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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Army Prevents Entry Of Samplings, Construction Material, Into Beit IksaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - A month ago, the Israeli army decided to illegally confiscate 12000 Dunams of land from the villagers, leaving them with only 2000 Dunams. The villagers started holding nonviolent protests against the Israeli Annexation Wall that surrounds the village, and against the ongoing Israeli military violations. Two weeks ago, the army imposed a strict siege on the village. bz29/1/2013
Israel prevents farmers from accessing fields south of HebronMa`an - On Friday afternoon Israeli forces prevented Palestinian farmers from accessing their agricultural lands in Susiya village east of Yatta in the southern West Bank. bz26/1/2013
Palestine says may have no choice but to take Israel to ICCLouis Charbonneau - Ma`an News Agency - "If Israel would like to go further by implementing the E1 (settlement) plan and the other related plans around Jerusalem then yes, we will be going to the ICC," he said. "We have no other choice. It depends on the Israeli decision."-rh 24/1/2013
Army Invades Several West Bank DistrictsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Thursday January 24; Israeli soldiers invaded several districts in the occupied West Bank, broke into and searched several homes, installed roadblocks, interrogated and kidnapped several residents. Soldier also Invaded an area east of Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip, and uprooted farmlands.-rh 24/1/2013
Israeli reporter admits suppressing images of ‘piles of bodies of civilians’ when Israel went ‘crazy’ in GazaPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - "I came into possession of shocking material. The kind of material that sends you to a psychologist. I have never shown it. Children who were shot. Piles of bodies of civilians... I came into possession of material about very grim events relating to the idea that Israel was deliberately `going crazy.`-rh24/1/2013
55 buildings demolished in Al MalehInternational Solidarity Movement - On 19th January morning Israeli forces demolished and confiscated emergency aid, including 18 Red Cross tents, provided to displaced families in Hamamat Al Maleh. The whole area was declared closed military zone and observers and journalists were not allowed entry the entire day, only locals were allowed to enter.-rh 23/1/2013
The Twinning – Palestinian Children In Israeli Military DetentionClive Hambidge - Countercurrents - Mark Regev, spokesman for the Israel Prime Minister, asserted The test of a democracy is how you treat people incarcerated, people in jail, and especially so with minors.” (The Guardian, 22 January 2012). It is indeed Mr Regev; and history will show that Israel has failed the tests of democracy and the stringent tests of human rights, wilfully and criminally misusing her “right to exist.”-rh23/1/2013
Women and the Middle East Part I: Palestine — Gender, Education, and Life in the West BankMya Guarnieri - Los Angeles Review of Books - THE FOLLOWING INTERVIEW was conducted with four 18-year-old Palestinian women who attend a university in the West Bank. All of the women are Muslim, though they run the gamut as to the extent of their religiosity: Nawal self-defines as liberal, Salma says that she and her family are conservative. Salma and her parents’ religious/political leanings are reflected in the jilbab [long, loose coat] she wears to cover her clothing as well as by the fact that she doesn’t wear makeup. Noor and Amira both describe themselves as moderate, saying that their commitment to Islam falls somewhere between Nawal’s and Salma’s.-rh23/1/2013
UFree Network: Israel should be held accountable for killing former prisoner Ashraf Abu Thra`UFree Network - At this instance UFree holds Israeli occupation state and the Israeli prisoner authorities responsible for his death as he was ill in the prison for 6 years and a half. Hence, he was only released when they were aware of his deteriorating health conditions and that he might die any moment.-rh 23/1/2013
‘We were too afraid to stay on our farmlands’ Palestinian Center for Human Rights - Since 2007, Israeli authorities have unilaterally and illegally established a so-called ‘buffer zone’ along the border, which officially extends 300 metres into the Gaza Strip. However, in reality, the ‘buffer zone’ can extend up to 1,500 metres from the fence, and is enforced with the use of lethal force. This area includes approximately 35% of the Gaza Strip’s agricultural land, which can only be accessed under high personal risk, as Israeli attacks may result in the injury or death of civilians. This seriously impacts the livelihoods of farmers who work in the border area.-rh23/1/2013
Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian in Al-Aqsa MosquePalestinian News Network - "Eyewitnesses said that Abu al-Haija` was arrested because he chanted Allahu Akbar (God is the Greatest)." - id 23/1/2013
Former Detainee Dies Due To Medical Neglect While In PrisonSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "...after falling into a coma 50 days ago due to a serious health condition resulting from his imprisonment by Israel, and the lack of medical treatment while in prison." - id 23/1/2013
Sharawna Resumes His Hunger StrikeSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Sharawna decided to resume his hunger strike due to the fact that Israel is deliberately delaying the deliberations in Sharawna’s case, especially since he is being held without charges." - id 23/1/2013
In Budrus Grief StingsAllison Deger--The final act of every Palestinian funeral is a military incursion into the deceased`s village, at least since the 2012 Palestinian bid for non-member observer status with the United Nations.dn20/1/2013
Did Israeli troops deliberately provoke boy, only to shoot him in the back?Alistair Dawber --On Monday Samir was shot by the IDF near his home in the West Bank. Israel says he was trying to invade its territory. But the boy`s family claim the truth is much more sinister. dn19/1/2013
Fayyad says PA`s financial crisis improvingMa`an News Agency - "The government announced it would pay public sector workers partial December salaries on Sunday. Civil servants have been striking over continued salary delays.Finance minister Nabil Qassis said Wednesday that Saudi Arabia had pledged $100 million to the PA and that salaries would be paid as soon as the funds were received." ca 18/1/2013
Settlers Cut 50 Olive Trees Near BethlehemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "Member of the Husan village council, Taha Hamara, told the Radio Bethlehem 2000 that a local villager went to his land to find his trees cut. He then went back to the village, and informed the village council of the attack.The villager, Ahmad Sabateen, told the Radio that this is the fourth attack of its kind on his land, and added that he filed several complaints to the Israeli Police in Gush Etzion but to no avail." ca 18/1/2013
Detainees In Eshil Go On Hunger StrikeIMEMC & Agencies - "Palestinian detainees, held at the Israeli Eshil prison, declared hunger strike in protest to the transfer of 27 detainees into solitary confinement, and to the ongoing violations carried out by the soldiers against them.The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees issued a press release stating that the detainees started their hunger strike one day ago after the Israeli Prison Authority forced 27 detainees into solitary confinement." ca 18/1/2013
First ever Palestinian-Egyptian automobile company sponsored by Gaza Strip Investment Fund opensMiddle East Monitor - "Kamel Abu-Madi, Vice Chairman of the Palestinian Investment Fund, stated that this new company had been established to serve the residents. He mentioned that some may demand that the automobile commercial sector be left alone; however, when traders were permitted to bring in vehicles, they committed unacceptable violations. Therefore, the intervention of the Investment Fund was necessary for the benefit of the residents, and the burden on the citizen has been significantly lightened." ca18/1/2013
UNRWA receives new fundingMiddle East Monitor - "The UN Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, has said that it will be able to provide thousands with work opportunities over a three year period as a result of the estimated €14 million in funding it has received." ca18/1/2013
The Palestinian prisoners’ IntifadaRamzy Baroud - Al Ahram Weekly "On 17 April 2012, at least 1,200 prisoners participated in a hunger strike to alert the world to their plight and maltreatment in Israeli jails. Despite the fact that the collective strike ended 14 May, Palestinian prisoners continue to stage hunger strikes of their own, breaking records of steadfastness unprecedented not just in Palestine, but the world over." ca 18/1/2013
Revolution in resistanceSaleh Al-Naami - Al Ahram Weekly "Caught off guard, Israeli decision-makers were quickly irate. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued orders to security agencies to immediately evacuate the village. This is what hundreds of security forces, including elite police units, did by raiding the village Friday night. The expected Israeli move did not change the new reality because Palestinians finally recognised the potential of popular resistance." ca18/1/2013
Prisoners` Intifada shames Palestine`s leadersRamzy Baroud - Asia Times - If Palestinian leaders only knew how extraneous their endless rounds of "unity" talks have become, they might cease enthusiastic declarations to world media about their meetings. At this point, few Palestinians are left with hope that their "leadership" has their best interests in mind.-rh17/1/2013
