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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Visit in South Mt. Hebron VillagesErella Dunayevsky - The Vilages Group - "Listen, I wanted to let you know that a message has arrived from the High Planning Council of the Civil Administration, that it rejected the master plan of Palestinian Susiya. They have 60 days to appeal to the High Court of Justice." "What does it mean?" I ask. "Look, we`re going to take a few more legal actions, but this whole legal struggle has almost exhausted itself. They [in the Planning Council] didn`t send me the rejection`s details yet. This will arrive in few days time. It seems that the reasons for the rejection are political, but I am interested in the legal explanation they will come up with. I will send it to you as soon as it arrives."-rh31/10/2013
Israel: Military Harassing Rights Group Staff : Recent Arrests, Travel Bans Compound Other AbusesHuman Rights Watch - Israel’s military should stop harassing members of Addameer, a rights group that provides legal services and advocates for the rights of Palestinians in detention, Human Rights Watch said today. The Israeli military has imposed severe restrictions and penalties on Addameer’s staff, either without even alleging any violent activity, or without due process, Human Rights Watch said.-rh 31/10/2013
Israeli Drones Haunt GazaHazem Balousha - Al-Monitor - Statistics by human rights centers in Gaza show that Israel has lately come to mainly rely on drones to target Palestinian gunmen. Al-Monitor has obtained statistics by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights showing that, from 2008 until October 2013, out of 2,269 Palestinians killed by Israel, 911 were killed by drones, most during the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead. In the 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense, 143 out of 171 Palestinians killed by Israel were by drone attack.-rh 31/10/2013
Each person is a story and on each stretcher is a tragedyTamar Fleishman - Machsomwatch - By the time the mechanism of the occupation had permitted the child and his mother (not his father) to pass through to a hospital in Jerusalem, five hours had past. Five hours is a time frame that hands out the verdict of life and death. The child was hazy, his eyes were open but there was no look in them, his hands rose without purpose and fell down as though on their own.-rh31/10/2013
Palestine`s Mandela : Marwan Barghouti`s popularity can give new momentum to the Palestinian struggle.Shannon Ebrahim - Information Clearing House - Barghouti was the first member of the Palestinian Legislative Council to be arrested by Israel, and is one of the most prominent of the more than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners who remain incarcerated in Israeli jails. The European Union and the Inter-Parliamentary Union have called for his release.-rh 30/10/2013
EU gives high marks to Palestinian Police Ruba Ayyash - WAFA - According to Hansburg Haber, head of the European Union’s mission security, the Palestinian Police is the most successful among several police forces in the region in whose re-structuring and training the EU is involved. Other such forces include the ones in Lybia and Afganistan. In principle, the EU`s team`s mission is only concerned with law enforcement within the Palestinian society, but Israeli occupation intrudes into it in numerous ways - particularly the division of the land into three areas: A, B and C according to Oslo agreement.The Palestinian police has difficulty reaching and controlling area “C,” which is under full Israeli control; the EU mission could do nothing to change that situation, finally "leaving it for the negotiators". Moreover, the Israeli authorities place all kinds of restrictions, for example not allowing the EU to equip the Palestinian Police with laptops which would have made criminal records more easily accessible to police personnel. ak 29/10/2013
15 years old Palestinian faces long prison term for stone-throwing Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - The 15-year old Mohammad Mahdi Suleiman was taken by soldiers who broke into his family home on March 15 this year, making him one of the youngest prisoners in the world. According to the the Wa’ed Society for Detainees, during long long hours of interrogations he was denied drinking water - interrogators making him drink alcohol instead. This would tend both to both lower his defenses physically and to weaken a person of Muslim background. The Israeli Military Prosecution charged him not only with throwing stones at soldiers but also with "endangering the soldiers` lives", which carries a maximum of life imprisonment. ak 29/10/2013
