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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Updates of the International Solidarity Movement 30.6.061 - Gaza Action Alert 2 - Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Non-violent Palestinian Activists 3 - Israeli Soldier in Hebron: "I Hate Arabs!" 4 - Gaza Tonight 5 - Vacation in Balata refugee camp 6 - Farmers Fight Against Settlement Control of their Land 7 - Apartheid Wall demo at Al Khadr this Friday 8 - Israeli Court Rejects Wall Challenges30/6/2006
Separating Palestinian familiesRima Merriman - The Jordan Times - "As far as Israel is concerned, the only solution for this is for the spouse holding the occupied territories residency to abandon his home and his parents and to go live outside the territories -- the more room for Jewish settlers to take their place."30/6/2006
At least four civilians, one fighter injured by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies 30/6/2006
Harassment of imprisoned Palestinian illegal workers David Nir - transl. Judith Green - "The prisoners were not released and remained sitting in the freezing cold all night outside... The prisoners asked to go to the bathroom and also this was denied them, so they had to relieve themselves near where they were sitting...At about 11 AM, one of them began to have convulsions, because of the sunstroke and dehydration."30/6/2006
Ongoing chaosErica Silverman - Al Ahram - "Under the pretext of fighting terrorism, Israeli military activities continue to destroy the lives of Palestinians"30/6/2006
Israel cripples Hamas with arrest of ministers By Donald Macintyre in Beit Hanoun - "Israel dealt the severest political blow to Hamas since it won the Palestinian elections five months ago by arresting 64 of its ministers and parliamentarians in a series of overnight raids throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The majority of the faction`s most senior political figures outside Gaza were detained in an unexpected nocturnal sweep early yesterday, which Palestinians swiftly interpreted as a move to dislodge the Hamas government and which the Group of Eight industrialised countries said raised " particular concerns". "30/6/2006
Two pieces on the Gaza invasion in Al Ahram Khalid Amayreh - Al Ahram - (1) Between violence and diplomacy "Israel overruns Gaza in its anger over the kidnap of an Israeli soldier"; (2) Return of the tanks - "The motives behind the invasion of Gaza comprise more than just securing the release of a kidnapped Israeli soldier"30/6/2006
PA declares state of emergencyKHALED ABU TOAMEH AND HERB KEINON - Jerusalem Post - "The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in all hospitals in the Gaza Strip for fear that Israel would launch a military operation to rescue kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit." 28/6/2006
Israeli Tanks and Troops Move Into Gaza IAN FISHER and STEVEN ERLANGER - NY Times - "The Israeli Army said that the operation was limited to an effort to rescue the Cpl. Shalit. "If we need to, we continue on," said Capt. Noa Meir, an army spokeswoman. "It`s all about getting him home."" 28/6/2006
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Paralyze Lives of Civilians in the Gaza StripPCHR - "PCHR views with gravity the collective punishment currently being imposed by IOF on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip."28/6/2006
Israeli missiles hit Gaza Aljazeera - "Israel has carried out an air strike on the main power station in the Gaza Strip, triggering a fire and plunging Gaza City into darkness."28/6/2006
Israeli threat unites Hamas, FatahJoshua Mitnick - The Christian Science Monitor - " With Israeli troops on Gaza border, militant Hamas sided with Fatah on two-state plan..."Now it seems they`re in the same boat because they have a serious threat to their political existence," says Shaul Mishal "28/6/2006
Israel rejects prisoner swapAljazeera - " Israel has rejected a demand by Palestinian groups to release jailed women and children in return for information on an abducted Israeli soldier.Instead, Israel has threatened a punishing offensive in the Gaza Strip.In northern Gaza, Palestinians began blocking roads with mounds of earth as Israeli armour massed on the other side of the border. " 27/6/2006
Israeli Sewage dumped in Brukin village IMEMC & Agencies -- "Brukin is one of many villages seriously threatened by sewage water from Zionist settlements, industrial zones or military areas. To mention three other examples, the nearby village of Kufr Diek suffers pollution through sewage water from Ale Zahav settlement, whereas in Jenin district villagers in Zububa watch the destruction of their springs from the waste produced by Salem military camp and in Nablus district, the village of Deir Sharaf is suffering from the waste and sewage water coming from Kedumim settlement and a nearby Israeli industrial zone"26/6/2006
