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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Today`s News from the OccupationXinhua - Palestinians death toll in southern Gaza Strip hit to three ; IRIN/EI - Gaza`s medical lifeline cut by border closures; Amira Hass- Haaretz - Palestinian cardiologist treating patients in the U.S. may not be allowed to come home ; Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Army invades Tubas, Jenin, and the village of Tammoun, takes three prisoners ; Amira Hass- Haaretz - Palestinians wait in vain for taken ID`s ; Ma`an - Israel planning to launch a massive attack on the Gaza Strip31/10/2006
Briefing to the Security Council on the situation in the Middle East Alvaro de Soto - UN Special Coordinator - "Since June 25 Israeli operations have killed 295 Palestinians, including 66 children, and injured 1,113 others. However, neither these intensive operations nor continuing diplomatic efforts have led either to the release of the captured soldier, or to the cessation of indiscriminate rocket attacks, which have injured 20 Israelis since 25 June. Israel’s policy of near-blanket closure of Gaza continues"31/10/2006
`National` weapons in Nablus Amira Hass - Haaretz - "...three young men who presented themselves as gun dealers... They said the usual things - that the weapons and munitions in Nablus (and the West Bank in general) came from Israel, and that there were many ways to smuggle them despite the barricades and roadblocks."31/10/2006
Young Palestinians. Young IsraelisText: Aya Kaniuk, video: Tamar Goldschmidt. Link to - Reports from the West bank. [GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FOR ENGLISH TEXT.] "They raise their shirts, then turn around, then hold their breath. Sometimes their mouths tighten, their faces flush with embarrassment..."31/10/2006
Strangling Gaza will not make Israel saferMona El-Farra -- IMEU -- "Is Israel`s economy threatened by Gaza`s impoverished fishermen, who are banned from fishing beyond 100 yards from the seacoast, or by its struggling farmers whose orchards are bulldozed? Do Israelis eat better knowing that one million Palestinians are on the verge of starvation? Will destroying Gaza`s infrastructure, its schools, its hospitals, its small businesses bring Israel lasting peace? Does killing our children somehow make Israeli children safer?"30/10/2006
Music therapy: The pied piper of BalataDonald Macintyre -- The Independent -- The Palestinian children of the West Bank grow up amid the sounds of guns and bombs. But a project inspired by Professor Nigel Osborne is determined to help them listen to a different tune30/10/2006
Palestinian students the latest victims of the Israeli arrest campaign Mustafa Sabre -- PNN -- "While some Palestinian students face fear of arrest, others have been banned from travelling altogether. Many promising students accepted to Jordanian and other Arab universities have had to postpone their enrollment until Israeli authorities allow them to travel"29/10/2006
Ramadan Ended! Now What?Dana Shalash -- The Palestine Chronicle -- "Few minutes ago, I surfed some of the blogs and came across few Iraqi bloggers writing on both Ramadan and Eid. If the titles did not mention `in Iraq,` I swear I could never tell the difference between Iraq and Palestine. The hunger, misery, constant killing, and lack of security are all Palestinian symptoms" 29/10/2006
Troops bar residents from reaching their homes in HebronSaed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "Hisham Al Azza, said that soldiers stationed in the neighborhood placed barbed wires on the road leading to his house, the house of his brother and several Palestinians houses, after the settlers repeatedly threatened to attack the houses if the road remains opened"29/10/2006
Death waits for no one in Balata refugee campMohamed Farraj - The Electronic Intifada - "Skipper now lies in the graveyard with his friends and the other victims of the occupation...This, it dawned on me, was the cycle of conflict. One goes and another one rises to his place. "28/10/2006
International visitors` / activists` reports from the Occupied territoriesISM - "Settlers annex and destroy more land in Susiya"; M. Phillips - EI - "Why I came to Nablus, despite my family`s pleas to stay away"; Jan Benvie - CPT - "Reflection: Strangers in my home"28/10/2006
Twilight Zone / What`s for dinner? Gideon Levy - Haaretz - on daily life of the Gaza poor.28/10/2006
