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Life under occupation

Extra-judicial executions in Nablus; houses destroyed in GazaPCHR Gaza - on 29 July 2006, the IOF extra-judicially killed a member of the al-Quds Brigades and a civilian who accompanied him.30/7/2006
Israel assassinates Islamic Jihad activist in NablusSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - A local source in Nablus reported that soldiers assassinated Ameed Al Masry, after firing a live round at his head, and seriously injured Hani Oweijan, also in his head. 30/7/2006
Israeli Tanks Move Back Into Gaza StripIbrahim Barzak -- The Guardian -- "The army had said its withdrawal Friday was temporary and did not mean its monthlong offensive in the Gaza Strip was over"29/7/2006
This Week in Palestine, July Week 4 IMEMC & Agencies -- Anti-Wall protest in Al-Khader and Bil’in wins a court ruling. During the reported period, the Israeli army killed 38 Palestinians, 21 were civilians. At least 146 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were injured29/7/2006
UNICEF: Palestinian Children Hit Hardest in ongoing Gaza CrisisWAFA Palestine News Agency - "Children of all ages are afraid", adding that "they have nightmares. Parents in Gaza tell us that children won`t let go of their mothers. They are afraid to get out of the houses".28/7/2006
Shalom, Mahmoud. Your House is about to be BombedAssociated Press -"Othman Shbeir, ...initially dismissed as a joke the telephoned warning he had received, until neighbors told him that a nearby house of an Islamic Jihad activist had been bombed the same night. Days later, his three-story house is empty."28/7/2006
On a Red Cross mission of mercy when Israeli air force came callingRobert Fisk - The Independent -"They were begging us to take them with us and we had no ability to do that," Saidi says with deep emotion. "Their eyes were filled with tears."28/7/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryPCHR (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)-"During this incursion, IOF killed 17 Palestinians and wounded 125 others. They also destroyed 207 donums of land, 13 houses and the civilian infrastructure of the camp."28/7/2006
Babies among dead on Gaza front lineAnne Penketh and Daniel Howden - The Independent - "Only the bloodstains on their white shrouds spoke of the tragedy that had unfolded. Two Palestinian girls, one just eight months old, were dead. They were killed when an Israeli tank shell struck a house near Jabalya in the besieged Gaza Strip." 27/7/2006
Israel Predicts Long Fight With Hezbollah After 9 Troops KilledJonathan Ferziger and Maher Chmaytelli - Bloomberg - "Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said fighting with Hezbollah will continue longer than expected after the most intense gun battles yet of the 16-day-old conflict in which nine soldiers died in southern Lebanon." 27/7/2006
24 Palestinians killed, at least seventy injured in GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli troops killed on twenty-four Palestinians, including three children, on Wednesday, and injured at least 70 residents in Al Sha`af in Al Shijaeeya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, Palestinian medical and security sources reported. List of casualties is included in the report." 27/7/2006
Four from one family killed and 3 injured in Gaza; 20 killed in el-Maghazi and NablusPCHR Gaza - A mother, her 2 sons, and the sons` nephew were killed by an artillery shell that fell on their house in Shejaeya Quarter in Gaza City23/7/2006
Almost 10,000 Palestinians currently detained in Israeli prisons, states Ministry of Prisoners` AffairsMaan News Agency -- "359 children are currently detained in Israeli prisons [...] Three of the child detainees are female. 131 of the 359 child detainees have received a sentence and 223 are awaiting investigation. 5 children are imprisoned under administrative detention. The report also claims that 99 percent of the child detainees are showing various signs of torture. It appears that the child detainees have been subject to practices such as bags being placed over their heads, severe beatings, death threats, and attempts to exploit them and also to conscript them into the Israeli intelligence services"21/7/2006
Human Shields B`Tselem -- "The Israeli soldiers who took over the buildings used the occupants as human shields. They placed civilians on the staircase, next to the rooms where the soldiers were located, with the intention of deterring the armed Palestinians from attacking the building and/or so that the civilians would be located between the soldiers and the armed Palestinians, should the latter manage to penetrate the building and try to shoot them. The soldiers used one of the occupants to open the doors of the apartments, apparently out of fear that other persons were hiding there and would open fire when the door was opened" 21/7/2006
