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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

`How can a boy threaten soldiers?`Ali Waked - YNet - A general strike has been called at the Palestinian village of Naalin Wednesday to protest the killing of 11-year-old boy Ahmed Mussa. IDF troops blocked the main entrance to the village, while businesses in Naalin closed their doors ahead of the funeral, scheduled for Wednesday. Meanwhile, weeping local residents gathered around the Mussa home and slammed the IDF and Israel`s security forces 31/7/2008
Majed, the ice cream man from Bethlehem Laila El-Haddad - A Mother from Gaza - "The strategy is to annex the land of East Jerusalem, but not the people."30/7/2008
Death toll reaches 221 as two more patients die in The Gaza StripRula Shahwan - IMEMC - "Nabeel Buheri, an 11 year-old child, died of a heart failure this morning after being banned from getting out of the Gaza strip to seek life-saving medical treatment."30/7/2008
IDF cracks down on West Bank dumpingYAAKOV KATZ - J-Lem Post - "Garbage disposal costs NIS 100 per ton in Israel, but can be as cheap as NIS 20 in the West Bank." 30/7/2008
US diplomats visit village near Nablus frequently attacked by Israeli settlers Ma`an - Burin residents are attacked on an almost daily basis by Israeli settlers from the nearby settlement of Yitzhar, who have built four illegal outposts on land belonging to the village29/7/2008
Palestinian family losing Jerusalem home after five decadesMehdi Lebouachera - AFP/Yahoo News - "If they can claim houses in east Jerusalem, we can claim houses in west Jerusalem," says Al-Kurd family`s lawyer Hosni Abu Hussein - an allusion to the fact that many of the Palestinians living in the east were driven from their own homes on the other side of town. 29/7/2008
Arabs under siege as Israel tightens grip on Holy CityPeter Beaumont - The Observer - The battle for Jerusalem is entering a new phase as Israel continues to build new settlements in the east of the city and a series of violent attacks by lone Arab attackers ratchets up the tension28/7/2008
Three more patients die due to the ongoing Israeli siege on GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Medial sources in Gaza reported that at least 220 patients, including 46 children, died due to the ongoing siege in Gaza. On Thursday July 10, a ten-month old infant and a six-year old child died in Gaza. The 10-month old needed urgent medical treatment and the 6-year old died of a kidney failure"28/7/2008
Settlers riot in Burin villageInternational Solidarity Movement - On Thursday, 24 July, the electric and telephone lines of the Burin Village were destroyed with a fire started by settlers from the nearby settlement of Yizhar.27/7/2008
Israeli, Palestinian doctors affect change on ground Leo Kramer - Common Ground News Service/Palestine Media Center - The closing of borders between Israel and the West Bank/Gaza forces medical practitioners to a daily struggle to save lives when political issues interfere. The overt violence of the conflict is bad enough for both sides, without the medical and humanitarian border crises which thwart the struggle to maintain a basic standard of living for the Palestinians. 26/7/2008
Met with silenceKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - Ironically, it is provocative actions like these that seriously weaken the image of the PA while strengthening Hamas. Fayyad said the Israeli onslaught on Palestinian charities and other institutions would radicalise Palestinian society and deepen hatred for Israel. It is evident, however, that Israel is indifferent to the long-term effects of its vindictive actions against Palestinians. Drawing satisfaction at seeing Palestinians suffer seems to be the main Israeli motive. 24/7/2008
Colonists vs Shepherds Ehud Krinis - Villages Group - The other colonists resorted to the familiar language of stoning the shepherds and their flocks. After a while the regional brigade commander arrived at the spot, a colonel, and declared the place `closed military zone`. When Abu Jaber`s complained that once more this edict was being forced on Palestinians alone and not on their colonist assailants, the commander instructed his soldiers to arrest him. They also arrested Nasser Nwaj`ah who was filming the incident on behalf of `B`tselem` organization. 24/7/2008
Seeing the Dome of the Rock Najwa Sheikh - EI - " is not just a short trip, but rather a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The trip was a window that opened suddenly to allow in the fresh air and joy of life, and one that I may never experience again." 23/7/2008