Family counting minutes ahead of son`s releaseMa’an – Relatives of the longest-serving Bethlehem-area prisoner are waiting on tenterhooks counting down the hours and minutes ahead of his expected release. Issa Abed Rabbo from Deheisha refugee camp has served 30 years in Israeli jails. “Last night I couldn’t sleep at all" said Abed Rabbo’s mother Ammuna. "I was praying to God that the remaining day would pass in one minute. I was about to smash the clock yesterday urging it to move faster and faster. I thank God for reuniting me and him although I haven’t seen him yet.” His brother expressed thankfulness to “those who secured the release of prisoners.” ak 29/10/2013
Palestinian negotiators present demands on Core IssuesIMEMC quoting Haaretz - According to an unnamed Palestinian official, Palestinians are willinng to conduct a land swap that would allow Israel to keep settlement blocks in the West Bank, in exchange for granting the Palestinians areas in the Negev - but such land-swaps should not exceed %1.9 of the West Bank. Other demands included a safe passage linking between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and control over borders, parts of the Dead Sea, and water resources, and a clear time-frame for a full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories in 3.5 years. Palestinian refugees would be given financial compensation and a choice between “returning to Palestinian controlled areas" (not back to their original homes), going to a third state or staying as citizens of the countries they live in. The Israeli side regarded the Palestinian position as hard-line [sic!], insisting on continued Israeli military presence along the Jordan River. ak 29/10/2013
Inside Shin Bet: An investigation into the methods used by Israel`s controversial internal security serviceAl Jazeera World - "Through personal accounts - from two former Shin Bet detainees, a former agency officer, Palestinian-Israeli lawyers and Israeli legal experts and politicians - Al Jazeera World examines the controversial organisation`s methods, powers and history." With Video" ca25/10/2013
Palestinians lose billions to Israeli land bans, says World Bank reportThe National - "Access to Area C will not cure all Palestinian economic problems but the alternative is bleak,” the report said. “Without the ability to conduct purposeful economic activity in Area C, the economic space of the West Bank will remain crowded and stunted, inhabited by people whose daily interactions with the state of Israel are characterised by inconvenience, expense and frustration.” ca 25/10/2013
Mustafa Barghouti Garners Support Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor "Palestinian youths of the West Bank have found a new, older, hero who has recently built up great power, inspiring many people to follow him. He is not young, nor is he a leader of students who emerged from a local university. He is an adult with a degree from the University of Stanford. He even ran in the elections for head of the Palestinian Authority, and failed. His name is Dr. Mustafa Barghouti." ca 25/10/2013
Cameraman shot and injured by Israeli soldiers in BilinWAFA - A Palestinian cameraman was hit in the the head by a rubber- coated metal bullet fired by Israeli soldiers at Bilin, and was taken to hospital with bleeding and swelling in the head. He had been trying to film the clashes between Bilin residents and Israeli soldiers, following the killing of Muhammad Assi earlier today. Shouman said that he and his colleague had told the soldiers that they were reporters - but this did not stop the continued shooting of tear gas and rubber bullets in their direction. 22/10/2013
Palestinian eludes capture, barricades himself in cave, gets killed by soldiers Ma`an - Many military vehicles entered the area in the early morning with the proclaimed aim of catching "wanted Palestinians". Three villagers were taken off by the soldiers. However, 24-year-old Muhammad Assi eluded the soldiers and barricaded himself in a cave in the fields between the Bilin and Kafr Nima. Soldiers surrounded the cave and for hours exchanged fire with Assi, described as an Islamic Jihad activist. Eventually, a military bulldozer was brought in, which demolished the cave, enabling soldiers to fire anti-tank missiles and kill Assi. ak22/10/2013