Israel kills five in GazaReuters -- Aljazeera -- "The Israeli attack killed the Hamas fighter and four of his relatives, including his mother and two of her grandchildren"21/7/2006
Gaza Doctors: "We will run out of medical supplies soon if offensive continues" Ghassan H Bannoura -- IMEMC – “Several doctors working in different hospitals in the Gaza strip […] confirmed the use of non-conventional weapons [...] Dr. Saeed Jodah told us, ‘When the shrapnel hits the body, it causes very strong burns that destroy the tissues around the bones. When this shrapnel enters the body, it burns and destroys internal organs, like the liver, kidneys, the spleen and other organs, and makes saving the wounded almost impossible. As a surgeon, I have seen thousands of wounds during the Intifada, but nothing was like this weapon’"21/7/2006
Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory As the international community has remained silent, IOF have continued to wage a full scale offensive on the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip. PCHR, monitoring with utmost concern the developments of this offensive, calls upon the international community, particularly the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and United Nations Agency, to immediately intervene to force IOF to stop this offensive and allow the passage of foodstuffs, medical supplies and fuels into the Gaza Strip21/7/2006
Troops kill 12 Palestinians in Gaza Strip, West BankThe Jordan Times - "Israeli troops killed 12 Palestinians in clashes in the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank on Wednesday, medics said, including four fighters and two civilians as tanks pushed into a central Gaza refugee camp." 20/7/2006
62 die in Israeli air raids as foreigners flee LebanonThe Jordan Times - "ISRAELI AIR STRIKES on Lebanon killed 61 civilians and a Hizbollah fighter on Wednesday, the deadliest toll of the eight-day-old war, as thousands of villagers fled north and more foreigners were evacuated." 20/7/2006
Hizbollah`s rockets have Arabs and Israelis in their sights Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "In this asymmetrical war, the Israeli death toll is only a very small fraction of the one over the border. But it is slowly rising. Rabbia and Mahmoud were the 14th and 15th Israeli civilians to die in the past week, killed by the shrapnel that flew more than 30 feet from where last night the crater ­ perhaps three and half feet by three ­ and the smashed window frames of the adjacent houses testified to the force of the blast."20/7/2006
Thousands flock to hills, parks and schools, but no place safe from bombsJonathan Steele - The Guardian - "In small pockets of misery and distress tucked away across Beirut, thousands of Lebanese refugees are sheltering from Israel`s relentless bombing. Up to half a million people have been displaced throughout Lebanon, according to according to Roberto Laurenti, the Beirut representative of the United Nations Children`s Fund, sparking a humanitarian disaster." 20/7/2006
Voices from the conflict: Tuesday BBC News - "Civilians in Lebanon, Israel and the occupied territories are increasingly affected by the conflict. Here are some of their stories." 19/7/2006
IOF Storms WAFA Office in Ramallah WAFA - "In the same time, the IOF stormed the HQ of Ramallah Governorate, ransacked the property and arrested five citizens." 19/7/2006
From Lama in GazaLama - "The same aggressor everywhere, Israel. The same F16s, the same Apaches, the same canons, the same soldiers and always the same excuses." 18/7/2006
IOF offensive continues in Gaza: 3 killed, 10 woundedPCHR Gaza - Press Release - PCHR strongly condemns the continued killing of Palestinian civilians and destruction of civilian facilities in the Gaza Strip by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), which have been exercising disproportionate and lethal force.16/7/2006
Israel returns to northern Gaza BBC - Israeli forces have moved back into the northern Gaza Strip, a week after withdrawing during an operation to recover a captured soldier. Troops and tanks, backed by helicopters, moved towards the town of Beit Hanoun early on Sunday. Three were killed and eight wounded by an Israeli air strike, Palestinian medical sources said.16/7/2006
Show of support for West Bank villageRachel"Residents have been demonstrating for a year and a half against the wall, which has taken about half of the village`s land....A Jewish settlement, Mattityahu East, has already been built on some of the land taken for the barrier."15/7/2006
Access from At-Tuwani to Yatta blocked -CPT Report from HebronCPT (Christian Peacemaker Team) - "The soldiers told the villagers that they would have to take a detour of about 15 kilometers to Zif where a gate was open and then drive along the Israeli bypass road to get to At-Tuwani. "15/7/2006