Abbas threatens to pull security forces from Nablus AFP - Yahoo News - Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas threatened to withdraw his security forces from the occupied West Bank town of Nablus unless Israel halts military raids there, a Palestinian MP said. Abbas deployed hundreds of Palestinian security forces to Nablus in November in what was envisioned as the start of a territory-wide crackdown to underpin US-backed peace talks. The army reserves the right to operate anywhere in the occupied West Bank and carries out near nightly operations in Nablus that the Palestinians say has undermined their security efforts and political credibility.22/7/2008
An open letter to the Minister of Defense, Mr. Ehud BarakBassam Aramin - Yaba Yaba/Palestine Think Tank - The question I pose to you is this: in light of your rich military experience, and as someone who himself has seen sixty years of conflict go by, when will Israel have the strength to finish the conflict militarily and realize a complete victory over the Palestinian people? Do you continue to believe that what cannot be done by might may be done by more might? Does the occupation conceal in its bag of tricks additional methods of killing that the Palestinian people have not yet had the misfortune to know?22/7/2008
Settlers launch a home made shell at O’rta village east of NablusRula Shahwan - IMEMC - Settlers have launched four home made shells earlier at the nearby village of Burin.22/7/2008
Terror at Sarra David Nir - Yesterday around midnight we were alerted by a resident of the village Sarra (near Nablus) that the army had invaded the village20/7/2008
AT-TUWANI REFLECTION: Summer Days in the South Hebron HillsJessica Frederick - CPT Hebron - What are summer days like here in the South Hebron Hills? It depends. On a good day, we sit with Palestinian shepherds as they nonviolently resist Israeli settlers, who have tried to violently seize land. The Palestinians graze sheep on lands where Israeli settlers have attacked, stoned, shot at, and threatened Palestinian shepherds. We sit, listen to the shepherds tell us stories of life on the land before the Israeli occupation.20/7/2008
The quest for drinking water in Gaza - 22 Jun 08Link to youtube - Sami Zeidan of Al Jazeera reporting19/7/2008
nabi samuel - a palestinian stainAya Kaniuk - link to, Reports from the West Bank - " Nabi Samuil residents are living there on `borrowed time`. In fact, when the erection of the wall will be completed around the enclaves of Biddu and Bir Nabala, they will be living in a literal prison. Closed off on all sides. And one cannot be certain what will happen, how many of them will survive this flagrant land-grab, the intentional abuses perpetrated simply to make them leave."19/7/2008
Amateurs` video keeps watch over West BankOakland Ross - Toronto Star - The violence of the Hebron settlers towards their Palestinian neighbors is hardly unknown. But the fact that Palestinians, provided with video cameras by B`Tselem, can now provide the police and media with hard evidence of what the settlers are doing makes some difference. 15/7/2008
Three more patients die due to siege of Gaza Rula Shahwan - IMEMC - The death of three more patients who were not allowed to leave the Strip for medical treament outside has now risen to 208. The long-awaited permit for Latifa Kafina to undergo treatment for leukemia arrived only after her death. 15/7/2008
Hope, pain in film about Palestinian organ donor"The Heart of Jenin", a new German-Israeli documentary film, recounts the story of Ahmed Khatib - a Palestinian child killed by Israeli troops in 2005, of his father who agreed to donate Ahmed`s heart, liver, lungs and kidneys to save the lives of Israeli children, and of the families of these children saved by the father`s generosity. 15/7/2008
Toddler dies in Gaza after Israel barred her transfer for treatment elsewhereSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "The infant was identified as Hadeel Jawad Al Haddad, underwent an open-heart surgery in Gaza but needed further medical attention out of the Gaza Strip as the ongoing Israeli siege emptied Gaza hospitals from the basic equipment and medical supplies"14/7/2008
NewsAljazeera: Violence erupts in West Bank; IDF raids undermine my administration, Palestinian PM tells U.S.; Qassams hit Negev after IDF kills Gazan; Ma`an: Ahrar Al-Jalil claim responsibility for Jerusalem shooting; 130 West Bankers arrested in one week; IMEMC: Israeli settlers and army invade Ush Ghrab camp in Beit Sahour.; AP/IHT: Officials meet Fulbright scholars at Gaza border12/7/2008
Two videos on the Occupation in the West Bank(1) Israeli army shuts Palestinian shops and schools - 09 Jul 08 David Chater, AlJazeeraEnglish [Editor`s comment (VB): army spreading destruction under the usual guise of State Security]; Water-rich West Bank suffering from shortage of water - Shirin Yassin, Press TV [now that is plain robbery of Palestinian water]12/7/2008
Paralyzed Palestinian girl fights to stay in IsraelReuters - Ynet - Paralyzed from the neck down in an Israeli strike on the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, six-year-old Palestinian Maria Amin is fighting an order to move her from a rehabilitation centre in Israel to the West Bank (...) the Rammalah Abu Raya Rehabilitation Centre lacking adequate equipment to attend to her special needs. 11/7/2008
