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Life under occupation

Jordan, Palestine moving closerDaoud Kuttab - Arab Media Internet Network - The morning radio programme exchange is just one of many signs about the Jordanian- Palestinian re rapprochement that has been going on for some time as Palestinians seek a trusted neighbour outside the Israeli occupation. Jordanian and Palestinian politics have been totally in sync with each other as illustrated this week with the high-level official visit to Jordan by Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh and a number of Cabinet ministers. The visit has already ushered agreements on the increase in Jordanian electricity distribution from the current 26 megawatts to 80 megawatts. This will mean that Palestinians, not only in Jericho, but also nearby Al Eizariya, Abu Dis and East Jerusalem, will be lit by electricity coming from Jordan.-rh16/7/2019
Illegal Israeli Colonists Occupy Palestinian Irrigation WellsIMEMC News - Several illegal Israeli colonialist settlers invaded, Friday, Khirbat Samra Palestinian village, in the West Bank’s Northern Plains, and occupied irrigation wells. Palestinian human rights activist, Aref Daraghma, said the colonists, occupied all the Palestinian wells, and prevented the farmers from using them, before using the water for their cows. Daraghma added that the colonists prevented the Palestinians from using the well to feed their sheep, and planted trees in Khallet Hamad area, near the tents of local shepherds, in preparation to occupy the lands.-rh16/7/2019
UN investigator: Israel “moving rapidly” towards West Bank annexationJames Reinl - Mondoweiss - Israel is “moving rapidly” towards annexing parts of the Palestinian West Bank and tough rhetoric from Israeli politicians could presage a “dramatic” step in the coming months, United Nations investigator Michael Lynk told Mondoweiss. Speaking by phone from Amman, the capital of Jordan, during a week- long fact-finding visit to the region, Lynk said that Israel’s settlement-building on Palestinian land was at its “highest level in recent years”. “It’s moving much more rapidly and on the horizon is something much more dramatic,” said Lynk, the UN’s special rapporteur for the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territory.-rh16/7/2019
How Israeli influence is squashing free speech in GermanyShir Hever - Middle East Eye - It appears that Israel is now pressuring the German government, the Bank for Social Economy, German newspapers and religious institutions to move to an even more extreme stage of support for Israel and Zionism - although the bank spokeswoman said allegations that it has come under pressure from Israel are “completely unfounded”. In this new Germany, Jews who do not demonstrate pro-Israeli points of view no longer deserve to express their opinions. They may not give public talks. They may not have a museum that represents their culture, and they may not have bank accounts. Only pro-Israeli Jews are accepted in such a society.- rh16/7/2019
‘They shot to kill’: residents of West Bank village in shock after Israeli snipers shoot 10-year-old boy in the headYumna Patel - Mondoweiss - It wasn’t long, Shteiwi said, before the demonstration divulged into more violent confrontations, with Israeli forces firing tear gas, rubber bullets, and sound bombs into the crowd. “But this Friday, they were using live ammunition, and they weren’t just firing it in the air. They were firing it at the people,” he told Mondoweiss, adding that there were Israeli snipers targeting people. All of a sudden, the villagers saw Abdul Rahman fall to the ground, blood spilling from his head. “He wasn’t even at the front of the clashes, there were tons of other young men in front of him. But they aimed at the child on purpose and shot him,” Shteiwi recounted.-rh16/7/2019
Soldiers fire live ammunition at anti-occupation protesters in Kufr Qaddum, critically wounding a 10-year-old child+972 staff - Dozens of protesters — mainly residents of the village joined by some international and Israeli activists — were demonstrating against the Israeli army’s closure of their main access road to Nablus, the nearest West Bank city. “In eight years [of weekly anti-occupation protests], the army has never responded in such a crazy way as it did today.” [bz] 16/7/2019
