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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

“My arrest is a conspiracy and my trial is void,” Palestine News Network - “My arrest is a conspiracy and my trial is void,” is how PLC member and political prisoner Hussam Khader began his defense in his 14th court appearance in two years. This is the first time he has been permitted to speak to the military court since his arrest 27 months ago.30/6/2005
An Interview with Palestinian Minister Ghassan Khatib about about DisengagementMahsom Staff - Ghassan Khatib, the Minister of Planning in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) says that Israel is being evasive in transmitting information on the settlements it is about to withdraw from [and transfer to] the Palestinians. 30/6/2005
Fatah’s central committee meets in Amman Thursday BY: George Rishmawi - IMEMC & Agencies - The central committee of the Fatah ruling party will meet in Amman on Thursday to discuss internal Fatah leadership problems and the Arab and international relations of the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian sources reported on Thursday. 30/6/2005
Life in Khan YunisLaila M. El-Haddad - The Electronic Intifada - It`s interesting to read the news from this perspective. I mean, when you are the news, or when you are living the news that is being reported, and while all the while you write the news. 28/6/2005
Jewish settlers spark Gaza violenceDaily Star staff - Israeli Army ejects Jews resisting withdrawl plan from Al-Mawassi30/6/2005
Police move in on settler protest BBC Online - Police were ready for the protesters Israeli police have arrested a number of Jewish settlers during clashes in the Gaza Strip. 29/6/2005
Israel fires missile into northern GazaAl Jazeera - An Israeli aircraft fhas fired a missile into the northern Gaza Strip in the first such attack since Israel and the Palestinian Authority declared a ceasefire in February. 29/6/2005
Verdict on Killing of Tom HurndallISM News relay - Regardless of the outcome of the verdict* on the killing of Tom Hurndall, the International Solidarity Movement, London maintains that justice cannot been served while the culture of impunity in the Israeli army remains intact.29/6/2005
A Chat with the Shabak Rann - Israeli Peace Activist - Around a week ago, I got a call from the Giv`at Ze`ev police, asking me to come in to `clarify some technical details` about my arrest at a demonstration in the village of Bil`in a few weeks ago. 29/6/2005
Snipers with children in their sights Chris McGreal - The Guardian - Palestinian civilians have been killed by the army with impunity. It was the shooting of Asma Mughayar that swept away any lingering doubts I had about how it is the Israeli army kills so many Palestinian children and civilians. 29/6/2005
Israeli Army prevents villagers from feeding livestockISM Media Press Release - This Tuesday, June 28th, Palestinian villagers of Arab Suweitat were prevented from feeding their livestock. Three villagers were detained when they attempted to carry bundles of hay close to the fence of the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Kadeem.30/6/2005
"Palestinian Ghandi" Still in Jail, Bal`in Protests to Continue FridayISM - This day, June 29th, Rateb Abu Rahma, "the Palestinian Ghandi", a non-violent peace activist from Bil`in remains in custody after the prosecution appealed against his release on bail yesterday. 30/6/2005
Kafkaesque abuse of Rateb Abu Rahma. from BiliinISM - International release - Abdullah was released on bail last week, but Rateb not, as the Border Police who had wounded Rateb claimed that Rateb had attacked him first. 30/6/2005
Land demolition orders in SawiyehAmin Abu Wardeh - Palestine News Network - Abu Kafineh told PNN he received demolition orders from the Israelis for his two family homes in the West Bank. The Sawiyeh area man says he is concerned for the fate of his family. The Israelis are claiming his two homes south of Nablus are “not planned for” and therefore must be demolished.30/6/2005
Israelis confiscating more of Al WalajehNajib Farag - Palestine News Network - In the continued confiscation and rezoning of Al Walajeh Village outside Bethlehm, the Israeli government is imposing 11,000 more settler units in the area. Walajeh residents have mounted an intensive nonviolent campaign to fight the destruction of their homes, but the Israeli violations of international law continue.30/6/2005
Three residents arrested, two homes occupied in HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli soldiers broke into dozens of Hebron homes early Tuesday morning, conducting searches and arresting three residents, including a child.30/6/2005
Two Palestinian youths severely beaten by Israeli mobIMEMC & Agencies - Two 15-year-old Palestinians were beaten Tuesday - one of them critically - by a crowd of almost 200 Israelis.30/6/2005
Israel reneges on decision to transfer Qalqilyah to PA security controlAmos Harel - Ha`aretz - Israel will not transfer Qalqilyah to the Palestinian Authority this week, even though Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised to do so at his meeting with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas last week.30/6/2005
Security chiefs meeting over immediate Gaza closureAmos Harel - Ha`aretz - Security officials were meeting Wednesday night over a proposal to bar the enterance of Israelis into the Gaza Strip, following an escalation in violence by far-right extremists.30/6/2005
Lebanon Allows the Palestinian Refugees to Do Jobs that Were Forbidden to Them(WAFA+IPC)- The Palestinian leadership welcomed today the amendment made on the presidential resolution with respect to the organization of foreign labor that forbids the Palestinian born on the Lebanese land from doing certain types of jobs and confines such jobs to the Lebanese. 28/6/2005
State Information Service - In Five Months of Ceasefire Israel Killed 44 Palestinians, Wounded 451 OthersSIS - A recent report by the State Information Service (SIS) measuring five months after the declaration of ceasefire in Cairo by Palestinian factions, Israeli occupation forces killed 44 Palestinians and wounded 451, while arresting 1119 civilians in addition to the seizure of 33803 and 58 uprooting acts . 28/6/2005
Israeli Occupation Blockades Jenin, Arrests Three and Occupies two houses in HebronIPC+WAFA -Israeli occupation soldiers installed today morning roadblocks around the West Bank city of Jenin, closing several junctions, and conducted military searches and arretsed three residents and comandeered two houses in Hebron. 28/6/2005
Imneizel Villagers Bring Occupation Bulldozers To StandstillStop The Wall Campaign - Villagers from Imneizil in South Hebron district brought Occupation bulldozers to a halt on Monday June 27th. Palestinian flags adorned the bulldozers which have razed 400 dunums of land here in the last week as villagers took back their confiscated land. 28/6/2005
Israeli soldier convicted of killing British student Press Association - the Guardian - An Israeli military tribunal today convicted a former soldier of the manslaughter of a British activist Tom Hurndall killed as he helped Palestinians to take cover during violence in "for security reasons".28/6/2005
