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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

PFLPN Leader Khalida Jarrar `Deported` to JerichoHana Levi Julian - The Jewish Press "Khalida Jarrar, the Ramallah-based head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was “deported” to Jericho by IDF troops on Wednesday, according to the WAFA news agency...Jarrar said she refused to sign the document or comply with the order, which she said also included a directive for surveillance while she remains in Jericho.The entire court order, she commented, is a “violation of international laws.” ca 28/8/2015
Palestinian Minors Abused by Israeli InterrogatorsIMEMC News & Agencies - "Ali Etani, a 17-year-old detainee from the northern West Bank city of Jenin, Thursday, briefed his lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) on the ill-treatment and abuse he has been subjected to, during interrogation in Israeli prisons...According to Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, at the end of May 2015, 163 Palestinian minors were held in Israeli prisons as security detainees and prisoners.Most of the minors in detention are subjected to verbal and physical abuse, which is an outright violation of international law." CA28/8/2015
Khalida Jarrar in Ofer military court: Witnesses’ confessions obtained through torture, duressSamidoun - "Khalida Jarrar, the Palestinian leftist parliamentarian and feminist who has been imprisoned since 2 April by the Israeli occupation army faced an Israeli military court at Ofer on Monday, 24 August. Her hearing before the military court had been postponed two times before. The hearing continued for about six hours and will continue on 20 September...Two witnesses testified, and the third will be brought back to testify on 20 September. Both witnesses denied the information attributed to their confessions and testified that they were false confessions extracted through duress and torture." ca for id26/8/2015
Khalida Jarrar trial hears witness confessions `obtained under duress`Ma`an News Agency - "Two witnesses giving testimony at Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar`s first witness hearing on Monday told the court that their confessions were obtained through "torture and ill treatment" by Israeli forces, a Palestinian prisoners` rights group said.Two witnesses giving testimony at Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar`s first witness hearing on Monday told the court that their confessions were obtained through "torture and ill treatment" by Israeli forces, a Palestinian prisoners` rights group said.Addameer said in a press release Tuesday that due to time constraints only two witnesses testified at the hearing, which had been previously postponed three times after the military prosecution repeatedly failed to bring the witnesses to court." ca for id26/8/2015
Allan Prohibited from Leaving HospitalIMEMC - Israel`s Supreme Court suspended the Administrative Detention of Mohammad Allan, after his prolonged hunger strike caused brain damage. But he is not truly free. The Public Prosecution told the Barzilai medical center that Allan is not allowed to leave, and a security guard was accordingly placed at the hospital entrance. Allan’s family was informed that if he left the medical center, he would be punished, and, if the family wanted to move him to another hospital, this must be coordinated by the Israeli security services. ak25/8/2015
Israeli bio-gas digesters energize isolated Palestinian village - European Union paid the billReuters - Ynet - "HomeBioGas has invented this simple digester that can easily be assembled and transported," said Palestinian engineer Amer Rabayah, who coordinates installation of the devices. Rural West Bank areas that Palestinians want as part of a future state with the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem have been left under-developed, while Israel has invested in adjacent settlements. Palestinians, largely left to fend for themselves, have relied on donations from foreign states and international aid agencies. "(In) this area ... there is no water or electricity. We have no services," said local resident and digester owner Nayef Zayid. [bz] 25/8/2015
Gaza, Gulag on the MediterraneanMohammed Omer - New York Times - Radical groups like the Islamic State target the vulnerable and alienated. While some in Gaza are attracted to the jihadist ideology, their numbers are extremely low. The failure of the Islamic State to take root here is partly because of nationalist sentiment and the focus of Palestinian demands for freedom from this remote-control occupation and endless siege. [bz]25/8/2015
PHOTOS! Occupation captured Christian Peacemaker Teams - AIC - A week of the Israeli occupation in the southern West Bank city of Hebron [ry]24/8/2015
Mohammed Allaan Says Will Resume Hunger Strike if Placed in Detention Again Jack Khoury--In interview to Hamas-affiliated website, Islamic Jihad activist who recently ended 65-day hunger strike says administrative detention policy must end. dn23/8/2015
West Bank Demolitions Are Not Law Enforcement but Expulsions Haaretz Editorial--Since the beginning of the year Israel has demolished over 300 Palestinian structures - the purpose is clear: to pressure local Palestinians to leave the Israeli controlled Area C. dn23/8/2015
`Night guards` aim to deter settler attacks in West BankAhmad Melhem - Al-Monitor - Alarm bells sound in Palestinian villages attacked by settlers after members of the Dawabsha family were burned alive in Douma, southeast of Nablus in the north of the West Bank July 31. The incident claimed the lives of Saad Dawabsha and his toddler son Ali. This crime prompted Palestinians in some villages to form night guard committees to watch the villages and protect them against settler attacks, especially during the late night hours until dawn.-rh 19/8/2015
Due to Israeli siege, Gaza infant mortality rate on the rise for first time in five decades - Dr. Belal Dabour - Mondoweiss "According to UNRWA figures, the infant mortality rate, the number of live-born babies dying before the age of one, has consistently gone down over the past several decades in Gaza, from 127 per 1,000 live births in 1960 to 20.2 in 2008. At the last count in 2013, however, it had risen to 22.4 per 1,000 live births. The Gaza neonatal mortality rate, the number of babies that die before they reach four weeks, has also gone up significantly from 12 per 1,000 live births in 2008 to 20.3 in 2013. The figures date back to 2013, and predate the last, most brutal Israeli assault on Gaza in 2014." ca for id19/8/2015
Mashal: Gaza-Israel Talks to be Mediated by Tony BlairIMEMC News & Agencies - IMEMC "“Gaza is heading towards a comprehensive agreement on the issue of lifting the blockade and opening the [border] crossings in a long- term ceasefire deal with Israel,” Aktay said, according to the PNN... “The issue was discussed during [Hamas chief] Khaled Mashal’s visit to Ankara last week,” ca for id 19/8/2015
