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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Two Million Gazans Swelter in the DarkMohammed Omer - Washington Report on Middle East Affairs "The unremitting electric blackouts—sometimes for as long as 20 to 22 hours a day—along with ill-equipped hospitals and closed borders, mean that many people in Gaza literally face death as a result of Israel’s collective punishment." ca21/7/2017
Why is UN pushing for Gaza’s surrender?Maureen Clare Murphy - Electronic Intifada "...what the report actually does is reveal how the UN has apparently aligned with Israel and its international backers in pushing for Gaza’s total surrender to its tormentors.This is made evident with the background context provided in the report which frames Israel’s economic blockade on Gaza as the response to Hamas’ takeover of the Gaza Strip in 2007, which Piper’s report perversely describes as a “coup.” ca 21/7/2017
Saving Israel by Ending the OccupationJessica Montell - Palestine-Israel Journal - What is striking is the absence of Israeli public awareness and discussion regarding the effects of the occupation on Israeli society. This is the rationale behind SISO, a new movement whose name stands for Save Israel, Stop the Occupation. SISO is a partnership of Israelis and Diaspora Jews, founded to leverage this 50th year to serve as a catalyst for real change.-rh20/7/2017
Sensing an opportunity, Israel targets UNRWA and the Palestinian right of returnBen White - MEMO - UNRWA has long been a bête noire of Israeli politicians and pro-Israel advocacy groups, who in recent years have attacked the agency over allegations of ‘incitement’ in schools, employees’ social media posts, and claims of compromised neutrality during Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Such complaints – which have lacked in substance and accuracy – are, however, primarily proxy targets for the fundamental reason why UNRWA is so despised: in the words of Netanyahu, “by its very existence”, the agency “perpetuates – and does not solve – the Palestinian refugee problem”. So, what does Netanyahu mean? To unpack this further, consider this piece written by fellows at right-wing institute Middle East Forum, praising Netanyahu’s call for the dismantling of UNRWA.-rh20/7/2017
The children of Nabi Saleh in Israeli prisons: a conversation with Bassem TamimiRichard Hardigan - Mondoweiss - The demonstrations in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh began in December of 2009. The villagers have been protesting against the theft of a local spring by the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish, but it has also been a battle against the Occupation in general. The Israeli authorities have responded to the protests in brutal fashion. In addition to three deaths and countless injuries over the years, the treatment of children has been particularly horrifying.-rh19/7/2017
8th Kite Festival in Burinal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "The festival is kind of a tradition for this town, but has not taken place for the last three years, because the main organiser and head of the Burin Youth Committee, Target Organisation for Rural Development, Ghassan Najar was in prison, having been arrested for hosting the last Kite Festival in 2014." - id 19/7/2017
Palestinian succession gets more complicatedDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Hopes that Saeb Erekat, the head of the Palestinian negotiating team, would succeed President Mahmoud Abbas have been dashed by news that Erekat has to undergo an urgent lung transplant, thus further complicating the Palestinian political scene.-rh 19/7/2017
Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M People "Back to Middle Ages" in Electricity CrisisDemocracy Now - Israeli-imposed restrictions have limited electricity in Gaza to barely four hours a day, creating a humanitarian catastrophe for its 2 million residents. In 2012, the World Health Organization warned that Gaza would be uninhabitable by 2020. The U.N. now says the area has already become unlivable, with living conditions in Gaza deteriorating faster than expected. We go directly to Gaza to speak with Raji Sourani, an award-winning human rights lawyer and director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza. We also speak with Tareq Baconi, author of the forthcoming book, "Hamas Contained: The Rise & Pacification of Palestinian Resistance." He is a policy fellow at Al-Shabaka, The Palestinian Policy Network.-rh19/7/2017
MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT: PALESTINIANS URGE `DAY OF RAGE` AS ISRAEL IMPOSES HOLY SITE MEASURES AFTER ATTACKJack Moore - Newsweek - The Palestinian Fatah party, led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, called for a "Day of Rage" on Wednesday to protest new Israeli security measures at the contested Jerusalem holy site after a deadly shooting attack that killed two policemen last week. Israel closed the site on Friday after three Arab-Israeli citizens from the northern city of Umm al-Fahm carried out a shooting attack near the entrance to the site known as the Temple Mount to Jews, and the Haram al-Sharif, or the Noble Sanctuary, to Muslims.Israeli authorities reopened the compound to Muslims on Sunday, and non-Muslims on Monday, but with extra security measures, such as metal detectors. The city`s police said it was a necessary requirement for the site to open.-rh19/7/2017
Israeli-Palestinian water deal could chart course for further talks Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - An agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on the Red Sea-Dead Sea canal project could build some trust between the sides, but the Palestinians are leery of any impact from it going into negotiations.-rh 19/7/2017