Today`s news from the OccupationIMEMC: Saed Bannours - Troops bar residents from reaching their homes in Hebron; Soldiers take three senior P.A officials prisoner in Ramallah; Child injured after Israeli settler attack on olive harvesters near Bethlehem; Army invades several villages west of Jenin ; Army closes a gate in the wall and stops farmers from reaching their lands near Tulkarem Army detains scores of residents in the rain, near Tubass 28/10/2006
Israel Prisoner Treatment CondemnedPalestine Chronicle-"Israel`s arbitrary and disproportionate policy not only infringes the right to family visits, it also results in violation of other rights and principles of international humanitarian and human rights law," 27/10/2006
Eid in Tel RumeidaISM Hebron - "The man was taken across the street next to the first man who was still being detained. He stood against a wall, but the soldier spent the next few minutes demanding that he sit on the ground, though he was wearing new clothes for the Eid holidays. Eventually he was forced to sit on the ground. " 26/10/2006
Settlers attack Palestinian farmersAljazeera - "Ibrahim Salah said his family was working in its field of olive trees west of Nablus when about 50 settlers descended on the area, some of them wielding metal bars and carrying guns." 26/10/2006
So much for another kind of olive harvest Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - "Peretz`s celebratory promises that this year`s olive harvest would be different than those of past years are shattered daily at Israel Defense Forces checkpoints. Even the High Court injunction to permit farmers to work their land makes no impression on security forces. "26/10/2006
Not only the right to worship is sacred Amira Hass - Haaretz - "The main Israeli control method, and the most effective with respect to the occupier, is the limitation of Palestinian freedom of movement to a minimum: within the occupied territories, between district and district, between town and village, village and its lands, between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, between going abroad and coming back. " 26/10/2006
Keepers of the PeaceRima Merriman - The Electronic Intifada - "How Israel`s annexation and total control over East Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa Mosque is going to help the world is hard to figure out." 25/10/2006
`This will be the worst Eid of my life`Yousef Alhelou - The Electronic Intifada - " "There is no taste for this Eid, it`s a sad Eid."" 25/10/2006
Demolition of the Gaza Strip by Israel continues Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Troops isolate Beit Hanoun, shells several areas; “Army will continue operating in Gaza” 24/10/2006
Abu Musa Jahalin is sickAngela Godfrey-Goldstein - ICAHD - "Abu Musa had to go back to his shack, under threat of demolition and ethnic transfer by the Wall and army (the very un-Civil Administration!), to find 20,000 shekels for treatment... Having been badly beaten by Israeli Border Police, when homes - tin and cardboard shacks -- were bulldozed on his hillside. Those shattered places in his body are returning now to haunt him. "24/10/2006
Twilight Zone / Loss upon loss Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "In May, Mohammed, short and bearded, accompanied us silently on a tour of his ruined house, whose roof had collapsed onto the balcony below. This week we returned to that house, at the edge of the town of Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip. Mohammed is no longer there, nor is his son Ismail or his daughter Hanan. The three of them were killed by IDF fire. "24/10/2006
Gone in 60 seconds Amira Hass - Haaretz - on the Nablus car thieves24/10/2006
Abbas slams the Israeli attack in Gaza, describes it as massacre Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "“What happened today is an ugly crime against the Palestinian people trying to celebrate the first day of Al Fitir feast” Abbas said. Eight residents were killed in the attack, among them seven family members; at least thirty residents were injured.". And Haaretz report: "Third rocket hits near Sderot; PRC vows revenge as IDF troops kill one of group`s senior leaders, six others."24/10/2006
Palestinians apprehensive about CIA moneyKhalid Amayreh- The Electronic Intifada-"We know very well that American money goes hand in hand with American agenda. We also know that unclean money goes to unclean parties and unclean politicians and unclean journalists," 20/10/2006
So close, yet so far: Closure keeps Palestinian academic from finishing doctorate in IsraelJennie Matthew-Daily Star (Lebanon)/Agence France Presse-"University staff have also petitioned Defense Minister Amir Peretz to overturn the ban so students not suspected of involvement in activities that threaten Israeli security can enter the country for academic purposes."20/10/2006
