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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Gaza`s death throes, and no one`s listeningSonia Karkar - The Electronic Intifada - What kind of government seals a heavily populated territory of 1.5 million people so that no person can enter or leave without permission, fishermen cannot fish in their own waters, and world food aid cannot be delivered to the starving population?30/11/2008
Holding Gaza hostageDina Ezzat - Al-Ahram - " Gaza`s humanitarian crisis escalates as the world watches in silence. .."We are Muslims, why are the Arabs leaving us to die? Why isn`t Egypt opening the [Rafah] borders?"29/11/2008
Report from Russian Compound CourtMachsom Watch - " The detainee says that he has been held in solitary confinement since his arrest. He has several health issues, and since yesterday at 2 PM he has been chained to his bed, hands and feet shackled, unable to move. "29/11/2008
Al-Khadr: From village to refugee campBethlehem - Ma`an - " Al-Khadr is a shrinking preserve. Once a 22,000 dunum (1 dunum is 1,000 square meters) swath of territory spreading southwest from Bethlehem, some 5,000 dunums have already been confiscated for the construction of four major Israeli settlements. More land is pending confiscation. According to Mayor Ramzi Salah, 90% of the village’s landed is slated for confiscation, between the expanding settlements and outposts, the nearly complete Israeli separation wall. "29/11/2008
Crushing the right to health – GazaAmnesty International-".Some 80 per cent of Gaza ’s 1.5 million inhabitants rely on international assistance, but UN aid agencies and humanitarian organizations face additional restrictions and costs, which hinder their ability to provide assistance and services to the population. With only a few exceptions, the entire population of 1.5 million people are trapped in Gaza..Since the blockade was imposed in 2007, dozens of patients have died due to lack of access to treatment...The Israeli authorities finally granted him permission to return to Ichilov Hospital on 13 October 2008, eight days after his death on 5 October."28/11/2008
Al-Kurd Family Patriarch Dies, Future of Family Residence in East Jerusalem unknownAlternative Information Center - Mohammed al-Kurd, patriarch of the al-Kurd family, died on 23 November, only a few weeks after his family was forcefully evicted from their home in East Jerusalem, and a week after Israeli police and military personnel demolished their protest tent which drew a lot of attention worldwide.25/11/2008
`Flowers Are Not Allowed`: At the Erez CrossingDr. EYAD al-SERRAJ- The Counterpunch - "Our right to our land, to freedom and to justice were systematically raped. Now they are after our sanity. The aim is to destroy what has remained -- our identity. It is our identity that is so threatening: our humanity"22/11/2008
UN says Gaza on brink of humanitarian disasterReuters - Karen AbuZayd, commissioner-general of UNRWA, said the human toll of this month`s sealing of Gaza`s goods crossings was the gravest since the early days of a Palestinian uprising eight years ago. "It`s been closed for so much longer than ever before... and we have nothing in our warehouses... It will be a catastrophe if this persists, a disaster,"22/11/2008
A harsh lesson from natureMohammed Omar reporting from Al Mawasi in the Gaza Strip - The Nation - "The rain thunders on the iron roof of her makeshift school, drowning out the voice of her teacher, and leaks in through the holes in the roof, soaking her textbooks."22/11/2008
Palestinian village turning into ‘ghetto’Jonathan Cook-The National-"Encircled by half a dozen Jewish settlements like Hashmonaim – all illegal under international law – the village is slowly being sealed off in a fashion that may soon make its isolation almost as complete as Gaza’s. Since May, Israel has begun building its separation barrier along one length of the village, cutting it off from 250 hectares, or 40 per cent, of its farmland. The land will be effectively annexed to the neighbouring settlements."21/11/2008
Siege up close: Desperate father declares hunger strike “until something changes”Eman Mohammed- Maan News Agency-"..I just don’t know what I’ve done wrong! I’ve done my best to look for work, but during the siege everyone has the same answer; the siege is killing everything and the economic situation just keeps going downhill. It’s come now so that there is not place I can go to escape the disappointed looks of my children, they haunt me everywhere.”"21/11/2008
