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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Home in Khan Younis destroyed after `five minute warning` IMEMC - The Israeli military spokesperson confirmed that a phone call had been made to the family before the house was hit with precision laser-guided missiles.30/9/2006
U.S. Consul concerned about Israeli refusals to issue visas IMEMC - The U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem Jake Walles expressed concern about the continuous Israeli denial of entry to several internationals including, Americans, and Palestinian Americans. (...) The Consulate has developed a form for U.S. citizens to register their treatment at Israeli border crossings and to document these cases of denial of entry. In addition, the Consulate and Embassy provided hotlines for those experiencing difficulties at Israeli ports of entry including Ben Gurion Airport and the Allenby Bridge. 30/9/2006
Miserable monthErica Silverman-Al Ahram Weekly-"I am making less than 10 per cent of what I made last Ramadan," says vendor Mahmoud Al-Halu, leaning over bins of dates and other holiday sweets for sale in Gaza City`s central market. "The [Israeli] occupation has closed the borders because the Hamas government has been cut off from the world. My message to [US President] Bush is: `Let us live!`"29/9/2006
Israel restricts ‘foreign’ PalestiniansCharmaine"Israeli human rights workers say the tightening of visa rules is an additional form of pressure on the Palestinian government. But Yehezkiel Lien, research director of ... B`Tselem says Israel`s main reason for freezing Palestinian residency petitions is the "demographic consideration" or the desire to maintain a Jewish majority between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River." "29/9/2006
Palestinians: Israeli missile strike kills two in north GazaAvi Issacharoff - Haaretz-"The Israel Defense Forces said it had targeted suspects involved in firing rockets into Israel, but would not release details of the strike. Witnesses said the two were killed in Beit Hanun as they were riding bicycles in the street."29/9/2006
Impact of the Hermetic Blockade on the Gaza Strip: Field UpdatePCHR-Field Update -"As to humanitarian cases, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) allows the passage of 4-6 patients daily for treatment in Israeli and West Bank hospitals. This number of patients was reduced to 3 daily during the period from 9-17 September 2006 for security reasons, noting that most of these patients are critical cases that do not pose any danger to Israelis."29/9/2006
The law as roadkill on Highway 443Akiva Eldar-Haaretz-"This is not a matter of preventing Palestinians from entering territories on the Israeli side of the Green Line (the pre-Six Day War border), but rather of a road that is located entirely in the area of the West Bank. "29/9/2006
Palestinians mark Ramadan with sadness, angerAdel Zaanoun - Middle East Times - "A customer is a rare sight in the souks and shops of the Gaza Strip these days: the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan is a difficult time for Palestinians in the grip of a severe financial crisis." 28/9/2006
`No evidence:` Israeli court frees deputy Palestinian PMThe Daily Star - A military judge ordered Nasser Shaer to walk free more than a month after he was captured in the occupied West Bank, citing "lack of evidence" and the fact that no charges had been brought against him, his lawyer, Osama al-Saadi. 28/9/2006
Letter from Lama Hourani from Gaza City, 24.9.06Lama Hourani - "I thought that the suffering in Gaza was the worst but after this trip to the West Bank I think everywhere in Palestine there is suffering and that it is very hard to describe."27/9/2006
The sad story of my friend SamGERSHON BASKIN - Jerusalem Post - "The one place where Sam doesn`t have Israeli friends is in the Civil Administration - and that`s where he needs them more than ever." 27/9/2006
Israeli Army bars a Palestinian from visiting his detained brother Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC - "Also the mother of Nakhla can`t visit her son" 27/9/2006
Hamas and Fatah call off talksal-Jazeera - Hamas and Fatah called off top-level talks on forming a Palestinian unity government in the latest indication of difficulties in bridging their huge ideological differences.26/9/2006
Gaza is hungry - and not because of Ramadan Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz - 26/9/2006
I went to Nablus Sonja Karkar -- IMEMC News -- "The old city of Nablus has been assaulted beyond belief. Every night the tanks roll into town and rip the awnings from the shops in the narrow streets as they pass. Every night, another family is violated by Israeli soldiers - the men blindfolded, hands bound and taken away, the women left to weep while trying to comfort terrified children"25/9/2006
