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Life under occupation

Gaza kids break second world record in weekGaza children at the UNRWA Summer Games broke their own world record, flying 7,202 kites in the sky simultaneously on Thursday. 31/7/2010
Gaza -- only appealsby Dina Ezzat - Al-Ahram "The leaks suggest that Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman wants to permanently seal all borders linking Israel to Gaza" 30/7/2010
Narratives Under Siege (4): Life Put on Hold as Construction Materials Continue to be Restricted Palestinian Center for Human Rights - Beit Lahia, Palestine—Salah Jalal Abu Leila lives in a crowded tent with his family of twelve beside a dusty main street in the Northern Gaza town of Beit Lahia; they have been living here for more than a year: "Our home was completely destroyed in the war. I worked for sixteen years in Israel to build my home and in one attack the Israelis destroyed everything I worked to build." 29/7/2010
Bedouin village razed in Negev as Israelis cheer on The Electronic Intifada- Report - "Approximately 1,500 Israeli police came at 5:30 in the morning and evacuated everyone from their beds," Ranaan said. "They brought tear gas and water cannons, but didn`t use them. There was a handful of Israeli peace activists who had come the night before to stay with the villagers, and the police beat them up and detained them. Once they evacuated everyone in the village, they started to demolish it. It took three hours to flatten the village. For the people of al-Araqib, it was a nightmare to see their village destroyed." 28/7/2010
Gaza children shelled with flechette bombs Adie Mormech - EI - ""She came in through the front door and it wasn`t clear she was injured. Suddenly a lot of blood came from her nose and she vomited, all of the family saw this -- her little brothers were very scared.""28/7/2010
Palestinian village and nearly $30,000 of aid destroyed by Israeli militaryCatherine Weibel - Oxfam - The aid agency Oxfam today called upon the Israeli government to compensate Palestinian villagers after the Israeli army demolished 79 structures in the village of Al Farisiya in the West Bank on 19 July, forcing families into further impoverishment after years of harassment. Structures destroyed include homes, stables, storage sheds, water tanks, two tons of animal fodder, fertiliser and wheat. 27/7/2010
No words to console Gaza child after mother is killed by Israeli shelling Vittorio Arrigoni - Electronic Intifada - Although flechette shells are considered an illegal weapon, Israel continues to use them. In 2002, the Israeli high court rejected a petition presented by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights to end use of the flechettes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. 27/7/2010
VIDEO Combatants for Peace Activists InterviewOn Thursday`s Riz Khan show we talk to Bassam Aramin and Elik Elhanan who are both members of Combatants for Peace, a group of former fighters who are now working for a resolution to the conflict.24/7/2010
Two dead and four children injured from Israeli fleschette bomb attack in Beit Hanoun, Gaza “She came in through and it wasn’t clear she was injured. Suddenly a lot of blood came from her nose and she vomited. All of the family saw this – her little brothers were very scared. She had just been playing in the front of the house.”24/7/2010
IDF destroys West Bank village after declaring it military zoneAmira Hass - Haaretz - "A farmer who owns 300 sheep was told to leave in 24 hours or his herd would be confiscated." 21/7/2010
Water restrictions in the occupied West Bank Report - The Electronic Intifada - The worst place to be in the occupied West Bank in terms of water and sanitation facilities is an Israeli-controlled stretch of land known as Area C, where the Palestinian Authority (PA) is technically responsible for water services, but simply unable to deliver. 20/7/2010
IDF soldier who shot British peace activist to be released from jailBart Farrell/Anshel Pfeffer - Ha`aretz/IMEMC/ISM - In 2005 Taysir-al-Heib was sentenced to eight years for killing British activist Tom Hurndall. At the time the judges found that al-Heib, a Bedouin, had given the court a `confused and pathetic` version. An army committee now decided to shorten his sentence, against the advice of the Military Advocate General. 20/7/2010
Report: “Soldiers Killed 5 Palestinians In Gaza in June”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers also targeted residents who collect stone and the rubble of bombarded buildings in areas near the northern and eastern borders of the Gaza Strip. The residents collect stones and rubble in an attempt to use them in rebuilding their bombarded homes due to the lack of construction materials. Several residents were wounded by military fire while trying to collect stones"19/7/2010
