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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 9.10.2005IMEMC and WAFA -Palestinian Fighter killed near Nablus; Child injured, arrested in Surif village, near Hebron; Soldiers arrested shepherds east of Tubas; Israeli Army Wounded a Child, Arrested 3 Citizens in WB; Palestinian arrested south of Jerusalem; 9/9/2005
News flashes from the occupied territories - 30.9.2005IMEMC and WAFA - Fateh wins in 61 out of 104 local councils; Soldiers bar residents, activists from picking Olives in Bil’in; Child shot and killed in Askar refugee camp; Army arrests two in Tulkarem; Youth arrested in Bethlehem; 17 residents arrested in the West Bank; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies 30/9/2005
Palestinian elections marred as Israel kills three more activistsChris McGreal in Jerusalem - The Guardian 30/9/2005
News flashes from the occupied territories - 29.9.2005IMEMC & WAFA - PCBS: Continuing Decrease of Optimism among Palestinians; Soldiers break into homes in Hebron; 17 year old sentenced to 40 months; Israeli Army Arrested 7 Citizens in WB; Israeli Army Kills 3 Citizens in Jenin; Army arrests 12 residents in the West Bank; Soldiers invade Borqeen village at night; Two Pal. policemen hurt in gun battle with Gaza gunmen; Two arrested in Al-Tireh village; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 29/9/2005
Five Years of "al-Aqsa Intifada"PHRMG - Five years of the "al-Aqsa" Intifada have lapsed. Since its inception, 3508 Palestinians and 1073 Israelis have been killed and several political initiatives have failed to stop violence and improve the humanitarian situation. A high number of innocent people, comprising many children, have lost their lives. 29/9/2005
From Lama in Gaza: Living Beirut (II) by Lama Hourani - daily life in Gaza29/9/2005
Susya, Settlers` AttackProfessor David Shulman, Taayush. An excellent eyewitness report. "Israel has left Gaza only to strangle Palestinian life on the West Bank. If you live in Twaneh or Jinba or Palestinian Susya, you know what it feels like to be helpless in the face of continuous predatory attack, wanton destruction, shots, blows, attempts to kill, all this with the connivance of the heartless machine of occupation."29/9/2005
"My land is on the other side of the fence" B`Tselem Update - `"My house is about sixty meters away from the fence. My land is on the other side. I can see it from my house, but I can only get to it by crossing the Ras `Atiya gate. You need a special permit to use that gate. `29/9/2005
High Court in precedent-making decision: Dismantle section of the Separation BarrierB`Tselem - `15 September 2005, an expanded panel of nine justices ordered the state "to reconsider, within a reasonable time, alternatives to the route of the Barrier by Alfe Menashe."`29/9/2005
P.A: “Israel continues its shelling, factions committed to calm” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "The Palestinian Authority condemned the Israeli attacks in the Palestinian territories, saying that the attacks violate the fourth Geneva conventions and the international law. "29/9/2005
Murderer Settler disappearedDavid Nir - Taayush - Settler Yehoshua Elitsur who killed Tsail Jbara in his cab in cold blood and was convicted - was sent to `house arrest`, and disappeared29/9/2005
A call for help from GazaDr. Eyad El Sarraj - Gaza - "We believe the whole area and perhaps the world is being attacked and manipulated by a small group of fanatics on all sides. These violent fanatics, some ideologue, some political and some business, are supporting each other, feeding each other, and needing each other. The ultimate victim is the ordinary human being, security, peace, and humanity itself."28/9/2005
News flashes from the occupied territories - 28.9.2005 IMEMC & WAFA - Soldiers shell areas in Gaza; Hamas renews its commitment to stop attacking Israel from Gaza; Israel continues to shell Gaza; Israel conducts arrests in West Bank; headlines from the Palestinian press 28/9/2005
Aqsa Brigades leader survives assassination attemptSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - A media source in Jenin reported that a leader of Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh movement, survived an assassination attempt, in Al Yamoun village, near Jenin.28/9/2005
Israeli missiles pound Gaza Strip al-Jazeera - Israel has fired several missiles into Gaza, knocking out electricity in most of Gaza City.28/9/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 27.9.2005 IMEMC and WAFA - Army spokesperson: “We will not hesitate in shelling civilian areas”; Army invades Qarawit Bani Zaied near Salfet; 400 Palestinians arrested since Saturday; Seven arrested in bethlehem; Home leveled in Qabatia, 13 residents arrested; Army arrests two in Asira Al Shamalia; Last night:Hundreds detained on Tubas-Nablus road 27/9/2005
Breaking psychological barriersYasser Abu Moailek - The Electronic Intifada - ""I didn`t come here to buy food or conduct business," he replied. "I think most Gazans here came to Areesh to break the psychological barrier of closures.""27/9/2005
You Are Not Entering Free GazaTom Hill - The Electronic Intifada -"That Gaza is a prison is a metaphor that suffers from overuse, because it is too literally true to function as metaphors usually do. To Palestinians it is a truth that needs no elaboration. Foreigners very rarely experience its bitter truth; Israel makes sure of that."27/9/2005
`We will lose our land if we stay quiet` Laila El-Haddad in Gaza - Aljazeera - "Now that Israel has withdrawn settlers and security forces from the Gaza Strip, the focus has shifted to the West Bank, where Jewish settlement growth and a lengthening separation barrier continue to contribute to the annexation of Palestinian lands."27/9/2005
Israel fires missiles into Gaza StripAljazeera - "Israel is targeting Hamas fighters and their infrastructure Israeli aircraft fired missiles at different targets in the Gaza Strip early on Tuesday, destroying three bridges which Israeli military sources accused Palestinian fighters of having used."27/9/2005
A letter and reports from Adnan Na’im ‘Abdallah, Prisoner number 6015, writing from administrative detention in KetziotAdnan`s response to people who wrote him letters. His reports on administrative prisoners who are not told what the accusation against them is, and on the long way of families who wish to visit their loved ones in jail. "After two years of detention, my wife finally received through the Red Cross permission to visit me. She went through all the insulting searches and arrived at the last gate after which we would finally meet. And the officer stopped her minutes before the meeting and prevented her from going in. She said that my wife did not have authorization to enter."27/9/2005
