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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Teenage detainees tortured, threatened and blackmailed in Israeli jailsMa`an - Lawyer Hiba Masalha said that she had visited Section 3 of Megeddo prison, where 68 Palestinian teens are currently being held. Most of the teenage detainees she met had been arrested from an orphanage in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem. [bz] 31/5/2015
Activists target `normalization` march in JerusalemMa`an News Agency - "Head of Fatah`s Jerusalem youth council Ahmad al-Ghoul told Ma`an that Palestinian participants in the march -- from the West Bank cities of Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, and Tulkarem -- were deceived into joining it by luring them with permits to enter Jerusalem. Al-Ghoul said that the organization claimed that the march was a "humanitarian project for people in the West Bank" and provided them with permits and the necessary transportation without showing them the "normalization" goals of the visit." ca29/5/2015
Israel to demolish electricity grid, water well in Hebron villageMa`an News Agency - "The Israeli authorities delivered a demolition order to an electricity grid and water well in the western Hebron village of al-Kum on Monday. Local Ismail al-Rujoub said that Israeli forces stormed the village and delivered the orders for an electricity grid of 800 meters owned by the al-Yassiriya municipality that currently provides power to a village neighborhood of 10 houses.Al-Rujoub said that the case required legal expertise to be solved.The Israeli authorities also delivered a demolition order for a water well with a 450 cubic meter capacity belonging to Muhammad Abd al-Hafith al-Rujoub.Al-Rujoub added that this was the second time in a row he had received a demolition order for the well." ca Israel destroyed 591 Palestinian properties in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2014, displacing 1,177 people, according to UNOCHA. It has demolished at least 27,000 Palestinian homes and structures since occupying the West Bank in 1967, according to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.29/5/2015
Israel orders wife of Palestinian jailed for Facebook comments expelled from JerusalemPatrick Strickland - Electronic Intifada - With Omar in prison, Muna is the sole parent taking care of their six children, who are aged 7-22 years old. The order does not specify the “security threat” that his wife poses — she has not been accused of any crime — by remaining in their family’s home. [bz]27/5/2015
When “good morning” is an order to kill: Israel’s attack on my neighborhoodAbdellatif Abdeljawad - The Electronic Intifada - "The violence subjected on al-Bureij last summer was the worst its people had to endure since my grandparents were forcibly uprooted in 1948. Among the victims were 17 members of the Abu Jaber family. The youngest was five months old." - id 26/5/2015
WATCH: IDF soldiers threaten Palestinian child with false arrestMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - "In the video, the soldiers argue with the child’s father. At first the soldiers claim that Maher was running away from them with other Palestinian youths who were throwing stones. Quickly, the soldiers change their story and admit that Maher wasn’t running away at all." - id 26/5/2015
Another violent attack on Palestinian familyAl Khalil Team - International Solidarity Movement = "Hashem lives with his wife and four children in Tel Rumeida, part of the H2 area of Al Khalil. H2 is under Israeli military control and many settlers have constructed illegal homes within this part of the city. For the Palestinians, it has become an extremely tense place to live due to daily harassment from the settlers and the Israeli army alike." - id 26/5/2015
Lawyer: Abandoned West Bank church compound was not sold to settlersMa`an News Agency - Israeli news source Haaretz reported Friday that right-wing Israeli Aryeh King had purchased the abandoned church compound from the church`s owners three years ago in order to build a settlement outpost. However, local sources refuted the report, saying that such a sale had not been made and that the current owners are in fact carrying out refurbishments to turn the compound into a hostel.-rh27/5/2015
Besieged in Gaza from birth to deathDan Cohen - Mondoweiss - Leila Najjar is 25 years old and six months pregnant. She and her husband Mohammed Sulaiman want to be together for their child’s birth. But she may not see him for years. That’s because Najjar lives in Gaza and her husband is studying in Adelaide, Australia. Israeli authorities won’t let Najjar pass through the Israeli-controlled Erez crossing or the Egyptian-controlled Rafah crossing to join Sulaiman, 25, in Australia.-rh27/5/2015
