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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Settlers attack a mosque and Islamic Waqf offices in Hebron cityGhassan Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "The settlers, under the protection of the Israeli army, stormed the two places then took the furniture out in the street and threatened to burn it during a coming Jewish holiday"30/4/2007
Palestinian teachers on strike Aljazeera - "Palestinian teachers have held a one-day strike over unpaid wages prompting the deputy prime minister to suggest that the unity government be disbanded if the Western embargo is not lifted in three months." Also by Ghassan Bannoura, IMEMC - "Palestinian public sector employee attempts suicide in protest of not being paid by the gov."30/4/2007
EU refuses to lift boycott of Palestinian governmentRory McCarthy - the Guardian - "The European Union said yesterday it would not lift a boycott of the Hamas-dominated Palestinian government, despite warnings from aid organisations that the structure of a future Palestinian state is being severely eroded...Nearly 60% of the population live on less than £1 a day and a third do not have enough food. The economy shrank by 5% to 10% last year, according to the IMF. Along with the international boycott, Palestinian tax revenues worth around $60m a month have been withheld by Israel, apart from a one-off $100m payment in December. As a result, 150,000 state employees, including teachers, doctors and security forces, received only around half their salaries last year."30/4/2007
Residents in Al Hadidiya prepare to Resist the Demolition of their HomesBrighton Palestine/ISM - The residents of Al Hadidya have been awaiting army action since April 21st when a court ruling came into effect ordering them to leave and for the demolition of their homes. Al Hadidya is a collection of Bedouin Camps in an isolated area of countryside, deemed a military area by Israeli occupying forces, close to the illegal Israeli colony of Ro’i. International activists have maintained a constant presence in the area since Saturday and are planning to resist the demolitions. 28/4/2007
Israeli army kills three Palestinians in GazaRami Almeghari/Hanan Greenberg - IMEMC/Y-Net - [The Israeli version, clearly derived from military sources (including giving credit to a specific IDF unit) reports as fact that the three killed were "terrorists" and "gunmen". The Palestinian version notes that it was not yet clear whetehr they intended tp cross the border in order to carry out an armed attack or simply in order to find work in Israel (both are represented among past targets of lethal IDF shooting along the Gaza border). A.K.] 28/4/2007
Settlers try to return to Homesh - and Burka Palestinians get attacked Amin Abu Wardeh - PNN /Jerusalem Post - [The Israeli media is full of information on repeated attempts by settlers to re-occupy the settlement of Homesh, evacuated during Sharon`s "Disengagement". For infomramtion of the army attacking the Palestinian inhabitants of the nearby Burka Village and destroying rooftop water tanks, so as to "protect" the settlers enegaged in their illegal campaign, one needs to look to Palestinian sources. A.K.] 28/4/2007
Mother must tell imprisoned son of father`s death Maisa Abu Ghazaleh - PNN - Amer Asaid`s mother does not know how her son will take the news. His father, Abu Daoud Asaid, has died. Amer is now in Nafha Prison. The last time he was his father was during his first and only visit during which he was not allowed to take a photo, says his mother, Umm Daoud. It has been seven years of Israeli prisons thus far for Amer. 28/4/2007
Israeli army invades Bethlehem and kidnaps three civiliansGhassan Bannoura -IMEMC & Agencies -"A massive Israeli force invaded the city, troops searched and ransacked homes in Aida and Dohaisha refugee camps located in the city, soldiers forced families out of their homes during the search, witnesses reported."27/4/2007
Beit Hanoun fears Israeli raid Nour Odeh-Al Jazeera-""The men were sitting in the guestroom and the girls were here when suddenly the tank shell went through the roof and everybody ran out," Hatem said. Since that day a year ago, Hatem moved out with his wife and children."27/4/2007
Israel`s lab in PalestineMel Frykberg-Al Ahram-"Habas Al-Wahid, head of the emergency centre at the Shuhada Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza city told the journalists that the legs of the injured were sliced from their bodies "as if a saw was used to cut through the bone." But there was no evidence of ordinary metal shrapnel in or near the wounds."27/4/2007