One Palestinian’s Refusal to Eat Puts Israel in a BindJODI RUDOREN and DIAA HADIDAUG - The New York Times - The case has received extraordinary attention because it unfolded as Israel narrowly passed a law last month allowing the force-feeding of hunger strikers. That spawned outrage by its own medical association, whose doctors refuse to participate in the law’s application, and international human-rights groups that have also condemned the practice at Guantánamo Bay and in other Western nations.-rh19/8/2015
A tale of two beaches – Tel Aviv and GazaIrene Gendzier - Israeli Occupation Archive - For US consumers of the media, the demand to know is imperative given Washington’s crucial role in subsidizing Israeli policies, including the occupation of the West Bank. In this context, knowing as opposed to turning away is a form of resistance against the injustice at the root of the tale of two beaches.-rh19/8/2015
One man’s mission to preserve Palestinian heritageAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - Saeed al-Ashkar has spent 20 years interviewing elderly members of various Palestinian families who emigrated to the Gaza Strip from the villages that Israel occupied in 1948, villages that are now inside the Green Line.-rh 19/8/2015
Force-feeding Palestinian prisoners pits Israeli doctors against lawmakersEhab Zahriyeh - Aljazeera - Adnan and Allaan`s form of hunger strike differs from tactics employed by most other Palestinian prisoners, according to Tamar Karni, the chairwoman of the Israeli Medical Association’s (IMA) ethics committee. “All the administrative detainees, except Khader Adnan, agreed to accept saline intravenous infusion with vitamin injections to prolong their life,” Karni said. “Similarly to Adnan, Allaan has refused to accept this palliative care.”-rh19/8/2015
Israel Demolishes Over 30 West Bank Structures in Two Days, Leaving Dozens Homeless Amira Hass - Haaretz - According to figures from the United Nations, Monday’s demolitions caused the largest number of West Bank Palestinians to lose their homes on the West Bank in a single day since October 31, 2012. The four communities where the demolitions took place are al-Saidi, near the town of al-Zaim, west of Ma’aleh Adumim; and three others to the north of Ma’aleh Adumim: Bir el-Maskub, Wadi Sneysel and Abu Falah, all in the area of Khan al-Ahmar. A total of 400 people live in these communities.-rh19/8/2015
Israel suspends detention of Palestinian lawyer who suffered brain damage Peter Beaumont - The Guardian - The suspension comes at the end of a period of high drama surrounding the case. After Allan emerged from a medically induced coma on Tuesday, the Palestinian Prisoners Club, which has been championing his case, said he had warned he would step up his hunger strike by not drinking water if Israel did not resolve his case within 24 hours.-rh 19/8/2015
Israeli army night raids spread fear in West BankKelly Lynn - AlJazeera - Night raids, a common tactic in the occupied West Bank, are used to intimidate the Palestinian community, residents say [ry]18/8/2015
Israel’s State Attorney’s Office continues foot-dragging in investigation of killing of Samir ‘AwadB’Tselem - "More than two and a half years ago, soldiers killed sixteen-year-old Samir ‘Awad. A year and two months later, his father petitioned the High Court of Justice (HCJ) together with B`Tselem, demanding the Military Advocate General (MAG) reach a decision whether to take action against the soldiers involved or close the case. The State Attorney’s Office continues the foot-dragging in this case, repeatedly ignoring interim court decisions" [ry]17/8/2015
Palestinian lawyer on hunger strike over Israeli detention policy falls into coma Mairav Zonszein in Tel Aviv and agencies--A Palestinian lawyer has fallen into a coma after entering his 60th day on hunger strike while being held by Israel in administrative detention. Mohammed Allan, who has been imprisoned without charge or trial since November last year, was put on a respirator on Friday and is receiving fluids – the first medical treatment he has received since beginning his protest against Israel’s policy of administrative detention. dn 16/8/2015
Hundreds demonstrate in solidarity with hunger striking detaineeHassan Shaalan--Around 200 people, including members of Knesset and religious leaders, protested on Saturday afternoon on Route 65 Wadi Ara in solidarity with Palestinian detainee Mohammed Allaan, who has been on a hunger strike for about two months and is hospitalized in Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. dn16/8/2015
Health Under Occupation: Constraints on access to healthcare in the Palestinian TerritoriesZahra Bhaiwala--A continuous wave of wars has plagued the Palestinian people both physically and mentally. Gaza’s hospitals and homes are still in shambles a year after the latest offensive. But apart from death tolls, relief efforts must also place emphasis on the enduring mechanisms of the Israeli Occupation and how they affect the healthcare chain of supply and demand. The glaring restriction on mobility that is the hallmark of the Occupation prevents medical students from traveling abroad to specialize and patients from accessing points of care. The political power vacuum borne out of the rift between Hamas and Fatah to fill the void of an independent nation has left the PA weak and unable to devote resources to the healthcare system. The Occupation is the chief structural barrier to the access of quality healthcare for Palestinians—it has exacerbated existing inequities in the population and has given rise to a host of issues unique to the devastating political reality.dn15/8/2015
Israeli company cuts off water for northern West Bank citiesPNN -Nablus - "The Mekorot Israeli water company on Wednesday has cut the water supply to some areas in the northern West Bank, the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) said...The Palestinian authority said that water supplies northern Nablus were mostly impacted after the move. The PA added that it is working to reconnect the empty water pipes with another source of water..According to the Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene group (EWASH), Israeli settlers enjoy about 300 liters of water per day, while the West Bank average is around 70 liters, which is below the World Health Organization’s recommended minimum of 100 liters per day for basic sanitation, hygiene and drinking.." ca 14/8/2015