Family’s eviction draws global outrageJonathan Cook-The National-"the more ideological settlers of the kind taking over homes in Sheikh Jarrah refuse to accept partition of the city on any terms. They are trying to erode the Palestinians’ chances of ever controlling their own neighbourhoods in the eastern half of the city. Backed by powerful allies in the courts, government and municipality, the settlers look set to continue expanding in East Jerusalem."21/11/2008
It`s the Occupation, Stupid!Daoud Kuttab - The Huffington Post - With money from American IT companies a state of the art computer lab was unfolded in the West Bank village of Beita. Young people from Beita quickly got on line and told the anticipating audience they plan to connect with another group of young people - not with teens from Australia or youth from Chicago or fellow young Muslims from Turkey, but - with Palestinian youths from nearby East Jerusalem. No one talked about the Wall, no one mentioned occupation, travel restrictions wasn`t harped on. Their message delivered without malice, anger or hatred was clear.25/11/2008
One day at the Gaza crossings - an open letter by Eyad El-SarrajEyad El-Sarraj - I saw a Rambo with dark glasses and a grin carrying a huge machine gun across his massive body. He must feel the power of his muscles and his gun and the weakness of me with my frail body and obedience to his orders. But I could not escape the question, "Who is frightened?" because I was not. I was angry, but not afraid. 25/11/2008
Settlers steal farmer`s horse, police punish... the farmer Ma’an News - When Ibrahim Salah tried to lodge a complaint for the theft of his horse, Israeli police refused to listen to his claim, instead accusing him of “causing problems” at the station. In the end, he was forced to pay a fine of 1,000 Israeli shekels. 25/11/2008
For lack of fuel and spare parts: power plant shut down, Gaza plunged into darkness Ma’an News - The Gaza Strip’s sole power plant will shut down within 30 hours if regular fuel shipments are not allowed to resume, a Palestinian energy official said. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon appealed to Israel to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza. 25/11/2008
Hungry Gazans Resort to Animal Feed as U.N. Blasts IsraelCherrie Heywood - Middle East Times - "To try and meet the shortfall, over the weekend Gaza`s bakeries began grounding second-rate wheat, usually fed to farm animals and birds, to replace the depleted reserves"24/11/2008
Israeli military invades Rafah city in southern GazaRami Almeghari - IMEMC - Israeli military bulldozers, backed by armored vehicles, swept early on Tuesday morning into the eastern borders of Rafah city in southern Gaza Strip (...) razing farm lands 50 to 100 meters depth into Palestinian areas.18/11/2008
In night of mass arrests Israeli forces detain at least 30 across West Bank Ma`an - (...) houses were inspected and ransacked, and families forced at gunpoint to leave their homes to the street. Israeli forces claimed two hunting rifles were seized from the Al-Fawwar camp as well as 100 bullets (...) An estimated 20 youths from the camp were detained, among them 13-year-old Ashraf An-Najjar.18/11/2008
As Israel imposes a punishing closure on civilians in Gaza for a 15th day: Military Letter Reveals Dangerous Incoherence in Gaza Punishment PolicyGisha - Press Release - Two weeks of closing Gaza`s crossings has even disrupted the provision of bread and water and caused electricity blackouts of up to 16 hours per day. · Israeli military claims, in response to Gisha protest, that fuel is being withheld due to "disruptions" of attempts to transfer fuel and goods; but to the media, generals are explicitly declaring that the closure is a response to violations of the ceasefire - meaning that innocent civilians are being punished for the actions of militants. · Gisha: Deliberate deprival of fuel and basic goods violates international law, commitments made to Israel`s High Court - and endangers 1.5 million civilians.20/11/2008