PCHR Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (19 – 25 April 2007)Palestinian Centre for Human Rights-"9 Palestinians Killed,18 civilians wounded, 2 children wounded, 30 incursions by IOF, 44 Palestinian civilians by IOF, settlement activities continued in the West Bank, house demolished in occupied Jerusalem, 7 houses demolished south of Hebron, total siege on the OPT..."27/4/2007
Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine. Shulman, David - The University of Chicago Press: Book Announcement- American-born Israeli David Shulman takes us right into the heart of the conflict with Dark Hope, an eye-opening chronicle of his work as a member of the peace group Ta‘ayush, which takes its name from the Arabic for “living together.” 26/4/2007
The American School of Gaza, another nightmare in the Strip Rami Almeghari - Ma`an News - "“A nightmare, really a nightmare.” With these words, teachers from the school voiced their reaction to what happened to their workplace." 25/4/2007
Testimony of Fadi Rajeb Hanani from the village of Beit Furiq about the Israeli army`s attack on his home, on Friday 20.4.07Testimony recorded by MachsomWatch - "The jeeps drove in back of the house and there, from amongst the olive trees, opened fire on the house, hitting the solar plate on the roof. Then the jeeps came back and parked opposite the house, as the soldiers fired for about 20 minutes on the entrance to the house, the balconies and windows. All the while, the families were still indoors, and were not told a thing."24/4/2007
Hebron update 1-7 April 2007Christian Peacemaker Team - `on school patrol at the Yatta street checkpoint, observed a minorrebellion by fifty or so students waiting for Israeli soldiers to process them one by one through the metal detector. A four-year-old girl about two feet tall started the action by walking under the closed gate withoutthe soldiers stopping her. A broad smile crossed her face as she looked back at her friends still in line.`24/4/2007
UN envoy: Israel`s imprisonment of PA children feeds violenceAP- Haaretz - `"The process they are subject to is a military process ... and not a judicial process. That is something that we feel is a problem," she said. "I think children are getting very hard and bitter through this experience."`24/4/2007
The ABCs of Home Demolitions in IsraelEileen Fleming - dissidentvoice.org24/4/2007
Stench of Life: A first-hand account of the garbage crisisMohammed Omer - - "Life for us is miserable. Life is getting more wretched and deplorable by the day. All I can see is garbage. All I can smell here, inside, is the revolting stench of the garbage. It leaves everthing with the same sour taste: a taste which is aggravating, persistent, and which harasses even when you are sitting inside your own room, on your own bed. The offensive, reeking stench adds to the curse of being a Palestinian in occupied Palestine today: no money, no food, no peace, and now no breathable air."23/4/2007
Israel completely closes the Palestinian territories to mark creation of Israeli stateRami Almeghari - IMEMC & Agencies. Also: (2) "Ceasefire under threat after Israeli raids kill nine" - by the Guardian; (3) "Hamas claims rocket barrage for first time in 5 months" by Haaretz - "Militant group says Qassam, mortar barrage is revenge for 9 Palestinian deaths in weekend IDF raids."; (4) "Hamas fighters end Israeli truce " - Aljazeera23/4/2007
Israeli aircraft drop notices threatening increased attacksWisam Afifeh -- PNN -- "Eyewitnesses report that Israeli aircraft dropped leaflets at Monday warning residents of the north that Israeli forces will attack"23/4/2007
Workers inside `48Mustafa Sabre -- PNN -- "Secretary of the Federation of Trade Unions, Mahmoud Dhiyab of Qalqilia, has secured a modicum of protection for Palestinian workers within Israeli boundaries. The Israeli employer must now pay in advance in order to end the phenomenon of rampant exploitation of Palestinian workers"23/4/2007
PLO: `Vicious military incursions are the Israeli way to escape peace obligations`Ma`an -- "DAIR – PLO said that the recent Israeli military incursions into the Gaza Strip, Jenin and Nablus leave the Palestinians and Arabs with `no partner for peace.` The statement added that Israel is `escalating its terror` in order to `bring the Palestinian unity government to a deadlock`"23/4/2007
Gaza: a disturbing dispatch from a no-go areaDonald Macintyre -- The Independent -- As the BBC`s Alan Johnston remains missing after 40 days, the descent into lawlessness in the Palestinian territory has ominous undercurrents23/4/2007
