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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Palestinian hunger-striker moved from solitary to hospital as health worsensMa`an - Janazreh, 43, has been on hunger strike for 58 days in protest of his administrative detention. He was initially detained on November 15. He is one of several Palestinian prisoners currently on hunger strike in an attempt to hold Israel accountable for its arbitrary arrest and detention of Palestinians. According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, there are currently 700 Palestinians being held in administrative detention. [bz]30/4/2016
In Israel, an ugly tide sweeps over PalestiniansJonathan Cook - The National - Attacks on soldiers were wrong, said Mr Bahloul, but a Palestinian such as Mr Al Sharif – who tried to stab soldiers at a checkpoint in the West Bank city of Hebron – was not a “terrorist" by any normal definition. Terrorists target civilians, Bahloul noted, not soldiers enforcing an illegal occupation.-rh27/4/2016
Israel bulldozes scores of EU-built Palestinian homes in bitter dispute over control of West Bank Raf Sanchez, Jabal al-Baba - The Telegraph - Simple homes like this are at the heart of a bitter argument raging between Israel and the EU. So far this year, Israel has bulldozed more than 65 of these houses in the West Bank, arguing that they were constructed illegally and the EU has no right to build in the area without permission. Some Israelis even accuse Europe of building its own version of "settlements" .-rh27/4/2016
Has the countdown to next Hamas-Israel war begun?Adnan Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - Despite the growing mutual warnings between Hamas and Israel about an imminent confrontation, a number of factors might prevent its outbreak, at least for now. The Israeli army is preoccupied with the growing unrest in the West Bank that began in October. Also, Israelis seem to doubt how much the IDF could actually achieve in Gaza — in terms of completely eliminating the Palestinian factions’ missiles and toppling Hamas — except for killing and wounding thousands of Palestinians. The Israelis must wonder whether it is worth getting pulled back into the Gaza quagmire.-rh 27/4/2016
Israel releases 12-year-old Palestinian girl, highlighting dual legal systemsActivestills - +972 - "A Jewish child arrested for an identical crime in the same location would not have been sent to prison." - id27/4/2016
Number of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons soarsCharlotte Silver - Rights and Accountability - EI - "Israel has sunk to new lows this year: arresting and imprisoning its youngest female detainee, 12-year-old Dima al-Wawi, and sentencing her to nearly five months in prison." - id27/4/2016
Army Uproots Palestinian Farmlands East Of Gaza CityIMEMC - The army vehicles came from “Nahal Oz” military base, across the border fence. The soldiers also demolished a concrete wall, near the Karni Crossing, east of Gaza city, and fired smoke bombs in addition to several live rounds [Threats? Preparations?-bz] 26/4/2016
Palestinians forced to close shops in Hebron for Israeli Passover visitsMa`an - Palestinian shop owners were forced to close their storefronts in Hebron Tuesday as Israeli politicians called for the annexation of the occupied city during visits by thousands of right-wing Israelis for Passover. Hebron local and prominent activist Issa Amro told Ma’an that Israeli forces instructed shopkeepers in both the H1 and H2 areas of Hebron to remain closed. Amro said that by forcing shops to close in H1 -- the area of the city under jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority -- Israeli authorities were supporting right-wing Israelis aiming to push Palestinian locals from the city. “They want to make it look [to Israeli settlers] like Palestinians don’t live here.” [bz]26/4/2016
Kadoorie Campus - studying in the shadow of a military shooting rangeFriends of Kadoorie - In 2002, the army has used a shooting range built on land confiscated from the Palestine Technical University (Kadoorie), with firing oriented in the direction of the university buildings.ince October 2015, the army has responded aggressively and disproportionately to demonstrations against the occupation, storming the university’s campus 130 times over 85 days, injuring 138 students and staff members with live bullets. In addition, the army fired tear gas grenades causing 850 cases of suffocation and destroyed greenhouses used by the students. [ak] 26/4/2016
Youngest Female Palestinian Jailed by Israel Set to Be Released Sunday Jack Khoury--A 12-year-old Palestinian girl convicted of attempting to stab an Israeli is set to be released from prison on Sunday, two-and-a-half months after becoming the youngest female Palestinian ever incarcerated by Israel. dn24/4/2016
Israel to Confiscate 1,250 Acres of Palestinian Land for Illegal OutpostsPalestine Chronicle--Israel has recently stepped up land confiscation in the occupied West Bank. The Israeli authorities on Saturday delivered notices to the Palestinian village of Jalud in the northern occupied West Bank, alerting residents that 5,000 dunams (1,250 acres) of private land were slated for confiscation in what appeared to be the retroactive legalization of illegal outposts in the area. dn 24/4/2016
