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Life under occupation

Israel bars a Gaza cancer patient from entering Israel for Chemical treatmentSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli Security Services refused to grant a permit to a Palestinian patient, suffering from Intestines Cancer, to leave the Gaza Strip in order to receive medical treatment in an Israeli medical center. The patient, Mahmoud Abu Taha, 21, from Rafah city in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, was diagnosed with Cancer in August 2007." 31/1/2008
In response to the Supreme Court`s Rejection of Petition against Fuel and Electricity Cuts:Gisha - News Release - "Israel`s Supreme Court today rejected a petition by human rights organizations to stop Israel from cutting supplies of fuel and electricity to the Gaza Strip, as part of a governmental decision authorizing punitive measures against the population of Gaza. The petitioners had claimed that cutting fuel and electricity supplies constitutes forbidden collective punishment and violates the international law prohibition against deliberately targeting civilians. The fuel cuts, which have forced Gaza`s only power plant to reduce production of electricity, have severely disrupted the functioning of vital humanitarian services, including hospitals, water wells, and sewage pumps." 31/1/2008
IMEMC News from Occupied TerritoriesOlder woman dies in Gaza due to the Israeli siege imposed on the region -One Injured and four kidnapped during Israeli army attack on Jenin - 30/1/2008
`Narratives Under Siege` (2): Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza Strip 30/1/2008
Hebron special update: Gaza, Beit Ummar and HebronCPT-"...learned that the Israeli army was using live ammunition and had killed eighteen year old Mohammed Mahmoud Awwad, and injured several including Musa Abu Maria, a Beit Ummar non-violence organizer. "30/1/2008
No barrier too high: A Gaza love storyMARK MACKINNON-Globe and Mail-" As their desperation grew, Emran cracked what he said was a joke - that Heba could enter Gaza through the dark and dangerous smugglers` tunnels that run deep underground, providing the only link between Gaza and the outside world as Israel`s blockade tightened. To his surprise, Heba said she was willing to try. "I agreed because I couldn`t see any other solution," she said of what would have been an 800-metre crawl underground on her elbows and knees, a journey that likely would have taken a terrifying half hour. "I thought many times about this choice, and agreed despite all the danger.""30/1/2008
Egyptian police closing El-Arish shops to drive Gazans away Marwa El Naggar & Dalia Salahudin - Islam OnLine - Egyptian police ordered all shops and restaurants closed and threatened defiant shopkeepers in the North Sinai capital of El-Arish, in order to force thousands of Palestinians who arrived across the bombed out Rafah border wall to leave.29/1/2008
Palestinian teenager killed in Israeli daylight invasion of Bethlehem Ma`an news Agency - [Isrtaeli forces usually time their raids on Palestinian cities for the night, knowing that daylight raids inevitably arouse resistance from Palestinian youths in the neighborhoos invaded. Whoever ordered this daylight raid knew that it would likely end with the soldiers shooting, killing or wounding youths - which is exactly what happened. Ed.] 29/1/2008
Soldiers accused of abusing detaineesItamar Sharon - Jerusalem Post - "The rise in the number of incidents that become known to the public is the result of a growing awareness among commanders, who - as in this case - voluntarily [report the incidents]," an army spokesman said [sic!]. 29/1/2008
Today`s Palestinian headlines IMEMC - Egyptian troops start to close the Rafah borders // The Israeli army attack several villages in northern part of the West Bank and kidnaps two civilians // Israeli Authorities destroy part of a Palestinian owned building in Jerusalem // Abbas to operate Rafah crossing, Hamas refuse the past agreement with Israel // Israeli army target several West Bank cities and kidnap 6 civilians // Israeli sources: “Abbas and Olmert agree to demand Egypt seal Gaza borders” 29/1/2008
EU observers at Rafah terminal may resume work, officials sayGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - On Monday Palestinian security forces of Hamas and Egyptian troops started to close the Rafah borders for civilian cars allowing trucks only to shuttle through the borders. On Sunday, Foreign Ministers of the Arab league issued a statement reiterating the need to run the Rafah crossing based on the 2005 agreement in order to end the crisis in the Gaza Strip.28/1/2008
Gaza`s falling wall changes Middle East map for everThe Observer - Guardian - What they will remember will not simply be the condition of unemployment and deprivation that have gathered pace but the slow, corrosive degradation of a society that has accelerated since the beginning of the second intifada in September 2000, with the closing of Israel`s labour markets to Palestinian workers. It is something that a few brief days of `festival` - as many Gazans described the extraordinary scenes last week as they poured into Egypt to shop and visit relatives - cannot solve overnight. And which they cannot fix alone.28/1/2008
