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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

PCHR Calls upon President Mahmoud Abbass to Intervene to Save Lives of 36 Patients Suffering from "Leukemia” Who Have Been with No treatment for 8 MonthsThe Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - Press Release - It should be noted that the medicine is only available through the Ministry of Health in Ramallah and cannot be found in medical warehouses or private pharmacies in the Gaza Strip to save the patients` lives.-rh 31/7/2013
Israel`s Prisoner DilemmaShlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - “There is a new reality out there right now. It isn’t necessary to keep going back to what was said 31 years ago. Today, Israelis are engaged in security coordination with the very Palestinians who sent those Israeli Arab prisoners to launch terrorist attacks against Jews. The people who sent them are out [of prison], so we are now discussing the release of the people that they sent.”-rh 31/7/2013
‘The peace process has become a major enemy of human rights’Matt Surrusco - +972 - That we have installed a dual legal system in the West Bank. The issue here is not just discrimination, but a systematic, institutional legal discrimination that is based on nationality and is meant to allow domination over a group. The fact that we have created this legal atrocity, a monster, and we live peacefully with the idea that Jews and Palestinians are subject to different laws, this is something that I can’t sleep at night because of.-rh 31/7/2013
Gaza hospital chosen for solar power projectRami Almeghari - Electronic Intifada "Power cuts can affect Gaza hospitals so badly that medical operations sometimes have to be carried out under the faint light provided by doctors’ mobile phones.Eager to improve this situation, a Gaza-based scientist has teamed up with an international group to undertake a renewable energy project for the health sector. Its aim is to provide 168 solar panels and other equipment for Jenin Hospital in al-Shajaiyeh neighborhood, east of Gaza City." ca 31/7/2013
Israeli forces raid Cremisan Monastery in BethlehemIMEMC - To fight the planned annexation of their land, the Palestinians of Beit Jala and the Salesian Sisters of Cremisan launched a seven-year- long legal appeal that was supported by the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, and the archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols. However, on April 26, 2013, the Special Appeals Committee of the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court ruled in favour of the planned route of the annexation wall. bz30/7/2013
Crackdown on stone-throwing Palestinians Jillian Kestler-DAmours - AlJazeera - Five teenagers face 20 years in jail for attempted murder after alleged rock-throwing29/7/2013
`In Budrus, no one will give us the rights – we have to struggle for them`Gideon Levy and Alex Levac--A new wave of arrests by IDF soldiers is scaring away young residents of Buldrus, a village that has been waging a protest against the separation fence since 2003. dn27/7/2013
Workers on Israel’s illegal railway robbed of half their payJessica Purkiss - EI "Palestinians hired to work on a high-speed train link between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have half their wages taken from them by recruiting agents, an Electronic Intifada investigation has found.Speaking on condition of anonymity, some of these men have confirmed that they are working under highly exploitative conditions in Beit Iksa, a village near Jerusalem where two tunnels are being dug.One man from the surrounding area said he had been recruited by someone hired to supply workers to the construction site. The person who recruited him takes over half his earnings." ca 26/7/2013
"Israeli Occupation: A Business Enterprise" Issa Smeirat - Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) "recent studies and research analyzed the cost of the Israeli Occupation on Palestine, but this study gives further and in-depth understanding of the Israeli financial returns achieved through issuing Permits and Magnetic cards that allow Palestinians to work in the Israeli market. This paper aims at answering the following question: What is the financial return achieved by Israel f rom issuing permits and magnetic cards for the Palestinians, or what is their benefit? " ca26/7/2013
Israeli inaction enables settler violence against PalestiniansYossi Gurvitz - +972 "The failure of Israeli authorities in the struggle against Jewish terrorism makes them its enablers. Yesh Din demands a special IDF deployment in order to protect Palestinians." ca26/7/2013
Palestine Today 07 23 2013Shamus Slaunwhite and Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC - "In Huowara soldiers searched and ransacked a number of homes then took control of the local school for boys. When the night guard of the school found the soldiers inside the school he called the Palestinian ministry of education in Nablus." - id 24/7/2013