Israel Plans to Improve Conditions at "Shameful" West Bank CrossingsDov Lieber - The Times of Israel "As part of a wider effort to boost Israeli-Palestinian economic ties, the Finance Ministry is planning to improve the much- criticized conditions at crossings where tens of thousands of Palestinians enter Israel daily from the West Bank to work, a ministry spokesperson told The Times of Israel on Thursday." ca23/4/2016
Israeli settler threatens Palestinian family with gun near HebronMa`an News Agency - "An Israeli settler threatened to shoot a Palestinian family near the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba in the southern occupied West Bank on Wednesday evening. Yahya Basal told Ma`an that his three children Mustafa, 19, Muntaser, 17, and Shaima, six, as well as Mustafa’s two-year-old daughter Layan, were driving home to the Wadi al-Juz neighborhood in eastern Hebron when an Israeli vehicle stopped in front of them on Route 60 at around 8 p.m...Israeli settlers in the Hebron area are notoriously aggressive towards Palestinians. Hebron residents frequently report attacks and harassment by the settlers, carried out in the presence of Israeli forces." ca22/4/2016
High court bans Israeli company from punitive power cuts to West BankMa`an News Agency - "An Israeli court on Wednesday temporarily banned the Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC) from cutting power to the occupied West Bank as a punitive measure for outstanding Palestinian debts.In early April, IEC stopped supplying power to the West Bank districts of Hebron, Jericho, and Bethlehem, among others, to punish the Palestinian Authority for unpaid debts amounting to more than 1.7 billion shekels (about $450 million)."22/4/2016
Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel Phil Weiss and Jonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - The medical establishment insisted on Wednesday that there was no segregation between Jewish and Arab women in maternity wards. However, Arab doctors complained of racist and discriminatory treatment by medical staff in the country’s hospitals… For many years the health establishment has been segregating Arab and Jewish mothers who come to deliver their babies, particularly in hospitals and maternity wards that serve mixed populations. While this may not be official policy, it is implemented by nurses on these wards, with doctors and hospital management turning a blind eye.-rh20/4/2016
Why a seaport won`t solve Gaza`s problemsAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "The distress of 1.8 million besieged Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip less than an hour’s drive from central Israel does not trouble most Israelis — not to mention most of its elected officials." - id20/4/2016
Excessive use of force and collective punishment at demonstrations in remembrance of Palestinian political prisonersFeatures - ISM - "This Friday Israeli forces inundated the demonstrators and part of the village with tear gas, resulting in dozens of people receiving emergency medical treatment for excessive tear gas inhalation." - id20/4/2016
Closing case against Col. Shomer integral part of whitewash mechanism which is the military investigative systemB`Tselem - "Col. Shomer shot and killed 17-year-old Palestinian Muhammad `Ali- Kosba with three bullets to the upper body, one of them in the head. The MAG`s assertion that the firing was legal, since the officer claimed that he aimed at the youth`s legs but missed, clearly indicates the investigative system`s willingness to ignore the law and open-fire regulations, all in the interest of providing impunity to members of the security forces who unlawfully killed Palestinians" [ry] 18/4/2016
Palestinian who filmed Israeli soldier shooting disarmed man dead in Hebron receives death threatsLizzie Dearden - The Independent - `It is a surprise to us that people care now,` Imad Abushamsiya tells The Independent [ry] 18/4/2016
Israel`s state archivist opens up about censorship, digitizationHaggai Matar--Israel’s state archivist confirms that nearly half a million pages have been sent to the IDF Censor, which has redacted historical documents that already saw the light of day, and talks about why he didn’t foresee the storm that erupted over his decision to end access to paper documents. dn17/4/2016
In West Bank, Israel Imposes Pop-Up Checkpoints and Road ClosingsDIAA HADID--AWARTA, West Bank — The freshly spray-painted signs in this hamlet outside Nablus are a symbol of the new normal in the West Bank, seven months into a scattershot wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis. dn17/4/2016
From Gaza’s Open-air-prison to Israeli Prisons Majd Owaida--Despairingly, Maha Owaida, the mother of Majd Owaida, 23, took part in the sit-in in solidarity with her son, who was arrested two months ago while en route to the West Bank via the Israeli-controlled Eretz crossing. dn16/4/2016