Asharq Al-Awsat Talks with Acclaimed Author Suad Al Amiry - Ramallah, PalestineOsama Al Issa - Asharq Al-Awsat - Already the daughter of a prominent literary father, the wife of an academic and a book editor, Palestinian architect and academic Suad Al Amiry had no plans to become a famous writer of her own right. 28/6/2005
Jayyous:- 75% of Land Trapped behind Israel`s öApartheid Wall. WAFA - Jayyous village in the West Bank is considered the breadbasket of the West Bank. Now, all six water wells in Jayyous and 75% of Jayyous` land are trapped behind Israel`s öApartheid Wall.28/6/2005
Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Daily Newspapers WAFA - Main Palestinian Daily Newspapers - Al-Quds, Al-Ayyam - Al-Hayyat, Al-Jadida tackled in their editorials and articles several political issues 27/6/2005
The International Solidarity Movement comments upon the verdict: The Tom Hurndall Shooting The ISM acknowledges that though the Israeli military court has found Wahid Taysir guilty of manslaughter it has failed to question the policy and decision makers responsible for Tom`s murder and the murder of thousands of other innocent people. 27/6/2005
Israeli guilty of shooting Briton BBC Online - Tom Hurndall died nine months after falling into a coma A former Israeli soldier has been found guilty of the manslaughter of a Briton shot in the Gaza Strip in 2003. 27/6/2005
National Boycott Campaign against Israel Strengthens in Norway WAFA - Fellesutvalget for Palestine (Norwegian platform of NGOs and solidarity groups for Palestine) called for popular boycotts and sanctions against Israel, as the only tools to ensure the implementation of the the Internatinal Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion regarding the construction of the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank27/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 27.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies -Resident injured, another arrested near Hebron; Soldiers invade al-Khader; Army invades Allar; Settlers attack and takeover home in Bethlehem; Youth arrested in Saida; Settlers take over home in Khan Younis; Resistance fire at two settlements in the Gaza Strip; 27/6/2005
`My dream was to be a suicide bomber. I wanted to kill 20, 50 Jews. Yes, even babies`Manuela Dviri in Tel Aviv - News Telegraph - It was about midday when a young Palestinian woman from the refugee camp of Jabalya in Gaza approached an Israeli checkpoint clutching a special permit to visit a doctor on the other side of the border. 26/6/2005
Abbas vows to deal with security chaosWashington Times Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas vowed Saturday to deal "firmly and wisely" with the security deterioration in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. During a meeting with Palestinian mayors in his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah, Abbas said there were "signs of security chaos in Palestinian cities and we must deal with them firmly and wisely." 26/6/2005
Abbas: Looters won`t be allowed to rampage Gaza settlements The Associated Press - Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas insisted Saturday he would not allow "looters" to rampage Gaza Strip settlements after the implementation of the disengagement plan. 25/6/2005
More than 1,000 Palestinians stranded at Gaza-Egypt border Egypt Briefs - METIMES - 24/6/2005
CPR Condemns Israeli torture against Palestinian Prisoners WAFA - The Congregation for Palestinian Rights (CPR) condemned Sunday the Israeli practices and torture practiced against the Palestinian prisoners26/6/2005
Peace activists: Changes within Israeli Society Necessary for Lasting Peace BEIRUT, June 26, 2005 (WAFA)- Peace activists participating in the 10th annual inter-faith "Jerusalem Women Speak" tour highlighted humiliation and hardships endured by Palestinians at Israeli checkpoints. 26/6/2005
PCHR Testifies before the UN Special Committee to Investigate Israeli PracticesWAFA - Gaza - A delegation from the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) testified before the United Nations Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories. 26/6/2005
PRCS: IOF Violates Intenational Law by Restricting Ambulances Movement Wafa - GAZA, June 26, 2005 (WAFA)- Israeli Army has continued to violate International Humanitarian Law and Fundamental Human Rights, by restricting freedom of movement to Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) ambulances and its medical teams, PRCS said in its weekly report. 26/6/2005
News Flashes from the occupied Territories - 26.6.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Five injured after explosive detonates in Gaza; Settlers beat up Palestinian in Hebron`s old city; Settlers attack, wound Palestinian worker in Bir Shiva; Two arrested east of Bethlehem; Two arrested near Hebron; Homes shelled in Khan Younis; Curfew imposed on village near Ramallah; Settlers attack a clinic in Khan Younis; Soldiers invaded Azzoun, resident wounded; Resident injured, arrested in Ramallah;26/6/2005
In the memory of Taa`been Kalil MarshoodChris Smith writing from Nablus- Electronic Intifada - On Friday 17th June Balata Refugee Camp commemorated the first anniversary of the assassination of Kalil Marshood. Perhaps 5,000 people sat in the hot afternoon sun to watch as bands played, youths performed plays, small girls sang, masked wanted-men saluted, fighters fired in the air and women old enough to be grandmothers danced with guns waived aloft, to a backdrop of rousing music and giant banners. 26/6/2005
Israeli land seizures undercut hopes for peaceAbu Murad Manasra - The Electronic Intifada - WADI FOQUIN -- Many foreigners I meet believe that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the path to being resolved. They are familiar with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas` recent upbeat visit to the White House and Israel`s planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. 26/6/2005
Clashes in Atteel, homes occupied Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Israeli army invading the village of Atteel since one week occupied another home on Friday, raising the number of homes taken over by the military to five homes. 24/6/2005
Islamic Jihad: “Fighting us means more attacks” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - The Islamic Jihad movement said that the military activities against the movement and its fighters will lead to retaliation against the Israeli army and settlers. 25/6/2005
PA security sweeps Jenin, arrests 9 militants IMEMC & Agencies - Palestinian Interior Ministry announced Friday night that security forces has arrested 9 militants, suspected to have taken part in the attack on a police station in the West Bank city of Jenin in which a policeman was killed 25/6/2005
Abbas demands retrial of convicted spies George Rishmawi - IMEMC & Agencies - A senior Palestinian aide said on Thursday that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has demanded the Minister of Justice, Farid Al-Jallad to cancel rulings against Palestinians convicted of being spies to Israel. At least ten of them are sentenced by Palestinian courts to death. 24/6/2005
