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Life under occupation

Beating & abuseB"Tselem - "Testimonies taken by B’Tselem indicates that during April 2012, soldiers arrested Muhammad a-Zir, age 13, three times in Harmalah, the village where he lives in the Bethlehem district. According to the testimonies, the soldiers beat the boy during his first detention, during which he was interrogated without his parents present and he was not permitted to consult an attorney, in contravention of the law regarding detention of youths. Following both subsequent detentions, the soldiers left him at night with his hands cuffed, somewhere unknown to him, and far away from his home." ca 29/6/2012
Israeli court upholds decision to file no charges against officers who killed PalestinianSaed Bannoura - IMEMC An Israeli state prosecutor decided Wednesday that no charges should be filed against two Israeli border control officers who shot and killed an unarmed Palestinian man in East Jerusalem in 2010. Ziad Jilani was shot in the back by the officers after a traffic accident in which his vehicle accidentally struck a police officer." ca "29/6/2012
Does Shin Bet exploit family to pressure detainees?Elior Levy - Ynetnews - The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) has released a report claiming that Israeli security agents arrest and threaten to arrest or hurt detainees` relatives – who often have no connection to the crimes allegedly committed by the suspects – in order to entice the detainees to cooperate with the investigation.-rh28/6/2012
UK ready to take on Israel over fate of children clapped in irons Terri Judd - The Independent - In the first investigation of its kind, a team of nine senior legal figures examined how Palestinians as young as 12 were treated when arrested. Their shocking report Children in Military Custody details claims that youngsters are dragged from their beds in the middle of the night, have their wrists bound behind their backs, and are blindfolded and made to kneel or lie face down in military vehicles.-rh 28/6/2012
Rabbi who called for slaughter of a million Palestinians is to supervise Israel’s ‘Red Cross’ Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - In 2007, Eliyahu advocated mass slaughter of Palestinians in order to deter rocket fire from Gaza, while defending a ruling by his late father that Israel was permitted to indiscriminately kill civilians. “If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand,” Shmuel Eliyahu advised, adding, “And if they do not stop after 1,000 then we must kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000, even a million. Whatever it takes to make them stop.”-rh 27/6/2012
Showering in AmericaJoharah Baker - MIFTAH - Palestinians only have access to roughly one-fifth of the West Bank water supply with the Israeli government controlling the rest. Illegal Israeli settlers have more control over water resources in the West Bank than the majority Palestinian population living on their own land. Hence the luxurious swimming pools in the settlements in stark contrast to empty wells in neighboring Palestinian villages.-rh 27/6/2012
PA`s role in hunger strike deal `like Oslo Accords`Charlotte Alfred - Ma`an News Agency - Mourad Jadallah, legal researcher for prisoners rights group Addameer, told Ma`an that the problem goes back to the Palestinian Authority`s role in the deal, and its attitude to prisoners in general.-rh 27/6/2012
Clashes Reported in Hebron After Soldiers Kidnapped a ChildSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies – “Local sources reported that soldiers broke into the home of Omar Jobrael As-Sleiby, and kidnapped his son Eyad, 14. Dozens of residents clashed with the soldiers, and hurled stones at them; the army fired concussion grenades and gas bombs”25/6/2012
Israel army `game` leaves Palestinian deadSelim Saheb Ettaba, AFP - Yahoo!News - “A newly trained unit doesn`t want ‘their first arrest operation to be carried out on a real sting, on a really wanted person,’ he explains. ‘So you pick a quiet village in the area where you`re based, you open the map, choose a random house ... You go in the middle of the night, you surround the house, you grab a guy as if it`s a real arrest.’ The argument is that training ‘has to be as close to the real thing’ as possible’”25/6/2012
Outrage as Israel breaks prisoner agreementMa`an News Agency - "Israel`s decision to renew Safadi`s administrative detention by six months "is a blatant violation of the agreement between the prisoners’ hunger strike committee and Israeli officials," Addameer said." ca22/6/2012
Analysis: The return of the PLODaoud Kuttab - Maan News Agency "The PLO`s importance faded in 1993 when its leader and chairman of its executive committee, Yasser Arafat, signed a memorandum of understanding with the state of Israel. And while the Palestinian Authority became the focal point of Palestinian political activity, few people noted that the PA is subservient to the PLO." ca 22/6/2012
Sarsak’s willingness to die gains him freedom after 92 days of hunger strikeAllison Deger - Mondoweiss "Sarsak`s release follows international uproar by soccer superstars who stomped their feet against his three-year incarceration ordered by Israel`s "Unlawful Combatants Law," a draconian form of administrative detention that offers little hope for freedom." ca 22/6/2012
