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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Hamas against foreign troops Al Jazeera - Abbas had said that the deployment of foreign troops was necessary to provide security for early parliamentary and presidential elections that he plans to organise in the coming months. Ghazi Hamad, a Hamas spokesman, said talks about elections at the present time will not solve the crisis facing Palestinians. Hamad did however say that Hamas has no issues with holding elections if all Palestinian factions agree to it.30/6/2007
Barghouthi: Widespread Israeli Attacks and Arrests Expose Emptiness of Olmert’s ‘Goodwill Gesture’George Rishmawi - IMEMC - "Olmert’s ‘goodwill gesture’ to release 250 prisoners at the Sharm El Sheikh meeting last Monday [is a mockery] when it arrests more than 90 people in 1 day, and an average of 200 Palestinians per month.30/6/2007
Some 600 West Bank villagers face prospect of new displacementMa`an - "Nearly all the Palestinian residents of al-Walaje village were displaced by the 1948 Israeli-Arab war or are descendants of those displaced, and many now again face the prospect of forced displacement, this time to make room for a possible new Israeli settlement and the construction of the Israeli West Bank separation barrier."29/6/2007
Today`s news June 29, 2007(1) Israeli troops kill Fatah fighter - Aljazeera - "The Israeli raid signalled Tel Aviv would continue to pursue Fatah fighters despite its pledges to bolster Abbas as he tries to stabilise his hold in the West Bank after Hamas movement seized control of the Gaza Strip two weeks ago."; (2) Israeli brutality at a checkpoint near the Jordan Valley - Ali Samoudi - IMEMC; (3) Fayyad warns mosque preachers against incitement to violence - John Smith - IMEMC & agencies; (4) Bush lauds Israel as a “working democracy” - John Smith - IMEMC ; (5) Anti-Wall demo in Artas village, near Bethlehem; organisers demand Israeli-Palestinian peace - Ma`an; (6) Majority of Ma`an readers doubt Israel will stick to its promise of lifting the siege and removing roadblocks; (7) Al-Aqsa Brigades claim responsibility for a trap set for Israeli troops in Nablus Ma`an 29/6/2007
At-Tuwani Release: Israeli Military Denies Access to Susiya Land to SurveyorsDiane Janzen - Christian Peacemaker Team - "On June 25th, the Israeli military declared Susiya a closed military zone and ordered everyone to leave the area. The Palestinian villagers of Susiya had hired surveyors to measure the land that day for a map to submit to the Israeli District Coordination Office - DCO. The map is to show where villagers are currently living in tents and where they would like to build permanent housing. The Israeli high court allowed the villagers 30 days from the June 6th court date to submit a map (when the villagers appealed to not have their village evacuated and demolished again the case was turned over to the DCO to make the final decision). "29/6/2007
Supreme Court Rejects Adalah`s Petition Demanding Criminal Indictments of Soldiers Responsible for Killing of Mr. Meteb al-NebariAdalah News Update - "Mr. Nebari was killed in October 2003, when a unit of Israeli army soldiers opened fire near the Jewish settlement of Negohot in the West Bank (Hebron Region). The soldiers claimed to have felt at that moment that the deceased was a terrorist. However, Mr. Nebari was unarmed and did not constitute a threat to anyone.. The report of an autopsy conducted close to the time of his death stated that the lethal shooting of Mr. al-Nebari was sustained to his back, ...The Chief Military Prosecutor claimed that the opening of fire occurred in the framework of `a military operation by troops who suspected that al-Nebari was a terrorist.`"29/6/2007
Massive Israeli forces invade Nablus City, 30 kidnapped; Israeli campaign to capture Islamic Jihad activists rages around RamallahAmeen Abu Warda -- IMEMC -- "Scores of Israeli soldiers attacked Nablus City in northern West Bank early Thursday morning carrying out one of the largest military invasions in recent months. At least 30 Palestinians have been kidnapped by the Israeli troops;" also "Israeli military forces have launched a campaign for the abduction of Islamic Jihad activists in the West Bank, according to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement"28/6/2007