Israeli plan to double settlements in Jordan valley George Rishmawi - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli newspaper revealed information about a plan to expand settlements in the Joirdan Valley area and north of the Dead Sea. The plan will be submitted to the government for approval next week. 25/6/2005
Palestinian shooting spree kills Israeli teenagerDaily Star staff - An Israeli teen was killed and four other people wounded in a Palestinian shooting spree in the occupied West Bank in the third fatal shooting in a week, putting further strain on a fragile truce. The Hebron attack came as Palestinian police swept through the West Bank town of Jenin in a hunt for militants who killed an officer in an overnight shooting on a police station. 25/6/2005
Waves of frustration an interview with Atef SaadAtef Saad- - "Preventing Palestinians from working in Israel will only increase poverty, which will lead to despair, extremism, and more violence." 24/6/2005
News Flashes from the occupied Territories - 25.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Settlers threw bomb at home in Hebron, Child seriously injured; Ten residents, including two women arrested in Hebron; 14 residents arrested overnight; Rafah Border Crossing closed; Military roadblock installed north of Tulkarem; Resistance fires at army post in Gaza; More restrictions imposed in Hebron; Army to grab 2012 Dunams near Nablus; 25/6/2005
Administrative or open-ended detention IMEMC - Interview with freed prisoner Wasfi Izzat Qabha - "Now they are placing high concrete walls dividing the branches of the Negev detention, and forming a new separation wall dividing the detainees in the several branches of the Negev from each other, each wall is 9 meters high, and ceiled with iron bars which transforms each branch into a cage"24/6/2005
Islamic Jihad: “300 members arrested in two months” Saed Bannoura, IMEMC & Agencies - "The Islamic Jihad movement released a statement on Thursday saying that the Israeli army arrested 300 members of the movement over the last two months... Also, the movement demanded the P.A and president Abbas to stop the meetings with Sharon, and any meetings with the Israeli government describing the meetings as “unfruitful”."24/6/2005
Gunman kills Palestinian Policeman in Jenin IMEMC - "A Palestinian police officer was killed by an al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades member in the West Bank city of Jenin. The brigades denied any connection to the incident, saying it was a personal matter. "24/6/2005
Excerpts from the weekly report by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 16 - 22 June 2005 - A man killed, several injured, 50 incursions, scores arrested, continued destruction on the way of the Annexation Wall, settlet attacks24/6/2005
Link to the Weekly Report of the Palestinian Centre for Human RightsWeekly Report 16 - 22 June 2005: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 24/6/2005
Failure to Probe Civilian Casualties Fuels ImpunityThe Israeli military has fostered a climate of impunity in its ranks by failing to thoroughly investigate whether soldiers have killed and injured Palestinian civilians unlawfully or failed to ect them from harm, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.24/6/2005
News Flashes from the occupied Territories - 23.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - A Hamas leader released after 15 years in Israeli jail Resident arrested in Jenin Army invades village east of Bethlehem Roadblock installed east of Qalqilia Four detainees receive high terms Resident injured in Khan Younis Army invades Tammoun 23/6/2005
Electronic occupationGhazi Hamad - Palestine Report -“Israel would have complete control over the situation in the Gaza Strip after the withdrawal by the most sophisticated technological equipment in the world.”23/6/2005
Palestinian refugees give Qureia scareAljazeera - "Armed Palestinians at the Balata refugee camp in the occupied West Bank have fired gunshots next to a building where Prime Minister Ahmad Qureia was giving a speech. "23/6/2005
Israeli army arrests 11 Islamic Jihad members in West BankAgence France Presse " Eleven members of the radical Palestinian group Islamic Jihad were arrested overnight by Israeli troops in the West Bank, including eight in the southern town of Bethlehem, the military said Wednesday." 23/6/2005
Israel threatens to bomb Palestinian areas if attacks resumeGeorge Rishmawi- IMEMC & Agencies - "Israel threatened to severely bomb Palestinian areas in the Gaza Strip should the Palestinian Authority fail to act against the resistance attacks during the disengagement, Israeli sources reported on Wednesday."23/6/2005
Israel resumes targeted killingsBBC News Online - "Israel has confirmed it tried to assassinate a militant from the Islamic Jihad group in a targeted air strike. The attack happened soon after leaders of both sides sat down for important talks in Jerusalem, later described as disappointing by the Palestinians."23/6/2005
Update on Imprisoned Objectors in Israel – 22 June 2005 Sergeiy Sandler and Mirjam Hadar – New Profile - "COs Eyal Brami and Misha Hadar Imprisoned. Refuse to Cooperate with Military Prison Authorities Fourth Prison Term for CO Wissam Qablan Fourth Prison Term for CO Alex Kohn" 23/6/2005
Quaker Play Center, Amari Refugee Camp Friends United Meeting - "This project is an example of a ray of hope for children in the Amari Camp in a very dark time for the people of Palestine. These children represent the future in this war torn land."23/6/2005
Reports from QawawisFrom an ISM mailing - a "friendly visit" by armed men dressed as militry23/6/2005
Reports of the ISM on resistence against the Wall (1) Caged in by the Wall - Activists locked themselves inside the cage, symbolizing that Bil’in will become an open air prison once the Wall is complete. (2) Who’s afraid of non violent resistance? Abdullah and Rateb Abu Rahma were charged with “disturbing an officer in the course of duty” and throwing stones at soldiers, despite the fact that that they were completely non-violent throughout the entire demonstration. ..The judge who decided to keep [under custody] 14 year old Isa in jail said that the fact that he was using a slingshot proves that he is a danger to the area." (3) March in Marda, by IWPS 23/6/2005
"I had to apologize in front of everybody for Israeli policies"Yafit Gamila Biso - Aprofile: immigrated to Israel from Syria in 1985. She is active in many joint Israeli-Palestinian peace and human rights groups.22/6/2005
Four Israeli draft refusers in prisonGush Shalo Report - Objectors Misha Hadar and Eyal Brami have both made a decision to refuse from now on to wear a military uniform and follow orders while in prison. Misha Hadar has formulated this decision in the following letter 22/6/2005
Two demonstrations against the wall on Friday 24/6Beate aand Adam - Gush Shalom - The first will take place at Hirbet Imneizil in the South Hebron mountains; The demonstration in Bil`in will be in solidarity with Abdullah and Rateb and the rest of the people of Bil`in who are being repressed and attacked by the army. For details about transportation to either demonstration please call Eli 0545 - 718758 or Oren 0523 - 928592 22/6/2005
Israeli warplanes fire missiles into Gaza during Abbas - Sharon meetingKristen Ess - Palestine News Network - Yesterday Israeli occupation forces took over 50 Palestinians from the West Bank to its prisons for political affiliation. The Israelis announced they would target members of Islamic Jihad for assassination or arrest, whether they are politicians, leaders, or members of the resistance wing.22/6/2005