Susiya Forever - Stop the DemolitionSusiya Forever - "On Friday, June 22 we will stand side by side with the residents of Palestinian Susya in a protest and support vigil and will call: No to the fifth demolition of Susya! No to the throwing of people from their homes and tents! No to the silent transfer of the Palestinian population out of area C! For transportation from Jerusalem call Moriel – 054-3157781 transportation from Tel Aviv: 9:00 AM from Shlomo Sixt parking lot near Tel Aviv Merkaz central train station. Registration for the transportation is mandatory: call Alma – 054-2292474 " 22/6/2012
Gazans fear creeping `normalcy` of blockadeRamzy Baroud - Asia Times Online - The call of human-rights organizations would have been more meaningful if it were directed at the Western powers supporting Israel`s actions. Promoting the idea that the Gaza siege is an entirely Israeli initiative is a ruse that needs to be exposed.-rh21/6/2012
Following B’Tselem’s documentation: Israeli army decides to stop using dogs to disperse West Bank demonstrationsB`Tselem - The article in Haaretz stated: “An inquiry in the unit and in the ground forces revealed that the soldier removed the dog’s muzzle and released the dog, which then attacked Shteiwi. The IDF viewed this as a ‘professional failure’ by the combat soldier, who was unable to free the Palestinian from the dog’s grip for a long time. In the wake of this incident, a decision was made by the Ground Forces and the Center for Special Flights and Training , to which the Oketz canine unit belongs, to stop using dogs during demonstrations.-rh21/6/2012
Cross Border Fire Goes Into Third DayCircarre Parrhesia - IMEMC & Agencies - Following the attack from the Gaza Strip, Israeli Air Force planes shelled a motorcycle in Rafah killing it`s rider. Israel told Reuters that the motorcyclist was involved in Monday`s clash between fighters in the the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, and Israeli military.-rh 21/6/2012
“Civil Administration” and Settlers Join Forces to Destroy Palestinian Susya. Did the Court Wink and Nod?Assaf Oron - The Villages Group - In March, we reported here about an unusual Israel High Court petition by Israeli settler-run groups, demanding that the (fraudulently named) “Civil Administration” carry out demolition orders in Palestinian Susya (also transliterated “Susiya”). Settler pressure upon the government to make Palestinian life more difficult, and to drive Palestinians out of their homes, is nothing new.-rh21/6/2012
The law, ass or donkey?Amira Hass - Israeli Occupation Archive - As a result of the High Court ruling, officers of the Civil Administration show up in Susya on June 12 and hand out six collective demolition orders affecting 52 buildings, including a preschool, a clinic and a solar panel system supplying electricity to the village and its steadfast residents.-rh 21/6/2012
Army Carries Out Several Airstrikes Targeting GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The strikes came shortly after a 2-year-old Palestinian child was killed, and her brother was injured, after the army bombarded their home in Gaza." - id 20/6/2012
Issa Amro, Coordinator of Youth Against Settlement arrested at Allenby Bridge PSCC - Issa Amro was prevented from departing to Italy - for a high profile speaking tour organized by the Italian Peace Association - to be interrogated on suspicion of involvement in organizing the women`s action that took place in Hebron last Wednesday, at the segregated Shuhada Street. [sic!-bz] 16/6/2012
URGENT: Act now for Mahmoud Sarsak on 88th day of hunger strike; Palestinian soccer star at risk of deathSAMIDOUN - Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network "As European soccer stars compete in the European Championship, the eyes of the world must turn to a soccer star at urgent risk of death: Palestinian national team member Mahmoud Sarsak, 25, has been imprisoned under Israel’s “Unlawful Combatants Law” – the only prisoner so held – without charge or trial – for three years. Sarsak, from Gaza, traveled to the West Bank to join the Palestinian national soccer team for training. Upon his arrival he was abducted by the Israeli occupation military and since that time has been held in Israeli jails, subject to this special version of administrative detention designed especially for Palestinian prisoners from the Gaza Strip. Take action now – send a letter to Israeli officials demanding his freedom!" ca15/6/2012
Begin: We made mistakes with flotillaOmri Efraim - Ynet "Lindenstrauss claimed in his review of the government`s decision-making process before and during the deadly flotilla incident that Israel`s leaders, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, did not follow protocol and did not hold orderly discussions of the ideal strategy for dealing with the development." ca 15/6/2012
Israel plans to move West Bank BedouinHugh Naylor - The National The demolition of non-Jewish property in the West Bank by Israeli authorities is hardly unprecedented but the Bedouin fear that the destruction of homes at Khan Al Ahmar is a prelude to a broader, more systematic bid to uproot them from their homes.No longer so invisible, the 30,000 Bedouin of the West Bank have become a key variable in Israel`s geopolitical calculus." ca "13/6/2012
Residents Open Gate That Closed Their Village’s Main EntranceSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "Dozens of youth of Nabi Saleh Palestinian village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, opened on Tuesday evening, the main gate that was installed by the army at the entrance of their village; clashes were reported between the residents and Israeli soldiers." ca13/6/2012