Twilight Zone / Gestures to the Palestinians Gideon Levy-- While the prime minister is dispensing promises about easing restrictions in the territories, Israel is expelling hundreds of shepherds from the Jordan Valley Which is crueler? Expelling an urban family from its home in Jerusalem`s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, or bulldozing a meager tent encampment of shepherds living on private Jordan Valley land they leased, destroying their water tanks, their tents and their sheep pens, and expelling families with many children from the land on which they live? It`s hard to say. But while the Sheikh Jarrah expulsions are attracting interest in Israel and elsewhere, hardly anyone notices or protests what`s going on in the Jordan Valley. 18/7/2010
The lawyer who hopes Baroness Ashton can free her from GazaDonald Macintyre in Gaza City-- Fatma Sharif, a lawyer and human rights activist who should have registered for the course at Birzeit University, Ramallah, this week, is hoping personally to raise her case with Baroness Ashton, the EU`s Foreign and Security High Representative, when she makes her second visit this year to the Strip.18/7/2010
"Can you tell us how much food you allow thru the Checkpoint?" "NO COMMENT"A father of five from Azzun Atma village in the northern West Bank was told by Israeli soldiers manning the single civilian crossing into the area that on Tuesday, 50kgs of flour was too much and he could not bring it home. Hassen Mahmoud Qadus was also told to leave two kilograms of meat, purchased for his family, at the checkpoint to rot. The quantity of meat, a soldier told him, was above what was permitted for personal consumption.17/7/2010
Who`d be a travel agent in Gaza?by Donald Macintyre - The Independent "Numbers admitted through the crossing are heavily restricted – out of a population of 1.5 million, it is 150 at most a day who leave, and around 20 of those are Mr Shurafa`s clients. From the crossing to Cairo airport, they can expect to pay Ł11 – for the compulsory bus ride, overseen by the Egyptian security services."16/7/2010
The New Freedom Theatre in Jenin City video16/7/2010
PCHR Position Paper on the Easing of the Closure of the Gaza Strip Position Paper Palestinian Centre for Human Rights "Measures announced recently to ease the blockade are vague, purely cosmetic and fail to deal with the root causes of the crisis, which can only be addressed by an immediate complete lifting of the closure, including lifting the travel ban into and out of the Gaza Strip and the ban on exports." 16/7/2010
ICAHD DENOUNCES ’S ISRAELI DEMOLITIONS (and American enabling)Jeff Halper, ICAHD After an unofficial nine-month “moratorium,” the Israeli government has returned with a vengeance to its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes. Yesterday, July 13, six homes were demolished in East Jerusalem. Only one of two explanations for the wave of demolitions is therefore possible. Either Israel has received a green (OK, blinking orange) light that the US will not object vociferously to demolitions – and, in fact, the State Department issued a mild statement describing the demolitions as “unhelpful,” the same term Hillary Clinton used when homes were demolished during her visit to Ramallah. Or Netanyahu, flush from his victory over Obama in the Biden affair, when Congress overwhelmingly supported the Israeli position of building settlements over that of their own Administration, felt free to return to his aggressive policies of “judaization.”15/7/2010
Closing the gap between rhetoric and realityGisha - As discussion of "easing" the closure of Gaza continues, restrictions on movement between Gaza and the West Bank remain tighter than ever. Last week, the Defense Ministry announced that the "easing" would in no way expand criteria for travel of people between Gaza and the West Bank. 15/7/2010
Court offers Abu-Tir ultimatum: Jail or expulsionShmulik Grossman - Ynet News - Senior Hamas official Mohammad Abu-Tir will be expelled from Israel this Sunday, the Jerusalem Magistrates` Court ruled on Wednesday. It still remains unclear to which country he will be deported. Prior to this, Abu-Tir, who lives in the Abu Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem, will be required to deposit NIS 50,000 (about $12,900) with the court. If he fails to do so, he will remain in detention by court order. In addition, he will be required to post NIS 100,000 (about $25,800) self-bail and a third-party bail of NIS 100,000. 15/7/2010
Narratives Under Siege (2): Tough Times for Gaza Travel AgentPCHR - Like all businesses in the Gaza Strip, Shurafa Travel has suffered greatly as a result of the Israeli-imposed closure. "We are losing lots of money," Nabil says, clearly frustrated, "we are paying out of our own pockets to keep the office open and, because of the siege, the costs to do so are very high." Because all his office material comes through the tunnels from Egypt and because all his necessary utilities, such as his phone service, are controlled by companies operating a monopoly in Gaza, Nabil estimates that he operates one of the most expensive travel agencies in the world, relative to the revenue 15/7/2010