Video: The olive harvest in the Gaza Strip, 2013International Solidarity Movement - Palestinians in the Gaza Strip harvest olives during the month of October. Several years ago, a large amount of land was planted with olive trees. They were completely destroyed by Israeli bulldozers, and Palestinians were prevented from replanting them by the so-called “green line.” Today the olive oil industry is a small part of the local economy. The export of this olive oil is also prevented as a consequence of more than seven years of the Zionist blockade21/10/2013
Pictures of the day: West Bank simmers as Palestinian anger builds in face of occupation Ben Lynfield - The Independent - “`This violence is being carried out by people completely fed up with the continuation of Israeli repression and it shows that we could get to a situation of a new eruption of violence,` said Qais Abdul Kareem, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council. `Another intifada doesn’t start by spontaneous violent actions by individuals. It’s a gradual accumulation of discontent that translates into actions in the street. We are moving in that direction if Israel continues sabotaging the peace process`”21/10/2013
Army Invades Central GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers conduct frequent invasions into Palestinian areas close to the northern and eastern parts of the Gaza Strip, and prevent the farmers from entering their lands, especially those located close to the border"21/10/2013
Tulkarem: A city under dust Carolin Smith - AIC - "The first factory was moved from the nearby Israeli coastal city of Netanya to Tulkarem in 1985. `At that time the factory had to close in Israel because of environmental and health concerns`, explains Shahroroi. An Israeli court later permitted the owner to relocate his factory to Tulkarem, where Israeli safety and labour laws do not apply. The attempt of some Palestinians to file a suit was refused by the Israeli Supreme Court, which contended the issue was not under its jurisdiction. Eleven additional Israeli factories were subsequently built in Tulkarem after 1985"21/10/2013
Fatah Leader Warns of `Extreme` Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor “Frustration and hopelessness in the Palestinian street are the main factors behind what we saw last month,” he explained. “We`ve seen this many times before. When there is no hope, no livelihood, no liberty, no freedom, the ground is ripe for violence. But I don`t think that a handful of incidents means that we are already there, in an intifada.” ca 18/10/2013
Olive farmers hard-pressed by Israel`s wallNigel O`Connor - Al-Jazeera "This year`s Eid falls at the beginning of the Palestinian olive harvest. For workers at Mahad Rantisi`s olive oil factory, the festivities are of a secondary concern to producing the oil necessary to sustain family kitchens across the Palestinian territories and abroad...the yield from this year`s harvest is expected to be significantly lower than the previous year, causing prices to rise to nearly $8 per litre." ca18/10/2013
Israel Army Reforms Child Arrest MethodsMa`an News Agency - "UNICEF`s March report, entitled "Children in Israeli Military Detention," said Israel was the only country in the world where children were systematically tried in military courts and gave evidence of practices it said were "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.""Ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalized," it concluded, outlining 38 recommendations." ca 18/10/2013
Interview: Ashrawi on Oslo, academia and politicsMa`an News Agency - "The Head of the PLO Department of Culture and Information, Hanan Ashrawi, visited Brown University on Sept. 26 and spoke to Palestinian-American professor Beshara Doumani about the Oslo Accords, academia, and women in politics.With video of interview." ca18/10/2013
Khirbet MakhoulIsrael Social TV - "The hamlet of Makhoull which numbers about 120 residents, located in the northern Jordan Valley, was completely destroyed three weeks ago by the civil administration.Various attempts by the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to bring in equipment and tents was blocked by the army using stun grenades.This event didn`t get media attention until a incident between IDF soldiers and a French diplomat, who arrived in an aid convoy to the village. In spite of the demolition, the residents refused to vacate the area and continued their struggle." ca18/10/2013
Palestinian Authority: We won’t allow Israeli security presence in W. Bank KHALED ABU TOAMEH, TOVAH LAZAROFF - Jerusalem Post "The Palestinian Authority on Thursday rejected any Israeli plans to retain territory or even maintain a security presence on any portion of the West Bank or east Jerusalem after the establishment of an independent Palestinian state." ca18/10/2013