Mash`al: Hamas ready to turn over presidential security headquarters to PAMa`an News - "The toppling of the crossing was a correct step, yet we need to follow up with that because the issue is not about Gaza Strip`s residents shopping in Egypt," Mash`al explained. 28/1/2008
At the gates of GazaNurit Peled-Elhanan - "The appeal to go today to the gates of Gaza at the height of the pogrom being carried out by the thugs of the Occupation army against the residents of the Gaza Strip has terrible echoes of another appeal that was sent out into the air of the impassive world more than a hundred years ago."26/1/2008
the lucky onesAya Kaniuk - link to Reports from the West Bank - .."the people here, those few who hold permits to work, are `fortunate`, for their work is in the interest of the over-privileged. (God knows what some had to do to obtain it, but that is another matter). Still, however, harassing them as much as possible without totally breaking this cheap labor market exploited for the benefit of "whites" is present in everything. In prohibiting. Denying people warmth and talk and sitting. In the policeman giving out fines for crossing a road that cannot be crossed anywhere else."26/1/2008
Amnesty International Medical Urgent ActionAmnesty International-"Scores of patients have been denied passage outright or subjected to delays preventing timely access to care. The nearest treatment outside Gaza is in Israel, Egypt or Jordan but permission for Palestinian patients to leave Gaza is often denied or delayed by the Israeli authorities – even in urgent and critical cases." (See also Jan.17 2008)25/1/2008
Researcher: “Israel is about to pass a law which will bar thousands of detainees from visitation rightsIMEMC-"..preliminary approval of the new law which was presented by member of Knesset Arieh Eldad, from the Mifdal extremist right-wing party, proves that Israel is clearly acting in order to increase the siege and violations against the Palestinian people, especially the detainees are their families."25/1/2008
Down goes the wall Laila El-Haddad - It was then that I met a pair of young boys, 9 and 10, who curiously peered over the fence beyond the wall, into Egypt. In hushed whispers, and innocent giggles they pondered what life was like outside of Gaza and then asked me: Have you ever seen an Egyptian? What do they look like? They had never left Rafah in their lives 24/1/2008
Gazans continue to flow into Egypt, Israel says siege continues, Egypt sends troopsGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC News - Today Egyptian police and troops closed most of the border wall section but continued to allow Palestinians to cross into the country. Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, told reporters in Cairo that he had given orders to his troops to allow Palestinians to cross into Egypt because they were starving. Mubarak said that the troops will return the Palestinians into Gaza after they have shopped for supplies "as long as they are not carrying weapons". 24/1/2008
Is there peace now?Art Gish - Hebron - "On the very day the meeting took place in Annapolis, Israeli soldiers came to the village of At-Tuwani where I am living to deliver a military order to demolish the mosque in the village." 24/1/2008
Occupation diariesThe way to learn - Tami Goldschmidt and Aya Kaniuk - Mahsanmilim - Reports from the West Bank; Don`t say we did not know 89-92 - Amos Gvirtz - ICAHD; Death Threats and Increased Military Harassment for the Azzoun Region - International Solidarity Movement 22/1/2008
Nothing left of Annapolis B. Michael - YNET - " Nothing was started, nothing was stimulated, and there is no process underway. Nothing is going on. Everything quickly reverted to the good old routine, and everything that was expected to happen indeed happened – but sooner than expected. "22/1/2008
Where does it end? Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - "We are impacting the overall quality of life in Gaza and destroying the terror infrastructure," Defense Minister Ehud Barak boasted.".."Gaza`s residents "are hostages of a deranged regime, but there is no real humanitarian crisis there," said housing minister Zeev Boim, apparently referring to Hamas, not his own government."22/1/2008
No light, no heat, no bread: stark reality for the powerless in GazaRory McCarthy - The Guardian - "Yesterday, the UN Relief and Works Agency, which works with Palestinian refugees and provides crucial food aid to 870,000 Gazans, warned that it would have to stop distributing its food support by tomorrow or Thursday because it could not import the bags or the fuel to deliver the food."22/1/2008
