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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Hamas and Fatah: Why the two groups are failingJonathan Cook - Al-Jazeera "The Palestinian national movement has moved beyond crisis to the point of bankruptcy," said Ghassan Khatib, a former cabinet minister in the Palestinian Authority (PA), and now a lecturer at Bir Zeit University, near Ramallah."Neither the armed resistance of Hamas nor the diplomacy of Fatah has made any gains," he told Al Jazeera. "They are failed governments, and the public is deeply dissatisfied." ca 18/5/2018
IDF has ‘enough bullets for everyone,’ senior MK says of deadly Gaza clashesSTUART WINER and TOI STAFF - The Times of Israel - In an interview by Hadashot TV news early Monday afternoon, when the death toll in Gaza stood at 18, MK Avi Dichter, who chairs the powerful Foreign Affairs and Defense committee, brushed aside a question about the prospect of the number of dead mounting and Palestinians storming the border. “[Security forces] won’t let anyone put soldiers, and certainly not civilians, in danger,” he said. “The IDF has enough bullets for everyone. I think that ultimately, the means that the IDF prepared, whether non-lethal, or if needed, lethal, in cases where it’s justified by the open-fire regulations — there’s enough ammunition for everyone.”-rh16/5/2018
US Embassy protestors attacked by Israeli policeRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Ahmad Tibi, the Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset who was at the protests, said he was physically attacked by Israeli police as were many other Israeli citizens. The Israeli police riot began when protestors started to wave the green, red, white and black Palestinian flag. “We Palestinian citizens of Israel demonstrated against the relocation of the American Embassy,” Tibi told me Monday afternoon." - id 16/5/2018
PHROC on Nakba: 8.26 of 12.7 mln Palestinians forcibly displaced by IsraelPNN - Palestine News Network - "For the Palestinian people, 70 years of Nakba means seven decades of subjugation by Israel, characterized by occupation, apartheid and colonial policies and practices. It also attests to the chronic inaction and failure of the international community to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities under international law, to a lack of accountability and protection, and to the continued support of a shallow and biased peace process incapable of bringing about peace or justice." - id 16/5/2018
Lessons from my Palestinian mother about Jerusalem — and resistanceSamer Badawi - +972 - "Deprived of the land, we sift instead through the memories of our kin, our living history held in the mesh of imagery and idiom." - id16/5/2018
West’s failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacreJonathan Cook - Countercurrents - There was more than a whiff of hypocrisy too in statements about “defending borders” from a state that has refused to declare its borders since its creation exactly 70 years ago – as well as from a Netanyahu government currently trying to establish a Greater Israel over the Palestinian territories. But the hypocrisy was not restricted to Israel and Washington, which parroted Mr Netanyahu’s talking points. There was an ugly equivocation from other western leaders. They spoke of “regret”, “tragedy” and “concern at the loss of life”, as though an act of God had struck Gaza, not an order from Israeli commanders to quell the Palestinian urge for freedom with live ammunition.-rh16/5/2018
Israel’s Choice To Shoot Palestinians Should Horrify — But Not Surprise UsPeter Beinart - Forward - Long before Israeli soldiers decided whether to shoot at protesters, Israeli leaders decided to bar farmers in Gaza from exporting spinach, potatoes and beans. They decided to bar fisherman in Gaza from fishing beyond six nautical miles. They decided to bar students in Gaza from leaving the Strip to study, to bar spouses from leaving to legally join their husbands or wives in the West Bank, to bar grandchildren from leaving to attend their grandparents’ funerals. They decided to bar people in Gaza from importing the spare parts necessary to rebuild the Strip’s electricity grid. These were not split-second decisions made by young, frightened soldiers. They were policies formulated by politicians in air- conditioned offices. Those politicians responded to Hamas’ victory in the 2006 legislative elections by helping to torpedo a Palestinian coalition government that would have left Mahmoud Abbas as the Palestinian Authority’s President. They rejected negotiations with Hamas until the group met conditions—among them the acceptance of past agreements and support for the two state solution—that Israel’s own current government does not meet. Instead, they chose a policy of collective punishment: a policy that punished the people of Gaza for being ruled by Hamas. More than a decade later, Hamas remains in charge. But Gaza—which has barely any electricity or drinkable water— is on the verge, according to the United Nations, of becoming “unlivable.”-rh 16/5/2018
68 Gazans have died while Israel`s High Court deliberates if it`s legal to kill themMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - The High Court has refrained from ruling on an urgent petition about whether it is legal for the army to shoot unarmed, civilian protesters who pose no threat to human life. They have the blood of 68 people on their hands.-rh16/5/2018