PHOTOS: Forced to live in a tent, Palestinian family celebrates Eid al-AdhaActivestills - +972 - In the Jordan Valley, it is virtually impossible for Palestinian families to get the permits to build a home: their buildings are demolished and they are forced to live in tents and tin structures with no electricity or water. Illegal Jewish settlements, however, are rarely demolished and are connected to the electricity and water grids. Activestills joins one family that has been living in a tent without basic services for 10 years as they celebrate the first night of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.-rh17/10/2013
B`Tselem blasts IDF for closing case in killing of noncombatant Palestinian featured in `Five Broken Cameras` YONAH JEREMY BOB - The Jerusalem Post - Given that Abu Rahmeh did not pose any threat to the soldiers, the shooting constituted a criminal offense and the soldier who fired the grenade should be prosecuted, said B’Tselem.-rh 17/10/2013
The Desert of Israeli Democracy: A Trip Through the Negev Desert Leads to the Heart of Israel’s National NightmareMax Blumenthal - Information Clearing House - While the prime minister ranted against Iran in New York City and in a meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office, his government was preparing to implement the Prawer Plan, a blueprint for the expulsion of 40,000 indigenous Bedouin citizens of Israel from their ancestral Negev Desert communities that promised to “concentrate” them in state-run, reservation-style townships.-rh 16/10/2013
Siege puts holiday tradition beyond reach of many Gaza familiesRami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada - "According to Affana, this year has been the worst ever. “Since early morning, I have only sold one animal,” he told The Electronic Intifada. “In previous years, we used to sell about fifty to sixty animals a day.” - id 16/10/2013
Israel Escalates Gaza Blockade, Following Discovery of Underground TunnelsPNN - IMEMC - "The Israeli military attributed the tunnels to ‘terror groups’, meanwhile failing to address the six year blockade’s role in of decreasing the standard of living for Gaza’s 1.7 million residents and increasing unemployment and poverty rates." - id 16/10/2013
A family in Qaryut was stopped by Israeli soldiers from harvesting their olive treesNablus Team - International Solidarity Movement - "The farmer and internationals then moved to another area as the soldiers had said, the day before, it would be safe for harvesting. Suddenly that area had also become a closed military zone." - id 16/10/2013
My Town Is a City NowNatasha Aruri - This Week in Palestine - In the urban development of Ramallah since Oslo, three distinct stages are discerenable. From 1993 until 2003 a mushrooming of amorphous matchbox-shaped multi-story apartment buildings to house a significant population growth. In 2005/2006 it was time for monumental governmental buildings of the (non)state, iconic corporate office towers and last but not least, suburban complexes of detached houses with fence, lawn, and pet. The third phase, growing from the second, was the construction of middle class suburbs in the only direction allowed by Israeli occupation, i.e. northwards. Previously, Ramallah people avoided erecting high fences between hoses, since these would impede youths fleeing Israeli soldiers. ak 15/10/2013
Ramallah mourns Palestinians drowned off MaltaIMEMC/Wafa - The governor or Ramallah and the city’s scout movement cancelled the traditional procession for the Eid al-Adha holiday, in mourning of the Palestinian refugees who died when their ship sank in the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday. The ship, carrying Palestinians and Syrians fleeing the turmoil in Syria, had been shot at by armed Libyans - either Lybian navy or one of the Libyan militias - sustained damage and sunk near Malta. ak 15/10/2013
Silence of the Lambs: A Palestinian hamlet on the brink of destructionGideon Levy - Haaretz "Sadness prevails in Halat Makhoul. The village we visited four times last month is withdrawing into itself under the threat of repeated demolitions, the looming winter and the problematic birthing season. At the entrance to every collapsed tin shack, residents continue to sit and stare sadly. The previous day, Israel Defense Forces soldiers tried to block a group of women from the Machsom Watch human rights organization from reaching the village, where they wanted to express solidarity and offer help. Other than them, the fate of the village doesn’t seem to interest anyone in Israel." ca11/10/2013
