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Life under occupation

Ahed Tamimi Has Become the Symbol of a New Generation of Palestinian Resistance It would be far better, however, if she could just be a child.Ben Ehrenreich - The Nation - If you’ve seen the video that led to her arrest, you might have wondered why Ahed was so angry at the soldiers who entered her yard, why she yelled at them to leave, why she slapped them. That’s why. That and a thousand other reasons. Her uncle and her cousin killed. Her mother shot in the leg and on crutches for most of a year. Her parents and her brother taken from her for months at a time. And never a night’s rest without the possibility that she might wake, as she did early Tuesday morning, as she had so many times before, to soldiers at the door, in her house, in her room, there to take someone away.-rh 27/12/2017
AHED TAMIMI`S FATHER: WE WILL CONTINUE TO RESIST ISRAEL`S OCCUPATION AS A FAMILYBASSEM TAMIMI - Newsweek -Last week, a video of my 16-year-old daughter Ahed resisting an Israeli soldier who was trespassing on our land in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh went viral. The contrast could not have been clearer and was on display for the entire world to see: a heavily armed soldier from Israel’s army of occupation and a young Palestinian woman armed with nothing but her courage and a righteous desire for justice and freedom. And for that reason, she had to be punished by Israel. Less than half an hour earlier, a soldier shot Ahed’s 14-year-old cousin in the face at close distance with a rubber coated steel bullet, causing severe injuries and leaving him in a coma. Then, two soldiers had jumped the wall of our backyard and forced their way on to our property when Ahed confronted them in an effort to make them leave.-rh27/12/2017
A White Christmas in Palestine : Each year the land that gave birth to Christianity is covered in tear gas instead of snowYara Hawari - Middle East Eye - Snow came early to many parts of western Europe this year, with many hoping for it to hold until Christmas. A white Christmas is what many wish for, as families come together in a tradition rooted in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. But in the "Holy Land", a white Christmas of another kind is being inflicted on the Palestinian people. For decades now the skies of Palestine are routinely filled with white toxic tear gas that the Israeli authorities use to enforce their occupation.-rh27/12/2017
Israeli forces violently disperse peaceful Christmas march in BethlehemAl-Akhbar Management - Al-Akhbar - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Tuesday violently dispersed a peaceful march calling for "Christmas without occupation" in Bethlehem. Demonstrators marched to the Israeli military checkpoint in northern Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas and hand out gifts to children in the area. IOF prevented the demonstrators, some of whom were dressed as Santa Claus, from reaching the checkpoint and fired tear gas at the crowd.-rh27/12/2017
In the Occupied Territory, Two Kinds of JusticeSTANLEY L. COHEN - COUNTER PUNCH - Israel has two systems of justice… one for Jews and the other for Palestinians be they Muslim, Christian or atheist. Nowhere is that more apparent or destructive than it is in the Occupied Territory.-rh27/12/2017
`Devastating`: Israeli tear gas` effect on PalestiniansIbrahim Husseini & Liam O`Hare - Al-Jazeera - ""We found that the constant and unpredictable use of tear gas in Palestine refugee camps has a devastating effect on the mental and physical health of residents," said the report`s co-author, Dr Rohini Haar, a researcher at the UC Berkeley centre and a doctor with Physicians for Human Rights. The effects are especially harmful on "the most vulnerable, including pregnant women, children, the elderly, and people already in ill health"." - id 27/12/2017
The IDF’s No Good, Terrible, Very Bad WeekRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "It hasn’t been a good week for the IDF.First, an IDF sniper executed a Gaza double-amputee protester...Next, Israeli soldiers were met with the angry protests of a 16-year-old Palestinian girl. This video went viral and the idea of such humiliation angered the Israeli public, which could not sit still and take this insult to the army’s manhood...Images of these two outrages will not be forgotten." - id 27/12/2017
Video: Right-wing Israeli Knesset Member harasses Palestinians visiting imprisoned relativesMa`an - MK Oren Hazan of the right-wing governing Likud party intercepted and boarded a bus of Palestinian families traveling to Nafha prison on Monday. He turned to the mother of an imprisoned Palestinian and asked, "Who did you come to visit? What did your son do?" to which she replied "He did not do anything." Hazan responded to the mother by saying "Your son is a dog. He`s a dog. You come to visit the scum who are sitting here in prison, whom you see as your family members (...) I will make sure you can not visit here any more and we`ll do everything so you will not get in. You are not welcome here, you have raised your son to murder." [bz] 26/12/2017
Jerusalem violence, rain put damper on Bethlehem ChristmasAssociated Press - Ynet - Renewed Israeli-Palestinian clashes over Jerusalem`s status and heavy rainfall turn the festive Christmas Eve celebration in Jesus` historic birthplace into a much more solemn occasion [ry]25/12/2017