Jibril Rajoub confident FIFA will vote on expelling IsraelDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - “Our issue with the Israelis is not only about the movement of our players. We can’t accept that the Israeli Football Association includes five clubs from settlements and the racism in Israeli stadiums,” Rajoub said. Israeli soccer teams and their fans act and tolerate a high level of racism against Arabs in the stadiums. FIFA has a strong policy against racism and conducts campaigns to root it out of the game.-rh 27/5/2015
Another violent attack on Palestinian familyInternational Solidarity Movement - These are just examples from an endless series of attacks, where the Israeli army and the settlers [living in illegal settlements under international law], work hand in hand to continue this silent form of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Hashem has tried to go to court many times to seek justice for his family, but he hasn’t even been able to come close to anything resembling this term.-rh27/5/2015
Israel releases former minister after 10 months of detentionMa`an News Agency - " Israeli authorities released Thursday the former Palestinian minister of prisoners affairs Wasfi Qabha after 10 months in detention, the Ahrar Center for Prisoners and Human Rights said.Israel had detained Qabha on June 15, 2014 following the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli settlers in Hebron and transferred him to administrative detention.Qabha was assaulted during detention and while he was being transferred to the Megiddo jail and then to the Hadarim solitary confinement before being sentenced to 10 months in prison." ca 22/5/2015
Hundreds of unarmed demonstrators confront live fire at Kafr Qaddum on Nakba DayInternational Solidarity Movement - Reports - Today (15th of May), during the Nakba day demonstration in Kafr Qaddum, four young men were shot with live ammunition in their legs. One of the men got a serious bone fracture. Apart from the live ammunition being shot from all directions, Israeli forces fired several rounds of rubber coated steel bullets, tear gas and stun grenades. Throughout the protest, the Israeli military forces used a skunk truck to force the demonstrators back from reaching the closed road; closed since 2002 due to the building of the settlement Kedumim. ISMers in the demonstration saw houses and gardens being sprayed, and a boy as young as four crying, covered in the noxious chemical skunk ‘water’-rh21/5/2015
Army Kidnaps Eleven Palestinians In The West BankIMEMC & Agencies - Soldiers invaded and searched several homes, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and kidnapped two Palestinians identified as Monjed Thiab al-Juneidi, 26, and Rashad Erfa’eyya. They also broke into the home of Abdul-Hafith al-Hashlamoun, and handed his son, Eyad, a military order for interrogation. Eyad is a local journalist.-rh 21/5/2015
Israeli prime minister calls off West Bank bus segregation AP - Cairopost - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday called off a proposed plan to segregate Palestinians from Israelis on West Bank buses, overruling his own defense minister following a flurry of criticism in an attempt to avert the first crisis of his new government.-rh 21/5/2015
Anti-Israel Group Makes Waves With In-Your-Face TacticsNathan Guttman - Forward - Students for Justice in Palestine activists have set up roadblocks on campuses, which they claim resemble those Israel has put up across the occupied territories. They have built so-called “apartheid walls” on campus grounds, symbolizing the barrier Israel has erected — citing security needs — to keep Palestinians within those same territories. Another tactic involves the mock eviction of students from their dorm rooms with leaflets that mirror some of the language Israel’s military authorities use when notifying West Bank Palestinians of demolition orders against their homes.-rh 21/5/2015
Israel’s New Justice Minister Expressed Hatred Against All PalestiniansEric Zuesse - RINF Alternative News - It’s also the mothers of the martyrs, that send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They need to follow them [to die], there’s nothing in it. They need to go [be destroyed], and the physical House [in] which they raised the snake. Other small snakes grow more [if the whole family isn’t destroyed]. … The two houses [both generations] need to [be] bomb[ed] from the air, to destroy and to kill. It’s also the mothers of the martyrs, that send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They need to follow them [to die], there’s nothing in it.-rh20/5/2015