Economic Siege and Closure of Border Crossings Is Leading to an Imminent Humanitarian CrisisPalestinian Centre for Human Rights -"PCHR warns of the consequences of the policy of collective punishment practiced against the Palestinian civilian population. PCHR calls upon all States, particularly the High Contracting Parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, United Nations agencies and all international humanitarian organizations to immediately take steps to pressurize IOF to allow the normal flow of basic supplies, including foodstuffs and medical supplies, into the Gaza Strip to avoid an imminent crisis that would threaten 1.5 million Palestinian civilians living in the Gaza Strip, 73% of whom live below the poverty line. "27/6/2007
Today`s news June 27, 2007(1) Israel launches deadly Gaza raids - Aljazeera(2) About 2000 trees perish in Yatta town near Hebron - Nisreen Qumsieh - IMEMC; (3) Gaza Strip crossing at Kerem Shalom closed - R. P. - IMEMC and agencies ; (4) One Palestinian civilian injured as army invades Jenin Refugee camp - Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies; ; (5) Israeli army terrorize Balata refugee camp for seven hours - Ameen Abu Warda - IMEMC; (6) Abbas outlaws armed groups in the West Bank. - John Smith - IMEMC; (7) Barghouthi: “Israel wants to weaken all Palestinian factions” Rashid Hilal – IMEMC; (8) Mid-East group debates Blair role - BBC News27/6/2007
Opinions from both sides of the fenceInterviews by Khaled Amayreh and Sherine Bahaa - Al-Ahram - " Palestinians across the sectarian divide and from opposing political parties give their take on the crisis facing Gaza and the West Bank"27/6/2007
The Imminent Threat of Expulsion: The Palestinians from the South Hebron hills need your helpFrom Ehud Krinis, David Shulman and Neve Gordon - While all eyes are on the crisis in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians who live in Susya, in the hills to the south of Hebron, are in imminent danger of being expelled from their homes. They are surely not the only ones who might be evicted from their ancestral lands in the upcoming months -- the inhabitants of the small village Nuaman just south of Jerusalem, for example, are also under imminent threat -- but they are among the most vulnerable people living under Israeli military rule in the West Bank...The situation is dire, and the threat of expulsion immediate. To fight it, we are incurring significant legal expenses. In the short term we will need approximately $10,000 simply to defray the lawyers` costs. Ta`ayush is an organization of volunteers and has no resources of its own. We call upon you to help us to save an innocent civilian population that is about to fall victim to the concerted effort of the Israeli authorities to exile them from their lands and homes. Contributions can be sent to Tali Schaefer, P. O. Box 250778, New York, NY 10025. Checks should be made payable to Ta`ayush. It is also possible to deposit directly into the Ta`ayush account at Bank Hapoalim, Swift Code POALILITA (Ramat Aviv Branch): 12-606-396608. Please note on the check that the money is for South Hebron legal struggle and send an email to Catherine Rottenberg indicating that you have sent a contribution. Every little bit helps. 27/6/2007
Foes in Gaza, roommates in Cairo hospitalRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "Thanks go to Egypt for treating these two Palestinians and many more, for uniting Hamas and Fatah members, a unity that politicians are still unable to secure. Meanwhile, damn this infighting that leaves the Palestinian youth -- Palestine`s treasure -- handicapped and traumatized. Shame upon Palestinian hands that undermine Palestinian health, education and other public services and damn those who fight over beards or affiliation. "26/6/2007
Exposing the bitter truth of Gaza carnageEd O`Loughlin - The Age - "Not only does Israel want to maintain the blockade of Gaza but it is talking of cutting off the small remittances from foreign relatives, which most Gaza families now depend on. The blockade is again being marketed by the US and Israel — and accepted by Western states — as a measure to prevent money getting to terrorists, or to weaken Hamas, or to increase pressure on it to change, or to make Palestinians rise up against the militants. Back in Gaza, Hamas is stronger than ever. But John Ging, Gaza director of the UN`s Palestine relief agency, says that shutting down private money transfers would be devastating."26/6/2007
