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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Nonviolent protest against the occupation and the checkpointsSaed Bannoura -IMEMC - Israeli, Palestinian, and international Peace activists organized three peaceful protests against the Israeli military checkpoints, and the Israeli occupation, in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. 31/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 30 December 2005IMEC and WAFA - Bil`in and Aboud Protest Theft of their Lands; Army Wounds Citizen in Jenin, Arrests 5 Boys in Tulkarem; Army Wounds Citizen in Jenin, Arrests 5 Boys in Tulkarem; Villages in South Hebron Isolated between Apartheid Wall and Jewish-only Road; ISM: Structure Housing "the Center for Joint Struggle" Received "Stop Work Order"; The Israeli army invades Jenin; Army closes Tayasser checkpoint; The Israeli army arrests ten residents from Tulkarem; Army claims to find bomb near Hebron; 30/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 31 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Army invades Yatta arrests one resident; Army arrests a university student from Dir Al- Ghsoun; Army installs many military roadblocks in Qalqilia Area; Armed Palestinian gunmen storm Gaza buildings; Israeli artillery resumes shelling Gaza Strip areas; 5 Citizens Arrested in WB; Army Bars 25 Patients from Traveling for Treatment; 31/12/2005
Israeli artillery resumes shelling Gaza Strip areasManar Jibrin- IMEMC & Agencies31/12/2005
PNIC: Five Killed, 32 Wounded and 98 Arrested by 46th Week of Ceasefire IMEMC & Agencies - A report prepared by the Palestinuan State Information Service (SIS) revealed that Israeli forces have killed five Palestinians, including one extra-judicially assassinated, and injured 32 others, in addition to committing 746 violations of the ceasefire declared on 8 February after Sharm Al Sheikh summit. 29/12/2005
Gaza-Egypt border closed after Palestinian blockadeReuters - GAZA, Dec 30 (Reuters) - Scores of Palestinian policemen, angered by the killing of a fellow officer in a gunfight with a clan in the southern Gaza Strip, blocked access to the main border crossing with Egypt on Friday, prompting its closure. 30/12/2005
Palestinian Police storm Gaza crossing pointBBC News - Dozens of Palestinian policemen, angry at the growing lawlessness in the Gaza Strip, have stormed the southern border crossing at Rafah, officials say. The police, backed by gunmen from the Fatah party, blocked access to the crossing with Egypt and forced European Union monitors manning it to flee. 30/12/2005
Israel dismantles 3 W.Bank settler outposts - armyReuters - JERUSALEM, Dec 30 (Reuters) - Israeli forces on Friday dismantled three West Bank outposts that had been erected by Jewish settlers in a show of strength ahead of elections that could swing on the growing debate over the occupied territory. 30/12/2005
Gunmen shoot near Abbas home in Gaza, start panicReuters - Gunfire erupted on Thursday near Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas`s house in Gaza while he was on a trip abroad, triggering panic in the tense city. 29/12/2005
`Compensate Palestinians for uprooted trees`Hanan Greenberg - YnetNews - Defense Minister Mofaz outraged by reports of uprooted Palestinians trees; orders investigation, says compensation possible Hanan Greenberg 30/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 29 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Army seals the southern entrance of Jenin; Detainee from Bethlehem sentenced to 14 years; Army invades Jenin; Army arrests two in Hebron; Gunmen fire live rounds near the home of Abbas; Settlers attack several homes in Hebron; Visitations barred in Gilboa’ and Shatta detention facilities; Mock Air Raids on Gaza Continued, 2 Citizens Arrested in WB; 29/12/2005
After Attacks, Israel Declares Part of Gaza to Be Off LimitsGREG MYRE - New York Times - "Israel on Wednesday declared the northernmost part of the Gaza Strip a "no go" zone for Palestinians and pounded the area with artillery shells in an attempt to halt the persistent Palestinian"29/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 28 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Five Hebron detainees sentenced; army levels a home in Jerusalem; Israeli jeep attacked in Tul Karem; army invades Nablus; army invades Bethlehem; unified list for Fateh; Israeli aircraft drop warning flyers on Gaza; 4 arrests on Wednesday; mock air raids over28/12/2005
Israeli Air Force targets Gaza Strip, warns residents to leave on Wednesday evening Alawaba - The Israeli Air Force fired a series of missiles at the Gaza Strip overnight in response to what Israel considers "ongoing terror incidents," referring to rocket attacks that have been fired recently from the Strip at southern Israeli towns. 28/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 27 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Children of Al Faraa Refugee Camp Plant Olive Trees for Peace; IOF Arrests a Disabled in Bethlehem; Army invades Bethlehem, one arrested; Army invades Nablus, search several houses; Army levels a home in Jerusalem; Israeli Air Raids on Gaza; IOF Wounds 2 Citizens and Arrests 3 Others in Nablus; Al-Ayyam: Buffer Zone, Occupation Comes Back to Gaza Strip27/12/2005