Eyewitnesses: Israeli army used a young Palestinian as a human shield in Balata Refugee campIMEMC -- "Eyewitnesses in Balata refugee camp near Nablus reported that Israeli troops used Mahmoud Ji`arim from the camp as a human shield on Monday morning. J`iarim was forced to walk with the soldiers as they went around in the camp and kidnapped five Palestinians"23/4/2007
EMHRN Open Letter to Ehud Olmert Regarding Detained Al-Haq and PCATI Fieldworkers (21 February 2006)Eva Norstroem(EMHRN)-Al Haq-"More alarming is the fact that the secret evidence described as coming from a "trusted" source was not disclosed to Mr. Hmeidan or his lawyer, thereby violating the rights of the defense and leaving the door wide open for extending his detention once again in March 2006 when the current order is due to expire."20/4/2007
Building Economic Independence (Conference at Bil`in, April 18-19 2007)Sam Bahour -epalestine riseup-list-"It is not that I’m not proud that, under odds most communities would have buckled under, we have built productive companies, a stock market, a banking industry, an ICT industry, an olive oil industry, a furniture industry, and a pharmaceutical industry, among others. These are all important but they are all trappings of a status quo that is taking us to a level of despair, unknown to our struggle. "20/4/2007
Human rights activist says threatened by IDFAli Waked-YNet News -"Sideh said he believed the raid was aimed at scaring and frightening him so that he would stop bothering the IDF. As part of his job at the Rabbis for Human Rights organization, he calls the IDF`s District Coordination Offices on a daily basis in order to warn of closed checkpoints, inappropriate conduct and violence exercised by soldiers and settlers."20/4/2007
Living Stones: Easter 2007Timothy Seidel - EI - "The permits they were all carrying were useless. As a sign of protest, they ripped up their permits in front of the Israeli soldiers who would not let them pass through the checkpoint."18/4/2007
You Are Not Here! Laila El-Haddad - Blog - "...allow participants to become “meta-tourists” of sorts, to experience a tour of Gaza in the streets of Tel Aviv."18/4/2007
IDF probing whether Hebron street `intentionally` closed Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - "The closure has made life difficult for Palestinian residents of Hebron, including the elderly, who have to take long detours through neighboring yards and residences."18/4/2007
Israelis Torturing Palestinian ChildrenNora Barrows-Friedman - Inter Press Service News Agency - " “I was taken to a detention centre and interrogated,” Mohammed says. “The interrogation would begin at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and would finish after eleven pm. I was beaten all the time, especially if the soldiers did not get the answers they wanted. “I was sent to be beaten by other soldiers and forced to stand in the rain with only thin clothes on. They would try to convince me that I did something that I did not do in order to get the confession they wanted."17/4/2007
Selection of news from Palestinian and Israeli media 1) " Israeli Special Squad Assassinates Citizen in WB" - WAFA; 2) "IDF kills Palestinian militant; four Israelis wounded in West Bank" - Amos Harel - Haaretz"; 3) "As Palestinians commemorate Prisoners` Day, Israeli army abducts at least 15 civilians" - Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC; 4) "Three children injured as Israeli army invades a village [Bil`in] near Ramallah" - Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC; 5) "HR Organisation: Israel Escalates Attacks against Palestinian Medical Personnel"- WAFA; 6) "Five journalists wounded by Palestinian police in Gaza" - Rami Almeghari - IMEMC & Agencies 17/4/2007
Twilight Zone / Village of the MartyrsGideon Levy - Haaretz - "As the 15-year-old ran for his life, a sniper`s bullet caught him in the neck and he bled slowly to death. The soldiers even shot at his rescuers. The IDF: `The person killed was an armed terrorist`"17/4/2007
Gunmen kill two residents of Khan Younis in two separate incidentsSaed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "The two crimes are considered a challenge to the new security plan set by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior to eliminate chaos and insecurity in the Gaza Strip"16/4/2007
Night in Jenin Camp: family forced outside in the cold while Israeli soldiers destroy belongings Ali Samoudi - PNN - “It is clear that the occupation wants to punish every Palestinian family without cause, firing at everything, destroying our senses and terrorizing the children. They destroy every aspect of our lives, now under the pretext of a search for he `wanted.` But they destroy my mother`s cooking oil and flour, they shoot our clothes. It is clear that this is general prosecution, bleak and terrible, the acts of occupation and the continued assault on Jenin Refugee Camp.” 14/4/2007