AIC member Ahmad Jaradat prevented from participating in international conference by Israeli authoritiesAlternative Information Center - Alternative Information Center (AIC) member Ahmad Jaradat was denied exit from the West Bank to Jordan by the Israeli authorities on Tuesday, 21 June. Ahmad was scheduled to participate in the culminating session of the World Tribunal on Iraq to be held from 23-27 June in Istanbul.22/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 21.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Big Crack down on Palestinian Militants: 50 members of Islamic Jihad arrested in West Bank; 25 residents arrested in Hebron; Army closes south of Tulkarem; Bethlehem resident sentenced to 15 months 21/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 22.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Two arrested south of Bethlehem; Resident arrested east of Beit Sahour; Resident arrested in Bethlehem; Two arrested north of Tulkarem; Army invades Allar, Zeeta, near Tulkarem; Resident arrested in Nablus; Soldiers invade Azzoun, one arrested; Army invades al-Rashaida village, in Bethlehem; More land grab near Jenin; Resident arrested east of Beit Sahour; 22/6/2005
PNA Warns Against Palestinian ViolencePalestine Chronicle - RAMALLAH, West Bank - The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) reiterated on Monday its commitment to the truce with Israel, condemned the recent violence, saying violations by either side "do not serve the Palestinian interest," and warned Palestinian anti-occupation activists against a further escalation of violence. 21/6/2005
IDF returns to targeted killingHanan Greenberg - Yediot/Ynet - Israel Air Force tries to kill Islamic Jihad terrorist in north Gaza; Palestinians say terrorist escapes unscathed; operation marks first Israeli targeted killing attempt since Sharm el-Sheikh summit 22/6/2005
‘Sharon-Abbas summit a failure’Diana Bahur Nir and Ali Waked - Yediot/Ynet - Palestinian leader disappointed by meeting with prime minister. Palestinians say sides fail to reach agreement on all issues discussed. Israel attempts to portray more optimistic picture, pledges to hand over more West Bank towns22/6/2005
At-Tuwani Update: 1-14 June 2005CPT Report from Hebron - 7 June: The team found and documented poison in a field that has killed many sheep. Poison remains in the area even though some clean up has been done by Ta`ayush, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) and Operation Dove. No official clean up has been done by the Israeli government. 22/6/2005
The army has ordered members of the Jahalin tribe to vacate the lands they have been living on for 30 yearsYasser Ukbi - Mahsom - The army has ordered members of the Jahalin tribe to vacate the lands they have been living on for 30 years 21/6/2005
Non-violent organizers from Bil`in Still Imprisoned!ISM Action Alert - Abdullah and Rateb Abu Rahma, brothers, organizers and non-violent activists from the village of Bil`in near Ramallah, were arrested at a non-violent demonstration against the annexation barrier on Friday, June 17th. As of today, June 19th, they are still being held in Ofer camp and a date for their hearing has not been set. 20/6/2005
Army arrested a would-be Female bomberSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Monday, Israeli soldiers arrested a female would-be suicide bomber at the entrance of the Erez crossing, in the northern Gaza Strip. 20/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 20.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army to level two homes near Hebron; Two arrested in Jenin invasion; Resident arrested in Qalqilia; Resident arrested south of Bethlehem; Curfew imposed, north of Tulkarem; Army invades Tubas; Curfew imposed over Baqa al-Sharqiyya; 20/6/2005
New Israeli Law May Deny Compensation To Palestinians In The Territories Occupied Since 1967BADIL - Palestinian and American lawyers along with BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights and Ittijah Union of Arab Community Based Associations in Haifa condemn the Israeli governmental bill currently being discussed by the Knesset that would deny compensation to Palestinian victims of Israeli acts or omission including war crimes perpetrated in the occupied Palestinian territories and call on the international community to remind Israel of its obligations under international human rights and humanitarian law. 20/6/2005
Israeli forces detain W. Bank militantsReuters - RAMALLAH, West Bank, June 25 (Reuters) - Israeli troops detained 14 Islamic Jihad militants on Saturday in the West Bank hours after gunmen killed a Jewish settler, as a fragile Israeli-Palestinian truce eroded further. 26/6/2005
Israel: Failure to Probe Civilian Casualties Fuels ImpunityAmin.Org - The Israeli military has fostered a climate of impunity in its ranks by failing to thoroughly investigate whether soldiers have killed and injured Palestinian civilians unlawfully or failed to protect them from harm, Human Rights Watch said in a report released June 22. 22/6/2005
The everyday of the checkpoints Nina Mayorek - MachsomWatch - what can be seen recently A-Ram and Qalandiya checkpoint, and at a flying checkpoint at the Tapuah junction. 26/6/2005
Army starts dismantling outposts in Hebron Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - An Israeli military source reported that soldiers started evacuating military posts soldiers used in Palestinian institutions after controlling them, in the West Bank city of Hebron.23/6/2005
More restrictions imposed in Hebron Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli soldiers imposed restrictions on the movements of Palestinian residents in Hebron, south of the West Bank. 25/6/2005
Resistance: “We will strike Tel Aviv if army continues its operations” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Senior figure of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said that the group will strike Tel Aviv if the Israeli army resumes its operations and wide scaled arrests carried out in the West Bank against the Islamic Jihad. 25/6/2005
Report: 90% of Palestinian detainees were Tortured Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - The Palestinian Prisoners Society published Friday a report, saying that 90% of the Palestinian prisoners were tortured in Israeli prisons, and that interrogators are using “New and inhuman methods” against them. 25/6/2005
Israelis quit Palestinian schools BBC - Israeli troops leave three Palestinian schools in the Hebron area25/6/2005
Settler killed, another injured near Jenin Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Monday morning, one settler was killed, another sustained serious injuries, after a Palestinian resistance group fired at their vehicle, near the West Bank city of Jenin. 20/6/2005
The New Ghandists: Bil’in - Nonviolent Successful ExperienceBy: Mohammad Daraghmeh - - As the evening of June 9, 2005 approached, the people of Bil’in, as well as foreign and Israeli supporters, prepared for a confrontation planned for after Friday prayers: handcuffs for demonstrators, to undermine allegations by soldiers that they face violence in this peaceful village, and balloons filled with animal dung to be hurled at soldiers attacking the peaceful demonstration. 20/6/2005