Mas`ha village land seized for expansion of Elkana settlement IMEMC & Agencies -- "Since the beginning of this Intifada, the Israeli military has destroyed hundreds of olive trees belonging to Mas`ha farmers, and bulldozed farmlands. The construction of the Elkana settlement in the late 1970s initially took about 2,000 dunum of Mas`ha land. The construction of the Israeli Annexation Wall over the last two years has isolated another 4,000 to 4,500 dunum from their owners"26/6/2006
How Israel is tearing families apartAhmed Zaid -- Electronic Intifada -- “This policy of denying people visas, visits and return has accelerated considerably in the last few weeks and it is affecting wives, daughters, sons, husbands, grandchildren and, in short, tearing up families [...] This also applies to my wife who is European and holds a European passport. She was due to travel on Friday to see her children abroad and her 91-year old mother, and to renew her visa, but she is very much afraid not to be allowed back”26/6/2006
Israel extends Palestinian spouse banAP -- Aljazeera.Net -- The Israeli cabinet has extended a law banning most Palestinians from living in Israel with their spouses 26/6/2006
Israeli army invades Gaza, arrests two Hamas menSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Saturday morning, Israeli troops invaded the Gaza Strip through Sofa Crossing east of Rafah, in the southern part of the Strip, and arrested two Hamas gunmen after surrounding a house in the city24/6/2006
Palestinian cancer patient facing deportationAli Waked -- YNET -- Mustafa Hilo, who suffers from bone cancer, stands to be deported form Israeli hospital because he can no longer afford paying for security guards Shin Bet demanded he hire as condition for entry to country23/6/2006
Denial of Entry by Israel to Foreign Nationals into Palestinian TerritoryNoura Khouri -- Palestine Media Center -- "Typically, entry to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) through the only possible route available, via Israel, is a nerve- racking, tiresome and extremely invasive affair [...] Because this policy has gone completley unquestioned, Israel has recently, contrary to international law, launched an actual systematic campaign to get and keep foreign nationals out of the West Bank and Gaza Strip"23/6/2006
Palestinian detainees tortured, facing bad mental and health conditions Saed Bannoura -- IMEMC -- "A report released by the PPS [Palestinian Prisoners Society] held the Israeli Prison Authorities responsible for the deteriorating conditions of the detainees, and the direct violations of their rights in Al Maskobiyya interrogation facility”23/6/2006
UN rights expert paints dire picture of situation in Occupied Palestinian TerritoryUN News -- The Electronic Intifada -- “`In effect the Palestinian people have been subjected to economic sanctions - the first time that an occupied people have been so treated,` the Special Rapporteur on human rights in the OPT, John Dugard said, calling it `possibly the most rigorous form of international sanctions imposed in modern times`”23/6/2006
Israeli Strike Kills Pregnant Palestinian Scott Wilson - The Washington Post - "The incident brought to 14 the number of Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli aerial attacks in Gaza over the past eight days and prompted an internal review of the targeting process and equipment being used in the airstrikes" 22/6/2006
The truth lies buried in Gaza sands Jonathan Cook - The Electroni Intifada - "If you keep lying long enough and with enough conviction, people start to believe you -- or at least doubt the evidence in front of their own eyes. And so it has been with the Israeli army’s account of how seven members of a Palestinian family were killed, and dozens of other Palestinians injured, during shelling close by a beach in Gaza." 22/6/2006
Israeli raid kills Palestinian civiliansAgencies -- -- A Palestinian woman and one of her relatives have been killed and 13 other people wounded, including children, in a second Israeli air strike in two days in the southern Gaza Strip.21/6/2006
Generation After GenerationFouad Moughrabi - ei - "No, one should not get depressed about the current situation," 21/6/2006
Palestinian killed in Nablus raidAljazeera + Agencies - " The killing took place during a raid by Israeli troops" 21/6/2006
Two children killed after Israel launches air strike Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Two Palestinian children and a teenager were killed last night after Israel launched an air strike on militants in northern Gaza."21/6/2006
Three children killed by Israel air strike on GazaNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - " An Israeli air strike aimed at Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip killed three children standing nearby on Tuesday after Israel`s defence minister pledged to step up action against cross-border rocket salvoes. "20/6/2006
America deaf to Palestinian screamsFareed Taamallah - The Electronic Intifada - " The US was the only major power which not only refused to condemn the incident, but described it as "self defense".20/6/2006
Gaza employees receive partial pay Reuters - Aljazeera - "This is only an injection to put us to sleep and then wake up in pain again," said a government employee who gave his name only as Abu Abdallah. " 20/6/2006