The CountersettlementRAJA SHEHADEH - International Herald Tribune - Those 200 Palestinians who camped out in the cold on a hill claimed by Israel weren’t just challenging facts on the ground. They were challenging their own consciousness.-rh 17/1/2013
Hold Israel accountable for aggression and war crimes in GazaJames Marc Leas - Mondoweiss - facts about each of Israel’s assaults on Gaza, including “Operation Cast Lead,” and “Operation Pillar of Defense,” show that they were anything but self-defense. This article will show that neither of the operations actually defended Israel or Israeli civilians. It will also show that Israeli political and military leaders have a non-violent strategy to stop rocket fire that actually works.-rh 16/1/2013
Israeli army `provoked Palestinian teenager and then shot him`Robert Tait - The Telegraph - A Palestinian schoolboy killed by Israeli gunfire near the West Bank separation barrier had been reacting to insults shouted by soldiers with loudhailers before he was shot, eyewitnesses have said.-rh 16/1/2013
ACRI files new petition against expulsion of 1,000 Palestinians from Area CACRI - Attorney Feldman commented today after filing the petition: ¡°It is inconceivable that 1,000 people should be evicted for the sake of military exercises. These evictions, which are tantamount to forced displacement, deny the villagers their livelihood and seize the property of people whose very existence depends upon the land they cultivate. Not only is this an extreme violation of international law, but it is tantamount to extreme cruelty.¡±-rh 16/1/2013
The sun never sets on Bab Al ShamsMayse Jarbawi - MIFTAH - The initiative of Bab al-Shams is being considered one of the people’s most innovative and significant moves. Palestinian politicians have backed the project, including member of the PLO’s executive committee, Hanan Ashrawi, who considered it to be a “highly creative and legitimate non-violent tool to protect our land from Israeli colonial plans.”-rh 16/1/2013
Stop playing by Israel’s rules, aid workers urgedIRIN - The Electronic Intifada - "Palestinian communities here, among the poorest and most vulnerable in the occupied West Bank, desperately need access to water, electricity, sanitation and other basic infrastructure." - id 16/1/2013
Farmer Killed By Israeli Fire In Beit LahiaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The army repeatedly opens fire at farmers trying to work, or even reach, their lands close to the border in the northern and eastern parts of the Gaza Strip; dozens of casualties have been reported. bz15/1/2013
Palestinian Youth Killed By Israeli Fire In Ramallah Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Local sources reported that the army was heavily deployed in the school area, and repeatedly provoked dozens of students, an issue that led to clashes between the soldiers and some students. The army then fired several rounds of live ammunition hitting Samir with several rounds to the head, chest and leg. bz15/1/2013
Palestinian Workers in SettlementsPosition Papers - WHO PROFITS.ORG "Israeli and international companies that face criticism owing to their activities in the occupied West Bank often attempt to legitimize their businesses in settlements by claiming that they provide labor to Palestinian workers. These claims are blatant attempts to distract public attention from the Israeli occupation. Who Profits uncovers facts that undermine these claims." ca11/1/2013
“Not enough” extreme weather: Israel deliberately floods east of Gaza (again!)Occupied Palestine - "The civil defense department in Gaza said the Israeli occupation state opened on Wednesday the floodgates of one of its dams in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip.The department called on the Palestinian citizens living along the Gaza Valley area to be cautious and get in touch with the authorities in case of any incident." ca 11/1/2013
Israeli Soldiers Attack, Arrest Palestinian Youths Playing With Snow In JerusalemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The clashes took place when a number of extremist Israeli settlers started throwing rocks at the local Palestinian youths who were playing with the snow, and started shouting and cursing at them, while chanting racist slogans against the Arabs and the Muslims.The Center said that the current situation in the area is tensed as dozens of settlers and soldiers are still in the streets, and that the Palestinians were forcibly removed." ca 11/1/2013
Soldiers Break Into Ofer Prison, Attack DetaineesSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "Despite the rain and extreme weather conditions, undercover soldiers of the Israeli Prison Administration broke into section 15 of the Ofer Israel Prison, and attacked several detainees.Israeli soldiers carry out repeated and similar attacks against the detainees in different Israeli prisons, detention camps, interrogation and detention centers. There are currently more than 4500 Palestinians who are still imprisoned by Israel, including 198 children, eight women, and several elected legislators and officials."ca 11/1/2013