When Gaza has no power, we all swim in sewageHagai El-Ad - +972 - As Netanyahu drinks water from a new Israeli mobile desalination technology with the visiting Indian prime minister, Israel’s actual desalination plant, planted firmly next to Gaza, stares down the consequences of Israel’s disastrous policies: raw sewage flowing its way.-rh19/7/2017
Yet Another Military Trial in the Occupied TerritoriesKhulood Badawi - Human Rights Watch - Amro, the prominent founder and coordinator of Youth Against Settlements, and Human Rights watchdog al-Atrash were charged with “demonstrating without license,” “entering a closed military zone,” “incitement,” and “obstructing an officer,” at a February 2016 protest. The protesters were demanding Israeli authorities reopen al-Shuhada Street in Hebron, a key artery that the Israeli military has heavily restricted for the 40,000 Palestinians of Hebron to protect 500 Israeli settlers who reside in the area. Israeli restrictions, which include over 100 physical obstacles across Hebron have transformed al-Shuhada street from a vibrant street full of Palestinian shops and shoppers into a virtual ghost town of shuttered windows and graffiti. - Amro also currently faces 14 other charges related to his nonviolent activism. [bz] 18/7/2017
Israeli forces shoot young Palestinian in East Jerusalem, raid hospital where he is treatedMa`an - The Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that Israeli troops stormed the area of Ein al-Luza and fired stun grenades and live fire haphazardly, while young residents threw Molotov cocktails and fireworks in response. One Palestinian was seriously injured during the raid, according to the information center, and taken to a hospital, where he underwent surgery. The center added that Israeli police raided the al-Makassed Hospital east of the Old City of Jerusalem, seeking to detain the injured Palestinian. Official Palestinian news agency Wafa said the young man was taken from his hospital bed by Israeli forces. [bz]18/7/2017
Two Palestinian Fishermen wounded by Israeli Navy shootings off Khan Younis The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) - “At approximately 19:00, I headed out with two other fishermen, Ibrahim and Murad (who owns the boat). We kept within the limited area allowed [by Israel] for fishing. After two hours, while we were withdrawing the fishing net out of the water, an Israeli gunboat suddenly approached to within 15 meters away from us. The Israelis started shooting. I felt severe pain in my right leg and fell on the deck. Ibrahim was wounded as well. We started yelling, and Murad shouted that we were wounded. We heard the Israeli soldiers talking but did not understand. After minutes, Murad sailed to the shore, and Ibrahim and I were taken to Naser Hospital in Khan Younis. [ak]18/7/2017
Residency Revocation: Israel’s Forcible Transfer of Palestinians from JerusalemAlShabaka - Under international law, East Jerusalem is considered an occupied territory and the de facto annexation of the city by the Israeli government is considered illegal. Throughout its occupation, Israel has enacted discriminatory laws and policies to diminish the presence of the Palestinian population in East Jerusalem. By granting Palestinians a “permanent” residency status to live in Jerusalem, entry into and residency in Jerusalem becomes a revocable privilege, instead of an inherent right.-rh12/7/2017
 How Israel’s 10-Year Blockade Brought Gaza to the Brink of Collapse : The crisis in Gaza is not simply a humanitarian tragedy. It’s a moral outrage.Tareq Baconi - The Nation -  he stories read like dispatches from a nightmare, describing a reality that is almost too extreme to fathom: nearly 2 million people locked inside a land mass the size of Philadelphia, the borders carefully controlled, the movement of goods and humans severely restricted; as much as 72 percent of the population facing food insecurity and 41 percent struggling with unemployment; hospitals forced to rely on generators for life-saving equipment, while supplies of life-saving medicines dwindle to dangerous levels; and looming in the not-far-off distance, as water treatment and desalination plants stop working, the risk that drinking water will run out.-rh12/7/2017
Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Palestinians In Jenin IMEMC - "Medical sources In Jenin said the soldiers killed Sa’ad Hasan Salah, 21, from Jenin city, and Aws Mohammad Salama, 17, from Jenin refugee camp, after shooting them with live fire. The sources added that the soldiers also shot Odai Nizar Abu Na’sa, 19, with an expanding bullet in his leg, causing a serious injury." - id 12/7/2017
`Gaza will be unlivable next year, not 2020 as the UN says`Edo Konrad - +972 - "Without electricity, the pumps that deliver tap water to apartments in high-rise residential buildings stop working. “Water used to reach these houses between two-to-three hours every few days,” Khalil Shaheen says. “And this is in the summer. Yesterday, my building only had one hour of water.”" - id 12/7/2017
Apartheid illustrated: Israeli soldier shoots another soldier in Hebronal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "The Israeli forces immediately closed the whole area to Palestinians by closing all the checkpoints, collectively punishing the civilian Palestinian population." - id12/7/2017
Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian-owned building in IssawiyaMa`an - Israeli forces demolished a four-story, under-construction building in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya on Tuesday morning, despite its Palestinian landowner having a schedule meeting with Israeli authorities to postpone the demolition. Owner of the building Hanan Mahmoud told Ma’an that she and her family were caught by surprise when four bulldozers escorted by armed Israeli forces stormed the area at around 4 a.m. and began razing the building to the ground. Construction of the four-floor building -- comprised of six apartments, with the ground floor planned to be used as shops -- started about a year ago. Construction licenses are very expensive and difficult to obtain for Palestinians, notably in the Jerusalem area, in a bid by Israeli authorities to force Palestinians out and change the demographic balance of the city. [bz]11/7/2017
Video: Gaza’s gaping woundMaureen Clare Murphy - EI - “Four of them had made it to the top of the building when it was hit by a heavy missile fired from an F-16 warplane. The roof collapsed, killing eight people, all but two of them children. One of the 28 persons who were injured in the strike died of his wounds days later. The Israeli military claimed that operational error caused unintended civilian deaths when it targeted the Kaware family home, where a senior figure in Hamas’ military wing was living” [ry]10/7/2017
Palestinian baby dies from tear gas inhalationLaurin-Whitney Gottbrath - Al Jazeera - Officials say the child died from asphyxiation two months after Israeli forces shot tear gas at his home near Ramallah [ry]10/7/2017
Dutch gov’t condemns Israeli confiscation of donated solar panelsJericho/ PNN/ - Palestine News Network "The Dutch government has lodged a protest with Israel over the confiscation of equipment donated to the Palestinian village of Jibbet Addeeb’s hybrid power system (diesel and solar powered), according to a written statement of the Dutch foreign ministry, sent to Haaretz by the Netherlands’ office in Ramallah." ca7/7/2017
Life under occupation: Resisting Israeli apartheid in H2 area of HebronPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Alternative information Center "The violence of soldiers and settlers has not deterred the Shamsiya family from reporting on human rights violations in Israeli occupied Hebron.Imad Abu Shamsiya is a 47-year old husband and the father of five children – three boys and two girls. A shoemaker by profession, for years he has been dedicating a large part of his time to opposing Israeli occupation by documenting human rights violations committed by Israeli settlers and soldiers in his home as well as in Tel Rumeida and other parts of Hebron via camera." ca7/7/2017
Beyond protesting occupation, `Sumud` is protecting lifeSami Awad - +972 "For over a month now, I have been involved with a group of Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals in a new and emerging protest and protect movement called “Sumud: Freedom Camp.” One of our key aims is to build a nonviolent movement that focuses on joint action toward resisting the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian people." ca7/7/2017
Demand to stop prisoner payments is Israeli gambit to avoid peace talks — PA commissionSheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - “The Israeli position understands very much what that impact [of cutting prisoners’ salaries] would be, and how impossible that is,” he said. “This demand to stop payment to prisoners is a condition by Israel to avoid making any peace treaties with the Palestinians. In a time in which people want to talk about settlements and borders and water issues, Israel wants to make this issue with prisoners the crux of a deal to make peace?”.-rh5/7/2017
A day in Umm al-Kheir, threatened by demolition by Israeli forcesal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "The whole life in this beautiful piece of land is dominated by their settler-neighbours: except for one house in the village, every house has several times been demolished and is constantly threatened by demolition by the Israeli forces." - id5/7/2017
Photos of life at Beit Lahia in GazaAhmad Hasaballah - The Arab Daily News - "Hasaballah’s award winning photography has documented the lives and struggles of Palestinians who live under Israeli oppression and the brutal Israeli embargo." - id 5/7/2017
Bonanza for Palestinian businesses as Ramadan travel permits canceled Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Although not expected or planned, the change in Palestinian plans due to the Israeli cancellation of the travel permits reveals a long-standing claim that the permits are issued during holidays to benefit Israeli businesses and resorts.-rh 5/7/2017
Israeli military court extends detention of Khalida Jarrar and Khitam Saafin as international protest growsSamidoun - Saafin and Jarrar were seized by Israeli occupation forces who invaded their family homes in the Ramallah area in pre-dawn raids on 2 July 2017. They recounted the experience of the raids to Addameer lawyer Muna Naddaf, who said that the two were taken to Ofer military court for interrogation after being seized. Both were only interrogated for 30 minutes before being placed in a small room with no windows for four hours. By 4:00 pm on the same day, the two were transferred to HaSharon prison, one of the two prisons where dozens of Palestinian women are held.-rh5/7/2017
New Settlement in Sheikh Jarrah, 1,800 Housing Units in East Jerusalem to Be Discussed by Regional Committee 03.7.17Peace Now - The government is brutally attempting to destroy the possibility of the two-state solution, and this time it is by establishing a new settlement at the heart of a Palestinian neighbourhood in East Jerusalem and promoting nearly 1,800 housing units beyond the Green Line. The eviction of 5 Palestinian families, which are protected tenants, in order to establish a new settlement in Sheikh Jarrah shows that nothing will get in the way of settler groups and a pro-settler government from preventing a future compromise in Jerusalem.-rh5/7/2017