Israel detains activistsAgence France-Presse - "Israeli authorities refused entry to the Australian, Italian and South African when they flew into Ben Gurion airport to attend a peace conference in the West Bank town of Bethlehem next Tuesday. The three peace activists refused to fly out, instead lodging an appeal with a district court in Tel Aviv, hence they were detained. "27/12/2005
Palestinians slam planned Gaza zone The Jordan Times27/12/2005
Army confiscates 231 Dunams in Hebron Area Manar Jibrin-IMEMC & Agencies 27/12/2005
Bethlehem hosts nonviolence conference with 350 attendees from around the worldNajib Farraj, Palestine News Network - IMEMC27/12/2005
Israeli warplanes hit GazaAljazeera - "Hours later, about two dozen armed al-Aqsa fighters demanding jobs took over three buildings - the governor`s office, the Education Ministry and a religious court, in northern Gaza. "27/12/2005
Palestinians: Settlers uprooted 120 trees in Borin villageEfrat Weiss - Ynet - Police launch investigation into cutting of 120 olive trees in West Bank Palestinian village. Knesset Member Avsahlom Vilan (Meretz) said: "This is an act of terror plain and simple. Had it been Arabs who cut down the trees, security forces would have acted a long time ago."26/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 26 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Israeli Army is shelling the Northern Gaza Strip; Qalandia checkpoint closed down again; Tenders to build 228 settler houses in West Bank; Army removes a container set up near Bil’in village; Settlers uproot 100 trees in the West Bank village of Borin; IOF Arrests 3 Citizens in WB; 3 Peace Campaigners spend Christmas in Israeli Jail; ISM: Another Strike Trailer on Bil`in Land; Four Gazans injured by PA security fire; Gaza infighting gets serious; 26/12/2005
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 15-21.12.05Link to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights26/12/2005
Human Rights Watch: Gaza Power Cut Would Violate Laws of War Militant Attacks Cannot Justify Unlawful Collective Punishmentpublished by AMIN26/12/2005
Christmas Appeal: Hope for the children of Bethlehem Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "In the midst of conflict between Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers, committed teachers are transforming pre-school education in the occupied territories." 26/12/2005
Christians pray for peace as pilgrims flock to BethlehemDaily Star - "Thousands of pilgrims descended on Bethlehem as the rain-drenched little town enjoyed its busiest Christmas of the new millennium...About 30,000 pilgrims converged on the birthplace of Jesus Christ for Christmas celebrations this year, Israeli officials said, about twice as many as last year and by far the highest turnout since fighting broke out in September 2000. "26/12/2005
IOF Wounds Boy in Tulkarem WAFA - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) shot and wounded Ala` Zubedi 18, in the West Bank city of Tulkarem25/12/2005
In Bethlehem, first real Christmas in five years Najib Farraj - Palestine News Network - For the first time in five years, Bethlehem and its neighboring towns and villages are enjoying vibrant activities and an influx of visitors this Christmas. The city decided this year to hold popular festivities aimed at reviving the popular movement in Bethlehem and to express the joy of this occasion, the birth of Christ. 25/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 25 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - IOF Wounds Ala` Zubedi 18, in Tulkarem; In Bethlehem, first real Christmas in five years; Islamic Jihad detainees in P.A prisons on Hunger Strike; Israel Imposes Closure on OPT; Al-Quds: Buffer Zone, New Kind of Occupation 25/12/2005
Mofaz orders "Hanukkah closure"Ronny Sofer - Ynet - Defense minister says during cabinet meeting: Closure on Palestinians to continue throughout Hanukkah due to holiday events, terror warnings. Sharon: `We must guarantee no one operates against us’ 25/12/2005
Bil`in: residents and peaceful activists protest against the Wall and the settlements Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Palestinian residents together with Israeli and international peace activists protested, on Friday afternoon, against the Separation Wall and settlements, in Bil’in near the West Bank city of Ramallah, and attempted to reach their orchards to protest there. 23/12/2005
Army evacuated a legal Caravan in Bil’in Saed Bannoura and Manar Jibrin -IMEMC - In a move which was intended to reveal the sided policy of the Israeli army, and government, residents of Bil’in, near Ramallah, installed on Thursday a Caravan in orchards which belong to residents of the village, and posted themselves, along with peace activists there; soldiers evacuated the caravan after violently breaking into it. 23/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 23 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Farmers Replants Olive Trees Destroyed by Colonizers in Salem; Political detainees in Jericho prison to go on hunger strike; Residents and peaceful activists in Bil’in, protest against the Wall and the settlements; Army evacuatee a legal Caravan in Bil’in; Five injured in Qabatia; Soldiers invaded Anza village, south of Jenin; Troops invade the West Bank city of Tubas; Detainee sentenced to two years; 23/12/2005