31-year-old Nassar Majed Taqatqa died while in solitary confinement in an Israeli prisonDr. Hanan Ashrawi - Nassar Taqata was detained on 19 June 2019 in an overnight Israeli raid on his home in Beit Fajjar. He was kept detention, barred from meeting his lawyer and moved to solitary confinement at Nitzan Prison in Ramleh - where he died a week later. The Palestinian leadership holds Israel legally and morally responsible for his untimely death. This crime reflects the prevalent culture of impunity in Israel, which has been reinforced by decades of lack of accountability for systematic abuses of Palestinian rights and crimes against Palestinians under occupation, including Palestinian detainees and prisoners.[ak] 16/7/2019
Palestinian universities fight back against Israel forcing international academics out of the countryYumna Patel - Mondoweiss - It’s been two years since Haneen Adi, an English literature and writing teacher at Ramallah’s Birzeit University, has left the occupied West Bank. During the past two years she has missed her sister’s wedding, another sister’s graduation, and the death of a relative. When her father attempted to visit her, he was denied entry by Israeli authorities. Israel has refused to renew Adi’s visa to stay and teach in the West Bank since November 2017, the middle of her first semester at Birzeit. Since then, she has been faced with an impossible decision: overstay her previous visa in order to continue teaching, or leave the country and risk losing her job, in addition to the possibility of never being able to come back to Palestine.-rh16/7/2019
Israeli Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian In Northern GazaIMEMC News - "Israeli soldiers shot, Friday, a young Palestinian man near Beit Lahia town, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and fired many live rounds at fishermen, and at an observation post near Gaza city and Khan Younis." CA13/7/2019
Israel isolates Palestinian universitiesMaureen Clare Murphy - EI - "Two Palestinian human rights groups, as well as Birzeit University, are calling on Israel to lift restrictions preventing international academics from working in the West Bank and to publish “a clear and lawful procedure for issuing entry visas and work permits.” Israel’s policy of denying internationals entry to the West Bank, as well as refusing and failing to process visa extension applications in a timely manner, has affected dozens of scholars working at Palestinian universities." - id12/7/2019
Livelihoods destroyed in two days of demolitions in South Hebron HillsFeatures - ISM - "Five JCB bulldozers accompanied by Israeli Civil Administration vans began uprooting trees – some of which were over 14 years old – and demolishing water wells in a public park between the villages of Hashem Daraj and Um al-Khair at around 9am yesterday morning. A 70-year-old man Hajj Suleiman, was aggressively dragged out of the road, where he had tried to stand in the way of the bulldozers, by soldiers and pushed to the ground." - id11/7/2019
Maybe, When It Comes to anti-Semitism, No `Different Germany` Exists?Daniel Blatman - Haaretz - The desire to prove that the so-called different Germany had indeed arisen and was being built, stemmed from a desire by German immigrants living in Israel to reconnect with their homeland, which they had been forced to leave in the 1930s. Later, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer would adopt this term, which suited their shared political goals. Ever since, this term has been used to describe the great revolution Germany underwent after the defeat of the Nazis when, on their ruins, a stable, economically thriving democracy arose – one that accepts responsibility for the crimes of its past, is tolerant and sensitive toward minorities, compensates the survivors of the genocide and consistently supports Israel. But this “different Germany” has recently been facing a difficult test. Suddenly, almost 75 years after the collapse of the Third Reich, anti-Semitism has resurfaced as an issue around which virtually the entire German political system has united. Almost all the members of the Bundestag – Social Democrats, Free Democrats and the Greens – voted recently in favor of a resolution that defines the BDS movement as anti-Semitic. Following that sweeping decision, Germany has become a leading member of the coalition of “distorters of anti-Semitism.” Fellow members are leaders like Viktor Orban of Hungary, Matteo Salvini of Italy and Heinz-Christian Strache of Austria. All are lovers of Israel, serious racists and also, if necessary, anti-Semites.-rh9/7/2019