Gaza sewage crisis ongoing Michael Robin Bailey - Aljazeera - "There are now less than three weeks left for the work to be completed before the ever-rising level of sewage and toxic waste reaches the limit of the retaining wall`s capacity to hold it back.... Whether it is lobbying about people drowning in faeces or facing food, water and power running out as a result of the stranglehold being applied to all the people of Gaza it is what we are here for. "25/6/2007
Israel continues construction of Alon Mureh settlement at the expense of Palestinian landAmeen Abu Wardeh -- IMEMC News -- "Alon Mureh settlement contains several factories, [...] The waste-water and chemicals produced by these factories is dumped on nearby Palestinian farm land"25/6/2007
Uncertainty for Hamas in West BankIlene R. Prusher -- The Christian Science Monitor -- Politicians affiliated with the group say they fear more Palestinian factional violence25/6/2007
Rajoub appointment - sign of possible reconciliantion with Hamas? Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Abu Mazen`s reported intention to appoint Jibril Rajoub as West Bank Internal Security head is taken as a possible attmept at a new reconsiliation with Hamas, contrary to militant statements in the past week, given Jibril`s openly declared opposition to the policies of confrintation with Hamas. 23/6/2007
Nightly IDF invasions underline continuing occupation Ameen Abu Wardeh - IMEMC - On Thursday alone, 13 Palestinians were kidnapped by Israeli troops in Nablus. Residents of Nablus have called on their fellow Palestinians to cease the internal fighting, adding that the daily Israeli invasions into their city are a reminder that the real problem is the Israeli occupation of their land.23/6/2007
Unarmed Palestinian killed by IDF near Hebron By Saed Bannoura/Efrat Weiss - IMEMC/Y-Net - Israel Defense Force troops near Hebron shot a Palestinian who tried bypass a gate and approach an IDF pillbox, Friday night. Palestinian sources reported that he was severely injured and later died of his wounds. A subsequent investigation revealed that he had been unarmed. 23/6/2007
Closure of Gaza not just a humanitarian crisis but also an economic disaster, economist says Ma`an News Agency- "Sha`ban said that the 1.5 million residents of the Gaza Strip require a minimum of 200 trucks carrying various imports daily. The economist recalled that the general siege started 15 months ago leaving several Palestinian families without income in addition to the irregular payment of public sector employees` salaries. The source of income has been paralyzed, he explained." 22/6/2007
Jailed Islamic Jihad leader demands Fateh and Hamas to resume talksIMEMC Staff -"Sheikh Bassam Al Sa’dy, one of the political leaders of the Islamic Jihad movement, imprinted by Israel, demanded Fateh and Hamas to end the clashes, and demanded all factions to act in order to oblige the rival Fateh and Hamas movement to resume the internal talks." 22/6/2007
Abbas rules out talks with Hamas Al Jazeera - "The Palestinian president has ruled out talks with the Hamas movement which he accused of trying to assassinate him and of carrying out a coup in the Gaza Strip"21/6/2007
Israeli forces arrest 13 "wanted" West Bankers, including 8 affiliated to Hamas; Israeli jeep attacked in Gaza Ma`an News Agency - "Israeli forces arrested 13 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on Thursday morning, claiming that they are "wanted." Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, Israeli sources said that an Israeli military jeep was hit by a projectile rocket." 21/6/2007
Former Shin Bet leader calls for the release of Marwan Barghouthi Ma`an - "Barghouthi issued a message to the Palestinians on Monday in which he expressed support for Abbas` decision to announce a state of emergency and form an emergency government. He also called for the dismissal of all security leaders in the Gaza Strip and appealed for a new Fatah leadership in Gaza, tacitly alluding to the removal of Fatah strongman, Muhammad Dahlan." 20/6/2007