Aerial Attacks against Palestinian Activists and Civilian Property and a Total Siege Imposed on the Gaza StripPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have continued their aggression on the Gaza Strip for the third day. On Saturday and Sunday, 24 and 25 September 2005, IOF launched 10 aerial attacks that extra-judicially killed 4 Palestinians, injured at least 20 others and destroyed a number of civilian facilities."27/9/2005
Is the Israeli occupation of Gaza over?Laila El-Haddad - Aljazeera -"As the Gaza disengagement drew to a close, Israeli officials were quick to declare the end of their responsibility for - and occupation of - the impoverished coastal strip."27/9/2005
Like BeirutLama Hourani, reporting from Gaza - "So it seems that we are living Beirut again these days. And it seems that I have forgotten what the sound is of an F16 when it attacks. In any case, they are visiting us several times a day and after midnight. They sound horrible."27/9/2005
Report: Gaza becomes prison for sickPhysicians for Human Rights - Ynet News - Israel’s withdrawal does not absolve it of responsibility for lives, health of Gaza residents 26/9/2005
West Bank: Settlers attack film crew Meirav Yudelovitch - Ynet News - Film directors join left-wing organization on tour of south Mount Hebron area to document human rights violations against Palestinians, were attacked by group of young settlers . Director says, ‘it is not long before the weapon of a Jew is aimed not only at Arabs in Shfaram but at Jews in Ramat Hasharon and Dizengoff Street (Tel Aviv)’ 26/9/2005
Aqsa Brigades leader survives an assassination attempt aed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - A media source in Jenin, reported that a leader of Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh movement, survived an assassination attempt, in Al Yamoun village, near Jenin. 26/9/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 26.9.2005 IMEMC and WAFA - Army shells Gaza; Three arrested in AL Yammon; Army seals Beit Eiba checkpoint; Female detainees on partial hunger strike in Tel Mond; Most of recent Hamas arrestees are canditates for elections; 90 residents arrested om Monday; Hamas declares halt to it`s attacks, operation "First Rain" continues; Army Invaded Ramallah; Exchange of fire with soldiers in al-Yamoun; Intensive Israeli agression continues in WB and GS;26/9/2005
Student arrested at Za`tara Checkpoint.IWPS - Human Rights Report No. 223 - On September 20th, 2005 at around 10:30 a.m., a 19 year old student of Al Najah University in Nablus from Hares was detained at Za`tara Checkpoint on his way to the university, together with another young man. While the latter was released after 3 hours, the student was arrested. 26/9/2005
Settlers destroy motor for agricultural water pumpInternational Women`s Peace Service (IWPS) - Human Rights Report No. 225 - During the night from Friday September 23rd to Saturday 24th 2005 a generator which is used to pump water for irrigating farm land in Wadi Qana has been destroyed. 26/9/2005
Fatah blames Hamas for Gaza blast Al Jazeera Net - The Fatah faction of Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas has blamed the resistance group Hamas for the deadly blast at a military parade in Gaza that killed at least 19 people and wounded 80 others. 24/9/2005
Israeli helicopters fire missiles at Gaza Al Jazeera Net - A total of 30 homemade rockets were launched from Gaza into Israel since Friday afternoon; Israeli helicopters have fired missiles into the Gaza Strip in a pre-dawn raid reportedly targeting the Palestinian resistance group Hamas. 24/9/2005
Abbas: No armed gunmen on Gaza streets after SaturdayKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - As of Saturday night, there will be no armed militiamen in the streets of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced on Thursday. 24/9/2005
Former PA minister escapes assassination attemptKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Hani al-Hassan, a former interior minister in the Palestinian Authority, escaped an assassination attempt on his life Tuesday night when a group of masked men fired several shots at him during a visit to Nablus. 24/9/2005
News flashes from the occupied territories - 25.9.2005 IMEMC, WAFA and Agencies -Operation "First Rain" - continuous assaults; Settlers Attack Israeli Left Wing activists in Hebron; 17 residents including one infant injured in Gaza attacks; Israel Arrests Palestinians, Deploys Arms After Gaza Attacks; Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza; Palestinian Editorials 25/9/2005
Settlers attack Israeli left-wing activists in Hebron Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - A group of extremist settlers attacked, on Saturday, left-wing Israeli activists in Sweisa area, in the southern Hebron Hills, two activists were injured25/9/2005
Abbas: “No alternative to a comprehensive solution” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - “The road of liberating Gaza will be completed by liberating the West Bank, Jerusalem, and establishing our Palestinian independent state in the occupied territories since 1967”. 25/9/2005
Sharon orders `no let up` on Gaza BBC News Online - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has ordered "unrestricted" military strikes against Palestinian militants after rocket attacks from Gaza. Overnight Israeli aircraft launched a series of air raids, injuring several people, and arrested more than 200 suspected militants in the West Bank. 25/9/2005
Israel widens anti-militant raids BBC News Online - Israel has stepped up its response to rocket strikes from the Gaza Strip, threatening a prolonged attack "without restrictions" on Palestinian militants. 25/9/2005
Israel Arrests Palestinians, Deploys Arms After Gaza Attacks David Rosenberg - AP - Israeli forces arrested 207 Palestinians and moved artillery units along the Gaza Strip border as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he`s taking steps to end attacks by Hamas and other terrorist organizations. 25/9/2005
Israeli Assault on Palestinian Education in Jerusalem and other Occupied AreasPalestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education - Press Release - 3403 students and 33 schools are currently affected by the barrier because their teachers are not able to reach their schools, and many of the students are also unable to reach their own schools that happen to be on the other side of the Wall. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, September 1990) 25/9/2005