The Two-State Solution: An AutopsyHenry Siegman - London Review of Books - The invocation of Israel’s ‘sovereign right’ is the big lie at the heart of America’s responsibility for the collapse of the peace process. In Gaza, as in the West Bank beyond the pre-1967 armistice line, Israel is acting not in accordance with its sovereign right to protect itself, but to protect its occupation. What Israel’s military restores when it quells Palestinian protests is not law and order, but illegality and repression, reinforcing its theft of Palestinian territory in order to preclude the possibility of a Palestinian state, a goal it has achieved. Lieberman’s opinion of the value of the lives of Palestinians mirrors the view expressed by Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s minister of justice. A year before her appointment in 2015, Shaked posted on her Facebook page an article by Uri Elitzur, a settler leader, in which he said that Israel should target not only militants but the ‘mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which the stakes were raised. Otherwise more little snakes will be raised there.’-rh16/5/2018
Why Jews in solidarity with Palestinians will win the dayROBERT A. H. COHEN - Patheos - Because it’s not 1933. Because the Palestinians are not the Nazis. Because we have not been here before. Because this is new. Why Jews in solidarity with Palestinians will win the day. Because you cannot shout about racism here but not there. Because you cannot care about refugees here but not there. Because discrimination at the Western Wall matters less than the Apartheid all around you.Because an Israeli sniper’s bullet is a bigger problem than an antisemitic tweet. Why Jews in solidarity with Palestinians will win the day. Because there’s no safety won by theft. Because there’s no security built on fear. Because democracy for some is not democracy. Because a nuclear armed ghetto does not normalise the Jewish condition.-rh 16/5/2018
Mass Murder In GazaBill Van Auken - Countercurrents - The two events—occurring on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence—were juxtaposed by the media, broadcast simultaneously on split screens by television networks. What could not be concealed was the fact that the opening of the American embassy was entirely in line with and, indeed, a statement of political support for the massacre taking place at the security fence separating the impoverished occupied territory from Israel.-rh16/5/2018
Here are the questions any journalist talking to the Israeli military should askYossi Gurvitz - Mondoweiss - The questions any journalist talking to the IDF Spokesman should be: How many casualties did the IDF suffer in Gaza? If the number is zero (as it is when these lines were written) or close to it, then the forces were not in danger, and this was not a military action but a massacre. How many weapons did the IDF capture, or at least documented used by the Palestinians? If the number is zero (and currently it is), or less than the number of people killed or wounded, then at least some of those shot were not a danger to the IDF. Given that currently the number is zero, it’s fair to assume none of those shot presented the IDF gunmen with mortal danger.-rh16/5/2018
The Guardian view on Gaza shootings: stop killing unarmed civiliansThe Guardian - Editorial - t is inexcusable for soldiers of a military, especially those under democratic civilian control, to shoot and kill protesters, almost all of whom were unarmed, and who pose no credible threat. Yet at the boundary between Gaza and Israel today Israeli soldiers seem to have done just that. It should make Israelis quail that demonstrators were sprayed with live ammunition with apparent impunity. There were dozens of deaths and hundreds of maimings among the Palestinians who had marched to the border to make a point about their right to return to their ancestral homes. Israel’s army evinced no shame in committing what looks like a war crime. These are serious accusations. Yet they were greeted with little more than a shrug. By blockading Gaza, Israel imprisoned 2 million people behind barbed wire and military towers. Israel treated the violence as a jailer might a prison riot: a tragic fault of the inmates.-rh16/5/2018
I FORGOT, LIKE YOU, TO DIE: 12 PALESTINIAN WRITERS RESPOND TO THE ONGOING NAKBA `GAZA MAKES AN AUDACIOUS CLAIM ON LIFE; ITS PEOPLE CONTINUE TO RESIST`Literary Hub - Yesterday, the global Palestinian community marked the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the catastrophic destruction of the Palestinian homeland and dispossession of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and villages. Hundreds of villages were depopulated and razed to the ground, hundreds of thousands of people torn from their country. They were told by subsequent Israeli administrations— and most of their Western allies, chief among them the US government— there is no place for you. But anniversaries are a strange phenomenon when the past is a living, breathing, and unending current event. One has only to contrast the besieged Palestinians of Gaza—the site of months-long mass protests against erasure—with the dystopian paeans to “peace” and “freedom” at the opening ceremony for the new American embassy on stolen Palestinian land in Jerusalem to realize how easily words can be gutted of their meaning. For many Palestinians, the permission to narrate one’s own stories in their own words has been at the root of struggle and survival, as important as delineating a physical space for existence.-rh16/5/2018