Palestinian Woman Killed, Five Residents Wounded, As Army Bombards GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Ni’ma Abu Sa’id, 38, suffered serious wounds, and was moved to a local hospital where she died of her wounds. Several other residents were wounded, some seriously." 14/7/2010
Trapped by Gaza Blockade, Locked in Despair MICHAEL SLACKMAN and ETHAN BRONNER - NYT - "The women at the stress clinic gathered about 10 a.m...“My own children tell me it is better to die,” Jamalat Wadi said to the group." 14/7/2010
OPT: Thousands missing out on education in Gaza IRIN - UN-OCHA - With over 40 children crowding small classrooms and three children sharing each desk many children have learning problems. Due to bombardments, blockade, and population growth not enough schools could be (re)built, says UNWRA. 13/7/2010
“Under a military order, the lands are now state property.”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Farmers said that the army did not even hand them the military orders, but instead placed the documents on the grounds of the lands in question. 13/7/2010
Narratives Under Siege : Dialysis in Paralysis PCHR - Now under siege for more than three years and thus unable to provide necessary medication, plagued with equipment in perpetual disrepair, and confronted with an acute shortage of electricity, Al-Shifa`s dialysis unit is experiencing its own state of deterioration. "We have witnessed almost a fifty percent shortage in the medicine and machines we need to run this unit at its capacity due to the Israeli occupation and closure, not to mention the problems arising from the electricity crisis" says Dr. Mohammad Shatat, Deputy Director of Al-Shifa`s Dialysis Unit, the largest such unit in the Gaza Strip. The consequences, he says, have been a visible decline in the health and prospects for recovery and survival of the patients. 7/7/2010
PALESTINIAN FAMILIES FACING FORCED EVICTIONAmnesty International - URGENT ACTION - Eighty-three people, including 32 children, are facing imminent forced eviction and destruction of their property in the Jordan Valley area of the occupied West Bank following military orders from the Israeli authorities. A recent spate of military orders has marked a renewed effort by the Israeli military in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) to evict Palestinians living in the northern Jordan Valley area of the West Bank and to destroy their property. These villages lie within the 60 per cent of the West Bank designated as ˇ§Area Cˇ¨, which is completely under Israeli control; Palestinians living there face severe restrictions on building and destruction of their property. 7/7/2010
Israeli Border Police Destroy Vegetable Fields in Al Baqa`a ValleyCPT Hebron - For Immediate Release - Israeli border police destroyed several Palestinian fields in Al Baqa`a Valley just east of Hebron on July 6, 2010, directly impacting the livelihood of more than one hundred Palestinians. Landowners said that Israeli border police and the Israeli District Coordinating Office (DCO), responsible for the coordination of Palestinian civilian affairs in Area C, began implementing the destruction at around 8:30am. Israeli authorities, with the assistance of hired labor, damaged fields of vegetables and destroyed the irrigation systems of those fields. 7/7/2010
The Battle of Nabi Saleh: Soldiers vs. KidsMax Blumenthal - IMEMC - " Recently, the settlers seized control of a fresh water spring that has belonged to Nabi Saleh since the village was built in the 19th century."7/7/2010
Soldiers attack Palestinian detainees in MajiddoSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - Searching for a mobile phone reportedly in possession of detainees, soldiers attacked them with clubs and fired gas bombs at them before forcing them out of their rooms; several detainees suffocated after inhaling gas fired by the army while other suffered concussions and bruises. 6/7/2010
Jerusalem Legislators Receives Extended Detention By IsraelSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Abu Teir rejected an Israeli offer to be deported from his hometown, Jerusalem, into the occupied West Bank. After detaining Abu Teir on Thursday, the Israeli police said that the legislator is illegally residing in Jerusalem as his residency rights were revoked and he was order to leave the occupied city"5/7/2010
Israeli demolitions in Jordan ValleyTania Kepler - AIC - "12 shelters were demolished by the Israeli army on Thursday 1 July, in the village of Khirbeit ar Ras Al Ahmar in the Tubas Governorate. The shelters were used primarily for animals and belonged to 12 families (72 people) from the village. 5 of the families received eviction orders on June 6th, when the Israeli military issued evacuation orders to 9 families in the Jordan Valley village. The families were given orders instructing them to leave the area, and remove homes, animal shelters, and livestock within the following 24 hours. The families were warned that if they did not comply with the military orders, that their animals would be confiscated and they would be forced to pay the expenses of the confiscation"5/7/2010