Burying the Nakba : How Israel Systematically Hides Evidence of 1948 Expulsion of Arabs. Since early last decade, Defense Ministry teams have scoured local archives and removed troves of historic documents to conceal proof of the Nakba.Hagar Shezaf - Portside - The document, which seemed to describe events that took place during the 1948 war, began: “Safsaf [former Palestinian village near Safed] – 52 men were caught, tied them to one another, dug a pit and shot them. 10 were still twitching. Women came, begged for mercy. Found bodies of 6 elderly men. There were 61 bodies. 3 cases of rape, one east of from Safed, girl of 14, 4 men shot and killed. From one they cut off his fingers with a knife to take the ring.” The writer goes on to describe additional massacres, looting and abuse perpetrated by Israeli forces in Israel’s War of Independence.-rh9/7/2019
Can Israel’s religious right rid itself of racists? Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - It seems that the last thing Peretz wants now is Ben Gvir, Marzel and Gupstein on his list, but soon he might discover that the weeds have grown wild. They still might thrive, since Netanyahu watered them in the garden, and manage to draw enough votes to enter the Knesset — with or without Michael Ben Ari, but with much hatred, provocation and pure racism.-rh 9/7/2019
Detained leukemia patient on hunger strike moved to solitary confinementIMEMC - Israeli Prison Services in Negev prison moved to solitary confinement three Palestinian detainees, currently on hunger strike: Nedal Abu A’kar, Mustafaal-Hasanat, and Huthyfa Halabia, who launched a hunger strike against their administrative detention. During a previous detention Halabia was suffering from leukemia. He had been treated and his condition improved, but his most recent detention prevented a follow-up treatment. [ak]9/7/2019
Israel`s `environmental crisis` is of its own makingRamzy Baroud & Romana Rubeo - Al Jazeera - Israel`s destruction of the environment in Palestinian territories is now threatening Israeli lives [ry] 8/7/2019
This five year old is a very complicated security problem!Gisha - Israeli Knesset Members of ask the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) to allow a five-year-old born in the Gaza Strip to move to the West Bank along with his mother and four siblings. Kawthar Hemo moved from the West Bank to Gaza in 2000 following her marriage to a resident of the Strip. Since February 2017, Hemo has been trying to obtain a permit from Israel that would allow her to move back to the West Bank with her children. Hemo’s registered address, as recognized by Israel, is in the West Bank. In 2012, she updated the addresses of her four older children in the population registry to West Bank addresses, in keeping with her own. When she tried to do the same for her youngest son, now five years old, Israel wouldn’t allow her to. For this reason, Israel is refusing to let him travel to the West Bank with his mother and siblings.[ak] 2/7/2019
Sixty fishing boats Gush Shalom statement, spread on Facebook, re the Gaza fishing boats Israel promised to give back as part of the agreement with Hamas. [bz]2/7/2019
How much lower can one get?Amos Gvirtz - Don`t Say We Didn`t Know - The names of 43 Palestinians and the dates of their killing, not yet buried as Israel refuses to hand the bodies over to their families. [bz]2/7/2019
Israeli High Court Rules Against Palestinian Families; Will Allow Their Homes to be DemolishedIMEMC News - "The Palestinian owners of the buildings have until July 18th to demolish the buildings themselves, or Israeli officials will send the army to demolish them, and send the Palestinian owners the bill, along with massive fines" [ry] 1/7/2019
Should Palestinian children be able to call parents from prison? Israeli court will decideEdo Konrad - +972 - Palestinian children in Israeli jails classified as ‘security prisoners’ are denied the right to speak to or see their families, sometimes for months on end [ry] 1/7/2019
Daily life under occupation: Israeli soldiers, Border Police and settlers harass a Palestinian family in the neighborhood of Tel Rumeidah, HebronB’Tselem - "The settlement of Admot Yishai was established just a few meters away from Tel Rumeidah in 1984. Ever since, Israeli settlers and security forces have turned the lives of the local Palestinian residents into a living hell of draconian travel restrictions and constant harassment and violence" [ry] 1/7/2019