Gaza - Sderot : Life despite of everythingGaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel): report on the daily life in two cities located on the border between Israel and Palestine. Report on the life of the men, women and children who live here. Despite of the extremely harsh living conditions, despite of the daily menace of air attacks and bombings, they continue to work, to love, to dream. Life despite of everything.20/11/2008
Ramallah Palestinian Authority blocks website reporting on corruptionThe Electronic Intifada - The Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah has blocked access to a popular news website because of the site`s reporting on widespread corruption among the entourage of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.19/11/2008
Israeli Soldiers kidnap children in east JerusalemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "The sources added that the ages of the detained children are no more than 13, and that they were abducted for allegedly obstructing the work of municipality workers who were preparing for demolishing more Palestinian homes in the neighborhood" 17/11/2008
UN closes Gaza aid centers, citing lack of foodDiaa Hadid - Associated Press/Commondreams - Gazans seeking food aid walked away empty-handed from locked United Nations distribution centers Saturday after a strict Israeli border closure depleted U.N. food reserves. 16/11/2008
Mending the broken wingAbdallah Mesleh - The Electronic Intifada - Thousands of hectares of land have been confiscated, hundreds of olive trees were uprooted and tens of thousands of trees have been burned at the hands of Israeli occupying forces. In Palestinian villages, where social and economic development is sustained from the land, the villagers are left asking: What`s left for next generations?!16/11/2008
ISM Gaza: Resistance is plowing the fields of FukhareeDonna Wallach - International Solidarity Movement - On Tuesday 11th November 2008, four international Human Rights Observers accompanied some farmers to plow their fields for wheat, rye and lentils. The day started out with a long walk to the field. As in previous accompaniments to the “Buffer Zone”, the fields waiting to be plowed were close to the fence separating Palestinians farm lands from Israel.16/11/2008
Forty-five Palestinian homes and farms issued demolition orders in Idhna, West of HebronInternational Solidarity Movement - On November 3rd, 25 Palestinian homes and five farms in Idhna were issued demolition orders of their homes for the 23rd of November. The order claims that the homes were “built without permission” of the Israeli authorities.16/11/2008
Blockaded Gaza "faces disaster"BBC - The UK-based aid agency Oxfam has warned of catastrophe for Gaza and nearby areas of Israel if a truce agreed last June is not maintained. 16/11/2008
Israel Tightens the Chokehold on Village Entrepreneurs: The Withering Palestinian EconomyJonathan Cook - The Counterpunch - " Israel wants us to leave this land for the settlers, but we are not going anywhere. We will continue struggling for our right to stay here.”"15/11/2008
Amnesty Press Release: acute humanitarian crisis in Gaza"The killing of six Palestinian militants in Israeli air strikes and ground attacks on 4 November prompted a barrage of Palestinian rockets on nearby Israeli towns and villages. Five other Palestinian militants have been killed by Israeli forces and others injured in recent days. Palestinian rocket attacks have continued...On Thursday the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA), the main UN aid agency, which provides humanitarian assistance to close to one million Palestinian refugees in Gaza, announced that its supplies had run out... At the same time the Israeli authorities have been denying international journalists access to Gaza for a week. On Thursday a convoy of European diplomats were likewise refused entry."15/11/2008
Updates of B`TselemB`TSELEM - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories - Policeman who killed Palestinian in Tel Aviv sentenced to one year in jail; House demolitions in Silwan, East Jerusalem; Testimony of Hiba al-`Almi, student: Jerusalem municipality demolishes house; policemen assault occupant; Testimony by Shadi Sabatin, laborer: Policeman beat Shadi Sabatin during interrogation; Testimony by Kafa Shatiwi: Settlers threaten and drive out Palestinians and foreign activists on their way to pick olives 15/11/2008
