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Life under occupation

INTERVIEW: Ilan Pappé: How Israel turned Palestine into the biggest prison on earthMustafa Abu Sneineh - Middle East Eye - In May 1967, weeks before the war, Israeli military governors received boxes that contained legal and military instructions on how to control the Palestinian towns and villages. Israel would go on to transform the West Bank and Gaza Strip into mega prisons under military rule and surveillance. Settlements, checkpoints and collective punishment were part of this plan, as the Israeli historian Ilan Pappé shows in The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories, an in-depth account of the Israeli occupation.-rh29/11/2017
“Sometimes patients die”: Barriers facing Palestinian ambulances entering East JerusalemMAP Medical Aid for Palestinians - With many medical specialties such as radiotherapy and heart surgery only available in Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem, it is vital that patients are able to travel there unimpeded.-rh29/11/2017
How Can Palestinian Reconciliation Efforts Save the National Project?Wajjeh Abu Zarifa - Alshabaka - Israel believes the current attempt at reconciliation is doomed to fail like the 11 before it (whose failure it often helped to ensure). However, should this attempt succeed, Israel is waiting to see how the process will be implemented on the ground, and how it can manipulate it to serve its security interests. Israel wants to see the PA in full control of the Strip and apply the same policies it does in the West Bank, particularly with regard to security coordination and prevention of attacks against it. In such a scenario, Israel would effectively regain ultimate security control over Gaza and avoid having to make concessions (albeit short lived) in exchange for a truce with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and their allies. Control of the border crossings by the PA’s security forces would guarantee stability in adjacent Israeli settlements, prevent smuggling of weapons into Gaza, and could lead to a Palestinian effort to disarm the resistance groups.-rh29/11/2017
Video: Bedouin community resists imminent house demolitions and Israel’s E1 projectMondoweiss editors - The residents of Jabal Al-Baba Bedouin community, east of Occupied Jerusalem held a rally a week after receiving an eviction notice from the Israeli authorities. The protest, in cooperation with the Avazz organisation and international activists aimed to send the message they are refusing Israeli orders and are determined to remain on their land.-rh29/11/2017
Ashrawi: Israel’s denial of Palestinian independence will increase damage to the security and stability of the regionPNN - Palestine News Network - "Israel has generated and institutionalized a culture of racism, extremism, lawlessness, and violence. The violations include Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise in and around Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank, the theft of Palestinian land and resources, collective punishments including home demolitions, summary executions, the prolonged siege of Gaza, the eviction of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem and the revocation of their IDs, the ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian prisoners including arbitrary solitary confinements, the extreme and unjust use of administrative detention and other illegal measures." - id29/11/2017
Palestinian PM Hamdallah: Israeli plans to forcibly transfer Bedouins in E1 `cross a red line`Ma’an - Earlier this month, Israeli forces distributed evacuation notices to all 300 Palestinian residents of the village in the central occupied West Bank district of Jerusalem, saying the residents had eight days to move to a “relocation site” designated for them by Israeli authorities. The plan would not only disconnect occupied East Jerusalem from the West Bank, but also “complete a stretch of illegal settlements from East Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, severing the West Bank into two for Palestinians. The village is populated by some 55 Bedouin families who have inhabited the area for 65 years -- after being forced out of their original lands in 1948 when Israel was created. [bz]28/11/2017
Coalition MKs seek to triple cost of High Court petitions for PalestiniansSue Surkes - Times of Israel - Palestinians and organizations representing them would pay three times as much as Israelis to petition the High Court, under a proposal on the agenda for a Knesset committee debate on Wednesday. The bid to raise the fee from NIS 1,786 ($510) to NIS 5,400 ($1,540) aims to curb what its lead proponent, Likud MK Yoav Kisch, told the Haaretz newspaper was a “legal intifada” (uprising) being waged by Palestinians and their representatives in “flooding” the High Court with petitions against the demolition of houses built without permits. [bz]28/11/2017
Israel detains Bil’in non-violence activistWAFA - An army unit raided the village and detained Abdallah Abu Rahmeh and two others from the same family identified as Mohammad Adib Abu Rahmeh and Ahmad Mohammad Abu Rahmeh. Abdullah Abu Rahmeh is an internationally recognized peace activist and coordinator of the Bil’in popular committee against the wall and settlements. He was detained several times in the past for his non-violence activities in his village against Israel’s seizure of Bil’in land for the construction and expansion of its illegal settlements and the construction of the apartheid barrier that has separated the village from most of its agricultural land. [bz] 21/11/2017