Army Injures Many Palestinians Marking the Nakba Day In HebronIMEMC - Soldiers fired dozens of gas bombs, and rubber-coated steel bullets. In addition, the army invaded and ransacked many homes in the southern part of Hebron city. [bz] 15/5/2018
Jerusalem Celebrates, Gaza Bleeds (Haaretz video) 15/5/2018
Tens of Thousands Attend Funerals for 60 Gazans Killed in Border Protests Ha`aretz live updates - It was decided during last night`s Palestinian leadership meeting to transfer the Israeli settlements case to the international court, as well as to call for an emergency session of the UN Security Council and ask for international protection for the Palestinian people (meanwhile vetoed by US). [bz]15/5/2018
Gaza`s Al-Shifa Hospital `on brink of collapse` as injuries mountAl Jazeera - Ayman al-Sahabani, head of the emergency department: At least 18 people died while waiting to receive medical attention on Monday evening. At one point, we had 500 cases arrive at once. This is way more than what the hospital`s capacity can take. (...) Medical staff have responded to injuries to the best of their ability, considering the lack of medical supplies. [bz] 15/5/2018
Hamas and Fatah: Why the two groups are failingJonathan Cook - Al-Jazeera "The Palestinian national movement has moved beyond crisis to the point of bankruptcy," said Ghassan Khatib, a former cabinet minister in the Palestinian Authority (PA), and now a lecturer at Bir Zeit University, near Ramallah."Neither the armed resistance of Hamas nor the diplomacy of Fatah has made any gains," he told Al Jazeera. "They are failed governments, and the public is deeply dissatisfied." ca 12/5/2018
Sewage destroys a Gaza sanctuarySarah Algherbawi - Electronic Intifada "Wadi Gaza has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the most important coastal wetlands in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin. The valley and its surrounding area have hosted a rich variety of ducks, herons, storks, raptors and flamingos.More recently, it has become one of the few areas in Gaza where people with modest incomes can afford to buy property...In the past, Wadi Gaza was a natural open body of water coming from Hebron in the occupied West Bank and the Naqab region of historic Palestine. Israel has mostly blocked that water, however, by constructing diversion dams that redirect the water before it reaches Gaza. The result has been that Palestinians have been deprived of water that is instead diverted to Israel.Under international law, states are forbidden from acting unilaterally to change the flow of water crossing a national border or boundary." ca 11/5/2018
Ahed Tamimi’s brother detained in overnight raid on Nabi Saleh Jaclynn Ashly - Mondoweiss "Waed is now being held at Israel’s Ofer detention center near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank and is undergoing interrogations with Israeli authorities, Bassem said. Waed was previously imprisoned in 2015 for almost a year when he was 19-years-old... “Waed’s arrest is just another attempt by Israel to break Nabi Saleh,” Bassem said. “This is the point of all of this. Israel wants to break the example of Nabi Saleh’s resistance to occupation.” ca11/5/2018
Football dreams battle Israeli bulletsAmjad Ayman Yaghi - The Electronic Intifada - "Alaa al-Dali, a 21-year-old cyclist, had qualified to represent Palestine at the Asian Games being held in Indonesia this summer. Going there will not be possible. On 30 March, he was shot in his right leg by an Israeli sniper. The damage caused was so severe that the leg later had to be amputated." - id 9/5/2018
Israeli troops fire shots, tear gas at Gaza protesters, 1,100 Palestinians hurtNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters "Medics said around 82 people were shot and wounded with live fire, another 800 treated for gas inhalation and the rest for other injuries along the Gaza side of the 25-mile (40-km) border fence, where Palestinians set up tent encampments on March 30 for what they call “The Great March of Return”. ca5/5/2018
Gaza in 2018 is what Selma was in 1965David A Love - Al-Jazeera "Israel`s latest attacks on non-violent protesters in Gaza mark a turning point in the Palestinian movement for justice...With a younger generation committed to racial justice, social equity and human rights, attitudes towards Israel`s occupation of Palestine are shifting, even as many mainstream Jewish organisations remain silent. 4/5/2018
PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (26 April – 02 May 2018)IMEMC News & Agencies - "Israeli forces continued to directly target peaceful protests that did not pose any threat to the Israeli soldiers’ life. 4 Palestinian civilians, including a child, were killed on the fifth Friday of the March of Return and Breaking Siege." ca4/5/2018
