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Life under occupation

Hamas`s militant arm turns to fighting internal chaosYasser Abu Moailek - Electronic Intifada - Recent events in Gaza City demonstrate that, in fact, the Ezzidin al-Qassam Brigades are more active than ever. Its agenda, however, has changed. 31/5/2006
Internal violence continues in the Gaza StripPCHR - a number of attacks occurred in the Gaza Strip, as the security chaos in the area continues. One citizen was kidnapped in Khan Yunis, another was injured by gunfire in Gaza, and armed clashes broke out between members of the same clan in Greater Abasan31/5/2006
Israel threatens to expel Hamas MPsAljazeera.Net - "The Israeli interior minister has told four Hamas members of the Palestinian parliament to resign or face expulsion from occupied East Jerusalem."30/5/2006
Hebron Update: 20 to 26 May 2006Christian Peacemaker Team - Hebron Newsletter -"...a fence had been erected cutting off his family from another six acres of land, in addition to that already confiscated over the years by the Israeli settlement of Harsina."30/5/2006
More Settler Attacks on International Volunteers in Tel Rumeida, HebronISM -- “These attacks occur almost daily in Hebron but on Shabbat they are more frequent and in the last few weeks have become more violent, sending more than two internationals to the hospital”29/5/2006
News Briefs, 27.5.06—28.5.06IMEMC & Agencies --Nablus youth dies of wounds sustained when shot by Israeli forces in April; Israeli Annexation Wall construction on a village lands; youth badly beaten by soldiers at checkpoint east of Bethlehem 29/5/2006
Friday Night In Budrus, 26/05/06Shai Efrati - The soldiers shouted at us, `Get out of the house or we will blow it up.` We descended the stairs of the house and each person that went downstairs was beaten by the commander of the force, a Druze Border Police officer, and stood up against the wall with his back to the soldiers. We were ordered to go down on our knees and then ordered to lower our heads (`You will be humiliated this evening; you came to the village to make a Kiddush [Sabbath blessing]? We will say your Kadish` [death prayer]). Editor`s Comment: Budrus is a Palestinian village not far from Modi-in.29/5/2006
News Flashes From The OT - 28/05/06IMEMC , MAAN - One Palestinian fighter killed, six injured, in Israeli air strike in Lebanon *** Israeli Forces shoot 21 year-old walking in town *** Israeli checkpoints increase throughout surrounded city of Nablus *** Siyam:Palestinians can enter Syria without a visa *** Abu Zuhri: Factions are being pressurised to accept prisoner`s documentSource: Abbas has no intention of adding to Presidential Guards *** 28/5/2006
Buildings demolished in Qalqiliya district, 26 more to be demolished soon International Women’s Peace Service (IWPS) "...The house was under construction and planned to house a family. The owner, Salim Odeh, had already spent about 6000 JD on the house. He stopped building after receiving a demolition order and fulfilled all the requirements to get a permit for the house, but he was told there is no way to “legalize” it." 27/5/2006
Five residents killed in the Gaza stripAljazeera, IMEMC - "Israeli troops fired on Thursday evening and Friday morning at least 200 shells at the northern and eastern parts of the Gaza Strip. "27/5/2006
Gaza bakery buys butter - and a gunIlene R. Prusher - The Christian Science Monitor - " He blames much of the situation on foreign donors who don`t want to assist Hamas. "We are good people, but the government can`t pay salaries, and that`s because the world is against our democratic process." 26/5/2006
West Bank family tells of crisis Martin Patience - BBC News - " Both Mr and Mrs Mansour still go to work, but are unpaid. Mr Mansour insists that the school`s staff want things to continue as normal. But the teachers can only keep up the pretence so far. Many of the students now have to walk to school, their parents no longer able to afford the bus fare. Some cannot afford to buy lunch at the school cafeteria. "26/5/2006
Crushed by Gate of OccupationSam Bahour - Electronic Intifada - "I wish to bring to life one of the examples that may, or may not, show up in the Amnesty International 2007 report. It is the example of a three-year-old Palestian girl whose skull was crushed at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank. The death of this child, Rafida Bader, barely got noticed in the Palestinian press, let alone the Israeli and international media." 25/5/2006