Hebron Reflection: War is Not Healthy Jan Benvie -Christian Peacemaker Team-"I later saw a young 4 or 5 year-old settler boy sitting alone at a military checkpoint. He looked at the young Palestinian men being detained, and drew his finger across his throat several times, as if to indicate cutting their throats. "20/10/2006
Olive Harvest Coalition Israel Committee Against House Demolition - "An area of 120,000 dunams is confined between the Separation Fence and the `green line`, separating the Palestinian farmers from the source of their livelihood. At least 60 villages are directly and acutely affected by this, their income and life-structure devastated, .."20/10/2006
Palestinian students barred entry into Israeli Universities Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Wednesday, Israeli Education Minister, Yuli Tamir, and Culture Minister, Ophir Pines-Paz, demanded that Israel`s Defense Minister, Amir Peretz, revoke the ban barring Palestinians students studying in Israeli universities from entering Israel, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported." 19/10/2006
Gaza doctors say patients suffering mystery injuries after Israeli attacksRory McCarthy - The Guardian - "Doctors in Gaza have reported previously unseen injuries from Israeli weapons that cause severe burning and leave deep internal wounds, often resulting in amputations or death." 19/10/2006
Hebron Update: 8-14 October 2006Christian Peacemaker Teams - "As the morning ended, a Palestinian associate reported that settlers had broken into three shops bordering the Bab iBaladeyyeh (Beit Romano) checkpoint.. They had smashed their way in through the back walls of the stores. He also reported that Israelis have been sneaking into and operating a stone quarry at night, located near the village of Dahariya.. He said that the invasions constitute illegal land confiscation and have been reported to Israeli police. He added, if they get no satisfaction, they plan to take their complaint to Israel`s high court." 19/10/2006
Prisoners of the wallTamar Pelleg Sryck - 21st Century Socialism - "Of those tried in military courts, almost all are sentenced by agreement, by deals. The defence and the prosecution make deals, by routine. This is more the dictate of the prosecution, the supremacy of the prosecution, rather than talks trying to reach some kind of reasonable outcome." 19/10/2006
“Rain Man” : Letter from Lama Hourani in Gaza City, 2006-10-17 Lama Hourani - "The electricity problem is getting worse and influences the behavior of people. Everyone is tense and can get into a fight with anyone, anywhere, at home, at work or in the streets. Life’s routine has changed. Sleeping hours, eating hours, bathing hours, reading hours, all this has changed and it is more difficult when you don’t have a schedule to follow. "19/10/2006
Today`s Palestinian headlines (as of IMEMC)IMEMC - Tuesday 17 Oct 2006 - Targeted village turns to Supreme Court / Youth killed as army invades Jenin [later reports: 3 killed] / Nafha prison bars visitors / Peretz orders expansion of Gaza operations.17/10/2006
Soldiers suspected of looting homes during operationAli Waked - Ynet - After operating a number of days east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, Israel Defense Forces troops left the area. The IDF said that the operation was meant to locate tunnels through which the Palestinians are smuggling weapons with which to carry out attacks on Israeli targets. Despite not finding even one such tunnel, local residents claim that the soldiers didn`t leave empty-handed...17/10/2006
Principal announces: no English lessons in grade 7Mahmoud Amra - email to pupils - Renee Bowyer, the English teacher for grade 7 ... was denied reentry... please be assured that we are doing our best to minimize any negative consequences that might be caused by this situation." 17/10/2006
Life in Tel RumediaThe Tel Rumeida Project and International Solidarity Movement -- "The settlers were screaming `Nazis` at the internationals and behaved very aggressively. A settler family passed by and the son, aged five, tried to spit at the internationals which was cheerfully encouraged by his mother"16/10/2006
Invasion of northern Gaza to stop armed resistance and destroy farm land Wisam Afifeh -- PNN -- "Eyewitnesses reported Sunday Israeli forces [...] sealing off the town of Beit Hanoun. [...] the northern Gaza Strip area is fully isolated. Israeli forces also closed the eastern entrance to the town of Beit Lahia, while using bulldozers to destroy large tracts of agricultural land for the seventh consecutive day"16/10/2006