Life in the shadow of the settlement of Beit El: Going to school in a state of constant perilB`Tselem - "The proximity between the settlement and the camp led to a permanent military presence in the area, observation towers, patrols along Route 466 and the area between the road and the settlement, and also roadblocks. Frequent clashes between Israeli security forces and the Palestinian residents have long since become part of daily life in the area. When clashes take place, the security forces use teargas, rubber-coated metal bullets and, in some cases, live fire. Al-Jalazun residents, including minors, have been killed and injured. On top of resulting in casualties, the teargas and gunfire also disrupt life in the camp in general, and school life in particular." ca4/5/2018
Settlers Bulldoze Salfit Lands to Expand SettlementIMEMC News & Agencies - "Eyewitnesses confirmed that the bulldozers leveled lands west of Kafr El Deek, west of Salfit, in order to expand the settlement of “Aleh Zahav”, adding that they were used for herding poultry and had olive trees...He pointed out that 25 settlements in Salfit have been expanding in different directions, starting from the Za’tara checkpoint to south of Nablus, and ending at Kafr Qasim, to separate the northern West Bank from its south and center, thus ending the dream of a Palestinian state." ca4/5/2018
Jerusalem Residency Revoked for Three Palestinian MPs, One Former MinisterIMEMCnews - Israeli occupation authorities decided, on Sunday, to strip four Jerusalemite MPs of their permanent residency, under the pretext of not being loyal to Israel. Lawyer Fadi al-Qawasmi said that Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri decided to revoke the residency of MPs Mohammed Abu Tir, Ahmad Attoun, and Mohammed Toutah, as well as that of the former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Khaled abu-Arafa.-rh2/5/2018
Are Palestinian Journalists Being Targeted by Israeli Snipers?Ben White - Palestine Chronicle - With two journalists dead and at least 12 others injured, international criticism of Israeli tactics grows. Some Palestinian journalists are accusing Israel of “deliberately” targeting them as they cover the ongoing protests at the Gaza border. In just five short weeks, two Palestinian journalists have been killed by Israeli snipers and at least 12 others injured.-rh2/5/2018
Arab Leaders Have Abandoned Gaza, TooJEET HEER - The New Republic - Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s foreign policy, for instance, is geared towards creating a coalition to contain Iran, which the crown prince sees as the root of most evil in the region. In an interview with The Atlantic, he said that “the Iranian supreme leader makes Hitler look good.” Thus, he seems intent on pursing a policy of normalizing relations with Iran’s enemy, Israel, even if it means sidelining the cause of Palestinian statehood and abandoning Palestinian human rights. “In the last several decades the Palestinian leadership has missed one opportunity after the other and rejected all the peace proposals it was given,” Bin Salman reportedly told a group of Jewish organizations in New York last month in a private meeting. “It is about time the Palestinians take the proposals and agree to come to the negotiations table or shut up and stop complaining.”-rh 2/5/2018
Why rules of engagement on Gaza border must be revokedGilad Grossman - Ynet News - The IDF, the Border Guard and the police have a variety of non-lethal means for dealing with protests, and these means can also be used to prevent damage to the fence or an infiltration into Israel. Firearms should only be used to defend soldiers’ lives and civilians’ lives. This is not only argued by human rights organizations and the law; it’s the IDF’s spirit as well. “IDF soldiers will not use their weapons and force to harm human beings who are not combatants… and will do all in their power to avoid causing harm to their lives, bodies, dignity and property,” the IDF’s Code of Ethics and Mission states.-rh 2/5/2018
Young Jews won’t cry over the end of the Zionist dream, Beinart saysPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Peter Beinart has been doing great work lately. Last Friday he had a long piece in the Forward on Gaza that step by step took apart every rationalization for the brutal collective punishment of 2 million people and said American Jews are responsible. “Our community’s complicity in the human nightmare in Gaza should fill every American Jew with shame.” And two weeks ago at J Street, Beinart ran down the American Jewish establishment for its support for the settlement project that has destroyed the two-state solution, for its Islamophobia, for its destruction of American political dissent on Israel. And he called for Democrats to demand that the next presidential nominee state, Not a penny for your illegal settlements.-rh2/5/2018
Cops and Robbers : Distribution of Israel Police stations throughout the West Bank/ April 2018Kerem Navot - On June 14, 1967, a week after the onset of the occupation of the West Bank, Uzi Narkiss, former IDF commander of the Central Command, signed an order allowing the Israel Police to operate in the West Bank, despite the fact that it was not part of the sovereign territory of the State of Israel. As such, the Israel Police were not authorized to operate there to begin with.This report we’re releasing today is devoted to surveying the geographical distribution of dozens of police stations, all of which are located within settlements or areas subject to full Israeli control in Area C.-rh2/5/2018