Film festival opens amid Gaza`s ruinsAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - Muzayen told Al-Monitor, “We wanted to hold the film festival in the Shajaiyah neighborhood to draw the world`s attention to neighborhoods devastated by the war and which have yet to be reconstructed. We wanted this event to be very special and to tackle human rights issues to the fullest extent. This is why we organized the festival in Shajaiyah.”-rh 20/5/2015
Child detainees testify to torture and abuseIMEMC - Lawyer Heba Masalha of the Palestinian Detainees` Committee Committee managed to visit several detained children in the HaSharon Prison and got testimonies of ongoing violations, torture and abuse by Israeli interrogators. For example, Jamal az-Za’tari, 15 years of age, from at-Tour in Jerusalem, was repeatedly beaten and kicked starting directly after the soldiers stormed his family’s home. ak19/5/2015
Judge, settler and demolisherDror Etkes - +972 - The High Court justice who gave the army a green light to expel an entire Palestinian village just happens to live in a nearby settlement, one that thrives on their dispossession. [bz]19/5/2015
Palestinian woman detained while visiting jailed brotherMa`an - Maysaa Walid Mahajneh, 22, was visiting her brother Farid Mahajneh when she was detained by Israeli forces. Mahajneh is from al-Taybeh village in Jenin and is the mother of three girls. An Israeli prisons spokeswoman confirmed the arrest. She said that a Palestinian woman had been detained after a mobile phone was found in her bag [bz]19/5/2015
The House Belongs to Someone Else: The Lie Lives on! Mats Svensson - The Palestine Chronicle - “In Israel, nobody is free. You vote for the one who upholds the apartheid system. You cast your vote to uphold the system of oppression. You vote and turn away. The West Bank is not here but over there, high up in the mountains. You will never go there. Gaza is someplace else. You assure yourself that you cannot know what it’s like there. You have never been there, and will never go there. You repeat to yourself, you have no responsibility” [ry]18/5/2015
Israel detains 52 Palestinian workers overnightMa`an - The police found and arrested 26 Palestinian workers without working permits hiding inside of the vehicle after a spare tire fell from the vehicle, forcing the driver to pull over. [bz]16/5/2015
Soldiers Open Fire On Farmers And Fishers In GazaIMEMC - Several soldiers, and armored military vehicles, advanced close to the border fence, and fired rounds of live ammunition on the farmers, and on a number of Palestinian shepherds. The attack did not lead to casualties, but the residents had to leave the area fearing addition Israeli fire, and escalation. In addition, Israeli navy ships fired dozens of live rounds targeting a number of Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza waters, close to the Khan Younis shore, in the southern part of the coastal region. The attack caused property damage but no injuries; the fishers sailed back to shore to avoid further navy fire. [bz]16/5/2015
Even in Gaza, you can`t have a film festival without a red carpetAvi Blecherman - +972 - "While Israeli entertainment reporters have been busy covering the DocAviv documentary film festival in Tel Aviv in recent days, but nearby, another rather exceptional film festival came to a close Thursday evening in the Shujaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City — a festival dedicated entirely to films about human rights." - id 15/5/2015
Lawyer Shireen al-‘Eesawy Moved Into Solitary ConfinementIMEMC - Shireen was repeatedly assaulted by her jailors, and by many imprisoned Israeli women. They confiscated all electric equipment and belongings of al-‘Eesawy, and placed her in a tiny, dark and humid cell. [bz] 12/5/2015
Remember Gaza?Matt Duss - FMEP/Tablet - In the wake of Protective Edge, there was widespread recognition that the status quo could not continue. Then, as after previous rounds, it did. (...) “There have been some baby steps in the right direction: for example, limited ability to sell goods from Gaza in Israel and the West Bank and more travel permits issued to senior traders,” said Tania Hary, deputy director of Gisha, an Israeli NGO that monitors Gaza. “These small adjustments to policy aren’t being felt by most people in Gaza, where unemployment and poverty remain high. Real change requires a shift in the concept that access restrictions are bargaining chips." [bz] 12/5/2015