Report: Palestinian Prisoner ResistanceSamidoun - IMEMC "About 560 prisoners in Ramon and Nafha prisons are currently taking part in protests against recent violent raids, transfers and other conditions in the prisons; the prisoners intend to collectively escalate their protests over the next month...The prisoners are demanding an end on the invasions and violent raids on cells; improvement of medical care for prisoners, including closing the Ramle clinic; cancellation of sanctions against hunger striking and protesting prisoners; the end of isolation and solitary confinement; restoration of family visits to all prisoners denied them; an end to arbitrary transfers; and the reactivation of Arabic television channels that were removed from prisoners." ca 14/8/2015
14 August, London: Emergency Protest: Demand Freedom for Dying Hunger Striker Muhammed AllanSamidoun - "Muhammad Allan has in total suffered 3 years in occupation prisons with several administrative orders having been issued against him. He went on hunger strike after the occupation again renewed his administrative detention. As punishment for refusing food he was locked up in isolation confinement at Ayala prison near Tel Aviv until his condition deteriorated, forcing them to transfer him to hospital.. His whole body is in pain and numbness and he has started vomiting blood. There is a high risk of organ failure, and death from heart failure." ca14/8/2015
 What a Week of Extremist Violence Reveals About IsraelJen Marlowe - The Nation -  Duma, West Bank–Eman and Mamoun Dawabsheh’s five children might have burned to death in the early morning hours of July 31, when Israeli settlers snuck into Duma, the West Bank village where they live, and tossed firebombs into their home. Fire entirely decimated the room where the boys usually sleep. The heat of the blaze melted the television that 17-year-old Moatasem sometimes falls asleep watching. Fortunately, the family was in Nablus.-rh12/8/2015
Palestinians patrol villages for fear of arsonHassan Titi - The Daily Star - "Armed men stopping cars at checkpoints in the West Bank are usually Israeli security forces policing the occupied territory, but in some areas they are Palestinian civilians patrolling their own villages." - id 12/8/2015
Perpetual neglect jeopardizes Gaza’s archaeological sitesRasha Abou Jalal - Al Monitor - "“We are trying hard to preserve these archaeological sites and buildings, but we only have limited capabilities due to Israeli siege policies.”" - id 12/8/2015
Palestinian Family Victimized by Immolation Ineligible for CompensationSTEPHEN LENDMAN - Counter Punch - "Palestinians don’t qualify, only Jews, another example of a racist state, ignoring the rights of all people it’s obligated to protect." - id 12/8/2015
Israel’s Willful Blindness to the Growing Settler Violence Shlomi Eldar - Portside - For years, however, we’ve been turning a blind eye to the uprooting of Palestinian olive trees and the perpetrators of the violent and vandalistic “price tag” attacks. We tell ourselves that these incidents are nothing more than graffiti sprayed on the walls of a house in an Arab village and that its perpetrators are just a bunch of bad apples, a small group of radical settlers gone wild who do as they please, representing no one but themselves. Thus, we refused to see that these bad apples have multiplied rampantly and that there is no one stopping their growth.-rh 12/8/2015
Divide and RuleUri Avnery - Information Clearing House - There is a historical precedent. After the 1956 Sinai War, when President Eisenhower demanded that Israel immediately return all the Egyptian territory it had conquered, many voices in Israel called for the annexation of the Gaza Strip to Israel. David Ben-Gurion adamantly refused. He did not want hundreds of thousands more Arabs in Israel. So he gave the strip too back to Egypt.-rh 12/8/2015
Israel cuts water to Palestinian village, causing deaths of hundreds of farm animalsCeline Hagbard - IMEMC - As an exceptionally hot summer heatwave continues to drain the region`s water supplies, this week Israeli water company Mekorot took the situation to a new level with the villagers of Kafr Qaddoum when the company cut off the village`s water supply.-rh12/8/2015
Israeli troops demolish house in Salfit, deliver notices in NablusMa`an - Ma`an News Agency - "Last year Israel demolished 601 Palestinian-owned structures, displacing 1,215 people. The UN said it was the highest annual number of people affected by the policy since it began keeping records in 2008." - id11/8/2015
Palestinian villages suffer water shortage at height of summerElior Levy - Ynet - ""Why do the Jewish neighbors next to us get a quota of 300 liters per person, while we only get 70 liters per person?" asked Biddya Mayor Suleiman Tah. "If they get such an amount of water, then we should get the same amount."" - id 11/8/2015
Father of Palestinian Infant Killed in West Bank Arson Attack Dies …Shirly Seidler Jack Khoury and Ido Efrati--A Palestinian man who was seriously wounded in last week`s West Bank arson attack that saw his infant son burned to death succumbed to his wounds early Saturday. Sa`ad Dawabsheh, 32, suffered severe second-degree burns on over 80 percent of his body and was on life support at the Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva for the past week after firebombs were thrown into his home in the Palestinian village of Duma last Friday, killing his 18-month-old son Ali and seriously wounding his wife and 4-year-old boy. dn 8/8/2015
Eight Palestinians Injured In BidduIMEMC & Agencies - "Palestinian medical sources have reported, on Thursday at night, that eight Palestinians, including a pregnant woman, have been injured, after dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded Biddu village, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, and clashed with local youths." ca7/8/2015
Translating a Palestinian family`s grief for NetanyahuSamah Salaime - +972 "The least I could do was go to the hospital to support the Dawabshe family after their 18-month-old baby was burned alive by Israeli settlers. But before I knew it I became the Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Arabic translator." ca7/8/2015
Why are Israelis turning a blind eye to settler violence?Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - For years, however, we’ve been turning a blind eye to the uprooting of Palestinian olive trees and the perpetrators of the violent and vandalistic “price tag” attacks. We tell ourselves that these incidents are nothing more than graffiti sprayed on the walls of a house in an Arab village and that its perpetrators are just a bunch of bad apples, a small group of radical settlers gone wild who do as they please, representing no one but themselves. Thus, we refused to see that these bad apples have multiplied rampantly and that there is no one stopping their growth.-rh 5/8/2015
Nightraids in the Souk: Israeli Soldiers Terrorize Old City of HebronKhalil Team - International Solidarity Movement - "They started to forbid movement and surrounded the area, detaining people for several hours. They detained eight Palestinians, two of whom were arrested, handcuffed, and blindfolded." - id 5/8/2015