Soldiers detain reporters at the Qalandia Crossing Saed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- The reporters “were filming a documentary about the suffering of the Palestinians on the checkpoint during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, but then the female soldier came over and obstructed their work”25/9/2006
As Ramadan begins, Israeli forces close Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron to MuslimsIMEMC & Agencies – “Just two weeks ago, Israeli settlers from the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba, east of Hebron, began construction of a new road, which they call `the worshippers road` to connect the settlement with the Ibrahimi mosque (called by the settlers the `Tomb of Patriarchs`) in the city of Hebron, seizing dozens of acres of Palestinian land and razing ancient Palestinian olive groves in the process”25/9/2006
Al-Haq Intervention -- Intimidation of the Civilian Population of Jenin Shawan Jabarin -- Al-Haq -- "During the raids, which take place nearly on an almost daily basis, usually between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am , the Israeli forces fire heavy weaponry into the air and sound bombs, producing prolonged frightening noise. Through loud speakers, the soldiers insult and curse using obscene expressions. Also, the military forces have been entering houses, seemingly chosen at random and in several cases have destroyed household property" 23/9/2006
Searching for a lifelineErica Silverman- AlAhram Weekly-"In alleviating Gaza`s financial plight there is only a least worst, rather than a best, case scenario. Despite EU approval only the US can lift economic sanctions, and this is unlikely with the Quartet so divided. Israel, too, holds important cards. It has the ability to immediately inject money into the public sector by releasing withheld PA tax revenues estimated at $ 450 million, which would allow the PA to pay salaries. "22/9/2006
Israeli troops kill three teens, woman in Gaza strikesDeutsche Presse Agentur-"Palestinian security officials said the three, aged 14, 15 and 16, were shepherds herding their sheep and goats near Beit Lahiya, north of Gaza City."22/9/2006
Starting with the individualDaoud Kuttab-Arab Media Internet Network-"The same TV studio that the Israeli army wrecked in 2002 produced and will continue to produce programmes for Palestinian children and adults. We are proud to have produced the first Palestinian version of Sesame with Israeli partners, tackling issues of tolerance and mutual respect. "22/9/2006
Israel’s Closing of Ansar Al-Sajeen Offices Interferes with Palestinians’ Fundamental Human Right to Legal Representation United Against Torture -Press Release- "The closure occurred soon after the association launched a campaign to include the cases of 1948 Palestinian prisoners, citizens of Israel, in the current talks for the exchange of prisoners."22/9/2006
Five Palestinians killed in Gaza strikesAdel Zaanoun - Agence France Presse - Five Palestinians, including a woman, were killed and several wounded by Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, as an ongoing military operation edged towards its third month." 21/9/2006
Gaza youth have little to celebrate at RamadanNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - "The holiday will be a time of reflection in Gaza where confrontation with Israel has become a rite of passage for many youngsters." 21/9/2006
Israeli settlers attack Susiya elder while soldier stands byCPT - "Khalil Nawaja, in his 70s, was not far from the tent, when a group of seven settlers with their faces covered attacked him with sticks and pipes. An Israeli soldier was escorting the settlers and did nothing to stop the attack."21/9/2006
Human rights group`s report leads to indictment of two Israeli soldiers IMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli human rights group B`tselem recently reported an incident of abuse by Israeli soldiers against two young Palestinian men. Today, the group`s investigation of the incident has led to the indictment of two of the soldiers involved in the abuse. " 21/9/2006
Gaza: The children killed in a war the world doesn`t wantDonald Macintyre - The Independent - "more than 37 children and teenagers under 18 killed in the operations mounted by the Israeli military in Gaza since 25 June"20/9/2006
IOF Confiscate 6 Million Shekels in Raids on One Bank and 11 Money Exchanges in the West BankPCHR - "PCHR strongly condemns IOF piracy against financial institutions in the West Bank, and stresses that this raid is a form of collective punishment and economic sanctions imposed by IOF against Palestinians."20/9/2006
Pregnant Woman Dies at an Israeli Checkpoint in WB WAFA - "Israeli soldiers deliberately stopped the ambulance" 20/9/2006