Residency Revocation: Israel’s Forcible Transfer of Palestinians from JerusalemAl-Shabaka - Under international law, East Jerusalem is considered an occupied territory and the de facto annexation of the city by the Israeli government is considered illegal. Throughout its occupation, Israel has enacted discriminatory laws and policies to diminish the presence of the Palestinian population in East Jerusalem. By granting Palestinians a “permanent” residency status to live in Jerusalem, entry into and residency in Jerusalem becomes a revocable privilege, instead of an inherent right.-rh5/7/2017
327 Palestinians Killed during Jerusalem IntifadaThe Palestine Chronicle - Israeli occupation forces have killed 327 Palestinians since the start of the ongoing Jerusalem Intifada in October 2015, according to figures released by Al-Quds Centre for Palestinian and Israel Studies yesterday. According to the statistic, Israeli occupation forces have killed 48 Palestinians since the start of this year.The largest number of deaths were of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, where 81 Palestinians were killed, followed by Jerusalem with 65, Ramallah with 33, Jenin with 25, Nablus with 23, Bethlehem 20, Tulkarm 8, Salfit 5, Qalqilia 4 and Tubas 1.-rh5/7/2017
Israeli Court in Abu Khdeir Case: “Jewish terrorism is different from Arab terrorism”Celine Hagbard - IMEMC - "The father of Mohammed Abu Khdeir says that he is angry about the Israeli court ruling, and will take the case to the International Court in the Hague." - id 5/7/2017
5 Palestinian families face expulsion as hundreds of new settlement units promotedMa`an - The plans will include two new buildings -- respectively three and five stories tall -- in the heart of the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah that will require the expulsion of five Palestinian families, up for discussion at Israel’s Jerusalem Regional Committee on July 16. [bz]4/7/2017
Starved of power, Gaza Palestinians buckle under a blistering heatwave Dov Lieber - Times of Israel - Strip residents describe sleepless nights, beaches closed due to toxic sewage, and rising food prices; even fresh water is increasingly rare and electricity available only for 2 to 3 hours. "When the power comes, you run like a madman to manage to recharge everything, pump water, shower, sleep, work, get online, cool down and breathe..." [bz]4/7/2017
The West Bank`s `Disneyland` Offers a Small Break From the Israeli Occupation Gideon Levy - Haaretz "The Ghanem brothers are certain that peace can start in their Mega Land. Just let them make 5-D peace on one of their spinning rides and you’ll see. In the meantime, we did our best to play down our own national identity amid the masses of Palestinian visitors." ca1/7/2017
34 House Dems condemn Israeli charges against Issa Amro — follower of civil rights movement and GandhiPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss "We believe that nonviolent means of political engagement should be encouraged rather than suppressed, and that the persecution and imprisonment of peaceful activists such as Mr. Amro only threatens the safety and human rights of both Palestinians and Israelis." ca1/7/2017
Palestinian Goes to the Beach for the First Time in Decades, Gets $200 Fine From Israeli Fashion Police Roy Arad - Haaretz "This isn’t a story about a boy who lost an eye or about a wrecked home. It’s about a minor matter, but still, it tugs at the heartstrings.Hakam Habash, a 36-year-old man who works in a Nablus factory that manufactures jeans for companies in Israel, hadn’t seen the sea for 20 years. When he received a permit to be in Israel in the daylight hours during the month of Ramadan, which just ended this week – he decided to go to the seashore. But his foray to Herzl Beach in Netanya ended in bitter disappointment." ca 1/7/2017
Israel may be able to confiscate our money, but it cannot confiscate our dignity Issa Qaraqe - PNN "The ratification by the Israeli ministerial committee on June 14, 2017 of the draft law allowing the withholding of Palestinian tax funds under the claim that they are used to fund subsidies for the families of detainees, martyrs, and wounded is more horrifying and immoral than war itself.Israel is attempting to skin and punish the Palestinian people alive and cloak penal legislations designed to crush the Palestinian people under the veil of law." ca 1/7/2017
Israeli authorities destroy 60 solar panels in remote Bethlehem-area villageMa`an News Agency - "Head of the village council Rateb Abu Mahamid told Ma’an that Israeli army forces and members of the Israeli Civil Administration raided the village early Wednesday to seize the solar panels, highlighting that they were installed last year by human rights organizations to provide electricity to the remote village, which has "no necessities of life to survive," according to the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ).The village, located in Area C -- the more than 60 percent of the occupied West Bank under full Israeli military control -- is surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements, and as a result, Israel bars Palestinians from building and being connected to basic infrastructure, Abu Mahamid told Ma`an." ca30/6/2017
A Palestinian family dividedJaclynn Ashly - Aljazeera - ""Each day, my children ask me when they will be able to come see me," he said. "I don`t know what to tell them any more."" - id 28/6/2017