Israeli forces target Palestinian schools, teachers in East Jerusalem and HebronSheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - Israeli police forces entered Zahwat al- Quds school in occupied East Jerusalem on Monday, arresting the principal of the school as well as three teachers in front of students, before closing down the school and instructing parents to find alternative facilities for their children, according to Palestinian official media, Wafa.The events in East Jerusalem came one day after Israeli forces detained several teachers in the southern Hebron Hills on their walk to school, again in the presence of their students.-rh16/11/2017
Israel Draws Up Blacklist of Boycott SupportersIMEMCnews - The Israeli government is currently preparing a blacklist of local and international organizations and activists who call for boycotting Israeli institutions, products and events, local media sources revealed yesterday. On Sunday, the Israeli Ministerial Committee on Legislation passed a law against activists who encourage the international boycott of Israel, under which they are likely to be sued or fined.-rh15/11/2017
The Trials of Benjamin NetanyahuRamzy Baroud - Dissident Voice - Corruption in Israeli society has become particularly endemic after the occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. The idea that ordinary Israelis can move into a Palestinian house, evict the family, claim the house as their own, with the full support of the military, the government and the court, exemplifies moral corruption to the highest degree. It was only a matter of time before this massive corruption racket – military occupation, the settlement enterprise, the media whitewashing of Israeli crimes – seeped back into mainstream Israeli society, which has become rotten to the core. While Israelis might have ‘gotten used’ to their own corruption, Palestinians have not, because the price of Israel’s moral corruption is too high for them to bear.-rh 15/11/2017
Israeli right’s anti-democratic laws penetrate everywhereAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - The takeover of the corporation of the State of Israel is being executed in incremental fashion, using legislation and sanctions, making it a little less democratic, a little more Jewish. The plethora of laws and sanctions make a mockery of Israeli democracy. Viewed separately, each of these initiatives is a yawn; taken together, this accumulation of legislation should make every Israeli lose sleep.-rh 15/11/2017
3,000 Gaza Merchants Banned from Travelling IMEMC - "Since Israeli occupation authorities suspended their travel permits. For two years, now, only 800 merchants are allowed to travel." - id15/11/2017
Israeli army to evict 300 Palestinians from Jordan ValleyMagazine Staff +972 - "So far this year, the IDF has demolished 349 structures, displacing 542 people and 302 children. Israeli human rights NGO B’Tselem warned in August that the expulsions would constitute a war crime." - id 15/11/2017
An Interactive Documentary About Everyday Life in a Palestinian VillageAllison Meier - Hyperallergic "Burqah is an ordinary village in Palestine, where no conflict or momentous event has brought it international attention. And that’s why the developers of the interactive documentary The Invisible Walls of Occupation chose it as their subject, to immerse viewers in the everyday lives of ordinary Palestinians. Layering photographs, video, and maps, the online project invites viewers to step into a school, clinic, or private home, and hear first-hand how occupation has influenced this town." ca10/11/2017
You are here A life worth living?Hamza Abu Eltarabesh - The Electronic Intifada "On Tuesday, 29 August, Mohannad Younis swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills and ended his life.He was only 22 and seemed to have much going for him. A budding author, he had recently completed a series of short stories and just put the finishing touches on a stage play – Escape.Mohannad was only two months from finishing a postgraduate degree in pharmacy at Al-Azhar University, and was planning to propose to a fellow student at the faculty of medicine. His suicide, therefore, came as a shock to those who knew him and loved him.I know. I was his friend. I mourn him. I miss him. And I am angry at what he did..."Young people are particularly vulnerable, said Abu al-Sabah. “Young people have little hope for the future. They have no support to start their careers or continue their education. And at an age where they want to try something new, they have no possibility to do so.” ca 10/11/2017
Power crisis threatens livelihoods of Gaza farmersIsra Saleh el-Namey - The Electronic Intifada - "Nizar al-Wahidi, a senior agriculture ministry official in Gaza, said that buying fuel to operate machinery has meant that farmers’ costs have risen fourfold since the power crisis began. “This has sharply decreased the profits of our farmers,” he said. “And the quality of the produce has deteriorated.”" - id 9/11/2017
UN Panel: Sanctions Needed Against Israel to Stop Ethnic Cleansing of PalestineDarius Shahtahmasebi - Global Research - The U.N. recently launched a scathing critique of Israel’s occupation when the U.N. rapporteur for human rights in the occupied territories delivered a report condemning Israel’s conduct to date. According to the report, published October 23, the “duration of this occupation is without precedent or parallel in today’s world.” In fact, Israel has “driven Gaza back to the dark ages” due to its particularly stringent denial of water and electricity and its restrictions on movement since 2007.-rh8/11/2017