European NGOs defy EU secrecy on JerusalemJoint Statement - ECCP - Over 30 Jewish,Palestinian, peace and anti-poverty groups from around Europe will publish the suppressed Report on their websites. 23/12/2005
Israeli police `tied Palestinian to galloping mule`Donald Macintyre - The Independent - A Palestinian man, said to have been last seen in the custody of Israeli border police, died after being found wounded and comatose beside a mule to which he had apparently been tied and dragged along a dirt road. 23/12/2005
PRCS condemns the attack on one of its medical teamsMondayPRCS - Ambulance was stopped by the Israeli soldiers at Shuafat camp checkpoint while on route to transport a sick case, 10 years old boy, in critical condition to one of the Palestinian hospitals inside Jerusalem. The soldiers denied the ambulance access claiming that the crew has no permit to inter Jerusalem. 12/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 22 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Soldiers invade Hebron; two residents arrested; One resident killed, one injured, in Gaza shelling; Three resistance fighters assasinated in Nablus by Israeli forces; Army shelled Beit Hanoun; Army invaded Allar and Qeffin; 4 people were arrested; One resident arrested south of Bethlehem; Soldiers invade Qataia, near Jenin; 22/12/2005
Anger grows over Gaza kidnappingsLaila el-Haddad in Gaza City - Al Jazeera - Pupils protest against the latest in a wave of kidnappings. Students were relieved and parents up in arms after two foreign teachers were kidnapped and then released by armed gunmen north of Gaza City. 22/12/2005
Bethlehem walled off by Israel this ChristmasASharq AlAwsatt - Pilgrims travelling the ancient route from Jerusalem to Bethlehem this Christmas will find themselves hitting a dead end -- a towering concrete wall and metal gate under the lock and key of the Israeli army. 22/12/2005
Q&A: Palestinian elections Jo Flotto - BBC News - Floto examines key questions arising from Israel`s attempt to stop Palestinians in East Jerusalem voting in the January elections. What`s at stake in the elections? 22/12/2005
Palestinian killed by Israeli tank shell in GazaAgence France Presse - GAZA CITY - A 21-year-old Palestinian was killed on Thursday in the northern Gaza Strip by an Israeli tank shell, according to medical sources. 22/12/2005
3 Palestinians Extra-Judicially Executed by IOF in NablusPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - On Thursday morning, 22 December 2005, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) extra-judicially executed 3 Palestinians in Nablus. This attack was the second of its kind in less than 24 hours, as IOF extra-judicially executed a Palestinian in Jenin on Wednesday afternoon. 22/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 21 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Residents, activists in Bil’in protest against settlement outposts; Army arrests one in Qibia; Five Palestinians arrested in several areas in the West Bank; Four residents arrested in Azzoun; Army invades Nablus and Al Ein refugee camp; Head of The religious Court arrested in Jerusalem; Fighter assassinated in Jenin, five injured; Israel Bars Ambulances to Evacuate Wounded in Jenin; Army Arrests 9 Citizens in WB; Army invades Nablus, clashes with resistance; 21/12/2005
Air Strikes on the Gaza Strip: A Number of CivilianPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have continued air strikes on the Gaza Strip, especially on its north. They have attacked a number of civilian facilities and agricultural areas. 19/12/2005
Five Palestinians wounded in West Bank clashesAgence France Presse - YAMUN, West Bank - Six Palestinians were arrested and five others wounded on Tuesday during an incursion by the Israeli army into a village in the northern West Bank, Palestinian security sources said. 20/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 20 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - 15 years old Palestinian boy injured in Al Boriej refugee camp; Israeli soldier injured following a shooting in Al Yamoun; Army installs a portable checkpoint on Habla-Qalqilia road; Army invades Qabatia, arrests a youth; Palestinian Fighters leave Bethlehem Municipality building; Army invades Balata refugee camp, arrest one resident; 16 years old boy sentenced to 34 months; Army shells Gaza, 16 years old injured; Israeli artillery shells north of the Gaza Strip; Army arrests 11 of Hamas activists in the West Bank; 20/12/2005
Air Strikes on the Gaza StripPalestinian Centre for Human Rights; IMEMC - A Number of Civilian Facilities Destroyed and 6 Palestinian Civilians Injured; such attacks may endanger the lives of Palestinian civilians and destroy their property. 20/12/2005
Hebron Update 9 - 15 December 2005CPT Hebron - During the week all CPT members took part in daily school patrols, but our thoughts and prayers were especially with our friends in Iraq. May God be with them. 20/12/2005