Military Court in Bethlehem Sentences a Palestinian to Death; PCHR Calls upon Palestinian President Not to Approve the Sentence, and for Abolition of Death Penalty in Palestinian Law PCHR-"(PCHR)Calls upon the PNA to announce an immediate moratorium on the use of this form of punishment, which violates international human rights standards and instruments, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (1966), and the UN Convention against Torture (1984). " 14/11/2008
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryPCHR - " IOF conducted 31 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank, and 3 others into the Gaza Strip. IOF arrested 29 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, in the West Bank...IOF transformed a house in Nablus into a military site "13/11/2008
Press release: Israel continues to coerce Gaza patients into collaborationAl Mezan - EI - " the Israeli officer asked him to collaborate with him and he would be granted access to the hospital in Israel. When Abu Shammala rejected his offer, the intelligence officer told him to go home, saying, "Khalid, God cures. Go back to Gaza to receive treatment." The deceased refused to collaborate with the Israeli intelligence and sought to obtain another medical referral to a different hospital. He secured another referral to Palestine Hospital in Cairo but he could not travel out of Gaza because the borders were close. "13/11/2008
Live from Palestine : The only way outEva Bartlett- EI - " Over the past year, Muhannad Omar al-Helo has twice petitioned the Israeli government to leave Gaza in order to study in Europe for a master`s degree. He has also contacted Israeli lawyers and human rights groups about his case. On 2 November aboard the SS Dignity, the third Free Gaza boat, he was finally able to leave Gaza ...between 600-700 urgent medical cases, with another 700 students who need to leave for study purposes. "13/11/2008
Israel to reopen Gaza commercial crossingsRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "Yesterday, following calls by some international bodies, Israel allowed pumping of industrial crude fuel to Gaza`s power plant."12/11/2008
Israeli Banks Want to Stop Dealing with Gaza BanksArutz Sheva - The Poalim Bank group and Bank Discount inclined to stop dealing with banks in Gaza, but Israel`s Central Bank concerned that the Arabs might stop using the shekel and switch to the Egyptian lira.11/11/2008
Candle procession in Gaza / Israel to resume fuel delivery Saed Bannoura/Rami Almeghari - IMEMC - Yesterday, hundreds of Gaza residents marched in a candlelight procession to protest the cutting off of fuel supplies, causing Gaza`s sole elericity station to stop operations. This morning, Israel` Ehud Barak authorised resumption of the fuel supplies. 11/11/2008
Al-Kurd family evicted from their home in East JerusalemInternational Solidarity Movement - Israeli police have evicted a Palestinian family from their home in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, and arrested 8 international solidarity activists that were staying on the property.9/11/2008
Gaza`s new martyrs: Majda`s storySamah Sabawi - Counterpunch - One look at Majda’s face and I felt consumed by her overwhelming pain. For a month Majda has lived on edge, knowing how ill her father was in Gaza and knowing he may die before she would be allowed to enter into Gaza’s closed gates.9/11/2008
Israeli forces enter GazaMa’an - " Israeli military vehicles and bulldozers entered Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip and began bulldozing lands in the area, eyewitnesses told Ma’an on Saturday morning. "8/11/2008
Israel army studies `abuse video` BBC NEWS - " The video shows a bearded Palestinian detainee, blindfolded, and apparently kneeling close to a high concrete barrier. Around him are a group of Israeli soldiers, some of whom are jeering. One soldier goads the blindfolded man into repeating what he is saying. The taunt ends with the words: "Golani will bring you a log to stick up your ass." As the man repeats it, the soldiers can be heard laughing loudly. "8/11/2008
New Restrictions on Mobility of Medical Personnel in the West BankPHR Israel and the Palestinian Medical Relief Society-Press Release - "This restriction is another addition to the ongoing Israeli policy intended to weaken the connection between Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem and the population of the West Bank, in an attempt to harm their special status as Palestinian institutions operating in Jerusalem. Using “bureaucratic” methods and/or “security” arguments for political purposes is an attempt to deceive everyone involved as well as the international community, and in fact represents a change in the status quo in Jerusalem that Israel has committed itself to preserve." 7/11/2008