Al-Haq Demands the Immediate Release of Fieldworker Ziyad HmeidanAL-HAQ PRESS RELEASE - Al-Haq is outraged at todays decision by the Moscobiya Military Court to place Ziyad Muhammad Shehadeh Hmeidan in administrative detention, for an indefinitely renewable period of six months. 19/6/2005
IOF Arrests Five Citizens in WB Wafa - HEBRON, June 19, 2005 (WAFA) - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested Sunday five citizens in the West Bank cities of Hebron and Tulkarem, witnesses said. 19/6/2005
Fateh calls for American intervention to end Israeli violations Wafa - Fateh Movement called for an American intervention to put an end to Israel`s violations of the current truce. 19/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 19.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Soldier, Palestinian killed in an exchange of fire in Gaza; Palestinian teen arrested at Huwwara checkpoint; Roadblock installed east of Bethlehem; Soldiers attack, wound a resident near Hebron; Two arrested north of Tulkarem; Three arrested near Hebron; 19/6/2005
Palestinian attack wounds 3 Israeli soldiersReuters - Palestinian militants fired anti-tank missiles at an Israeli force along the Gaza border on Sunday, wounding at least three soldiers, Israeli security sources said. 19/6/2005
When Pal` mortars kill Palestinian workers Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC and Agencies - Two Palestinian and a Chinese worker were killed last week, when a group of resistance operatives fired a mortar shell at the Gaza Strip settlement of Gani Tal. 14/6/2005
Oppressive nonviolence IMEMC Staff - Settlers and right wing foes’ nonviolent direct actions are right now the best show in town. Blocking roads, placing “suspicious” packages to halt trains, gluing closed governmental offices, demonstrating and burning tires at road intersections are, according to settlers, only the tip of the iceberg. 17/6/2005
Crackdown on non violent resistanceISM - "In addition to rubber coated steel bullets, tear gas and sound bombs, Israeli soldiers used a new weapon- a sponge cap attached to a hard plastic shell that is fired from a 40mm gun attachment and spins at high speed."19/6/2005
No Peace for PalestiniansHannah Mermelstein- International Women`s Peace Service - Last week ended the way it started, with nonviolent Palestinian demonstrations against the Wall being met with severe violence from the Israeli army. 19/6/2005
Anarchy looms in Gaza againYasser Baraka - Middle East Times - GAZA - On the night of Friday, June 11, in a quiet Gaza suburb, 32-year-old accountant Majdi Shurrab miraculously survived death. Twice. "I was returning home with my family from a friend`s house, when a group of gunmen suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started exchanging fire with security officers near a roadblock. A bullet ricocheted off a wall and hit the upper part of my car`s windshield," Shurrab said. 18/6/2005
Sewage Flow in the Hebron Stream - Supreme Court DiscussionNegev Coexistence Forum - "On Wednesday (June 22nd ) at 9:00, the Supreme Court of Justice will hold a discussion about the flow of sewage in the Hebron Stream that runs through the unrecognized villages of Um Batin, Al-Garin and Amra and nearby Meitar, Omer anf Tel-Sheva." 18/6/2005
Palestine-Israel, Bil`in, The joint Friday demonstration of Palestinians, Israelis, and internationalsIndymedia - "The "traditional" Friday demonstration in Bil`in (for the last three months) started as usual from the center of the village (near the Mosque) after the Friday noon ceremony, on the road to the route of the fence. Many of us were holding plastic imitations of tombstones on which were written in English, Arabic, and Hebrew "inhabitants of the village Bil`in - cause of death: the separation fence". We were about 200 people - Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals from Europe and US. "18/6/2005
Call for Action: Demo in front of Halutz`s eyes - Refusing to be War CriminalsAviv Sela - Shministim - On Saturday evening we will demonstrate opposite to house of the new Chief of Staff, Dan Halutz, in support of the refuseniks who refuse to take part in the criminal war of occupation. 15/6/2005
Writing about the killing of her mother revealed little girl`s talents Mustafa Sabre - Palestine News Network - When I asked to meet Sundous Al Hindi in Qalqiliya, her uncle was astonished as she is a little girl no more than 11 years old. Her 13-year old brother accompanied her and I began the interview by asking the girl about the killing of her mother Sahar. In a very bad scene, a bullet came from an Israeli tank, tearing through her body and she died early in the Intifada.15/6/2005
News Flashes from the occupied territories - 14.5.2005 - 15.5.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Freed detainees protest in Khan Younis; Homemade shells fired at Gaza settlements; Resident arrested in Tulkarem; Resident injured in Hebron; Army invades Aida refugee camp 15/6/2005
Palestinian PM threatens to suspend work over chaosMohammed Assadi - Reutets, Cairo - RAMALLAH, West Bank, June 14 (Reuters) - Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie threatened on Tuesday to halt the work of the cabinet unless security forces act to stem growing lawlessness in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 15/6/2005
Palestinian militants step up threat to call off cease-fire; Egypt initiates diplomatic flurry to save peaceThe Daily Star staff - After a four-month lull in fighting, Palestinian militant groups are stepping up a threat to withdraw from a cease-fire with Israel but stopped short of pulling out of the deal. The militant factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, accused Israel of violating the truce with continued military operations. 14/6/2005
Mob attacks 5 Palestinan Citizens of IsraelYisrael Moscowitz - YnetNews - About 50 Jewish youngsters surround vehicle, hurl stones at five Palestinian citizens of Israel in Afula 14/6/2005
Palestinian children protest against fenceBy Ali Waked and Tal Rosner - YNetNews - Demonstration held in front of Supreme Court in Jerusalem to protest land expropriation in framework of security fence construction work 14/6/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press 14.6.2005Palestinuan Mission to the USA presents - Al-Quds: Omar Suleiman to Israel tomorrow; Rice to arrive in Ramallah next Sunday; Al-Ayyam: PLO headed by Abbas calls on Washingtom to translate positions to actions; Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida: The vice-President must be inside the homeland; PLC member Hatem Abdel Qader calls for boycotting committees formed by the occupation in Jerusalem 14/6/2005
News Flashes From the occupied territories - 14.6.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Settlers poison a horse in Hebron; Israeli Soldiers close Huwwara and Ennab checkpoints; Army invades village near Hebron, arrests one resident 14/6/2005
News Flashes From the occupied territories - 13.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Two explosions in Gaza Strip, 3 wounded; Resident arrested in Qalqilia; Medical team barred from entering village near Qalqilia; Three Ethiopian Jews arrested for attacking Arab residents; Medical team barred from entering village near Qalqilia; 13/6/2005