Polluting Palestine: The settlements and their sewageKathleen and Bill Christison - Counterpunch - Israeli settlements periodically dump sewage on West Bank villages25/9/2005
Israel air force strikes in GazaDiana Bahur-Nir - Ynet/Yediot Ahronot - Israeli cabinet approves harsh measures, including renewed targeted killings, artillery fire, attacks on infrastructure in Gaza 25/9/2005
Gaza Strip reels under Israeli attackAl-Jazeera - Israeli attacks on Gaza started on Saturday continue on Sunday - at least two Hamas members killed on Saturday afternoon25/9/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 24.9.2005 IMEMC and WAFA - Israeli Air Force strikes Gaza, four killed, nine injured; Israeli Army Forces Block OPT; Israeli forces intensified their stranglehold in the WB; Two citizens arrested in Hebron; Resident injured in Beit Amin village; Israeli Air Force shelled Gaza; Palestinian Editorials. 24/9/2005
Gaza: Blast during Hamas rally kills 19Ali Waked - Ynet News - At least 19 Palestinians killed, dozens more hurt when a car explodes during a Hamas rally at Jabalya refugee camp in north Gaza; Hamas Representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan says that according to information gathered by the organization, the explosion resulted from IDF helicopter fire that was aimed at Ismail Randur, commander of the Izz el-Din al-Qassam Brigades in north Gaza 23/9/2005
Report: Army killed 3 armed PalestiniansEfrat Weiss - Ynet News - Army forces arrived at the village where wanted Palestinians were allegedly hiding in a building. Soldiers surrounded the structure and called on the Palestinians to come out, but the armed Palestinians attempted to escape and opened fire at the soldiers; troops return fire, apparently killing two Palestinians 23/9/2005
Army shot dead a 19 years old Palestinian in Dotan camp just before Northern West Bank pullout was completedEfrat Weiss -Ynet News - IDF evacuates Dotan army base in the northern West Bank, southwest of Jenin; troops to continue patrolling area. Earlier soldiers shoot dead 19-year-old Palestinian near base; army says Palestinian killed after he ignored soldiers’ warnings and infiltrated base, while Palestinians claim he was an innocent passerby 23/9/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 23.9.2005 IMEMC and WAFA - At least 19 killed in Gaza Blast, 80 injured; Qassam shells fired at Sderot; 10 protestors arrested in Bil`in, dozens injured; Zobeidi: `Resistance will continue until liberation`; Army invades houses in Hebron and destroys property; Army escalates attacks in AL Khader village; Fighters fire at an army vehicle near Tulkarem; Soldiers invade Ramallah, one arrested; Resident arrested from Azoun village; Three fighters killed near Tulkarem; Died from wounds after being shot by Israeli soldiers; Died from wounds after being shot by Israeli soldiers; 23/9/2005
Cinderella in RafahGraham Usher - Al-Ahram Weekly - For seven days Palestinians in Gaza experienced life without borders, and borders without fear: that is, without Israel. For the last week Palestinians in Rafah were reminded of what was, what could be and what is.23/9/2005
Crisis looms for water-starved Gaza StripSafaa Kanj - Agence France Presse23/9/2005
Straw apology on Israeli arrestBBC - Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has apologised to his Israeli counterpart over the attempted arrest of a general accused of war crimes. 23/9/2005
Hey, There are Palestinians in Here The Palestinian rights movements is at a crossroads - the article offers a rationale for Israel to become a state for all its citizens.23/9/2005
The Palestinian great escapeRima Merriman - The Jordan Times - "Sharon quickly turned the scene of the Gazans` great escape into his favourite motif. According to him, the Palestinians` exuberant but short-lived escape through the blasted hole in the wall shows that they are unworthy of joining the community of nations."22/9/2005
Palestinian newborns die in checkpoint delays -UNReuters - "Sixty-one women have given birth at Israeli checkpoints since 2000 due to delays in getting through the checkpoints, and 36 of their babies died as a result, the United Nations said on Thursday. "22/9/2005
Israeli Settlers, Soldiers and Police Raid Palestinian Village of TubaCPT report. "On Monday, 19 September 2005, Israeli security guards from Ma`on settlement in the South Hebron Hills entered the Palestinian village of Tuba for an unwarranted search at about 9:00 AM. One Israeli army jeep arrived shortly after the settler security guards, followed later by a second jeep of Israeli soldiers and an Israeli police truck. The group of Israelis rummaged in every corner of the tents and caves in the village, interrogated the residents, and threatened them.22/9/2005
At-Tuwani Update: 11-21 September 2005Christian Peacemaker Team reporting from the village of At-Tuwani, long-suffering from settler violence22/9/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 22 September 2005 IMEMC & WAFA - Child died of wounds sustained last month; Army arrested three people in Al Shouhk village: One person arrested in Hebron; Army installs checkpoints around Qalqila; Army invades Kafer Qaddoum village; One arrested in Bethlehem; Soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian Youth near Jenin; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies22/9/2005
Shooting and hittingShahar Ginossar - Shiv`a Yamim (Yediot Ahronot) - Hundreds of innocent men, women and children have been killed in the Intifada. The IDF does not know how many. In the “Defence Establishment” they decided to bury the text of the open-fire regulations, preferring that commanders transmit them to the troops orally. What did that lead to? Testimony from combat soldiers in the Territories describes the deadly result. “The baker”, “the drummer” and “the child” paid with their lives, and the soldiers were left with troubled consciences. Will the High Court of Justice change the picture? 22/9/2005
More Than 650 Palestinian Prisoners from the Gaza Strip Are Still Detained in Israeli JailsPalestinian Centre for Human Rights. "Although Israel has declared the end of its military government in the Gaza Strip, it has continued to detain at least 650 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip in its jails in violation of international legal standards. Israel has also taken a series of measures to legally justify the continued detention of these Palestinians who are treated on racial bases. "22/9/2005