Fateh, Hamas agree to end violence Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, said after a seven-hour meeting with leaders of Fateh and Hamas movements in his Gaza office that the only way to end tension and violence between the two movements is national dialog, unity, and placing the interests of the Palestinian people as a top priority." 25/5/2006
Four Palestinians killed in Israeli raidAljazeera + Agencies - "A spokesman for Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, said the Ramallah raid showed poor faith by Israel, coming a day after its prime minister, Ehud Olmert, said in Washington that he wanted to begin negotiations."25/5/2006
Four Palestinian killed and 35 injured in Ramallah invasion George Rishmawi- IMEMC & Agencies - " Four Palestinians were killed and over 35 wounded with five arrested in an Israeli invasion to the West Bank city of Ramallah, local sources reported." Also, an Aljazeera report. 25/5/2006
Hamas denounces Bush over borders BBC - Palestinian militant group Hamas has denounced the US president`s support for Israeli plans to unilaterally redraw its borders if peace talks fail. A Hamas spokesman said it would spell the end for the Palestinian cause 24/5/2006
Bethlehem faces humanitarian crisisMa`an-Press release - "Over 70% of the population of Bethlehem now lives below the poverty line and unemployment has soared to more than 60%."23/5/2006
CPT : Hebron Update: 13 to 19 May 2006Christian PeaceMaker Team Hebron Update - "The family still experienced harassment from settlers, but no longer felt their house was in danger of demolition, despite a previous order to that effect."23/5/2006
A bitter end to a dream projectRAFAEL D. FRANKEL and NETZER HAZANI - Jerusalem Post -"We spent all day and night here building this,"...he and many of the workers slept here. "We were so tired, but we kept on going because we wanted the project to succeed." 23/5/2006
Jordanian driver killed in Fateh-Hamas battleJordan Times -"They (Hamas and Fateh leaders) agreed to hold daily meetings to try to calm tensions and sent a message to their respective fighters that they would not protect them if they violate public order."23/5/2006
Theatre gives hope to children of JeninRachel Shabi - Aljazeera.Net - "The theatre is a reincarnation, building on the legacy of the Israeli Arna Mer-Khamis, who founded an alternative education system and theatre group in Jenin that fell apart after she died in 1995."23/5/2006
Physicians for Human Rights-Israel - Urgent Appeal for Donations to Aid Palestinian Hospitals !Physicians for Human Rights-Israel - We kindly request that you pass this message on to others, with the hope that they will answer our request and join us in this aid mission. 22/5/2006
The Struggle: Expanding the Prison CellsTanya Reinhart ZNet - The final chapter of Road Map to Nowhere – Israel/Palestine since 2003 To appear in July 2006 with Verso. "With Israel turning the West Bank into a system of prisons, the most immediate question is how this process can be resisted, stopped and reversed. As Noam Chomsky has said, in many areas of the world today the struggle is to expand, or sometimes even just to maintain the size of the prison cells." 22/5/2006
A cruel cat and mouse gameRima Merriman - The Electronic Intifada - "The Israelis call it a war, but it is really a contemptible and cruel cat and mouse game, with the mouse firmly held under the cat`s paw or locked up in a cage to which the cat has free and easy access. " 22/5/2006
Gaza buries two women, toddler killed by air strikeThe Daily Star - "Thousands of mourners attended funerals Sunday for four victims of an Israeli air strike against a leading militant in the Gaza Strip, including two women and a 4-year-old child." 22/5/2006
5 Palestinians Killed and 4 Wounded by IOF in Gaza City and Balata Refugee CampPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have escalated their attacks on Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Five Palestinians, including three women and one child, have been killed " 22/5/2006
News Flashes from the OT- 21/5/06IMEMC , Haaretz - Israeli troops kill a Palestinian woman in Nablus, arrest nine residents***Israeli forces invade Hebronk, arrest 6 Palestinians, including 4 student brothers***Fears of fighting between Hamas and Fateh moving from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank***Al-Qaida linked group claims attack on PA intelligence chief***Abbas: Talks with Israel are jurisdiction of PLO 21/5/2006
A testimony of a PalestinianProfessor Walid Shomaly - Bethlehem University - " I had then to cross the new checkpoint that was built after the separation wall , and it was really humiliating to cross one turnstile after the other. I was treated like a criminal who had to prove innocent. At that moment, I really hated myself and felt like I would be confined to this big prison here in Bethlehem forever. "20/5/2006