Palestinian Children to demonstrate in front of Israel’s Supreme Court George Rihsmhawi-IMEMC & Agencies - In an unprecedented move, the children of the West Bank village of Bil’in will demonstrate in front of the Israeli Supreme court in Jerusalem on Tuesday against the confiscation of their land for the construction of the separation wall.14/6/2005
Israeli government proposes blocking Palestinian compensation Btselem - The Israeli government has proposed an amendment to the Civil Wrongs Law intended to exempt Israel from paying compensation to Palestinians injured by the security forces. The amendment applies to "residents of a conflict area" and "subjects of enemy states." The Government has clearly stated its intention to apply the new law to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. 14/6/2005
At-Tuwani: communion tea Diane Janzen - ISM - Running quickly over the hills to approach settlers harvesting Palestinian wheat fields. A confusion of angry words, sickles, and wheat churn in the air. Police and soldiers use threats of arrest to clear the area.14/6/2005
Free Tomato in JayyousAbed AlLatif - Jayyous - Last month Jayyous farmers let their crop of lemons rot, for the last three weeks the tomato harvest is laying unpicked. Today most of farmers in Jayyous announced to people "go and get tomato form the green houses for free". 14/6/2005
Tali Fahima`s trial continuesOn Sunday, July 17th, Tali Fahima`s trial sessions will be continued. 14/6/2005
Collective Punishment in Bil`in Allison and Rann - ISM - It was 12am on Sunday morning. We were headed to bed in Bil`in when we were alerted that Israeli soldiers had again entered the village. We, along with countless residents of Bil`in standing watch on rooftops, watched the military jeeps driving around the land near the annexation barrier, away from the village itself, for close to an hour before deciding to give up our post and go to sleep. 13/6/2005
Children of Bil`in to Protest at Supreme court TuesdayISM - Bil`in - Tomorrow, Tuesday, a request will be submitted to the Israeli Supreme Court that Bil`in lands will be included in the appeal by the neighboring village of Harbata against the confiscation of the villages` lands for the separation wall. 13/6/2005
Update on Yonatan PollakISM - Yonatan Pollak, an activist from "Anarchists Against Walls", was brought in front of a judge Saturday 11 of June night after being in detention since Thursday. The judge confirmed Yonatan`s 3 months ban from the West Bank.13/6/2005
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme: Position on Israeli boycottGCMHP - The Board of Directors of GCMHP has decided on the issue of cooperation with Israeli individuals and organizations: the relationship is to be based on the principle of respecting human rights and considering the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian territories as an obstacle to peace, a violation of human rights, and a crime against humanity.13/6/2005
Assault of settlers in Hebron on a MachsomWatch shift:MachsomWatch - "The soldier looked confused. But in no time some 10 settlers arrived scolding in a most obscene language, while the soldiers stood by and did not intervene. They threw bottles of water mixed with unmelted sugar, and from a house they produced a water hose (from fire fighting probably) with a huge stream power. Michal’s ear was hurt. "13/6/2005
Employed women find more suitors in GazaYasser Baraka - Middle East Times - Though not a big believer in arranged marriages - which had always been his mother`s plan for him - Hani finally found himself softening to the idea after having tried but failed to meet on his own a woman who "convinced" him. 12/6/2005
Four executed by Palestinian AuthorityAl Jazeera net - The Palestinian Authority has carried out its first executions since 2001, killing four convicted murderers as part of a new campaign to rein in lawlessness and chaos.12/6/2005
Presentation on humanitarian situation in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoriesDavid Shearer - OCHA - The Faculty of Engineering Masters Program in Urban Planning and Design organized a lecture by Mr. David Shearer, Head of Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OPT (OCHA) on the Humanitarian Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, at Birzeit University on June 9, 2005. 12/6/2005
`Grass widow` operation in YattaHagit - Mahsomwatch - a family of 15, including 10 children, was confined to one room of their house for several hours. 12/6/2005
Brutality in BudrusOfra Katz - Mahsomwatch - a family was beaten and humiliated during an army search12/6/2005
I wish you knewHannah - ISM - An ISM volunteer reflects on her experiences in the OPTs12/6/2005
News Flashes from the occupied Territories - 12.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - As usual, When Jews on Holiday, Palestinian under closure; Settlers attack homes east of Hebron; Soldiers install roadblock between Aqaba and Tubas; Soldiers install checkpoint around Tulkarem; 12/6/2005
Congress To Consider Stiff Conditions for Aid to Palestine! Dr. Naim Abu Hommos - Palestinian Minister of Education and Higher Education - Proposed amendments would put stiff conditions on aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and institutions, like the Palestinian Curriculum Center, to accommodate Israeli diktat and Israeli interpretation of Palestinian history. 12/6/2005
Handover Rafah crossing, allow a Gaza-West Bank free passage IMEMC & Agencies - Israel must transfer control over the Rafah crossing to the Palestinian Authority, and allow regular passage of people and goods between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, a position paper presented to the Quartet`s special envoy for the disengagement, James Wolfensohn, by the PA`s donor countries, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund stated. 12/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 11.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Child injured near Hebron; Dozens detained in Hebron; Soldiers invade Hebron, two villages; Father, daughter arrested in Tulkarem; Anti-wall protesters` new weapon; Resident dies of wounds sustained June 2; Resident arrested near Bethlehem; 4 Hebron residents arrested; Two detainees receive harsh terms; Army closes Tammoun 11/6/2005
The State of Israel uses 1945 colonial emergency regulations to silence protesters against the Wall; Yonathan Pollak arrested Neta Golan - ISM Yonatan Pollak, an was arrested while participating in a demonstration against the Separation Fence on the lands of the town of Salfit. The Barrier, at this place, will penetrate 23 km east of the Green Line. Unlike other protesters, who were released after committing themselves to stay out of the "Samaria region" for 14 days, Yonatan was not such a deal, but was held over night at Ariel Police Station. 11/6/2005
Another day in Marda; Yonathan Pollak arrestedDorothy Naor - Friday June 10 Marda Land Theft Continuing. About 10 of us—internationals and Israelis—arrived at Marda around 10:00 AM yesterday, and sat around waiting for residents to come and begin whatever we were going to do. Above us, a bulldozer was working the slope, clearing it of trees. Soldiers could be seen above it. 11/6/2005