Killer of Palestinian teen praised as “excellent” by Israeli judgeAli Abunimah - EI - Rights and Accountability - "“The lenient sentence announced today is not surprising and illustrates how pervasive and entrenched denial perpetuates impunity even where video evidence shows Israeli forces intentionally killing children.”" - id 2/5/2018
IDF arrests top Palestinian nonviolent activist in overnight raid (also his son)+972 - Morrar was a key figure in the nonviolent protests against the separation wall, which swept Budrus during the early 2000’s, after the state announced that it would confiscate 300 acres of land in order to build the separation wall. Those protests would serve as inspiration for other popular protests across the West Bank, in villages such as Bil’in and Nabi Saleh, against the wall and settlements. [bz]1/5/2018
"Revocation of Jerusalem residency - illegal and egregious, a violation of International Law"Dr. Hanan Ashrawi - PLO Department of Culture and Information - PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi strongly condemned the decision of y Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri to permanently revoke the Jerusalem IDs of three members of the Palestinian Legislative Council Muhammad Abu-Teir, Ahmad `Attoun and Muhammad Totah, and the former Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Khaled Abu-`Arafa. "This illegal and egregious move is anything but new. As confirmed by Human Rights Watch in a report issued last August, `between the start of Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967 and the end of 2016, Israel revoked the status of at least 14,595 Palestinians from East Jerusalem. This is a manifest violation of International Law, specifically of Article 49(1) of the Fourth Geneva Convention". [ak]1/5/2018
15-year-old Palestinian boy succumbs to wounds in GazaMa’an News Agency - "Medical sources at the European Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis confirmed that Azzam Hilal Uweida, 15, succumbed to his wounds on Saturday morning. Sources added that Uweida was shot in the head by Israeli forces" [ry] 30/4/2018
A village in danger of erasureAnne Paq - The Electronic Intifada - "Israel continues to encroach on al-Walaja’s remaining land. The construction of Gilo and Har Gilo settlements, and Israel’s West Bank wall, currently underway, has left residents unable to access their land. When completed, the wall will totally surround al-Walaja, and will likely force many residents to leave so that they can access their workplaces and services like healthcare and education outside the village." - id 25/4/2018
Blaming a child for the sniper`s bullet that killed himOrly Noy - +972 - "The first thing that came to mind when I heard Bennett’s horrifying response was that a less ignorant, and perhaps less racist, government minister would know that there is no class on Fridays in the Palestinian school system. Then I pictured the tens of thousands of students that Bennett’s political allies – and Bennett himself – bring to hate-filled protests in the alleys and streets of the Muslim Quarter on Jerusalem Day. Mohammed Ayoub, unlike those children, was protesting on his land: the battered, besieged, and starved Gaza Strip that was his home." - id 25/4/2018
Deaf teenager is latest Palestinian to die of wounds sustained during Gaza protestsMa`ans News Agency - Two Palestinians, including a deaf teenager, succumbed to wounds sustained during the ongoing “Great March of Return” protests in the besieged Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that 18-year-old Tahrir Mahmoud Wahba, who was deaf, died on Monday morning. The teenager was shot with live ammunition by Israeli forces during protests on Friday April 13th in the southern Gaza Strip district of Khan Younis, near the al-Awdeh refugee camp. Late Sunday night, the ministry reported that a Palestinian “youth,” identified as Abdullah Muhammad al-Shamali, succumbed to wounds he sustained last Friday. Al-Shamali was a resident of the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah. According to the Ministry of Health, the deaths of Wahba and al-Shamali brought the total death toll in Gaza since the “Great March of Return” began on March 30, to 41 Palestinians including at least three minors and a journalist.-rh25/4/2018
In Photos: While the world watches Gaza, Israeli forces invade Nabi SalehAnne Paq and Heidi Motola - Mondoweiss - Nabi Saleh, a small village of 600 inhabitants, has been recently in the headlines, following the arrest of the young activist, Ahed Tamimi (17), who slapped an Israeli soldier in front of her home last December. However, there is little attention to the fact that the village is regularly invaded by the Israeli army, days and nights, triggering clashes with the youth, who confront the soldiers with stones. The arrests takes place mostly during the nights and currently, acording to Belal Tamimi, 19 residents of Nabi Saleh are imprisoned by the Israeli authorities.-rh25/4/2018