Palestinian views on financial crisis BBC News " We are asking the world to take responsibility for the patients` suffering...I haven`t been paid for three months. "20/5/2006
Who will pave the Qalandia road? Daoud Kuttab - The Jordan Times - " The deterioration of the road has continued for six years and along with the infamous Qalandia checkpoint became a mark of the travel restrictions, oppression and ugliness of the occupation. "20/5/2006
Jubara Villagers Challenge Occupation Order to Demolish their SchoolStop the Wall -- "Currently, Jubara children are forced to travel to the neighbouring villages of Ar-Ras (5 km away) or Kufr Sur (3 km away) to attend school. However, the Wall completely isolates Jubara from these villages, Tulkarem and the rest of the West Bank. Two gates have been built next to Jubara in the Wall: one for farmers with special permits to pass to their fields and the other for all the village population. Only residents of Jubara can pass to and from the rest of the West Bank to the village, and only at set times"19/5/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (No. 19/2006)PCHR -- “During the reported period [11.5.06—17.5.06], IOF killed 9 Palestinians in the West Bank… It is worth noting that IOF have killed 110 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 17 children, since the beginning of this year, in comparison to 84 Palestinian during the same period in 2005. At least 49 of these Palestinians were extra-judicially executed by IOF” 19/5/2006
Palestinians mark `catastrophe` dayAljazeera - "The commemoration of the 58th anniversary of the "catastrophe" or Nakba in Arabic came as the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmud Abbas, was in Russia in an effort to shore up international financial and political support for his people"17/5/2006
West Bank: IDF kills 2 Islamic Jihad terrorists Ali Waked - Ynet - "IDF forces encircle Nablus home in which four members of Islamic Jihad’s al-Quds Brigades are holed up in; two terrorists killed in ensuing gun battle; third gunmen seriously injured, while fourth surrenders to troops; no injuries reported among soldiers." 17/5/2006
News flashes from the OT - 14/5/06IMEMC , Maan News - Israeli troops fire tear gas at Palestinian high school graduation ceremony, injuring two girls *** Palestinian political prisoners in Israel to donate monthly allowances to cash-strapped P.A. *** Palestinian child (11)critically injured in Gaza14/5/2006
Articles on the economic siege on Palestinians(1) Out of Money but Not Resources; With Aid Cut Off, Palestinians Turn to Each Other to Get By - Scott Wilson - The Washington Post; (2) Arab League unable to transfer funds to Palestinians - Agence France Presse 13/5/2006
Collapse of the Palestinian health system due to the freeze of the tax revenue by Israel, and the stoppage of international aid (1) Press release by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel; (2) Press release by Palestinian NGOs Network “PNGO”; (3) Article: "US freeze on medical aid takes its toll", by Tim Butcher, The Telegraph13/5/2006
Letter to the EU about the situation in Hebron: Human Rights Violations in HebronChildren of Avraham, Machsom Watch, Yesh Din, Breaking the Scilence; and excerpts from ACRI brief - "Area H-2, once populated by tens of thousands of Palestinians and the economic, social, and cultural center of Hebron, has become (since the establishment of a number of settlements in the heart of the city) a ghost town, heavily “decorated” with hateful, racist graffiti."13/5/2006
What happened to Nasser Sabatin?David Nir: "Nasser tried to enter into Israel, along with a group of employment seekers.. Ambushed by the IDF, they were fired upon... soldiers commenced kicking him with their boots all over his body... Two hours and a quarter was the length of time from his injury to his arrival at Beilinson emergency.. After he lost most of his blood his organs began to lose their function, especially the injured leg and his kidneys..". This is not how this case was reported in the Israeli media.12/5/2006
Medical supplies dangerously low at Bethlehem Hospital Ma`an News Agency " The shelves are bare The governmental hospital in Bethlehem is dangerously running out of vital medicines and medical supplies, and may have to start closing departments. " 12/5/2006