Large Scale Demolition Action Expected in Susiya in the Next Few DaysMakor Rishon - "As a result of the the Israeli high court decision from last week (6.6.2012) and the final demolition orders given to Palestinian families today Tuesday 12.6.2012), it is expected now that the civil administration of the Israeli army will carry out a large scale demolition action in Susiya in the next few days. Below is a report of the right wing Makor Rishon newspaper on this subject." 13/6/2012
Israel Police find more settler construction on private Palestinian landChaim Levinson - Haaretz "Since 2009, the National Fraud Squad has been investigating the construction of a waste purification plant near Ofra, which was built on Palestinian-owned land at the initiative of the regional council and with partial funding from the state." ca13/6/2012
Word and Picture Diary: South Hebron Hills Weekly Visit, April 5 2012 Villages Group - "From the hill where the Umm al Kheir preschool is located, the young children can see the present and future prospects arranged for them by the Israeli Occupation regime. Heavy equipment is busy developing and expanding the new neighborhood at the nearby Jewish settlement Karmel (Carmel) – a development doubtlessly paid for by the Israeli and American taxpayer. Together with an additional neighborhood planned to emerge soon, the settlement will eventually surround the dwellings in this part of Umm al Kheir from three directions (north, west and south)." ca13/6/2012
Settler Front-Group Presses Government to Accelerate Demolition Frenzy, Villages Group - "The body issuing the demolition orders is the deceptively-named gCivil Administrationh. Contrary to its name (invented in the 1980Œs by Ariel Sharon to mislead the outside world), this gAdministrationh is in fact a military body (its former name was simply gmilitary governmenth), and its head is a general serving full-time in the Israeli military. It claims authority to run Palestinian civilian life in the less-densely populated West Bank gArea Ch, which accounts for some 60% of the territory and about 150,000 Palestinian residents." ca13/6/2012
Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strikes continue as Israel violates agreementsLinah Alsaafin - The Electronic Intifada - However, once again the realization of the agreement was left for Israel to decide — and since the end of the mass hunger strike in the early hours of 15 May, rumors of Israel reneging on its promises have solidified into facts.-rh 7/6/2012
BWISP condemns arrest of Nabil Al Raee, Artistic Director of The Freedom Theatre British Writers In Support of Palestine - Press Release - last night at 3am, Israeli troops entered the home of Nabil Al Raee, Artistic Director of the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp, and arrested him at gunpoint, giving him and his wife no explanation for their actions, and terrifying his three-year old daughter. He is currently being held in a nearby military prison.-rh 7/6/2012
Turning The `Naksa` AroundJoharah Baker - MIFTAH - Thanks to those so dedicated to its cause, Israel has ensured that Palestine will remain in its grips for many years to come. Nonetheless, Palestinians have endless reservoirs of endurance, resolve and love for their country. They just need the right powers to open the floodgates.-rh 7/6/2012
“Occupation of the Territories” at Israel Book Week in Tel AvivBreaking the Silence - Monthly update - 180 testimonies told by 101 soldiers – men and women – are included in the book “Occupation of the Territories – Israeli Soldier Testimonies 2000-2010,” which highlight four principle elements of IDF operational policy in the Occupied Territories in the past decade: `Prevention`, `Separation`, `Fabric of Life,` and `Law Enforcement`. We chose these terms – part of the common military jargon, encoded by the security apparatus and ruling bodies – with the aim of deconstructing their meaning, describing the significance of the policy they indicate, and the activities they dictate, as described in the soldier testimonies.-rh 7/6/2012
Palestinian footballer`s hunger strike sparks fears for his lifeHarriet Sherwood - Guardian - "Mahmoud Sarsak, 25, has refused food for 80 days, since 19 March. He began his hunger strike after his "administrative detention" order was renewed for the sixth time." - id 6/6/2012
Four Families Ordered to Destroy Their HomesSarah Snobar - IMEMC - According to a local official, this is just a prelude to evacuate the area from its Palestinian residents. Aref Daraghmeh, head of the local council of Wadi al-Maleh said that the four families live in the Khirbet al-Mayta and Wadi al-Malih. 5/6/2012
Fate Unites, Israel SeparatesMya Guarnieri - IPSnews - Sitting in the salon of her home in East Amman, Sabah Othman flips through the photos of her two daughters’ weddings. Because Othman’s husband is from Hebron, all of Othman’s Jordanian-born children hold West Bank identification cards and can enter the Occupied Territories without a visa. But she holds only a Jordanian passport... 2/6/2012
Troops, settlers force village to recite `I love Israel`Ma`an - Al-Nabi Samwil is a tiny village, located between the Separation Wall and the 1967 Green Line, bordering Jerusalem. Is somebody hoping to pester them away?-bz2/6/2012