Cry from Gaza: So Many Tragedies in So Little TimeMohammed Omer - `Where to start…, what to talk about…? The crippling electricity shortages, affecting hospitals as well as civilians? The air strikes & on-going, daily bombings by the Israeli army, their indiscriminate targeting of civilians and police stations…? Israel ’s non-accidental, enforced starvation of 1.5 million people by closing off ALL borders and not allowing in even UN aid, let alone basic medicinal, food, and construction needs…? `22/1/2008
Gazans facing power shutdownAl-Jazeera - Residents in the Gaza Strip are facing the closure of the territory`s only power plant as Israel continues a shutdown of its border crossings. The plant shut down one of its two working turbines on Sunday because of a fuel shortage following the blockade, which Israel says is in response to Palestinian rocket attacks. UN, EU and Palestinian officials have said the second turbine would cease operation within hours.20/1/2008
Narratives under siegePalestinian Centre for Human Rights Gaza - Link to a series of sketches of life under siege in the Gaza Strip27/1/2008
`Ofer` Military CourtIlana Hammermann Roni H. and Ilana H. - MachsomWatch - a glimpse into occupation "justice"27/1/2008
Death and darkness in - Omar Kittaneh, the head of the Palestine Energy Authority in Ramallah, confirmed that by tonight (20 January), the one remaining operating turbine will be powered down, and the Gaza power plant will no longer be generating any electricity at all.20/1/2008
A week of funerals in GazaDonald Macintyre - The Independent - Mariam Rahal, a 53-year-old grandmother and her two sons, were in the wrong place at the wrong time as they drove their donkey cart of oranges home through a mainly residential district of Beit Lahiya. Mrs Rahal was buried yesterday with one of the sons, Mohammed, 23. The pair were innocent victims of a four-day conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants that last night seemed far from over. They were killed when their cart was destroyed by a missile which targeted the car of a rocket-launching crew on Thursday evening.20/1/2008
Gaza power cuts leave people cold physically, metaphoricallyElectronic Intifada/IRIN - "We went four days without having electricity during the daytime," said Wajihe, an elderly woman from a refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. "We had power only from midnight until 6am. During the day, we try to sit in the sun to keep warm. It`s very cold now at night. We wrap up to keep warm. Each of us has two blankets, but it is still cold." 20/1/2008
Israeli forces kill Fatah military leader in NablusMa`an News Agency - Ahmed Sanakra, a leader in Al-Aqsa Brigades, was killed when Israeli Special Forces stormed Balata refugee camp. He had survived several earlier Israeli attempts to kill him. [Army policy at Nablus in recent weeks had followed the cynical line of setting the Fatah-controlled PA to fight local Hamas members while continuing Israeli raids into the city to attack members of Fatah itself. Ed.] 19/1/2008
Detainee delivers baby, family not allowed to visitIMEMC - 40-year old Fatima Al Ziq of Gaza gave birth to her ninth child while in Israeli captivity. She was subjected to harsh treatment while being transferred to the hospital and was cuffed. None of her family members was allowed to visit her during or following the birth-giving. 19/1/2008
Woman killed while guest at wedding next to bombed Gaza MinistryCBC News - One woman was killed after an Israeli warplane attacked the Palestinian Interior Ministry building in Gaza City`s downtown area. She was a guest at a wedding reception next to the building. The building itself had been empty. 19/1/2008
Health Professional Action /Denial of access to health care AI Health and human rights team-"Scores of patients have been denied passage outright or subjected to delays preventing timely access to care. The nearest treatment outside Gaza is in Israel, Egypt or Jordan but permission to leave Gaza is usually denied or delayed by the Israeli authorities. The organization is urging that such access be urgently assured for 11 men and two women who have been recommended to seek further medical treatment not available in Gaza but who have been denied passage out of Gaza. ..AI is urging the Israeli authorities to expedite access to medical care for those needing it as a matter of urgency, and the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Jordan, to do whatever they can to facilitate access to health care for those from Gaza with urgent needs. "18/1/2008
Gaza`s fate left to the whim of an Israeli courtRami Almeghari-Electronic Intifada-"The life of this three-week-old baby, Sabrin Doush, is threatened. If the power cuts completely, this baby is likely to die. We cannot deal manually with every baby. Therefore, more deaths are likely to happen, unless we have a continuous current." 18/1/2008
At-Tuwani Release: Olive trees destroyed in the night / Cistern contaminated in Humra ValleyCPT-"Israeli settlers and soldiers have threatened and harassed Palestinian shepherds grazing their flocks nearby. On Saturday, 12 January, a group of settlers from the illegal settlement outpost of Havat Ma`on approached shepherds grazing their flocks and fired six shots in the air. The Palestinian shepherds and their flocks scattered. On 15 January, Israeli soldiers threatened to arrest Palestinian shepherds if they continued to graze their sheep in the adjacent valley. "18/1/2008