JNF in the Jordan Valley: Colonization NowTarabut-Hithabrut - To understand the true dimensions of the exploitation of natural resources in the dry Jordan Valley by agricultural settlements, one need to look at access to water. bz10/1/2013
The New Line on the State of Palestine Passport Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor`s Palestine Pulse - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s decree, if enacted, would potentially provide passports and other identification documents to 11.6 million Palestinians. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, 5.1 million Palestinians live in Arab countries, 655,000 in other countries and 1.4 million live in Israel. bz 9/1/2013
Palestinian Home Demolished In JerusalemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "ICAHD estimates that Israel demolished at least 24.145 homes in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip since 1967." - id9/1/2013
Overcrowded Schools in War-Torn Besieged Gaza : video and transscriptThe Real News - With more than 52% of Gaza`s population are children below the age of 18, this means more schools are needed in order to accommodate the growing number of students each year. Currently the majority of students suffer from overcrowding, with 90% of schools work on double shifts.-rh8/1/2013
Palestinians forced to disembark busDaphne Banai - Machsomwatch - The bus stoped at the station. One of the policemen got on through its front door, another through the back, and then, slowly, Palestinians began to disembark - one, then another one, and another... about 20 men.-rh 7/1/2013
Fatah celebrates in Gaza; still no Arab money [December 30, 2012 – January 5, 2013] MIFTAH - The celebrations took place in spite of the stifling financial crisis which the Palestinian Authority is struggling under. On January 3, President Abbas warned that without the pledged Arab "safety net" to fill empty Palestinian coffers, Palestine will be in a very difficult situation indeed.-rh 7/1/2013
Israel continues to breach the ceasefire agreement Amelia Smith - MEMO - "Since the start of the truce Israeli tanks and bulldozers have moved into the Gaza Strip; Palestinian children have been shot at; drones are ever-present in the sky; and farmers and internationals have been shot at across the border. Considering that the ceasefire came into effect on the 21st November 2012, 45 days ago, that works out at one violation a day"7/1/2013
Israel`s Gaza Bantustan Samah Sabawi--Israel controls the Palestinian population registry and all important cards required to enter Gaza and the West Bank. dn6/1/2013
PCHR Weekly Report: 43 Palestinian civilians wounded, including 9 children, during the last weekSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The Israeli Forces conducted 83 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank. At least 29 Palestinian civilians, including 10 children, were abducted. Israeli Forces established dozens of checkpoints in the West Bank. At least 3 Palestinian civilians were abducted at checkpoints; 2 of whom were abducted at military checkpoints in the West Bank." CA 4/1/2013
`Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Thu 3.1.13, MorningNeta Golan, Shula Bar - "Cold and dark. The sun is taking its own sweet time. The soldiers inspect at the middle gate the people who are waiting at the lower gate, out of our sight and earshot. Those coming through report the soldiers are “ok, good.,” which means that “they’re not causing problems today” [if you have a valid crossing permit]. A resident of A’anin who lives with his wife in eastern Barta’a visits his parents in A’anin every week. This checkpoint opens only twice a week, which doesn’t fit his schedule of visits. He applied at the DCO for a crossing permit at the Shaked checkpoint (which is open every day), but was refused. Someone else says his eldest son, age 17, can’t get an agricultural permit to cross daily to the seam zone." ca "4/1/2013
Fatah official: Friday`s Festival in Gaza, to aid unitySenior Fatah official Nabil Shaath said Thursday that his party`s 48th anniversary celebrations in the Gaza Strip would have a positive impact on national unity. Ma`an News Agency - "The festival will take place in Gaza City`s al-Saraya square after prayers on Friday, the first party rally since Hamas took power in Gaza in 2007.Fatah leader President Mahmoud Abbas has recorded a speech to be played at the festival." ca4/1/2013
Settlers raid Nablus village, burn Hebron carMa`an News Agency - "Dozens of settlers raided the northern West Bank village Qusra overnight Monday, uprooting more than 190 olive trees, an official told Ma`an.Palestinian security guards chased the settlers, and detained four of them for a short period of time. The Israeli forces quickly intervened, entered the village, and released the settlers, Daghlas said." ca4/1/2013