Hundreds of Palestinians displaced in Jordan Valley by IDF `training exercises`Natasha Roth - +972 - Palestinians are prevented from accessing 95 percent of the Jordan Valley, which Israel plans to annex. And the remaining five percent is a living hell [ry]11/5/2015
Civil Administration maps Susiya – residents fear imminent demolitionB’Tselem - "At any moment, the Civil Administration might demolish all homes in the Khirbet Susiya, expelling the residents from their land. This follows a decision by Israel’s High Court of Justice to not issue an interim order to prevent the demolition, given in a petition filed by the residents and Rabbis for Human Rights arguing that the CA rejected their master plan for unprofessional reasons, using a double standard and discriminating against Palestinians" [ry]11/5/2015
Prison Sentences Reinstated to 5 Ex-DetaineesIMEMC News & Agencies - "The Israeli military court of Ofer, on Sunday, sentenced five Palestinian ex-detainees – who were released in the Gilad Shalit prisoners swap in 2011 and were rearrested in 2014 – to serve the remainder of their original sentences, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society" [ry]11/5/2015
183 Gazans pray in Aqsa mosqueMa`an News Agency - "Dozens of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip headed to the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday via the Erez crossing, Palestinian officials said. Liaison officials said 183 Palestinians aged over 60 left Gaza early in the day and will return after Friday prayers.Weekly access to the Al-Aqsa mosque by Gazans has become routine since October 2014 when some 500 Palestinians in Gaza prayed at the mosque for the first time since 2007, having been prevented by Israel from traveling to Jerusalem since that time." ca8/5/2015
Israeli court refuses to extend prisoner`s solitary confinementMa`an News Agency - "A court in the Israeli city of Nazareth rejected a request from the state prosecutor`s office to extend the solitary confinement of Palestinian prisoner Murad Nimr for another six months on Thursday. The refusal comes after Nimr has already more than 19 months in confinement." ca8/5/2015
Israel Establishes New Landmine Field Near HebronIMEMC & Agencies - IMEMC "Jabour said the new landmine field was planted in the Um Lasfa and Khallet al-Mayya areas, close to the Abu Shaban Well that was recently repaired, and rehabilitated, by an international organization that also funded a new water tank structure for the use of the Palestinian villagers." ca8/5/2015
Newsletter 04 May. 2015B`Tselem - Newsletter - Shortly before International Workers’ Day we spoke with four Palestinian workers. Although their homes are only a few dozen kilometers from where they work in Israel, the difficulties involved in reaching their place of work mean they remain there all week, away from their families and home environment6/5/2015
Switch to digital television faces bumpy road in PalestineDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Abed, who is also responsible for TV licensing at the Ministry of Information, is worried that Israel will not allow this transition to go smoothly. “While we are technically prepared to make the move to digital broadcasting, we can’t predict what the occupation authorities will do.”-rh6/5/2015
Israeli state pushes Court to take an unusual step threatening immediate demolition of an entire Palestinian villageRabbis for Human Rights - Press Release - By refusing to issue an interim order until the case is heard, the court is allowing for the demolition of the Palestinian village of Susya and subsequent expulsion of its 340 residents to Area A.-rh 6/5/2015
Jordan Valley Villagers Call for International HelpAlternative Information Center - IMEMC - "In its appeal, JVS notes that the Israeli military actions are “tantamount to ethnic cleansing in that it directly puts pressure on Palestinian families to leave the area and not return.”" - id 6/5/2015
Restricted by Israeli boats, Gaza resorts to fish farmsRasha Abou Jalal - Al Monitor - "Gaza’s entire western border is on the Mediterranean Sea, but it lacks fish such as bream and mullet because of Israeli restrictions on fishermen." - id 6/5/2015