Court: Israel must aid Gazans at ErezYAAKOV KATZ, JUDY SIEGEL AND JPOST STAFF - JPost - "Initially, 12 Palestinians were approved for entry into Israel, but after examinations by an Israeli medical team, only two were found to be in critical condition, warranting immediate transfer to Israeli hospitals." 20/6/2007
No Alternative to Political DialoguePalestinian Centre for Human Rights` Position towards the Current Crisis in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian National Authority - " Although PCHR is aware of the legitimacy of the government and its right to fully have its constitutional powers, and conscious of the security problems that preceded and the urgent need to reform the security establishment, there is no justification for the employment of Izziddin al-Qassam Brigades in the military showdown and takeover of the security establishment as this does not serve in any means the calls for reforming the security establishment. Steps taken by President Mahmoud Abbas in response violate the Basic Law and undermines it in a manner that is not less dangerous than what is happening in Gaza"19/6/2007
Trapped families caught in Gaza firefightHazem Balousha in Erez crossing, Gaza and Rory McCarthy in Ramallah - the Guardian - "One man was killed and 10 wounded when Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen exchanged fire at a main border crossing between Israel and Gaza yesterday. Hundreds of Palestinians were trapped at the Erez crossing, hoping to escape through Israel to the West Bank, when fighting broke out. "19/6/2007
Voices from Gaza Aljazeera - "With Hamas fighters now in control of the Gaza Strip, Al Jazeera spoke to two young Palestinians living in the territory about the events of the past few days, how it has affected them personally, and what they feel the future holds for the Palestinians."19/6/2007
At-Tuwani Release: Palestinian Villagers from Susiya Face Threat of Fifth EvictionDiane Janzen and Sean O`Neill -- CPT -- "The Israeli military has evicted the Palestinian villagers from Susiya and demolished their homes several times already in the last 20 years. The first was when the Israeli military evicted the villagers from their original homes in the mid-1980`s proclaiming the archeological site that the village was next to a national park"18/6/2007
IDF to forbid Palestinians` passage from Gaza to West Bank Hanan Greenberg - Ynet - " “With each passing day the situation in the Strip will continue to deteriorate.”"20/6/2007
`Israel not responsible for Gaza refugees`Efrat Weiss -- YNET -- Following Palestinian police`s collapse, it is almost impossible to coordinate passage of Palestinians to West Bank through Israel, security sources tell Ynet. Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians continue to wait at Erez crossing in northern Strip. Israeli company Dor Alon stops supplying fuel to Strip18/6/2007
The Psychosocial causes for the Palestinian Factional War Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj - [Editorial comment: this is an article from February this year, but unfortunately at least as releavant now as when it was written.] what has become of us? Our people have suffered for 59 years from displacement, homelessness, discrimination, impoverishment and expatriation, but they withstood that suffering and never killed each other; so what happened to us? The late Arafat rejected a plan to kill Abu Nidal, who had already killed a number of Palestinian leaders, and said, "If we start this series of killings, we will never stop." So what happened? 16/6/2007
4 Children Killed by Israeli ShellWafa Palestine News Agency-"The sources affirmed that the shell hit a group of children, killing them instantly. "15/6/2007
Gaza witness: Today was the worstShelly Smith -Al Jazeera-"Waseem Arafat had gone to the Shifa hospital in Beit Hanoun to visit someone and when he came out a gunman shot him four times in the head."15/6/2007
DISPLACEMENT, DESTRUCTION AND APPROPRIATION: THE PALESTINIAN VILLAGES OF LATROUN 40 YEARS AFTER 1967Al-Haq-"One of the Israeli soldiers who participated in the operations in Latroun described how “[w]e were also told to take up positions around the approaches to the villages in order to prevent those villagers – who had heard the Israeli assurances over the radio that they could return to their homes in peace – from returning to their homes. The order was – shoot over their heads and tell them there is no access to the village.” "15/6/2007