-What Will They Take Away Next?Jerry Levin - CPT - reporting from Hebron. From The Inside Looking Out: Report-59. ""We have been given this," she said pointing to the cars and taxis where they hadn`t been in a long time. "But" she wanted to know, "what will the Israeli`s want to take away in return? They always want more."22/9/2005
Israeli army detains 14 Palestinians in West BankXinhua - GAZA-- The Israeli army early on Wednesday arrested 14 Palestinians in the West Bank, saying they were preparing for a suicide bombing attack into Israel, Palestinian security sources and witnesses said. 21/9/2005
Traveling to Gaza? Get a passportDoron Sheffer and Roee Nahmias - YNETnews - As of Wednesday, Gaza Strip officially extraterritorial jurisdiction, after Interior Minister Pines signs decree making four Gaza passage points regular border crossings. Those who wish to enter Gaza now need passport Doron Sheffer 21/9/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 21 September 2005IMEMC & WAFA - 52 arrested in Hebron since the beginning of the month; Five brothers arrested during Hebron invasion; Arrests in Arroub, Bethlehem, Nour Shams, Hebron. Home-invasion in Beit Awwa. Headlines from today`s Palestinian press21/9/2005
March of solidarity with prisonersWAFA - Hundreds of officials, representative of national and Islamic organizations and citizens participated Tuesday in a march organized in Ramallah in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.21/9/2005
Poll: 54 percent of Palestinians say `No Need for Weapons`Rami Almeghari - IMEMC - the "free Gazans" and even the Palestinians of the "occupied West Bank", have expressed their dissatisfaction over the spread of weapons across the occupied Palestinian territories. 21/9/2005
Mixed results and reactions to restoration of border between Hebron areas H1 and H2Jerry Levin - CPT - reporting from Hebron. "During the past week struggling shop keepers in the Old City were for a time cheered by changes that Israel`s occupiers allowed to take place along Upper Shalalah Street. "20/9/2005
Female detainees in Telmond: “We are living in graves” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies -"One Thursday, 15/9/2005, soldiers attacked us in our rooms, they started searching us and our belongings in the rooms, and then one female soldier starting hitting a detainee and insulting her, she forced her to undress and sprayed her with gas before hitting and clubbing her, on her body and head”"20/9/2005
Abbas Says He Won`t Open Gaza-Egypt BorderAssociated Press - "The Gaza-Egypt border will reopen only as part of an international agreement, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said Monday, quashing speculation Egypt and the Palestinians might operate a crossing without Israel`s blessing."20/9/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 20.9.2005 IMEMC & WAFA - Three residents arrested in AL Thahria; Two arrested in Hebron city; Army invaded AL Khader; Paratroopers dropped near of Nablus; Army occupies two homes in Hebron; Army Arrests 5 Citizens in Hebron; Soldiers invade village near Qalqilia; One person arrested in Kufr Thulth village; Resident arrested in Azoun; Army blocks road in Tamon village; 21/9/2005
PA policemen riot in NablusKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Palestinian Authority policemen went on a rampage in Nablus on Saturday night, setting a car and a house on fire and shooting indiscriminately in one of the city`s main squares. 19/9/2005
AT-TUWANI: CPTer Matt Chandler and Operation Dove member arrested for not erasing photosCPTnet -The residents of Tuba village called a CPT member at-Tuwani team after Israeli settlers from Ma`on settlement invaded their village.After CPT-er Chandler and a "Dove" member took photos, an Israeli soldier demanded that they erase the photos they had taken. 19/9/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 18.9.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers install roadblocks around Tubas; MOI: “Drug dealers are using children”; Two residents arrested in Hebron; Resident injured West of Ramallah; Resident arrested east of Qalqilia; PA security man arrested in Tubas; The Israelis Did not Withdraw from Homesh; Four Palestinian youth arrested near Nablus; Two residents arrested in Ramallah; Eight injured in clashes between PA police and Rafah residents; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 18/9/2005
Gaza police in border crackdown BBC News Online - Palestinian forces are determined to stop illegal border crossings Palestinian police have fired in the air to prevent stone-throwing crowds in southern Gaza from crossing into Egypt. 17/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 17.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - IOF Arrests 2, Restricts Movement in WB; Report:3 killed, 14 injured and 31 arrested in one week ;Settlers burn vine groves in Al Khader; PCBS: “Separation Wall displaced 2448 Palestinian families”; Detainee confined to solitary since five years; Soldiers invade Al Azza refugee camp, arrest two; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 17/9/2005
Palestinian police fire in air to stop border chaosNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - Palestinian police fired in the air to disperse stone-throwing youths at the Gaza-Egypt border on Saturday as forces tried to stop the chaotic flow of people across the frontier since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip. 17/9/2005
Hundreds of Palestinians loot HomeshAli Waked - YnetNews - Palestinian villagers infiltrate evacuated West Bank settlement; no troops currently deployed there 17/9/2005
Gaza greenhouses: looters gold dustAgence France Presse - The Daily Star - Once the epitome of high-tech and worth millions in desperately needed trade, the greenhouses of Gaza have been stripped bare by their former Jewish owners and pillaged by the Palestinians. 16/9/2005
Hebrew Songs Making a Comeback in GazaYasser Baraka - Common Grounds News - As taxi driver Salem Mallahi goes about his daily work on the streets of Gaza City, he always listens to music. In the past couple of months, however, new and unlikely music tapes have started filling up space in his car`s already overflowing glove compartment - tapes of Hebrew songs. 16/9/2005
UNRWA: Israel`s pullout does not change status of refugees; Karen Koning AbuZayd - The Daily Star - AFP - Israel`s disengagement from Gaza does not change the status of the Palestine refugees nor does it suggest a reduction of the programs and services provided by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). 16/9/2005