High Court ruling keeps Palestinian village in limboBy Dan Izenberg - Jerusalem Post/Ma`an - The 200 Palestinians living in El-Nu`man, a village in the extreme southeast corner of Jerusalem, will continue to live in their never-never land, trapped without status between the West Bank and Jerusalem, in the wake of a High Court of Justice decision handed down earlier this week. 11/7/2008
...and the day after, Nablus awoke at yet another shock A Letter from Nablus - we all belong to the israeli army.... our lands, our olive trees, our bodies, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we get from the super market, our family members who are in jail, our beds and chairs..... what is left for us? our brains??????maybe11/7/2008
“There is nobody at home, you can check yourselves.`Reuters/Ma`an - Israeli troops demolished a house in the West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday without giving the Palestinian family who lived there an explanation why, one of the family members said. An Israeli army spokesman described the demolition, which destroyed the home of two brothers and their families, as a `military operation` but declined to comment further. 11/7/2008
After midnight, the army comes back into Jenin Ilene R. Prusher - Christian Science Monitor - Palestinian Authority police, recently returned from US-sponsored training in Jordan, have fanned out around Jenin. While uniformed Palestinian police may look as if they`re in control by day, when the clock strikes midnight, the Israeli army comes out to arrest and sometimes assassinate militants on its wanted list. 11/7/2008
South African tour of Hebron curtailed by policeAsaf Shalev - Jerusalem Post - Three left-wing activists who led a South African human rights delegation including two judges and a member of parliament on a tour of Hebron, were detained for several hours by police Wednesday. Danny Poleg, a police spokesperson, said the tour was cut short because "the group had entered a closed military zone without prior coordination with security forces". 11/7/2008
Israel attempting to nix its responsibly for treating a child its army paralyzed in 2006Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Maria already lost her mother, her brother and her grandmother. We cannot bring them back to her, but we can do things to make her life better.” “We need to take care of her for life, she cannot survive outside Israel.""9/7/2008
Israel orders Hamas-linked shopping mall closed AFP - Ynet - ""After August 15, anyone running a store in the five-storey mall which has dozens of shops "could face five years in jail," the order reads." 9/7/2008
Don`t say we didn`t knowAmos Gvirtz - The settlers` attacks increase on Fridays and Saturdays. According to the El Ja`abaris, calling the police does not help. The police always listen to the settlers... 8/7/2008
Israeli army shuts down six Hamas-affiliated associations in NablusMa`an - The Nablus Mall has 50 shops and offices, including the Al-Itiman company, which has a capital of 4 million Jordanian Dinars (5.64 million US dollars). Israel says this company funds Hamas and `encourages terrorism.` The head of the Mall administration Adli Yayish has been in Israeli custody for a year and a half, accused of being affiliated to Hamas. The Israeli army commander in Nablus issued an order that anyone who now enters the Nablus Mall will be imprisoned for five years ( sic! ). The order will come into effect on August 15. The Israeli army issued a statement transferring the ownership of the Nablus Mall to the Israeli authorities from August 18. 8/7/2008
More news of July 8, 2008 from the Palestinian media IMEMC - Troops kidnap nine residents in the West Bank // Explosion kills two in southern Gaza Strip // Explosion hits the vehicle of Palestinian Attorney General in Ramallah // Detainee freed after spending more than one-third of his life in detention // PFLP leader: “We need to reconsider the truce deal; situation in Gaza did not change” // DFLP: “Ending international division and holding compressive talks, a national necessity” // Mashal hands Egyptian officials document which set basis for talks with Abbas // Paralyzed detainee facing slow death 8/7/2008
Palestinian farmers demand access to fieldsTovah Lazaroff - Jerusalem Post - As a veteran farmer, Shareef Omar Khaled knows that the heat of a summer day is no time to be out in the fields working in his grape vines and cactus fields. But he has no choice, given that he is a Palestinian who lives in the village of Jayyus in Samaria, outside the security barrier, while his 175 dunams of agriculture fields remain on the Israeli side.8/7/2008
Awarded abroad - humiliation and worse upon returning.