Death toll rises to 12 in violence after Trump`s Jerusalem recognitionAssociated Press in Gaza - The Guardian - Palestinian health ministry in Gaza reports two deaths over the weekend from wounds sustained in clashes with Israeli troops [ry]25/12/2017
Abbas` diplomatic offensiveShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor "Senior members of the Palestinian leadership received a direct message from Abbas that they were to treat the Trump administration as hostile and challenge its decisions in any and every international forum, whatever the cost. A senior Palestinian official told Al-Monitor that Abbas was deeply offended by the American administration, which said one thing to him but did another. Abbas feels that Trump`s envoys, Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner, intentionally deceived him. According to the official, Abbas may be acting on his gut response, but he still has no choice but to fight the decision with every diplomatic means at his disposal, instead of “turning the other cheek.” He added that the support of the other 14 members of the Security Council encouraged the Palestinians and offered them a sense of hope in their struggle." ca 22/12/2017
PPS: 490 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces since Trump decision on JerusalemMa`an News Agency - "Prisoners rights group Addameer recorded 6,198 Palestinians were detained by Israel as of October. The group has estimated that some 40 percent of Palestinian men will be detained by Israel at some point in their lives." ca22/12/2017
THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY IS USING A NEW CYBER-CRIMES LAW TO CRACK DOWN ON DISSENTJesse Rosenfeld - The Intercept - SURROUNDED BY ISRAELI SETTLERS, checkpoints, and empty streets closed by the military, human rights activist Issa Amro spent his first day out of jail at home, in campaign mode and planning his next moves to resist Israel’s occupation of his city. Amro’s nonviolent activism with his group, Youth Against Settlements, or YAS, has won him international recognition — he recently traveled to Capitol Hill in Washington and met with members of Congress — and drawn the ire of Israeli security forces. His latest detention and interrogation in early September, however, wasn’t in an Israeli military prison. Instead, Amro was being held in a Palestinian Authority jail.-rh20/12/2017
Gazan authors start new chapterMohammed Othman - Al-Monitor - One of the sectors hit hard by Hamas’ rule over the Gaza Strip and the Israeli siege was book publishing, but both publishers and authors see signs of a literary awakening this year. The political-economic conditions of the Strip in the last decade have led to a cultural stagnation, and few books are being published and fewer still are bought. But since the beginning of the year, publishers, authors and members of the Ministry of Culture have grown hopeful as more books have been published, more cultural events launched and more young people seem eager to read.-rh 20/12/2017
Attack on the Tamimi family: Ahed’s detention extended in military court, Bassem Tamimi detained and releasedSamidoun - Bassem Tamimi, Palestinian human rights defender and the father of detained Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi, was released late at night on 20 December after being seized by Israeli occupation forces himself in the morning as he attended his daughter’s hearing at the Ofer military court, according to his Facebook post. Ahed was seized in the pre-dawn hours of 19 December from her family home and the Tamimis’ computers, phones and other electronics were confiscated by occupation soldiers. Ahed’s mother, Nariman Tamimi, was detained later in the morning on 19 December after she was called to the “Benjamin” police station near Jaba village. Both Ahed and Nariman remain jailed; Nariman will be brought for a hearing in military court tomorrow, 21 December, and Ahed’s detention was extended until Monday, 25 December at the earliest. Bassem has previously been detained 11 times and spent 3 years in administrative detention, imprisonment without charge or trial; he was recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience.-rh20/12/2017
UN rights chief denounces Israeli forces’ shooting of man in wheelchairPNN - Palestine News Network - "The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said Tuesday he was “truly shocked” at the killing of a wheelchair-bound amputee by Israeli Security Forces close to the fence between Gaza and Israel last Friday." - id 19/12/2017
Israeli soldiers arrest 16-year old girl and her mother in Nabi SalehNablus team - International Solidarity Movement - "16-year old Ahed has often appeared in videos where she is seen facing Israeli military during protests. On the 18th of december, when soldiers shot 14-year old Mohammed Tamimi, in the face with a rubber coated steel bullet (still treated in a medically-induced coma in the hospital), she stood in front of the entrance pushing the Israeli soldiers back trying to keep them out." - id19/12/2017
IDF investigating shooting of double amputee in Gaza clashesJudah Ari Gross and AFP - Times of Israel - The death of Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh, a double amputee who reportedly lost both his legs in a 2008 Israeli airstrike, has sparked angry denunciations from Palestinians and others, who say he could not have been seen as a threat during protests Friday. Thousands attended his funeral on Saturday.[bz]18/12/2017