A decade under siege: Gaza health sector nears collapse Years of Israeli siege, coupled with crippling electricity cuts, have pushed the Strip`s health system close to failure.William Parry - Aljazeera - As the two million Palestinian residents of Gaza enter their 11th year under a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, the many daily hardships they face are having an increasingly adverse effect on physical and mental health, particularly for the most vulnerable. Life for the people of Gaza has become characterised by soaring unemployment, acute fuel shortages, electricity supply for a couple of hours a day, a crippled water and sanitation system, prison-like movement restrictions, and the ever-looming threat of full-scale Israeli aggression on the horizon.-rh 28/6/2017
Israel terrorizes Gaza civilians in air strikes as Ramadan endsMohammed Asad - The Arab Daily News - "An unknown religious extremist group allegedly claimed credit for the rocket fire against Israel, but many Palestinians asserted that Israel fabricated the claim of a rocket attack in order to launch strikes against Muslim targets marking the end of the 30 days of Islamic religious fasting, Ramadan." - id 28/6/2017
A guide to the Gaza Strip From Israel`s occupation to a decade of siege, here is all you need to know about `the world`s largest open-air prison`.Aljazeera - The Gaza Strip, home to two million Palestinians, is frequently on the news. The small enclave is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and has been aptly described as "the world`s largest open-air prison". It is a small self-governing Palestinian territory that came under Israeli occupation, along with the West Bank and East Jerusalem, after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.-rh 28/6/2017
Why Is One Pro-Israel Group Desperate To Keep You From Watching This Video? Peter Beinart - Forward - The worst part is that for major American Jewish organizations, ignorance is an export. It is not enough that American Jewish leaders never hear from Palestinians themselves — they do their best to ensure that American politicians don’t, either. Consider the sequence of events that began on June 8. On that day, an advocacy group called No Way To Treat a Child hosted a panel discussion on Capitol Hill. That’s not unusual. Advocacy organizations hold panel discussions on Capitol Hill all the time; the location makes it easier for congressional staff to attend. What made this one unusual was its subject: the Palestinian experience under Israeli control.-rh 28/6/2017
Pushing Gaza to suicide: The politics of humiliationRamzy Baroud - MA’AN NEWS AGENCY - Muhammad Abed is a 28-year-old taxi driver from the village of al-Qarara, near the town of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. He has no teeth. Lack of medical care and proper dentistry work cost him all of his teeth, which rotted and decayed at a very young age. Yet, his dire financial needs prevented him from acquiring dentures. His community eventually pitched in, collecting the few hundred dollars needed for Muhammad to finally being able to eat. Muhammad is not unemployed. He works ten hours, sometimes more, every single day. The old taxi he drives between Khan Yunis and Gaza City is owned by someone else. Muhammad’s entire daily salary ranges from 20 to 25 shekels, about $6. Raising a family with four children with such a meager income made it impossible for Muhammad to think of such seemingly extraneous expenses, such as fixing his teeth or acquiring dentures. Strange as it may seem, Muhammad is somewhat lucky.-rh28/6/2017
Fuel imported from Egypt averts full collapse in Gaza StripMA’AN NEWS AGENCY - A million liters of Egyptian-provided fuel is set to enter the besieged Gaza Strip on Saturday via the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt in order to assist the territory with a crippling electricity crisis, in the latest of a number of fuel shipments provided by Egyptian authorities. Israeli authorities announced plans to make drastic power cuts to the besieged territory last month, upon request of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the occupied West Bank, which foots Gaza’s monthly electricity bill from Israel, by subtracting from taxes collected by Israel on behalf of the PA.-rh 28/6/2017
Marking the Green LineNew Israel Fund - Hundreds of Israelis marched last week along the Green Line, the historic boundary between Israel and the West Bank, to remind Israelis that this is what separates the country from the occupied territory. Holding signs including, “Fifty Years of Occupation – Enough,” activists organized by NIF grantees Machsom Watch and Givat Haviva laid long strips of green cloth along the line. The line is so invisible that at one section near the Latrun intersection in Israel they walked on a dirt road next to a wheat field and alongside a major Israeli highway.-rh28/6/2017
Life imprisoned in a ‘closed military zone’: “Daily Life”?al-Khalil team International Solidarity Movement - "If you break a pair of scissors, your children will not be doing arts anymore, and no matter how often they ask for new one’s, the parents are prohibited to bring scissors, even non-sharp children`s-scissors, into this area." - id28/6/2017
7 Palestinians detained, 8 hospitalized in violent Israeli military raidsMa’an - During a violent raid into al-Duheisha refugee camp, at least eight Palestinians were injured, including six who were shot with live fire in the legs - one of whom was an on-duty paramedic whose brother was detained, and a youth who was run over by an Israeli military vehicle. Locals said that several Israeli military vehicles raided the refugee camp around dawn time, surrounded it from multiple areas, as snipers deployed on the rooftops of houses. Clashes erupted between Israeli soldiers and local youth at the entrances of the camp, with Israeli forces firing rubber-coated steel bullets, live bullets, and tear-gas bombs.[ak]27/6/2017