IOF Offensive Continues in the Gaza Strip - 3 Palestinians Killed and 10 Others Wounded in 3 Separate AttacksPCHR (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights) -Press Release- "Palestinian Centre for Human Rights " arbitrary attack that endangers the lives of civilians and their property, especially if prior knowledge indicates that civilians could be killed or wounded, or property be damaged, is a war crime.." 15/7/2006
Gunmen blast a hole in the Gaza-Egypt wall to free the stranded Palestinians Maan News Agency - "Khan Younis- Ma`an- Angry Palestinian gunmen detonated Friday a large explosive device in the Gaza-Egypt border wall in order to enable the Palestinians who are stuck on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing to pass into Gaza."15/7/2006
Catalogue of horrorErica Silverman - Al-Ahram - "How long can Israel get away with it? This is the question, two weeks into an offensive on Gaza that Israeli military personnel say may last for months. Israel`s Gaza offensive is prohibited by international law as both collective punishment and a reversal of the duties of an occupying power "14/7/2006
Covering up GazaThe state of Israel, fearful of the truth, continues to control media coverage of its brutal occupation, writes Jonathan Cook in Al-Ahram14/7/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 6-12.7.06Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "IOF kill 79 Palestinians, 76 of them in the Gaza Strip. 19 children, 2 women, and 3 handicapped are among the dead. University lecturer, his wife, and 7 of their children among the dead; a woman and 2 of her children among the dead. 266 Palestinians, including 63 children and 14 females, were wounded by the IOF. "14/7/2006
And the Occupation machine keeps grindingDavid Nir - "At the end of the previous week, the people of Janoun received a demolition order from the "civil administration" for the paved road and the electricity lines between Akraba and Janoun (a distance of about 5 kilometers). These were originally built in May 2004, by means of donations from the government of Japan and the European Union. " transl. Judith Green14/7/2006
Olmert defends Gaza onslaught as death toll hits 50Sakher Abu El Oun - Middle East Times - "Olmert rejected international charges that the scale of the Israeli response to the abduction was disproportionate, claiming that Israel`s historic pullout from Gaza last year had only been followed up by continued violence." 11/7/2006
Gazans face `health disaster`Ed O`Loughlin - The Age - "In recent days the governments of Britain, Switzerland and Italy have voiced concern at the use of collective punishment by Israel against civilians in Gaza." 11/7/2006
Statement by the United Nations Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territoryPalestinian Centre for Human Rights -- The United Nations Humanitarian Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory, are alarmed by developments on the ground, which have seen innocent civilians, including children, killed, brought increased misery to hundreds of thousands of people and which will wreak far-reaching harm on Palestinian society. An already alarming situation in Gaza, with poverty rates at nearly eighty per cent and unemployment at nearly forty per cent, is likely to deteriorate rapidly, unless immediate and urgent action is taken 10/7/2006
Civilian killed, eight injured by Israeli missiles in RafahSaed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "Also, Israeli soldiers fired heavy artillery at several areas in the northern and eastern parts of the Gaza Strip, including a residential area east of Gaza City; five residents were injured"10/7/2006
No humanitarian crisis in Gaza, IDF saysYAAKOV KATZ - Jerusalem Post - ""The situation in Gaza is not even close to developing into a humanitarian crisis."" 9/7/2006
Gaza: 3 family members killed in blast Ali Waked - Ynet - ""In this operation, one of the central and most important principles is to avoid harming innocent people," a military official said." 9/7/2006
Palestinians occupy Jewish settler homeAgence France Presse/Electronic Intifada - " Three families, or around 15 people, from the village of Bilin occupied the home currently under construction in Modiin Ilit, built on their village land"7/7/2006
Food distribution attracts thousands in GazaBeatriz Lecumberri -Agence France-Presse/Jordan Times - "We have 13,000 rations of food and the needs of these people are huge. There is a lot of humanitarian aid blocked at the borders and Gaza`s stockpiles are dwindling,"7/7/2006
Letter from Gaza: Children not Sure if International Law Can Protect ThemKhalil Abu Shammala -WAFA Palestine News Agency- " The children are inquiring about the position of the International Community that doesn`t raise any voice to protect them. They are astonished of this silence that gives Israel the green light to commit more crimes. "7/7/2006