Calls for Intervention in Arrests of Fishermen in GazaSarah Snobar - IMEMC - The fishermen were working off the coast of the town of Beit Lahia in Gaza, which is considered Palestinian waters. The General Union of Palestinian Workers in Gaza demanded that human rights organizations intervene.1/6/2012
Israel admits it revoked residency rights of a quarter million Palestinians Amira Hass - Haaretz - Israel stripped more than 100,000 residents of Gaza and some 140,000 residents of the West Bank of their residency rights during the 27 years between its conquest of the territories in 1967 and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994.-rh 14/6/2012
Report: “Army Kidnapped 21 University Students In May”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News -Head of the UFree Network, Mohammad Hamdan, slammed the Israeli violations and Israel’s systematic attacks against Palestinian students, including detaining and imprisoning them, preventing them from traveling abroad to obtain higher degrees, and added that these violations also target the Universal Declaration for Human Rights, and many other international agreements that protect the residents right to education.-rh 14/6/2012
The political context of the arrests in JeninAnnie Robbins - Mondoweiss "Last week Haaretz reported that Palestinian Authority President Abbas and Hamas chief Khaled Meshal would meet this week to finalize the formation of their government. Also, the chairman of the PA`s Central Election Commission visited Gaza to set up a `technocractic government` to oversee the upcoming election.The obvious question: Is Fayyad doing Israel`s bidding on the eve of elections under the guise of `security`?" ca 8/6/2012
Water apartheid leaves Palestinian children illAlex Abu Ata - Electronic Intifada "In order to cope with the lack of water, many households in the village build their own cistern in order to collect rainwater. Abu Khamis’s cistern is underground, a few meters away from her home; a small concrete canal runs down a slope, channeling the rainwater to the cistern below. Her family used to boil the rainwater and use it for cooking and drinking, but when her children started to get sick, she decided to buy bottled water instead.Abu Khamis’ unemployed brother, who lives in same house as her, with his own wife and children, still drinks water from the cistern in winter, unable to afford bottled water for his family. His youngest son is sick with diarrhea, and Abu Khamis suspects the water to be the cause." ca8/6/2012
"Every third child in Gaza stunted by hunger": interview with renowned doctor Mads Gilbert Sami Kishawi - Electronic Intifada "Although Israel’s air and land invasion of the Gaza Strip — known as Operation Cast Lead — happened three and a half years ago, its after-effects are still relevant today. Gaza’s infrastructure has yet to fully recover and no one has been held accountable over the hundreds of civilian casualties." ca8/6/2012
22 Elected Legislators Still Imprisoned By IsraelIMEMC & Agencies "Farawna said that Israel released, over the past five days, five legislators identified as Anwar Zboun, Ayman Daraghma, and Mohammad At-Til, in addition to Ar-Rabaey and Abdul-Jawad. He added that 22 legislators are still imprisoned by Israel, 19 of them are members of the Hamas Change and Reform parliamentary bloc, in addition to the Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, legislator Ahmad Saadat, legislator Marwan Barghouthi and legislator Jamal At-Terawi, both members of Fateh movement." ca 29/6/2012
Israel murders more PalestiniansKhaled Amayreh - AlAhram - "A two-year-old is among the victims of a barrage of violence Israel this week thrust on the Palestinians." - id27/6/2012
Hundreds protest plan to demolish Palestinian villageMairav Zonszein--Over 500 Israelis and Palestinians from near and far gathered in Susya (southern West Bank) on Friday to protest plans by Israeli authorities to demolish the Palestinian village in its entirety. Despite being a peaceful and nonviolent demonstration, the army fired stun grenades, tear gas, and threatened to use “skunk” water. One protestor was injured in the head by a stun grenade and required stitches. dn24/6/2012
Background of the Latest Developmen​ts in SusyaEhud Krinis - The Villages Group - Following "Regavim" petition, which requires the state to destroy the village of Susya, yesterday the "civil administration" issued six immediate demolition orders. These are based on old orders from the 90s and from 2001. Orders that Israel chose not to implement so far. -rh14/6/2012
A Day in the LifeMIFTAH - It is a daily struggle for Palestinian businesses to succeed and do business but I have high hopes to accomplish future plans of expansion locally and globally and succeeding. I love what I do and what my family does which does not only include producing beer but also symbolizes a small Palestinian family business going through all the rough patches-rh14/6/2012
The old man and the `strip and swim` procedureAmira Hass - Haaretz - The Israeli navy harasses Gazan fishermen even within 3-mile limit from shore4/6/2012
After 3 Years In Solitary, Sa’adat`s Wife Allowed To Visit HimSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Abla Sa’adat, the wife of the detained Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was allowed to visit her husband Sunday, for the first time after three years of solitary confinement"4/6/2012
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