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Life under occupation

Contiguity for settlers not Palestinians IMEMC & Agencies - Israel is attempting to impose unilateral interim arrangements and shape the nature of the final status solution. 15/10/2005
Israeli violations of international law continued in the oPtPCHR - Gaza - reporting period 20 - 26 October 2005 27/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 28 October 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Israeli Army Prevented Worshippers from Reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque; Israeli Soldiers Attacked Anti- Apartheid Wall Rally in Bil`in; Hebron: Israeli Colonizers wounded on Thursday three citizens, including a child; Army invaded Bil’in; Olive Picking Campaign; Gazan children go into sate of Shock because of Israeli Sonic Booms; Palestinian Citizen killed in fresh Israeli air strike on Gaza; Two Palestinians arrested allegedly planning of shooting attack; Army invaded Jenin and its refugee camp; Army invaded Saida village near Tulkarem 28/10/2005
Army air strikes Gaza, seven killed and fifteen injured Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Dr. Mahmoud Asaly, head of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza, reported that seven Palestinians were killed, at least fifteen others were injured, some seriously, after the Israeli air-force shelled Tal Al Zaatar area, in the northern part o the Gaza Strip. 28/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 27 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Israeli forces invade Jenin and arrest Islamic Jihad leader; Soldiers invade Hebron, arrest two; Resident arrested south of Tulkarem; Paratroopers dropped east of Tubas; last night:Resident arrested in Sielet Al Harithiyya.27/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 26 October 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Several arrests in the Bethlehem area; “Palestinian gunmen fire Qassam shells at army post in Gaza”; Settlers attack Palestinian homes in Hebron; Resident arrested in Sielet Al Harithiyya; Settlers install six illegal outposts in the West Bank; Colonizers to Establish new Colony in Hebron; Al-Quds: Ending Violence is an Israeli Responsibility; 26/10/2005
Beit Furiq checkpoint - Mahsom Watch report, October 23 2005Tal Haran - Mahsom Watch - After the whole team spent some time at Hawara, two of us continued to Beit Furiq. 26/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 25 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Settlers attacked Jett village east of Qalqilia; Army took over a house in Al Tabaqa village; Army invaded Al Samoa` village; 5 Citizens were wounded, including Infant, by Israeli Air Raids; Army invaded Jenin, arrested three people; IOF Arrests 3 Citizens in WB; Cancer patient denied entry into Jerusalem for medical treatment; Mother of two prisoners died: her last wish was to see her two jailed sons; Resident injured in Ramallah; Army invaded Marda village; From the Palestinian media; 25/10/2005
PA plans to disarm Al Aksa BrigadesKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - The Palestinian Authority announced on Sunday a security plan aimed at disbanding the armed wing of Fatah and recruiting hundreds of its members to the security forces. 23/10/2005
Divisions within Fatah may delay voteBy Khaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Ppst - A renewed power struggle between the young guard and the old guard in the ruling Fatah party may force Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to once again postpone primary elections to choose the party`s candidates for next January`s parliamentary vote. 22/10/2005
Tension mounts in Gaza after Israeli attacksAgence France Presse - GAZA CITY - Tensions mounted in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday after Israel launched air and artillery strikes following Palestinian rocket attacks to avenge the killing of a militant. 25/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 24 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Israeli Soldiers Wound Citizen in Ramallah; Qassam shells fired at Sderot; 22 residents arrested in Hebron on Monday; Army invades Bil`in, arrests two; Four arrested in Beit Fouriq Village; Israeli court sentences detainee to four and half years; Israeli court sentences detainee to four and half years; Editorials and articles in Palestinian Dailies; 24/10/2005
Israel arrested 26 Palestinians in West BankAgence France Presse - JERUSALEM - Twenty-six Palestinians were detained overnight by Israeli forces as part of an ongoing wave of arrests in the occupied West Bank, military sources said on Monday. 24/10/2005
Extra-Judicial Assassination in TulkaremPalestine Center for Human Rights - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) committed another extra-judicial assassination yesterday evening, killing two. One of them was Lo’ay El-Sa’di, the leader of the Al-Quds Brigades (the armed branch of Islamic Jihad). 24/10/2005