Israeli Occupation Forces invade Al Faqr refugee camp ISM-"Mohammed Sawalni Fouad (21 years old) was shot by live ammunition by the IOF, twice in his leg and once in his lower back. ..his friend Ali Hassan Mahmoud Tayeh (22 years old) went to help Mohammed. He was then shot with a rubber coated steel bullet in his upper thigh. Ambulance drivers were prevented from attending to the two injured boys for approximately 2 hours before they were transferred to Riffidyia Hospital in Nablus. .. 14 year old Jihad Khalid Farhed was shot with a rubber coated steel bullet. "7/11/2008
12-year-old beaten and imprisoned with adultsMuhammad Khawajah : Testimony - B`Tselem - The soldiers cuffed my hands tight with plastic handcuffs, which hurt a lot. A soldier grabbed me by the shirt from behind and started walking and pushing me forward. The shirt was up against my neck and I couldn’t breathe properly. I tried to free myself, and he punched me in the back and pulled the shirt tighter, choking me even more. 6/11/2008
Narratives Under Siege (23): ‘The Israelis Attack us Every Day’PCHR - “I’ve been a fisherman for fifteen years now, ever since I was fifteen years old. My father was a fisherman and so was my grandfather. I have spent half my life at sea. But every day we face problems from the Israeli gunboats: they follow us, and then they start shooting at us because they want to force us to stop working.” 6/11/2008
Gaza residents `terribly trapped` BBC - ""It`s almost unbelievable that the world doesn`t care while this is happening."" 5/11/2008
Protecting Yanoun Paul Adrian Raymond - EI - ""Whatever the settlers want, the army does it," claims one resident of Yanoun." 5/11/2008
Al Quds Brigades: “truce gone with the wind”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The fighters will teach the “Zionist” army a harsh lesson, and will make it pay for its crimes." 5/11/2008
Bulldozers precede court ruling Maisa Abu Ghazaleh - PNN - Police had issued land confiscation orders for Israeli projects and the Palestinian land owners went to court. But residents of Deir Dibwan lost 25 structures and 15 sheep pens in a single day, as Israeli bulldozers anticipated the court’s decision.4/11/2008
Bombarded by bombs Mary Hughes-Thompson - Free Gaza - "While the Oslo agreement gave Gaza a 20 mile limit, the people of Gaza have never asked for more than the 12 miles which are standard under international law. After the elections in Palestine, Israel arbitrarily announced, as part of its blockade to punish Palestinians for democratically electing the wrong party, that it was cutting the limit to 6 miles"3/11/2008
Strangers In Their Own Land: Palestinian Labourers in Israeli Settlements (film) 2/11/2008
Settlers attack elderly woman’s home in HebronInternational Solidarity Movement - At approximately 4:30pm on the 30th October, the house of Sureia Algremari, a 95 year old woman who lives closed to the Kharsina settlement, was attacked by 4-5 settlers.2/11/2008
Israeli military takes over home of the Zo`ool family in Bethlehem regionAhmad Jaradat - Alternative Information Centre - “They came for a second time at three in the morning. We were sleeping and woke up from knocking on the door. I opened and more than ten soldiers entered the house. We were given five minutes to gather everyone in the kitchen. Some soldiers guarded us while others checked to make sure there were no others in the house. They took our 20 year old son Ahmad to a room far from the kitchen and when we heard him crying, we pushed the soldiers and ran to the room, where we saw soldiers beating him. We shouted at the soldiers to stop, after which the officer ordered us to leave our house.” 2/11/2008
Is Spain inside or outside the Nablus checkpoint?The Electronic Intifada - Eddie Vassallo writing from Balata refugee camp. "In Balata, where overcrowding is an understatement, the average living space is just a few meters per person -- compared to over 1,300 meters per person in Israel. Considered alongside the psychological reality of zero privacy, little sunlight, near nightly Israeli military incursions and a hazardous lack of ventilation, it is easy to see how these conditions are not only intolerable -- they are disastrous."1/11/2008