Israelis support killing of Hamas leadersDavid Fickling -Guardian Unlimited -"Four out of five Israelis want their government to assassinate Hamas leaders to end the current Gaza crisis, according to a poll published today. "7/7/2006
Four Human Rights Organizations Petition the Israeli High Court to Allow Palestinian Patients to Return HomePCHR (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights) -Press Release -"This number includes 70 medical patients who were returning from treatment abroad, including those who underwent complicated surgery.....The judge claimed that the petition was “not urgent” 7/7/2006
Stop Collective Punishment in GazaPCHR - " Physicians for Human Rights-Israel decries the collective punishment that Israel is inflicting on the civilian punishment in the Gaza Strip – this kind of punishment is forbidden by International Law and by all reasonable moral standards. "4/7/2006
Noam Shalit criticizes gov`t actionsYOAV APPEL - THE JERUSALEM POST - " In the first clear criticism of the government since his son Gilad was kidnapped eight days ago, Noam Shalit said on Monday that it was "delusional" that the state of Israel would attempt to re-establish its deterrence at the expense of his son. "4/7/2006
Israel launches fresh Gaza strikesAgencies -- Aljazeera -- An Israeli helicopter gunship has fired a missile into a Hamas office in Gaza City, witnesses say3/7/2006
Life on the Other Side of Palestine, Crime in the ValleyNick Dearden – CounterPunch – “The finite land and waters resources in the Jordan Valley mean that Palestinians have lost all that Israel has gained, and are now packed into villages surrounded by closed military zones, bereft of land and water. Even their jobs as wage labourers on their occupier`s plantations are under threat. Settlers are beginning to import labourers from the Far East to work the Settlements, though it makes little sense economically. As one Palestinian farmer tells us ‘They will pay more just to get rid of us’"3/7/2006
Ongoing chaosErica Silverman -- Al-Ahram – “Early that morning Israeli Special Forces, operating undercover as Palestinians, entered Al-Yasmeen Hotel in the centre of the market, according to hotel manager Salem Hantoli. ‘They forced the employees to take off their clothing, searched them, and then brought down the guests,’ reported Hantoli. A shaken American tourist said the unit announced they were conducting a ‘counter-terrorism’ operation”3/7/2006
A message from Ramallah Samia Bamieh - "It has been 3 long, long nights since the launch of a full fledged war on Gaza. I could not sleep properly, waking up 3 or 4 times , opening the TV on Aljazeera or Al arabiya to follow the aggression. As every Palestinian our daily focus is on Gaza."2/7/2006
Situation ReportUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)- Electricity, water and fuel supplies dwindling within the Gaza Strip - concerns over deteriorating humanitarian crisis2/7/2006
Palestinian PM`s HQ `targeted` BBC - Israeli aircraft have launched an attack on the office of the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, witnesses have said. Witnesses said two missiles hit the south side of the building, which was empty, starting a fire. 2/7/2006
Families flee as Israel’s siege of Gaza continues Mohammed Omer - IMEMC - In Eastern Rafah, Abu Adnan, 48, confirmed that Israeli bulldozers were demolishing greenhouses, olive tree and orange groves close to the airport.2/7/2006
Right of Re-Entry - Emergency Ad-hoc Committee for the Protection of Foreign Passport Holders Residing in and/or Visiting the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryCPFPH - Israel is now systematically denying entry or return to the oPt via the international Israeli borders at Ben Gurion Airport, Sheikh Hussein Bridge, and Eilat, as well as the border to the West Bank, the Allenby Bridge. Most of those affected are Palestinian natives, entire families or individual members of families, spouses, children, parents and other close relatives of Palestinian ID holders. As a result, families are torn apart, jobs or businesses lost and personal property becomes inaccessible. 2/7/2006
Palestinian militant dies after Gaza air strikeElectronic Intifada AFP - "Friday`s death brought to 5,123 the number of people killed in Israeli-Palestinian violence since the start of the intifada in September 2000, most of them Palestinians, according to an AFP toll."1/7/2006
Palestinian shot dead in Israel arrest operationAgence France Presse - "A Palestinian militant was shot dead by Israeli troops in an arrest operation Friday in the northern West Bank city of Nablus and another three gave themselves up, a medical source said."1/7/2006