The Third Day of Olive Picking Campaign 2005 in NahalinWAFA - For the third consecutive day, the campaign of olive picking 2005, in different areas of the West Bank (WB) was continued, JAI sources said.24/10/2005
Quartet envoy: Israel acting as if disengagement never happenedAmira Hass - Ha`aretz - In a letter sent last week to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and the foreign ministries of Britain, Russia and the United States, Wolfensohn wrote: "The Government of Israel, with its important security concerns, is loath to relinquish control, almost acting as though there has been no withdrawal, delaying making difficult decisions and preferring to take difficult matters back into slow-moving subcommittees."24/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 22 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Army set up three military checkpoints on the Nablus Qalqila road; Settlers attack schoolgirls in Hebron; Army setup three military checkpoints on the Nablus Qalqila road; 17 residents arrested in the West Bank; Home Blew up in WB; Army killed two Palestinians near Tulkarem; Resistance exchanges fire with the army in; Editorial and Articles in Palestinian Dailies;22/10/2005
Policing Gaza`s peculiar frontier Jon Leyne - BBC News - The Jordan Times - SOUTHERN GAZA — For years it was one of the most bitterly contested areas in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now the Palestinians are proudly back in control of their own border with Egypt. 22/10/2005
Hurricane GazaYacov Ben Efrat - The Electronic Intifada - As a unilateral act, Israel`s disengagement from the Gaza Strip raises basic questions for both sides in the conflict. For Israel, there is the question of how to define its deed: "Should we declare that the occupation of Gaza is over?" No less important are the questions Palestinians are asking: "Is this a victory? If so, who should get credit?" 9/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 21 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Robots used against peaceful protest in Bil’in; IOF Prevents Thousands of Citizens from Praying in al-Aqsa; Two Palestinians killed by Israel IOF Prevents Palestinian Patients from Traveling for Treatment; Four residents arrested south of Jenin; Two residents arrested near Ramallah; Bean bags are army`s latest weapon against Bil’in peaceful protests; The Rafah Border crossing to open Sunday and Monday; Economic Losses Cost at $15.6 Billion since the beginning of the Intifada"; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies 21/10/2005
Settler saboteurs target Palestinian olive treesSa`id Ghazali and Eric Silver - The Independent - Mahfuz Abu al Nasr, a Palestinian farmer from the West Bank village of Salem, was grieving yesterday over the wreckage of his livelihood. Jewish settlers had come in the night and destroyed 30 olive trees he planted a decade ago. 21/10/2005
ISM UpdatesNeta Golan - ISM - Among other items: A Special Forces Fairytale, Bil`in, Oct 15; Everybody Must Get Stoned, by Joe Carr Injured in Bil`in, Oct 15; Every Inch Counts for West Bank Barrier, Ramit Plushnick-Masti, AP, Oct 14; Nablus, Watch towers and roadblocks, Oct 16; Police `too busy` to come to scene of stoning of Palestinian schoolgirls, by Paul,Oct 13; 21/10/2005
Israel plans West Bank `apartheid` roadsAl Jazeera - Israel is considering a permanent ban on Palestinians using major roads in the occupied West Bank, security sources have said, drawing Palestinian condemnation of the idea as a form of apartheid. 20/10/2005
Israeli violations of international law continued in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) during the reporting period (13-19 October 2005)PCHR - IOF may escalate the policy of extra-judicial killing officially adopted by the Israeli political and security establishments against Palestinian activists. 20/10/2005
Huwwara checkpoint, daily suffering for the Palestinian residents Palestine News Network - Translated by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Crossing through Huwwara checkpoint, south of Nablus, is considered one of the difficult tasks, mixed with suffering and humiliation the Palestinian residents have to go through on daily basis. 20/10/2005
AP Interview: Bethlehem Mayor Pleads for Financial Aid David Gram - Associated Press - The mayor of Bethlehem, West Bank, said Tuesday his city is in such financial straits that it couldn`t make its payroll last month, and is getting "zero" help from Christian churches that regard the city as Jesus Christ`s birthplace. 18/10/2005
PA has no intent to disarm militant groupsBy Khaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - On the eve of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas`s visit to Washington, the PA announced that it has no intention of disarming Hamas or other armed groups. 18/10/2005
Fatah activists resign en masseKhaled Abu Toamheh - The Jerusalem Post - Citing the lack of accountability and democracy, dozens of Fatah activists in the Gaza Strip resigned on Tuesday in a move that is likely to deepen division in the ruling party that is led by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. 18/10/2005