Israel refuses to allow a lawyer to leave Gaza to reach her studiesGisha - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement submitted an urgent petition to the High Court of Justice yesterday concerning Ms. Fatma Sharif, a 29-year-old lawyer who wishes to travel from Gaza via Israel to attend a Master`s Degree program in human rights and democracy at Birzeit University in the West Bank. 4/7/2010
Twighlight Zone_A Night in Hebron Gideon Levy - Haaretz July 1 - The scars speak for themselves: a scorched hole in the middle of his forehead, like a mark of Cain, two more burn holes on his right hand and one on his left arm. The scratches on his face and arm have already healed. That`s what remains from the night on which soldiers decided to have a little fun with Salah Rajabi, a student in the 12th grade at the Tareq School in Hebron. 4/7/2010
Palestinians confident of siege`s endby Saleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram Weekly "According to Al-Khodari, facts on the ground demonstrate that Israel`s claims of easing the blockade are nothing more than PR. He called for intensified action to end the siege. He added that Israel continues to prevent the entry of 3,500 types of goods into Gaza, including "livestock, raw material for industry, all forms of construction material, electrical appliances, equipment and machinery, sewage needs and spare parts, power generators and spare parts, household and office furniture, as well as hundreds of other goods." 2/7/2010
Israel`s new master planby Khaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly "This week, an Israeli government body was set to approve "an unprecedented master plan" for an all-out expansion of Jewish settlements that would effectively -- using the words of one Palestinian official -- "decapitate" East Jerusalem`s Arab identity." 2/7/2010
Israel Seizes Oxygen Machines Donated to the PABy Haaretz Service - "Seven machines donated by Norwegian agency confiscated en route to PA over chance generators attached could be used for purposes other than medical treatment, Ma`an reports. "2/7/2010
Heavy police presence in SilwanMa`an News Agency - "Israeli forces detained three residents of the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem on Thursday. "2/7/2010
IDF mistakenly summons 7-year-old Palestinian boy to Shin Bet interrogationAmira Hass - Haaretz - On June 10, the Za`akik family from the West Bank village of Beit Omar awoke to loud knocks at the door. The father of the family opened, and three Israeli soldiers entered the house; one of them, whom the father thought to be the commander, asked for the boy, M. His father told the officer that M. was seven years old, and showed him his identification, stating the boy`s date of birth as September 17, 2002. 1/7/2010
Israeli Soldier Assaults and Arrests Palestinian Family for Cheering Germany in World CupNa’eem was listening to the match on the radio and cheered when Germany scored, his uncle explained. The soldier took the group’s cigarettes and crushed them with his foot, then sprayed tear gas on the passengers. Barakat said he asked the soldier why, and the soldier replied, “Because you support Germany.” 10/7/2010
Gaza: Women take on new kinds of workMaan News Agency "While unemployment in Gaza remains as high as 70 percent, women have become breadwinners for families as traditional jobs in factories and construction disappear in the thick of Israel`s siege. " 23/7/2010
Cherries and lychees selling for NIS 25 a kilo in Gaza by Amiram Cohen - Haaretz "Gaza fruit dealers have given their Israeli suppliers a long list of goods they want now the blockade has been eased. It includes expensive specialty fruits as cherries and lychees. "9/7/2010
Israeli Border Police Demolish Water Infrastructure in Al Baqa`a ValleyCPTHebron - For Immediate Release - Israeli Border Police and hired laborers first demolished a rainwater cistern. Border Police and the workers then moved to vegetable fields and removed all of the irrigation pipes. Israeli Border Police used sound grenades to disperse the Palestinian land owners and residents who were gathered around the site of the demolitions. Medical personnel came to give examinations to two women who were suffering adverse affects from the sound grenades, one woman was taken away by ambulance.21/7/2010
Call for Action Against House Demolitions in Al Farisiya and FasayilJordan Valley Solidarity - On 19th July 2010 the Israeli army demolished 23 homes in Al Farisiya in the Jordan Valley making 91 more Palestinians homeless. They also destroyed the shelters for over 1000 sheep that members of this bedouin community owned, and have `confiscated` the sheep and demanded payment from the farmers for their food! 21/7/2010
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