Prosecutors drop charges against Palestinian suspect in rape case of 7-year-old Israeli girlEli Senyor - Y-net - The Military Prosecution announced Tuesday it was withdrawing its indictment of Mahmoud Katusa for the rape of a seven-year old girl. Last week`s publication of a Palestinian being arrested on such charges stated a wave of incendiary and racist comments by numerous right-wing politicians and commentators. This calmed down when it became clear that there were gaping holes in the prosecution`s case. As it turned out, police completely botched the investigation and failed to make even the most elementary steps, such as trying to collect samples of the rapist`s DNA from the victim`s clothing. For their part, the police asserted that the girl`s family - from a conservative, ulta-Orthodox community - failed to cooperate with them. Katusa`s lawyer told Israeli lawyer told Israeli radio that, had the police done their job properly, his client would have been exonerated months ago and would been spared having his photo appear prominently in Israeli mass circulation papers as "a terrorist and paedophilic rapist". [ak] 25/6/2019
A Jerusalem hospital where Palestinian babies die aloneOliver Holmes and Hazem Balousha - The Guardian - Israeli blockade on Gaza means parents are separated from critically ill children [ry] 24/6/2019
Masked Men: The Ugly and the BeautifulAmira Hass -Haaretz - When the masked men are Jews, like those who invaded the village of Jalud on June 5, they are ugly and despicable. When the masked men are Palestinians who demonstrate against the separation barrier in Gaza, in Kafr Kadum or in Nabi Saleh, they’re beautiful and moving. There’s no symmetry between the groups, despite the momentary external similarity that comes from concealing their faces.-rh18/6/2019
Maintaining a Jewish majority: Jerusalem Municipality to demolish entire Palestinian neighborhood, leaving 550 people without a roof over their heads B`tselem - "In the 1990s, there weren’t any other houses nearby, and people made fun of us for choosing to live in an isolated area that had no running water or electricity. But my father, who worked for the city as a street cleaner, managed to hook up the house to water and electricity, thanks to his contacts there. City officials told him he shouldn’t be concerned because the homes there were not causing any damage or compromising city projects. After 1997, more people started moving into the neighborhood." [bz] 18/6/2019
Israeli occupation is like US occupation of Germany and Japan that people grew to like — Ambassador DermerJames North and Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Dermer was making the Netanyahu government’s argument against the two-state solution, which he said would give “unlimited sovereignty” to Palestinians. “When people say two states, you’re flying into unlimited sovereignty,” Dermer told the American Jewish Committee earlier this week. Netanyahu’s position is: “I want the Palestinians to have all the powers to govern themselves but none of the powers that can threaten Israel.” That would include a “flag” and “self-determination,” Dermer said, but Israel will not walk out of “Judea and Samaria” in a few years. “It’s not going to happen.” Israel left Lebanon and pulled settlers from Gaza and in each case got a “forward terror base” on its border.-rh11/6/2019
Misunderstanding? Israeli soldiers shoot at Palestinian Security HQ in NablusYoav Zitun, Elior Levy - Y-net - Under the routine established since the end of the Second Intifada, Israeli soldiers enter virtually every night into the A Area, theoretically under Palestinian control, taking care to notify in advance the Palestinian Security Forces who obligingly move away. Something went wrong in the past night, when Israeli soldiers who entered the city of Nablus surrounded the Palestinian Palestinian Security HQ, opened fire and wounded at least one of the Palestinians inside. The reasons for the "misunderstanding" are being investigated. The information given by the Israeli side gives the impression that Israeli soldiers habitually identify armed Palestinians as "terrorists" and that someone neglected to let the soldiers make an exception for these specific Palestinians. [ak] 11/6/2019
WATCH: What occupation looks like in the occupied Jordan ValleySocial TV/+972 - Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley are forced on a daily basis to cope with Israel’s arbitrary military policies, from imposing restrictions on movement to home demolitions to a lack of access to water — all while Israeli settlers living on the same land face none of the same issues. [bz]11/6/2019