Machsom Watch Rrport : Nablus ,07/05/2006 ,HuwwaraGalit G., Tal H., Noa P., Judit B., Naomi L. - Machsom Watch - " a woman soldier requires the men to take their shirt and undershirt out of the pants and stand – bare belly and back. Men come out of the checking line with their pant zippers open, and straighten themselves out while walking away from the CP... On the concrete wall at the junction, by the road leading to the army base, fresh writing: "Death to Arabs and all traitors". " 12/5/2006
Jenin residents barred from traveling “until further notice”; Israeli blockade affects daily life Middle East Media Center- " The Jenin District has suffered under a tight Israeli military siege for three months. Palestinian sources indicate that Israeli forces have imposed dozens of roadblocks, converting Jenin into a virtual prison. Regardless of any reason, Palestinian residents of the northern West Bank district are not allowed to move. "12/5/2006
MIFTAH Strongly Condemns the Recent Infighting in the Gaza StripMIFTAH - "The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH) strongly condemns the recent infighting in the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in the deaths of three Palestinians and the injury of 10 others." 11/5/2006
PA crisis: Prisons running out of foodRoee Nahmias – YNET – “Severe food shortage in prisons due to lack of money in Palestinian Authority; Police have asked families to bring food to incarcerated relatives, consider freeing prisoners because they cannot feed them” 8/5/2006
Flattening the conflictRima Merriman -- The Electronic Intifada – “The monstrosity of the wall is continuing its march through orchards and Palestinian backyards. People living in the proximity of the wall conduct marches and even bravely try to break the metal locks on the gates that keep them out of their agricultural fields, but they are easily beaten back by Israeli rubber bullets and tear gas” 8/5/2006
Call for volunteers and weekly updateRabbis for human rights - Opposing Demolitions *** Plowing *** Separation wall will separate the Hadalin Bedouin from their grazing lands 7/5/2006
Attacks on Palestinians and internationals in Hebron & local villages - Please protest by phone /fax !Hebron Activists - The Israeli police warned internationals in Hebron (who were attacked – see press release below) that they are reducing last week’s protection. Internationals are worried this will reactivate settler attacks. Please contact the following and demand they ensure settlers do not achieve their stated goal of attacking international human rights defenders again, or Palestinian villagers and Hebronites. 7/5/2006
Situation Report: The Gaza Strip - 3 May 2006Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) / UN (upload PDF, 42KB)6/5/2006
Israeli air strike kills PalestiniansAljazeera - "Five Palestinians have been killed in an Israeli air strike on a training camp used by an armed resistance group in the Gaza Strip, further dampening peace prospects...The Israeli military has recently stepped up air strikes against Palestinian fighters." 6/5/2006
Occupation diaries of a Gaza journalistBy Laila El-Haddad (1) Days of Catastrophe (2) A conversation in Jabaliya souk; `someone was commenting yesterday how "well we have advanced so much, now at least we can cross Rafah without having to worry about Netzarim checkpoint and Abo Holi..." funny, its all a matter of persepcive I guess...two steps forward...5 steps back!`6/5/2006
News Briefs, 1.5.06—3.5.06IMEMC & Agencies -- Army arrests 55 Palestinians within 3 days, among them a handicapped youth and a blind man; curfew imposed on Huwwara near Nablus; army continues to block the west entrance of Nablus, invades Jenin and nearby village of Zababda, and prevents the farmers of Kafer Qaddoum from accessing their lands; soldiers abuse a handicapped child at a military checkpoint near Jenin and harass an old woman in Hebron4/5/2006
As a Form of Collective Punishment, IOF Continued to Arrest and Harass Mothers of Allegedly Wanted PalestiniansPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "PCHR asserts that the pressure exerted by IOF on families of allegedly wanted Palestinians falls under a policy of collective punishment, which is prohibited under international humanitarian law." 3/5/2006
Haniyya backs away from salary promiseDaily Star staff - "The Hamas-led Palestinian Authority backed away Tuesday from assertions that funds would arrive soon to pay overdue government salaries, accusing the United States of interfering with its plans."3/5/2006
Two Palestinian security officers killed, seven injured north of Gaza City Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - "On Tuesday afternoon, two Palestinian security officers were killed and seven were injured in an explosion in that took place at the building of the Palestinian National Security in the north of Gaza City, between Jabalia refugee camp and Beit Lahia town."3/5/2006