4 Months Into Aid Cutoff, Gazans Barely Scrape BySteven Erlanger -- The New York Times -- “According to a new report issued this week by United Nations agencies here, ‘the humanitarian situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has deteriorated rapidly in 2006, a result of the fiscal crisis facing the Palestinian Authority following the election of Hamas’ as well as continuing ‘Israeli security and access restrictions.’ The number of Palestinian families dropping below the poverty level — defined as $2.70 per person a day — has increased by 9 percent already, the report says” 19/6/2006
Israeli forces raid W Bank townsAljazeera + Agencies -- “Israeli occupation forces have raided two towns in the West Bank, sparking clashes with Palestinian fighters” 19/6/2006
After shots allegedly fired at Israeli settler cars inside the West Bank, dozens of Israeli forces invade small village near BethlehemNajib Farag - PNN - " The eastern Bethlehem village of Obaideh is under attack Saturday afternoon." 18/6/2006
Another family downKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - " How many more massacres are necessary before the world wakes up to what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, asks Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank." 18/6/2006
Keeping the international eyewitnesses outRima Merriman - The Electronic Intifada - " Israel is now escalating its practice of keeping internationals out of the West Bank and Gaza, the idea being that the presence of internationals puts a crimp in Israeli operations."18/6/2006
Constitutional ChauvinismAzmi Bishara - The Electronic Intifada - " A family is an entire world. But instead of making every effort to guard the right to a family life, the High Court of Justice decision regarding the petitions against the Citizenship Law confirmed the invasion, rending and destruction of this personal world by the state. 18/6/2006
Israeli Forces raid W Bank townsAljazeera + Agencies " Israeli occupation forces have raided two towns in the West Bank, sparking clashes with Palestinian fighters." 18/6/2006
Updates of the International Solidarity Movement1 - Israeli Military branches Collaborate with Settlers to Expand Settlement 2 - Bil`in out post world Cup Party 3 - Israeli Demonstrations Against Gaza Massacres Continue 4 - Al jazeera : Israel Introduces New Travel Restrictions 5 - Help Free Paul Larudee! 6 - Ha`aretz : Arrest of the Piano Tuner 7 - Reposted :" Sleeping in a bed of suicide bomber" 17/6/2006
Israel kills Islamic Jihad fighterAl Jazeera - "An Israeli missile killed Habib Ashour near Gaza City on Friday"17/6/2006
Who really killed Huda Ghalia`s family? Chris McGreal - Guardian - "Investigation undermines military claim that Israeli shells could not have been responsible for death of girl`s family." And Democracy Now interviews "Gaza Physician, British Journalist Refute Reported Israeli Military Investigation that Clears IDF, Blames Hamas for Deadly Beach Attack"17/6/2006
EU agrees on Palestinian aid planAP - Aljazeera - "We Europeans are determined to play our part in preventing a humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories"... the EU condemned violence against Palestinian civilians and urged a halt to "any action that threatens the viability of an agreed two-state solution and from acts that are contrary to international law...will not recognise any change to the pre-1967 border other than those agreed by both sides." 16/6/2006
`No immediate answer or solution` Rima Merriman - The Electronic Intifada - " The bottom line is that for Americans and other nationals working for humanitarian organizations, it is getting near impossible to enter or stay in the West Bank. This Israeli policy is not in writing anywhere; it has recently manifested itself in "actions at border crossings, ports of entry and Ben Gurion by the Israeli Ministry of Interior." "16/6/2006
Israel introduces new travel restrictionsKhalid Amayreh - Aljazeera - "According to Palestinian human rights organisations, the new restrictions involve barring Palestinians carrying foreign passports, including those married to a Palestinian spouse, from re-entering the West Bank after leaving for their adopted country of citizenship, even for a brief visit." 15/6/2006
Living at Gaza`s edge grows perilous, againJoshua Mitnick - The Christian Science Monitor - " : The Israeli town Sderot has been hit by dozens of Palestinian rockets over the past week."15/6/2006
The horror of young Huda GhaliaMark MacKinnon - The Globe and Mail - "I saw my father`s intestines come out of his body," she said bluntly. "And then I saw my sister with pieces of a missile in her arm and her body." 14/6/2006
Israelis kill 11 in Gaza rocket attackThe Australian - ELEVEN people, including two children, were killed in the northern Gaza Strip last night [Tuesday] in the deadliest air strike this year by the Israeli military in the Palestinian territory 14/6/2006