Bernie Sanders and Palestine : Bernie Sanders links Hitler’s murder of his family to his fight against occupation of PalestiniansPhilip Weiss - Portside - We`ve closely followed the statements of Democratic presidential hopefuls to the American Jewish Committee. Almost every candidate so far has been careful to skirt the Israel question, hinting at some mild criticism of Israel but not actually voicing it. Joe Biden went after the Palestinians. Kamala Harris embraced Israel. No one has mentioned the occupation or Palestinian human rights with any specificity. Till now, that is. Bernie Sanders weighed in yesterday with a forceful message that connects the murder of his own family by the Nazis to his fight against the crushing, humiliating military occupation by Israel of Palestine. Sanders said that Gaza is also occupied, that Netanyahu is a reactionary who is planning to annex the West Bank, and that a two-state solution must produce a viable Palestinian state based on the ’67 lines, with Jerusalem as a capital. Just what Netanyahu rejected and shoved in Barack Obama’s face eight years ago in the White House, without any consequences.-rh11/6/2019
How Israeli police manipulated evidence to hide the targeting of Ayman OdehJonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - Despite evidence that clearly countered the “terror” narrative, it took a month and a half until Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel issued a qualified apology, “if there really was a failure at Umm al-Hiran”, yet no policeman was charged and the investigations were closed. But there was yet another direct victim at Umm al-Hiran, one with a high profile – Palestinian-Israeli lawmaker Ayman Odeh. Odeh was first pepper-sprayed at point-blank range, and shortly after, shot with sponge-tip bullets – one to the forehead, and then when he crouched and turned around in response, one to the back. He fell shortly after.-rh11/6/2019
Settlers target McDonald’s over what they call boycott of West Bank Read more: Svetlova - Al-Monitor - An organization comprising hundreds of disabled Israeli army veterans on June 4 placed large signs in front of McDonald’s restaurants in Tel Aviv similar in look to the warning signs posted at the crossings from Israel into the West Bank and Gaza. “Attention, Israelis! The area in front of you is Area M [a reference to Areas A and B of the West Bank] — an area under the control of a company that boycotts parts of the State of Israel. Anyone entering this area supports this boycott.” Many Israelis posed for photos next to the signs. The campaign against the world’s largest fast food chain follows a demand by Yossi Dagan, chair of the Samaria Regional Council in the West Bank, to the ministers of finance and transportation, to prevent McDonald’s from competing in a tender to run a franchise at Ben Gurion International Airport because the company refuses to open restaurants in West Bank settlements.-rh 11/6/2019
Hunger Striking Detainee Hassan al-‘Oweiwi to be ReleasedIMEMC - After 69 days of an open-ended hunger strike, Palestinian detainee Hassan al-‘Oweiwi his negotiations with the Israeli authorities ended with an agreement. As announced by the Palestinian Commission of Detainee Affairs, in return for al-‘Oweiwi ending his hunger strike,the Israeli Prison Authority and Security Services undertook that his administrative detention will not be renewed after the end of the first six months, and that he would then be set free. The agreement was reached after a serious deterioration in the health of the 35-year old al-‘Oweiwi, who suffers from weight loss, severe pain in the joints, waist and head, a constant feeling of cold, stomach aches, and inability to stand up and move. PPalestinian hunger strikers have some leverage towards the Israeli authorities, since a prolonged hunger strike by a detainee - especially one which harms his health and threatens his life -is likely to cause unrest and rioting in the Palestinian territories, a result which the military authorities are anxious to prevent. [ak]11/6/2019
IOF arrested 37 Palestinians during Eid Al-Fitr HolidayPNN - The arrests, which were carried out during raids on the West Bank and Jerusalem, included three girls [ry] 10/6/2019
Hundreds of Palestinians riot as Jews allowed on Temple Mount for Jerusalem DayMICHAEL BACHNER and TOI STAFF - The Times of Israel - Clashes erupted between Palestinian rioters and police on Sunday morning at the Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem’s Old City, as hundreds of Jews were allowed into the holy site to celebrate Jerusalem Day — the 52nd anniversary of the unification of the capital in the Six Day War. Later in the morning, hundreds of Palestinians rioters threw rocks and chairs at Israeli security personnel. There were no immediate reports of injuries. By mid-afternoon, police reported that the situation was again calm.-rh4/6/2019