Transport to Link Gaza, West Bank Remains Elusive; Stalled Talks Delay Planned Bus ServiceDaniel Williams - The Washington Post - BIR ZEIT, West Bank, Dec. 14 -- Abed Rahim Abu-Yusef, a Palestinian student, came to Bir Zeit University in 2000 planning to pay his fees, set his class schedule and then return home to the Gaza Strip within two weeks to pack. More than five years later, he is still at Bir Zeit, but never made it home. 15/12/2005
Israeli strike kills four in GazaBBC News - At least four Palestinians have been killed and several wounded in an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip. 16/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 19 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Army invades Nablus, two residents arrested, one injured; Two arrested in AL Yamon village west of Jenin; Army arrests one resident at Al Hamra checkpoint near Tubass; Physician and Nurse Wounded of Air Strikes; Curfew imposed last night on the Old City of Hebron; PN: Colonies construction during the first half of 2005 was greater than during the same period in 2004. 19/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 15 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Resident of Beit Reema sentenced to 29 years; Army seals Tammoun, arrests one resident; Army closes Sofa and Karni Crossings; One resident arrested in Beit Reema; Nine detainees receive extended remand; Army invades Tammoun, searches several houses; Israeli Air Force shells Gaza; 15/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 16 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - One resident injured in Anabta; Army invaded Allar and Saida arrests four; Farmers to Hold March to Bardala Checkpoint on Sunday; Tulkarm cut off from the world; Hamas gains unprecedented victory in Nablus; 16/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 17 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Resident assassinated in Rafah, two injured; Resident injured east of Tulkarem; Detainee from Hebron sentenced to four years; Army invades Beit Liqia, arrests two; Resident of Salfit sentenced to 18 months; Six residents arrested in Hebron; Al Quds brigades shell Sderot; Closure on Tulkarem resumed for the third day; Nine residents arrested in the West Bank 17/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 18 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Youth arrested near Jerusalem; Israeli Colonizer Wounded a 10 year old child in Qalqilia; Body of Palestinian resident found in Gaza; Army invades Al Khader, near Bethlehem; Four Palestinians die of anxiety attacks as army shelled Gaza; Fighter killed in Gaza, several areas shelled; 18/12/2005
Air Force pounds Gaza targetsHanan Greenberg - Ynet -"Escalation in the Gaza Strip: Army strikes several targets overnight, IDF officials say Air Force will continue to attack, no one immune; Earlier, Palestinians fire Qassam rockets after army kills four Palestinians en route to attack." 15/12/2005
Report: “Separation Wall affects sick Palestinians`Manar Jibrin -IMEMC & Agencies - report published, on Wednesday, by Physicians for Human Rights Association,(PHR) stated that Israel prevents the Palestinian residents from receiving medical treatment in East Jerusalem Hospitals;14/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 14 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Israeli air-force assassinated four Palestinians in Gaza; In an invasion in Jenin, 15 residents arrested; Two arrested in Bethlehem invasion; Army invades Alar village, arrests two 14/12/2005
PCHR Condemns Attack on CEC Office in Deir al-BalahPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - An armed group, calling itself the "al-Aqza Martyrs Brigades – al-Yasser Brigade," stormed the office of the Palestinian Central Election Commission (CEC) in Deir al-Balah on Monday morning13/12/2005
Hamas split over truce with IsraelYnet/Yediot Ahronot - Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal says group is scrapping truce with Israel; Gaza spokesman denies comments13/12/2005
Palestinian groups: Lull gone to hellYnet/Yediot Ahronot - Ali Waked - Several Palestinian factions say time has come to prepare for renewal of fighting13/12/2005
Gaza development in limbo despite Israeli pulloutAdel Zaanoun - Jordan Times/AP - Three months since Israel left the Gaza Strip, ambitious plans to develop the impoverished Palestinian territory have been stalled by delays over shifting the rubble of former settlements, officials say. 12/12/2005
Israel fires artillery at Gaza after rocket strikeReuters - Israeli soldiers fired artillery shells at the Gaza Strip on Monday in response to a rocket shot by Palestinian militants that crashed near an Israeli city, Israeli military sources said. 12/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 24 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Two Qassam shells fired into Israel; Palestinian resistance fires a Qassam shell into Israel; Israeli Soldiers Force Women to Take off Clothes; Army arrests representative of the Islamic bloc in Bier Zeit University; Army invades Nablus arrests one; Army Arrests 5 Citizens in WB 24/12/2005