Lajee Newsletter April 21 -27 2006Edited By: Khaled, Basil, Nimer, Baker: - Email Newsletter from Aida Refugee Camp - "This week was very difficult for the people in Bethlehem, especially in Aida Refugee Camp. First we will say that always and everyday there are difficulties in Aida because the Israeli soldiers almost everyday come to the camp in jeeps and start shooting gas and rubber bullets at the children. "2/5/2006
Rubber bullets menace West BankKhalid Amayreh -IMEMC News - "Ruba Mahmoud Awayes, 21, was on her way home from college when she was hit in the face. Her eye was so badly damaged doctors later removed it."2/5/2006
No planes or pay, but Gaza airport workers carry onMehdi Lebouachera - Agence France-Presse/Jordan Times - "..despite having their salaries suspended, the vast majority of airport employees still turn up for work everyday." 2/5/2006
Palestinian mom killed, daughter hurt in IDF arrest raidAmos Harel and Arnon Regular - Ha`aretz - "I have no need for expressions of sorrow or apologies, but only that the politicians and the people of Israel know what happened here and how they killed my wife," 2/5/2006
3-Year-Old Child`s Skull Crushed at Israeli Checkpoint WAFA - "The little child Rafeda Thaer, of Kufr Kanna in Israel, was accompanying, last Sunday, her mother and three brothers to pay a visit to her imprisoned Father in Nafha Israeli jail. The Israeli occupation`s Gate of Kharibtha checkpoint, west of Ramallah, shut up at her head and crushed her skull." 1/5/2006
I Complain, Therefore I AmLaila El-Haddad - Electronic Intifada - "being the owner of a Palestinian Authority passport (which one can acquire only on the basis of an Israeli-issued ID card), I have become accustomed to dealing with Kafkaesque complications in routine matters." 1/5/2006
Palestinian PM sees salary crunch end `very soon`Nidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - "Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said on Sunday he expected the funding crisis that has crippled his administration and prevented employees` salaries being paid for more than a month to be over "very, very soon"." 1/5/2006
The Palestinian Nakba at 58 - the Nakba ContinuesWAFA - "BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights said the Palestinians will commemorate the 2006 memorial which will address the `ongoing forced displacement of Palestinians caused by land seizure." 1/5/2006
Hebron Update: 6 to 12 May 2006Christian Peacemaker Team Hebron Update: 6 to 12 May 2006 -"On their return from the hospital his father was relieved to have found that his son`s arm was not broken, but was told that in his absence settlers had set fire to his car."16/5/2006
Nour separated from his detained motherTranslated By Saed Bannoura -IMEMC /Featured by, Maan News Agency - “After we visited Manal, and intended to leave the room with Nour, the situation became so hard and unbearable.”16/5/2006
Supreme Court Decision on Nationality LawAdalah: - "6-5 Majority of Supreme Court Approves Most Racist Law in State of Israel, Preventing Families Unification on the Basis of National Belonging: Arab-Palestinian: Sad day for Israeli justice."16/5/2006
Israel kills second Palestinian farmerAFP, Aljazeera -- "Hassan Hussein Chaffi, 55, was killed on Sunday"8/5/2006
News flashes from the OT - 7/5/06 IMEMC - The Al Quds Brigades aghasts at British newspaper report that they intend to assassinate Abbas *** Troops invade Balata refugee camp, exchange fire with resistance fighters *** Army shells Beit Lahia, kills one resident; eight killed in three days7/5/2006
May 6, 2006 Zaatra (Tapuach) junction checkpointMachsomWatch Report, by Nina Mayorek - As was mentioned above, the first impression was that the soldiers just act according to their orders, but soon we found out that some additional “educational” activity is also carried out. There are 3 detained Palestinian drivers with Israeli IDs who had passengers with Palestinian IDs in their vehicles. The commander of the checkpoint takes an unabashed pleasure in educating those drivers.7/5/2006
Palestinian small businesses cut customer creditMohammed Assadi- Reuters - " I do not have cash to buy goods and I have to collect overdue debts. But I cannot do that because people don`t have any money. So I stopped selling on credit otherwise I will go bust. "5/5/2006
Cash-strapped Gaza taxi drivers turn to cooking gas for fuel Nidal al-Mughrabi - IMEMC News - " When the canister runs out, Yassin, 25, said he quarrels with his wife over using supplies from home. "5/5/2006