Qalandiya Military Checkpoint:: MachsomWatch Summary Report, September 2013Roni Hammermann - Machsomwatch - As at all military checkpoints, the Qalandiya Checkpoint restricts the freedom of movement of the Palestinians and contributes immensely to the uncertainty of the Palestinians` fabric of daily life under the Occupation.-rh 10/10/2013
The Jenin Man with ‘Minor Injuries’Tamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - One of the people who according to the IDF spokesman had sustained “minor injuries”, arrived by ambulance at Qalandiya checkpoint on his way back home from the hospital in Jerusalem, where he had received treatment on the previous night. The doctors managed to save the life of the young man who sustained an injury to his pelvis by a live bullet, but they couldn’t save his body. He remains paralyzed from his waist down and is now incontinent.-rh9/10/2013
After 35 Years, Palestinians Return Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The Palestinian owners of the land on which the settlement of Homesh was built waited 35 years to return to their property in Samaria. The settlement was vacated eight years ago as part of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria known as the disengagement plan. But it was only two weeks ago, on the Sept. 16 conclusion of a lengthy legal battle conducted with the help of the “Yesh Din” human rights organization, that the legal owners were allowed to go back.-rh 9/10/2013
Israeli army invaded South Hebron Hills village of At Tuwani overnight : Access roads to the village were blocked and soldiers broke into Palestinian housesOperation Dove - Press Release - In the meanwhile, soldiers broke into Palestinian homes in At Tuwani and searched them, frightening the inhabitants and in some cases threatening to arrest Palestinians and internationals who were filming the events. The Israeli army searched the local mosque, five homes -one with just women inside- and two stables, without finding anything.-rh 9/10/2013
Gaza man `kidnapped` by Israel in Sinai, says familyJoe Catron - The Electronic Intifada - "“He changed his [cellphone’s] SIM card more than twenty times. But they would always call him through the new one. He couldn’t escape their surveillance.”" - id 9/10/2013
Several Palestinians Kidnapped In The West BankAgencies - IMEMC - "Local sources in Al-Ezariyya town, southeast of occupied East Jerusalem, have reported that dozens of soldiers were deployed near an area of the Annexation Wall where several Palestinian youths previously managed to dig a hole in the wall." - id 9/10/2013
Settlers steal olives from 110+ trees in Abu HuwarTeam Nablus - International Solidarity Movement = "A national symbol, the olive tree represents the most essential source of income and sustenance for many Palestinians. The destruction of olive trees and theft of its yields is a serious crime and a huge loss for the local farmers." - id 9/10/2013
Waiting in Gaza, where nothing makes senseYousef M. Aljamal - The Electronic Intifada - "A woman dressed in black cries, “My residency is about to expire. My boss threatened to fire me if I don’t get to my job in the United Arab Emirates in a week. Please, I am the provider for my family, allow me to travel, sir. God bless you, please.”" - id 6/10/2013
Israel’s Policy Dispossesses Jordan Valley BedouinsMoshe (Mossi) Raz - Al-Monitor - "The demolition of Khirbet al-Makhoul brings to light Israel`s long-standing policy of "Judaising" the Jordan Valley and the Hebron Hills, by dispossessing Palestinian-Bedouin residents." - id 6/10/2013
Inside Shin Bet Al Jazeera--Through personal accounts - from two former Shin Bet detainees, a former agency officer, Palestinian-Israeli lawyers and Israeli legal experts and politicians - Al Jazeera World examines the controversial organisation`s methods, powers and history. dn 27/10/2013
Vengeful settler attacks draw sharp criticism of Israeli Army Ben Lynfield--An Israeli human rights group has charged that the army is failing to protect Palestinians from violence by settlers after masked Israelis attacked an elementary school, vandalised cars and torched hundreds of olive trees in the occupied West Bank.dn13/10/2013
The Jenin Man with ‘Minor Injuries’ Tamar Fleishman--I don’t know his name. But I know the clear gaze of his eyes through which deep desperation was reflected, and the time that passed hasn’t dissolved or dulled the memory of the shadow of grief that was cast upon him and his mother. dn13/10/2013