Settlers torch tens of olive trees in QalqilyaPNN - Palestine News Network - "Israeli settler attacks on trees have been on the increase now, especially with the support of Israeli soldiers and police which destroy trees under security pretexts." - id 5/8/2015
What Israel’s Dehumanizing Occupation Has Wrought Henry Siegman - Haaretz - The direct connection between the dehumanization of Arab lives that led to the outrage in Duma and the policies of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his fellow ministers should not surprise. For in what other democracy would a head of state dare appoint as the country’s justice minister an individual who posted approvingly on her Facebook page, as Ayelet Shaked did, an article by a fellow ideologue calling for the murder of Arab infants and their mothers in Gaza, whom he described as “snakes,” so they not breed future Arab terrorists?-rh5/8/2015
Newsletter July -2015Military Court Watch - In July the Public Relations Branch of the Israeli military Spokesperson’s Unit responded to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted by the Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) regarding the arrest of Palestinian minors in the West Bank in 2014. According to the Public Relations Branch the Israeli military arrested 3,182 Palestinian adults and children in the West Bank in 2014. The supplied data does not disclose how many additional individuals were detained without being formally arrested. According to the Public Relations Unit this total includes “approximately” 861 minors aged between 12-17 inclusive, representing 27 per cent of the total.-rh5/8/2015
Anger and frustration over killing of Palestinian babyOren Ziv - Aljazeera - Duma village, occupied West Bank - The death of an 18-month-old Palestinian baby in firebomb attack at his family house in the occupied West Bank, has been condemned around the world. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he had ordered his foreign minister to file a complaint at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.-rh 5/8/2015
How Israeli taxpayers subsidize `Jewish terror`Natasha Roth - +972 - What do Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin, the murderers of Mohammed Abu Khdeir and the arsonists convicted of setting fire to Jerusalem’s Jewish-Arab Hand in Hand school have in common, apart from their violent extremism? All have received legal representation or some other form of assistance from Honenu, a self-proclaimed “Israeli Zionist legal aid organization.” Based in Kiryat Arba, a settlement next to Hebron that is home to the grave of Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein (itself located in a park named after leader of the Kach terrorist group Meir Kahane), Honenu has tasked itself with a clear vision: to come to the aid of “[s]oldiers and civilians who find themselves in legal entanglements due to defending themselves against Arab aggression, or due to their love for Israel.”-rh5/8/2015
In Arab village where toddler died, providing security a challengeDANIELLA CHESLOW - McClatchy DC - " “The only thing we can carry is sticks and lights,” Dawabsheh said as he sat in the courtyard of the village’s elementary school, converted into a mourning tent for the toddler, Ali Dawabsheh, who despite a common last name was not closely related to the mayor. “We are not allowed to carry weapons.”" - id 5/8/2015
After baby’s murder, Israeli sniper kills another Palestinian childBudour Youssef Hassan - The Electronic Intifada - "“Perhaps he went to express his outrage at the killing of Ali Dawabsha, but when soldiers shot him from the checkpoint tower, he wasn’t throwing any stones whatsoever,” said Fadel. The details obtained by Fadel of the incident sharply contradict Israel’s spin." id 4/8/2015
Village of Azzun suffers from continuous, targeted attacks by Israeli armyReport - ISM - "When someone within a family is arrested, the rest of his brothers and sons would be forbidden to continue working in Israel, by taking away their work permits within 24 hours. This has impacted the village’s high rate of unemployment, raising it to 39%, the highest unemployment rate in the West Bank." - id 4/8/2015
Israeli police detain 2 Palestinian children in East JerusalemMa`an News Agency - “Israeli police detained two Palestinian children aged 12 and 14 from the neighborhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that Israeli police detained 12-year-old Muhammad Sami Odeh for allegedly throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. […] The center said that Israeli police also detained Muhammad Haymouni, 14, from Silwan, without providing further details. […] Last month, the Israeli Knesset passed into law a bill enabling harsher prison sentences for stone-throwing. The new laws makes stone-throwing punishable by up to 10 years behind bars without having to prove intent to harm or cause damage” [ry] 3/8/2015
Newly engaged 19-year-old shot dead by IsraelBudour Youssef Hassan--Relatives mourn during the funeral of Muhammad Abu Latifa, 27 July, in Qalandiya refugee camp, near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian youth was killed as he ran from Israeli occupation forces who raided his family home.dn2/8/2015
Israel wrecked my home. Now it wants my land.Nureddin Amro--Nureddin Amro is the founder and principal of Siraj al-Quds School for Integrated Education, a Jerusalem school for visually impaired, poor, orphaned and emotionally troubled children. dn1/8/2015
Anniversaries: Who counts?Alice Rothchild - Mondoweiss - I found a unique and intimate window into Gazan society, its massive losses, challenges, and phenomenal resilience. I bore witness to 1.8 million traumatized and extraordinary survivors. The intersections of a brutal siege, recurrent wars, homelessness, factional rivalries, and a patriarchal society were clear. I came to understand in a very personal way, the challenging political and human realities in a war-torn area and the desperate need for basic human rights; a respect for personal autonomy, freedom from violence, availability of education and economic choices, and access to housing and health care. I also came to love and respect the immense warmth, humor, and energy of the people in this forgotten and demonized place.-rh 29/7/2015
Why I am going to SusiyaRebecca Strober - Times of Israel - I am going to Susiya to stand in solidarity with the residents of the village, knowing that my voice will be one more in the masses that is against our policy in the occupied Palestinian Territory. Because, proper or not, I am an Israeli; I am an occupier.-rh 29/7/2015
Gaza’s fishermen under constant attack by Israeli warshipsGaza Team - International Solidarity Movement - "Ahmed: “Once I recover I’ll go fishing again…” Ismail (Ahmed’s father): “No, you won’t! That’s enough…”" - id 29/7/2015