The Guardian view on the Gaza protests: a new challenge to Israel’s blockadeThe Guardian - Editorial - This weekend the United Nations Middle East peace envoy asked: “How does the killing of a child in #Gaza today help #peace? It doesn’t! It fuels anger and breeds more killing.” Nickolay Mladenov was right to be outraged. He tweeted after a Palestinian teenager was shot in the head apparently by Israeli army snipers while peacefully protesting near a border fence. The Israeli government at first dismissed calls for an investigation, only to concede to one after the international community called on the military to “stop killing children”. The soldiers’ use of live ammunition against unarmed demonstrators is an affront; but it is in line with the brutal attitudes towards Palestinians that have become normalised by Israeli politicians.25/4/2018
Israel defence minister gives ‘absolute support’ to snipers shooting Palestinian protestersMiddle East Monitor - Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman yesterday expressed his “absolute support” for the Israeli soldiers who have been shooting Palestinian protesters in the occupied Gaza Strip in recent weeks. On Friday, Israeli snipers shot and killed four Palestinians (with a fifth succumbing to his wounds on Sunday night), including a 14-year-old child, Mohammad Ayoub. Lieberman said that Israeli soldiers had done nothing wrong. “I was there myself and saw how the soldiers were operating. The way our soldiers function inspires respect,” the defence minister stated, adding that “there is absolute support for IDF soldiers and every incident is investigated."-rh25/4/2018
Palestine: MSF teams in Gaza observe unusually severe and devastating gunshot injuriesMedicins Sans Frontieres - Since 1 April, MSF teams in Gaza, Palestine, have provided post-operative care to more than 500 people injured by gunshots during the March of Return demonstrations. The number of patients treated in our clinics over the last three weeks is more than the number we treated throughout all of 2014, when Israel’s military Operation Protective Edge was launched over the Gaza strip. MSF medical staff report receiving patients with devastating injuries of an unusual severity, which are extremely complex to treat. The injuries sustained by patients will leave most with serious, long-term physical disabilities.-rh25/4/2018
Student Dean, 14-year old boy among tonight`s detaineesMa`an - The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) reported that Israeli army forces detained the Dean of Student Affairs at Bethlehem University, Mahmoud Hammad. As usual, the army gave no information on the reasons for the detentions and what charges will be presented against him, if any. (Many Palestinians end up in Administrative Detention without even the semblance of a trial). Also the 14-years old Muhammad Samer Sirhan, of East Jerusalem was among those detained. In his case, likewise, no reason for the detention was given. [ak]. 24/4/2018
Israeli soldiers cheer after shooting a Palestinian protester in the village of Madama (including video)B`Tselem press release - Joyfully cheering about shooting a person trying to clear the access road to his home and calmly discussing other ways to hit him and the other people with him are part of the discordant soundtrack accompanying 51 years of occupation. [bz]24/4/2018
The curse of being a not-wanted Palestinian village near JerusalemIMEMC - A group of settlers invaded, on Monday at dawn, Beit Iksa village, surrounded by the Wall northwest of occupied Jerusalem, punctured tires of more than 20 Palestinian cars and wrote racist graffiti. The village is inhabited by 1800 Palestinians, and is also subject to constant military invasions. Most of its residents had to leave due to the Wall and settlements. [bz] 24/4/2018
Settlers attack two homes in HebronM.N. - WAFA - Israeli settlers on Saturday attacked with stones two homes belonging to Jaber and Qfesheh families in the Old City neighborhood in Hebron. Aref Jaber, an anti-Israeli settlements activist, told WAFA that the settlers were escorted by soldiers and smashed some of the windows of the two homes, and terrorized their residents, shouting racist slogans and threatening to take over their homes by force. [bz]24/4/2018
Za’tari Family in Hebron Implores Defense Minister to Evict Settler SquattersPeace Now - In his letter Attorney Samer Shehadeh stated that the settlers’ claim of purchase “has no basis in reality, since my clients and/or their representatives never sold their ownership rights in their homes.” Peace Now`s comment: "Instead of protecting the landowner’s rights, the government is helping robbers (...)" [bz]24/4/2018
Army said to find slain Gaza teen was trying to damage border fence when shotThe Times of Israel and agencies - EU joins US, UN in urging Israel to investigate Friday`s killing of Mohammed Ayoub, 15; IDF says he apparently crossed barbed wire barrier and was heading to main border fence [ry]23/4/2018
Snipers ordered to shoot children, Israeli general confirmsAli Abunimah - EI - "In a radio interview, Brigadier-General (Reserve) Zvika Fogel describes how a sniper identifies the `small body` of a child and is given authorization to shoot" [ry]23/4/2018