Palestine-Israel, Salfit, another joint* front against the apartheid wall/fenceIlan - Indymedia - "eight wounded and three arrested"11/6/2005
A Scottish rock band in the Occupied Territories: heroes on the faultline of the global apartheidNick Dearden - Counterpunch - "In April 2005, Glasgow indie-band Belle & Sebastian agreed to visit Israel and Occupied Palestine to witness the effects of over 4 years of Intifada and 30 years of Occupation."11/6/2005
P.A frees two Islamic Jihad members Saed Bannoura, IMEMC & Agencies - "The Palestinian Authority freed two Islamic members who were detained following the Tel Aviv “Stage” night club bombing"11/6/2005
Poverty rates rising in the Palestinian areas IMEMC - "The Palestinian Census Bureau reported that poverty levels are significantly rising in the Palestinian areas, and arrived to a serious level in comparison with the years prior to the Intifada."11/6/2005
Israeli soliders invade Aida Camp, shoot 10 year old in the headPalestine News Network - For the first time in months, Israeli occupation forces are invading the center of Bethlehem’s Aida Refugee Camp.10/6/2005
Excetpts from the weekly report of PCHRPalestinian Centre for Human Rights 10/6/2005
Hebron: On Being a NeighborRusty Dinkins-Curling - CPT Hebron - Tel Rumeida is an ancient Biblical site, thought to be the place of the first capital of King David. Because of this history a group of the most radical Israeli settlers has moved onto the site. These settlers constantly harass the Palestinians who live nearby. 9/6/2005
At-Tuwani: The little one and the lossKristin Anderson - CPTnet - With one hand cupping the little goat`s neck, Hafez`s other hand stroked down the nose of Kristin - the week`s newest baby goat and my namesake. 9/6/2005
Palestinian refugees suffering in Arab countries Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - An Arab newspaper published a report said to be conducted by Dr. Abdullah al-Saheemi, which revealed that Palestinian refugees are facing inhuman conditions and treatment in several Arabic countries. 9/6/2005
Israeli Army Vs. Anti-Wall Protestors George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - There has been an increase in the anti-wall demonstration especially around Ramallah area in the West Bank due to the construction of the wall there9/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 9.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers attack a procession against the Wall in Salfit; Physically challenged residents protest in Bil’in; Four arrested north of Tulkarem Explosion rocks a refugee camp in Gaza Strip; Roadblock installed north of Tubas; Underage detainee sentenced to 3 years; 11 arrested in the West Bank; Palestinian Resistance fighters fire homemade shells at army post; Israeli Soldier lightly injured near Ramallah; 9/6/2005
The Caves of Last Resort ISM - The Stories of Quawawis and Massafer Yatta - "At 9.30am on the 22nd of May in the small village of Halt-El Thabit, three IOF jeeps and two bulldozers destroyed the only remaining house in the village. No demolition order had been delivered to the family, who were ordered to leave in five minutes. The 11-member family tried to take as many of their belongings as they could, then stood helplessly as they witnessed the Israeli military demolish their house. "9/6/2005
Salfit has been announced a closed military zoneISM - "Soldiers and border police repeatedly entered the village from 5.30 AM onward, throwing sound bombs and firing tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition into the air and into a home, breaking its window. Approximately 20 Palestinians were treated for tear gas inhalation, among them a Red Crescent ambulance worker who was injured when a tear gas canister was fired at an ambulance. "9/6/2005
Gazan theater rises from the ashesYasser Baraka - Middle East Times - Gaza Strip, GAZA - While most of the Gaza Strip`s residents focused on such matters as the latest developments in the Israeli withdrawal plan, Palestinian reforms or the political situation in general, one group of Gazans was busy with a very different kind of issue.9/6/2005
Israeli army attacks disabled demonstratorsISM - "Yesterday, Wednesday June 8, the Israeli army`s conduct reached an unprecedented low when Israeli soldiers attacked a demonstration of Palestinians who had been disabled by past Israeli army attacks. The procession included ten people in wheelchairs, several people on crutches, and a number of blind people."9/6/2005
Al Bustan, Silwan Professor David Shulman - Taayush / Hacampus-lo-shotek - "A few days ago the municipality stuck demolition notices on 88 houses in this neighborhood; some 1500 innocent people are about to lose everything. The ostensible rationale is the creation of an archaeological park in the heart of this Arab quarter. The truth, of course, is very different: this is the creation of another Jewish island in East Jerusalem."10/6/2005
In BudrusOfra Katz - MachsomWatch - "It seems that the army’s thugs, who boast about their ‘renewed-daily indoctrination’, have realised that sowing fear and alarm among people under occupation can also be performed in public – for all to see. And so they took people out into the street and beat them up, in front of everyone. "9/6/2005
30 PFLP members arrested last month Saed Bannoura, IMEMC & Agencies - "Soldiers arrested the members after breaking into their homes, and searching them causing damage; also soldiers attacked them and their family members during the arrests. "8/6/2005
Israeli army kills Islamic Jihad leaderAljazeera - "Morwah Kamil, 25, head of the Islamic Jihad armed wing in Jenin, was killed in a gun battle that erupted after Israeli troops entered the town of Qabatiya, near Jenin, in an arrest raid. "8/6/2005
AT Tuwani Report 18.5.2005 - 31.5.2005CPTnet - Periodical report 7/6/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 7.6.2005 Palestinian Mission to the USA presents - Al-Quds: clashes in the yards of Aqsa Mosque after a group of Jewish Extremists were allowed into the Aqsa square; Fatah cadres insist on holding their general conference on set date; Al-Ayyam: National and Islamic Forces protest against elections postponement; Al-Hayat Al-jadida: Arab Knesset members boycott the ceremonial session marking Jerusalem Day. 7/6/2005
The horror that is HebronSUSAN LOURENCO - Jerusalem Post - Each metal door is firmly bolted but each bears a large, black Star of David across which are written appalling graffiti. Our innards recoil. The associations are too awful to contemplate. How few years ago were such mirror images witnessed in Nazi Europe? 7/6/2005
Report: 250 Palestinians arrested in May Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Prisoners Media Center reported that Israeli soldiers arrested 250 residents during the month of May, and carried out several invasions in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; no arrests were reported in the Gaza Strip. 7/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied territories - 7.6.2005Imemc and Agencies - Resident killed in Rafah; Fighter, policeman killed in Qabatia, seven injured; Army closes roads near Tulkarem; Farmlands bulldozed near Salfit; Seven arrested in Jenin; Soldiers close Nablus; Youth hurl stones at settlers’ cars; Homes shelled in Khan Younis; Army invades Qabatia; 7/6/2005