Travel permits aim to manage, not solve, Palestine-Israel conflictDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Freedom to travel is a basic right that is taken for granted in most parts of the world, and after decades of travel restrictions on Palestinians, a worrisome situation has emerged, whereby Israel is making small gestures to the Palestinians, thereby ignoring the important decisions that could end the occupation. It appears that Israel has decided to manage the conflict with the Palestinians rather than solve it.-rh 29/7/2015
Hunger Striking Detainee Denied Wheelchair to Use ToiletIMEMC - "Udai Steiti, who was hospitalized after starting an open-ended hunger strike to protest his administrative detention, has asked for a wheelchair to access the hospital’s toilet, but his request was denied forcing him to “crawl to the bathroom”." - id 29/7/2015
Family: blood stains challenge Israeli account of Qalandiya killingOren Ziv - Activestills - Muhammad Abu Latifa, 18, was sleeping in his bed when a sizable force of Israeli soldiers and police commandos raided his house. According to the official Israeli version, Abu Latifa resisted arrest and fled onto the roof, at which point the forces shot him in his lower body, and he then fell to his death while jumping to another roof. However, the blood spatter on the roof suggests that Israeli forces carried him back and that he did not fall. ak28/7/2015
Two buildings destroyed in SilwanPNN (Palestinian News Network) - in a surprise raid, the Jerusalem Municipality destroyed two buildings in the Silawn Neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Both buildings comprised a shop and a family`s living quarters. The shop owners were not even granted time to remove stores from the shops. ak 28/7/2015
Israeli Extremists Assault Palestinian Bus Driver In JerusalemIMEMC - The driver, 38 years old Mohammad Barakat who works for Egged - the main Israeli bus company - told that the two assailants had boarded the bus on a ride through Jerusalem. After they sat in the bus for 45 minutes it reached the end of the line and emptied - whereupon the two got up, sprayed the driver with pepper spray in the face and escaped. ak28/7/2015
Has the IDF found a way to climb down the Susya tree?Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - Up against extraordinarily harsh diplomatic pressure from its closest allies, Israel seems to have found a way to save face without creating too much of a fuss — at least temporarily [ry]27/7/2015
Israeli forces kill 53-year-old Palestinian near Hebron, injure sonsMa`an News Agency - "Falah Hammad Abu Maria is the 17th Palestinian to be killed by Israeli forces this year, three of whom have been killed since the beginning of this month. A spokesperson for a local popular committee, Muhammad Ayyad Awad, told Ma`an that Israeli forces and undercover forces had raided Falah’s house and opened live fire inside the home.Witnesses said the forces shot and injured his son Muhammad, 22, with two live bullets in the pelvis." ca24/7/2015
Gaza: The scars of warKarl Schembri - Ajazeera "While much has been made of mechanisms to bring in construction materials which the blockade prevents, the problem goes deeper than merely providing building materials. At present, Gaza is getting just 7.5 percent of daily construction materials needed to cover the housing demand for the next five years, but even where materials are available, the people lack the finances to start reconstruction in an area with the highest unemployment rate in the world. Large swaths of rubble are still waiting to be cleared - some still containing unexploded ordnance from the war - while the water network has suffered severe damage and electricity only comes intermittently." ca24/7/2015
Israeli forces continue abuses on Gaza fishermen, open fire at dawnGaza Team - International Solidarity Movement - "The Palestinian Center for Human Rights reports that in May alone, there were a total of 51 incidents of shootings, incursions into the coastal enclave, and arrests. This included 41 shootings, which left nine injured, including one minor." - id 22/7/2015
Israel: Security Forces Abuse Palestinian ChildrenHuman Rights Watch - Israeli security forces have used unnecessary force to arrest or detain Palestinian children as young as 11. Security forces have choked children, thrown stun grenades at them, beaten them in custody, threatened and interrogated them without the presence of parents or lawyers, and failed to let their parents know their whereabouts.-rh22/7/2015
Justice Minister: Remove legal ambiguity from settlements Tova Tzimoki - YnetNews - Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked of Bayit Yehudi has recently begun the process of establishing a committee to organize the legal status of land plots in the West Bank. According to Shaked, the committee`s establishment means residents of the West Bank will cease fearing the threat of land ownership disputes.-rh 22/7/2015
Amira Hass: “Let me be blunt: Gaza is a Huge Concentration Camp”Amira Hass, JULIE POUCHER HARBIN - Juan Cole - In practice, Gaza has become a huge, let me be blunt, concentration camp for right now 1, 800,000 people. This is not a novelty. This is not something new. This did not start, unlike what many people think, with the rise of Hamas, Hamas being elected in 2006, or Hamas taking over the security agencies and apparatus in Gaza in 2007 after the short civil war. We can almost trace it to the moment when it started, and this is the 15th of January 1991 — long before Oslo, long before Madrid, and of course long before the suicide attacks inside Israeli cities and against Israeli civilians.-rh 22/7/2015
Israel`s failed prisoner release policiesShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The bottom line is that Israel’s working premise — according to which "heavyweight" prisoners are to be expelled to the Gaza Strip upon their release — has been proven to be wrong. Keeping them at a distance doesn’t keep them away from terror. Moreover, banishing them to Gaza further motivates them to resume their terrorist activities.rh 22/7/2015
EU protests against Israeli plans to demolish Palestinian villagePeter Beaumont - Guardian - "In a statement, the European foreign ministers echoed a warning delivered by the US government over the fate of the community of 350 in the south Hebron Hills." - id 22/7/2015
Stone Throwing Bill Passes in KnessetIMEMC - "...allowing Palestinian youth caught throwing stones to be held up to 20 years in prison." - id 22/7/2015
Permanent victims of war: Who remembers Gaza`s children?Amjad Iraqi - +972 - "The Israeli public’s indifference to the effects of war on Palestinian children does not result in passivity — it is an integral component of the violence Gaza’s population faces." - id 22/7/2015