Palestinian children live life of hardship in Israeli lockupShatha Hammad - Aljazeera "Ayed Abu Eqtaish, the accountability programme director at Defence for Children International - Palestine (DCI-P), argues that Israeli courts fail to respect established rules for detaining and trying children in court.Although Israel is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, it ignores that agreement`s restrictions when dealing with Palestinian children, Abu Eqtaish tells Al Jazeera.Rather than seeking alternatives to prison, Israeli courts regularly impose lengthy sentences on the children and impose costly fines on their families, Abu Eqtaish adds." ca 20/4/2018
Israel kills child and crushes bones in GazaMaureen Clare Murphy - Electronic Intifada "Muhammad Ibrahim Ayyoub, 14, shot in the head east of Jabaliya in northern Gaza on Friday, is the fourth child among the more than 30 Palestinians killed during protests since the rallies began on 30 March." ca 20/4/2018
Gaza Deserves Our SupportJames J. Zogby - Lobelog "I traveled to Gaza many times during the 1990’s, in my capacity as co-Chair of Builders for Peace, which was a project launched by Vice President Al Gore to help grow the Palestinian economy. My colleagues and I were unprepared for what we found. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, who led one of these delegations, described what he saw as “worse than Soweto.”...In the weeks ahead, I hope to see Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and Palestinians in Lebanon and Jordan join this “Great March”." ca 20/4/2018
Gaza: Palestinians Continue "Great March of Return" Protests for Third Straight WeekAmy Goodman - Truthout - Palestinians gathered at the Israeli-Gaza border for a third Friday in a row as part of the ongoing "Great March of Return" protests. Paramedics say at least 30 Palestinians were injured by Israeli soldiers during Friday`s protest. Israeli soldiers have killed at least 34 Palestinians since the wave of protests against Israel`s occupation began on March 30. We get response from Ramah Kudaimi, director of grassroots organizing at US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. She is also a member of the Syrian Solidarity Collective and on the National Committee of the War Resisters League. She calls for the US to end its military support for Israel, and argues that Palestinian rights cannot be separated from US actions in the region.-rh18/4/2018
Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to ‘Breaking the Silence’Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - When you look at what is happening in Israeli society you would expect after these two years of attacks, that soldiers would stop coming to Breaking the Silence. I was actually fearful of that,” he said. But that has not been the case, and he thanked many organizations for blunting these attacks, including the Meretz Party, Yesh Din, Peace Now, B’Tselem and “our mother and father,” the New Israel Fund.-rh18/4/2018
Bernie Sanders: Ending Israel`s Occupation of Palestine Is in American`s InterestsAmir Tibon - readersupportednews - "The presence of Hamas members among a crowd of tens of thousands does not justify the level of violence we saw, and frankly it’s amazing to me that anyone would find that point controversial," Sanders said. "I have condemned Hamas’ use of terrorist violence and will continue to do so. But that violence cannot excuse shooting at unarmed protesters, and it cannot excuse trapping almost 2 million people inside Gaza.".-rh18/4/2018
Tensions rise due to settlers claiming major archaeological site IMEMC - Repeatedly, relgious-nationalist settlers try to stake a claim to the archaeological site of Sebastia, near the Palestinian village of the same name. As depicted in settler communiques, Sebastia or Samaria was "The Ancient Capital of Israel". This version glosses over the fact that the Bible refers to the place as a sinful, idolatrous city, eventually destroyed by God. Moreover, the impressive ruins to be seen there are much later - from a Roman city inaugurated by King Herod, whose own historical reputation is shady, to say the least. This week, the settlers demanded - and got - intensive military escort for a visit by a group of religious schoolgirls. The girls were conducted around the ruins by settler guides and told that they were seeing "a major site of Jewish historical heritage", while soldiers established an armed perimeter all around and shot heavy barrages of tear gas at Palestinian protesters. Mohammed Azem, Mayor of Sebastia, expressed protest and outrage at the settler incursion and announced that a Palestinian national festival, organized by the municipality, will be held on the same archaeological site next Friday. [ak] 17/4/2018
PHRI Emergency Delegation to the Gaza StripREPORT from Physicians for Human Rights - ReliefWeb - Physicians for Human Rights Israel’s delegation returned from the Gaza Strip after providing medical treatment to 380 patients and operating on 15 of them: “In the most advanced hospital in Gaza it felt like the 1970s. If things remain this way, most gunshot casualties will have to undergo amputation. (...) We’re talking about the lack in the most basic instruments. (...) We’re talking about the lack in the most basic instruments.” [bz]17/4/2018