Gaza DiariesELectronic Intifada - Gaza and the children who didn`t visit the sea for five years; They were finaly gone; Accross the killing field 16/9/2005
PCHR Weekly Report: IOF Kills 2 Citizens Wounds 13 Others PCHR - Gaza - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) said that two citizens were killed and thirteen others wounded by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). 16/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 16.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies -Israeli Army Killed a Palestinian Citizen in Tulkarem; Five settler families occupy homes in Hebron; Resident killed as army jeep crushed into his vehicle; Settlers in Hebron accuse the leftist organizations in Israel of “marking them as the next target of expulsion”; Resident killed as army jeep crushed into his vehicle; Soldiers invade village near Jenin, impose curfew; Lawyer, teacher arrested in Hebron, dozens of residents detained; Army invades village near Qalqilia; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 16/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 15.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Two people arrested in Kharbatha; Seven residents arrested in Hebron; Army to annex land near Hebron to construct military camp; Soldiers detain dozens of residents west of Ramallah; Resident of Bethlehem arrested near Jerusalem; Army invaded Kafer Qaddoum village; Troops invade Bal`a village; Settlers attack residents in Palestinians areas near Hebron; Four arrested in Yata; Editorials and Op.Eds from Daily Palestinian Media; 15/9/2005
Israel still calls the shots after pull-outRichard Beeston - The Times - The tanks have gone, the watchtowers are no longer manned and for the first time in nearly 40 years Gazans can travel freely the length and breadth of their coastal strip. 13/9/2005
Children of Gaza happy for "Bigger Prison"Sami Abu Salem - The Electronic Intifada - Despite the hot weather in Gaza, thousands of Palestinian citizens poured Monday into the evacuated colonies at the northern tip of the Gaza Strip. 12/9/2005
Israeli army turnabouts keep frustrated Palestinians guessing at checkpoint leading to Tel RumeidaJerry Levin - CPT - 15/9/2005
The Twilight ZoneJerry Levin - CPT - reporting from the occupied Hebron. From The Inside Looking Out: Report-5815/9/2005
Hamas blows hole in Gaza borderBBC News Online - Hamas militants have destroyed a section of a concrete barrier erected along the Gaza-Egypt border. Palestinian and Egyptian troops have been trying to shore up the barrier to stop Palestinians crossing into Egypt after the withdrawal of Israeli troops. 14/9/2005
At-Tuwany Update : 28 August - 10 September, 2005CPTnet - South Hebron - Internationals accompanied shepherds on Humra hill in the morning. Afterwards they visited the cave village of Mufakara and returned the cell phone of one of the residents. At times, residents in the villages without electricity leave their cell phones at the Christian Peacemaker Team/Operation Dove house. 14/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 14.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Resident killed, six injured in Hebron; Troops invade two villages in Hebron, arrest two residents; Army arrests Imam of a mosque near Bethlehem; Two arrested near Tubas; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 14/9/2005
Hebron update: 3-9 SeptemberChristian Peacemaker Teams - "Miriam Levinger, a founder of the Hebron settler movement came by screaming, `The gates of hell await all sinners.` She also accused CPTers of being hypocrites who would go to hell because they `persecute the Jews.` "14/9/2005
Hebron: Israeli soldiers occupy homes, take belongingsDianne Roe - Christian Peacemaker Teams - Ten days after six soldiers entered her home, stayed the night in one of the bedrooms, and left the next morning with cases full of important family documents Affaf Baatch still has not been able to recover her belongings.14/9/2005
Abbas: pullout does not end occupationAl-Jazeera - The Israeli Gaza pullout is not the end to occupation and the conflict with Israel will continue until the creation of a Palestinian state, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said. 14/9/2005
Palestinians raise their flag over Gaza StripDaily Star staff - The Israeli Army lowered its flag over the Gaza Strip on the last day of military occupation in the territory, as Israel vowed to strengthen its occupation of the West Bank, even at the risk of straining relations with the U.S. 12/9/2005
Closed Military NeighborhoodJoe Carr - CPT Hebron - Internationals challenge Israeli repression in Tel Rumeida: due to the effectiveness of our work in Tel Rumeida, the Israeli military and police have increased their efforts to rid the area of internationals. 11/9/2005
You can`t break our spirit, you can`t stop our dreamsISM - The full report on the events of Biliin on last Friday - Abdullah Abu Rahme arrested for third time - Army invaded the village in attempt to halt protest - Knesset and Plestinian Authority representatives attended demonstration - 40 people were injured and many arrested11/9/2005
Special Report : Rafah Crossing – Gaza’s only link to the outside worldSara Hussein - Reviewed and edited by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights -This characterization is not hyperbolic. The crossings from Gaza out to Israel, and beyond, have remained closed to most Palestinians since the beginning of this intifada[1] at least, and, for many, were closed even before that time. Gaza’s residents thus have only one point of exit to the outside world – the Rafah, or Al Awda crossing. 11/9/2005
Internationals banned from streets in Tel Rumeida, and teachers protestChristina Gibb - Hebron - CPT`s partner organizations involved in school patrols in Hebron have been ringing us during the last hour about the developing situation in Tel Rumeida. The Israeli army has declared a closed military zone there from 8am today until 6pm tomorrow, 12 September.11/9/2005
Gaza`s hated landmarks go Demolition programme removes junction that kept Palestinians from homes and jobs 11/9/2005
Working for the enemyAtef Saad - The Palestine Report - MUAYED MANSOUR started his first day at school in Kufr Qalil this week with a broken heart. His father, Mohammed Mansour, 49, was shot and killed by a Jewish settler in August. Muayed, not quite 17, is still grieving. 11/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 10.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Army Arrests 5 Citizens in WB; Army invades Qabatia, fire exchange reported; Resident injured in Gaza; Two injured in Khan Younis; 40 demonstrators hurt in Bil`in anti-wall protest, 52 arrested; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies10/9/2005