Gaza journalist Mohammed Omer reports
Amy Goodman - Democracy Now - “You are a crazy man.” And I just kept quiet and listened to what he’s going to say. And then he said, “Is there anyone who has been to the Netherlands, to France, to Sweden, to Greece and to the United Kingdom and come back to Gaza Strip? Gaza is a dirty place. Why do you come back to Gaza? Gaza is a dirty place, and the people there are dirty. Why do you come to live in such a place, where there is no electricity, there is no light, and there is darkness, and there is shortages of fuel, and there is lots of difficulties? Why don’t you live in France, instead?” 8/7/2008
Israeli forces raid Nablus; ransack and close four charitiesMa`an - "Palestinian security sources said The Orphan`s Charity, The Charitable Solidarity Club, Islamic School in Rafedia and the At-Tadamun Dispensary in the Rawda mosque were closed"7/7/2008
Not only Palestinians suffer Rami Almeghari - EI - "There are roughly 5,000 Russian women in Gaza."2/7/2008
One more patient dies in Gaza as Israel maintains closureRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "Arrar`s death is the second in 24 hours, the first being the eight-month-old infant Ayat Anwar Dhaik, of the Nuseirat refugee camp2/7/2008
MK Barakeh: Racist Israeli law of citizenship up for extension Ma`an - "Under the law, Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza who are married to Israeli citizens are prohibited from living in Israel."2/7/2008
PHR-Israel accuses Israeli doctors on complicity in torturing Palestinian detaineesSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Doctors who work for the security services risk losing their jobs if they report the torture practiced against the detainees." 1/7/2008
Gaza reporter: Israeli security officials broke my ribs Reuters - Ynet - ""They wanted to humiliate me. I collapsed in tears ... I had to throw up twice and I fainted twice," Omer said. "They asked silly questions about everything I had done during my trip to London and Europe and they made fun of me."" 1/7/2008
B`Tselem: Israel to blame for West Bank water shortageAli Waked - Ynet - "Israel allots only 20% of the shared mountain aquifer waters to the Palestinians." 1/7/2008
Birzeit University student held in administrative detention Electronic Intifada - Release - In the middle of the night of 27 March 2008, at around 3am, Hanna Qassis was woken up by a loud thump at the door. When he went into the living room he saw seven soldiers standing in his house. His mom had opened the door. A soldier who appeared to be the commander and spoke in broken Arabic, asked who else lives in the house. Hanna, the eldest in the family after his father passed away, said his brother also lives there. He was told to go and wake him up. 10/7/2008
Mohammed Omer’s statementJim Lobe/Mohammed Omer - LobeLog - "The intelligence officer unholstered his weapon, pressing it to my head and with his full body weight pinning me on my side, he forcibly removed my underwear. Completely naked, I stood before him as he proceeded to feel me up one side and down the other."6/7/2008
Violent confrontation between Palestinians, settlersAli Waked - Ynet - Palestinians exchange blows with settlers of Asael near Mt. Hebron, acres of agricultural fields set on fire; settlers accused of tying Palestinian man to pole, beating him for two hours6/7/2008
Demolition orders to a Mosque and two other structures in MufkaraEhud Krinis - The Villages Group - The previous week, on the 26.6, the IDF "Civil Administration Soldiers" handed to Mahmud Hammada, the Muchtar of the cave village Mufkara, demolition orders for three structures in the village - the Mosque, the generator shed and the residence of Mohamed (the sole conventionally built structure in the village). Mufkara is one of the cave communities that the occupation authorities included in the "firing zone #918, whose residents were expelled back in November 1999. A Supreme Court subpoena however allowed the villagers to return (April 2000) however it refrained from a decision regarding their basic right to dwell there. 3/7/2008
IDF fatally shoots seventeen-year-old Palestinian youth in Beit UmarCPTHebron - On Friday, 27 June around 11:00 p.m., an Israeli soldier in Beit Ummar, a village north of Hebron, shot and killed a 17-year-old Palestinian youth, Mohammad Al-Alameh, member of a family with whom the Christian Peacemaker Teams has had frequent contact over the years. 3/7/2008
The Water CrisisB`Tselem - Even in Palestinian towns and villages that have a water network, water supply is not regular most of the year. Water is supplied only some hours of the day, and sometimes on a rotational basis. In distant areas, water supply may be disconnected for days or weeks. Residents of communities with water networks hooked up to Mekorot report that the company discriminates against them, reducing water supply to Palestinian residents to enable it to meet the increased demand in the settlements. 2/7/2008