Life in a septic tankSarah Algherbawi - Electronic Intifada "Every day, 100,000 cubic meters of raw sewage are discharged into the sea around Gaza. The Gaza Strip’s environmental problems have worsened in recent years. Gaza has suffered from chronic electricity shortages ever since its sole power plant was bombed by Israel in 2006. Israel imposed an ongoing, severe economic blockade on the territory one year later, restricting the import of fuel and hindering repair of electricity infrastructure destroyed and damaged during successive military offensives." ca 23/6/2017
2 Million Palestinians Denied Traveling and Movement due to Closure of Gaza Border CrossingPCHR - (...) it is the responsibility of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions 1949 to oblige the occupying authorities to abide by the rules of international humanitarian law and to open all border crossings of the Gaza Strip, including Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, without any restrictions like age restrictions, because Erez is the only crossing that gives importance to the geographical unity between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, so it would allow the Gaza Strip residents to move freely between Palestinian cities and travel abroad. [bz]21/6/2017
Proposed Bill to Strip Palestinians in Israel of Their CitizenshipThe Palestine Chronicle - A proposed Israeli bill seeks to strip perpetrators of anti-occupation resistance attacks of their Israeli citizenship and their families of legal residency permits, Israeli media reported. According to Israel Hayom, the bill was introduced by Robert Ilatov, a Yisrael Beiteinu member of Knesset, and it is supported by Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. The newspaper quoted Ilatov as saying: “We will no longer allow the absurd [situation] in which terrorists and those who aid terrorism carry blue [Israeli] ID cards and enjoy the rights and benefits of citizens, while acting to annihilate us.”-rh 21/6/2017
Settlers pressure Netanyahu to reject Palestinian building planMazal Mualem - Al-Monitor - In Liberman’s plan, Palestinian towns were grouped into two categories: those included on the “red list,” from which terrorist attacks emerged; and a “green list” of 15 cities and villages from which terrorists hadn’t come. Liberman allotted benefits for those towns on the green list, which included the expansion of their master plan. The city of Qalqilya was one of them. [bz] 21/6/2017
Family rejects Israeli narrative of Palestinian killed at checkpoint as father is detainedMa`an - The Israeli army said at the time of Bahaa al-Hirbawi’s killing that he was attempting to carry out a knife attack on Israeli forces who were conducting out a “routine check" at the Jabaa military checkpoint. Relatives cited eyewitness accounts as saying that Israeli forces stopped Bahaa at the Jabaa checkpoint on his way back home from Ramallah and surrounded him. After that, “nobody knows what happened,” they said. "In response to the immediate threat, forces fired towards the attacker and a hit was confirmed," the IDF spokesperson told Ma’an, and acknowledged, after being asked for clarification, that the man was in fact killed. No Israelis were injured.[bz]21/6/2017
Iftar on the rubbleNora Lester Murad - Mondoweiss - Nora Lester Murad and her friends organize an Iftar dinner next to the rubble of a demolished Palestinian house in East Jerusalem, "We planned the Iftar to show solidarity with Ashraf and Islam, and the tens of thousands of Palestinian families whose homes have been demolished, partially demolished, or sealed, and who live every day under the imminent threat of demolitions by the Israel authorities. -rh21/6/2017
On World Refugee Day, estimates show 66% of Palestinians became refugees in 1948On World Refugee Day, estimates show 66% of Palestinians became refugees in 1948MA’AN NEWS AGENCY - According to UNRWA, 42 percent of the total population of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip are internally displaced refugees from historic Palestine, with data indicated that Palestinian refugees living in the occupied territory and Gaza have an overall unemployment rate of 33.3 percent in 2016, compared to 22.3 percent among non-refugees.-rh 21/6/2017
Are Attacks On Israeli Police In East Jerusalem Terrorism?Rima Najjar - Countercurrents - The nature of Israel’s violence in Jerusalem (as well as in the other occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip) is highlighted by the extrajudicial and brutal erasure of Palestinians who exercise their internationally recognized right to resist as described by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/33/24 of 29 November 1978: Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, particularly armed struggle;-rh 21/6/2017
Israel cancels 250,000 Palestinian permits to enter Israel during Ramadan after deadly attack Sheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - Israeli authorities on Friday rescinded 250,000 Israel entry permits from Palestinians hours after a deadly attack in Jerusalem left four dead and several injured, a spokesperson for the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) told Mondoweiss.-rh 21/6/2017
Bennett’s ‘peace’ plan: I’ll dictate, you’ll signAviad Kleinberg - YNet - In Bennett’s world, however, the other side— as well as its needs, its desires, its abilities and its rights— doesn’t exist. We will determine the outlines of the coexistence according to our demographic, security and cultural needs (we will determine, for example, that “Jerusalem is above reasoning and above peace”). We will determine the borders of the Palestinians` autonomy and, of course, the borders of the state and, as a result, the borders of the Palestinian “entity.” If we are strong enough, the other side will be forced to accept this dictation. Peace, in other words, is not a move in which we recognize the other and try to get the other to agree, but a one-sided move which exclusively reflects our needs.-rh21/6/2017