Not a lot of motivation to help the PalestiniansAkiva Eldar - Haaretz - "Justice Dorit Beinisch ruled there could be no acceptance of "the unbearable situation," in which Palestinian farmers were afraid to harvest their olives."20/9/2006
Palestinian Islamic Justice criticizes Pope`s speech; says attacks on churches counter to Islam IMEMC & Agencies - Chief Islamic Justice for Palestine, Sheikh Taysir Al Tamimi, said Monday that attacks on churches in Palestine and anywhere in the Islamic world contravene the teachings of Islam19/9/2006
Palestinian woman dies at the Rafah Crossing Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - The woman, Aghfra Mohammad Al Arja, died as a result of the bad condition the stranded residents at the crossing face after Israel decided to close it. 19/9/2006
Gaza faces major food problemsUN News - Palestinians face major difficulties in Gaza, including shortages of food and a crippled fishing industry because of the continued conflict with Israel, the United Nations food agency warned today, as it distributes aid to almost a quarter of a million of those most in need.19/9/2006
Palestinian officials allege tortureIlene R. Prusher - Christian Science Monitor - A government minister in the Palestinian Authority, who was arrested and held by Israeli authorities for more than six weeks this summer, says that during his interrogation he was tied for hours in a painful position known as the shabah.19/9/2006
Farhan Alqam, mayor of Beit Omar, freedChristina Gibb - Christian Peacemaker Teams - on 12 September, CPT learned that the Mayor of Beit Ommar, Farhan Alqam was back home after 15 days detention by the Israeli army19/9/2006
Arrest by Israeli forces leaves six children on their ownMa`an News Agency -- Israeli military broke into the house of the prisoner Muhammad Al Hashlamoun, 35, and arrested his wife, Noura Jabir, 34. The couple`s six children, aged 2.5--13, were left on their own18/9/2006
The Palestinian Authority: A government in jailIlene R. Prusher -- IMEMEC News -- "With dozens of Palestinian officials held in Israeli jails and five cabinet ministers behind bars, the government is operating in absentia. Barely able to function, its problems are further exacerbated by severe travel restrictions and a financial crunch"18/9/2006
Following B`Tselem`s intervention, Military Police to investigate Eight recent cases of soldiers abusing PalestiniansB`Tselem -- "According to the testimonies, the soldiers beat, swore at, and degraded the Palestinians and damaged their property. Some of the victims subsequently required hospitalization"18/9/2006
The prison of the West Bank: death and tears in NablusEliza Ernshire - Counterpunch - Many people say if you want to know the Occupation of the West Bank and what it actually entails then you must go to Nablus and spend some days wandering in the Old City and surrounding districts talking to residents, nearly every one of whom have lost members of their family 17/9/2006
At-Tuwani update: 1-15 September 2006Christian Peacemaker Teams - During this period the team accompanied shepherds from At-Tuwani and surrounding villages as they grazed their sheep in the morning. The team conducted school patrol on 2 September 2006 only, due to the nation-wide Palestinian teachers` strike.17/9/2006
PCHR Condemns Attacks on Palestinian ChurchesPCHR - PCHR strongly condemns the series of attacks launched on a number of churches in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), following a statement by Pope Benedic XVI lately reported by the media.17/9/2006
Nighttime round-up of Hebron menChristina Gibb - Christian Peacemaker Teams - CPT Hebron received a telephone call at 10pm on 13 September, saying that soldiers were holding a dozen men near the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) in the Old City.17/9/2006
2 meals a day & forced labor for Palestinian minors in Israeli prisonPalestinenet/IMEMC - "200 children less than 16 years old [are] subjected to some of the worst forms of exploitation and humiliation. A total of 376 Palestinian [minors] are currently imprisoned in Israeli prisons and detention camps.16/9/2006
A `tourist` in the land he`s trying to build (an unwanted one)Mitch Potter - Toronto Star - "Bahour pushed on, somehow managing to do the near impossible - planning, building and opening the Plaza Shopping Centre in Ramallah during the height of an Israeli military siege. At a time when Palestinian youths were tempted by violence, Bahour instead did his all to tempt them with jobs.16/9/2006