Palestinians prove fraud, regain land after decades Ahmad Melhem - Al-Monitor - Youssef Abu Safya, a member of the National Land Defense Commission in Salfit, told Al-Monitor the case dates back to 1982 when Yakir Investments, with the help of some Palestinian brokers and tribal leaders, forged the title deeds of hundreds of dunams in the town in Area C. The landowners — who reside in the West Bank — started to pursue the case with Palestinian lawyers and rights’ groups, appearing before Israeli committees. When the Palestinian Authority (PA) was established in 1994, it took over the case and offered the complainants legal aid through the Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission, with which it is affiliated.-rh 4/6/2019
Addressing the needs of Gaza patients on the waitlist - a success storyOCHA (UN office for Coordination of Humanitarian Help) - 39-year-old Najwa Hamad, a resident of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip - suffers from throat pain, severe coughing, difficult swallowing and insomnia, among other symptoms. Najwa was diagnosed as suffering from an inflammation of her tonsils that required their urgent removal. However, since government hospitals were overcrowded as a result of emergency surgeries associated with the “Great March of Return”, she had trouble scheduling her surgery. Since she and her husband are unemployed, she had no option of paying for treatment in a private hospital. But with funding from the Humanitarian Fund for the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt HF), the Union of Health Work Committees referred Najwa to a private hospital, Al Awda. There, a specialist changed the diagnosis after finding a tumor on her right tonsil, as well as other medical conditions that were to be treated after the surgery. Having gone through the surgery, Najwa’s physical and mental health improved.[ak] 4/6/2019
Palestinian photographer imprisoned, threatened with deportationIMEMC - For the past five months, Mustafa al-Kharouf has been languishing inside Israel’s Givon prison, away from his wife Tamam and their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Asia. But, now, he faces deportation to Jordan. The 32-year-old photojournalist, son to an Algerian mother and a Palestinian father, has been living in Jerusalem since 1999, when he was 12 years old. Despite repeated attempts, over the past decade, he has been denied permanent residency status, which he is entitled to, thus rendering him stateless - officially because he "does not fit" some very unclear criteria for residency, actually because the authorities dislike his making photos of Human Rights violations and accuse his (without proof) of membership in Hamas. Over the past five months he is under Administrative Detention without trial, his fate to be decided by the Supreme Court, to which an appeal was lodged via HaMoked, an Israeli Human Rights group. If rejected by the Supreme Court, he is likely to be deported to Jordan - a country with which he has no ties, where he is unlikely to be granted citizenship or residency, and whose own security services might detain him on arrival in their territory. [ak] 4/6/2019
EU slams Israeli seizing and auctioning West Bank humanitarian aidIMEMC - The European Union has lambasted Israeli plans to auction off humanitarian aid given to inhabitants of West Bank Bedouin villages. COGAT ("Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories") has placed ads offering for sale EU-donated aid which was confiscated by the army last October and November, on raids against "illegal" Beduin communities - including two school structures that had been consigned to Ibziq community, and two tents and three metal sheds from the al-Hadidiya community, altogether worth 15,320 euros ($17,100). The military authorities officially stated that “In the case where the owners of these seized assets have not proceeded to request the return of their property within 30 days of the publication of this notice, the assets will be sold”. However, according to Shadi Othman, EU spokesperson in Jerusalem, the EU did make an official request for the return of the structures, well within the stipulated time, but the Israeli authorities ignored this and proceed with the auction plan. The EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah had repeatedly called on Israeli authorities to return the confiscated items to their intended beneficiaries without precondition as soon as possible, or provide compensation. [ak] 4/6/2019
EU angered by Israeli theft, resell of aid for Palestinian schoolchildrenTheNewArab - The EU has called on Israel to return aid meant for Palestinian schoolchildren in Bedouin villages, after authorities confiscated the aid using a loophole [ry] 3/6/2019
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