Campaign of collective punishment after Jerusalem attackMaureen Clare Murphy - EI - The military raided the homes of the slain attackers and gave notice that the homes would be demolished. Two Palestinians in the village were shot in the legs with live ammunition during confrontations that broke out during the Israeli military raid. Additional injuries were reported on Sunday, as the village was besieged for a third consecutive day, and soldiers allegedly looted the home of a woman who was detained. [bz]21/6/2017
What we choose to ignore about the 1967 WarJames J. Zogby - +972 - The sins of the 1967 War are still with us. Not only in the continuing crime of the occupation and the new victims it takes, but also in the unanswered questions and the still unaccounted for victims.-rh21/6/2017
Gaza power cuts: `This is the worst it`s ever been`Mersiha Gadzo - Aljazeera - "My son was born with congenital lung disease; his right lung is bigger than his left. When there`s no electricity, I worry that he might die. I`m afraid for my son; his life depends entirely on the nebuliser, which gives him oxygen. The moment he starts to play or run, he immediately needs more oxygen." - id 20/6/2017
Life under Siege: Indiscriminate killing of farmers IMEMC - "Zeina was solely responsible for Hani and his six siblings and the family’s income is based on the 2 dunums of land they own and where they plant wheat, which is located in Elfokhari neighborhood, about 350 meters from the borderline line with Israel." - id20/6/2017
Gaza`s ticking sewage bombShlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - "Adar notes that even now Gaza does not have any potable water. Sewage and excessive pumping by the Palestinians have polluted the ground water. Given that the aquifer level has changed and salt water has intruded into the ground water, the water in Gaza is not only polluted, it is overly saline. Adar sums up thus, “I say this as clearly as possible: It is both morally incorrect and politically not logical to have your neighbor thirsty. It could come back to haunt us.”" - id 20/6/2017
Dispatch from ‘the most ****ed up place on Earth,’ Hebron’s H2 quarterCharlie Zimmerman - Mondoweiss "      “They handcuffed and blindfolded me, threw me into a bathroom, and closed the door. They left me there for five hours.” Issa Amro’s voice rises steadily with anger as he speaks in the backyard of his small home in the H2 region of Hebron, where 400-850 messianic Jewish settlers live, protected by up to 2,000 soldiers, smack in the middle of a Palestinian neighborhood of 36,000. He goes on to describe the Israeli soldiers occasionally opening the door, pointing a gun at him and laughing. His voice quavers at some points, the trauma underlying his anger clearly close to the surface." ca 16/6/2017
UN blames Palestinians for electricity crisis Israel caused in GazaAli Abunimah - Electronic Intifada "Robert Piper, the UN humanitarian coordinator in the occupied Palestinian territories, acknowledged on Wednesday that without immediate action the electricity crisis will bring about the “collapse of vital life-saving, health, water, sanitation and municipal services.” (-) Piper is echoing the Israeli line that Palestinians themselves are to blame. His statement calls “upon the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Israel to put the welfare of Gaza’s residents first and to take the necessary measures to avoid further suffering” – as if all these bodies are equal in their power and responsibility." ca16/6/2017
Video: Ramadan in GazaThe Electronic Intifada - "Ramadan, a time of worship and joy for Muslims around the globe, is mixed with sadness in Gaza.During Ramadan three years ago, Israel launched a massive military offensive that would last 51 days and claim more than 2,200 Palestinian lives.The many families in Gaza who lost loved ones during that offensive, and the ones that came before it, feel little joy in their absence." ca 16/6/2017
Gaza: Looming humanitarian catastrophe highlights need to lift Israel’s 10-year illegal blockadeAmnesty International - The Israeli authorities must immediately lift the illegal blockade and end their collective punishment of Gaza’s population.-rh14/6/2017
Trapped and traumatized in GazaSarah Algherbawi - The Electronic Intifada - "“It’s a cruel feeling to go from being young, active and full of hope to being depressed,” Samih said. “Gaza is not a good place to live. If I had a choice, I would not live here.” The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has estimated that more than half of all people in Gaza have experienced depression." - id 14/6/2017
Israel Cuts Gaza Electricity to 2 Hours a Day IMEMC - "The Israeli Security Cabinet approved, Sunday, a 35 per cent reduction of the electricity supply to Gaza Strip." - id 14/6/2017
Palestinian official comes under fire over Jerusalem comments Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The holy sites, especially in the Old City of Jerusalem, are a hotly contested issue regardless of when and where they are discussed. At no time is it easy for a Palestinian leader to say anything that deviates from entrenched positions, which both sides hold. Rajoub might have stirred dormant waters in his public statement, and he was blasted for it. This makes it even harder for any leader to address this and other controversial issues in the public sphere.-rh 14/6/2017