Incursion in Qalqilia leaves 2 women severely injured and several houses destroyedMa`an - Both women were transported to Qalqilia hospital and medical sources said that they had sustained serious injuries. The Israeli forces bombed the house of Shukri after forcing the residents to evacuate. The house was demolished using explosives, causing severe damage to neighbouring houses.14/4/2007
IDF suspends officer over troops` use of Palestinians as human shieldsAli Waked - Ynet - Peace activist films IDF soldiers ordering two Palestinian youths to stand in front of their vehicle to prevent locals from stoning it; military advocate general orders investigation into incident, commanding officer suspended. // AP - Ha`aretz - Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti denounced the suspension as window-dressing ("treating it as an isolated incident").14/4/2007
Salem military court treats elected members of government like criminalsMustafa Sabri - IMEMC - Dr. Abdel Raziq was brought to the court with his legs bound. The 47-year-old Member of Parliament was kidnapped during the 2006 Israeli attacks against members of the elected Hamas government. Another MP, Yasser Mansour, was in a cage in the courtroom after being transported from Majido Prison, clearly ill. His parents looked on in horror. 14 Palestinian MPs and Ministers had their sentences extended again, this time until 12 June, bringing their imprisonment to nearly a year.13/4/2007
New York court lifts freeze on Palestinian central bank Harvey Morris - Finacial Times - A New York court has lifted a freeze on the US operations of the Palestine Monetary Authority, which acts as the Palestinian central bank, that was imposed in connection with the killing of two Americans in a Hamas shooting attack. The judgment in the New York Supreme Court means the PMA can resume clearance transactions worth millions of dollars a day that were suspended by the Bank of New York two years ago, the PMA said at the weekend. 13/4/2007
Oxfam calls for end to Palestinian blockadeIan Black - Guardian - Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are suffering "devastating" humanitarian consequences as incomes plummet, debts mount and essential services face meltdown, Oxfam says in a report that calls for an immediate end to the international financial blockade of the Hamas-led government. Oxfam reports that 46% of Palestinians now do not have enough food to meet their needs; that the number of people in deep poverty (defined as those living on less than 50 cents a day) nearly doubled in 2006 to over one million; and that incomes of PA workers had fallen to 40% of their normal levels. A November 2006 poll of government workers showed an increase in poverty from 35% to 71%. 13/4/2007
Squeezing Palestinians into Impossible MissionNicola Nasser - Arabic Media Internet Network - "The ambitious 100-day security plan relies on clan bosses and anti-Israeli faction leaders agreeing to permit prosecution of members who break the law. Interior minister al-Qawasmeh held talks with clan chieftains in Gaza who expressed alarm at the behaviour of their young militias, which justice minister Sartawi called an “encouraging sign.”" 12/4/2007
Israel arrests 19 on suspicion of plotting car bombIHT - "Palestinian police officials in the town said the 19 suspects were not connected to any bombing."11/4/2007
“Numbers Graveyards”, inhumane/immoral Israeli practice, Fatah saysRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "...a unique means of collective punishment..."11/4/2007
PPS report: “Israeli occupation soldiers killed 869 children, kidnapped 6000 since 2000”Saed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "According to the report, the year 2006 was the harshest year on Palestinian children, and the army kidnapped 2000 children. Since 2000, troops kidnapped at least 6000 residents, and 390 children are currently imprisoned by Israel"9/4/2007
Israel Gone, Yet Still in Gaza`s LifeKarin Laub -- Associated Press via -- "The movement of crops crucial to farmers` livelihoods, the decision on when residents of the coastal strip can leave and when they can come back, permission for a foreign-born spouse to move to Gaza — it`s all still up to Israel. Yet Israel says it no longer occupies Gaza" 9/4/2007