Stench wafts through Gaza as sewage system faltersRebecca Harrison - - "Gaza`s creaking sewage system is the latest casualty of Israeli sanctions aimed at getting Hamas to halt militant rocket fire from the impoverished territory. Ancient pumps are badly in need of repair, but spare parts are hard to come by because of Israeli restrictions. There is not enough fuel for generators and the electricity needed to power water pumps is intermittent, Palestinian water officials and aid groups say"23/1/2008
This brutal siege of Gaza can only breed violenceKaren Koning AbuZayd - The Guardian - "Gaza is on the threshold of becoming the first territory to be intentionally reduced to a state of abject destitution, with the knowledge, acquiescence and - some would say - encouragement of the international community. An international community that professes to uphold the inherent dignity of every human being must not allow this to happen." 23/1/2008
Thousands cross into Egypt from besieged GazaAli Waked - Ynetnews - "Palestinian gunmen set off several explosive devices along concrete wall dividing Palestinian and Egyptian Rafah. Thousands of Gaza residents enter Sinai, fleeing siege imposed on Strip by Israel. Egyptian authorities forced to open border; food and equipment begin pouring into Strip" 23/1/2008
Chronicle of an Electricity Crisis Well-Planned in AdvanceGisha - News Release - "As early as January 3, Israel was alerted to the severe shortage in industrial diesel – but refused to relent from its punitive measures Human Rights Groups Submitted an Urgent Request to the Supreme Court Demanding that the State Allow Gaza Residents to Receive the Industrial Diesel Necessary to Produce Electricity" 23/1/2008
3 civilians killed in IDF strike in GazaAli Waked - Ynetnews - "Several hours after barrage of 30 Qassam rockets hits southern communities, army fires missile at vehicle reportedly carrying Islamic Jihad gunmen, but accidentally kills three family members, including child. Military sources confirm missile accidentally hit civilians." 16/1/2008
Qureia: Talks absurd if Israel does not stop massacresdpa - - Qureia said in a written statement sent to reporters that he condemned and strongly opposed to what he called "the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces this morning in Gaza." 16/1/2008
Israel Kills Hamas Leader`s Son In Gaza: 19 Gazans, Ecuadorean Kibbutz Volunteer Killed In Israeli-Palestinian ClashesCBS News/Associated Press - "Tuesday`s bloodshed began before dawn when Israeli infantry, tanks and helicopters pushed into northern Gaza in what the military said was a routine operation aimed at Palestinian militants who launch rocket barrages at Israeli towns near Gaza almost every day. Three Palestinian civilians were killed in the ensuing fighting, along with 14 armed militants - one of them Hussam Zahar, 24, the son of hard-line Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar. The Israelis pulled out Tuesday with no casualties. A later airstrike on militants firing rockets into Israel killed two more Hamas men." 16/1/2008
B`Tselem: Does Diskin view kids as terrorists? Ali Waked - Ynetnews - "Does Yuval Diskin include five-year-old Maria Okal, eight-year-old Aya al-Astal, nine-year-old Yehi Abu Slamia and his five-year-old brother Nasrallah among the list of terrorist?" organization officials asked. "Does the Shin Bet chief refer to the blood of these and other children as the blood of terrorists?" 15/1/2008
Turning the screws : Israeli justice condones collective punishmentMarian Houk - Al-Ahram Weekly -There have been new policies in place since September, when Gaza was designated an enemy territory or hostile entity, Weingarten noted. One is that even life-threatening cases are not allowed to pass, and the second is that the Israeli General Security Services, or Shabak, have called patients to underground rooms at Erez crossing and asked to provide information on other people, or be refused permits. "This form of medical blackmail is to be condemned. In fact, we believe it is torture to deliberately withhold medical care for non-medical reasons," Weingarten said. 15/1/2008
While leaders talk peace, three Palestinians killed by Israeli missileGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC News - "Three Palestinians were killed early Monday morning when Israeli army jet fighters attacked a car near the house of Hamas leader and deposed Palestinian Primer Isma`il Haniyya, located in Gaza city. The attack came just as Palestinian and Israeli leaders were set to meet and discuss peace terms in Jerusalem"15/1/2008
REFLECTION: Normalizing AnarchyJohn Funk - CPT14/1/2008
Head of ISA defines a terrorist as any Palestinian killed by IsraelB`TSELEM - ` The total number of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in Gaza in 2006 and 2007 is 816. Of these, 152 were minors, including 48 under the age of 14. `14/1/2008