Award-winning Palestinian reporter `abused` by Israeli security officersDonald Macintyre - The Independent - "The Dutch Foreign Ministry in The Hague said yesterday that Mr Verhagen had personally asked for clarification, through the Israeli ambassador in the Netherlands." 2/7/2008
A PALESTINIAN VIEW - Dear Senator ObamaLaila El-Haddad - Bitter Lemons - "Yes, this is apartheid, Mr. Senator. Ending it will be the real change. A change we can all believe in." 30/7/2008
The Occupation is the Framework: Sick at the Gaza CrossingPhilip Rizk - The Counterpunch - "Later that evening, over cigarettes and cards the high society of Gaza spoke of their dread of the effects of cease-fire. A few days earlier a home-made rocket was fired into the desert of Israel ordered by a group of businessmen who had too much to lose by the end of the fighting and open borders. The streets on the way into Gaza were lined with trucks of Israeli fruit, rarely does that flow cede--Israeli farms have a captive market in Gaza where farmers grow largely vegetables and rely on Israel for their B-grade fruit."12/7/2008
On the abuse of Palestinian minors(1) Israeli soldiers torture 10-year-old in his home - Report, Defence for Children International; (2) 3.7.08: Majed Jaradat, 13, beaten during interrogation and imprisoned for two months - B`Tselem, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories; (3) Excerpt on abuse of minors by the army from a new report by he Public Committee Against Torture in Israel12/7/2008
Three articles related to the situation in the Gaza StripUnite to negotiate a real truce - Dr. Eyad al-Sarraj - The Electronic Intifada; Moment of truce - Saleh Al-Naami- Al-Ahram Weekly; Sewage in Water Threatens Gazans - - Mel Frykberg - Inter Press Service5/7/2008
Unease Over West Bank Raids: Israeli Crackdown on Charities Problematic for Palestinian AuthorityGriff Witte - Washington Post - "I wanted them to go to the best school in Nablus... But the school is associated with Hamas, the Islamist movement that Israel considers a terrorist organization. One night last week, the Israeli military raided the school -- confiscating computers, trashing desks and ripping student artwork from the walls. The school was ordered shut for three years. "19/7/2008
The Israeli siege on Nablus: The Mall must Fall?Palestine Monitor - By declaring that the ownership of the Mall will be transferred to the Israeli authorities as of the 18th of August the Israeli occupation forces are literally stealing the property right from Nablus individuals, highly defying the right of ownership guaranteed by the Universal declaration of the Human Rights. 18/7/2008
Sliman Mansour - Steadfastness and CreativityThis Week In Palestine - Books on Palestinian art are rare, and those that have been published provide only scant information about a few Palestinian artists. Faten Nastas Mitwasi single-handedly changes this reality with her unique book, An Artist from Palestine: Sliman Mansour -Steadfastness and Creativity, which comprehensively delves into the life and works of one Palestinian artist. 18/7/2008
Tensions grow among Palestinian prisoners in Israel by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC/Ma`an - In the Majeddo (Meggido) Prison, 13 detainees were wounded in a confrontation with soldiers; at Ramon Prison, in the other side of Israel, conditions seem to head towards explosion; Aziz Dweik, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislature detained without trial for two years already, underwent surgery while under detention. Rising tensions seem connected to the Israeli-Hizbullah prisoner exchange deal and the uncertainty whether or not it would be followed by an Israeli-Palestinian one (ed.). 18/7/2008
Israeli troops abduct 12 Hamas members in West BankAFP in Daily Star - Israeli troops abducted 12 Hamas members in a dawn raid in the Occupied West Bank on Tuesday, a Palestinian security official said, as part of a widening crackdown on the Islamist movement. The troops rolled into the northern city of Nablus in about 40 jeeps and detained 12 members of the movement, including two women and two city council members, the official told AFP on condition of anonymity17/7/2008
The Popular Committee slams Israeli attacks against reportersSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - Last month, the Israeli army kidnapped five reporters in the West Bank and released three of them later on. The five were identified as Mohammad Al Qeeq, Fuad Al Froukh, Rami Hajahja, Nabil Nabil, and Mohammad Marboo’. All were released later on except Al Frouk and Al Qeeq. 17/7/2008