Jerusalem families face eviction Jacky Rowland - al-Jazeera - Israeli authorities have handed out eviction notices to nearly 100 Palestinian families living in East Jerusalem. 8/4/2007
Twilight zone - it`s from God, the soldier saidGideon Levy - Haaretz - "Soldier, soldier, excuse me, but I want to get to the hospital. My baby is in serious condition." "What are you yelling about?," the young soldier scolded Daoud, "Don`t yell." Daoud was upset. "Look at the baby, he`s going to die! Afterward you do whatever you want." The soldier turned away without saying anything.7/4/2007
British diplomat meets Palestinian PM to discuss fate of BBC journalist Al Bawaba - Britain`s consul general in Jerusalem met with Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniyeh on Thursday to discuss efforts to release an kidnapped British journalist, defying an EU boycott on Hamas ministers. 7/4/2007
Mother and her two sons Arrested in QalqiliyaWAFA - Qalaqilia - Israeli Occupation Forces arrested Saturday morning mother and her sons in the West Bank(WB) citify of Qalqiliya, witnesses said. 7/4/2007
Zakaria Zubeidi, Al-Aqsa head in Jenin, lightly wounded by IDF fireIMEMC/Haaretz - Zubeidi was wounded in his shoulders in the clashes, which broke out when an al-Aqasa Brigades fighter discovered that Israeli troops were hiding in one of the houses in the refugee camp. It is not clear if Zubeidi, considered "wanted" by the Israeli army for several years already, was specifically targeted in this case. 7/4/2007
Israeli troops kill militant in Gaza Strip, biggest Gaza incursion since November ceasefire Haaretz - Israel Air Force helicopters fired into the northern Gaza Strip early Saturday, killing Foud Ma’rouf, 22, and wounding two others in what local residents described as the fiercest exchange of fire between Israel Defense Forces troops and Palestinian militants since the November truce. Coincidently, scores of Israeli tanks and armored vehicles, under a barrage of heavy gunfire, incurred on Saturday dawn into the vicinity of the Alshuhada cemetery, to the east of Jabalya refugee camp. On Monday, Defense Minister Amir Peretz authorized the army to carry out limited operations "just inside the Gaza Strip" despite the cease-fire. 7/4/2007
Pesach in HebronISM Hebron - At approximately 11am, 30 Israeli soldiers passed through checkpoint 56 into H1 (i.e. they went out of the settler enclave into the rest of Hebron). The army proceeded to close all the shops on Beersheva Road, forced the Palestinians in the cars to drive away, and ordered the Palestinians to stay off the streets. Some of the shops in the market area of Bab Al-Zawiye were also forced to close. Soldiers took up positions on the roofs of Palestinian houses in this area. The army instigated this action to facilitate group of 47 settlers with easy access to the Tomb of the Patriarchs.6/4/2007
Israeli Gunboats Wound Two Palestinian Fishermen on Rafah ShoreRami Almeghari - IMEMC - Human rights groups, including Israelis, have described the Israeli forces` harassment of fishermen as "a violation of agreed upon Palestinian-Israeli arrangements on fishing on Gaza shores." According to such arrangements, fishermen are allowed to sail within 12 nautical miles, yet the Israeli naval forces, since last summer, have restricted movement of Palestinian fishing boats, under the pretext of preventing possible cross-border transfer of the abducted soldier via sea.6/4/2007
Chaos continues to reign in Gaza: 29 Palestinians killed due to internal strife in March Ma`an - [The] Palestinian independent corporation for citizen`s rights reported that 29 Palestinians were killed during March as a result of the security confusion with masked gunmen dominating the streets; 25 were killed in the Gaza Strip and 4 in the West Bank. Nine of the victims were killed in the Hamas-Fatah conflict, while 8 met their end due to weapon misuse and general chaos. Four others died in clan conflict and 3 women were killed as a result of so-called `family honor` crimes. The last five people were killed in unknown circumstances. In the same context, 46 people were abducted, including one foreign journalist.6/4/2007
Israeli soldiers shoot dead a Palestinian driver near Jericho Ma`an - The Israeli military spokesperson confirmed the news to Ma`an`s correspondent, yet he claimed that the soldiers shot the driver because he did not pull off the road when the Israeli soldiers signaled to him.6/4/2007
Under the nose of the IDF: in Hebron settlers torch car, near Qalqiliya chop down olive trees Ali Waked - Ynet News - Abu Haykal said that despite media coverage, settler violence in the Tel Rumeida area never ceases. `The thing is that all this happens under the soldiers` watch with no reaction from the police,` he said.6/4/2007