Palestinian refugees may yield weaponsAssociated Press - Ein El- Hilweh, Lebanon - Syria`s pullout from Lebanon has prompted Palestinians in refugee camps here to negotiate with Lebanon over giving up some weapons - a key demand of the United Nations and United States that would have been unthinkable just a year ago. 17/10/2005
PA claims it stopped 17 terror attacksMathew Guttman - The Jerusalem Post - The Palestinian Authority capped a largely disastrous first month of rule in the Gaza Strip with an announcement late Saturday night that it prevented 17 terrorist attacks and confiscated a significant amount of weapons. 17/10/2005
A Palestinian Perspective on the CheckpointsDr. Said Zeedani Al-Quds University "The extensive documentation conducted by human rights and humanitarian organizations (local and international) over the five years of Intifada has depicted a general picture of how the checkpoints restrict the movement of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories."20/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 20 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Army invades Hebron, arrests six residents; Settlers attack homes, properties in Hebron; Arab resident of Israel arrested over ties with Hamas; Army claims soldiers arrested a youth carrying a mortar shell; Resistance fighters open fire at army force near Gaza Strip; Settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem; Call to Release a Birzeit University Student Unreasonably Imprisoned by Israel for 3 Years and Half 20/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 18 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Soldiers fire at two residents near Ramallah; Pipe-bomb hurled at the army near Jerusalem; Palestinians stranded at Rafah Crossing go on hunger strike; Army seals off Hebron for the second day in row, arrests two; Army invades Aida refugee camp; Pipe-bomb hurled at the army near Jerusalem; From the Palestinian Media; 18/10/2005
Extra-Judicial Execution in JeninPalestine Centre for Human Rights - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) committed another extra-judicial execution crime yesterday evening . The victim was Nehad Khaled Abu Ghanem, 33 years old from the village of Barqeen, west of Jenin. 18/10/2005
Palestinian shepherds attacked near Havat Ma`on (Hill 833)CPT Hebron - At-TUWANI - Palestinian shepherds from the village of Mufakara were attacked outside the illegal Israeli outpost of Havot Ma`on (Hill 833) early Sunday morning. The shepherds escaped injury from the armed attackers but one goat was killed and a sheep mortally injured. 17/10/2005
Palestinian Leadership ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ That Cooperation with Israel Will Help ‘Ease Gaza’s Suffocation’ Negotiations Affairs Department - (PLO) - Last night, the Quartet’s Special Envoy James Wolfensohn and his aides convened high-level talks on opening the Rafah crossing point between Egypt and the Gaza Strip 11/10/2005
FAO to Track Poverty in Gaza and West Bank in Bid to Stem Hunger UN News Center - In a bid to help reduce the number of hungry people in the West Bank and Gaza, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) today announced plans to provide the Palestinian Authority with updated information on poor households and groups and the causes of their food insecurity. 13/10/2005
Palestinian Olive Harvest Begins Under the Shadow of Israeli Restrictions on MovementThe Israeli Information Center for Human Rights - “B’Tselem” - This year`s olive harvest season in the West Bank has begun. The harvest comes in the wake of extensive damage to the groves during the construction of the Separation Barrier, and strict restrictions on movement imposed on Palestinian farmers trying to access their land west of the Barrier.11/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 17 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Armed Colonizers Share Oppressing Palestinian Civilians; IOF Officially Strangulates Palestinian Cities by the newly imposed traffic restrictions; Army invades three villages in Salfit area; Seven residents arrested west of Jenin; Settlers take over a military checkpoint, attack residents; One resident arrested in Tubas; Army invades Qaffeen village, arrests four; Soldiers arrest 18 residents in the W. Bank; 17/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 15 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Twenty Palestinians arrested for “illegal entry” into Israel; 30 university students detained in Hebron; Resident arrested east of Hebron; Four residents arrested north of Ramallah; Dozens detained in Jerusalem; Once again Undercover Units used against peaceful protests in Bil’in; 15/10/2005
Hebron report: Life in Tel Rumeida Unbearable WAFA - Shelli Stanley, an activist working for the Tel Rumeida Project in Hebron, said, in article, If Tel Rumeida is viewed as a microcosm of the Israeli plan for Palestine, the sometimes subtle realities of Palestinian life under occupation and the type of Palestinian state Israel desires can be more easily comprehended.15/10/2005