Israeli authorities impose more restrictions on UNRWA staff members` access to JerusalemHelga Tawil - UNRWA - " Scores of UNRWA staff members were denied access to their work places...The increased restrictions at crossing points leading to Jerusalem runs contrary to repeated assurances and public statements by Israeli officials that access by humanitarian aid workers would not be impeded. "5/5/2006
Heart attack death blamed on IDF delaysAli Waked - Ynet - "Palestinian family says Border Guard officers refused to allow ambulance into refugee camp to transfer heart attack victim to hospital unless convoyed by IDF jeep; man dies on way to Hadassah Hospital" 25/5/2006
Wire Cutting Action in Beit OmarInternational Solidarity Movement - "two international and one Israeli human rights activist joined a small group of Palestinian farmers in their non-violent action of cutting up 50 meters of a 500 meter long barbed wire fence. A fence the Israeli army illegally had set up the previous day on Palestinian owned land." 22.5.06 25/5/2006
Gaza on brink as Hamas deploys militiaDonald Macintyre - The Independent - "The Hamas-led Palestinian Authority has deployed a new militia in Gaza under the command of a leading militant and in direct defiance of a veto by the PA President Mahmoud Abbas." 18/5/2006
Terror-related trauma: Palestinian kids suffer moreMoran Zelikovich - Ynet - "New study shows most Palestinian youngsters exposed to terror report of post traumatic symptoms, compared to only 25 percent of Israeli children 18/5/2006
Rival Palestinian forces deployedBBC - "Hamas and Fatah are at odds over control of security agencies Large numbers of Palestinian police have deployed in the Gaza Strip, after a show of strength by a rival force set up by the Hamas-led government. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas sent the police to restore order, security officials said." 17/5/2006
High Court decision institutionalizes racial discriminationAmnesty International - "The decision by the Israeli High Court of Justice on 14 May to uphold a law which explicitly denies family rights on the basis of ethnicity or national origins is a step further in the institutionalization of racial discrimination in Israel."17/5/2006
Shops Demolished Again in Northern Jordan ValleyPalestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - "The continual harassment of the Palestinian population in the Jordan Valley has escalated with the destruction of 13 sheds used as shops by Palestinian farmers to sell their products. Occupation Forces attacked the people, took away their goods and demolished the shops." 17/5/2006
Divided by law, lovers are made to relive Ovid`s tragicStephen Farrell - The Times - "Ms Avissar, an Israeli Jew, and MrZatar, a Palestinian Muslim, met while working together at an animal shelter near the border between Jerusalem and Ramallah, the West Bank capital now sealed off by a 5m (18ft) concrete wall, watchtowers and razor wire." 17/5/2006
On an 8-year sentence for Taysir AlHibAya Kaniuk - mahsanmilim.com9/5/2006
Mobile phone camera captures soldiers` abuse against Palestinians in the West Bank PNN - IMEMC News - “This painful scene continued for about an hour until they let some of us pass, but leaving the passengers of the vehicle and the citizen with his loins exposed awaiting mercy to come from the sky.” 9/5/2006
Construction of Apartheid Road in Al Jeeb Village Destroys Palestinian LandsIMEMC & Agencies - "The road and the tunnel will destroy a total of 180 dunums according to the military orders. However, additional 40 -50 dunums will need to be annexed and uprooted in order to create the ghetto infrastructure."9/5/2006
Cuts make Palestinian lives even worse Steven Erlanger - The New York Times - "What is the relationship between humanitarian and political aims here?" he asked. "The United States is the mother of democracy. What is political about salaries to teachers and nurses? Please," he said, "please don`t mix humanitarian help with politics. Please separate the two." 9/5/2006
Two injured, including teen, as Israeli forces continue to pound northern Gaza with artillery Ghassan Bannoura,IMEMC; and Bisan Al Hisham,PNN -- "The Israeli Army spokesman claims that the bombardment is meant to discourage Palestinian resistance fighters from firing homemade shells into Israel, but... the Israeli bombardment, amounting to 100-300 shells a day (one at least every fifteen seconds) for the last three weeks, have instead hit neighborhoods, homes and children"8/5/2006
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