Torture: Read it in the Israeli pressMiko Peled - The Electronic Intifada - "Mr. Hadar also touches on the issue of torture as part of the interrogation process. He mentions cases of interrogations where his agents lied in court about getting confessions through torture. "Since the suspects were Arabs the judges would always take our word over theirs" he says and continues to say that he found "Arabs were often glad to be slapped a few times" because it gave them an excuse to turn against their people and collaborate with the interrogators. He typically refrains from using the "P" word and refers to Palestinians only as Arabs or as terrorists." 5/4/2007
U.S. Aid Shift Brings Palestinians Grief and Relief REUTERS - NY Times - "U.S. policy is designed to deny funds to any programs that might benefit Hamas, which it considers a terrorist organization." 4/4/2007
Updates of the International Solidarity Movement 3.4.071.Defying Israeli Apartheid Through Non-Violent Resistance 2. Palestinians Arrested After Israeli Settlers Attack Them 3. Women`s Action Brings Hope in Hebron 4. Teachers Detained, Human Rights Workers Attacked in Tel Rumeida 5. Illegal Israeli settlers evacuated from Homesh 6. Re-Ignited in Palestine: Tel Rumeida Circus for Detained Palestinians 7. "At The Checkpoint" Photo Exhibit 8. The Crime of Being Born Palestinian 9. Bikes vs. Bombs3/4/2007
News from the Occupation, from Palestinian media1) Israeli Army Injures a Palestinian Child in Central Gaza - Rami Almeghari - IMEMC & Agencies; 2) Israeli invades Jenin and Jenin refugee camp by Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies; 3) "Hundreds of Nablus residents, institutions protest against the siege, checkpoints" - Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies; 4) "Christian Orgnaizations slam Israeli attacks against worshipers" - Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies; 5) "Leader of Al Aqsa Brigades injured in armed clash with Israeli forces in Balata refugee camp" - Ma`an 3/4/2007
Renewed military activity in the Gaza Strip?(1) "Israel Might Launch an Offensive on Gaza, Israeli Army Chief Says" - Rami Almeghari - IMEMC - "Israeli Army chief of staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, hinted that Israel would soon launch a massive military offensive on the Gaza Strip, under the pretext of cracking down on the Palestinian resistance infrastructure, mainly the Hamas group. The Israeli army`s threats come as the Arab countries re-endorsed yesterday in their summit in Riyadah, their Beirut-based peace initiative of 2002, which calls for full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab territories in return for normal relations with the Israeli state. While the 2002 initiative was being announced, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, ordered a massive attack on the West Bank, with the same pretext."; (2) "2) Israeli army resumes ground operations against the Gaza Strip, Israeli papers say" - Ma`an; (2) "Undercover troops invade Beit Lahia" - Saed Bannoura - IMEMC; 3/4/2007
Here grow gravesOry Yassur - Hagada Hasmalit - `"Ory Yassur`s best friend lost his ten-year-old daughter this week. I am sure this is of no interest to you as it was a Palestinian child who was shot in her head by a soldier." This was to be the introduction to an article Yassur wrote a month ago, after Abir Aramin was killed outside her school near Jerusalem. The article was submitted to ynet where Yassur is a columnist, but the editor of the Op-Ed section found it "too emotional" and decided not to publish it. Here it is.`3/4/2007
The West Bank village of Yanoun: serenity occupiedCara Loverock - Alternative Information Center - Starting in 1996, Yanoun came under attack from the fundamentalist Jewish settlers, whose buildings are now visible from most points in the village. The illegal settlement is known as Itamar. Its inhabitants are armed and make it clear they want the villagers out.1/4/2007
Palestinian cash crisis worsens Al Jazeera - "The Palestinian Authority`s finance minister has left on a fundraising trip, aimed at encouraging foreign donors to support the Palestinian administration." 11/4/2007
UNRWA may withold services to Palestinian refugees, a spokesperson says Rami Almeghari - IMEMC & Agencies - "UNRWA’s financial deficit comes while the poverty rate throughout the occupied Palestinian territories has mounted to approximately 80%, while unemployment has reached to 60%, due to continued internationally-imposed economic embargo since last March."10/4/2007