Three teenagers arrested in Azzun in one weekPalsolidarity - ISM - "Army incursions into the town happen on a daily basis and arrests of minors and men are extremely frequent. According to a council worker, Azzun has the largest number of arrestees, around 150 people, 95% of them less than eighteen years old." - id 24/7/2013
Israel must take action to regulate the status of tens of thousands of Gazans living without IDsB`Tselem - There are 40,000 to 50,000 individuals currently living in the Gaza Strip without ID cards recognized by Israel, and they have no official status anywhere else in the world. Some of them were born in the Gaza Strip but were never recognized as residents by Israel; some fled the Gaza Strip during the 1967 war, or left Gaza for various reasons after 1967 and returned later. A small number of these individuals were born in the Gaza Strip and have never left it, but do not have ID cards for various reasons. Other stateless individuals in the Gaza Strip are Palestinians from abroad who married Gaza residents, entered Gaza with visitor permits and remained after their permits expired.-rh25/7/2013
Families Denied Prison Visit After Objecting To Strip SearchSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - The International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights (ISFHR) reported that dozens of families of Palestinian detainees held by Israel at the Nafha prison have been denied family visits after a young Palestinian woman refused to be strip searched by the soldiers.-rh 25/7/2013
Summer Camps in South Mount HebronErella Dunayevsky - The Villages Group - The very next day, Civil Administration officers, accompanied by soldiers, arrived and delivered stop-work orders (precursors of demolition orders) to almost every family in Susiya (Limor wrote about it in her last report).-rh 25/7/2013
Palestinian Prisoner Release Is Critical Hurdle in Resuming Peace TalksJODI RUDOREN - The New York Times - “I don’t want to give numbers,” Mr. Steinitz, the minister for strategic affairs and a close ally of Mr. Netanyahu’s, said on Israel Radio on Saturday. “But there will be heavyweight prisoners who have been in jail for tens of years.”-rh 25/7/2013
Letter to Minister of Defence Moshe Ya`alonGisha - Our appeal follows events in Egypt which have resulted in significantly reduced operations at Rafah Crossing, under circumstances in which Israel does not allow travel abroad via Gaza`s airspace or territorial waters. As a result, more than 10,000 individuals have been unsuccessfully waiting to exit Gaza, and an unknown number of Gaza residents have been unable to exercise their basic right to return home, stranded abroad and paying unduly for stays in airports and hotels.-rh25/7/2013
Palestinian groups furious as Israeli jeans company Fox sets up shop in RamallahAlistair Dawber - The Independent - "Fox has stores in a number of settlements and supports Israeli occupation. it`s totally inconceivable that while a growing number of Europeans are boycotting Israeli goods some Palestinian business men are helping an Israeli company do business in Ramallah.Palestinian activists will protest the shameful opening of Fox stores in Palestinian cities until they are closed down."-rh 25/7/2013
Beautiful normality of Gaza’s people shines in new bookSarah Irving - EI - "Aside from the headline news stories, Waugh also tells the tales of some of the most marginalized in this besieged society, especially the “forgotten” Bedouin living at both ends of the Strip." - id 24/7/2013
B`Tselem spokesperson responds to claims by Ma`ariv columnist Ben Dror YaminiSarit Michaeli - B`Tselem/Ma`ariv - Soldiers armed to the teeth detaining a terrified, hysterical five year-old, after he threw a stone, and march the child and his father, cuffed and blindfolded. As such, this incident is the first of its kind. But other incidents, not precisely the same but also not very different, did take place at the same place: Hebron city center, reserved to settlers and virtually off- limits to Palestinians. 23/7/2013
IDF court judge condemns Israel Police interrogations of Palestinian minorsChaim Levinson - Haaretz "The Judea Military Court has slammed the way Israeli law enforcement authorities treat Palestinian minors suspected of criminal offenses. The remarks were part of Judge Maj. Shahar Greenberg`s written verdict on Monday convicting a Palestinian minor for throwing rocks. The defendant is identified only by the initial Z. In the course of the trial it was disclosed that a police investigator had verbally threatened minors and coached them to incriminate their peers. Greenberg`s criticism comes one week after Israeli soldiers detained a 5-year-old boy from Hebron for throwing rocks." ca 19/7/2013