Hamas: America `financing` FatahAP via Aljazeera.Net -- "The US state department put the $42 million fund aside after Hamas won Palestinian elections in January, claiming that the money is meant to `protect and promote moderation and democratic alternatives to Hamas`"16/10/2006
Starvation continuesErica Silverman -- Al-Ahram Weekly -- Amid defiance on the part of Hamas and endurance by the population, no end seems in sight to the policy of starving the Palestinians into submission 16/10/2006
10 Palestinians killed by IOF in Gaza in past 2 daysPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Gaza - In the past two days, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed 10 Palestinians and wounded 11 others, including a child, in the Gaza Strip15/10/2006
US to finance Palestinian oppositional-Jazeera - The US has quietly started a campaign projected to cost up to $42 million to bolster opponents of the Hamas-led government15/10/2006
IDF sets up detention center near Gaza Hanan Greenberg - Y-net - `Since yesterday, arrestees have been pouring in,` a soldier told Ynet. `In the afternoon a number of Palestinians arrived, whose ages ranged from 15-year-old teenagers to adults aged 45. We made every effort to give the Palestinians a good feeling, we set up tables, benches, and we even set up shades so they don`t have to stand in the sun.`[...hours standing in the sun being the usual standard; one has to read between the lines of this piece written from an IDF point of view. A.K.] 14/10/2006
More death and destruction meted out to Gaza and West BankGeorge Rishmawi-IMEMC 1) Seven killed in Air Strike in Gaza // Imogen Kimber, Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC 2) Army invades Qabatia14/10/2006
Succot in Tel Rumeida (Hebron)ISM Hebron - - For the duration of the week the streets of Tel Rumeida have been adorned with Israeli flags, slogans and orange ribbons (...)On Monday over a thousand Israeli visitors descended on Tel Rumeida (...) Palestinian civilians [who live there - bz] were cleared out of the way with tear gas and sound grenades.14/10/2006
Critics accuse Israel of blocking Palestinians` access to healthcareDaily Star staff- Daily Star (Lebanon) - "There have been instances where the weakness and desperation of sick Palestinians were exploited in recruiting them to carry out attacks within Israel," the group wrote. "The Shin Bet also exploits exactly these things to recruit them as collaborators and to wring information out of them."13/10/2006
Forbidden to settlers, not the state Amira Hass - Haaretz - "The Israeli occupation establishment constantly imposes various forms of harassment on Palestinians engaged in agriculture, one of the foundations of the Palestinians` existence: the separation fence, which imprisons the lands of 42 villages behind it; the settlers` constantly expanding security fences; the expropriation of lands for the construction of bypass roads and security roads; the destruction of wells; the closure of various areas (including the entire Jordan Valley) for military purposes; the closing of roads to Palestinian vehicles; the checkpoints every few kilometers; the diversion of trucks carrying produce to long and badly paved roads; the waiting in line for hours and days at Israeli crossings; the closing of the Gaza crossing for months, thereby making it impossible for Gazans to market agricultural produce; the discouraging bureaucracy required at Civil Administration bases to obtain a pass to reach one`s own lands - or to not obtain it at all." 12/10/2006
Palestinians killed in Israeli air raidAljazeera + Agencies - "Five Palestinians, including a teenager, have been killed in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip." 12/10/2006
Rights group: Shin Bet denies vital treatment to Palestinians Amos Harel - Haaretz - "The Shin Bet security service is systematically preventing Palestinians who need medical treatment unavailable in the territories from entering Israel, a new report by the nonprofit organization Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) charges. 12/10/2006
Israeli forces invade Nablus, killing one, arresting five Caysha Cay - IMEMC - "At dawn, Israeli soldiers killed Jericho resident Abdullah Mohammad Mansour, 29, as he was watching the invasion from a balcony."11/10/2006
The Fear in GazaAmira Hass - The Palestine Chronicle - "The window. The porch. Don`t get close. Don`t go out. You remember the lady next door, don`t you?"11/10/2006
Italian probe: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip Meron Rapoport - Haaretz - "The legs of the injured were sliced from their bodies "as if a saw was used to cut through the bone.""11/10/2006