Tel-Rumeida Project - August 2006 Newsletter Tel-Rumeida newsletter - "Dr. Taysir told that he had gone to open the door for the soldiers when almost immediately they began shoving him around and pinned him against a wall by pressing on his chest. The doctor told the soldier not to push him, and the soldier responded by punching him in the temple. Other soldiers joined in, and Dr. Taysir received blows to his arms, legs, and torso. At least two blows, those to his left arm, were strikes with the butt of a rifle; these injuries are documented with video. (...) This is just one example in a summer rash of Palestinian home invasions by Israeli soldiers. [bz]16/9/2006
Hebron residents targeted at night and early morning1) Sa’ed Al Shoukhi - Palestine News Network; 2) Christina Gibb - CPT - Two reports about nightly activity of the occupation forces in Hebron - with nightly round-ups of dozens of men and including also the storming of the emergency room of the Princess Alia Hospital [bz]. 16/9/2006
The Forgotten People: The Despair of Gaza One Year After the ‘Disengagement’amin /Arab Internet Media Network - "Rarely, if ever before has Gaza seen such massive levels of violence, terror and death, such crippling rates of poverty and unemployment, such economic stagnation, and such a stranglehold over all of its border crossings."15/9/2006
At-Tuwani: Water Truck to Palestinian Village of Suseya Disabled by Metal SpikesChristian Peacemaker Team -FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-"The At-Tuwani man speculated that this was the latest attempt by settlers to force the few remaining Palestinian villagers in Suseya from their homes."15/9/2006
Following B`Tselem`s intervention, Military Police to investigate eight recent cases of soldiers abusing Palestinians B`Tselem-Press Release-"According to the testimonies, the soldiers beat, swore at, and degraded the Palestinians and damaged their property. Some of the victims subsequently required hospitalization. "15/9/2006
Cut Off, Gazan Economy Nears CollapseShawn Baldwin/STEVEN ERLANGER-The New York Times-"“We have a complete deterioration of the economic situation in Gaza,” said Kirstie Campbell of the agency. “People can’t afford the basic things.” Seventy percent of Gazans now depend on the United Nations for food aid."15/9/2006
Occupation: The Missing WordRachelle Marshall - Washington Report on Middle East Affairs -"THE DATELINES may read Gaza, or Kandahar, or Samarra, but the events reported are the same: bombings, firefights, missile strikes, and civilian deaths. The violence in all three places comes in the aftermath of foreign invasion and occupation. Thousands of American soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan, along with hundreds of troops from Canada and Europe. Some 130,000 Americans are at war in Iraq. Heavily armed Israeli soldiers surround Palestinians in the West Bank, and Gazans hear the constant drone of Israeli aircraft. Yet the word “occupation” has disappeared from the news, supplanted by the “war on terrorism.” " 14/9/2006
Gaza beyond desperateErica Silverman - Al-Ahram Weekly - "While a donor conference in Sweden pledges millions in aid to Palestinians, few in Gaza can believe they will ever see relief arrive"14/9/2006
Deterioration of Health Conditions in the Gaza Strip due to the BlockadePalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "The hermetic blockade over the Gaza Strip imposed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continues to have catastrophic effects on the health conditions of the civilian population. Health institution, including hospitals and primary health care centers, are suffering from a severe shortage in the supplies of medication and medical supplies necessary for the healthcare needs of the civilian population, especially patients suffering from chronic conditions. The situation deteriorates further and threat to the lives of civilians "14/9/2006
This one night: 15 lifted from their beds in the West Bank Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Israeli soldiers took fifteen residents prisoner in several West Bank areas overnight, Palestinian sources reported. An Israeli army official said that the arrestees are members of Hamas, Fateh and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Thirteen of the detainees were taken prisoner overnight. 13/9/2006
Al-Tuwani: Truck bringing donated water disabled by... guess whoIMEMC & Agencies - Dozens of metal spikes had been strewn across the road and caused damage to five tires of the water truck. At-Tuwani residents, who had talked with the driver of the truck, showed members of the peace team three of the spikes, which consist of four prongs of about 3/8 inch diameter and two inches long each, designed so one prong will jut into the air when tossed on a surface. 13/9/2006
Shalit: Son`s kidnap causing thousands to sufferEfrat Weiss - Ynet News - Shalit said the kidnapping affair was causing ?hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians to suffer due to the military pressure, blockades and destruction the State of Israel was carrying out, on top of hundreds of wounded and dead.?13/9/2006