Israel `cracking down` on West Bank terror suspectsAFP - YnetNews - Ghassan Khatib, a veteran of the first intifada, who later became a Palestinian cabinet minister and now teaches at the West Bank`s Birzeit University, said the current round of clashes was spontaneous.-rh 3/1/2013
Abbas threatens to dissolve Oslo as protests rise over PA’s untenable financial situationAllison Deger - Mondoweiss - This week`s strikes show the ideology for a "Greater Israel" will come with a financial liability that Israeli politicians must be ready to assume if they pursue annexation. While Israel and Abbas may be squawking over who should run the West Bank, the most pressing issue has less to do with negotiations and more about who will pay the PA`s bills.-rh 3/1/2013
Report; “Israel Welcomes New Year With Home Demolition, Invasions And Arrests”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - It is worth mentioning that since early dawn hours of the first day of 2013 the army conducted various invasions into different parts of the occupied West Bank, broke into several homes and kidnapped a number of residents.-rh 2/1/2013
The apathy that hangs over PalestineJoseph Dana - The National - The ferocious manner in which Fatah and Hamas are fighting for the approval of the Palestinian street is all the more breathtaking given the general sense of apathy that hangs over Palestine. Exhausted from the Second Intifada and life under military occupation, Palestinians generally seem more interested in making ends meet than political revolution.-rh 2/1/2013
Palestinian laborers in Israel: between a rock and a hard place Melkam Lidet - MIFTAH - For those who work in Israel illegally, the challenges are even greater. Their “illegal” status makes them vulnerable to exploitation by their employees. Often times, Israeli employers deny illegal Palestinian workers the minimum wage and under write their working days which later affects the employment benefits and insurance they are entitled to.-rh 2/1/2013
Palestine refuses to disappear : From Gaza offensive to battle at the UNLeila Farsakh - Le Monde Diplomatique - The Arab Spring has led to an era of democratic aspiration unprecedented in the Middle East. In the Palestinian context, the Arab uprisings have emboldened popular demand to revisit, if not end, the regime that ushered in the Oslo peace process, and with it the two-states solution.-rh2/1/2013
Writing a people`s history of Israel/Palestine : People`s history opens a new understanding of the current situation in the Israeli/Palestine conflict.Mark LeVine - Aljazeera - The everyday lives and struggles, not merely of elites but even more so of the "ordinary" people whose lives are rarely captured by scholars, opens new understandings of the history that produced the present moment, and alternative futures in which the two people might better co-exist with equal freedom, dignity and political, economic and social possibilities.-rh 2/1/2013
Israeli Navy Opens Fire at Palestinian Fishermen in GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The Navy chased the fishermen despite the fact that they were in the allotted area allowed for Palestinian fishermen." - id 2/1/2013
State bars Westerners living in West Bank from entering Israel, East JerusalemAmira Hass - Haaretz - "Change discovered after foreigners renewed tourist visas, and saw that `Judea and Samaria only` had been stamped inside." - id 2/1/2013
Israeli forces attack Tammun. 4 injured from live bulletsReport - ISM - "They used helicopters, many soldiers firing live rounds of ammunition, tear gas and plastic coated steel bullets. 35 people were injured, including 4 with live bullets. 2 children sustained serious head injuries from tear gas cannisters." - id2/1/2013
Raja Shehadeh`s perceptive depiction of daily life on the West Bank This Week in Palestine - Raja Shehadeh`s recently published book, "Occupation Diaries", blends loving description of the West Bank’s scenery, nature, culture and architecture with a sharp but calmly-narrated loathing of the oppression, injustice and sheer physical ugliness of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Shehadeh’s observations are not all bleak. For example, he brings to life the Israeli musician whom he met, playing the violin, at the Bethlehem-Jerusalem checkpoint. 1/1/2013
Tammoun residents resist army raid, three hurt Wafa - Israeli forces arrived at the village of Tammoun to arrest a local resident named Muhannad Bani Odeh. Villagers resisted the soldiers, leading to fierce confrontations and causing the army to bring reinforcements to the village. Three people were hurt, one of them seriously.1/1/2013
Border Police detain, humiliate Palestinian at checkpointAmi Kaufman - +972 - "Why is this important, you may ask, if it happened four years ago? Simple: because this is the stuff that goes on every day, all over the West Bank." - id 30/1/2013