We Can`t Go Home AgainSAM BAHOUR - The New York Times - "I need a residency card from Israel to live with my Palestinian family in my grandfather`s home in the Palestinian West Bank." 11/10/2006
Rabbi leads defence of Palestinian olive grovesIan MacKinnon - The Times - Mr Karni, 58, a Muslim, can go about his business without threat largely because of a rabbi who has co-ordinated with the Israeli Army and police to be on the spot to provide protection. Rabbi Arik Ascherman peers through binoculars towards the Har Berakha settlement near Nablus, in the West Bank, for signs of trouble. 10/10/2006
Qatar`s Palestinian mediation failed Al Jazeera - Palestinian politicians said the Qatari proposals included forming a government of so-called technocrats and convening a meeting between Abbas and Mishaal. Abbas said the Qatari mediation effort would continue, but the mediator Sheikh Hamad left the coastal territory early on Tuesday and it was not clear if or when he would return10/10/2006
Exploring roots in Israel - American-Palestinian styleIra Moskowitz - Ha`aretz - Sara, 21, grew up in northern New Jersy and is starting her senior year at a prestigious college in Massachusetts, majoring in philosophy and planning a career in law. Like many of her Jewish-American peers, she landed at Ben-Gurion Airport this summer with the aim of learning more about her heritage and identifying with her embattled people. Her experience in Israel, however, was not very positive or uplifting. Sarah Matari is a Palestinian American. 10/10/2006
Palestinian killed, five injured in an army air strike in the Gaza Strip Saed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "one resident was killed and five were injured, most of them children, in an Israeli military air strike that targeted a Palestinian vehicle in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip"9/10/2006
Israeli troops kill Palestinian fighterAFP via Aljazeera.Net -- "The latest deaths bring to 5,408 the number of fatalities since the 2000 outbreak of the second Palestinian uprising"9/10/2006
Despite the "withdrawal`, the siege of Gaza goes onJohn Dugard - The Independent/Commondreams - Israel`s attack on Gaza has taken several forms. On the military front, it has made repeated incursions in which both militants and civilians have been killed. Targeted assassinations have continued, accompanied by "collateral damage" - the name Israel gives to the indiscriminate killing of civilians who happen to be in the proximity.8/10/2006
Report: Pregnancies (and miscarriages) at checkpoints on the rise IMEMC - Since the Intifada began, there has been a 100% increase in home deliveries, and a shocking 56% increase in stillbirths among Palestinian mothers. 8/10/2006
Israeli military imposes full closure on Palestine for week-long Jewish holiday of Sukkot IMEMC - As on every other Jewish holiday this year, Israeli forces have implemented a closure on all Palestinian areas during the week of Sukkot.8/10/2006
Quartet: Rafah closure puts EU observer mission at risk Amos Harel - Haaretz - American and European representatives have cautioned Israel that the continued closure of the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt puts the continued deployment of European observers there in doubt.8/10/2006
Urgent - Help The Ghalia FamilyOn June 9th, 2006, the Ghalia family was severely hit in an Israeli attack, during a picnic on the Gaza beach. The incident received worldwide attention mostly due to the horrifying video footage taken minutes later of devastated Huda Ghalia (11 y.o.) next to the dead body of her father, Ali (43 y.o.). The family has literally lost everything. 7/10/2006
Residents injured while attempting to reach Al Aqsa Mosque By Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies [Israeli government speakers still claim that Israeli maintains Freedom of Worship in Jerusalem...A.K.] 7/10/2006
Hamas and Israeli company fuel dealAFP - - The Hamas-led government has signed a contract with an Israeli oil supplier to provide fuel to the Palestinian territories. Abu Eisheh, interim Hamas finance minister, signed the deal [as the minister is in an Israeli jail, for being a Hamas member (sic! - bz].7/10/2006
Haniyya will not recognize occupation, offers extended truceIMEMC staff/agencies - IMEMC/Ha`aretz - The Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, a member of the Hamas party, said during a speech in front of tens of thousands of residents in Gaza that Hamas will not recognize the Israeli occupation over Palestine, and offered a 10-year truce with Israel. The Ha`aretz account makes no mention of this offer and emphasizes that "Hamas won`t recognize Israel".7/10/2006