Help save the Palestinian inhabitants of Susya from eviction!Bnei Avraham-"In fact, quite a few of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank were built on such alleged `Survey Lands,` as has been amply documented in the Peace Now Report of December 2006. In other words, land closure by the army under the pretext of security concerns serves the real estate interests of the Israeli settlers."15/6/2007
Explosive-filled tunnels in Gaza: targeting Abbas or Israel? Ma`an - "Tunnels filled with explosive devices were discovered under Salahaddin Street in Gaza City, Palestinian security sources announced Wednesday night. According to these sources, the explosives were targeting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in anticipation of future visits to the Gaza Strip." 14/6/2007
Hamas seizing control of Gaza StripSARAH EL DEEB- Associated Press - "GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip --Hamas fighters launched a fierce offensive on Gaza City Wednesday, firing mortars and rockets at Fatah`s main security bases and the president`s compound as the Islamic group appeared close to taking control of the entire Gaza Strip." 14/6/2007
Fatah on the run as Hamas wages battle for control of Gaza`s streetsRory McCarthy and Ian Black - The Guardian - "Hamas fighters launched another wave of fierce attacks on their Fatah rivals yesterday, plunging the Gaza Strip closer towards civil war, in what appeared to be a carefully coordinated effort to seize control on the streets. Gunmen from Hamas and its rival faction Fatah fought heavy battles in the north and south of the strip, with the Islamist movement repeatedly gaining the upper hand." 14/6/2007
Hamas sources: “The Al Aqsa brigades releases twelve Hamas members it abducted earlier”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Sources close to Hamas movement reported on Wednesday evening that gunmen of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fateh, released twelve Hamas members who were abducted by the group in Nablus" 14/6/2007
The Military "Justice" SystemHava HaLevi - Yesh Gvul - "Palestinians living in the West Bank are governed by military laws and by numerous decrees issued by military commanders in the region. This system controls each and every aspect of daily Palestinian life. The Occupier determines the laws, and is also the one punishing those who break them. Moreover, successive Israeli governments have retained the emergency "defense decrees" issued by the British Mandate in 1945; they have done so specifically in order to enhance their ability to oppress minorities." 13/6/2007
Gaza residents under fire Have Your Say - BBC online - "The situation is miserable, bad and disappointing."13/6/2007
Attacks Escalate as Palestinians Fight for Power STEVEN ERLANGER and ISABEL KERSHNER - NY Times - "Fatah forces were ordered Tuesday evening to defend their positions and counter “a coup against the president and against the Palestinian Authority and national unity government.”" 13/6/2007
Underground Economy Laila El-Haddad - A Mother from Gaza - "I`ve been on the move again, this time out of Gaza with Yousuf and my family, after a gruelling two days on the crossing attempt to pass, and a week waiting for the crossing to open." 13/6/2007
Israel Wants Robotic Guns, Missiles To Guard Gaza BorderBARBARA OPALL-ROME - - "The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is creating automated kill zones around the Gaza Strip aimed at halting infiltrations by terrorists, arms smugglers and other hostile individuals......According to Michaeli’s statistics, since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, 14 unarmed Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces at ranges of 100 meters to 800 meters from the perimeter fence. IDF statistics for that same period, however, show seven “terrorists killed” and 12 others wounded in the no-go buffer zone. " 12/6/2007
Fresh violence erupts in Gaza Aljazeera - " Truce between Hamas and Fatah breaks down as EU resumes Palestinian aid" 11/6/2007