Israel leaves a trail of destruction as it withdraws from GazaAmnesty International - "The presence of Israeli settlements has caused mass violations of human rights in the Palestinian population. Since 2000, Israeli forces have destroyed thousands of Palestinian homes and large parts of Gaza’s agricultural land and infrastructure, to create buffer zones around Israeli settlements and along roads built especially for Israeli settlers."9/9/2005
A second day of confrontation: anger, doubt and fear at a new Hebron checkpointJerry Levin - CPT Hebron - Thursday morning, September 8, school routines were severely disrupted when Ibrahimi Boys School teachers joined teachers from nearby Al Fayhaa Girls School in refusing to file through electronic metal detecting equipment.9/9/2005
Because We Are PalestinianJerry Levin - CPT - reporting from occupied Hebron. From The Inside Looking Out: Report-57 9/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 9.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Army arrests one resident in Jenin; Army imposes curfew in Bil`in injures Four; Resident arrested in Bethlehem; Remaining army facilities in Gaza, evacuated; Two children injured in Rafah; Israel continues to insttall the infrastructure of the Apartheid Wall in Jerusalem: Israeli Soldiers Restrict Pupils` Movement in Hebron; 9/9/2005
Gandhian protest, aggressive responseMichael Jansen - The Jordan Times - More on "Where`s the restraint in anti-Wall demonstrations?" 8/9/2005
Killing of Arafat`s cousin triggers turmoilConal Urquhart at Erez Crossing, Gaza - The Guardian - "The Palestinian leadership was facing a major challenge to its authority in Gaza last night after a former security chief and relative of Yasser Arafat was dragged from his home by dozens of armed men and shot dead."8/9/2005
Report from the courtDavid Nir - Taayush - Guilty verdict for a settler who shot a Palestinian cab-driver. "He motioned the cab to halt, approached the cab aiming the M16 rifle at the driver, and when at a distance between one and two meters away, shot the driver with one bullet through the driver`s window glass."8/9/2005
Continuing settler harassment, increased army security measures, and cultural fears mar the start of school in Hebron.Jerry Levin - CPT Hebron - The opening of the new school year in Hebron has been marked by settler harassment and violently erratic police and army behavior. Qurtuba Girls School teachers in Tel Rumeida, including four who are pregnant, who were preparing for opening day, were obliged to run a gauntlet of stone and egg throwing settlers.8/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 8.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Army shells homes, west of Kahn Younis; Dozens detained east of Qalqilia; Two arrested in Azoun, near Qalqilia; Resident arrested near Hebron; Resident arrested in Deheishe refugee camp; 8/9/2005
Gaza killing raises fear of anarchy Laila El-Haddad - Aljazeera - "Palestinians have reacted with concern to the assassination of Mussa Arafat, the former security chief and relative of late Palestinian president Yasir Arafat. "8/9/2005
Gaza security official shot dead BBC - Moussa Arafat is assassinated by "Popular Resistance Committees"7/9/2005
UNICEF: Saudi Relief Committee Donates $3.6 million to Palestinian Children WAFA - The Saudi Committee for the Relief of Palestinian People contributed US$3.6 million to the United Nations Children`s Fund (UNICEF) towards critical projects supporting children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). 7/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 7.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Ex-chief of Palestinian Military Intelligence assassinated; Soldiers force residents to undress at military roadblock near Jenin; Israeli injured in shooting near Gaza-Border; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies7/9/2005
Israel to build 117 homes in heart of West Bank Al-Rai - Abbas likely to seek deal over factions` weapons 7/9/2005
Thousands of Jerusalem school children demonstrate for right to education Maisa Abu Ghazala - Palestine News Network - Three thousand Palestinian students from private schools and Islamic Waqf schools demonstrated yesterday in Jerusalem near Damascus Gate protesting the Israeli occupation government?s denial of their teachers from the West Bank from reaching their schools in East Jerusalem. 7/9/2005
Youth killed in Khan YounisSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & agencies - A Palestinian medical source reported on Tuesday at night that an Israeli tank fired rounds of live ammunition at a group of Palestinian youth and children who gathered near the evacuated settlement of Moragh, killing one and injuring three others. 7/9/2005
Hebron updateChristian Peacemaker Teams - Another week in Hebron - and Shefamr7/9/2005
Israel’s unilateral disengagement: future of the Gaza StripDiana Buttu - Znet - "Although the colonization of the Gaza Strip has now to an end (with the evacuation of the settlers), Israel’s military occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) continues. ... [A]n update on the status of coordination with Israel." 6/9/2005
New Settlement Puts Pressure on Jerusalem PalestiniansJon Elmer - The New Standard - "As some settlements come down, others go up. In this West Bank village annexed by Israel, the future, upscale settlement of Nof Zion is big, close and ominous." 6/9/2005
Israeli soldiers tell of indiscriminate killings by army and a culture of impunity: whistleblowers` testimony shows desire for revenge on Palestinians Conal Urquhart - Guardian - "Asma Moghayyer, 16, and her brother Ahmed, 13, were shot as they went to collect clothes from a rooftop washing line. ... The truth, said Rafi, was that they were shot by an Israeli soldier following clear orders to shoot anyone on a roof regardless of their role in the conflict." 6/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 6.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Settlers attacked and wounded two children in Hebron; Army invaded Atteel village near Tulkarem; Two arrested in Hebron; Resident arrested near Qalqilia; Army: “Resistance fires at army forces”; Army invaded Bazaria; Dozens detained west of Jenin; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies6/9/2005
Evidence from Israeli soldiers forces inquiries into deaths of Palestinians Donald Macintyre - The Independent -In one testimony, a former staff sergeant in an elite unit claims a brigade commander told his men that "every kid you see with a stone, you may shoot him" on the grounds that a stone is a "murder weapon" and the commander had seen a woman being hit by a stone. 6/9/2005