Abbas: Israel to blame for dire state of Palestinian economyJerusalem Post staff - Tovah Lazaroff and Reuters contributed - "Israel exploits our resources and lands which increased our economic deficit," Palestinian Authority president tells PA television; also expresses concern the PA will be unable to pay November salaries. bz12/10/2013
Ahead of olive harvest, settlers chop down trees near NablusMa`an - Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settler activities in the northern West Bank, told Ma’an that settlers from Shave Shomron settlement stormed olive fields in the al-Ghazan neighborhood of Deir Sharaf and destroyed more than 100 trees. He highlighted that the attack came a few days before the olive harvest. [See also AP--Ynet: "Arab farmer claims 129 trees destroyed by Shavei Shomron residents",7340,L-4436791,00.html bz]5/10/2013
In the line of fire: Life in the southern Hebron HillsChaim Levinson - Haaretz - Ali Awad divides his life between two sites in the firing zone. He was born in a cave at Touba, but because of the size of his herd − more than 1,000 head of sheep − part of his family lives at Al-Fakhit, where there are also grazing sites. A lean man, Awad leaves the cave every morning at sunrise to tend to his herd. In the afternoon he goes by tractor to nearby A-Tuwani to bring water. He is fed up with the situation. He protests vehemently when told that he has a good life. “The work is hard and there is no money,” he replies. Although his home in Touba is not in danger of demolition, his family’s homes in Al-Fakhit are on the list. He is fearful. “This is my life. They tell us to move to Yatta. But I cannot go to Yatta. There is no land there for my sheep. I was born here, I have lived here. My whole life I am in the cave, but I want to live in a house. Because of the army I am not able to build.” bz5/10/2013
The BBC`s subjective view of Israel`s occupation should concern us all Amena Saleem - Middle East Monitor "None of this was reported by the BBC, whose headline reduced all of the above to "a clash with Israel troops". In the BBC`s use of the word "clash" there is an implication that the diplomats were also at fault, that they waged some kind of battle against armed soldiers. Khirbet al-Makhul is in the fertile Jordan Valley, a key area for Israeli settlement building. To obtain the necessary land for the illegal settlements, Palestinian villages have to be destroyed and the villagers moved on." ca4/10/2013
Six-year-old loses eye from bullets Israel promised to phase outDylan Collins and Patrick O. Strickland - EI - "Six-year-old Mousab Sarahnin lost an eye after Israeli soldiers fired rubber-coated steel bullets just after he stepped off a bus at the Fawwar refugee camp, near the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, on 27 September"8/10/2013
Israel Orders Removal of Only Electricity Source of South Hebron Hills VillageWAFA - The popular committee coordinator in Yatta, Rateb al-Jabour, told that the military orders to remove the solar cells in the area were part of the harassment towards the residents of eight villages known as Masafer Yatta which Israel plans to uproot for the benefit of settlement expansion. bz 7/10/2013
Soldiers Kidnap Four Children In Qalqilia - including an 8-year-oldIMEMC & Agencies - The sources added that the soldiers kidnapped Ekrima Mohammad Sweidan, 8, and his cousin Yazan Khaled Sweidan, 12, as they were playing in an orchard north of Azzoun, in addition to kidnapping Ahmad Mohammad Salim, 11, and Ahmad Zanran Salim, 12, in an orchard north of the town. Eyewitnesses said that the children were heading back home returning from their families’ olive orchards where their families were picking their olives. The Israeli army claimed that the children threw stones at Israeli military vehicles and settlers cars in the main road. bz7/10/2013
The consequences of a culture of liesYossi Gurvitz - Yesh Din - Therefore, the soldier lies to his officer when he says he acted correctly with the detainee. And the officer knows he is being lied to. Officers in return report untruths to their superiors. Military doctors falsify their reports. The interrogator lies to the prosecutor, who in turn lies to the court, who turns a blind eye, as opening its eyes is beyond its power. The gun-cleaning fabric which covers the eyes of the prisoners also covers the eyes of the court. In an unforgettable scene in “The Law in These Parts,” a military judge openly says that he knew detainees were tortured, even though the system denied knowledge of it.-rh3/10/2013