Ibrahim ‘the half bodied,’ an icon of Gaza skirmishes, loses his other half for JerusalemAhmad Kabariti - Mondoweiss "Ibrahim had lost his legs in an Israeli attack on Al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza. He was injured in 2008 by an Israeli helicopter that targeted him after he took down an Israeli flag along the border and raised a Palestinian one...Since Trump has turned his back on decades of US and international diplomacy by saying Jerusalem is the Israeli capital, the international community warned of uncontrollable reactions, and Hamas vowed to open “doors of hell” and called for a “new intifada.” ca16/12/2017
Israeli violence fails to suppress Palestinian protests for JerusalemMaureen Clare Murphy - Electronic Intifada "Oren Ziv, a photographer with the Activestills collective, who was at Beit El on Friday, reported that Aqel “was standing alongside the journalists while filming the demonstration on his phone, ran over to the officers and stabbed one of them with a small knife, wounding him lightly, upon which the officers opened fire and seriously wounded the man.”Ziv said that soldiers prevented Aqel from being evacuated in an ambulance, and so paramedics “carried the man on a stretcher to a nearby private vehicle, which drove him toward Ramallah.” Aqel later died of his wounds. The stabbed Israeli soldier was reported to have been moderately injured." ca 16/12/2017
An Arab NightmareRobert Fisk - Information Clearing House - Amid three catastrophic Middle East wars, it would be difficult to imagine anything more provocative, dangerous – or just plain insane – than for the Americans to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Yet that is just what Donald Trump is this week thinking of doing. In a way, we should have expected this: mad presidents do mad things. For it’s not that the embassy itself is just a symbolic move. It means that the United States would acknowledge that the city of Jerusalem, sacred to Muslims, Jews and Christians, is the capital of the Israeli state, and that the Palestinians can never share it-rh13/12/2017
How corporate media tacitly justify the murder of Palestinian childrenSteven Salaita - Mondoweiss - On Friday, Israel commenced yet another bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip. The Independent (London) began its report with a note from the IDF that it had “bombed militant targets.” The story then explained that six children were injured. The third paragraph completed the picture: “The Israeli military said it had carried out the strikes on a Hamas training camp and on a weapons depot in response to rockets fired earlier from Gaza at Israeli towns. Witnesses told Reuters that most of the wounded were residents of a building near the camp.” What first looks like standard reportage—a delivery of apparent facts, complete with views from both sides—is actually stock dissimulation that (intentionally or not) confers responsibility for harming children not on the Israeli bombers, but on the people who endured their detonation. A more pessimistic reading can make a reasonable case that the Independent actually blames the children for their own injuries.-rh 13/12/2017
Arab leaders plan major response to Trump`s Jerusalem move Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Arabs and Muslims are responding with both actions and reactions to the decision of the Donald Trump administration to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. While public protests have engulfed countries as close as Jordan and as far away as Morocco and Indonesia, political leaders are searching for actions they can take to respond to the unexpected large public protests and demands for action.-rh 13/12/2017
Artists boost Gaza’s morale with music, comedyHuda Baroud - Al-Monitor - “The main goal of the festival was to give artists in Gaza the chance to show off their work to the Palestinian public, which is keen to hear music,” Ismail Daoud, a well-known Palestinian musician and professor at the conservatory, told Al- Monitor. “The Edward Said Conservatory is the only institution organizing regular music festivals in the Gaza Strip.”-rh 13/12/2017
Health Ministry: Two Palestinians killed in Israeli shelling on GazaPNN - Palestine News Network - "The Palestinian ministry of Health announced that two youths were killed after an Israeli scouting plane in Beit Lahia town, northern Gaza strip. The ministry said that the two bodies of martyrs were moved to the Indonesian Hospital in the strip, while another youth is still suffering injuries. By Saturday, four other  Gazans were killed in the clashes that broke out in Khan Younis city in the strip." - id 13/12/2017
Israeli Violence Against Civilians, Press Continues Through Weekend in Hebronal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "On Friday alone, between 15 and 20 Palestinian minors were arrested, including at least five that weren’t involved in the clashes, one of which was taken straight from his home. Of the five boys that ISM activists witnessed being arrested, four of them were brutally beaten by large groups of soldiers after they were subdued and handcuffed and posed no threat to the soldiers." - id13/12/2017