The Yossy Bachar Horror Show "Breaking The Silence" - How can a regiment commander murder\kill a boy for...touching? There was an operation where we were supposed to enter the city. We called it “Yossi Bachar’s Horror Show”. 15/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 13 - 14 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA -Four arrested at a military roadblock near Jenin; Three arrested in Tubas; 3 residents injured, 4 internationals arrested in Bil’in; “Wall Kills Human Values”; Soldiers bulldoze small hill, grazing land, near Salfit; Detainees facing bad treatment, abuse; Detainee suffering complications as a result of medical neglect; Army invaded Salfit, arrested a resident; Army invaded Ramallah; Resistance fired at the army near Tulkarem; Resident arrested near Hebron; Israeli police to level a home in Jerusalem;14/10/2005
The story of Hassan Jaber Eid and his burnt olive treesDavid Nir - Yesterday and today, a delegation of the Rabbis for Human Rights secured Jaber in reaching his plot – first time in three years.14/10/2005
Report: "Detainees, legal Status and Facts" Saed Bannoura - IMEMC -Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association – Ad Dameer, reported that ending the military rule over the Gaza Strip should include the release of all of the Gaza Strip detainees since the Israeli withdrawal and “ending the occupation” cannot be considered complete if the detainees remain imprisoned.13/10/2005
UN expert: Israel puts human rights defenders at "grave risk"Hina Jilani - OHCHR - "I have just concluded my official visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in my capacity as the Special Representative of the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General on human rights defenders."13/10/2005
PA says report into Arafat`s death inconclusive Symptoms `could not be explained`Agence France Presse (AFP) - RAMALLAH, West Bank: A report released by a Palestinian ministerial commission charged with investigating the causes of President Yasser Arafat`s death has proved inconclusive, Prime Minister Ahmad Qorei said. 13/10/2005
Qorei insists his Cabinet will not resign earlyDaily Star staff - Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei said his government would not quit before its mandatory resignation next month, defying calls by legislators who said it had failed to halt armed chaos. 13/10/2005
Some Relief for Gaza’s FishermenPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - After two weeks, of being completely prevented from accessing the sea, Gaza’s fishermen have been allowed back out to the sea, under the watchful eye of Israeli military air and sea crafts. 10/10/2005
A View from Jerusalem: Challenges for Palestinian Health CareSonia Nettnin - Palestine Media Center - At the Chicago Sabeel Conference Dr. Tawfiq Nasser spoke about the restrictions of Palestinian access to health care caused by Israel’s wall and military occupation.11/10/2005
Hebron ReflectionJerry Levin - CPTnet Hebron - These days CPT is checking the goals the Hebron team has set for itself against what Palestinian colleagues here think they should be or should have been all along.10/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 10 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA -Settlers grab lands near Bethlehem; Israel bars Dutch delegates from entering P.A area, arrest one member; Army reopened Soufa Crossing; Resident arrested near Hebron; Israeli Soldiers Arrested 5 Citizens, Stormed Ibrahimi Mosque; Soldiers attack 30 residents near Nablus; Army invaded village near Nablus; Three residents killed in the Gaza Strip; Two Palestinians killed in Gaza; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 10/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 9 October 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Two youth arrested at Huwwara checkpoint; Palestinian Fighter killed near Nablus; Child injured, arrested in Surif village, near Hebron; Soldiers arrested shepherds east of Tubas; Israeli Army Wounded a Child, Arrested 3 Citizens in WB; Palestinian arrested south of Jerusalem; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies 9/10/2005
Palestinian groups denounce infightingAl Jazeera Net - Rival Palestinian resistance groups have put up a united front to denounce inter-factional kidnappings and violence that have undermined calls by President Mahmoud Abbas for law and order in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 8/10/2005