Business withers as West Bank cordon tightensAgence France Presse -- The Electronic Intifada -- "The number of West Bank road closures, checkpoints, fences, trenches, gates and earthen mounds has increased from 370 last August to more than 500 today, according to a UN count -- and they have also grown more sophisticated and effective"13/6/2006
ICRC steps up aid, calls for action to avert major humanitarian crisisICRC -- The Electronic Intifada -- "Humanitarian organizations cannot replace the authorities in their role as provider of public services. As the ICRC has pointed out on previous occasions, the occupying power – in this case the State of Israel – is responsible for meeting the basic needs of the civilian population of the territories it occupies. Those needs include sufficient food, medical supplies and means of shelter"13/6/2006
Israeli settler opens fires on Palestinian workers, Israeli forces arrest 3 and take the 4th to an Israeli hospitalSa’ed Al Shouhki -- PNN -- "An Israeli settler... opened fire on four Palestinians working east of the town of Yatta... After the Israeli settler shot the Palestinians, Israeli forces came and took the injured to an Israeli hospital and injured the other three"12/6/2006
Israeli air strike kills two Hamas menAgencies -- – “The killing of the Hamas fighters was the first by Israel since the Islamic resistance movement formally scrapped a 16-month truce with Israel on Friday and resumed firing rockets and mortar bombs from Gaza… Hamas said it ended the truce in response to the recent killing of seven people on a Gaza beach during Israeli shelling” 12/6/2006
Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small ArmsPalestinian Centre for Human Rights -- Extra-judicial executions of suspected collaborators with Israeli security services; misuse of weapons by armed groups and security forces12/6/2006
News Flashes From The OT - 11/06/06Maan news - PLO: Israel has killed 4100 Palestinians (including 800 children) since 2000 *** Israeli Forces raid Jenin with jeeps, military vehicles and bulldozers *** Al Quds Brigades launches projectiles at Sderot *** Israeli Forces detain 50 Palestinians on their way to Jordan *** One Israeli injured by home-made projectiles launched from Gaza *** Israeli Forces begin bulldozing Palestinian land to build a road *** Hamas denies issuing statement mourning death of Al Zarqawi11/6/2006
Bil`in, June 9, 2006: Commemorating and recognizing media people, including those killed by the occupationJacob Katriel - A report which includes photos11/6/2006
Serious Escalation in Israeli AttacksPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "14 Palestinians killed in past 24 hours in the Gaza Strip. Death toll included 2 parents, 5 of their children and 2 brothers. 36 also injured."10/6/2006
Don`t Say that You Didn`t Know…The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions - glimpses into the Israeli apartheid system 9/6/2006
Israeli artillery fire kills PalestiniansAljazeera - "Israeli artillery shells have struck a group of Palestinian civilians at a beach in Bait Lahiya in northern Gaza, killing seven people, including three children, and wounding 36 others".."Israel has stepped up air strikes against Palestinian fighters"9/6/2006
7 killed by navy artillery shellsAli Waked - YNET - " Palestinian sources report 7 Palestinians, including children, killed by artillery shells fired by navy off Gaza coast; Earlier, IAF fires missile at car carrying Qassam cell, killing 3 PRC members . "9/6/2006
‘You will be killed for this’ ( Hebron Region )Grera Berlin - Khaleej Times - " The settlers had come in a month before, and had cut through every grapevine that he had, vines that were over 100 years old, thick as my thigh. When he called the army, they had come in and said, “Go back in your house or we’ll kill you.” 9/6/2006
IAF strike kills top PA official Ali Waked - YNET - " Israeli aerial attack on Popular Resistance Committees training camp kills group’s leader and PA Interior Ministry chief Jamal Abu Samhadana; total of four Palestinians dead, seven wounded in strike; Abu Samhadana was on Israel`s wanted list since first intifada. " 9/6/2006
News Flashes From The OT - 08/06/06Maan news - PM`s political advisor: No problem for government to negotiate with Israelis *** Five factions reject referendum; Hamas warns against any `leapfrogging` of the Palestinian legitimate government *** PLC member stopped at Container checkpoint for more than 2 hours *** Palestinian youth beaten up by Israeli soldiers in Hebron on Thursday *** Towns west of Salfit closed by new roadblocks8/6/2006
Israeli forces invade Jenin Refugee Camp, arrest 4 as resistance fights back Ali Samoudi -- PNN -- "Israeli soldiers also broke into several homes and detained residents while at the same time conducting invasive searches which destroyed a great deal of personal property"5/6/2006
UN calls for massive rise in Palestinian aidChris McGreal -- The Guardian – “’We`re seeing people cut back on food and basic expenses,’ said David Shearer, head of the UN`s office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. ‘The situation in Gaza is the most acute’" 5/6/2006