An Appeal to end the solitary confinement of a Palestinian journalistIMEMC - ` Harb spent nearly six years under administrative detention orders, without charges or trial, and a total of 12 years imprisonment. He has been barred from his visitation rights, and confinement to solitary, since ten months. ..the oldest Palestinian administrative detainee. `14/1/2008
Woman prisoner on hunger strike in Israeli jail to be released soon Ma`an News - Nora Hashlamon has ended a 27-day hunger strike after the Israeli authorities promised to release her. She is married to Muhammad Hashlamon, who has also been in administrative detention since 2006. They have six children aged between three and fourteen. 12/1/2008
International peace activists turned back at the Allenby Bridge Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - [It seems that in order to be allowed by the Israeli authorities to visit the West Bank you need to be at least the President of the United States. Ed.]12/1/2008
Gaza demonstrators carry empty coffins in protest against siege Ma`an - "The demonstrators carried 62 empty coffins, bearing the names of victims who have died since the siege began in June, after they were denied permission to leave the Gaza Strip for medical treatment." 9/1/2008
Gaza businessmen concerned over continued Gaza closureRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "A number of businessmen in the Gaza Strip wondered as to how U.S President Gorge W. Bush, promises the Palestinians with a Palestinian state, with all Gaza`s travel and commercial crossings closed." 9/1/2008
Closure forces two women to give birth in carsB`Tselem/Electronic Intifada - on 15 December 2007, Banan Yusef entered labor and arrived at the gate at 2:50am. Relatives who were with her in the car got out and asked the two soldiers standing next to the locked gate to let her pass so she could get to the hospital, but they refused. At 4:30, after a delay of more than an hour and a half, she began to deliver. By this stage, the gate had been opened, as it is every day, to enable farmers and workers to pass, and she was taken to a midwife in the nearby village of Habla. As a result of the conditions of delivery, Yusef had to undergo surgery. 8/1/2008
Two Palestinian villages ask Susan Sarandon to repudiate LevievMohammad Khatib and Sharif Omar - Electronic Intifada - Dear Ms. Sarandon: We felt sorrow when we learned that you accepted Lev Leviev`s invitation to attend the opening night event for his new jewelry store in New York City on 13 November while our friends protested outside, because we respect you for your support for human rights, your courage in speaking since 2002 against the US war on Iraq, and for your many other honorable public positions.8/1/2008
Israeli fuel cuts force Gaza blackoutsIbrahim Barzak - Associated Press via Yahoo! News - With winter deepening, Gazans will be forced to live without lights and electric heaters for eight hours a day because Israel has cut fuel supplies to the territory`s only electric plant in half, Gaza`s top energy official warned Sunday7/1/2008
Nablus invasion: worshipper shot by Israeli army on way to mosqueInternational Solidarity Movement - Israeli soldiers opened fire on Palestinians on their way to Friday prayer seriously injuring Nablus resident Ahmad Mohammad Abu Hantash in the head. The incident happened at noon as worshipers were heading to Al Shuhada Mosque in the western part of Nablus. As worshipers were entering the mosque an Israeli armored vehicle opened fire hitting Mr. Abu Hantash in the back of his head with three rubber-coated metal bullets causing extensive damage to his brain and neck. 6/1/2008
Israeli army invades Nablus, targets medical workersInternational Solidarity Movement - Medical workers were specifically targeted, with 56 detained and at least 8 injured. One of the medics was released this morning, while others continue to be held at the Huwarra checkpoint. The Army fired live ammunition on the windshield of a Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) vehicle and threw a tear gas bomb into another medical vehicle. During the day yesterday (3 January), ambulances were denied entry to roads near the Old City and City Center of Nablus, preventing medical personnel from being able respond to injured civilians.6/1/2008
A son`s spleen, a mother`s lungsEva Bartlett - ISM - The family`s 16 year old son returned to his often-invaded home village of Azzoun without his spleen, which had to be removed after he was shot by soldiers. His mother, with her severe lung disease, depends for survival on oxygen tanks, and her life hangs on a thin thread. Cutting off of the arrival of new oxygen supply - a likely possibility given the army frequent invasions and curfews of the West Bank village - could result in her immediate death. 5/1/2008
Midnight detentions, curfew, shootings, mayor`s home invadedNisreen Qumsieh/Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC - None of these events will go down in history - routine acts of daily oppression, unnoticed by the world but highly noticeable for those at the receiving end. [Ed.] 5/1/2008