December 2, 2017 Umm al-Amad, Ma‘inDavid Shulman - Touching Photographs - On the way to Umm al-Khair we stop at Ma‘in and climb the hill to where the owners were digging shallow pits for planting baby olive trees, a few days back. The settlers of Avigail, across the highway, must have summoned the soldiers. This time they arrested ten Palestinians, accusing them of digging in an “archaeological site.” There is no square meter in Palestine-Israel that is not an archaeological site. A new and ominous pretext, potentially useful for stealing land. They kept their prisoners all day and released them in the evening. This story, like Umm al-Amad’s, isn’t over yet. One thing I can say. Things are getting worse.-rh6/12/2017
Resource: Exploiting Palestinian land to treat Israeli wasteB`Tselem - +972 Resources - A new B’Tselem report reveals that a significant portion of Israel’s waste treatment system is located outside its sovereign borders, in the West Bank. Because Israel has set out less stringent environmental regulations for industrial zones in settlements and even offers financial incentives such as tax breaks and government subsidies, it is now more profitable to build and operate waste treatment facilities in the West Bank than inside Israel. The lax regulatory standards there increase potential environmental and health hazards for West Bank residents. B’Tselem research has found that there are at least fifteen Israeli waste treatment facilities in the West Bank.-rh6/12/2017
Imprisoned Human Rights Defender in Military CourtInternational Solidarity Movement - Abdullah, a leading non violent activist and human rights defender has has been held in military prison since the occupation forces raided his village, Bil’in, and took him from his home in the middle of the night on the 19th of November, 2017. Abdullah was handcuffed, gagged and his hand were tied to the roof of the jeep. Since then, two military judges have conceded that Abdullah is not dangerous and should be released on certain conditions, but the military prosecution is intent on making sure he remains in detention, and has continued to hold him without regard to due process. Tomorrow’s hearing will be to determine if Abdullah has broken conditions set for his release by a military judge after his arrest from the Alwada Cycling Marathon on Nakba Day, the 13th of May, 2016.-rh6/12/2017
Navy Abducts 5 Fishermen and Seizes Boats in Gaza IMEMC - "The captain, fisherman Amjad al-Shrafi, said that the boat was owned by fisherman Khamis Abu al-Sadiq, and  that occupation forces took the five fishermen working on the boat to an unknown destination." - id 6/12/2017
Settlement Pollutes Palestinian Olive Groves With Sewage WaterNablus team - International Solidarity Movement - "The farmers in South Bruqin have had to face the difficulties living next to, and having land stolen by, the illegal settlement of Bruchin since 2000. The last eastern expansion of the settlement led not only to a new settler road cutting through the Palestinians olive grove, but also a river of sewage water running through the hills." - id 6/12/2017
Made in Israel: Exploiting Palestinian Land for Treatment of Israeli WasteB’Tselem - Abusing its status as an occupying power, Israel has set out less stringent environmental regulations in industrial zones in settlements than in Israel`s own territory, and even offers the polluters financial incentives such as tax breaks and government subsidies. There are at least fifteen Israeli waste treatment facilities in the West Bank. Most of the waste they process is produced in Israel. Six of the facilities handle hazardous waste, including infectious medical waste, used oils and solvents, metals, batteries and electronic industry byproducts – and one which processes sewage sludge. International standards in this field address the transfer of waste from the territory of one sovereign state to another. However, transferring waste into an occupied territory is a far graver issue, as residents of an occupied territory cannot oppose the decisions of the occupying power, and are entirely at its mercy. [ak]5/12/2017
`It took them 10 minutes to destroy what I built in a lifetime`Orly Noy - +972 - “I have been submitting requests to delay the demolition since 2010,” says Issam, father of eight. “The demolition order applied to the 30 meters around the house. I told them several times that I would demolish those 30 meters by myself. They told me ‘don’t do anything.’ Last Wednesday they came unannounced and began demolishing. I told their work manager that the order only applied to the 30 meters. He responded, ‘don’t even talk to me, I know what to do,’ and destroyed the entire house. (...) My wife stood by and cried, she begged them to at least let us remove a few things from the house, but they did not allow it.” The olive, apple, and lemon trees that stood in the yard were also destroyed in the melee. (...) Later, as we stand at the gate outside the home, six-year-old Nour walks up to me and says in a near-whisper: “The bicycle, too."[bz]5/12/2017
Israeli forces detain Palestinian lawyer from his homeMa`an - Israeli authorities on Monday detained the Head of the Legal Department at the Palestinian Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, Iyad Misk, from his home in the town of Kafr Aqab, central occupied West Bank. Rights groups have long criticized Israel for arbitrary detentions of Palestinian activists in an attempt to stifle Palestinian political life. [bz]5/12/2017
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