Soldiers terrorize seven families in nighttime home raidCPTHebron - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - At 1:30 a.m. on 10 July 2008, Israeli soldiers pulled up by a seven-apartment building in the Hawuz district of Hebron where members of the Amro, Abu Khalaf, Husseini and Butran families live. Through a loudspeaker, soldiers called out the names of men inside and ordered them to come out. The building`s owner, Samir Mohammad Amro, recognized the commander, who told him, "We need to look for weapons and we will turn this house upside down." Soldiers then threw five sound bombs into the building, causing general panic among the seven families—including twenty-six children—and ransacked the apartments, saying they were looking for weapons. 17/7/2008
Blair cancels Gaza trip Aljazeera - ""The story of security threats was only an Israeli invention to prevent the visit," Abu Zuhri said. "Blair should have not accepted these silly allegations."" 16/7/2008
Land of the cursed Laila El-Haddad - A Mother from Gaza - "The story of Nahla, Yousef, Mariam and Rania and the stories of more than one and a half million Gazans living in the biggest prison on earth, the Gaza strip, and the other Gaza-related families like mine, should be brought to the attention of every human being who believe in justice, freedom and human rights." 16/7/2008
Detained Islamic Jihad leader transferred to administrative detention after serving a 5-year sentenceSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The sheikh and his wife have nine children, their older twin sons, Ibrahim and Abdul-Karim, were killed by the army." 16/7/2008
Israeli settlers leave the park they invaded in Beit SahourIMEMC - "If this settlement is constructed the town of Beit Shaour will be surrounded by the wall and settlements from three sides which will make it impossible for the town to grow in the future." 16/7/2008
Maria Aman, a Disabled Palestinian Infant versus the State of IsraelTuesday July 8, 2008, at 9am, a High Court hearing will be held to look into the expulsion of Palestinian infant Maria Aman who was severely injured during a targeted attack in Gaza.5/7/2008
NewsMa`an: Israeli warships fire on Palestinian fishermen, further straining truce; Hamas: negotiations on release of Shalit suspended; 558 stranded Palestinians pass through Rafah before Israel closes crossings; The Guardian: Bulldozer attack: Cut off East Jerusalem, says Israeli minister; IMEMC: The Israeli army attacks protesters in Um Salamunah, includes link to Indymedia photoreport; The Khader village protests the Israeli wall; Two international activists and a Palestinian injured in Bil`in Weekly Protest, link to video added; Amnesty International: Travel ban violates rights of human rights defender – must be lifted; Ynet: International Architects` Union to boycott Israel? ; 5/7/2008
Soldiers torture Palestinians – and the IDF pays no attentionShulamit Avizur - Walla Staff - transl. Daphna Levit - on "good" soldiers who do not get punished5/7/2008
Notes from PalestineKevin Molony-CUPE3903 (York U. Toronto)- "A man showed me the place where his mother was assassinated by Israelis while she was sitting embroidering on her front step. 14 explosive bullets. He and his father also wounded. The bullet holes are still in the door. He still has the embroidery " 4/7/2008
CPT AT-TUWANI UPDATE: 1 – 30 June 2008CPT-"Four settlers attacked four Palestinian shepherds grazing near the village of Susiya. Six masked settlers arrived on a tractor, and four got off the tractor and beat an old woman, her husband, her nephew, and nephew`s wife with wooden clubs. The old woman was beaten unconscious and taken to the hospital in Beer Sheva. The old man and his nephew were taken to the Hospital Al Ahli in Hebron. The nephew`s wife, who filmed the attacks (later used by the media and Israeli police), was treated by paramedics at the scene. The police who arrived at the scene told the family that it was “probably Arabs” that beat them up."4/7/2008
From triumph to tortureJohn Pilger-The Guardian-"I stripped down to my underwear and was told to take off everything. When I refused, Avi put his hand on his gun. I began to cry: `Why are you treating me this way? I am a human being.` He said, `This is nothing compared with what you will see now.` He took his gun out, pressing it to my head and with his full body weight pinning me on my side, he forcibly removed my underwear. He then made me do a concocted sort of dance. Another man, who was laughing, said, `Why are you bringing perfumes?` I replied, `They are gifts for the people I love`. He said, `Oh, do you have love in your culture?` " 4/7/2008
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