Bethlehem looks forward to merrier Christmas "The hotels may not be full and Israel`s "wall" may have cut it off from Jerusalem, but after five years of misery, Bethlehem is looking forward to a slightly happier Christmas. "24/12/2005
Israel to enforce off-limits zone in northern Gaza Strip Manar Jibrin- IMEMC & Agencies - "Israel will enforce a new off-limits zone in the Gaza Strip with artillery, helicopter and gunboat fire in response to firing of homemade shells on Israeli towns, an Israeli defense official said on Friday."24/12/2005
How we were detained today in Abu DisNina Mayorek - a glimpse into the Occupation, by a MachsomWatcher24/12/2005
Updates of the International Solidarity Movement1) Legal Palestinian "Outpost" Removed Immediately, Hundreds of Illegal Israeli Settlements Remain; Demonstration Against the Illegal Wall in Rantis; Nablus Region: Palestinian Farmers Protest Massive Settler Vandalism; Peace workers denied access to Bethlehem; I resist so I exist by Seif; Spanish attorney Injured in Bil`in 24/12/2005
Collective punishmentArt Gish - Christian Peacemaker Team - "The cycle of attacks and counter-attacks, reprisals and counter-reprisals must end. It does not lead to peace. "24/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - December 12 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Shin Bet arrested a resident who allegedly was paid by Hezbollah; Policeman killed in Gaza by unknown gunme, onother was injured; Resident died of wounds suffered 4 years ago; Army arrested three minors( 16 and 17) near Ramallah; Army arrested youth, claimed that he attempted to stab a soldier; Vehicle with explosives detonated near Jenin; Resident arrested in Jerusalem; Army invaded Nablus, five arrested; Israeli Navy fired at a Palestinian fishing boat, fisherman injured 12/12/2005
Qalandya Thursday December 8, 7.30 pmMusa Budeiri - A short piece on the mechanics of travelling the jerusalem ramallah road. The daily reality of occupation and its cost. 12/12/2005
ISM updates 10.12.05Reports from Aboud; Human Rights Worker Refuses Deportation, Put in Solitary Confinement in Tzohar Detention Center; Scottish activist to be deported from Israel" ; Narrative Of a Typical Settler Holiday in Tel Rumeida; Kiriat Arba Police arrest one Human Rights Worker; IDF assault Human Rights Workers and steal cameras and passport in Tel Rumeida, Hebron; Non-Violent Demonstration in Bil`in Attacked by Israeli Military Once Again 12/12/2005
At-Tuwani Update 12-26 November 2005Christian Peacemaker Team reporting from the long-suffering village of At-Tuwani12/12/2005
Army plans to evacuate Al Hathaleen tribe near Hebron Ghassan Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - "Al Hathaleen residents are legitimate owners of the lands which Israel intends to annex for the construction of the Wall."12/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - December 11 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Fighter of Al Aqsa Brigades killed in Nablus; Soldiers broke into dozens of homes in Balata refugee camp and made 3 arrests; Resident of Jebalia died of wounds sustained Thursday; Five residents arrested in Nablus; Al-Quds: Collective Punishment at Qalandia11/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 10 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Citizen Died of Wounds in the Gaza Strip; Five residents arrested in Nablus; Army invaded Kafer Ra`e village; Army arrested a Pal. girl in Hebron; Palestinian carrying two bombs arrested in Jerusalem; Army closed Nablus; Flying checkponts near Beit Fouriq and Hawara; Army Invaded villages near Tul Karem; Bil’in Weekly protest; Palestinian residents and Israeli Peace activists injured; 260 Citizens including 52 minors Arrested in November 10/12/2005
The Moskowitz Hurricane is on the rise Link to the Applied Research Institute - " Israel`s Unilateral and Detrimental Scheme to build a new illegal neighborhood in Occupied East Jerusalem’s neighborhood Al Sheikh Jarrah" 10/12/2005
Old fears, older responsesGraham Usher - Al-Ahram Weekly -"The most awaited response was from Peretz, the new "revolutionary" leader of Israel`s Labour Party. Would he declare to the Israeli electorate that the sporadic violence in their cities is the result of the permanent violence of Israel`s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and that only a meaningful peace process would end it? 10/12/2005
Israeli Navy kills a resident near Gaza ShoreSaed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - "A Palestinian security source reported, on Saturday at dawn, that the Israeli Navy fired at a Palestinian fishing boat killing near the Gaza Shore, killing one resident, while another resident went missing. "10/12/2005
Israeil aircraft resumed sonic attacks over Gaza after midnightSaid Abdelwahed - A message froma friend in Gaza City - I am writing this message at 3.30am after being awakened (startled is the word!) by three attacks of sonic bombs carried out by the IOF.5/12/2005
PPS demands discussing detainees file in the ICJ Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - "The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) demanded placing the detainees files, imprisoned in Israeli prisons and detention facilities, in front of the International Court of Justice, in Lahai, in order to probe the violations against them. "10/12/2005