Israel Can Prevent Third Intifada Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - If there is a way to stop the possibility of a resurgence of anger, it lies in reaching an agreement that can end 46 years of occupation and colonial settlement. Anything short of that could delay, but not stop, an eventual outbreak of violence.-rh 2/10/2013
44 Palestinian detainees suffer from cancer in Israeli jailsUFree Network - Media Centre - Ahmed al-Faleet, head of the non-governmental Free Prisoners` Society, told dozens of relatives of Palestinian detainees holding a rally outside the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) office in Gaza City. "Palestinian prisoners still live under difficult conditions in Israeli jails," Al-Faleet said, accusing Israeli prison authorities of deliberately neglecting Palestinian prisoners who need medical attention.-rh 2/10/2013
Negligence of the Israeli soldiers exposes Palestinian children at risk on the way to school, South Hebron HillsOperation Dove - PRESS RELEASE - After school the children had to wait near the Israeli outpost of Havat Ma`on (Hill 833) for over 1 hour and 40 minutes, but the army did not arrive. Therefore, the children start to walk through a longer way (more than one hour instead of 20 minutes) accompanied by some internationals. This path is dangerous because it runs beside the outpost and along this way the children were repeatedly attacked and chased by the settlers. Operation Dove volunteers and Israeli associations called several times the Israeli army; since the first call the army officer kept declaring that the escort was on its way.-rh 2/10/2013
Gaza: Crushed Between Israel And EgyptJonathan Cook - Countercurrents - After the unsettling period of Muslim Brotherhood rule, the Egyptian and Israeli armies – their strategic interests always closely aligned – have restored security cooperation. According to media reports, Israel even lobbied Washington following the July coup to ensure Egypt continued to receive generous US aid handouts – as with Israel, mostly in the form of military assistance.-rh 2/10/2013
Israel bans veteran campaigner for Palestinian prisoners from West BankPatrick O. Strickland - EI - "“A military order from the head of Israeli forces in the West Bank said I constitute a threat to the safety of Israeli soldiers and security, therefore I’m forbidden from entering or being inside any of the areas they call ‘Judea and Samaria.’”" - id 2/10/2013
VIDEO: Israeli soldiers fire tear gas canisters and stun grenades at school childrenISM - International Solidarity Movement - "International activists in Khalil monitor several checkpoints each morning, as Israeli soldiers regularly harass, intimidate and fire weapons on children as young as 5-years-old." - id 2/10/2013
Rawabi: A planned Palestinian city and unplanned troubles Martin Fletcher - PBS NewsHour - Palestinian-American businessman Bashar Masri raised a billion dollars to build Rawabi. It is to house some 40,000 Palestinians, with homes costing between $60,000 and $180,000, and have movie theaters, a museum, a library, a hotel etc. Palestinians told Masri that the hair on their arms stands when they see the working cranes. On the other hand, Parliamentarian Mustafa Bargouthi is worried that "the construction of Rawabi feeds a certain media trend, intended to show that things are fine, Palestinians are normalizing and accepting the system of occupation". In fact, the development of Rawabi is very much hampered by the occupation. Rawabi is surrounded by the Israeli- controlled “Area C” and is near to the Israeli settlement of Ateret. So far, the military authorities only allow a narrow access road, which would fit a town of no more than 5000 inhabitants. Also, water supply from Israeli-controlled areas is by no means assured, and when inhabitants move in next year they might not have water in the taps of their beautiful new homes. ak 1/10/2013
A portrait of steadfastness in the Gaza Strip’s deadly “buffer zone”Charlie Andreasson - International Solidarity Movement - "“And if we leave the land, what happens then? Will Israel advance their positions, crowding us further? It may be another Nakba. I have a responsibility not only to my family but also to Palestine.”" - id 23/10/2013
Livni and Erakat negotiatiate about waterAFP/Y-net - Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Palestinian negotiators Mohammed Shtayeh and Saeb Erakat today held a new round of talks in Jerusalem. A Palestinian official said it had focused on the issue of water resources. Water rights is one of the core issues that must be settled in any peace deal. At present Israel controls most of the underground water resources in the West Bank, and the Palestinians want a more equitable share of them.US Secretary of State John Kerry said that negotiations, which take place under an American-imposed media blackout, have "intensified." 22/10/2013