Closure of Prisoner Support offices - in Israel and West BankNajib Farag - Palestine News Network - On Friday Israeli forces raided several branch offices, confiscated files and computers, and posted notices for closure lasting two years. The appeal period offered was just two days.11/9/2006
UN increases Gaza aid as poverty risesAFP/Reuters - ABC online - "The survey defines poverty as a monthly income below $600 for a family of four adults and two children. According to the report, 38 per cent of Palestinians live in extreme hardship, defined as a monthly income below $300 for a similar household.11/9/2006
MachsomWatch Weekly digest: Report from checkpointsMachsomWatch general mailing - "3 women and a man requested permits to work in the Church. They were sent away without an explanation. We called the office of the DCL and asked them to write down the reason for the refusals. We were told to send the ladies back in but they were soon thrown out again, the soldier refusing to write anything. 11/9/2006
“As soon as I get a permit I will come back to you.”Lama Hourani - spread by email - "Ahmed, the last brother lost his identity card when he was active in the PLO in the 80s, married his cousin in Amman, and had four children. He decided to risk coming to Nablus as a visitor with his family in 1997. He applied for an identity card, but until now, neither he nor his family has received one. For this reason no one can move outside of the city of Nablus because of the checkpoints on the city borders. 11/9/2006
Palestinians forced to scavenge for food in rubbish dumpsPatrick Cockburn - The Independent - "Women in Gaza tell me they are eating only one meal a day, bread with tomatoes or cheap vegetables," said Kirstie Campbell of the UN`s World Food Programme, which is feeding 235,000 people. She added that in June, since when the crisis has worsened, some 70 per cent of people in Gaza could not meet their family`s food needs.10/9/2006
Genocide in GazaIlan Pappe - Znet - A genocide is taking place in Gaza. This morning, 2 September, another three citizens of Gaza were killed and a whole family wounded in Beit Hanoun. This is the morning reap, before the end of day many more will be massacred.10/9/2006
Abduction near NablusIMEMC - Israeli troops abducted on Friday Khalid Al Natsha,18, after stopping a car he was riding and searching it. 10/9/2006
Arrests near BethlehemIMEMC - Israeli soldiers invaded Al Shawawra village, east of Bethlehem, and took two residents prisoner10/9/2006
Three arrested in JerichoIMEMC - Israeli troops invaded on Friday at dawn the West Bank city of Jericho, and took three residents prisoner10/9/2006
Three abducted in HebronIMEMC - Israeli troops stationed at a the Ibrahami Mosque in the Old City of the West Bank city of Hebron, took three residents prisoner10/9/2006
Jihad Yahia arrested in TulkaremIMEMC - IDF arrests Palestinian in Tulkarem on Friday10/9/2006
"Break arms and legs" - video from the friday demo in Bilin - 9/9/06 Social TV - Eran Vered10/9/2006
Those who remain silent today – cannot say tomorrow `I knew not` - sign a petition and contact the Israeli government about the Gaza catastropheIsraeli activists - We know: War Crimes are perpetrated at this moment in the Gaza Strip; 9/9/2006
Campaign against expulsion of foreign passport holdersSam Bahour/Ramesh Prakashvelu /Hilary Leila Krieger - IPCRI/Jerusalem Post - In recent months the occupation authorities are denying to Palestinian residents, holders of foreign passports the right to Entry/Re-Entry to the West Bank, including people who had lived there for decades and who have there their homes, spouses, children and in some cases grandchildren. A campaign against this blatant injustice kicked off this week.9/9/2006
Hebron: thanks to TIPH, the Fakhouri family has waterE.B. - WAFA - Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) said it assisted the municipality workers, in Hebron, to access H2 [army/settler controlled] area in order to repair basic infrastructure.9/9/2006
On this Saturday the IDF is uprooting hothouses in southern GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC (also Haaretz/Ynet) "The invasion was carried out by ten tanks and armored vehicles, and four military bulldozers. Soldiers bulldozed several hothouses and farmlands in the area.9/9/2006
Livni: It`s time for Israel to resume talks with PA leaderAluf Benn- Haaretz, and Reuters - ""It is about time we found a way to talk with the Palestinians and with Abbas in order to find out whether there is a way to promote a process that can lead in the future to a two-state solution. But if Abbas wanted anything, Israel would not be able to respond until Corporal Gilad Shalit was freed".8/9/2006