Illegals possibly beaten before Jaffa shootingJonathan Lis - Haaretz -"It seemed to be an open and shut case: early Wednesday morning a Palestinian working illegally in Jaffa panicked when caught by police, and tried to grab a policeman`s gun, which misfired, killing him. But within a few hours, the policeman confessed that the worker did not attack the policeman who shot and killed him. "6/10/2006
Israel placates Rice by loosening closuresDaily Star staff- Daily Star (Lebanon)-"European observers monitoring the Rafah crossing threatened Thursday to abandon their mission if Israel doesn`t stop closing the passage."6/10/2006
Army kills three militants in two Gaza Strip incidentsAmos Harel-Haaretz-" arrest raids yesterday, IDF troops and border policemen rounded up 13 Palestinians in the West Bank."6/10/2006
CPT Hebron Update: 16-22 September 2006CPT Hebron - "Christina Gibb and Char Smith patrolled the road linking the Gutnick Center to Shuhada Street where a group of ten Israeli settler boys repeatedly spat at them, threw small stones and taunted them. Smith was hit on the hand by a stone."5/10/2006
U.S., EU warn Israel over closure of Gaza borderAdam Entous - Reuters - U.S. and European security officials have warned Israel that European states may opt to pull their monitors out of the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt unless Israel agrees to keep it open. 5/10/2006
Joint Alert by Palestinian Human Rights Organisations to Representatives of the International CommunityAl-Haq and others - "It must be recognised that the current crisis stems from the almost 40-year-long Israeli occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, and the fact that both Israel and the international community have repeatedly failed to meet their obligations under international law with regard to the OPT." 5/10/2006
Israeli air strike kills 2 in GazaYnews - "IDF says vehicle struck on road between Khan Younis and Rafah was carrying ‘terrorists who were planning to carry out attacks’; medical sources in Strip say passengers Islamic Jihad members; unidentified gunmen fire at home of Hamas lawmaker in south Gaza Strip, killing one of his bodyguards" 5/10/2006
Policeman kills illegal Palestinian worker in Jaffa Roni Singer-Heruti, Jonathan Lis and Yoav Stern - Haaretz - "The Justice Ministry`s Police Investigations Department (PID) announced last night that its findings thus far contradict the version of events offered by the Tel Aviv Police and the responsible officer, who claimed that the Palestinian was shot while trying to flee and after he had tried to grab the officer`s weapon. It said that the evidence indicates that the weapon was fired while the officer still held it." 5/10/2006
Go Better With RightsZAHI KHOURI - Wall Street Journal - "But Israel has decided that we Americans are not welcome."4/10/2006
Olive Harvest - Soldiers Interrupt Harvest at Kufr QalilJosie - (IWPS) - "The farmer, myself and another international woman approached them and were told that the family could not harvest today as they had not consulted with the army first to arrange it." 4/10/2006
Israel destroys Hamas fighter`s homeal-Jazeera - witnesses said the family had evacuated the building, in the town of Khan Yunus, after they were told by telephone to flee minutes before the attack on Friday. 1/10/2006
Abbas denies meeting Mashaalal-Jazeera - Ismail Rudwan affirmed that Hamas was committed to the formation of a national unity government based on the prisoners` document. 1/10/2006
Five wounded in Gaza protestal-Jazeera - A Hamas supporter has wounded five people when he threw a hand grenade into a crowd of police who were protesting in the Gaza Strip at the non-payment of their salaries. 1/10/2006
Muslim worshippers attacked by Israeli police in Jerusalem IMEMC & Agencies -- Thousands of Palestinians on their way to the Al-Aqsa Mosque "to celebrate Lailat al-Qadr, one of the holiest days in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan [...] were met by Israeli riot police and military, who fired tear gas and concussion grenades, as well as beating Palestinian worshippers" 21/10/2006
3 terrorists, woman killed in GazaHanan Greenberg -YNet News-"An 8-year-old girl and an activist were killed and 13 people were injured, two of them sustaining critical wounds, after being hit by a missile launched on Thursday by the Israel Air Force at the home of a Hamas activist in the Gaza City neighborhood of Sajaiya."13/10/2006