Israeli Soldiers Abduct Seven Palestinians, Detain Schoolteachers, In West BankIMEMCnews - Israeli soldiers abducted, earlier on Sunday morning, seven Palestinians, from their homes, in different parts of the occupied West Bank, confiscated money, and detained many schoolteachers.-rh8/11/2017
Israeli Forces Raid, Shutdown School in Jerusalem, Detain Faculty MembersPalestine Chronicle - Chairman of al-Quds Committee of Students’ Parents Ziyad Al-Shamal, said Israeli soldiers raided the school, broke into classrooms while students were having classes, and detained three teachers and the school principle, spreading fear and panic among students.rh8/11/2017
Israeli soldiers assault, take `selfie` with injured Palestinian detaineesMaan/Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs - Around midnight on Sunday Israeli forces raided the home of brothers Tariq Baajeh, 26, and Ahmad Baajeh, 19, in Jayyus. According to the brothers’ testimonies, soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded them and placed them on a military jeep.The Baajeh brothers were assaulted and insulted the entire time they were held at the military zone and then transferred to the Huwwara detention center and afterwards to the Megiddo prison where they were strip searched. So far the routine which numerous Palestinians are undergoing every night all over the West Bank. Adding insult to injury in the case of the Baajeh brothers was the fact that right after assaulting and beating them, the soldiers took a `selfie` together with the handcuffed prisoners. [ak]7/11/2017
Despite reconciliation, PA detains 46 Hamas members on West Bank Elior Levy - Y-Net - Shortly after Hamas began ceding control of the Gaza Strip`s border crossings with Israel and Egypt to the Palestinian Authority, PA forces detailed no less than 46 Hamas activists on the West Bank. According to a PA official, speaking on condition of anonymity to the Israeli Y-Net news website, these detentions had foiled no less than seven planned stabbings, shootings and bombings targeting Israeli soldiers and settlers on the West Bank. This clamp down on Hamas in the West Bank seems aimed at sending a clear signal to Israel and the US, that reconciliation does not mean that the PA will permit Hamas to re-establish its West Bank infrastructure. For its part, Hamas has publicly demanded from the Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah to to immediately cease its arrests, which the movement dubbed as “criminal.” [ak] 7/11/2017
Israeli Soldiers Abduct At Least Twenty-One PalestiniansIMEMC News - "The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers have abducted, earlier Monday, at least eighteen Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, during extensive and violent searches of homes, and one at the Erez Terminal, in northern Gaza, while three others were taken prisoner in Jerusalem, on Sunday" [ry]6/11/2017
West Bank settlements: Eight EU countries demand Israel pay for demolished Palestinian schools : EU states seek €30,000 in compensationSamuel Osborne - Independent - Eight European Union countries are demanding Israel compensate them for the demolition of new school facilities for Bedouin communities in the occupied West Bank. A letter from the eight member states is expected to be delivered to Israel`s Foreign Ministry in the coming days, the Haaretz newspaper reported.-rh1/11/2017
Israel MK: Palestinians’ ‘liability’ is that ‘they weren’t born Jews’MEMO - An Israeli parliamentarian has expressed his support for formal apartheid, backing the annexation of the entire West Bank but without its Palestinian inhabitants being granted the right to vote. MK Miki Zohar, who is chair of the Knesset’s Special Committee for Distributive Justice and Social Equality, expressed his views in an interview with Haaretz newspaper.-rh1/11/2017
THE GAZA SIEGE AT TEN : Reaching a Humanitarian and Political Breaking PointCOUNTERVORTEX - As the Gaza Strip marked the ten-year anniversary of Israel`s siege of the small Palestinian enclave on June 15, the humanitarian situation has continued to alarm rights groups, which have denounced the "inhuman conditions unparalleled in the modern world." Gaza, which has often been compared to an "open air prison" for its 1.9 million inhabitants crowded into 365 square kilometers, has suffered from a decade of isolation and deprivation, made all the worse by three devastating Israeli military operations, and persistent intra-Palestinian political strife.-rh1/11/2017
7 Palestinians killed, 12 wounded in Israeli bombing of Gaza tunnelMa`an News Agency - At least seven Palestinians were killed, and 12 others were wounded after Israeli forces blew up an underground tunnel between the southern Gaza Strip and Israel on Monday, according to Palestinian and Israeli sources.The Palestinian Ministry of Health officially declared the death of seven Palestinians, all fighters in the armed wings of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements in Gaza.-rh1/11/2017