`And the land was silent for 40 years`B. Michael - Yedioth Aharonoth - "I wanted to summarize 40 years of occupation. Forty years of slavery, enslavement, destruction, loss of direction and sanity. But, instead of all this, I will tell a story which is entirely true. A story which continues and is happening right now. Tomar Sami Ali Cusabah was born in 1988. A son to Sami and Fatma Cusabah, from the Kalandia refugee camp. They had seven children. In December 2001, I killed Yassir, Tomar`s younger brother. Not with my own hands did I kill him. But I can`t deny that the bullet than killed him was purchased with the help of money collected from me." 11/6/2007
Killing the PalestiniansSonja Karkar -- ZNet -- "It is a wall, the like of which most people cannot imagine – 8 metres high in places and up to 100 metres wide in others and running 720 kilometres the length and breadth of the West Bank – a wall in some places and electrified razor fencing with ditches and a no-man’s land in others. Already 180 kilometres of wall run right through thousands upon thousands of acres of private land – Palestinian land. Half of that wall encircles East Jerusalem, isolating the city from the rest of the occupied West Bank and separating it from its Palestinian neighbourhoods which are dependent on Jerusalem for their survival"11/6/2007
At-Tuwani Reflection: Harvesting in the South Hebron HillsDiane Janzen -- CPT -- "Near the village of Jinba, which is close to an Israeli military base, the Israeli soldiers performed a training exercise with tanks and armed personnel carriers on wheat fields that villagers were just about ready to harvest; this flattened and ruined the crops. On fields near several settlement outposts, Israeli soldiers ordered Palestinians to stop harvesting and leave the area" 11/6/2007
Israeli Army carries out military operations in Hebron area and invades Nablus city and nearby refugee campIMEMC -- 6 civilians were apprehended in Nablus area, 4 in Hebron, 3 of whom are aged 1411/6/2007
At-Tuwani update: 19-31 May 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - another in a regular series of reports on life in a village under Israeli occupation in the southern West Bank10/6/2007
On the West Bank: Muslim graveyard vandalized by followers of biblical war criminalEfrat Weiss - Ynet - The worshippers arrived at the cemetery escorted by soldiers, broke tombstones, and wrote things on them such as “Death to Arabs”. Rabbi Arik Asherman, head of Rabbis for Human Rights, denounced the incident. “As rabbis, we protest this desecration and are reminded of our pain when such acts are committed against us.” According to an official IDF response, the entry of Jewish worshippers into the cemetery was authorized in order to allow them to visit the Yeshua Ben Nun tomb nearby. [EDITOR`S COMMENT: Yeshua Ben Nun is remembered as the perpetrator of genocide on the Canaanites in early Biblical times...]9/6/2007
A Palestinian day`s news: youth killed, child injured, Judge on hunger strike & a lot of nonviolent resistanceIMEMC News Summary - Army kills a youth, injured another / Troops shot and injured a child / Detained Palestinian Judge continues hunger strike / Israeli army attacks non-violent protestors at Bil’in & at Umm Salamoneh & at Ertas village / "Stop the bleeding of Bethlehem" campaign launched in Bethlehem, etc.9/6/2007
Travel restrictions in Jordan Valley remain in place despite Israeli Ministry of Defence directiveJohn Smith-IMEMC & agencies-"After touring checkpoints in the area, B’T Selem stated that the implementation of a directive to allow Palestinians to enter the region was, at best, shoddy. Quoting the example of the Ujja checkpoint near Jericho, the human rights group stated that soldiers stationed at the post were unaware of the change in policy." 8/6/2007
One day`s Palestinian newsIMEMC - - IDF invaded the town of Al Zababdah, causing a blackout / Attacks homes in Hebron, turning them into military posts / An Islamic Jihad activist from Bethlehem kidnapped / Tulkarem invaded, homes ransacked, no kidnappings / A Palestinian killed in renewed internal clashes in southern Gaza Strip / Army resumes cutting trees in Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem 7/6/2007