Threat of demolition looms over Palestinian village in West BankRabbis for Human Rights - +972 - "Susya, which has been through numerous demolitions and forced expulsions, beginning in 1986, is facing yet another threat to its existence." - id30/1/2013
Report from Beit Lahiya: Israel continues to break the ceasefire in GazaJenny Linnell - Mondoweiss "There has not been a single report of a rocket fired out of Gaza since 21st November. In contrast, four Palestinians have lost their lives and over 80 have been injured by Israeli forces since then. Yet these violations have received little or no coverage in the mainstream media. Palestinian civilians, whose only crime is to live in the border areas, are terrorized on a daily basis by the Israeli army. This is what everyday life under the ceasefire has meant for them." ca25/1/2013
Azza teen dies of Israeli gunshot woundsMa`an News Agency - "Salih al-Amarin, 15, from Azza refugee camp, was shot in the head Friday during clashes in Bethlehem`s nearby Aida camp, leaving him critically injured, a Ma`an reporter said.Last Tuesday, 17-year-old Samir Ahmad Abdul-Rahim was the fourth Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in less than a week." ca 25/1/2013
Young Palestinian woman Lubna Hanash shot dead by Israeli occupation forcesAli Abunimah - Electronic Intifada "Lubna Hanash, a young Palestinian woman, was shot and killed today by Israeli occupation forces riding in a civilian car near Arroub refugee camp which is on the road between Bethlehem and Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank.Hanash was a fourth-year political science student at Al-Quds University, according to Al-Quds newspaper, and had been visiting her sister in Arroub camp." ca 25/1/2013
A story of a Palestinian village without basic infrastructure #2Blog - Wordpress "Why Do They Want Wipe an Entire Palestinian Village from the Map, and Not for the First Time? And What Can We Do? Watch the attached clip; spread word of the injustice; write to the President (form letter below) demanding that this moral stain on government actions in our name be prevented. On Thursday, 31 January, the Supreme Court will hold an important session on the case; let us prevent Susya from being wiped out." ca25/1/2013
"The closure is like dying a slow death"PCHR - Narratives - Ramadan describes the drastic change in the life of his family: “Before our problems started, when the factory was still open, we had a steady income. Due to our losses, I had to sell everything. Now we live from day to day. It has affected all of us. We are under a lot of pressure financially, but also psychologically. The closure is like dying a slow death.”-rh31/1/2013
Statement by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator James W. Rawley OCHAoP - The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator is seriously concerned by the increased casualties resulting from the use of live ammunition by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank. Eight Palestinian civilians, including three minors and one woman, have been killed since mid-November in separate incidents in the West Bank.-rh 30/1/2013
The Gatekeepers: In New Film, Ex-Shin Bet Chiefs Denounce Occupation, Compare Israel to Nazi GermanyDemocracy Now - Video - The film brings together six former heads of Israel’s internal security agency, the Shin Bet, collectively speaking out for the first time ever. They detail their methods against Palestinian militants and civilians in the Occupied Territories, including targeted killings, torture, recruiting informants, and the suppression of mass protests during two intifadas. But in doing so, they also criticize the occupation they were assigned with defending and warn that successive Israeli governments have endangered their country’s future by refusing to make peace.-rh30/1/2013
Palestinian Man Shot In Beit HanounSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The attack comes only four days after Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian farmer in the same area; the farmer, Mustafa Abu Jarad, 21, was shot by a live round in the head." - id 30/1/2013
“You Gave Life Back To Bab Al-Shams”, Bab Al-Shams Novelist SaysSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - The Lebanese intellectual sent his best wishes and regards to all activists who installed this new Palestinian village, in the land of Palestine, to those who told the occupation “this is our country, this is our land, we have the right to build in our own state”.-rh 16/1/2013
Palestinian teen killed by IDF near West Bank separation barrierNoam Sheizaf- +972 - "This is the fourth incident in the last week in which a Palestinian civilian was shot to death after trying to cross or coming close to an Israeli fence." - id 16/1/2013
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