Israel refuses to give building permits, demolishes homes under construction, BethlehemPNN/ Bethlehem - "Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning broke into al- Walaja village, northwest of Bethlehem, and demolished three homes under construction, under the pretext of having no construction permits...The Israeli army claimed that the area falls under the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem City Council, and that “the Palestinians cannot build there without the council’s approval.” ca13/4/2016
Gaza`s sole power plant shuts down over fuel shortageAFP - Al-Monitor "The plant has been closed since Saturday night when it ran out of fuel, said Ahmed Abu Al-Amreen, an official in the energy ministry. Parts of the strip have been without power for 20 hours a day, the United Nations said, up from 12 hours previously.The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah has gradually removed a tax exemption on fuel since January, demanding Hamas pay taxes on imports to besieged Gaza." ca 13/4/2016
Israel gives initial approval for construction of West Bank power plantMa`an News Agency - "Israel has given initial approval to a Palestinian request to build a power plant in the northern occupied West Bank, the Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) said on Tuesday.In a statement released in Arabic, COGAT said the project for a gas power plant in the industrial zone of the Jenin district “would cause a qualitative shift in electricity consumption which will have a positive impact on all aspects of life.” ca13/4/2016
`The smell of death hangs everywhere`: Blockade drives Gazans to suicideMohammed Omer - Middle East Eye "Doctors and officials say devastating impact of Gaza war is to blame for growing numbers attempting to take their own lives...In the first quarter of 2016, at least 95 people tried to kill themselves, according to unpublished research by the Euro-Med Observers for Human Rights monitoring group, while suicide rates in the first months of 2016 increased by 30 percent compared with the same months between 2013 and 2014." ca13/4/2016
Israel agrees to early release of 12-year-old Palestinian prisoner Dima al-WawiMa`an - The 12-year-old girl is being held with adult Palestinian prisoners and faces restrictions applied by Israel`s prison service to so-called "security" prisoners, including denial of visits from both her family and a social worker. Her parents paid 8,000 shekels ($2,100) in the plea deal, supposed to setting her free April 24th, after two months instead of four. [bz]12/4/2016
Palestinian father seeks justice for slain sonSheren Khalel - AlJazeera - Nadim Nawara was killed in May 2014 during a Nakba Day protest outside of Israel`s Ofer Prison [ry] 11/4/2016
Palestinians protest surge in home demolitions by Israeli armyAhmad al-Bazz for Activestills--The Israeli army has displaced more Palestinians since the start of this year than it did in all of 2015, the UN reports. Dozens protest the fourth such demolition in Khirbet Tana in recent months. dn10/4/2016
‘Slippery slope to a Weimar Republic’ Israel loses its grip on democracy Charles Enderlin--The social and political divide in Israel is no longer between left and right, but between those who do and do not believe in democracy. dn10/4/2016
Israeli forces have killed 2,000 Palestinian Children, wounded 13,000, jailed 12,000 since 2000IMEMC Contributers--About 2,070 Palestinian children have been killed, and more 13,000 injured since the outbreak of Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000, until this past March, official sources have reported, according to Al Ray. Israeli occupation forces detained more than 12,000 Palestinian children since 2000, while nearly 480 children are still languishing in Israeli prisons. Of them, almost 95% were severely tortured and beaten during the arrest campaign and interrogations intervals, a press statement issued by the Ministry of Information stated. dn 9/4/2016
Risk of Collapse at Jesus’ Tomb Unites Rival ChristiansDIAA HADID - NYT "The March 22 agreement calls for a $3.4 million renovation to begin next month, after Orthodox Easter celebrations. Each religious group will contribute one-third of the costs, and a Greek bank contributed 50,000 euros, or $57,000, for the scaffolding, in return for having its name emblazoned across the machinery...“If the Israeli government didn’t get involved, nobody would have done anything.”8/4/2016
Israel`s top court to discuss release of Palestinian bodiesMA`AN News - A joint statement released earlier this month by Addameer and the Israeli minority rights group Adalah condemned Israel’s practice of withholding bodies as "a severe violation of international humanitarian law as well as international human rights law, including violations of the right to dignity, freedom of religion, and the right to practice culture."-rh6/4/2016
