takes advantage of pre-election restraint to needle Israel Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - Yet another stormy weekend has shaken up the Israel-Gaza border. On Aug. 17, just when it seemed southern Israel was settling into a period of calm following the cease-fire reached with Hamas in May, sirens blared throughout the border communities. The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted two of three rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. Shortly after, Israeli troops foiled an attempt by five armed militants to infiltrate Israel from the northern part of the Gaza Strip, killing three and wounding a fourth. Israel’s reaction to these attacks was very restrained. Israel’s reaction to these attacks was very restrained. The air force bombed several Hamas targets of marginal importance and was careful not to inflict Palestinian casualties. Such actions are known as “real estate attacks” designed to cause symbolic damage to buildings and nothing more. When the Israel Defense Forces really wants to deter the Hamas leadership, it takes more extreme actions such as flattening several multi-story buildings in May.-rh 28/8/2019
Dozens Of Detainees To Join Hunger StrikeIMEMCnews - The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has reported that dozens of its political prisoners, imprisoned by Israel in three detention facilities, have decided to hold a hunger strike for three days as in an initial measure in solidarity with detainee Hotheifa Halabiyya, who continues a hunger strike he started more than 52 days ago.-rh28/8/2019
Qalandiya - a woman-soldier is chasing away the Palestinians still waiting, and locks the gateTamar Fleishman - Machsomwatch - It’s a holiday with no holiday celebrations, and a new checkpoint with nothing new about it. True, most businesses and shops in the Qalandiya refugee camp are shut in honor of this Holiday of Sacrifice, but the atmosphere that reigns is of ‘normal’ workdays, not holidays. The conversation piece of the day was the confiscation of Shadi’s vehicle on alleged grounds of taking passengers’ fare. Shadi is a cab driver without a cab license. How do they know he doesn’t charge fare? No one, after all, except the few informants who benefit from being informants volunteers to tell them what is being done. So they stop the vehicle and ask the passengers, who keep silent at first, but after being threatened by being blacklisted and/or having their permit revoked, acquiesce and confess.-rh 27/8/2019
The West Bank must not become a duplication of GazaShimrit Meir - Ynet - Hamas has taken no responsibility for Friday’s terror attack that killed a 17-year-old Israeli girl, but did celebrate it in every way possible. Rina Shnerb was depicted as a soldier or a settler, her young age was omitted from media reports and her photograph prompted objectifying comments on social media. For a moment, it seemed that the only joy the Hamas terror group was able to inspire in the depressed youth of the Gaza Strip was through the killing a Jewish girl.-rh27/8/2019
Transfer of Palestinians has always been the Israeli consensusHagai El-Ad - Ynet - The media can express as much shock as it likes over news that the cabinet has discussed Israel funding the dispatch of Gazans from the Strip, but one can draw a straight line from the creation of the state in 1948, through Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan post-1967 and all the way to Netanyahu, Smotrich and Gantz today.-rh27/8/2019
Deadly Friday attack shows W. Bank heating up, as Hamas senses Israeli weaknessAVI ISSACHAROFF - The Times of Israel - The ferment among West Bank Palestinians, the growing calls for violence and the escalation in terrorism are being stirred from Gaza by its ruling terror group, Hamas, in its ongoing face-off with Netanyahu. What Netanyahu’s bitter critic and former defense minister Avigdor Liberman described Friday as the prime minister’s “surrender” to the terrorists — his agreement to allow Qatar to distribute funds in Gaza to needy families (and in the past to Hamas employees), the easing of certain restrictions at border crossings, the improved electricity supply — amid intermittent rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, is seen on the Palestinian side as proof of weakness. Weakness to be exploited.-rh27/8/2019
Changing IsraelDan Lieberman - Countercurrents - Defeating Israel does not sit well with the American public. Although defeat does not seem possible, the word intimates the destruction of all Israelis. Changing Israel into a nation that preserves some of the characteristics that guided many to embrace an earlier expressed vision — creation of a nation that is a light upon all nations — albeit a difficult proposition, is possible, and a necessary condition for Isarel to survive.-rh27/8/2019
Each morning brings the fear of losing everythingA. Daniel Roth - +972 - It can be hard to imagine how an early morning walk can end in arrest, or worse. In the Jordan Valley, that’s the reality for Palestinian shepherds fighting to keep control of their land [ry] 26/8/2019
Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinian Nonviolent Protesters Near Ofar PrisonIMEMC - "Israeli soldiers attacked, Thursday, dozens of nonviolent Palestinian protesters, holding a procession in front of Ofar Israeli prison, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, in solidarity with hunger striking detainees, and abducted one of them."..."The soldiers resorted to the excessive use of force against the nonviolent protesters." - id23/8/2019
Al-Shoroq: The activist farmers resisting Israeli annexation in Beit UmmarIMEMC News & Agencies - IMEMC "Al Shoroq, a Palestinian led group comprised of local activists based in the region since 2013 founded by longstanding committee members, work with families, farmers and the community to create resistance based empowerment through skill building, construction and collective work. Al Shoroq as an organisation are focused primarily on assisting in sustainability and development in Area C; Israeli controlled areas containing Palestinian families, farmland and buildings long standing on now occupied territories, which currently makes up 70% of the land. Beit Ummar is under constant scrutiny and stress from the Israeli government and military, and more increasingly, Israeli settlers." CA23/8/2019
Israeli Forces Strike “Hamas Facilities"The Palestinian News & Info Agency - "Flares lit the skies in the south of the Gaza Strip near Khan Younis, before warplanes targeted the posts in the area.The Israeli army claimed the airstrikes came after two projectiles were fired from Gaza into southern Israel, that fell in open areas, without causing any damage or human casualties." CA 23/8/2019
Displaced again: Palestinian refugees from Syria struggle to survive in GazaAmjad Yaghi - +972 - "With surging unemployment rates and high rents, Palestinian refugees who fled the Syrian war for Gaza are struggling to climb out of poverty. Like many Gazans, they hope to leave the strip in search of a better life." - id23/8/2019
`If Israeli soldiers start shooting, we won`t stop the interview`: Palestinian hip-hop crew BLTNMTom Faber - The Guardian (interview) - One song expresses his fury at being held for hours at a military checkpoint. Yet, when I ask in the studio about politics, he bristles, reciting a common question he is asked: “How does it feel to live under occupation?” (...) BLTNM aren’t making music as some kind of righteous mission. Their music is for art, for fun, for getting wasted. There’s something subversive in that, considering how often the media shoehorns Palestinian artists into a simplified narrative of cultural resistance. [bz]20/8/2019
Hamas wants to create an illusion it`s up for a war with IsraelElior Levy - Ynetnews - The renewed rocket attacks on Israel`s south is Hamas` attempts to neutralize the internal criticism in Gaza, claiming the terror group has been getting too chummy with its mortal enemy, while simultaneously pushing Israeli government into a corner.- rh20/8/2019
What occupation looks like for Rashida Tlaib’s village in the West BankDror Etkes - +972 - Forty years of land grabs, settlement expansion, and the building of a highway that is off limits to Palestinians. This is what is happening to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s village [ry] 19/8/2019
Army Destroys Irrigation Tank in Jordan Valley IMEMC News & Agencies - "Mutaz Besharat, who monitors Israeli settlement activities in the Jordan Valley, told WAFA that Israeli army destroyed a 1000-cube water tank which was used by Palestinian villagers, in the area, for the irrigation of farmlands. The Israeli army claimed that the tank was built without Israeli permission" [ry] 19/8/2019
Are Palestinian construction permits Israel`s way to annex Area C? Tamam Mohsen - Al-Monitor "...the construction plan — which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested and which gives the green light for the construction of 6,000 housing units in the West Bank settlements as well — has been rejected by the Palestinians and has ignited the ire of Israeli`s right wing... Tayseer Khaled, a member of the PLO`s Executive Committee, told Al-Monitor that Israel is not entitled to allow or prevent Palestinians to carry out construction on their own land and in their homeland, in reference to the issuance of the construction permits. Khaled described the decision as “a war crime.” ca 16/8/2019
When Israel Destroyed A Family’s DreamsSarah Algherbawi - IMEMC - "At 19, Hassan is the youngest boy in the family. He still has vivid memories of his old bedroom in the house, where he kept his PlayStation and a Brazil football jersey. Five years have passed since the family’s home was destroyed, yet “the pain of losing everything has never gone away,” Hassan said. “My family is scattered now,” he added. “I know that I am grown up. But I will never stop missing my mother and my brothers. I need them to be with me.”" - id15/8/2019