IOF Escalate Policies of Retaliation against Palestinian civilian Population in the Gaza StripPCHR - Press Release -"Such actions will not lead to the release of the captured Israeli soldier, rather they constitute a systematic military operation planned in advance against the Palestinian civilian population. "1/7/2006
Prisoner swap an emotive issue for PalestiniansTom Perry - The Washington Post - ""The hopes of the people are hanging on this soldier," said Murib, who says his son was detained five months ago when Israeli forces entered their refugee camp just outside the West Bank city of Ramallah." 5/7/2006
Security cabinet convenes: No diplomatic solution in sight Ronny Sofer - Ynet - "`Limited war` ahead will not put end to rocket attacks." - "Political sources in Jerusalem say that a very harsh reaction is expected." 5/7/2006
Gaza Strip Situation Report OCHA - "The IAF has conducted 84 air strikes in the Gaza Strip, including on the Prime Minister’s offices (2 July) and the Islamic University (4 July)."5/7/2006
Environmental crisis will soon erupt in GazaThe Electronic Intifada - PENGON - Press Release - "Jan Egeland, the United Nations Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs has warned that Gazans are three days away from a deadly humanitarian crisis."5/7/2006
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Bombard the Islamic University of Gaza for the Second Time in One WeekPCHR - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "The rocket targeted a student council office, destroying it completely. IOF had previously targeted the university building with another rocket on 29 June 2006."5/7/2006
Israel strikes Gaza ministry Aljazeera - AP - "Israeli warplanes have struck the Palestinian interior ministry for the second time in a week."5/7/2006
Dozens of Medical Patients and Hundreds of Gaza Strip Residents Suffering Harsh Humanitarian Conditions due to the Closure of Rafah International Crossing PointPCHR - " PCHR calls upon the High Contracting Parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention to immediately act ensure the safe return of these Palestinians, who had left the Gaza Strip before the closure, to their homes. " 4/7/2006
Israel`s Gaza balancing act - Israel weighs pressuring Hamas leaders against sparking a humanitarian crisis.Ilene R. Prusher - The Christian Science Monitor - " Palestinians and foreign observers say the attacks and the cutoff in supplies amount to collective punishment. The UN estimates that as many as 25,000 Palestinians could be displaced from northern Gaza if Israel were to undertake a full-scale offensive. "4/7/2006
Army shells Palestinian Foreign Ministry, a Hamas office in GazaSaed Bannoura -- IMEMC -- "The attack against the ministry is the second in a week"17/7/2006
IOF Offensive Continues in the Gaza StripPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "PCHR strongly condemns the continued killing of Palestinian civilians and destruction of civilian facilities in the Gaza Strip by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF)."9/7/2006
Murder in Jenin"The Freedom Theatre wishes to express its condolences to the Nagnagiyya family for the death of their son Eid (16), who was murdered yesterday, 6 July, by the Israeli army in Jenin refugee camp. "9/7/2006
Mohammad Az-Zanoun and the spirit of non-violent resistanceNigel Parry - the Electronic Intifada - "This morning, he was photographing in the Zaitoun area of Gaza, where he lives, when Israeli tanks entered the area. He was injured by shrapnel in his mouth, hand and body, but continued to work, believing in the words of Ma`an, that "his honest photos might move the hearts and conscience of the world". "8/7/2006
Israeli raid kills three PalestiniansAljazeera - "A six-year-old Palestinian girl, her elder brother and her mother have been killed in a new Israeli air strike on their house east of Gaza City."8/7/2006
From the eye of the stormSami Abdel-Shafi in Gaza - The Guardian - "In Gaza, an apricot tree stands in symbolic defiance of Israel`s shameful retaliation "8/7/2006
IOF Offensive Continues in the Gaza Strip 8.7.06Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - .."On Friday, 7 July 2006, IOF moved into the north east of Beit Hanoun and razed large areas of Palestinian agricultural land. They also moved into the north of Beit Lahia, occupying the al-Salateen, al-`Atatra and al-Israa` neighborhoods. Moreover, IOF continued to shell civilian populated areas and seized control of dozens of houses, forcing hundreds of Palestinian civilians to leave their homes... At least 5000 people and endangered their lives by using them as human shields. On Saturday morning, 8 July 2006, IOF redeployed to the edges of less densely populated Palestinian areas.. Over the past 24 hours, IOF have killed ten Palestinians, including two children, one of whom is deaf. This brings the number of Palestinians killed since the capture of the Israeli soldier on 25 June 2006 to forty, in addition to at least one hundred and thirty injured. " 8/7/2006