Palestine: towards a new national strategy?ALEXANDER KOUTTAB - European Council on Foreign Relations - The last two decades of bilateral negotiations absent a final peace agreement have placed an enormous strain on Palestinian politics and society. If it is still possible to speak of a Palestinian national consensus in support of negotiations, it is fast disappearing. More and more Palestinians are instead calling for a change in strategy and approach. Such calls have a direct bearing on the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), which neither the Palestinian leadership nor the European Union as a key sponsor and supporter of the MEPP can afford to ignore.-rh 

A Guide to Administrative Detention Naji El Mir - Visualizing Palestine - As of February 2013, Israel was holding 169 Palestinians under Administrative Detention laws. Detainees are held without charge and trial.-rh23/10/2013
At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills - School Patrol UpdateOperation Dove - During the month of September OD volunteers registered 22 school days. The children were left to wait in unsafe positions for more than 13 hours, and missed more than three hours of school in total. The soldiers walked with the children during the allotted escort 65% of the times. In the registered cases (40 cases, considering both the mornings and the afternoons) the soldiers never completed the accompaniment route, leaving always the children alone in particularly dangerous areas.-rh 23/10/2013
In a Polluted Stream, a Pathway to PeaceJEFF WHEELWRIGHT - The International Harald Tribune - Underground and out of sight near the Old City, the sewage breaks into the open at the separation barrier, where the West Bank begins; picks up additional loads from Bethlehem and the impoverished town of Ubeidiya; passes beneath the monastery; and eventually, though some is diverted by settlers for irrigation, it reaches the Dead Sea.-rh 23/10/2013
Umm al-Ara`is and SusyaDavid Shulman - We spend the mid-day hours picking olives in Susya, right next to the archaeological park that was the original home of the Susya Palestinians. To their great misfortune, an ancient synagogue was discovered there, so they were driven out—the first of at least five increasingly violent expulsions. They probably can`t get to their olives near the park without our presence;-rh23/10/2013
Gaza’s poorest struggle to surviveAP - The National - "Many of his 20 children, from three wives, live with him near a sewerage plant. In all, more than 50 people live in the small compound." - id 23/10/2013
UNICEF Publishes Report On Detained Palestinian ChildrenIMEMC & Agencies - In all documented cases (19 in the second quarter of 2013), detained children were subject to physical violence, including beating, kicking and slapping. UNICEF stated that children should never be taking prisoner at night, unless under very urgent conditions, and stressed that a lawyer or a family member must be present during interrogation, and that the interrogation must be videotaped. bz15/10/2013
Gaza to run out of drinking waterAlternative Information Center - Gaza’s population of 1.6 million Palestinians are without clean drinking water. The only source of water they can access—the underground water aquifer—is being over-utilized and is now highly polluted with sea water and sewage intrusion. Unless something is done about it, Gaza’s aquifer will become unusable by 2016, and irreversibly damaged by 2020, according to the United Nations Country Team in the oPt. Today already, most families in Gaza are forced to buy drinking water from private companies at high cost, with some paying as much as a third of their income on water. bz15/10/2013
OIC calls for supplying Gaza with fuel Thirsting for Justice - The fuel and electricity crisis has hindered municipalities’ ability to pump water regularly to citizens, the report noted, explaining that this has also affected sanitation services. bz15/10/2013
Gaza`s first `prison baby` on way after jailed Palestinian smuggles out spermHarriet Sherwood - The Guardian - Boy named Hassan to join three infants delivered in West Bank following IVF treatment for mothers with husbands held by Israel 14/10/2013
Last minute move || Hearing on demolition of Palestinian village postponed - againAmira Hass - Haaretz - 130 residents of West Bank village Zanuta face eviction14/10/2013
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