IDF using Facebook to threaten to destroy Gaza family`s homeEdo Konrad - +972 - "“International law forces us to distinguish between civilians and enemy combatants,” said Adalah attorney Muna Haddad. “According to the law, even the presence of a large number of combatants, is not sufficient to justify an attack which would cause disproportionate damage to nearby civilians.” “These are civilians we are talking about,” Haddad added, “people who were forced to flee their home and change their lives because of the army’s threat. It goes directly against international law.”" - id 1/11/2017
Israeli armed forces and settlers harassing farmers in As SawiyaNablus team - International Solidarity Movement - "The Israeli border police demanded that the Internationals would leave the land immediately, showed the passports to the settlers and scanned them. “The settler stood on the olives and smiled at us, he even asked us if we were afraid of him." - id1/11/2017
‘Feast of Sarah’ Holiday Draws Thousands of Settlers to Al-Khalilal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Two Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and two Jeeps surrounded by numerous soldiers, border police, and riot police blocked the intersection at the base of Bab Al-Zawiya, and snipers were placed on the roofs of the main buildings." - id 15/11/2017
Army punitively seals off a Palestinian village over stone throwing Maan - Israeli forces closed the main entrances to the village of Deir Nitham, preventing anyone from going in or out. The Israeli army said in a statement that the closure was due to continuous rock-throwing by youths of the village at Israeli settlers` vehicles passing by on a main road. Israeli forces stopped searched residents of Deir Nitham, reportedly warning them that they will be raiding the village daily “in order to protect settlers.” [ak] 15/11/2017
Two houses, a sheep pen, olive trees, straw bales, a grocery store...Amos Gvirtz - Don`t Say We Didn`t Know - At Thabat Mar`i, in the southern part of the Jiftlik, they destroyed two houses. 16 persons remained homeless. -- At Umm Batin they uprooted dozens of young olive trees and destroyed a fence; near Abu Talul they uprooted many young olive trees and large straw bales; On Thursday at Bir Hadaj they demolished a grocery store. [NB: Destruction of Palestinian property on both sides of the Green Line-bz]14/11/2017
‘Invisible Walls Of Occupation’ Shows A Different Side Of Palestinian Life Daniel Witkin - Forward - However, “Invisible Walls” is not about the settlers, the military, or the Israeli state, but rather about Burqah and its residents. The occupation registers predominately in the ways it makes life worse — in daily anxieties, lowered expectations, and a shared degradation. Yet for all the bleakness it depicts, the project is not without a constitutive modicum of hope. It may not deliver the residents from their invisible prison, but it represents a modest step towards an eventual escape from invisibility itself.-rh 22/11/2017
The colour-coded Israeli ID system for PalestiniansLinah Alsaafin - Aljazeera - The clear delineator that has separated and dictated the lives of these Palestinians is the colour-coded identification system issued by the Israeli military and reinforced in 1981 through its Civil Administration branch. Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip have green IDs - generally issued once they turn 16 - while Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Israel have blue IDs. The cards affect everything from freedom of movement to family unity.-rh22/11/2017
Gazans worried as Rafah crossing to closeMalcolm Webb - Al Jazeera - "Hundreds have passed into Egypt since the crossing opened on Saturday, but there is frustration among many more who have not yet crossed, many of them students trying to reach universities abroad. Israel and Egypt`s blockade of Gaza has meant the crossing has been closed for most of the last decade." - id 22/11/2017
Save the Children: Rights of Children being ‘Eroded’ from the oPt IMEMC - "55 Palestinian schools in Area C, the more than 60 percent of the West Bank under full Israeli civilian and security control, are under threat of demolition by Israeli forces. “Distance, risky roads, the presence of settlers or of military checkpoints had presented insurmountable challenges for many children to reach the nearest schools.”" - id22/11/2017
Hundreds of Palestinians on the brink of expulsion: ‘We just want to live`Keren Manor - Activestills - +972 - "Three hundred Palestinians have been ordered to leave their homes and take with them all their belongings within the next eight days. Where are they supposed to go? The military order provides no answers. In the meantime, they wait for the rain that refuses to come." - id 22/11/2017
Israel arrests 19 Palestinians including 6 Fatah activists taken for interrogationPNN - Palestine News Network - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched a large-scale arrest campaign at dawn on Tuesday arresting 19 people most of them in Jerusalem and targeted girls and leaders from Jerusalem." - id "22/11/2017
Palestinian teen hits two settlers in ramming attack - wounded by soldiersMa`an - A Palestinian teenager, identified as Izz al-Din Ali Abu Rmeishan Karajeh, 17, from Halhul town north of Hebron, was wounded by soldiers after a ramming attack in which he hit two settlers at the Gush Etzion Junction on the Hebron- Jerusalem Highway. According to soldiers, he was chased for several kilometers and finally cornered - whereupon he emerged, tried to attack the soldiers with a knife and was then shot and severely wounded. [ak] 21/11/2017
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