Israeli missile hits a charity buildingKhalij Times - An Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile into Gaza city yesterday, hitting the offices of an Islamic charity and causing damage to the building, Palestinian witnesses said. There were no reports of casualties. 5/12/2005
Hebron Update - 16 to 23 November 2005CPT Hebron: From the international volunteers in Hebron9/12/2005
IOF Attacks UN Official`s Car in Bil`in WAFA - UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, John Dugard, was attacked Friday by IOF soldiers during his visit to Bil`in village. 9/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 9 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - IOF Attacks UN Official`s Car in Bil`in; 8 Citizens, 3 Internationals Wounded; PCHR: 4 Palestinians Killed in a Week; Army invaded Nur Shams refugee camp, arrested four; Troops arrested 19 residents in the West Bank; Resident of sentenced to 25 years; Soldiers demolished three homes and two shops near Jenin; 9/12/2005
Soldiers demolished three homes, two shops near Jenin Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli soldiers demolished, on Thursday, two homes and two shops in the area which separates between Barta’a Al Sharqiyya in the west Bank, and Barta’a Al Gharbiyya, inside the Israeli territories. 9/12/2005
8 Citizens, 3 Internationals Wounded during Demonstration Anti Wall in Bil`in Wafa - Eight citizens including three children and three international peace activists were wounded when Israeli soldiers attacked them in Bil`in village in the West Bank. 9/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 8 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Israeli soldier stabbed to death at Qalandia checkpoint; 2 Al Aqsa brigade fighters assasinated in airstrike on Jabalia; Soldiers break into a school in Hebron; 31 Citizens Arrested in WB; Three residents arrested in Hebron; Soldiers invade Tulkarem refugee camp; Taxi driver arrested south of Tubas; Four arrested near Jenin8/12/2005
Israeli aircraft raid north of Gaza StripAgence France Presse - "Israeli aircraft early Thursday launched a raid on access routes in the north of the Gaza Strip used by Palestinians to fire rockets at Israeli territory, a military spokeswoman announced"8/12/2005
Israel arrests Hamas mayorAgence France Press - The mayor of a West Bank town was among a group of more than 20 Hamas members arrested Thursday by Israeli troops in the West Bank, military and Palestinian security sources said. 8/12/2005
Solidarity ReturnedInternational Solidarity Movement - Report - "Yesterday, on Wednesday the 7th of November, the religious and community leaders and social project workers of Nablus joined together to call for the release of the four CPT peace activists and others held in Iraq"8/12/2005
Fighter assassinated in Rafah, six residents injured Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies -"An Israeli military apache fired, on Wednesday evening, at least one missile at a car driving in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, killing one of the fighters of the Popular Resistance Committees; six residents were injured, three seriously." 8/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 7 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - A Palestinuan killed, 7 wounded in Israeli Air Strike on Gaza; IOF Arrests 3 Citizens, Closes Charitable Association in WB; Tulkarem camp raided; Three arrested in West Bank; army invades Jenin; editorial from al-Quds7/12/2005
Kiryat Arba settlement and the struggle for the heart of an ancient cityBill Dienst - WaPSR/Electronic Intifada - impressions of a visit to occupied Hebron by a member of Washington State Physicians for Social Responsibility: "new Israeli settlements start out as illegal outposts of a few rows of mobile homes, and over time turn into Southwest-style villa townhouses that would fit right in if we were in Southern California"7/12/2005
Israel raids follow suicide blast BBC - Israeli forces have made several arrests at the house of a Palestinian suicide bomber who killed five Israelis in the town of Netanya on Monday.7/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - December 6 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Two residents arrested near Hebron; Army invades Tubas, Tammoun; Father, brothers of Netanya bomber arrested; Army invades Bethlehem, breaks into homes; IOF Arrests 9 Citizens in WB; Citizen Dies of Wounds in Jordan; 500 Palestinian workers detained in Israel; Al-Quds: Is Control Slipping Away? 6/12/2005
Israel plans retaliation for Palestinian suicide bombing that killed fiveAssociated Press - "Israel on Tuesday clamped a closure on the West Bank and Gaza, banning virtually all Palestinians from Israel, in its first response to a suicide bombing that killed five Israelis outside a shopping mall. The army said the closure would remain in effect indefinitely." 6/12/2005