Palestinians prepare to take over GazaThe Associated Press - JP - In a frenzy of activity, Palestinians are preparing to take over abandoned settlements in Gaza - drawing up plans to replace single-story villas with high-rise apartments, debating whether to name evacuated towns after deceased leaders or historical events, handing out fliers warning Gazans against swarming into the settlements. 3/9/2005
Muslims ransack Christian villageKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Efforts were under way on Sunday to calm the situation in this Christian village east of Ramallah after an attack by hundreds of Muslim men from nearby villages left many houses and vehicles torched 5/9/2005
Sixteen wounded in second day of Gaza protestsAl Khalij - Agence France Press - KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip - At least 16 people were injured when hundreds of unemployed Palestinian men and teenagers clashed with security forces on Monday in the second day of violent protests in the Gaza Strip.5/9/2005
Palestinian struggle to hold on to Land, Watering HolesHenry Norr - Berkeley Daily Planet - Life in the tiny Palestinian hamlet of Qawawis seems straight out of the Old Testament, but that doesn`t stop the Jewish settlers in the hilltop outposts that surround the place from doing their best to destroy it. 4/9/2005
Qawawis and the Mustawtaneen Andrew - ISM volunteer - Qawawis is a small village with big problems in the southern Hebron hills. After an Israeli court ruled in March that villagers had the right to live on their ancestral land, settlers, soldiers and border police have harassed them daily with a mixture of humiliation and violence4/9/2005
Shot in the Shoulder - Nina, Eric, Phil, Greta - ISM Volunteers - About 10 pm last night, soldiers came roaring into Bil`in, coming down the road by the school and throwing sound bombs at the village. As they continued down the road to the mosque, they began throwing tear gas as well. 4/9/2005
Army attack in Bil`inThe Other Israel - The following is compiled from reports we got from the Anarchists against the Wall and ISM, as well as from Steven Erlanger`s article published on the New York Times website.4/9/2005
Deif: “Hamas will use force against Israeli, P.A attacks”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Mohammad Deif, a prominent Hamas activist topped the Israeli most-wanted list for more than 15 years, said on Saturday that Hams would response fiercely to any attack against it, no matter if the attacks are carried out by Israel or the Palestinian Authority. 3/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 3.9.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army took over a house, detained scores of residents in Hebron; Army arrested Eight residents in Hebron; Checkpoint installed at Tulkarem entrance; Army invaded Dir AL Ghsoun village; Army stopped scores of Palestinian cars near Tulkarem; Resident arrested at Za`atra, south of Nablus; Soldiers invade Balata refugee camp; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies3/9/2005
At-Tuwany Diary: Donkeys through the desertCPT Hebron - Since school is starting soon, today I went to Tuba to visit the children that will have to pass near the Havot Ma`on settlement in order to walk to school in At-Tuwani.4/9/2005
At-Tuwani UpdateCPT Hebron and Operation Dove - In the early morning internationals accompanied shepherds in the Humra area without incident. A doctor from the Red Crescent was present at the village clinic. Carr and Janzen spent the day in Suseya accompanying the people there. 4/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 2.9.2005 IMEMC and Agencies -Army invaded Azzoun, arrested one resident; Before protest began, troops attacked anti-wall protestors in Bil’in; Two residents were shot in Gaza; Explosive detonated in Khan Younis, resident killed; Soldiers arrested a child near Nablus; 2/9/2005
A glimpse into Israeli `law-and-order` in the occupied West BankDavid Nir - What happened since Omar Nasser was attacked by Avri Ran`s settler-gang on 12 April 20052/9/2005
Sweet home, Bir NabalaJohara Baker - Palestine Report - "With the wall effectively cutting off all West Bank areas and even parts of Arab East Jerusalem from the center of the city, Bir Nabala will be virtually isolated, encircled from all sides."1/9/2005
Report from last Friday`s Bil`in demonstration against the WallBy Ashraf Ashkar. "The demonstration in Bil`in last Friday was a direct message to the UN. Does the UN know that the Israeli government has not complied with the ruling of the International Court of Justice to stop building the Wall? Does the UN know that nine Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers in peaceful protests against building the Wall in their villages? Does the UN know that Israel is building ghettos?"1/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 1.9.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Resident injured in Khan Younis; Army considers converting Qalandia checkpoint into permanent crossing; Settler hit child with car in Khan Younis; Soldiers install two electronic gates in Hebron; Resident arrested north of Jerusalem; Army to annex 1000 Dunams east of Nablus; 800 stores closed, 2,200 inaccessible in Hebron; Israel deported 2 Palestinian political prisoners; 1/9/2005
Corridors strangling Palestinians` movementBy Rima Merriman - The Jordan Times - This phrase "movement corridors" is lifted from the report of the Office of the Special Envoy for Disengagement (Aug. 15, 2005)following James Wolfensohn`s visit to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 1/9/2005
Official Israeli report condemns W.Bank buildingAllyn Fisher-Ilan - Reuters - Israeli governments have consistently failed to follow their own laws and guidelines for land confiscation and building in the occupied West Bank, an official report said on Wednesday.1/9/2005
Israel`s Next Step: Destroying Financial and Economic Structures in IdnaMira, Lo and Nils - International Solidarity Movement - Idna is a village just outside Hebron, with 21,000 citizens. Since 1948, Israel has stolen more than half of Idna`s land for illegal settlements 1/9/2005
Days in the life around the Tel Rumeida settlers in HebronLinus - International Solidarity Movement - "These last few days around the illegal settlement of Tel Rumeida have been filled with constant interruptions and harassment in the lives of the Palestinians as annexation walls are constructed, soldiers continue putting up roadblocks and establishing checkpoints, and settlers continue to make life unbearable for Palestinians in this section of Hebron."1/9/2005