Israeli forces demolish 3 stores in Ithna - Hebron area,Ma`an - The bulldozers demolished a used goods store belonging to Said Fayiz Isleimiyeh in the western area of the town, and a garage belonging to Marwan Hilmi Tmeizeh in Ithna`s east, the municipality said. Israeli forces also confiscated garbage containers in the demolition site and demolished another store belonging to Hussan Sharawi, claiming it was not licensed. While Idhna`s built-up areas are predominantly classified as Area B under the Oslo Accords, the majority of its surrounding land is classified Area C, where under the Oslo Accord, building permits must be approved - and nearly never are - by the Israeli Civil Administration. [bz] 21/7/2015
European Council calls for lifting siege of GazaEuropean Council - Reiterating its support for the two state solution the EU expressed concern about "The grave situation in the Gaza Strip, (...) where the humanitarian and socio-economic situation remains dire and called for "a fundamental change of the political, security and economic situation in the Gaza Strip, including the end of the closure and a full opening of the crossing points, while addressing Israel`s legitimate security concerns." ak21/7/2015
Court denies equal work conditions for Palestinians in West Bank legal no-mans-landYonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post - The High Court of Justice issued a 2007 ruling stating that Palestinians who lived in the West Bank but worked for Israelis in the Givat Ze’ev settlement were entitled to the same work conditions as Israelis. This included pay, vacation days and termination pay. The precedent spurred hopes for the Palestinian workers, and their supporters at Combatants for Peace and the Wac-Maan Workers Advice Center, that the court would adopt a similar position in this case. However, the court said that the industrial zone near Tulkarm, where the factory is situated, falls into a special category because it is part of a joint effort agreed under the Oslo Accords. [bz] 21/7/2015
Israel closes TV station on Palestinian identityShira Rubin - AlJazeera - srael has ordered a six-month closure of the PA-funded station, which aimed to feature investigative documentaries [ry]20/7/2015
Israel orders half of Palestinian village demolished after RamadanMa`an News Agency - "Rabbis for Human Rights and B`Tselem said in a statement that pressure from Israeli settlers had led to the decision to carry out demolition orders in the village of Khirbet Susiya after Ramadan, although a high court hearing regarding the case is currently scheduled for August 3. The Israeli Civil Administration, the Israeli army, and the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) office announced the demolition order to the villagers in a meeting on Sunday." ca17/7/2015
Gaza Today : Gaza Testimonies B`Tselem Project - The bombings of the Gaza Strip began a year ago today. For hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, last summer’s nightmare has become an ongoing reality. There are now some 100,000 displaced persons in Gaza living with relatives or in rented homes, in tents, or in the ruins of their old homes.-rh15/7/2015
Anti-Arab vigilante group retakes streets of JerusalemRoi Yanovsky - Ynet News - The members of Lehava, a self-styled "anti-assimilation" pressure group, often clash with Arabs and left-wing protesters, as they did on Thursday. In a video filmed by the group "Jerusalem Stands up to Racism," a marcher is seen shouting at a counter-protester: "Do you want your children to marry with Arabs? Go to Gaza then!"-rh 15/7/2015
A Year Later, Palestinian Family Mourns 4 Boys Killed on Gaza BeachNaomi Zeveloff - Forward - That was where his son Ismail died in an Israeli strike last summer during Israel’s 51-day war with Hamas. Ismail was one of four young cousins aged 9 to 11 killed while playing on the beach July 16 in one of the most high-profile incidents of the war. The event became instantly emblematic of the high civilian death toll on the Palestinian side. More than 2,200 Palestinians, including hundreds of children, were killed in the war. Sixty-six Israeli soldiers and six civilians also died.-rh 15/7/2015
Shoot and lie: Israeli forces are killing civilians with impunity .Ben White - Middle East Monitor - Encountering resistance from local residents, the undercover forces requested assistance, and a large number of uniformed Israeli forces entered the camp. The police, in order to "extract the undercover unit and the detainee", deployed "tear gas, sponge-tipped bullets and stun grenades."-rh15/7/2015
Journal: When walking becomes a crimePeter Cunliffe - ISM - "The only crime these teens were guilty of was being Palestinian, and going for a walk." - id 15/7/2015
Israel tells EU it will have only non-Political talks with PalestiniansPNN/Ha`aretz - Israel finally responded to the EU’s urge to revive the negotiations, by saying that there will not be any political talks with Palestinians. Netanyahu would be ready to talk about improving the economic situation in Gaza and the West Bank, but not to discuss settlements or any other issue related to final-status negotiations. ak 14/7/2015
Israel releases Palestinian MP after year in prisonMa`an - The Israeli authorities released Palestinian parliament member Riyad Mahmoud Radad after nearly a year behind bars. The 55- year-old Radad was one of hundreds of Palestinians detained after the abduction of three Israeli teens last year. He was charged with organizing processions in support of Palestinian prisoners. Several other detained Palestinian Parliamentarians were released recently, but MP Khalida Jarrar remains imprisoned despite calls by the international community for her release. ak 14/7/2015
Israel rearrests Palestinian hunger striker day after releaseAmira Hass and Gili Cohen - Haaretz - Former Palestinian prioner Khader Adnan was rearrested on Monday evening, a day after he was released from administrative detention following 55 days on hunger strike, Haaretz has learned. Adnan told his family and friend that he was go to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, like thousands of other Palestinians. The Shin Bet confirmed that Adnan had been arrested, saying that he had entered Jerusalem illegally. Adnan has been transferred to the police for questioning. [bz]14/7/2015
Detained Lawyer Shireen al-‘Eesawy Faced Harsh Conditions In SolitaryIMEMC - East Jerusalem Shireen al-‘Eesawy had been detained since June 2014, charged by the Israeli authorities of having smuggled to Gazan prisoners letters from their families. In the past two months she had been in solitary confinement following a confrontation with prison guards. She says that her cell had been sealed with plastic` preventing entry of fresh air and causing her to lose consciousness; that she has no sheets or covers and had to sleep on the ground; and that when allowed for short periods into the prison yard, she was cuffed and her legs chained. ak14/7/2015
SEE! Israel`s occupation in photos AIC - See the Israeli occupation of Hebron this past week [ry]13/7/2015