That feeling of persecutionTamar Fleishman - Al Ahram Weekly "The means to create a feeling of persecution include violent patrols inside villages and towns during all hours at whatever time patrollers see fit, and bursting into homes in the dead of night and making false arrests of adults and minors. They are all brutal, they all erase the individual, and their goal is to spread fear in the community without there being an operational or defensive need for it. Not even the army claims there to be one." ca19/7/2013
Umm al-Ara’is and Umm al-Khair, July 13, 2013David Shulman - A man wants to walk on his land. He knows they won’t let him. The soldiers are already there, waiting for him. Still, he wants to walk on his land. Settlers have stolen it, and the soldiers are there for their sake. Still, he needs to go there, it’s his land, it’s like a part of his body. He’s not about to give up.-rh 18/7/2013
ANOTHER ATTACK ON THE JABER FAMILY BY ISRAELI SETTLERSICAD - For three hours on Friday, July 12, from 11 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, dozens of settlers from Kiryat Arba invaded the land and gardens of the Jaber family – Atta, Rudina and their three children – in al-Baqaa, near Hebron. Accompanied by the Israeli police and led by Malachi Levinger, the son of the violent settlement pioneer Moshe Levinger who himself has been implicated in many attacks on families in the al-Baqaa area, they uprooted his plants and replaced them with their own.-rh18/7/2013
Five Boys from Hares: the StoryISM - In the early hours of Friday 15 March 2013, masked Israeli soldiers, some with attack dogs, stormed the village of Hares, which is close to Road 5. More than 50 soldiers broke the doors of the villagers’ houses, demanding the whereabouts of their teenage sons. Ten boys were arrested that night, blindfolded, handcuffed, and transferred to an unknown location. The families were not informed of their sons’ alleged wrongdoings.-rh 17/7/2013
Thousands Stuck in Gaza Without Identity CardsAbeer Ayyoub - AlMonitor - "The number of Palestinians living in Gaza with no identity cards is steadily rising. It includes people who made it to Gaza legally with visit permits, as well as those who crossed illegally through the tunnels stretching under the Palestinian-Egyptian borders. [...] People without identity cards are denied their simplest rights, from visiting religious sites outside of Gaza, or the right to medical treatment abroad" 15/7/2013
A Palestinian village reaches the end of the roadGideon Levy and Alex Levac--Kafr Qaddum residents are marking two years since they first launched their weekly protest against closure of the main route leading past their village to neighboring locales. dn14/7/2013
On land theft and violence: Neither I nor you shall have itYesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz--Settler violence forced M. from his home and after his olives were stolen, his house was suddenly set on fire. dn14/7/2013
Israeli border police officer kicks Palestinian child - videoThe Guardian13/7/2013
A look at Israel’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ zonesJonathan Cook - Mondoweiss "In the occupied South Hebron Hills, a dozen traditional communities – long ago denied by Israel the right to enjoy modern amenities such as electricity and running water – are struggling to remain in the cave-homes that sheltered them for centuries.Israel has reclassified much of their land as a military firing range and demands that they leave for their own safety. An appeal to the Israeli courts, the latest installment in a 14-year saga to avoid eviction, is due in the next few days." ca 12/7/2013
After pressure from Israeli High Court state to re-open investigation into IDF shooting of American peace activist Tristan AndersonAllison Deger - Mondoweiss "We need real accountability for police violence, and for abuse on the part of the military," said Gabrielle Silverman, Anderson`s girlfriend who was present at the time of the injury. Her voice can be heard in some of the video evidence. Her cries are like pleads of mercy, its hard to listen to the recording. "Soldiers on the ground need to know that their actions carry consequences. That their own hopes and dreams are at stake," she continued, expressing gratitude from her and Anderson on their hard-working attorneys and the judge`s decision." ca12/7/2013
Settlers Cut 1150 Olive Trees Near NablusSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The attacked orchards belong to 25 families in the town, and are their main sources of livelihood.The recent attack is one of dozens of similar attacks against the residents and their orchards, as extremist settlers repeatedly cut and uprooted Palestinian orchards and lands, and repeatedly torched Palestinian crops and farmlands. " ca12/7/2013