Family of Palestinian suicide bomber arrestedAgence France Presse- "A senior Palestinian security official also told AFP that Israeli military authorities had ordered local police not to conduct patrols with weapons despite an agreement earlier this year for them to take control of security in the northern West Bank town. "6/12/2005
Israel warplanes destroyed Gaza Statue of Unknown soldierXinhua - "A huge explosion wrecked at predawn on Tuesday in Gaza City, apparently a result of an Israeli army strike on Gaza Strip targets, following an earlier suicide bombing attack in Netanya in northern Israel"6/12/2005
ISM updatesInternational Solidarity Movement - "Our son is an HRO; Sabbath Riot by Settlers in Hebron; Joint Police, IDF, and Settler Campaign to Remove Human Rights Workers from Tel Rumeida, Hebron" 6/12/2005
Gissin: “Israel feels free to conduct any needed action” Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - condemnations and accusations in the wake of Natanya bombing.6/12/2005
Mofaz instructs army for a wide-scaled offensive Saed Bannoura- IMEMC & Agencies - "The statements of Mofaz came during an interview with the Israeli Radio after a member of the Islamic Jihad carried a suicide bombing in Netanya on Monday; five Israelis were killed."6/12/2005
Palestinian farmers mourn loss of land to barrierAgence France Presse - Prosperity is a memory in the ramshackle Palestinian village of Jayyus, which has seen most of its valuable fertile land amputated from farmers and suppliers by Israel`s separation barrier. 5/12/2005
Five dead in Israel suicide bombBBC News - Five people have been killed and dozens wounded by a suicide bomb in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya, emergency services have said. 5/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - December 5 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Two youth injured in Aida refugee camp; Mofaz Announces his Forces would Resume Targeted Assassinations; President Mahmoud Abbas Condemns Netanya Suicide Bombing; Two youth injured in Aida refugee camp; Resident arrested in Al Khader town; Four arrested in Beit Ummar, near Hebron; Israeli artillery shells areas in the northern Gaza Strip; Two arrested in Al Khader; Three residents arrested in Jenin invasion; IOF Arrests a total of 9 Citizens in WB 5/12/2005
Five dead in Israel suicide bombBBC News - Electronic Intifada - "An explosion hit the Sharon shopping centre in Netanya, scene of several previous bombings, at about 1130 (0930 GMT), injuring some 40 people." 5/12/2005
Israeli defense chiefs back shelling of Palestinian homes, pre-emptive killings, in response to Palestinian rocketsSgeve Weizman - AP - Electronic Intifada - "A top Israeli defense official on Monday called for the army to shell Palestinian towns in response to a wave of rocket attacks from Gaza and said Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz had ordered stepping up pre-emptive killings of Palestinian militants." 5/12/2005
A Landslide Support to the Palestinian Question in the UN General Assembly IPC - Al-Jazeera - "6 UN General Assembly Resolutions Supporting the Palestinian People on Ending Israeli Occupation, Jerusalem, and their Inalienable Rights"5/12/2005
Two events at Daila this comimg weekAngela Godfrey - ICAHD Jerusalem - Phyllis Bennis, of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC and Virginia Tilley, Associate Professor of Political Science, New York will be presenting at DAILA, 4, Shlomzion Hamalka, West Jerusalem, this coming week. 5/12/2005
Palestinian police chief wants more weaponsAgence France Presse (AFP)- The Daily Star - "GAZA CITY: The head of the Palestinian police said Sunday that his forces needed more weapons and better equipment if they were to successfully combat a tide of lawlessness in the West Bank and Gaza Strip." 5/12/2005
New documentary a family tale older than Israel itselfJim Quilty - The Daily Star - ei - "Jim Quilty - The Daily Star - ei - "Part oral history project, part detective story, Karem Abou Khalil (Abou Khalil Grove) tells one Palestinian family`s history from the Ottoman to the Israeli periods."5/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - December 4 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Army shells several areas in the Gaza Strip; One aged man and a woman were injured, heavy damage was reported; Resident injured by P.A police in Ramallah; Citizen Arrested in WB; Six Palestinians killed in fight between tow families; Al-Quds: Time is Appropriate for International Pressure 4/12/2005
Israeli army arrests newlywed in JeninAli Smoudi - PNN - Jenin - Just days after his wedding, Jamil Al Damj, 30 was arrested by Israeli occupation forces from his home in the Jenin Refugee Camp. 3/12/2005
Six Palestinians killed in Palestinian between tow families Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - Six Palestinian residents of Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip were killed on Saturday at night, and at least forty were injured during clashes between the families of Al Kafarna and Al Masry in the city. 4/12/2005
Reporters Without Borders Condemns Israeli Arrest of Palestinian Journalist WAFA - Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemned the arrest of Palestinian journalist Awad Rajoub, Aljazeera-net reporter, in the West Bank village of Doura, near Hebron. 4/12/2005