PCHR publishes its weekly report on military violationsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The Palestinian Center for Human Rights published its weekly report which documents the Israeli violations in the occupied territories in the period between September 29 and October 5, 2005.9/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 8 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - ICAHD: Israeli Army to Demolish 41 Houses in Sawia; Israeli Army Arrested 4 Citizens, Wounded a Child in WB; Army sealed off Marda village; Seven residents arrested in Hussan; PCHR weekly report on military violations; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies8/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 7 October 2005IMEMC, WAFA & Ha`aretz - As UN Official Visits Bil`in, Israeli Oppression Continues; Israeli Army wounded citizens, arrested 2 in WB; DFLP leader sentenced to 25 years; Soldiers arrested Dean of Sharia College in Nablus; Twenty youth detained in near Salfit; Soldiers detain two children near Salfit; Resident arrested in Hebron, another injured; Three Hamas leaders kidnapped by unknown gunmen; Palestinian police launch major West Bank crackdown; 7/10/2005
Corrected Hebron Report Jerry Levin - CPT - Hebron CPTers lock themselves in to keep angry settlers out during hour long rampage through the Old City 7/10/2005
At-Tuwani Update: 22 September - 4 OctoberCPTnet - Morning school patrol was thirty minutes late. While waiting for the children to arrive from Tuba, Matt Chandler observed settler security and army confronting Palestinian shepherds in Jawiyya. Chandler observed soldiers grabbing one of the Palestinian men. By the time the school patrol was completed, both the army and settler security had driven away from the area. 7/10/2005
Closer to the red lineKhalid Amayreh - Al Ahram Weekly - Ground battles in Gaza between the PA and Hamas reflect the ascendancy of the Islamic resistance movement as Fatah fights for breath, reports Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank 7/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 6 October 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Cocktail bomb hurled at a settlers` car near Ramallah; Israeli army invades Tubas; clashes between students and soldiers in Hebron; 7 Israeli right-wingers detained in Jericho; Headlines from today`s Palestinian press6/10/2005
News flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories - 5.10.2005IMEMC and Wafa - Resident arrested at Huwwara checkpoint; Army invades Kufr AL-Diek village; 12:10 Army installs a checkpoint east of Qalqila; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 5/10/2005
Hamas: US, Israel provoking tensionsal-Jazeera - The political leader of a Palestinian resistance movement has said the US and Israel are responsible for last week`s clashes between Hamas activists and Palestinian security forces in the Gaza Strip.6/10/2005
The house that became a war zoneChris McGreal - The Guardian - "The first soldiers to arrive on Khalil Bashir`s doorstep in Gaza five years ago explained the new geography of his home in terms he understood only too well. His three-storey house was to be like the West Bank, the Israeli officer said, with its areas of divided security and administrative control. "5/10/2005
Israeli pamphlets dropped on Gaza threaten attack, expulsion of civiliansThe Palestine Monitor - Israeli planes dropped pamphlets on the Gaza Strip recently, warning residents that if home-made rocket attacks by Palestinian militants continue, Israeli attacks by F-16 fighter jets against Palestinian civilian areas would also continue.5/10/2005
200 detainees transferred to administrative detention Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Ofer Israeli military court transferred 200 out of 500 Palestinian detainees to administrative detention without trial; the court said it does not have the time to prosecute them." 5/10/2005
Soldiers break into cells in Al Maskobiyya Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli under-cover military units, members of the Nahshon division, broke on Tuesday afternoon, into the cells of Al Maskobiyya detention facility, and attacked the detainees." 5/10/2005
News flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 3.10.2005IMEMC and WAFA - Total Closure on OPT; Army claims uncovering weapons near Hebron; The court indicted and sentenced to life-term detainee Mohammad Mustafa for firing at a settler’s car in the West Bank on June 2003; one Israeli child was killed; Palestinian child injured in Tammoun; From Palestinian daily Al Ayyam; 3/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 29 October 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Three arrested in Al Rashaida village; Army attacks residents in AL Khader village; Troops invade Hebron, several surrounding villages; Four residents arrested in Bil’in; New Israeli air strikes in Gaza; Army invaded Nablus, resistance detonates explosive; Army plans to create “security zone” in the central Gaza Strip; From the Palestinian Media; 29/10/2005
Artillery shelling and false raids in the skies of Gaza stripAl Quds editorial - JMCC - The Israeli leadership heightened the state of alert and military readiness in the areas of Tulkarem and Gaza Strip fearing Palestinian armed attacks against Israeli targets following the assassination of Luay Sa`adi, Commander of al-Quds Brigades in the West Bank, and Majed al-Ashqar in a military operation executed last Sunday evening in the area of Tulkarem.25/10/2005