We Need JusticeFida Qeshta -- The Electronic Intifada – “Since 1967 Israel has demolished 12,000 Palestinian homes. During this uprising, Israel has demolished 2,000 homes in Rafah, mostly near the border with Egypt, and 3,000 houses in the Gaza Strip. In Rafah 3,000 people remain homeless“5/6/2006
Israeli Demonstrators in Tel Aviv: End The Occupation Freda Guttman - IMEMC - A demonstration of approximately 1000 people took place in Tel Aviv Saturday night, demanding the Israeli government to end the Occupation of Palestine, end the siege and sanctions imposed on the Palestinians, and begin immediate negotiations, in good faith and without conditions, for a viable Palestinian state, with the democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian People. 4/6/2006
News Flashes From The OT - 04/06/06Maan News, IMEMC - Israeli Forces raid Tulkarem, fire randomly and injure 60-year old standing outside his home *** Israeli artillery bombardment of Beit Lahiya on Sunday morning *** Aziz Dweik: Referendum is illegal *** Israel building new West Bank settlement4/6/2006
PMRS Urgent Appeal: Emergency Support to PMRS Services in the Face of an Impending Humanitarian CrisisPMRS - Ramallah, 03-06-06: In the context of both an impending humanitarian crisis in Palestine and funding shortages facing the organisation, PMRS appeals to the generosity of all its friends throughout the world for support in helping it contribute to averting a public health disaster. 4/6/2006
Web of betrayal, blackmail and sex that killed two lovers who turned informerChris McGreal - The Guardian - "Palestinian confesses on video to helping Israel before he and lover are shot"3/6/2006
Link to the Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 25-31.5.06Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - " 11 Palestinians, including a child, killed by IOF; 28 Palestinian civilians, including 10 children, were wounded by IOF gunfire; IOF continued to shell Palestinian areas in the Gaza Strip; IOF killed 4 Palestinians inside the northern Gaza Strip in the first military operation of its kind, since the IOF?s redeployment around the Gaza Strip; arrests, home demolitions, land confiscation, settler atacks; Annexation Wall construction 3/6/2006
A letter from JerusalemObservations and commentary on current events by Rev. Clarence Musgrave - Circular Letter No 267 - "A person in Scotland had given me a donation specifically for Jayyous, and so I asked about how it might be used. `Food` was a reply... Another side effect of the non-payment of salaries is that people are not able to pay the local Council for their electricity supplies. So, the Council is not able to purchase diesel, as and when it is available. Result ? the supply of electricity to the village is sporadic. " 3/6/2006
Two Palestinians extra-judicially executed in JabalyaPCHR - PCHR calls upon the international community to immediately intervene to stop such crimes, and reiterates its calls for the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 to meet their obligations to ensure protection for Palestinian civilians in the OPT7/6/2006
Ahmad Ibrahim Sari killed in GazaBBC - An explosion in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip has killed a Palestinian militant and injured his wife and son, medical sources said7/6/2006
Abbas delays referendum decisionBBC - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has given Hamas until the end of the week to accept a plan for statehood that implicitly recognises Israel7/6/2006
Two houses demolished in Brukin, Salfit District; 70 under threat of demolition The International Women`s Peace Service - " The house was under construction for a family of ten. The neighbors told the IWPS volunteers that the owner lived with his family in Jordan. Neither of his brothers was in the village when the demolition took many as 700 people could become homeless. "1/6/2006
Hamas threatens to end Rafah dealKhalid Amayreh - al-Jazeera - The Hamas-led Palestinian government has threatened to terminate the Rafah border-crossing agreement unless European monitors reopen Gaza`s only gateway to the outside world. 24/6/2006
Israel: Gaza Beach Investigation Ignores EvidenceHuman Rights Watch - "IDF’s Partisan Probe No Substitute for Independent Inquiry"23/6/2006
Israeli Air Force Attack in Gaza – Grave Suspicion of War CrimeB`Tselem - "Since 20 May 2006, 25 civilians who took no part in the fighting, including 7 children, have been killed by IDF missile fire in the Gaza Strip. The circumstances of this incident, as well as the circumstances of previous incidents this month, raise the grave suspicion that this was a disproportionate attack. Attacks of this kind are defined as a war crime."23/6/2006
Report of a visit by MachsomWatch to the wounded from the Ralieh familyMachsom Watch - Report of a visit to the wounded from the Ralieh family (the family which lost seven members from one explosion on the beach) 23/6/2006
Israel kills Palestinian security officerAljazeera - "Israeli soldiers entered Ramallah to arrest Ayman Khateb"23/6/2006
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