Footage shows officer`s life wasn`t in danger when he shot, killed PalestinianElior Levy, Yoav Zitun - Ynet - VIDEO: Security camera captured incident in which a teenager was apparently shot in the back while fleeing after throwing rocks at IDF jeep carrying brigade commander; IDF says troops felt their lives were in danger, which NGO claims is unreasonable [ry]13/7/2015
Israel frees Palestinian prisoner on hunger strikeAl Jazeera--Khader Adnan, who was held without charge, released after 55-day hunger strike amid fears that he might die. dn12/7/2015
Gaza - A home among the ruinsVirginie Nguyen Hoang - Al Jazeera - "Follow three Gazan families as they try to rebuild their lives among the rubble after last year`s war." - id 10/7/2015
Gaza One Year On: Justice Eludes Palestinian ChildrenDCI-Palestine - IMEMC - "“Repeated Israeli military offensives and Israel’s complete disregard for international law have thwarted any meaningful efforts toward implementing comprehensive protections for Palestinian children,” said Brad Parker." = id10/7/2015
Growing up Gazan: Tales of a Palestinian teenFatma Naib - Al Jazeera "Baker believed the Western media was siding with Israel and offering an "unfair` portrayal of what was going on during a war that left more than 2,200 Palestinians dead and more than half-a-million displaced. So she put her Twitter account and family`s electricity generator to good use. " ca8/7/2015
Post-hunger strike, admin detainee Khader Adnan is re-hospitalizedYael Marom - +972 "The rehabilitation process after such a long hunger strike is complicated, slow and entails serious medical risks. “Refeeding syndrome” can have deadly complications. A return to normal nourishment must be done gradually and under close medical supervision. The dangers increase for somebody like Adnan who has gone on more than one extended hunger strike." ca8/7/2015
Qatari diesel to enter Gaza on WednesdayMa`an News Agency - "he Palestinian Prime Minister said Tuesday that all arrangements regarding the remaining quantity of diesel from a Qatari donation to the Gaza power station have been settled. The remaining diesel quantity, estimated to be around 10,000 tons, is currently in storehouses of the Egyptian company Copetrol. PM Rami Hamdallah said that the first ship of diesel will be transferred to the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing. He pointed out that the transferred amount of diesel will increase the power station’s capacity to 80 megawatts which will provide electricity for several more hours." ca8/7/2015
On the One-Year Anniversary of Israel’s Attack on Gaza: An Interview with Max BlumenthalGlenn Greenwald - The Intercept - Months after the attack concluded, U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon visited Gaza and labeled the destruction “beyond description,” far worse than prior Israeli attacks. At least 17,000 homes “were obliterated or severely damaged during the conflict,” and it will take two decades to rebuild them; that means that “nearly 60,000 people have lost their homes.”-rh8/7/2015
Hunger Striking Detainee Moved Into Solitary ConfinementIMEMC - The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported, Wednesday, that the Prison Administration of the Negev Israeli Detention Camp, forced a hunger striking detainee into solitary confinement.-rh8/7/2015
Palestinian teenager `shot in back by senior Israeli soldier while fleeing`Peter Beaumont - The Guardian - The killing of Mohammed near the Qalandia checkpoint last Friday received widespread coverage in the Israeli media, both because of the seniority of the officer involved – a brigade commander, Col Yisrael Shomer, and because of the support he received immediately after the shooting from senior members of Israel’s government, including education minister Naftali Bennett.-rh8/7/2015
Another grim anniversary for GazaSharif Nashashibi - Aljazeera - Israel`s recently elected government - aptly described as the most extremist in the country`s history (and that is saying something) - consists of figures who believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has actually been too soft on Hamas, and want a full-scale invasion and reoccupation of Gaza to wipe out the Palestinian faction.-rh8/7/2015
 Gaza’s Mental-Health Crisis and the Trauma of Permanent WarJen Marlowe - The Nation -  The issue is the condition of chronic war, which doesn’t lead to speedy recovery,” said Dr. Elena Chere- panov, a mental-health specialist whose expertise is in collective and cultural trauma. She compares the psychological impact of the violence in Gaza to the public-health crises she’s seen in Chechnya, Liberia, and Abkhazia. “Ongoing war means a really severe and systemic traumatic impact on the community, which permeates all areas of life. There are generations who grow up never having the chance to live in safety or plan for the future, which is crucial for trauma recovery.”-rh8/7/2015
Photo Essay: Crossing Qalandia, and the Wall, during Ramadan Karam Saleem - Mondoweiss - The second Friday of Ramadan saw more than 350,000 Palestinians descending onto Al Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem, many of whom were taking advantage of eased restrictions by Israeli authorities on those living in the West Bank. Qalandia checkpoint operates with several adjustments during the Islamic holy month and for those unable to cross legally, smugglers organize locations along the separation wall for Palestinians to sneak in.-rh8/7/2015
Injured woman forced to strip recalls horror of Israel’s Gaza warCharlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada "Majda Sulaiman Khuday, 49, could not hold back the tears as she recalled the night of 23 July 2014 “Can you imagine the humiliation?” she asked. “Lying in front of these young men, naked.” Majda and her husband, Shadi, live in Khuzaa, a village in ,Gaza’s southeast, near the boundary fence with present-day Israel...Israel’s foreign ministry recently released its own findings on the army’s conduct during last summer’s assault on Gaza. The report paints a rosy picture of the 51 days of Israel’s land, air and naval assault on the tiny territory and its 1.8 million inhabitants — estimating a far smaller proportion of those killed to be civilians than figures arrived at by the UN and all human rights organizations, and placing the blame for their deaths almost entirely on Hamas’ tactics." ca8/7/2015
The Death and Life of the Two-State SolutionGrant Rumley and Amir Tibon - Foreign Affairs - For the Palestinians, in other words, the increasingly likeliest way to achieve an independent state is, paradoxically, to give up on trying to get one. Only when the Palestinians make the Israelis recognize that the status quo cannot persist indefinitely and reach for something the Israelis hold even more dear than the West Bank—control over Israel itself as a Jewish state—will the Israelis begin to see a two-state solution as their least-bad option.-rh8/7/2015