The War on Innocence: Palestinian Children in Israeli Military CourtRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - "The sad reality is that Muhammad Elayyan, 4, and Qais Obaid, 6, and many children like them, have become a target of Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories" [ry] 12/8/2019
Israel Systematically Blocks International Scholars From Reaching PalestineDavid Palumbo-Liu - Truthout - "Those against the academic boycott of Israeli institutions often appeal to the value of `dialogue.` This line of argument is deeply cynical in a context in which Israel allows only a particular set of people to be part of the conversation" [ry] 12/8/2019
Netanyahu pledges to build more illegal settlements after teen killedMaureen Clare Murphy - EI - "The Israeli prime minister was speaking at the inauguration of a new neighborhood of 650 housing units in Beit El, a West Bank settlement. `These despicable terrorists, they come to uproot – we come to plant. They come to destroy – we come to build,` Netanyahu said" [ry] 12/8/2019
The Tragedy of Gaza’s ChildrenKevin Watkins - Information Clearing House "GAZA CITY – Wrapped in her mother’s arms in a crowded doctor’s surgery, Muna (not her real name) looks at first glance like any baby waiting to be weighed by a nurse. Look more closely, however, and you see why medical staff at the Ard El-Insan pediatric clinic in Gaza are worried. Muna is nine months old, but she weighs under five kilograms – barely the normal weight for a healthy six-week-old baby. stiglitz261_Drew AngererGetty Images_trump jerome powell Trump’s Deficit Economy Joseph E. Stiglitz Economists have repeatedly tried to explain to Donald Trump that trade agreements may affect which countries the US buys from and sells to, but not the magnitude of the overall deficit. But, as usual, Trump believes what he wants to believes, leaving those who can least afford it to pay the price.“This is heartbreaking, but it’s now normal,” a doctor tells me. “Every day we see over 50 cases of children with malnutrition, and the numbers are rising.” ca 9/8/2019
Water Series: ‘There’s no law in the world that says you can cut water from humans’ISM - International Solidarity Movement - "In the sweltering month of July, five demolitions targeting water infrastructure were carried out, leaving Palestinian farming villages without access to water. The latest took place on Wednesday July 31, when the Israeli Civil Administration – the body that governs Area C in the West Bank – cut pipes supplying water to houses and farmland in the area of al-Jaway near At-Tuwani." - id 8/8/2019
Will Netanyahu`s Putin connection backfire in his hunt for votes? Ksenia Svetlova - Al-Monitor - In the meantime, it appears that Netanyahu`s efforts so far have not borne the desired fruit. Most polls show Yisrael Beitenu growing in strength. The battle for the Russian vote is only beginning, Likud campaign staffers and advisers like to note, which means that more surprises are to come, with or without Putin.-rh 6/8/2019
What`s behind Israel`s approval of construction permits for Palestinians?Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - On July 30, Israel’s security Cabinet approved a plan by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to build 715 housing units in Palestinian villages in Area C of the West Bank, which is under Israeli control. Cabinet members were asked to approve the plan by phone — a procedural move generally reserved for urgent or unusual decisions. What made the ministers rush to vote on construction for Palestinians? The answer was apparently supplied the following day when President Donald Trump’s envoy Jared Kushner dropped in for a few hours to discuss his father-in-law’s peace plan for the Middle East with Netanyahu. The timing of the brief visit, at the height of Israel’s election campaign, was especially strange given its focus on a peace plan that no one wants. According to a July 31 report in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Trump plans to hold a peace summit at Camp David with Arab leaders even before Israel’s Sept. 17 elections, in a bid to help Netanyahu’s re-election. Either way, resolving the mystery is a no-brainer. Uber-hawk Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich (of the United Right) voted in favor of the Palestinian permits but his unexpected support should come as no surprise. As he explained in detail, Israel plans to turn US pressure into a construction boom for the settlers. "Now, finally, thank God, comes the twist in the Israeli government`s approach to the spread of the terrorist cancer within us.… Israel is forming a strategic plan to stop the creation of a Palestinian state inside the country," he wrote on Facebook. “For the first time, the State of Israel will implement its sovereignty and responsibility for the entire area.… No more approval of building plans proposed by the Palestinian Authority that serve its interest. For the first time, Israel will create a toolbox for enforcement and forceful neutralization of the Palestinian takeover plan."-rh 6/8/2019