CPT Hebron Update: 26 August - 1 September 2006CPT Christian Peacemaker Team -"...mother of the family was able to tell her story. At 12:30 p.m. the military had entered their home, seeking the father, a street cleaner for Hebron Municipality. The father was still at work. Two soldiers searched the bedroom, turning its contents upside down. They claimed to have discovered a live round of ammunition. The mother was adamant this had been "planted".8/9/2006
Soldiers severely abuse young Palestinian and take a picture of themselves on his cell phoneB`Tzelem- "When he regained consciousness, the abuse continued. Among other kinds of abuse, one of soldiers practiced karate kicks to Muhsen`s head while the other soldier held Muhsen in place."8/9/2006
`Gaza is a jail. Nobody is allowed to leave. We are all starving now`Patrick Cockburn-The Independent- "Gaza is a jail. Neither people nor goods are allowed to leave it. People are already starving. They try to live on bread and falafel and a few tomatoes and cucumbers they grow themselves."8/9/2006
Israel continues banning Gazans from studying in West BankAmos Harel- Haaretz-"Hundreds of Palestinian students whom Israel has prevented from continuing studies in West Bank universities for the past six years have recently petitioned the High Court of Justice to instruct the state to allow them to complete their studies. The petition was supported by Israeli professors, who protested the infringement on the students` freedom to study."8/9/2006
Free Dr. Rifqa elJa’abriWomen`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP) Newsletter - "Right after the first kidnapping in June, all the political prisoners (women and men) were forbidden family visits. After about six weeks, ...allowed visits, but only for family members over 45 or under 16 years old. This permission didn`t help most of the prisoners` families who couldn`t visit the prison anyway, because of the strict closure imposed on the West Bank and Gaza Strip." 8/9/2006
4 Palestinians killed, 10 hurt in clashes with IDF near Jenin Reported by Haaretz, and Ma`an7/9/2006
`Quiet transfer` in East Jerusalem nears completionElodie Guego - Forced Migration Review - "This eight-metre high Wall has given Israel a pretext to achieve long-established goals under the guise of security. Jerusalem is at the heart of all the antagonisms in the Middle East. International silence and failure to speak out against Israeli`s transfer strategy is likely to have irreversible consequences and destroy regional prospects for peace. The transfer of Palestinians will soon be an undisputed reality but should not remain `quiet`. "7/9/2006
At 18, Anwar missed the chance to prove he existsShahar Ilan - Haaretz - "Anwar Ghazem`s world is practically confined to his father`s apartment near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, the yard and his father`s vendor stall beneath the apartment. Ghazem, 23, is neither disabled nor sick, and has not been sentenced officially to house arrest; but in reality, he is a prisoner in his home. He has no identification card, no identification number. Bureaucratically speaking, he does not exist. "7/9/2006
Palestinians in Gaza largely cut off from outside worldIRIN - "When the border last opened on August 25 and 26.. only a few thousand Palestinians got through. It was insanely crowded - about 10,000 people. Many people jumped up onto the roofs of buses arriving at the border, and a lot fell off again... The year-long agreement to open Rafah will expire on November 24. After that date, Palestinians may find themselves completely trapped in Gaza. "7/9/2006
Palestinian children pay price of Israel`s Summer Rain offensiveRory McCarthy in Gaza City - The Guardian - "Rights group says 197 civilians have been killed in military operation, including 48 minors... Dr Saqqa flicks through the photographic record, images of bodies charred beyond recognition, flesh no longer human in form. Many of the figures were young children, at least one in a shredded blue school uniform." "7/9/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 31 August - 06 September 2006Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "11 Palestinians were killed by IOF. 5 of the victims were extra-judicially executed by IOF in Rafah and Jenin. 67 Palestinian civilians, including 16 children and a woman, were wounded by the IOF gunfire. IOF launched a series of air strikes on a number of houses in the Gaza Strip. Two houses were destroyed in the northern Gaza Strip. IOF conducted 33 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank, and 4 others into the Gaza Strip. IOF arrested 36 Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, and 3 others in the Gaza Strip. 10 houses were destroyed by IOF in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun. "7/9/2006