Israel`s renewal of law restricting family unification condemned as `apartheid`Ma`an News Agency - - Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, renewed the controversial “Citizenship and Entry into Israel” law, which sets severe limitations on Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory married to Israeli citizens, for the 14th year on Monday, as Palestinian members of parliament denounced the move as “racist” and a show of “apartheid” against Palestinian citizens of Israel. The law was extended by a vote of 57 in favor and 16 against, according to a statement released by the Knesset, The law applies to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip, and foreign nationals from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq -- and can apply to other nationalities originating from countries the Israeli government deems a security threat.-rh14/6/2017
Israel agrees to PA request to reduce Gaza electricity Gaza residents will live on four hours of electricity, as the Palestinian Authority and Hamas continue power struggle.Aljazeera - The Israeli government has agreed to cut down its electricity supply in the Gaza Strip, at the behest of the West Bank- based Palestinian Authority (PA), Israeli officials said. According to Yoav Mordechai, the Israeli head of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), President Mahmoud Abbas requested Israel to stop supplying electricity to Gaza back in April. The PA declined to comment to Al Jazeera.-rh14/6/2017
Palestinian Children’s Lives Are Shaped By 50 Years of Military Occupation Five decades of occupation have turned military violence into the norm for Palestinian children.Jennifer Bing - Foreign Policy In Focus - Children under 18 years old currently represent 46 percent of the 4.68 million Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (70% are under the age of 30). This current generation has grown up in the shadow of failed negotiations and with futures stifled by systemic discrimination, persistent settlement expansion, blockade, and repeated military offensives. Israeli military courts in the West Bank lack fair trials and due process, and don’t recognize the rights of prisoners. At least 500-700 Palestinian children are held in Israeli military detention in the West Bank every year. These children often experience abuse, especially immediately following arrest. Over 90% of the children are convicted in “courtrooms” housed in Israeli military bases.-rh14/6/2017
Gaza: `Jerusalem feels as far away as Mecca` Quota for exit permits for Friday prayer at al-Aqsa markedly less than 2016, signifying a “tightening" of the siege.Nigel Wilson - Aljazeera - When two buses stopped close to Bab al- Asbat in Jerusalem on the second Friday of Ramadan, the elderly passengers were quick to disembark and head straight for the Old City. It was around 10am, more than two hours before the Friday prayer would begin, but this was an extremely rare opportunity for Palestinians from Gaza to pray at Al-Aqsa mosque and they did not want to waste a second outside of the holy site. "We all wanted the bus to hurry up and get to Jerusalem as quickly as possible," said Mohammed al-Bazz, 70. "We wanted to spend as much time in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa as possible."-rh 14/6/2017
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls for dismantling of UN Palestinian refugee agencyMaayan Lubell - Independent - Organisation says it currently aids five million registered Palestinian refugees in the Middle East [ry]12/6/2017
UNRWA Condemns Construction of Tunnel under Gaza School as Violation of NeutralityIMEMC News- "In a statement released by UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness, the agency stated that on June 1, UNRWA discovered part of a tunnel that passes under two adjacent Agency schools in Maghazi camp in the Gaza Strip, namely the Maghazi Elementary Boys A&B School and the Maghazi Preparatory Boys School. The schools are located on the same premises.The discovery was reportedly made during the summer vacation, at a time when the schools are empty, and in the course of work related to the construction of an extension of one of the buildings." ca10/6/2017
Israeli Soldiers Attack The Weekly Protest In Kufur QaddoumIMEMC News - "Morad Eshteiwy, the media coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall and Colonies in Kufur Qaddoum, said the soldiers fired many gas bombs, and rubber-coated steel bullets at the nonviolent protesters. He added that the Israeli attack did not lead to injuries or any arrests.For the past fourteen years, Kufur Qaddoum residents have been protesting, demanding the army to reopen the main town’s road, which was blockaded to enable easy access to the illegal colonist Israeli settlers, driving to and from Kedumim colony, built on privately-owned Palestinian lands." ca 10/6/2017
After 50 years, military violence is the norm for Palestinian childrenJennifer Bing - +972 "Children under the age of 18 currently make up almost 50 percent of the Palestinians living in the occupied territories — and have grown up with systemic discrimination, settlement expansions, and war...I work for the American Friends Service Committee, which has been involved in advocacy and humanitarian work with Palestinians for more than 50 years. In that capacity I co-coordinate the “Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a Child” campaign with Defense for Children International—Palestine. For decades we have documented escalating violations of the rights of Palestinian children by Israeli military forces." ca9/6/2017
Palestinian Resentenced to Life in Prison, 34 Years after Being Released IMEMC - "Yousif Hassan Ahmad Abu al-Kheir, a 74-year-old Palestinian, was serving a life sentence in Israeli custody for what Israeli news outlet Ynet called “serious security offenses” when he was released in 1983 as part of a prisoner swap deal between Israel and the Fateh movement." - id 7/6/2017
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