4 Palestinians, 2 teenagers, killed after Israeli artillery fire targets auto rickshawMa’an News Agency - "Four Palestinians were killed and others injured after Israeli artillery shelling targeted an auto rickshaw in the city of Rafah, in southern Gaza Strip, on Saturday afternoon. [...] Israeli news website Haaretz reported that the Israeli army is `investigating the possibility that the shooting incident was a work accident`” [ry]16/4/2018
From Gaza border to Ahed’s prison cell, Palestinian youth united by pain and resistanceRamzy Baroud - Al-Arabiya - The current generation of Palestinians is embarking on the task of discovering and fulfilling their mission. This mission of Palestinian youth under siege in Gaza is the same as that of Palestinian youth under military occupation in the West Bank. Indeed, the arrest and prolonged detention of Palestinian teen, Ahed Tamimi, starting December 19, highlight the nature of the challenge facing Palestine’s budding generation. They are faced with a brutal Israeli military regime and a self-serving Palestinian leadership.-rh11/4/2018
Israeli Forces & Settlers Drive Palestinian Farmers Off Their LandIMEMC - "Hassan Brejieh, member of the anti-wall and anti-settlement committee in Bethlehem, told WAFA that Israeli forces and settlers broke into the land of Ibrahim Sbeih and forced him and his brothers, who were working on their land located near the illegal settlement of Sidi Boez, to leave it, at gunpoint." - id 11/4/2018
Palestinian ‘return’ touches Israel’s deepest anxietiesZvi Schuldiner - Il Manifesto global edition - The 343-square- kilometer Gaza Strip, in which two million Palestinians live in poverty and on the threshold of an enormous humanitarian crisis, is surrounded by a closed-off military zone, which is not, however, airtight, and some Palestinians often manage to cross it. But in recent weeks, the nervousness of the Israelis had grown to a fever pitch, as everyone feared what would happen when a mass of Palestinians would engage in a peaceful march to try to create a visual representation of what the “return” would mean.-rh11/4/2018
The Blockade on Israel`s HeartGideon Levy -Information Clearing House - It’s hard to understand how one can look at tens of thousands of people in their cage and not see them. How is it possible to look at these protesters and not see the disaster wrought first and foremost by Israel?-rh 11/4/2018
Israel and Annexation by LawfareMichael Sfard - The New York Review of Books - I always thought that if Israel were to unilaterally annex the occupied Palestinian territories, it would come under an international spotlight, with denunciations and protests around the world. I was wrong. Annexation is underway, but out of the spotlight, away from international attention. In the dismal offices of the fortified Justice Ministry in East Jerusalem, in the cramped meeting rooms of the Knesset, and in the august chambers of the Supreme Court, Israel’s finest lawyers are working around the clock to shape the biggest paradigm shift since the West Bank was conquered in 1967.-rh11/4/2018
IDF probing video showing soldier cheering as sniper hits Palestinian Yoav Zitun - Ynet - A video making the rounds on WhatsApp appears to show an IDF sniper shooting a Palestinian near the Gaza border fence, while another soldier exclaims "YES! Son of a b****". The film was apparently made by a soldier standing at the sniper`s side and posted on the net without the army authorities` knowledge. One soldier is heard whispering to the cameraman "Film it, film it," with the filming soldier commenting "what a legendary video." Not only are such comments on killing a person ugly and vulgar, but the video casts strong on whether the Palestinian - shown being hit and falling to the ground - posed any kind of threat. [ak] 10/4/2018
A state-sponsored mass shootingMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - On a day when military snipers shot hundreds of unarmed demonstrators, the army declares that ‘the circumstances in which journalists were wounded are unknown.’ The circumstances couldn’t be clearer[ry]9/4/2018
IDF denies deliberately targeting journalist killed in Gaza protestTimes Of Israel - Murtaja was over 100 meters from the border, wearing a flak jacket marked “press” when he was shot, news agency reports said. "The IDF does not deliberately target journalists. The circumstances in which the journalist was supposedly hit by IDF fire are not known and they are being investigated,” the army reacted. Haniyeh, the head of Hamas, attended the funeral. He said journalists were attacked by Israel while trying to show a “true picture of a blockaded, downtrodden people.” [bz]7/4/2018
Christians in Gaza Denied Access to Holy Week in JerusalemIMEMC News & Agencies - "Christian pilgrims from across the globe visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at Easter. However, Palestinian Christians from Gaza are yet to receive any travel permits from Israel, church leaders have complained." ca1/4/2018
US blocks UNSC statement on Israel`s use of force on Land DayAl Jazeera - "The statement, which was proposed by Kuwait, demanded an "independent and transparent investigation" under international law into the bloody events on Friday`s Land Day protests.The statement also expressed "grave concern at the situation at the border" and stressed "the right to peaceful protest"." ca 1/4/2018
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