Frontline: East JerusalemJennifer Loewenstein - Counterpuntch - Is it any wonder that US-Israeli actions over the past 22 years have significantly worsened? That a United Nations report concludes that the continued deterioration of conditions on the ground for approximately 4.5 million people in Gaza Strip will render it “uninhabitable” by 2020 (UN UNCTAD Report, Sept 1st, 2015)? and that the ongoing denial of basic human rights in the West Bank have made the atmosphere there more heated and tempestuous than it has been since the military crackdowns of the second Intifada (uprising)? Surely Abbas recognizes that his “security arrangements” with Israel transformed his own fighting forces into Israel’s proxy police. If he isn’t there yet, he is miles behind his own people and gradually falling out of sight.-rh6/4/2016
Fighting Israeli Occupying Forces Is “Terrorism.” Boycotting Is “Anti-Semitism.” What’s Allowed?Glenn Greenwald - The Intercept - THAT “TERRORISM” IS a malleable term of propaganda, with no fixed meaning or consistent application, is now quite well-established. Still, its recent application to a spate of violence targeting Israel’s occupying soldiers in the West Bank is so manipulative and extreme that it’s well worth highlighting.-rh6/4/2016
Nowhere to run: Palestine marathoners race on short trackDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Local Palestinian organizer George Zeidan told Al-Monitor that this year’s marathon was the biggest. Zeidan proudly noted the participation of more than 2,000 women, nearly 46% of all registrants. While a large number of participants completed part of the marathon, 298 men and 89 women ran the entire 42-kilometer run. Runners of 64 nationalities participated in the marathon, which 450 volunteers helped make a major success.-rh 6/4/2016
Israeli doctors assist in torture of Palestinian prisoners Charlotte Silver - Rights and Accountability - "But in spite of the involvement of medical professionals in the process of confining prisoners to isolation cells, Israel’s health ministry and the Israel Prison Service do not consider the practice a “medical matter,” thereby relieving the medical establishment of any responsibility to intervene." - id6/4/2016
Israel Cuts Bethlehem Power over PA Debt IMEMC News - “It affects all the people, whether they have paid their bills or not,” he told Ma’an. “The power cuts won’t bring any solution to what is a political issue.”" - id "6/4/2016
The Breaking of Tel RumeidaDezeray Lyn - The Arab Daily News - "“You need to shave his skin off and throw him into the Dead Sea.”" - id 6/4/2016
Army Demolishes A Palestinian Home In Jerusalem without prior notice.IMEMC - The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) said the soldiers invaded Jabal al-Mokabber, and forced the family out before demolishing their property. [bz]5/4/2016
Israeli forces raid, destroy property at al-Quds UniversityMa`an - Israeli troops raided the university campus at 3 a.m. and left at 5 a.m. For two hours, the soldiers locked campus security guards in one room after breaking their walkie-talkies. The soldiers then ransacked a building hosting the Dean of Students and destroyed property, including printers, in what the army spokesperson referred to as `seizing material belonging to Hamas’ educational arm al-Kutla al-Islamiyah.` [bz]5/4/2016
Brother of Riham Dawabsheh, killed with husband and son by settler firebomb, arrested by Israeli occupation forcesSamidoun - “Five military jeeps entered Duma at 1:30 am early Monday, 4 April, and occupation soldiers raided the family home, taking Wissam with them. No explanation was given for his arrest by the occupation forces” [ry] 4/4/2016
Border Police Shoots Teenager on Way to SchoolLenny Thomas - AIC - "Israeli Border Police shot a Palestinian teenager in the head with a rubber coated metal bullet while he was walking to school on Saturday morning in Silwan. The teen, Hatem Abu Mayaleh (13) was brought to Hadassah Ein Kerem where he received internal and external stitches on his head" [ry] 4/4/2016
Israeli government continues to consider historic Palestine as part of Israel: ErekatPalestine News Network - "On this day we salute the heroic Palestinian people wherever they are and once again we call upon the international community to take action against Tel Aviv’s racist colonization policies, including its racism against Palestinian citizens of Israel." ca1/4/2016
As Hamas grows stronger in Gaza, IDF prepares for future conflict Yoav Zitun - YnetNews - Hamas has upped the number of fighters in its elite and commando units and is testing short-range rockets with a heavy payload in an effort to restore its strength to what it was before summer 2014; the IDF, meanwhile, is planning to defeat Hamas`s military wing and set them back years; `We`ll defeat them by offense, not defense,` says senior officer.-rh20/4/2016
How many Palestinians are imprisoned by Israel?Megan O`Toole, Konstantinos Antolopoulos - Aljazeera - After ramping up arrests in recent months. Israel is currently holding about 7.000 Palestinian Prisoners.-rh20/4/2016