Hebron Settlers Plant Home-made LandminesISM - On September 15th 2005, two International Human Rights Observers (IHROs) accompanying shepherds from the Palestinian shepherding village of Qawaweis (in the southern Hebron district) were notified by one of the shepherds of the existence of two explosive devices placed under rocks on their land. 19/9/2005
Ttwo children injured by Keryat Arba` settlersAndrea D`urso - Operation Dove - Two Palestinian children were injured in the West Bank city of Hebron on Monday at night after settlers of Keryat Arba’ settlement, attacked several surrounding homes east of the city, a Palestinian medical source reported. 7/9/2005
Israeli sonic booms terrified Palestinian childrenAgence France Presse (AFP) - The Daily Star - GAZA CITY: Wracked by nightmares and fear, Palestinian children are suffering the brunt of Israeli psychological warfare over the skies of Gaza as fighter jets unleash sonic booms, parents and medics say. A sustained Israeli bombing campaign against militant infrastructure has been accompanied by routine booms from jets breaking the sound barrier. 30/9/2005
ISM DigestISM email relay - 1) Military raid on Bil`in fails to stop demonstration; 2) Joy persists amid occupation; 3) Shot in the shoulder; 4) Qawawis and the mustawtaneen; 5) Palestinians Struggle to Hold on to Land, Watering; 6) The Gaza Disengagement and the Prospect of Further Human Rights Violations; 7) Sweet home, Bir Nabala 4/9/2005
Rafah Palestinians Yearn for Family ReunionAdel Zaarab - Palestine Chronicle - Many Palestinian families were scattered across both sides of Rafah following the signing of the Camp David Accords.." 4/9/2005
While You Were Gone: The Forest and the TreesJerry Levin - CPT - reporting from the occupied Hebron. From The Inside Looking Out: Report-564/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 4.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Army Arrested a Citizen, Extended Administrative Detention of 14 Others; Army Arrested Activists Rebuilding the Demolished Khirbet Tana Village; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies 4/9/2005
Appeal of the Israeli Action Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees"The Committee is an Israeli organization, which firmly believes that there can be no peace between Israel and Palestine so long as thousands of Palestinian so-called “security prisoners” and hundreds of administrative detainees continue to be held in Israeli prisons. "4/9/2005
Of Liars and Hunters, B. Michael Translated from Yediot Aharonot by TOI. On shooting of unarmed people by the Isaraeli army4/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 12.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Army installs checkpoint in Tulkarem; Army invades Al Thahrea village and install several checkpoints; Army install military checkpoint near Bethlehem; Army bulldoze lands near Tulkarem; Soldiers break into homes in Hebron; Soldiers invade village near Nablus, impose curfew; Soldiers invade village east of Qalqilia, arrest one resident; Four arrested south of Tubas; Soldiers install roadblock, south of Tubas; Senior Fateh leader arrested north of Tubas; Resident seriously injured in Khan Younis; Resident injured in Gaza; Army invades Qabatia, fire exchange reported;12/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 13.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Mini-drones to monitor Gaza; Five arrested in Allar; Soldier rams a mother and her child in Hebron; Army takes over a house in Hebron; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; 13/9/2005
Palestinians scale Gaza-Egypt border after Israel pulloutAgence France Presse - RAFAH, Egypt Sept 12-- Dozens of Palestinians including armed militants poured into the buffer zone on the Gaza-Egypt border Monday just hours after Israeli troops pulled out to make way for Egyptian police, an AFP correspondent witnessed. 12/9/2005
Jordan: Gaza will become prison unless crossing points openedAssociated Press - AMMAN, Jordan - The Gaza Strip could turn into a prison if Israel`s pullout doesn`t include the full opening of all crossing points and freedom of movement, Jordan`s deputy prime minister warned Monday. 12/9/2005
Hamas divulges names of commandersKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - For the first time since its establishment in 1988, Hamas revealed over the weekend the identities of the commanders of its armed wing, Izzaddin Kassam. 3/9/2005
Angry Gaza police block roadsKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - For the second day running, scores of Palestinian Authority policemen blocked a main road in the Gaza Strip to demand a raise in their salaries. 5/9/2005
Palestinians blame Gaza blast on Hamas explosivesReuters - GAZA, Sept 6 (Reuters) - A blast that tore through the home of a Gaza family active in the Hamas militant group, killing four people, was caused by explosives that went off accidentally, the Palestinian Authority said on Tuesday. 6/9/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 5.9.2005 IMEMC & Agencies - Five killed, 35 injured in Gaza blast; Army sealed off Iktaba village in WB; Prisoners in risk of losing sight; Army invades Bale`a village; ISM: Israeli Army Told Bil`in Anti-Wall Leader to Cease all Forms of Protest against Occupation; Military roadblock installed east of Tammoun; Military Court sentenced several detainees to high terms; Two brothers detained near Jenin; 5/9/2005
Four Palestinians killed in Gaza blastNidal al-Mughrabi- Reuters - An explosion tore through the home of a Palestinian family active in the Hamas militant group on Monday, killing at least four people and drawing vows of revenge against Israel, which denied any connection with the blast. 6/9/2005
4 killed in Gaza blastAli Waked - YnetNews - Explosion rocks suburb known as Hamas stronghold; Israeli Army says Israel not connected to blast 6/9/2005
Sharon: No more evacuationsAttila Somfalvi - Ynet News - In meeting with Likud municipal heads, prime minister says Jerusalem to remain Israel’s capital forever, slams opponents within party. Regarding West Bank construction, Sharon says: We build without talking about it 6/9/2005
Hamas puts on show of force in GazaThe Associated Press - The Jerusalem Post - Huge crowds of Hamas supporters flooded downtown Gaza City Sunday in an unprecedented show of force, to celebrate Israel`s withdrawal from Gaza. 19/9/2005
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