Detained: Testimonies from Palestinian children imprisoned by IsraelSamar Hazboun - +972 "Over the past 11 years, according to Defence for Children International, some 7,500 children have been detained in Israeli prisons and detention facilities. Muhammad Daoud Dirbas, at the age of six, was the youngest child to have been detained by Israeli soldiers. Such practices are considered illegal under international law, as are other policies that children are subjected to, such as solitary confinement." ca12/7/2013
WATCH: IDF detains 5-year-old Palestinian in Hebron, blindfolds and handcuffs father (UPDATED)Mairav Zonszein - +972 "On Tuesday afternoon, seven IDF soldiers and an officer detained a five-year-old Palestinian child, Wadi’a Maswadeh, in Hebron after he threw a stone that according to the IDF, hit the tire of a car belonging to a settler. (The age of criminal responsibility is 12)...B’Tselem has written an urgent letter to IDF Judea and Samaria legal advisor Lt.-Col. Maurice Hirsch, demanding explanation for what appears to be the routine procedure of detaining children illegally. A child under the age of 12 is forbidden by law to be detained or arrested."12/7/2013
Report on the Recent Distribution of Demolition orders in SusiyaLimor Mintz-Manor - Villages Group "During that morning there were many “cease-work” orders delivered in the village: to dwellings, storages, sheep and geese pens, cisterns and the solar panels providing electricity. Finally, an order was delivered to a recently new tent used as a medical clinic near Susiya’s elementary school. The school, which was opened three years ago, had already got a demolition order a while ago. Recently, the walls have been painted, to the delight and pride of the school’s headmaster and teachers." ca 12/7/2013
Villages say a Massacre Committed against Olive TreesWafa News - Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settler activities in the Nablus area, said owners of olive tree fields in Awarta, east of Nablus, discovered when they reached their land Thursday morning that Israeli settlers from nearby Itamar have cut down 1150 fully grown and years old trees.-rh 11/7/2013
P.A: “All Detainees Held Before Oslo Must Be Released”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Qaraqe’ said that Abbas affirmed, during a meeting between the two, that all old detainees, and all ailing detainees, must be released, and that this stance in nonnegotiable, and was presented to U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, during his visit to the region.-rh11/7/2013
Egypt`s coup does not bode well for PalestiniansRana Baker - The Guardian -What no one considered were the implications of a military coup. This time the change does not seem to bode well for the Palestinians. The border with Egypt has already been closed by the armed forces, Palestinians landing in Cairo airport are being deported back to the countries they flew in from, tunnels have been demolished, and army-instigated anti-Palestinian propaganda is rampant across Cairo.-rh11/7/2013
Alert: Save the Hares Boys: 5 Palestinian children face life imprisonment with no evidence for no documented crimeSamidoun - The boys are now 16-17 years old. If the Israeli military get their way, the boys would only return to their homes and their families at the age of 41 – at best. Five young lives ruined with no evidence of their guilt is a spit in the face to our common principles of justice as human beings.-rh 11/7/2013
Three days of violence of the Israeli army and settlers in South Hebron HillsOperation Dove - Press Release - Military raid in the village of Jinba, in Firing Zone 918, during the night on July 4; military training near the village of At Tuwani on July 5; settlers beat a mentally disable man in the village of Tuba on July 5; two Palestinians and four Israeli activists arrested in Umm Al Kheer on July 6.-rh 10/7/2013
Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing ZonesJonathan Cook - Countercurrents - A political system that treats one ethnic group as less human than another already has a legal name: it is called apartheid.-rh 10/7/2013
‘Creating a Feeling of Persecution’: An IDF ManualTamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - The means to create a feeling of persecution include violent patrols inside villages and towns during all hours at whatever time the patrollers see fit, and bursting into homes at the dead of night and preforming false arrests of adults and minors. They are all brutal, they all erase the individual and their goal is to spread fear in the community without there being an operational or defensive need for it, not even the army claims there to be one.-rh 10/7/2013
Army Invades Al-QararaAgencies - IMEMC - "...north east of Khan Younis city, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip....six armored military bulldozers, accompanied by several armored vehicles, advanced into the area, and uprooted Palestinian farmlands, especially lands close to the border fence." - id10/7/2013