In praise of the occupationAmira Hass - Haaretz - "...radical change began in January 1991, when Israel revoked the right of all Palestinians to freedom of movement in the whole country and established a regime of permits for limited amounts of time, doled out only to a minority. First the inhabitants of Gaza were cut off from the entire expanse. Then came the turn of the inhabitants of the West Bank. Later the accelerated construction of the Jewish settlements and the building of the bypass roads in the West Bank (all under the cover of "the peace process") cut the northern part of the West Bank off from its southern part and increasingly distanced villages from their lands and their provincial towns.. And this is how we arrived at the present: an archipelago of dozens of small and shrunk enclaves, cut off from one another, with the distance between them increasing. No wonder there is nostalgia for the occupation that existed before 1991!"5/6/2007
25% of illegal W. Bank Jewish housing is on Arab-owned land Uri Blau - Haaretz - "..civil rights activists have long argued that the ["Civil"] administration [of the Occupied Territories] was more concerned with promoting the government`s interests than with the welfare of the population under its jurisdiction "5/6/2007
1967: 40 years of occupation Aljazeera - "Today, despite the dazzling military victory, many uncertainties remain. The unresolved fate of millions of Palestinians, the ongoing violence in Gaza, the recent war in Lebanon with Hezbollah and continuing rocket attacks on Israeli territory have shown all too sharply how many problems from the 1967 war remain unresolved, and how a lasting peace in the region remains far out of reach. "5/6/2007
Temporary life, temporary security Laila El-Haddad - Saturday in Gaza - "You can sense it in people`s tones; the fear of the unknown; of abandonment; of complete and total catastrophe and implosion. Even the head of Rafah`s preventive security branch. "How can I serve and protect our society if I can`t even protect myself?" he confided. "Forget about a two-state solution. Forget about everything. We`d do well to just stay alive now." Meanwhile, Israeli executions and attacks continue unabated. OCHA reports that a total of 53 Palestinians- including five children- have been killed and 185 injured from May 16 to June 1. This does not include two young brothers, 11 and 12, searching for scrap metal..Over the same period, two Israeli soldiers were injured in Gaza, and two Israeli civilians killed. " 5/6/2007
My search for the West Bank`s `invisible` townThe Observer - "Sarah Helm set off by car to see Palestinians in Jenin but soon found that her road map was of no use. In the four decades after the Six-Day War, a labyrinth of walls, unmarked roads and checkpoints has arisen, hiding whole towns from Israeli eyes "5/6/2007
`I can`t stand it any longer`Nag`awa Sheikh - Gaza - Letter to HaAretz - Trans. Judith Green - "...after midnight, they shot three rockets at the area in which we live. Very difficult moments passed over me, I thought my heart would not withstand the pressure, I felt as though I was about to break down. I didn`t know whether to check how my two sons were, to protect the eight-month old baby, or to hide in my husband`s arms. .. I can`t go on living this way. The anxiety and the tension are sucking all my strength from me, as a mother and as a normal person. I ask myself if the Israelis understand this. " 4/6/2007
Israel Refuses Granting Minister of Information Permits into Jerusalem and Gaza Strip; Transfers Minister of State to Administrative Detention 4/6/2007
Israeli military launch a ground incursion into southern Gaza and summon all citizens aged 16 to 45 4/6/2007
Aid money disbursed to PalestiniansKarin Laub -- Associated Press, -- "In Brussels, Belgium, a senior EU diplomat said European countries are eager to go back to the previous system, which included investment in infrastructure projects, schools and hospitals. The diplomat spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media"4/6/2007
`No negotiations:` Olmert rules out cease-fire deal proposed by HamasAgencies -- The Daily Star -- "A Palestinian official said Israeli attacks alone were not responsible for the falloff in rocket launchings. `It is due to mediation efforts by Egypt and by [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas,` the official said"4/6/2007
IOF Kill 2 Palestinian children and wound a third in northern Gaza Strip, and extra-judicially execute a Palestinian resistance activist in the south PCHR Gaza - 1 June 2007, an IOF infantry unit positioned on a wooden land in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahia, nearly 100 meters away from the beach, opened fire at 4 Palestinian children, who were playing with kites near the beach. Three children were wounded, whereas the fourth one was able to escape. Two of the children were left in the area bleeding to death.3/6/2007