Literary Stars Learn ‘Occupation 101’ Firsthand in Tense Tour of West BankNaomi Zeveloff - Forward - The American writer Ayelet Waldman was on a tour near the Hamra checkpoint, deep inside the Palestinian West Bank, when a silver car with Israeli plates pulled over. The driver, an Israeli Jew, got out and began taking photos of Waldman’s tour group, which included the Austrian author Eva Menasse and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Geraldine Brooks, as well as a bevy of photographers and anti-occupation activists.-rh 20/4/2016
Israeli cuts majority of power supply to Jericho districtMa`an News Agency - "Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) cut two-thirds of the power supply for the central West Bank district of Jericho on Thursday, said the head of the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO). Hisham al-Omari said that JDECO had not been officially informed of the “illegal procedure. ”IEC’s decision sets a “dangerous precedent,” said al-Omari, adding that it proves Israel’s plans to cut power supplies for other Palestinian cities being supplied by JDECO for unpaid debts amounting to more than 1.7 billion shekels (about $450 million)." ca1/4/2016
More Than 100 Gaza Athletes Barred From Running in Palestinian Marathon Jack Khoury - Haaretz "Israel, accusing the Palestinians of submitting applications too late, says it cannot process exit permits in time for the runners to leave Gaza for Friday`s race." ca 1/4/2016
Palestinian circus teacher’s appeal against administrative detention rejected by Israeli military court Samidoun - Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network "The appeal of Palestinian circus trainer and performer Mohammed Abu Sakha against his administrative detention without charge or trial was rejected by Israeli military courts on Thursday, 31 March, reported Addameer. Abu Sakha, 24, was arrested by Israeli occupation forces at a checkpoint as he traveled from his home to his workplace at the Palestinian Circus School, where he specializes in teaching children with intellectual disabilities. Abu Sakha has performed with the school and its circus troupe around the world.He was ordered to administrative detention for six months by military order, confirmed by a military court; he was accused of nothing and faced no trial." ca 1/4/2016
Israel`s ‘Bible Trail’: Demolishing Palestinian homes to make national parksJonathan Cook - Middle East Eye - Planners and human-rights group accuse the Israeli authorities of increasingly using such parks as a tool to grab control of Palestinian land and demolish homes, under the guise of archaeological preservation and tourism development.-rh13/4/2016
Amid the bloodshed, Palestinians and Israelis are giving up on themselves Jonathan Freedland - The Guardian - The case has sparked huge controversy. Unexpectedly perhaps, the army and the military establishment has been loud and clear in its moral condemnation of the soldier’s conduct. Israel’s defence minister (and former army chief of staff) Moshe Ya’alon delivered an impassioned denunciation of the crime. In parliament he warned of “an army that is becoming bestial”, one “an army that has lost its moral backbone”.-rh13/4/2016
Has Israeli army become defender of democracy?Uri Savir - Al-Monitor - Israel’s democracy is in a crisis mostly due to its occupation policies. Its alleged executions of Palestinian terrorists, settlement expansion, demolition of houses and Palestinian land expropriations cast heavy clouds over Israel’s identity as a Jewish democracy. There is a regional and international price to pay for these flaws in the democracy. The Palestinians perceive themselves as the victims of these policies, and most of the international community is critical of the policies as well.-rh 13/4/2016
How Hebron shooting highlights shift in Israeli societyMazal Mualem - Al Monitor - It becomes obvious how much Israeli society has changed when comparing the public’s attitude toward soldiers convicted of excessive force during the first intifada and the transformation of the Hebron shooter into a national hero. There are, of course, many reasons for this, ranging from the rise of the right in Israeli politics to the longstanding Israeli feeling of exhaustion and fatigue resulting from Palestinian terrorism despite the 1993 Oslo Accord. The prevailing mood in the country is that there is no one to talk to on the other side. It is a reality in which an organization like Breaking the Silence is branded a group of traitors, while left-wing, human rights or simply critical civil society groups become targets of incitement.-rh 13/4/2016
 Did Bernie Sanders Commit ‘Blood Libel’ Against Israel?an G. Finkelstein - The Nation - The criminal dimensions of Protective Edge can be gleaned from these Israel Defense Forces (IDF) testimonies: When we left after the operation, it was just a barren stretch of desert…. We spoke about it a lot amongst ourselves, the guys from the company, how crazy the amount of damage we did there was. I quote: “Listen man, it’s crazy what went on in there,” “Listen man, we really messed them up,” “Fuck, check it out, there’s nothing at all left…, it’s nothing but desert now, that’s crazy.”-rh 13/4/2016