Israel demolishes dozens of West Bank shacksBen Hubbard - Associated Press - "The Israeli army knocked down shacks in a West Bank village for the second straight day Thursday, leaving dozens of Palestinian Bedouin homeless, a United Nations official said."1/11/2008
OCHA Protection of Civilians Weekly Report No . 2 8 6OFFICE FOR THE COORDINATION OF HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS (OCHA)-"Since 5 November, daily electricity blackouts, shortages of cooking gas and fresh foods and the absence of a daily supply of water, together, compound an already ongoing degradation in the daily life of the Gazan civilian population. Their access to basic social services and to humanitarian assistance should be ensured at all times regardless of political or military considerations. Bread supply is in danger: As no wheat grain has entered Gaza for 16 days, the largest Palestinian mill (Al Falastiniah) declared on 19 November that it will stop production for lack of grain."28/11/2008
Israel`s Slow-Motion GenocideStephen Lendman - Countercurrents - Having your right to essential services denied - to emergency health care, education, employment, and enough food and clean water. Being forced into extreme poverty, having your crops destroyed, and being victimized by punitive taxes. Having no right for redress in the occupier`s courts under laws only protecting the occupier.27/11/2008
Amira Hass reporting from the Gaza StripThe closure on Israeli media .. is part of the informational manipulation and distortion. 15/11/2008
El-Kurd Family EvictedRabbi Arik Ascherman-"a lone judge on the High Court (Danziger) ruled that the Al-Kurd family was to be expelled within 24 hours from the home they have lived in since 1956....Not only is this a tragedy for the Al Kurd family, it sets a precedent to justify further expulsions from the Sheikh Jarrakh neighborhood. This places in jeopardy the future of another 26 homes with a combined total of more than 500 people. "14/11/2008
Gaza Children Medical Urgent Action UpdateAmnesty International-"The children named above suffer from congenital heart diseases, including conditions commonly known as holes in the heart. They need urgent surgery that cannot be provided in Gaza, where necessary medical facilities and specialists are not available. These are however available at a hospital in East Jerusalem, only an hour`s drive from Gaza. However, five of the children named above (see text) have so far not been able to leave Gaza because the Israeli authorities have refused to grant permission for the children`s mothers and or grandmothers to accompany them to the hospital in East Jerusalem."14/11/2008
Israeli Chemical Warfare on Palestinian FishermenGreta Berlin-Free Gaza Movement-"Throughout the day to protect their catch from contamination by the chemical spray, the fishermen had lowered the nets back into the water. Much of the catch was lost."14/11/2008
Foreign reporters furious over Gaza banTOVAH LAZAROFF - JPost- " Foreign journalists are furious that the Defense Ministry`s closure of Gaza Strip crossings has barred them from entering..."We consider it a serious problem for freedom of the press..."We serve as the window for the world into Gaza,"13/11/2008
UN spokesperson: “Israeli blockade on Gaza obstructs UN efforts”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - " UNRWA is forced to suspend the distribution of essential supplies to the residents of Gaza as Israel is barring the entry of any aid or supplies, thus negatively impacting the lives of 750.000 residents who receive this aid. "13/11/2008
Gaza Border Crossings Have Been Closed for the 6th Consecutive Day The Palestinian Center for Human Rights - " 30% of Gaza `s Neighborhoods Plunges into Deep Darkness While Shortage of Flour Presages Closure of Gaza `s Bakeries...PCHR calls upon the international community... to break their silence, exert effective pressure on IOF to end the suffering of more than 1.5 million Palestinian civilians . " 13/11/2008
Testimony: Twelve-year-old beaten and imprisoned with adults B`Tselem - EI - "An Israeli lawyer defended me. I don`t know her name. She asked that I be released on bond and the judge granted the request, but set bond at 3,000 shekels [US$800]. My father didn`t have the money, so we couldn`t pay." 12/11/2008
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