Redefining civilians and legitimate targets: Israeli soldiers testify on Gaza warMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 Magazine - Reading through the 136 pages of testimonies from soldiers and officers from nearly every involved division and brigade, two common denominators quickly become apparent. First is the massive, intentional and unnecessary destruction of homes and buildings throughout the Strip, but particularly in places that ground troops set foot. The second theme, central to nearly every testimony collected from nearly every unit involved in the fighting, was the massive volume and scope of fire employed. ak5/5/2015
Israeli Forces Set up Mobile Homes on Seized Land in Bethlehem areaWAFA - Head of Kisan Village Council Hussein Ghazzal told WAFA that forces set up early morning 12 mobile homes on large previously bulldozed tracts of land belonging to the Palestinian villagers of Kisan and Hebron town of Sa‘ir. The land occupied about 650 dunums; which had been leveled by Israel for the purpose of settlement construction and setting up stone-cutting factories. [bz] 5/5/2015
Israeli Army Drills Continue to Set Fire to Jordan Valley Agricultural LandsIMEMC - According to Aref Daraghmeh, head of Wadi al-Maleh village council, fire engulfed large tracts of pastures used for grazing animals. He said the army denied locals from accessing their land to put out the fire. [bz]5/5/2015
International Workers’ Day: The most invisible workers in IsraelB’Tselem - "[...] think of the workers who are the most invisible of all: the Palestinians. Give a thought to the tens of thousands who have a work permit, yet must stand for endless, humiliating hours on line at a crowded checkpoint, people for whom every moment of their daily routine is part of a struggle for survival, for whom getting safely home is not a given. Under such conditions, a struggle for fair pay, reasonable working hours and a pension is no more than a distant pipedream" [ry]4/5/2015
ICAHD’S 2015 REBUILDING CAMPICAHD--ICAHD’s 13th annual rebuilding camp is coming up in a couple months, July 19-August 3. We hope you will join us in rebuilding our 188th home – our 188th joint Palestinian-Israeli-international action of political resistance to the Occupation. When you arrive at the camp in the West Bank, you will see the ruins of the family’s home; in fact, this year we will be building a home housing ten children of two related families, which the Israeli authorities forced the owner to demolish with his own hands. dn3/5/2015
Israel Detains Palestinian Boys, 7 and 12, for Throwing StonesDiaa Hadid--RAMALLAH, West Bank — A 7-year-old Palestinian boy and his 12-year-old cousin, accused of throwing stones at an Israeli bus, were detained by Israeli security officials in East Jerusalem on Tuesday evening and interrogated for hours, relatives said Thursday.dn3/5/2015
Israeli Forces to Forcibly Displace 50 Families in Jordan Valley for Military Drills WAFA--JORDAN VALLEY, April 30, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Thursday notified about 50 Palestinian families of its intention to forcibly displace them in order to make room for Israeli military drills across the Jordan Valley, said a municipal source.dn2/5/2015
Fear was poured on usAya and Tamar--I went to visit Abu Mohammad whose two sons, Khaleel and Murad, were kidnapped one after the other, in the span of a few nights. At Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate I boarded a service van going to Ramallah and stopping at the Qalandiya refugee camp. First the van crosses Qalandiya Checkpoint which is where I met his brother years ago, and through whom I made his acquaintance. This checkpoint – a place and a symbol, both a concrete and symbolic line, a line of destiny that separates me, a non-Palestinian, from all my friends and acquaintances at Qalandiya refugee camp who, unlike me, are not able to cross it. This is a line that separates them from their own history, from their better hospitals, from their city Jerusalem – the violent, racist, arbitrary line that defines all the more the injustice that has been inherent to this country, ever since and to this day. dn 2/5/2015
Palestinian Fishing Boats Targeted By Israeli Navy FireIMEMC - "The navy conducts ongoing assaults and violations against the fishers, preventing them from providing daily livelihoods to their families. The attacks led to many deaths, dozens of injuries and arrests." - id for ca 1/5/2015
Life in a refugee camp Huwarra Team - International Solidarity Movement - "Located in Area C, under full Israeli control, it does not have the status of a refugee camp. This means that if the occupation was to end and refugees were able to return to their hometowns, those living in New Askar would not be given this right." - id15/5/2015