Surge in demolitions leaves more Palestinians homelessDalia Hatuqa - Aljazeera - Everyone at Umm al-Khair knew why they had come, and a woman started yelling: "May God judge you for what you will do". As the roosters crowed, the bulldozers advanced on the first of six small, metal sheet homes, crushing its walls, and turning the entire structure on its side. Within minutes, 35 people were rendered homeless. The tiny village had been through this before, their ramshackle tin sheds and metal dwellings destroyed numerous times.-rh 13/4/2016
5 Israelis evacuated from Aqsa amid Jewish holiday turmoilMa`an News Agency - "Thursday’s incidents are the latest of a string of near-daily conflicts to take place this week as right-wing Israelis have descended on the compound to perform religious rituals for Passover, in violation of an agreement prohibiting non-Muslim worship that was signed between Israel and the Jordanian government after Israel’s illegal occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967." ca29/4/2016
Massive collective punishment: homes of 149 Palestinians suspected of no wrongdoing demolished since Oct. 2015; hundreds more under threatB`Tselem - Since October 2015, Israel has stepped up use of house demolitions as a way to punish the families of Palestinians who perpetrated attacks against Israelis or are suspected of perpetrating or aiding such attacks. Since then, the authorities have demolished or fully or partially sealed 37 apartments. Fourteen of these apartments were not under demolition orders and were damaged simply because of their proximity to apartments slated for demolition. As a result of this large-scale punitive action, 149 people, 65 of them minors, have lost their homes. Four of these homes were issued demolition or sealing orders prior to October 2015. Ten more families are currently waiting ruling by Israel’s High Court of Justice (HCJ) in petitions they filed against orders issues for their homes. One more home is expected to be demolished, as the HCJ rejected the family’s petition. Since October 2015, the HCJ revoked six demolition orders. In this time, 53 apartments have been demolished or issued demolition or sealing orders.-rh27/4/2016
Israeli pronouncement on policing West Bank solidifies one-state apartheid regime — Erekat Allison Deger - Mondoweiss - Despite protocol, Israeli forces do enter Area A nightly, mostly for arrest operations. Palestinians leaders regard this as a tell-tale sign of Israel’s lack of seriousness in working towards a Palestinian state now, or at any point in the future. More to the point, Palestinians see Israeli soldiers in their cities as why they want out of Oslo and a driving cause of their forays at United Nations for a Security Council resolution to order Israel to turn over the keys to the West Bank and Gaza.-rh 27/4/2016
Will Israel’s power cuts leave West Bank towns in the dark? Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor "One thing is clear: Any punitive measure against the PA, even cutting off the power supply 24/7, will not make the Palestinians pay their debt. According to the IEC’s announcement, the PA owes 1.74 billion Israeli shekels (about $430 million) — practically equal to all the funding the PA gets annually from the European Union states... The official Palestinian argument, according to which the PA’s debts to the power company are the result of this Israeli conduct, only partially explains the huge debt it has racked up. Actually, the Palestinian electric company, which supplies the power it gets from Israel to Palestinian consumers, cannot collect bills from extensive areas of the West Bank due to the economic distress of most households." ca 8/4/2016
Residents fight off settler, army provocations in Nablus Ahmad Jaradat - Alternative Information Center "Around 1000 settlers raided Joseph`s Tomb last night. The settlers came to the Tomb, which is located in Area A in about a dozen buses under the protection of occupation forces. Clashes happened with groups of about 5-10 youths from the nearby Askar and Balata refugee camps. The soldiers used rubber coated bullets and live fire. Five protesters were taken to the hospital in what local residents descibed as an ambush similar to what happened two nights ago in Madama. In Nablus last night occupation forces deployed in Nablus as well as in surrounding areas, like the student village of Najah University, which is located some five kilometers west of the city." ca8/4/2016
Israeli forces continue demolition campaign across West BankMa`an News Agnecy - "According to an initial statement from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the occupied Palestinian territory, ongoing demolitions were carried out Thursday in Khirbet Tana, the fourth documented incident in the northern occupied West Bank village this year.Khirbet Tana lies in an Israeli-declared military training zone, known as a "firing zone," which rights groups say Israel intends to fully annex.Nearly 20 percent of the occupied West Bank has been declared "firing zones" since the 1970s, but according to the UN, recent research shows that nearly 80 percent of these areas are not in fact used for military training." ca8/4/2016
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