Case of the Month – “Military Interrogation”: (Report based on information received from the Public Committee Against Torture (PCATI))United Against Torture (UAT)/PCATI (Public Committee Against Torture in Israel)- "“Swissa” began to gradually tilt Mr. A. O. backwards until his head touched the floor and he pressed on Mr.A.O.’s neck to keep him from resisting the tilting of his back and made him feel as if he were choking. “Sagiv” then pulled Mr. A.O.’s manacles forward."13/10/2006
Hebron Update: 1-7 October 2006 and `Hebron: Life ` by Jan Benvie Christian Peacemaker Team - "Members of the family pointed out damage inflicted by the soldiers. They had pulled all the clothes out of a closet and stomped on them. They broke open bags of flour and dumped them on the floor, broke mirrors and glass on the doors of a cupboard, and broke a kitchen window so that they could poke their guns through it toward the street."13/10/2006
Right to Education Bulletin #7 April - October 2006 Birzeit University-"More than 4000 Palestinian children have been arrested since the start of the current Intifada on 28 September 2000. Today, there are 405 students still in detention camps and have been suffering all kinds of torture, bad treatments and living under difficult medical and psychological circumstances by Israeli army and intelligence."13/10/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryPCHR Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 05- 11 Oct. 2006 No. 40/2006 -"During the reported period, IOF imposed additional restrictions on Palestinian farmers wishing to go their agricultural lands located behind the Wall to cultivate olives, which is their main source of income. IOF soldiers often fire at farmers to prevent them from going to their lands. During the reported period, a Palestinian farmer was wounded by the IOF gunfire when he was on his way back home in Qiffin village, north of Tulkarm. " 13/10/2006
Israeli forces kill five family members, including a child, in southern Gaza George Rishmawi - IMEMC - "Eyewitnesses reported that a large number of Israeli tanks and military vehicles invaded Khuza’a village under cover of Apache helicopters and reconnaissance drones that fired heavily from above." 12/10/2006
Don`t Rat on Them, Don`t Turn Them In: open letter to my neighborsIlana Hammerman - "I am writing this open letter to the editors, to the Civil Guard, and especially to my fellow residents, reporting to them that I have personally met many of those `illegals` and have not turned them in, knowing full well they were sleeping in my vicinity. Nor do I intend to do so in the future. Under no circumstances will I turn them in – on the contrary, I will help them in any way I can: with a drink, with refreshments, and if need be, offering them refuge from the inspectors when these come around. Until the coast is clear again" 12/10/2006
Israeli forces invade northern West Bank town as sunset meal ends, kill one and injure 14 Ali Samoudi -- PNN -- "Twenty military vehicles stormed the northern West Bank town [of Tamoun] on Sunday evening, injuring 14 Palestinians and killing 23 year old Mohammad Abdel Fatah Bani Odeh"23/10/2006
“Hate Does Not Come Easy” – Home Demolition in East JerusalemAn ISM volunteer -- "Totah hurried to the Israeli court in order to have the demolition order overturned. [...] his emergency petition was successful and a court official informed the Israeli police at the scene of their decision to halt the demolition. As soon as the police heard this, the bulldozer was put to work [...] As if this was not enough, Totah and his family are now forced to pay 420 NIS every month until year 2012 to cover the municipality’s expenses for the demolition and the massive police presence"23/10/2006
Israeli raids kill eight PalestiniansAljazeera + Agencies -- At least eight Palestinians have been killed in separate Israeli army incursions into the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, medical and security officials say23/10/2006
Israeli Prison Administration threatens to halt all visitationsSaed Bannoura - "The Israeli Prison Administration (IPA) threatened to bar all detainees in all 28 Israeli prisons and detention facilities from receiving visitors after soldiers stationed at two facilities claimed to have been attacked by family members who had come to visit detainees. "22/10/2006
Israelis threaten to retake Gaza borderAljazeera - "Several Israeli cabinet ministers have called for a military operation to retake control of Gaza`s southern border with Egypt. They said the operation was necessary to stop Palestinian fighters smuggling in weapons from Egypt. Eli Yishai, the Israeli industry and trade minister, told reporters on Sunday: "Action must be taken without hesitation. Any hesitation is dangerous and we must act immediately. "22/10/2006