Bedouin village razed 83 times must pay $500,000 for demolitions, Israel saysAllison Deger - Mondoweiss - The unrecognized Bedouin village of al-Araqib was in court Wednesday, where the state of Israel argued the southern desert town must pay $500,000 [2 million Israeli Shekels] to cover the cost of demolitions, and more than 1,000 police deployed to carry out the destruction. Since 2010 al-Araqib has been razed to the ground 83 times, more than any other locality in Israel.-rh 13/5/2015
Families in Khuza’a forced to live in shipping containers as politics prevent Gaza reconstruction Dan Cohen - Mondoweiss - With their lives hanging by threads, the families living in the caravan are among the most vulnerable Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip. Every day is a crisis, and each season brings new difficulties which the residents are ill-equipped to confront.-rh13/5/2015
Israeli court to rule on minister`s deportation caseDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Abu Arafeh said that if the Israeli Supreme Court fails to redeem the Jerusalemites` right to their birthplace, other protest steps will be taken. “We will not stop our efforts and struggle to accomplish our natural right of living in our city of birth, which we have lived in all our lives,” he said. Abu Arafeh sounded critical of the lack of interest by the Palestinian leadership in their case, saying, “We have met the president twice and he, along with his advisers, have promised to support us, but they have not paid any attention to our case.”-rh 13/5/2015
Palestinians Begin Commemoration of 67th Nakba AnniversaryIMEMC News & Agencies - Marked by Palestinians throughout the world every May 15th, the Nakba represents a historic injustice, where approximately 800,000 Palestinians or 67% of the Palestinian people by 1948, became refugees and approximately 418 Palestinian villages were depopulated and/or destroyed, said PLO Negotiations Affairs Department.-rh13/5/2015
Israel launches Gaza air strikes after rocket attack : No casualties reported on either side, and Hamas reportedly arrests Islamic Jihad members behind attackReuters - The Guardian - Israeli warplanes hit back early on Wednesday, striking four “terror infrastructures” in the southern Gaza Strip, the Israeli military said. Gaza residents said the targets included training camps used by Islamic Jihad militants.-rh 27/5/2015
Gaza Has Highest Unemployment Rate: World Bank ReportPaul Goldman - NBC News - Numbers "fail to portray the degree of suffering of Gaza`s citizens due to poor electricity and water and sewerage availability, war-related psychological trauma, limited movement, and other adverse effects of wars and the blockade." [bz]27/5/2015
When the police start acting like a gangYossi Gurvitz - +972 "A journalist learns that if you photograph Border Policemen committing a felony, you’ll probably end up paying for it...Given that in PID closed 93 percent of the complaints submitted in 2011-2014 without any investigation; that of the 11,282 complaints in the years 2011-2013, only 2.7 percent resulted in indictments; and that the former chief of the division is on record (Hebrew) saying that the Israel Police suffers from a “culture of lies” and that policemen cover for each other, one cannot hope too much that a journalist who exposed the face of the police will see justice." ca22/5/2015
The final straw: The real reason why Palestine wants Israel out of FIFARaio Costa - Mondoweiss "Only days before the tournament, the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) contacted the Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSW), the governing body of beach soccer which falls under FIFA’s umbrella, and released a press release which read: “The Palestinian Football Association officially communicated to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and Beach Soccer Worldwide that the team will not be able to take part in the competition, due to administrative issues outside the event."The Israeli war on Palestinian football is ethereal. Whether it’s a raid on the PFA headquarters in Ramallah or a bomb raid on Gaza, football is always targeted. It’s not only in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip." ca 22/5/2015
A tragically unexceptional story of life and death under occupationSam Bahour - +972 "Three decades ago the Israeli military government canceled my sister-in-law’s Palestinian residency because she studied abroad for ‘too long.’ Now, Israel is denying her one last visit with her dying father. But my family will not allow her case, like thousands before it, to be buried in silence." ca13/5/2015
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