Artillery shelling and false raids in the skies of Gaza stripAl Quds editorial - JMCC - The Israeli leadership heightened the state of alert and military readiness in the areas of Tulkarem and Gaza Strip fearing Palestinian armed attacks against Israeli targets following the assassination of Luay Sa`adi, Commander of al-Quds Brigades in the West Bank, and Majed al-Ashqar in a military operation executed last Sunday evening in the area of Tulkarem.25/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 23 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Two fighters killed in Tulkarem; Two Israeli policemen stabbed in the West Bank; 12 residents arrested in Hebron, one injured; Resident arrested north of Tulkarem; Citizen Wounded, 23 Arrested in West Bank; Israeli army kills 19-year-old youth over false suspecions; Second Day of Olive Picking near Beit Sahour; From the Palestinian Media23/10/2005
Israel plans separate roads for West Bank PalestiniansAgence France Presse - JERUSALEM - Israel was Wednesday considering the imposition of a permanent ban on Palestinians using major highways in the West Bank in a bid to improve security for settlers living in the occupied territory. 19/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 19 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Army stops school students from attending their schools in Hebron; Children injured in Hebron area; child detainees attacked in Ofer; clashes in Aroob camp; army invaded Jenin, Kharass, and Dheishe and Aida refugee camps; From today`s Palestinian press19/10/2005
200 members of Fateh resign Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Two-hundred members of Fateh movement in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, submitted their resignations from the movement in protest to the bad conditions in the movement.19/10/2005
Gaza struggles to build health care after pulloutJui Chakravorty - Reuters - "I need to go for a test so they can see if my arteries are blocked. But they won`t give me a permit to enter Israel, and I can`t do it in Gaza." 17/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 16 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - Israeli Army officer accused of abusing an Imam; Israeli Army invaded Qalqilia; Fighter arrested near Nablus; Five arrested south of Hebron; Isareli Army Arrested 7 Citizens in WB; From the Palestinian press; 16/10/2005
Settlers install tents, attack a child in Hebron Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "A local source in Hebron reported on Monday that settlers attacked a nine-year-old child in the West Bank city of Hebron, and installed tents on lands they annexed in Wad Al Nassarah neighborhood in the city."3/10/2005
Full closure imposed over the Palestinian territories Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli army imposed full closure over the Palestinian occupied territories, and increased military presence in the central cities and junctions in Israel as it starts Jewish New Year celebrations on Monday evening. Dozens of roadblocks were installed in the Palestinian areas as part of the full closure which will last until Thursday at dawn." 3/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 2 October 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Youth injured near Nablus; villages invaded near Tul Karem; four arrested near Hebron; international volunteers join the Palestinian olive harvest; from today`s Palestinian press 2/10/2005
Sleeping in Gaza is Different Rami Almeghari - IMEMC - "I woke up from my sleep, finding my three little kids, Ghadir (9), Rawan (6) and Fadi (4), crying fearfully in my room, saying Dad, Dad”.2/10/2005
Fatah scores over Hamas in local pollsAl-Jazeera/AP - Final results have showed the Fatah movement of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas making an unexpectedly strong showing against key rival Hamas in local elections in dozens of West Bank towns and villages.2/10/2005
Fatah success in local election BBC - The governing Fatah movement of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has made an unexpectedly strong showing in local elections in the West Bank.2/10/2005
Palestine`s first Octoberfest in TaybehMaureen Clare Murphy - Electronic Intifada - There`s a first time for everything, and this weekend it was Palestine`s first Octoberfest-styled beer festival, held in Taybeh village.2/10/2005
News flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 1.10.2005IMEMC & WAFA - Soldiers occupy a home in Hebron; Settler rams a 11 year old child with his car in Qalqilia; Army installs a checkpoint Hebron; Detainee sentenced to 14 years; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; Soldiers invade three villages near Tulkarem; 1/10/2005
Faction Says Israel Blast Avenging AssassinationsPalestine Chronicle - "Five Israelis were killed and 30 others wounded when a Palestinian blew himself up by a market in Hadera.." 27/10/2005