Bloodiest day in Gaza invasion 7.7.06Yesterday`s report by Agence France Presse - "TWENTY-TWO Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were reported killed overnight (AEST) in the bloodiest day of the Gaza Strip invasion"8/7/2006
Seven Palestinians, including two children, killed in the Gaza Strip on Monday Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - " The sources added that several shells hit residential tower number twelve and killed Khitam Al Tayeh, 5; three members of her family were injured in the attack. "25/7/2006
Israeli Police Seize Palestinian Women IDs in Hebron WAFA - " Israeli Police seized Monday IDs of two women from Tel Rumeida neighbourhood in Hebron, said International Solidarity Movement (ISM). " 25/7/2006
The Empire Leaves Beirut to BurnRobert Fisk - " a photograph in... of a small girl,discarded like a broken flower in a field near...her feet curled up, her hand resting on her torn blue pajamas, her eyes -- beneath long, soft hair --closed, turned away from the camera. She had been another "terrorist" target of Israel and several people, myself among them, saw a frightening similarity between this picture and the photograph of a Polish girl lying dead in a field beside her weeping sister in 1939.25/7/2006
Israeli forces kill 3 Palestinians, including two 16-year olds, in Jenin on SundayIMEMC & Palestine News Network -- "In Jenin, Israeli forces attempted a targeted assassination, in contravention of international law, but instead of killing a resistance fighter, their bullets hit 16 year old Wael Ahmed, 16 year old Ala Farhanh, and 18 year old Husam Mahmoud Sa’adi"24/7/2006
Sonic onslaught in GazaMITCH POTTER - Toronto Star - "As the sonic boom hits, you find yourself swimming on the mattress, arms akimbo, legs flailing. As your body begins to process the twin thunderclaps, you take some comfort in the fact that the walls are still in place and the room is in fact not on fire."7/7/2006
From Lama Hourani in Gaza (2)From Lama Hourani, Co-ordinator of the Palestinian Working Women Society for Development, reporting from Gaza - " Around 9 o’clock Hanan called and said, “The tanks are destroying our garden, all of the trees and everything. We are all sitting in the basement... ” 6/7/2006
Lama Hourani from Gaza (1)Lama Hourani - "Do we have electricity? Is the water still running? Is the fridge still working? Is the TV still working? Can I have a shower before going to work? Can I dry my hair after the shower? Will I be able to buy yogurt and cheese in the supermarket today? Will I find fuel for the car today? Will we have electricity to watch the semifinal match in the Mondial today?” 6/7/2006
Israel continues Gaza, W Bank"Three bulldozers are destroying it (the muqataa)night and day and reducing the buildings to dust," 22/7/2006
Do you know what kind of weapons causes this damage?Hanady-uruknet- "The director of the same medical center, Ali Mansour, says that due to the strong smell of the corpses, he couldn`t breath properly for at least 12 hours after the corpses were handled."22/7/2006
CPT Hebron Update July 1-10Crhristian Peacemaker team (CPT)-Email Newsletter- "Roe tried to have a conversation with the soldiers, particularly about how the Shaheen Family saved their Jewish neighbors and friends the Mizrachi Family in 1929. ... The same soldier responded, "No, we are not peace soldiers; we are real soldiers." 22/7/2006
In the Latest Example of State TerrorismPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - " IOF Bomb a House in the Sheikh Radwan Quarter, Killing a Palestinian, his Wife, and 7 Children; 34 Civilians were Injured"; includes eyewitness report. 12/7/2006
Call for Civil Disobedience in Izbet Tabib Qalqiliya region. Saturday July 15 The coalition against the wall - The mere existence of Izbet Tabib is a continuing act of resistance in the form of Tsumud. The village is now calling on Israelis to join it on Saturday July 15 th to demonstrate against the wall and the closure of the road and to continue the construction of the village`s kindergarten in defiance of the building restrictions. 12/7/2006
Once Again, Gazans Are Displaced by Israeli Occupiers STEVEN ERLANGER - NY Times - "Like many of the people here, mostly poor farmers, the Edbarys have heeded the Israeli call to evacuate their homes to escape the fighting and are sleeping in United Nations schools in nearby Rafah." 12/7/2006
Soldiers at the Allenby Bridge beat a Palestinian-American woman Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - " “This is what the Palestinian people are facing on daily basis in the occupied territories”, "12/7/2006
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