IAF strikes northern Gaza Ali Waked - YnetNews - Air force launches strike in northern Gaza and attacks office used for terror activities in Gaza City, in response to earlier Qassam rocket and mortar shell attacks on southern Israel attack. 4/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - December 3 2005Wafa and IMEMC - Child killed, two youth injured in Khan Younis; Soldiers attack peaceful protest against the Wall in Aboud; PCBS: Monthly Income Decreased in OPT; Colonizer`s Car Runs over Citizen in WB; Israeli Navy Kills Fisherman in Rafah; Um al Qataf village protests against housing the collaborators; 3/12/2005
End of the road for the Bedouin Donald Macintyre - Independent -"The Arab Bedouin are Israeli citizens and many fight in the Israeli army. But an attempt to force them off their land has led to violent clashes with the police" 1/12/2005
At-Tuwani: Israeli soldiers stop villagers from plowing, assaultChristian Peacemaker Team 1/12/2005
Riot on Tel Rumeida streetAaron Zanthe - ""Hey Arab", three members of a Jewish settler militia had cornered a young man walking home from the university. "You are not a man", they prominently displayed the automatic weapons in their hands, "you are a dog". "1/12/2005
New battlefield against the building of the wall in Jerusalem, Shoafat (Qalandiya revisited)Roni Hammermann - Machsomwatch - "Nothing is illicit or condemnable to clear the way for the overall objective of making the life of Palestinians unbearable and thus to cause them to abandon their homes! This is transfer!!!" 1/12/2005
Protest in Gaza in support to Ofer detainees Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies "The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine organized a protest, on Wednesday, in front of the Red Cross in Gaza city in support for the detainees in Ofer Israeli detention facility. 1/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - December 1 2005IMEMC and Wafa - Boy bitten by Israeli army dog in Jenin; Soldiers install roadblock south of Nablus; Army: “Explosive detonates near Efrat settlement”; Al Aqsa, Salah Ed Deen Brigades, fire shell Native Ahsra settlement 1/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories December 2 2005IMEMC and Wafa - Settler woman rams a child with her car in Qalqilia; Four youth arrested in Bethlehem; Scores Wounded, Israeli Activists Arrested in Aboud Peaceful Protest; One resident arrested east of Bethlehem; Army invades Awarta village, arrest two; Three arrested allegedly carrying homemade bomb; Two residents arrested in Ramallah; 2/12/2005
No end of the Occupation in sightNews from IMEMC. Israeli navy kills a Palestinian resident near Rafah shore. Child killed, two youth injured in Khan Younis. Soldiers attack peaceful protest against the Wall in Aboud. Bil’in protests against the Wall. Settler woman rams a child with her car in Qalqilia. 3/12/2005
Violations of international law in the OT during the reporting period (24-30 November 2005)Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - Shooting: IOF have continued to fire at Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and near the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. During the reported period, 8 Palestinian civilians, including 6 children, were wounded by IOF gunfire in the West Bank.2/12/2005
Sharon says Israel will arrest Hamas election candidatesAssociated Press - "Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Thursday that Israel would immediately arrest militant Hamas candidates for Palestinian parliament if they tried to go through Israeli military roadblocks" 1/12/2005
Machmud Ali Shawaura dead after being arrested by Israeli border police in JerusalemDr. Amiel Vardi - Machmud Ali Shawaura from the village of Al-Nuaman was found unconscious last Sunday having been dragged on the ground by his mule, to which he was tied by his hand. 18/12/2005
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory; 8 - 14 December 2005Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - Report - Israeli violations of international law continued in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) during the reporting period (8 - 14 December 2005) 15/12/2005
Palestinians hold final dress rehearsal ahead of electionsAgence France Presse - The ruling Fatah faction and Hamas will square off Thursday for local elections in the major cities of the West Bank in what will be a final dress rehearsal for next month`s Palestinian parliamentary contest. 14/12/2005
Palestinian election commission closes after repeated attacksThe Daily Star - The Palestinian central election commission shut its doors Tuesday in protest after masked gunmen burst into its West Bank and Gaza offices, firing in the air and hauling off computers.14/12/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 13 December 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Soldiers abuse two Palestinian children near Ramallah; Army imposes curfew on Bardala village; Girl arrested near Nablus; Army invades Nablus, one killed; army shells Khan Younis, one killed; Army pulls out of Jenin; Five Anabta residents arrested; Two arrested in Aida camp; 13/12/2005
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