Palestinian shot dead in NablusBBC - A Palestinian man has been killed and another seriously injured by Israeli troops in the West Bank town of Nablus.3/6/2007
Hebron Update 15-23 May 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - another week in an Israeli city under Israeli occupation3/6/2007
Husseini`s Koran Yehuda Litani - Ynet - an unfamiliar story about occupiers and those being occupied.2/6/2007
IDF rampaging in Nablus, killings in Gaza, arrests in Hebron, settler attack near Ramallah AP - Haaretz - 1) Dozens of Palestinian shops and homes were damaged, and water, sewage and electrical lines were cut in the West Bank town of Nablus on Saturday by the IDF 2) John Smith/Ghassan Bannoura/Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Israeli and Palestinian sources have confirmed the killing of two children near the former Israeli settlement of Dugit, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The children were scavenging building materials and scrap metal from the site when they were fired upon by Israeli forces stationed at the nearby border with Israel, eyewitnesses reported.2/6/2007
Israel air strike hits Gaza Al Jazeera-"Israel has rebuffed calls by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, for a ceasefire under which Gaza fighters would halt cross-border rocket attacks and Israel would stop its bombing campaign in the coastal strip. Hamas ..says any ceasefire must include an immediate end to all Israeli attacks in both Gaza and the occupied West Bank - a demand rejected repeatedly by Israel."1/6/2007
invasione di ieri a Ramallah_yesterday invasion of RamallahCristina Graziani-Email from Ramallah-"Later the two guys were shot at their legs. One of them was shot at his head from very short distance. .. Before getting completely out of the city, IDF soldiers surrounded the city hospital and entered it to check he was really dead.....accuse, condemn and immediate execution" "1/6/2007
At-Tuwani Update: 25 April - 9 May 2007CPT-Email Update-"..the Israeli military was performing training exercises near the village of Jinba, destroying village wheat fields (flattening the crops) before the villagers had harvested the crops. Dixon and a Dove went to Jinba, documented the destroyed fields, and observed ten armed personnel carriers driving in the fields, or parked on or beside the fields."1/6/2007
Checkpoints compound the risks of childbirth for Palestinian womenHenrietta Aswad -United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)-"Panicking, her mother asked Fatima to lie down and started screaming for help. She covered her daughter with her coat to protect her dignity, while women at the scene gathered around to shelter her from the curiosity of crowds passing by. In the midst of the crowd, without proper care, Fatima gave birth to her fifth child, a baby girl, whom she later named Najat (meaning salvation). In tears, the mother wrapped the newborn in a tiny blanket and held it as she waited for help to come."1/6/2007
Hebron Release: Israeli military inflicts collective punishment on Palestinians in HebronCPT Hebron - On the afternoon of Saturday 2 June, in a clear violation of international law (1), the Israeli military closed a gate in the H2 area (2) of Hebron, preventing the free movement of Palestinians and international tourists. The gate, which leads from the Old City souk to the Ibrahimi Mosque area was closed for half an hour.3/6/2007
To see the agony with my own eyes Hank Silver - I am neither a self-hating nor anti-Semitic Jew. I am proud of and know a good deal about my Jewish religion and culture. The dream of a “Jewish homeland” was a driving force in my family’s life. But I am unalterably opposed to, and for the past several years have actively worked against Israel’s occupation, inhumane treatment and killing of Palestinians.7/6/2007
Six-Day War, long occupation changed livesIBTISAM BARAKAT - Charlotte Observer - "I dream that some day soon, no more children experience war. No more children grow up under occupation. No more children have to put on their shoes every evening to heal an indelible wound."6/6/2007
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