PLO : ‘UN Failure to Address Israeli Crimes Against Palestinian Kids Inexcusable’IMEMCnews - A senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has censured the United Nations for its failure to include Israel in its annual blacklist of armed forces that commit atrocities against youths, arguing that the world body’s falling short of recognizing Israeli crimes against Palestinian children is inexcusable.“This failure is inexcusable, given Israel’s dismal human rights record and its documented abuses against Palestinian children, including the arbitrary detention of hundreds of children every year, its use of torture against them and other grave violations, including the deliberate killing and maiming of roughly 2,800 Palestinian children in 2018 alone,” Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the PLO’s executive committee, said in a statement on Thursday.-rh6/8/2019
Israel Approves Hundreds Of Units In Gush Etzion Colonialist BlockIMEMCnews - The far-right extremist Israeli government on Benjamin Netanyahu and the Civil Administration Office, the executive and administrative branch of the illegal Israeli occupation of the West Bank, including Jerusalem, approved the construction of hundreds of units in Gush Etzion illegal colonialist bloc, south of Bethlehem.-rh6/8/2019
No–construction orderBimkom - In dozens of legal petitions, security considerations were examined and in many cases it was shown that the main considerations in determining the route [of the Separation Wall] were not actually based on security but rather aimed at perpetuating the settlement enterprise and creating conditions that would allow them to grow. Thus, most of the barrier route is as far as possible from the built-up areas of the settlements, and as close as possible to Palestinian localities, so as to allow expansion of the settlements while preventing the development of Palestinian villages.
Similar to the barrier route, the no-construction order is determined such that its impact on settlement construction is minimal, but its impact on Palestinian villages is enormous. [bz]
Israeli bulldozers demolish structures in Jerusalem without prior noticeWAFA News - Israeli police cordoned off an area in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina as a bulldozer proceeded to demolish a house belonging to Eyad Khalil Kiswani. Kiswani told WAFA correspondent that the demolition took place although he had not received any prior notice. He added that he himself along with wife and three children, aged 13 to 16, were forced out of their 140-square-meter house by police at gun point before the demolition was carried out. Meanwhile, Wadi Hilweh Information Center reported that Israeli police raided the Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiyeh, paving the way to a bulldozer. [bz]6/8/2019
Palestinian app helps drivers avoid Israeli checkpoint bottlenecksRami Ayyub - Reuters - “We need applications like this that help us move within Palestine,” said Nicolas Harami, 31, who uses the app while driving from his home in East Jerusalem to Ramallah. The West Bank is scattered with Israeli settlements and military bases, and an Israeli barrier snakes through the territory.
Around 3 million Palestinians live in the territory along with some 450,000 settlers, who can generally drive in the area without major restriction using so-called “bypass roads” built to avoid Palestinian towns. [bz]
Palestinian Prisoners’ Center For Studies Report : 420 Arrests In July, Including 10 Women, 62 Children And The Martyrdom Of A PrisonerDays of Palestine - "[...] 62 children [were arrested], including the siblings Mohammed Mazen Furcal (7) and Mahmoud Ezzedine Furcal (11), Amir Obeid (11), of Jerusalem, whom Israeli authorities interrogated" [ry] 5/8/2019
I Am A Warrior PrisonerIMEMC - "I live in a very small territory of 365 square kilometers, also known as the largest open-air prison in the world, located in colonized Palestine. The prison guards are powerful oppressors, the enforcers of “apartheid,” also known as Zionists. These jailers keep us locked, except for the few times when they open the door a crack and allow one of us to squeeze through. For more than 12 years, they have deprived us of reliable electricity, clean drinking water and—the worst of all—hope." - id1/8/2019
Huzaifa Bader: Fighting for justice; fighting for his lifeInternational Solidarity Movement - ISM - "The situation has only been made all the more unbearable for Huzaifa because of his medical condition. A childhood accident left him with burns on almost 90% of his body and he has required specialist medical treatment ever since. During the period of his detention, Israel has not only denied him any kind of justice (or even anything resembling due process) but has gone as far as to deny him the medical treatment he needs. His brother, Musaab, told ISM, ‘we wish to see him back with his family to enjoy a normal life and to come back and receive the medical treatment he needs’." - id1/8/2019
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