Israeli warplane fires missiles at home of assassinated fighterSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The family of Karim Dadouh, who was extrajudicially assassinated by Israeli forces several months ago, has been made homeless by the Israeli airforce, which fired a targeted missile at the family home Thursday, destroying most of the home.5/1/2008
Two Cancer patients die within 24 hours due to Gaza siegeGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - Aisha Al Jamal, 73, had lung cancer but the army refused to allow her to leave the Gaza Strip to get treatment in Israel or the West Bank. Another Palestinian cancer patient, Mohamed Abu Taha, 45, died late on Friday night; he also was not allowed by the Israeli army to leave the Strip. 5/1/2008
Palestinian Cinema – An Example for the Region?Omar Al-Qattan - Vertigo Magazine/This Week in Palestine - A work of art can momentarily lift us out of the trap, briefly allowing us to understand our past and present and glimpse what could potentially happen in the future. But what if the reference points are fading? (...) The project includes a major training programme in the arts of filmmaking designed and headed by the Palestinian director Michel Khleifi.5/1/2008
Third day of curfew in Nablus, with the army rampagingMa`an News Agency - The old city of Nablus has been under curfew since the start of the Israeli invasion at dawn on Thursday. Israeli forces extended the curfew to the whole of the city on Friday. The invading forces used explosives to blast their way into shops in An-Nasr street, the Onion market and the Blacksmiths market in the old city. [[NB: In the upcoming visit of President Bush, Olmert will reportedly insist upon Israel`s "right" to continue conducting such operation concurrently with his negotiations with Abu Mazen. Ed.]] 5/1/2008
Israel Kills 7 Gaza MilitantsIBRAHIM BARZAK - San Francisco Gate, Associated Press - "Israeli forces killed seven Palestinian militants in a clash before dawn Wednesday, pressing its war against armed groups in the Gaza Strip days before President Bush arrives to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace." 3/1/2008
Gaza sewage, water disaster loomsMEL FRYKBERG - Middle East Times - "More than 1.4 million Gaza Palestinians are facing an impending health disaster from decaying sewage and water systems that lack vital spare parts, fuel, and maintenance work, due to an Israeli economic siege on the Gaza Strip. "We are a one-generator-failure away from disaster," Michael Bailey, an Oxfam spokesman, told the Middle East Times." 3/1/2008
Major Israeli incursion into Nablus 48 hours after Barak visit Ma`an News - "Our reporter said that the Israeli forces arrested four Palestinians; twenty-year-old Ahmad Dhoqan, from Balata refugee camp, thirty-year-old Rami Al-Qadi, also from Balata, twenty-year-old Mahir Mabruka, from the old city of Nablus and sixteen-year-old Ayid Abdul-Rahim, from the village of Zuwata, west of Nablus." 3/1/2008
Israel Blockade: Children In Crisis Dominic Waghorn - Sky News - video report on how the blockade is affecting the well-being of the children in Gaza. 3/1/2008
550 Palestinians stranded in Egypt to return to GazaReuters - The Star - "There was still no word on when an estimated 1,500 other Palestinians might be able to return home, including roughly 1,100 pilgrims returning from the Muslim haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia." 2/1/2008
The Great Divide: Israel`s forbidden road Donald Macintyre - Independent - "For while this stretch passes straight through the West Bank, only Israelis are actually allowed to use it." 2/1/2008
An Unholy Land Grab: The Story of a Palestinian Farm and Settlers Janine Roberts - Palestine Chronicle - "The youths that then surrounded the car were all wearing the tzitzit, the tasselled under-shirt of Orthodox Jews. But there was nothing religious it seemed in their behaviour."2/1/2008
IDF kills Hamas member in central GazaAli Waked - Ynet - "Shin Bet officials said that since Hamas` violent takeover of the Gaza Strip last June the Islamist group has vastly improved its ability to function as a structured military outfit."2/1/2008
Despite the State Attorney Office`s Commitment to High Court Israel Still Preventing at least 625 Students from leaving GazaGisha1/1/2008
A Palestinian love storyGhassan Abdullah - the Electronic Intifada - `There are tens of thousands of Palestinians with Jordanian or other foreign passports who are denied by the Israeli occupying army, or by the Israeli ministries of interior or labor, from residing in the Palestinian territories. Others are prevented from visiting or returning to the territories, although they have family, friends, business or studies, in a very arbitrary manner. The reason given by the Israeli authorities is often bitakhon, or security, without bothering to give any shred of justification.`1/1/2008
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