Minutes to survive: reflections on Israel`s `roof-knocking` policyMa`an - In a number of cases, the warning explosion itself killed innocent civilians. On July 17, 10-year-old Afnan and his two younger cousins Jihad and Wissam were playing on their roof in Gaza City when a warning missile struck the house. All three children were killed instantly by shrapnel.-rh8/7/2015
Bulldozers poised outside Susiya, right in time for July 4th congressional break Donna Baranski-Walker - Mondoweiss - Congressional intervention, along with a network of US and foreign diplomats whom we contact in emergencies, has helped stave off demolition and keeps that kindergarten safe and Al Aqaba Village thriving.-rh8/7/2015
Thousands attend funeral for Palestinian teen shot by Israeli forcesMa`an - An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma`an that Israeli forces were carrying out routine activity when a suspect approached the military vehicle and started throwing rocks, damaging the vehicle. After warning the teen, the forces opened fire when he reportedly approached them from close range, the spokesperson added. Israeli news site Haaretz reported that senior Israeli Brigade Commander Israel Shomer was responsible for the death, claiming that he opened fire on the youth after exiting his vehicle. Eyewitnesses say al-Kasbah had left his home early that morning to reach the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and was attempting to climb the separation wall when he was shot. [bz]4/7/2015
When will Dad come back?Refaat Alareer--The last time my little niece Raneem saw her dad was when the Israeli shells were falling on the heads and houses of more than 10,000 Palestinians in Shujaiya, east of Gaza City, last summer. My brother Mohammed took the time to help guide many families to shortcuts in a desperate attempt to escape the flying shrapnel and debris. Mohammed kept close to his wife, his baby son Hamza and his daughter Raneem. “I will be back. Soon,” he assured his weeping kids and worried wife. “I will be back. I promise.” dn 4/7/2015
Gaza lion cubs in limboAssociated Press--Hotel takes in lions after unsuccessful attempt to transport cubs to Jordan sanctuary through Israel border crossing. dn4/7/2015
UNRWA to Close Hundreds of SchoolsIMEMC News & Agencies - "UNRWA might close 700 Palestinian refugee schools due to funding crisis faced by the organisation, a senior official has said...248,000 out of the 500,000 children to be affected are from the Gaza Strip as 252 schools in Gaza are expected to remain closed.“The situation has been deteriorating because of the continuous Israeli siege and the closure of the Rafah crossing with Egypt… The situation in Gaza deteriorated after last summer’s offensive as the number of needy people is increasing,” he explained." ca3/7/2015
Palestinian home and market attacked by settlers from illegal settlement of Beit HadassahAl Khalil Team - International Solidarity Movement - "Israeli soldiers were present throughout the entire incident, they stood and watched but never intervened to stop the settler violence." - id1/7/2015
Khader Adnan for Presidentnadiaharhash - In a cynical scene, Saeb Eriqat mentioned the Khader Adnan’s crisis and hunger strike yesterday after a rich Iftar yesterday, condemning Israeli coercive laws and behaviors against Palestinian prisoners. A scene that reflects the bitter reality of Palestinian leadership. Whereas, the single act of one man and his very own family in believing so strongly in the righteousness of his cause, made him eventually defeat occupation. With his meager, sick, body and powerful undefeatable soul. Maybe we should consider. Khader Adnan for the next Palestinian President.-rh1/7/2015
Newsletter 30 Jun. 2015B`Tselem - Israel goes to considerable lengths to demonstrate that it administers the occupation, now going on fifty, in a way that does not involve systematic abuse of the human rights of Palestinians, the residents of the occupied territory. One area in which such attempts are focused is the military court system in the West Bank. -rh1/7/2015
Church-run schools in Israel face `death sentence`Jonathan Cook - Aljazeera - Israel is seeking to bring dozens of church-run schools under government control, a move that community leaders have warned will curb the last vestiges of educational freedom for the country`s large Palestinian minority. Most of the 47 schools, which are among the highest-achieving in Israel, were established by Christian orders more than 100 years ago, before Israel`s creation in 1948.-rh 1/7/2015
A vicious cycle of lawlessness in the West BankEyal Hareuveni - +972 - For nearly 50 years the Israeli army has been treating settler violence against Palestinians as a decree of fate, some sort of force majeure that trumps it in the territories otherwise under its control and responsibility. In other words, the army has dealt with the phenomenon without actually dealing with it.-rh1/7/2015
Expelled for lifeJen Marlowe - Al-Ahram - Nasser was only four years old in June 1986 when, after the remains of an ancient synagogue were discovered in Old Susya, Israel’s Civil Administration, the military body through which it manages the Occupied Palestinian Territories, declared the village an archaeological site and expropriated it.-rh 1/7/2015
New report outlines Al-Aqsa Mosque recommendationsDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - In its summary, the report deals with two issues where it deviates from the accepted opinions of the two conflicting parties. It doesn’t accept the repeated Arab and Muslim claims that Israeli archaeological attempts are aimed at destroying the mosque, and at the same time it accepts Muslim demands that organized and planned visits by Jews to the site should be tightly regulated and that Jews should continue to be disallowed from praying at the compound. Al-Aqsa has banned non-Muslim prayer since 1187.-rh 1/7/2015
Remembering GazaAlternative Information Center - IMEMC - "Testimony from a Gaza resident about Palestinian divisions, understanding and the role of internationals in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." - id 1/7/2015
Israel shoots four boys enjoying evening walk in GazaCharlotte Silver - The Electronic Intifada - "“It’s a very nice area. You can see the fields and farms, and we go there because it used to be closed off but now they told us we can go there,” he explained." - id 1/7/2015
In Gaza, the ultimate humiliation Dan Cohen - Mondoweiss - That Israel allows Palestinians in Gaza to import used goods is not a symbol of goodwill or charitable policy – it represents normalization of the siege. To place this in proper context, remember that basic necessities such as adequate electricity and water are not let into Gaza, and Israel calculates the caloric intake for every Palestinian in Gaza, keeping the population malnourished but above catastrophe.-rh1/7/2015
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