Israeli Settlers dump sewage on Palestinian farmland near BethlehemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The area impacted is over one hundred acres of farmland in Wadi Fukin village. The village council issued a statement calling on the Palestinian and Israeli authorities to act to do something about the constant harassment by the Israeli settlers in Beitar Illit settlement, and the periodic dumping of sewage onto village land. The sewage wastewater dumping on Sunday affected the lands of around fifty local farmers, whose livelihoods depend on the farmland in question. bz9/7/2013
UN Accuses Israel of Torturing Palestinian ChildrenJessica DesVarieux of TRRN interviewing AIC`s Shir Hever - There is a whole list of abuses, ranging from torturing those in custody and using others as human shields. (...) That sort of treatment certainly is not something new, but periodically the international organizations look a little bit more into that. [The video interview + transcription is illustrated with photographed media reports and documents, among others from B`tselem-bz]9/7/2013
Shooting the messengerAnnie Robbins - Mondoweiss - Mohammad al-Azza, 23, the filmmaker and photo journalist, has been arrested during a violent raid on his home Sunday night, reportedly because he was filming Israeli actions against Palestinian children. The fearless journalist is head of the film department at Lajee Center in Aida refugee camp. In April, a rubber-coated steel bullet penetrated his cheek below the right eye. bz 9/7/2013
WATCH: IDF arrests Palestinian brothers, Israeli activists while grazing herdsMatt Surrusco - +972 - IDF arrests two Palestinian shepherds, four Israeli activists in Um al-Kheir, after declaring the site a closed military zone8/7/2013
Showing them who`s boss: How Palestinian villages become IDF training grounds By Yesh Din (written by Yossi Gurvitz)--The IDF could easily build mock some village on some godforsaken dune in the Negev for training purposes. But training in a Palestinian village has another (hidden) goal: to show them who’s boss. dn7/7/2013
A Day in JimbaGideon Levy--Everything seems to be forbidden here; only the water tower of Avigail, the vineyards of Sussia, the cowsheds of the Maon Farm and the home of Mitzpe Yair are apparently permitted. dn7/7/2013
Is Deal on Palestinian Prisoners Key to Peace Talks?Naela Khalil - Al-Monitor "Below are some facts about Palestinian prisoners taken prior to the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993:There are 57 prisoners from the West Bank, 24 from the Gaza Strip, 14 from the territories occupied in 1948 and nine prisoners from Jerusalem; 79 prisoners are serving one or multiple life sentences. The remaining 25 prisoners are serving sentences ranging from 20 to 40 years." ca 5/7/2013
Rachel Corrie Remembered Asmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor Pulse "Al-Monitor met with the Nasrallahs in their small and humble rented house. They shared their memories from that year, as clearly as if it all happened yesterday and not a decade ago." ca 5/7/2013
PHOTOS: Israeli troops shoot Palestinian photographer in the faceActivestills - +972 "At about 5:30 p.m. Monday, Israeli soldiers entered Aida Refugee Camp through a gate in the separation wall dividing Rachel’s Tomb from Bethlehem. There were no clashes at the time, and their presence in the camp was not provoked, but was itself a provocation...Despite the seriousness of his injury, Mohammad remained conscious, and a friend who was in the room with him helped him down the stairs to the center’s front door.He was soon transferred to the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation hospital in Beit Jala, where he underwent two surgeries to remove the bullet lodged in his face. " ca5/7/2013
Soldiers Kidnap 19 Palestinians In West BankSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "Soldiers kidnapped Hasan Breijiyya, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall In Bethlehem. as they attacked a nonviolent protest against a visit of the Israeli Transportation Minister to the southern entrance of the town as part of plans for a settler road. Local sources in the Al-Jalazoun refugee camp, east of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, have reported that the army invaded the camp. Dozens of soldiers also invaded the Al-Khader town, near Bethlehem, and kidnapped one resident. In Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank, the army kidnapped one Palestinian identified as Wael Ahmad At-Tabouq, 20." ca5/7/2013