Even Palestinian-Americans are being turned back at the border Amira Hass - Haaretz - ""This is a gross breach of tradition," said historian Nazmi Ju`beh, in reference to the traditional ties these emigrants maintain with their cities and villages of origin: regular visits, financial assistance to those who remain behind and investment in local projects, particularly in construction." 19/10/2006
At least on their holiday Haaretz - Editorial - "Beyond the fact that discriminating among the worshipers is a violation of religious freedom, there is the issue of prudence. There is no reason to provoke hatred when it is possible to loosen restrictions, even if that means reallocating personnel. The daily lives of the Palestinians under the regime of roadblocks and closures are intolerably difficult, and it is only right to ease up at least on their holiday." 19/10/2006
UNRWA: Palestinians are experiencing a humanitarian disaster UNRWA - Ma`an - "Thousands of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip went out into the streets to tell the world `No to Poverty`"18/10/2006
Israeli troops raid Qabatiya, kill three young Palestinian men Ma`an - "Our correspondent said that some seventeen Israeli military vehicles raided the town from all directions" 18/10/2006
Israeli Prison Authorities renews administrative detention order of a female detainee Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies- "The Shabak, as in hundreds of cases with Palestinian detainees, claims obtaining a secret file against each detainee. The “secret file” allows the Israeli authorities to extend the remand of any administrative detainee without trial."27/10/2006
Solana hopes Gaza`s Rafah crossing will reopen soonDaily Star (Lebanon)-"We have the feeling that this is now the situation of stalling," Solana said Thursday. "We would like very much if we could see ... some movement put in place." "Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man near the town of Beit Hanoun, residents said. Witnesses said the man was catching birds on farmland when the soldiers opened fire."27/10/2006
Three Palestinans killed in to article posted yesterday) -"Three Palestinians were killed by gunfire during an Israeli incursion into the small town of Abassan in the southern Gaza Strip. Medical sources said Ahmed al-Bureim, 18, and Abu Lahia, 27, a member of the Palestinian national security force, were killed earlier in the day."27/10/2006
From The Inside Looking Out: Report-70: --While You Were Gone: Giving Hebron A Heart AttackJerry Levin - Christian Peacemaker Team -"So while everyone was watching Lebanon, no one was watching Palestine. No one was telling how the sanctions, the settlers, and the army are making it worse for us. No one is telling how it is getting worse here day by day." 27/10/2006
Two Palestinians killed in renewed Israeli incursions into the Gaza Strip Thursday Ma`an - "Lami Hamdan Abu Lahiya, 22, a member of the Palestinian national security, and another man were seriously injured during an Israeli incursion into the village of Khuza`a, east of Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip." 26/10/2006
Poll: Hamas, Fatah tiedAli Waked - Y-Net - Oct. 3, 20006 -Recent survey shows two main contenders receiving similar support, indicates lessening support for Fatah compared to earlier weeks; support for imprisoned Tanzim leader Barghouti drops to mere 4.5 percent 3/10/2006
Fisherman killed near coast / Warplane kills boy in Khan Younis1) DPA -; 2) WAFA News Agency - The witnesses said an Israeli gunboat opened intensive fire at Palestinian fishing boats in the sea in central Gaza Strip town of Dier al-Balah, killing a fisherman. 3/10/2006
Olive harvest season closures in northern West BankAli Samoudi -- PNN -- "Western Jenin’s Zabda Village farmers were preparing for the harvest when Israeli forces began uprooting their trees without warning"2/10/2006
Palestinian cabinet building stormedal-Jazeera - A Palestinian government compound has been stormed by protesters in the West Bank after at least four people died and at least 50 people were injured in similar clashes in Gaza.1/10/2006
Israeli Occupation Forces Kill 4 Civilians, including 2 brothers, in the Gaza StripPCHR Gaza - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has committed two new war crimes in the Gaza Strip over the past two days, resulting in the death of 4 Palestinian civilians.1/10/2006
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