The Twilight Zone / The boy who was buried twice Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "Abdullah a-Zakh identified his son`s body by the belt. The shoes and socks also looked familiar, irrefutable proof that he had lost his son..."7/9/2006
My Palestinian husband and I cannot live together in the West BankMaria Pedevilla - IMEMC7/9/2006
Gaza`s darknessBy Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "Gaza has been reoccupied. The world must know this and Israelis must know it, too. It is in its worst condition, ever. Since the abduction of Gilad Shalit, and more so since the outbreak of the Lebanon war, the Israel Defense Forces has been rampaging through Gaza - there`s no other word to describe it - killing and demolishing, bombing and shelling, indiscriminately. "7/9/2006
Walls turn into fact of life in HebronFlorence Biedermann - Agence France-Presse - The Jordan Times - "A Palestinian child in Hebron has drawn her West Bank home town. Apart from rows of houses and olive trees, the picture shows an area circled by barbed wire, and is complete with checkpoint and watchtower. "7/9/2006
Free Dr. Rifqa elJa’abri Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP) 7/9/2006
Gazans killed in Israeli offensiveAljazeera - "Six Palestinians have been killed in southern Gaza as Israel pursued its 10-week offensive in the coastal strip. "7/9/2006
Israeli Bulldozers Uproot 20 Olive Trees in Hebron WAFA-Israeli bulldozers uprooted Wednesday scores of olive trees to pave a colonial road near the Jewish colony of Kiryat Arba in the West Bank (WB) City of east Hebron. 6/9/2006
Resident killed, three injured in Khan Younis Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies- One resident was killed and at least three were injured after the Israeli soldiers invaded Khaza`a town, east of Khan Younis. 6/9/2006
Should we really blame ourselves? Lama Hourani - Experiences of a Palestinian woman who wanted to meet her children at the Rafah crossing5/9/2006
Following a Visit to the Gaza Strip, PHR-Israel warns: Humanitarian Disaster in the Gaza StripPhysicians for Human Rights-Israel - Israel - " The medical staff met patients that do not have treatment in Gaza and are sentenced to a slow death as they cannot go for treatment in Israel or in Egypt...A routine of collective punishment and killing of civilians: There were cases of people who were not critically injured but who died from loss of blood at the scene of the attack. Moreover, people who tried to help others were harmed themselves during the evacuation process. There is hunger in Gaza- the delegation met with women and children in states of malnutrition. Streets and homes were completely destroyed for no apparent reason. In the hospital morgues the delegation saw charcoaled and shredded bodies. " 5/9/2006
The slippery slope of expulsionAmira Hass - Haaretz - "When a Civil Administration officer at the Beit El military base extended the tourist visa of Sam Bahour, a Palestinian-American businessman from Ramallah, and wrote on it "last permit," he did not do so on his own initiative. When the officer issued what amounts to a deportation order against Bahour from the city in which his family has lived for many generations, and in which he has lived for 14 years with his wife and two daughters, he was only the messenger."5/9/2006
Hamas on the brink of deal to lead new coalition in move to end funding crisis Rory McCarthy in Gaza City - The Guardian - " A national unity government is intended to lift the international freeze on funding to the Palestinian Authority, which has left it facing an economic crisis and a wave of strikes by thousands of unpaid civil servants. But Hamas officials say even in a new joint government with its main political rival, Fatah, the movement will not give explicit recognition to Israel - one of the conditions set by the international community for funding to resume. " 5/9/2006
Israeli jets destroy house of PRC member in Gaza Gaza correspondent - Ma`an - Israeli F-16`s fired a rocket at the house of Khalil Abu Al Foul in Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip and destroyed it.4/9/2006
Resident taken prisoner near Abu Dis Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli soldiers abducted one resident at the Container Checkpoint, near Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem as he was heading back home in Al Obediyya village, near Bethlehem. The resident is the sixth family member arrested by troops within two weeks.4/9/2006
Palestinians killed in Gaza attackal-Jazeera - Israeli forces shot and killed a father and his son when they raided a house in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, and a third Palestinian was killed by Israeli soldiers near a Gaza border crossing.3/9/2006