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israel imposes new restrictions on internationalsCPTnet - Given the cold reception I received from the Israeli authorities I feel more compelled to be in Hebron. As Israel tries to hide what it is doing, the more important it becomes for us to seek and expose the truth. Each new fence and barricade Israel constructs shows that the architects of oppression know their system is failing. Together with local Palestinian leaders, we are helping to show what could come next.-rh 4/7/2013
The water is running out in Gaza: Humanitarian catastrophe looms as territory`s only aquifer failsZander Swinburne - The Independent - With 90 to 95 per cent of the territory`s only aquifer contaminated by sewage, chemicals and seawater, neighbourhood desalination facilities and their public taps are a lifesaver for some of Gaza`s 1.6 million residents. But these small-scale projects provide water for only about 20 per cent of the population, forcing many more residents in the impoverished territory to buy bottled water at a premium. The UN estimates that more than 80 per cent of Gazans buy their drinking water.-rh 3/7/2013
The Gaza Strip: The humanitarian impact of movement restrictions on people and goods | July 2013Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - The longstanding restrictions on the movement of people and goods to, from and within the Gaza Strip have continued to undermine the living conditions of 1.7 million people.-rh 3/7/2013
Israeli forces Use Excessive Lethal Force and Kill Palestinian Civilian in HebronPCHR - Press Releases - A number of Israeli soldiers gathered around Mo’ataz, who was lying on the ground, and violently stepped on his chest and abdomen. They then left, and a number of young men brought an ambulance of Palestine Red Crescent Society to transfer him to the Society’s station. He was then transferred to Hebron Governmental Hospital where he passed away a few minutes later. According to medical sources at hospital, he died due to sustaining a cut in the chest and bruises causing him extensive bleeding.-rh 3/7/2013
Soldiers allegedly set attack dogs on Palestinian youths trying to cross Separation Barrier to work in IsraelB`Tselem - Newsletter - “When we heard the gunfire, all three of us began running back towards Beit Ula. After I had run about fifty meters, I noticed a dog chasing me. I tried to get away from it, but it was too fast for me. It caught me by the nape of the neck and knocked me down. The dog sank its teeth into the nape of my neck and my back. The bite hurt a lot and I screamed. I tried to push the dog away from me, but I couldn’t.”-rh 3/7/2013
Another Israeli Summer Akiva Eldar - Al-Monitor "In fact, what do I want from these miserable Palestinians who can hardly make it through the week? What are my Israeli friends — those whose average income is 10 times higher than that of the neighbors across the way — willing to do to end the occupation? How many of those who recognize the fact that one can`t “be a free people in our land” — to quote the words of the Israeli national anthem — and prevent another people from being free in their land, take part in anti-occupation protests? ...The Israeli public prefers the “opium for the masses” fed to them by the prime minister’s office through several “dealers” in the media — referenced as, “there’s no partner” — to feeling uncomfortable with the injustice of the occupation." ca 3/7/2013
Israeli soldiers broke into the home of legislator Mohammad Abu Teir and kidnapped himSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - Abu Teir, now arrested in his Kufur ‘Aqeb village home but originally from occupied East Jerusalem, was forced out of Jerusalem on October 8 2010, and spent five months under Administrative Detention without charges or trial. bz 2/7/2013
Palestinian Security Academy cadet shot during clashes with IDF forces in south Mount Hebron, dies of woundsElior Levy - Ynet - A military official confirmed the details and informed that the circumstances behind the event were being examined. Security forces in the area are preparing for further riots in response to the event. bz2/7/2013
Clashes in Dura after man killed by Israeli forcesMa`an - Muatazz Sharawnah, 19, died on Tuesday from wounds sustained during clashes with Israeli forces in Dura overnight clashes, with a Palestinian security source saying he was struck "deliberately" by Israeli forces. The director of Hebron`s Alia hospital later said that forensics had confirmed that Sharawnah was shot with an expanding "dum-dum" bullet. bz2/7/2013
The water is running out in Gaza: Humanitarian catastrophe looms as territory`s only aquifer fails Reuters - The Independent - " […] the situation in Gaza is particularly acute, with the UN warning that its sole aquifer might be unusable by 2016, with the damage potentially irreversible by 2020. Between 5 and 10 per cent only of the aquifer`s water is safe to drink, but even this can mix with poor-quality water during distribution, making it good only for washing" 1/7/2013
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