A father and son from Gaza stranded in Egypt, waiting for the Rafah Crossing to openB`Tselem - testimony by `Imad Farhat, traffic policeman -"`[My son] Ali was hungry and thirsty, and I had to buy him a bottle of water, which cost two pounds, and later, when he was hungry, I bought food that cost five pounds. He wanted to sleep, so I sat down on the road and he slept on my leg for an hour and a half, out there under the sun. I didn`t move because I was afraid if I did, he would wake up. The area we were in was filthy and smelly. There was no place to sit, or any covering to block the sun."10/4/2007
Sewage Tsunami & Strangulation in Gaza Anna Baltzer - ISM website - "One week ago, the walls of an overused cesspool in northern Gaza collapsed, flooding a nearby Bedouin village with up to two meters of raw sewage. At least five people drowned to death, with dozens more left sick, injured, or missing. Predictably, the international community’s fingers are pointed at the Palestinian Authority.. But the PA is only part of the problem. In fact, funds were secured long ago for transferring the dangerous sewage pools, but according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), the project “was delayed for more than two years due to delays in importing pipes and pumps from abroad as a result of the closure imposed by IOF [Israeli Occupation Forces] on the Gaza Strip. In addition, IOF military operations in the project area prevented workers from free and safe access to the area to conduct their work. ". Below, the message of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights on the disaster, and a warning "More Sewage Floods in Gaza are Likely" - Rami Almeghari - IMEMC10/4/2007
HEBRON UPDATE: 25-31 MarchChristian Peacemaker Team - ..."The soldiers then invaded the home and ordered the men and boys to leave, sending the father and his son down to the street where they were detained for between 30 and 45 minutes. The soldiers proceeded to thoroughly search the house, throwing blankets and mattresses around, throwing clothes out of the dresser, and stepping on the dough the mother was preparing for bread, ruining it. They found nothing. The family also showed the neighbor, t he CPTers and the ISMers their back room, which had a wall of windows to let the sun in, facing Avraham Avinu settlement. Israeli settlers had previously broken all the windows with stones. "10/4/2007
Ashamed to be Arab Aryeh Dayan - Haaretz - on a tragedy of a Palestinian man deprived of a normal life10/4/2007
Palestinians killed in Israeli raidsal-Jazeera - Israeli forces have killed at least six Palestinians in raids that involved a deadly air strike in Gaza, in the worst flare-up in Israeli-Palestinian fighting in months. 22/4/2007
Palestinians: 6 killed in the occupied territoriesHaaretz - Zvika Gottlieb, Avi Issacharoff, Amos Harel - Six Palestinians, including a 17-year-old girl, were killed Saturday by Israel Defense Forces and Border Police troops in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources said.22/4/2007
Mothers and wives of political prisoners imprisoned to pressure confessions Mustafa Sabre - PNN - Kawthar Nofal told PNN that Israeli intelligence has taken to arresting the mothers and wives of Palestinian political prisoners in order to extract confessions. Nofal, known as Umm Said for her eldest son, said that the idea is to threaten the prisoners by harming their loved ones. “They arrested me from inside my house after the arrest of others in my family, and immediately took me to Jalama Prison so that my captive son, Said, could see that they had me.” 21/4/2007
IDF closes Gaza, W. Bank through Independence Day 21/4/2007
‘Only Free Men Can Negotiate’Dr. Daud Abduallah - Palestine Chronicle - The recent visit by Palestinian Minister of Finance Salam Fayad to the EU was a pitiful demonstration of how much rich countries are prepared to use their economic power to browbeat poor nations into political subservience. While the European ministers lined up to pay tribute to the integrity of the Palestinian minister and their care for the Palestinian people they bluntly refused to lift the sanctions of death. The message to Fayad was stark. Not until the Palestinian Authority (PA) meets our political demands there would be any significant economic assistance. 21/4/2007
Requiem in Ramallah Noam Ben Ze`ev - Ha`aretz - Confined to their city, in poverty that in some parts includes hunger, afraid to leave their homes at night and subject to both invasions by the Israel Defense Forces and threats from the local hooligans, to these residents, Mozart was a momentary comfort. 21/4/2007
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