Increased Israeli military harassment of Palestinians in HebronChristina Gibb - CPT - Since the war in Lebanon, the Christian Peacemaker Team has seen increased military activity in Hebron3/9/2006
A photo of Sam Bahour`s visa 2/9/2006
Occupation aims to separate Sam Bahour, American Palestinian entrepreneur and peace activist, from his family Kibush editor`s note: The following is an update sent by Sam. The policy of ethnic cleansing via family separation has moved upa gear recently, but the issue has not been given adequate world wide attention.2/9/2006
Three Palestinians, including a father and son, killed in Gaza Strip Jazeera reporter/Ali Waked - Aljazeera/Y-Net - "A resident, Younis Abu Odah, told local media bullets fired during the gunfight came through his house and killed his 54-year-old father and 27-year-old brother, while also wounding two of his sisters." 2/9/2006
A beach scene that hides waves of despairPaul McGeough, reporting from Gaza - Sydney Morning Herald - "Apart from their toes, the women on the beach also reveal their hands - and paler-skin reminders of wedding bands that have been sold recently, either to feed their families or to buy clothes and books for children who start the new school year this week." 2/9/2006
EU to send Solana to Mideast to try to revive peace effort Associated Press - Haaretz - Jan Egeland, the Humanitarian Chief for the United Nations, said the situation in the West Bank deteriorated while the world shifted its focus to Lebanon: "I have traveled to the West Bank for 22 years, but I never experienced so much disillusionment, frustration, hatred and lack of hope".2/9/2006
Last ditch effortKhaled Amayreh-Al ahram weekly-"Some observers have suggested that Israel may seek (as though it is not doing so enough already) to beat down the Palestinians further as a kind of compensation for the wholesome defeat the Israeli army suffered at the hands of resistance fighters in South Lebanon."1/9/2006
Israel sets trial date for Palestinian leadersDaily Star (Lebanon) staff-Daily Star, Lebanon-"In all, Israel has arrested 30 Hamas lawmakers and five Cabinet ministers, including Deputy Prime Minister Nasser Shaer."1/9/2006
The shaping of culturesDr. Azmi Bishara-Arabic Media Internet Network-"International delegations meet the Palestinian president and snub the democratically elected Palestinian government, while in Lebanon they meet the government and snub the president."1/9/2006
Report: Israel discusses freeing 1,000 Palestinians in Shalit swapBy Yoav Stern-Haaretz- "Jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti will not be among the prisoners released in the deal, the newspaper reported. However, the Palestinian ministers and legislators who have been arrested by Israel recently may be freed if the Palestinians agree to form a unity government. "1/9/2006
U.N. agency says Gaza facing food crisis under IsraeliAssociated Press-"In contrast to Lebanon, where humanitarian food aid needs have been essentially met, the growing number of poor in Gaza are living on the bare minimum and face a daily struggle to cover their daily food needs,"1/9/2006
On the Palestinian unity government 1) Aljazeera - "Palestinian unity government agreed" ; 2) Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz - "Livni: If Abbas joins Hamas terror government, we will have a problem" 13/9/2006
Gaza shelves bareIRIN - "This is the tenth store I approach to buy a single box of powdered milk for my little baby. I do not know what to do. I am ready to pay double price for having only one package, but there is none", said 32-year-old Tareq Omar after he failed to find any powdered milk for his one-year-old baby in Gaza`s Al-Zawiya market.` 13/9/2006
Palestinians hit out as Israel tightens visa controlsSharmila Devi - Financial Times - "Palestinian businessmen who returned from exile over the last decade to help build the economy in the occupied territories have launched a campaign against a change in Israeli immigration policy that they say is forcing them out"12/9/2006
Israeli court extends custody for 18 Hamas officialsAgence France Presse - "The judge initially ordered the release of the 18 officials, including parliamentary speaker Aziz Dweik, but agreed to a demand from the military prosecution to keep them in custody pending an appeal. "12/9/2006
IDF soldier killed in Gaza; troops kill Palestinian boy in Bethlehem Messages from Haaretz and Aljazeera12/9/2006
Two killed near Jenin / Child killed by army shells in Rafah IMEMC & PNN/Saed Bannour - Two young men on their way to work Monday came under attack by Israeli special forces, who shot multiple rounds into the taxi in which they were travelling. Both men were killed, and the taxi driver was wounded.11/9/2006
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