Israeli Strike Kills Seven in GazaPalestine Chronicle - "Five of the victims are believed to be civilian bystanders with no connection to the activists.." 27/10/2005
Palestinians pledge new crackdown on illegal armsReuters - The Palestinian interior minister vowed on Saturday to crack down further on armed groups saying he would deal "firmly and seriously" with illegal weapons manufacturing workshops and storage sites. 29/10/2005
Palestinians seek halt to Israeli bombings in GazaNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - Palestinians called on Saturday for swift international intervention to stop a series of Israeli air strikes on Gaza that have knocked out electricity to several thousand homes and blasted deep craters in roads. 30/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 12 October 2005IMEMC and WAFA - Arrests in Bethlehem, Azza Camp, Hebron, Zahria, Tammoon; American and British Journalists kidnapped in Gaza; Settlers attack a Pal. Family near Salfit; From today`s Palestinian press; 12/10/2005
But do Jews drive out Arabs?Raphael Falk - I returned from the Hebron tour unable to believe what I had seen with my own eyes: a brutal and systematic ethnic cleansing of the Arab residents is being carried out there.12/10/2005
Palestinians demand release of 20 key prisoners; Samir Kuntar on the listDaily Star staff The Palestinians are demanding Israel release 20 key prisoners, including a well-known West Bank uprising leader and a Lebanese militant who has been in jail since 1979, a Palestinian official said. 12/10/2005
What will happen to Samer?Dianne Roe - CPT Hebron - Samer had just been released from prison when I met him in 1990. He was seven years old. The Israeli authorities said he had been throwing stones. They released Samer as soon as his father paid them some money. 11/10/2005
Outgunned: The PA`s Security Challenges in GazaPeter Muller - The Electronic Intifada - "At least give us enough bullets to protect people and protect our stations," exclaimed a Palestinian police officer after he stormed the parliament building in Gaza City on the afternoon of October 3rd.12/10/2005
An Urgent Appeal - End Closures of the Gaza StripGaza Community Mental Health Program and Physicians for Human Rights - The Israeli forces imposed a strict and comprehensive closure on all of its borders with the Gaza Strip, putting 1.4 million Palestinians under complete siege for indefinite period. This situation is converting the Strip into a closed prison, where no access to the outside world is allowed. Thousands of patients, students, and other traveling citizens are stranded at the border for weeks.11/10/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories, 11 October 2005IMEMC & WAFA - The Israeli Army mounted an intensive arrest-campaign throughout the WB; Army invaded many localities and about 20 residents were arrested all over the West Bank, in Hebron, Nablus, Jenin and the Tulkarem area; Army invaded Yasouf village, east of Salfit, Kufer Qaddoum and Huwwara and imposed curfew; Army turned home into military outpost; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 11/10/2005
ISRAEL/ Palestinian villagers and Israeli peace activists in Bil`in village in the West Bank"Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Palestinian villagers and Israeli peace activists in the West Bank village of Bil’in. Israeli forces are increasingly using excessive force against them as they demonstrate peacefully every week against the construction of the fence/wall which is cutting them off from most of their land and depriving them of their livelihood. "4/10/2005
Relaxing The Grip But Not The HoldJerry Levin - Christian Peacemaker Team - commentary and report from Hebron. From The Inside Looking Out: Report-60. "The primacy of Israeli security as THE issue makes sense so long as one does not take into account or selectively ignores the West Bank occupation elephant in the room which is not being cited or identified often enough in periodicals that count."4/10/2005
Cheers! Palestinians lift their glasses to the first beer festival in the Occupied Territories Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "So the Taybeh festival was partly a way of rising above these recent afflictions; and partly to spearhead a "buy-Palestinian" campaign among West Bank residents to help the devastated economy in Taybeh.."4/10/2005
News flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories - 4.10.2005IMEMC and WAFA - 200 detainees transferred to administrative detention; Resistance fired at Huwwara checkpoint; Arrests in different locations; Palestinian woman shot killed near Nablus; Soldiers invade Tubas; Editorials and articles from Palestiniam dailies; 4/10/2005
In Gaza, a Physician Works as a Taxi Driver Rami Almeghari -IMEMC - "Ali went onto saying, with sighs of bitterness, that due to being unemployed along the past years, in which he hasn`t given up looking for a suitable job in any governmental, UN-based or private hospitals, he had to work as a driver eventually. "4/10/2005
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