Ramadin - South Hebron: Facing The Path of ApartheidThe Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - Sheikh Nawaf Sarhan, school director in Arab Ramadin village, speaks candidly about the impact of the Apartheid Wall project in his village. Arab Ramadin, in South Hebron is the home of 3200 people who know that the Occupation is planning to destroy their lives and future. The full devastation will become unraveled as the Occupation’s final path of the Wall becomes apparent. 7/6/2005
Marda Villagers Shut Down Settler Road Calling for End to OccupationThe Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - Over 200 villagers from Marda shut down one of the main settler-bypass roads in the West Bank for several hours, as they stepped up their resistance to the Occupation and its apartheid infrastructure. 4/6/2005
Israel resumes assassination of PalestiniansPCHR Report - Muraweh Khaled Ekmayel assassinated today by Israeli forces. (Al-Jazeera) This morning, 7 June 2005, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) extra-judicially killed Muraweh Khaled Ekmayel, 30, from Qabatya village southeast of Jenin. The victim was hit by several live bullets throughout the body after which the IOF bulldozed the house where he hid over him. IOF also killed an innocent bystander while they were shelling the house. 8/6/2005
The Sound of MusicToine van Teeffelen - Electronic Intifada - The main Jerusalem-Bethlehem checkpoint to the Wall concerns a rather desolate area with few people walking. (Feroze Sidhwa) 8/6/2005
Israeli soldiers break up anti-barrier demo Agence France Press - Marda - Israeli soldiers used tear gas to break up a demonstration by Palestinian villagers and foreign activists protesting against the government`s controversial West Bank barrier. 6/6/2005
Marda Villagers Shut Down Settler Road Calling for End to OccupationThe Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - Over 200 villagers from Marda shut down one of the main settler-bypass roads in the West Bank for several hours, as they stepped up their resistance to the Occupation and its apartheid infrastructure. 7/6/2005
The International Community Must Act to End the Prolonged Israeli Military Occupation Al Haq - Press Release - On 5 June 2005, the 38th anniversary of the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip, Al-Haq reminds the international community of the continuing occupation of these Palestinian territories in flagrant disregard of international law.5/6/2005
Call for action: Join the villagers of Salfit in a demonstration on Thursday, June 9th 2005ISM - The city of Salfit will hold another demonstration against the Annexation Wall this Thursday, June 9, at 10 am. The people of Salfit invite all Palestinians, internationals, and Israelis to join them as they attempt to walk to their land and prevent the bulldozers from working.7/6/2005
Living in South Hebron CPT report 18.5. - 28.5.2005CPT report - CPT volunteers live with the South Hebron people and report the grim everyday reality on the ground, inflicted on the Palestinian residents by the Jewish settlers and the army. 7/6/2005
Report on Beit Surik Action Lisa - ISM - In a demonstration in the West Bank village of Beit Surik 60 Palestinian villagers accompanied Israeli and international activists marched from the village to a construction site of the Annexation Wall near the illegal Israeli settlement of Har Adar.7/6/2005
Large military force secures destruction of olive trees Alison - ISM - At 7 am this morning, I joined a group of Palestinian villagers, Israelis, and internationals in the centre of Marda. We intended to go to the land where over a thousand olive trees have been cut to make way for the Apartheid Barrier in the last few days.7/6/2005
Farmers stop tree-cutting in Marda for three hours Hannah - ISM - At 11:00 this morning, Nasfat called to tell me that Israeli workers were back today with their chainsaws, cutting trees in the village of Marda to make way for the path of the "Ariel loop" of the Annexation Wall, whose easternmost point is 22 kilometers from the Green Line. 7/6/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 1.6.2005 Palestinian Mission to USA - Al Quds - Reelections in Rafah, Al Bureij and Bet Lahia delayed; Israel-Arab countries document prepared by he EU; Reconciliation meeting between Abu Mazen and Qaddumi; Al-Ayyam - The occupation started a scheme to demolish 88 homes in Silwan; 1/6/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press: 2.6.2005Palestinian Mission to the USA reports - Al-Quds: Israel intends to replace checkpoints with crossings along the wall course in the West Bank to have full control over two million Palestinians; Al-Ayyam: Israel to release today 400 prisonners; Al Hayyat Al-Jadida: Qurei` eppeals to Arab and Islamic counteries to salvage Jerusalem from judaization. 2/6/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 3.6.2005 Palestinian Mission to the USA reports - Al-Quds: Israel publishes calls fpr tenders to build houses in Maaleh Edumim; A peaceful march in Salfeet against the separation wall with the participation of Israeli and foreign peace activists; Al-Ayyam: Armed demonstratins in Gaza in protest of dividing Military Inteligence; Al-Hayyat Al- Jadida: Israeli Radio reveals massacres committed by Israeli soldiers; Uprooting olive trees in Salfit and arresting 15 citizens in Hebron. 3/6/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press: 6.6.2005Palestinian Mission to the USA reports - AlQuds: Faster settlement rate in the WB; Thousand of housing Units are being built in the big Settlements; Fattah revolutionary council postpones its conference; Al-Ayyam: A new appeal to supreme court against the Wall in Bil`in; 9 political detainees resume their hunger strike; Residents of Bet Surik confront the occupation bulldozers; uprooting 200 olive trees in the village of Marda; Al Hayyat Al-Jadida: Settlers request from President Abbas to stay under Palestinian sovereignty. 6/6/2005
Israel makes a diplomatic scandal over naming a square in honor of late President ArafatBBC News Online - Officials in Israel called the naming of Arafat Park and the unveiling of a bust of the late leader, who died last year, "hurtful and insulting". Israel is protesting by delaying the return of its ambassador to San Salvador 7/6/2005
Israeli violations of international law intensified in the OPT during 26 May - 01 June 2005Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - Weekly Report2/6/2005
Palestine supporters protest at soccer internationalMarie O`Halloran - The Irish Times - Palestinians were not trying to "exploit sport with politics" but to show their need for justice and the end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, a protest organised in Dublin for the Ireland-Israel soccer international, was told. 6/6/2005
Settlers turn hotel into Gaza fortressConal Urquhart in Gush Katif - The Observer - Right-wing Israeli extremists are turning a Gaza hotel into a fortress to resist the Israeli army`s attempts to expel them forcibly in August when Gaza is cleared of its Jewish settlers. 5/6/2005
Abbas postpones Palestinian voteBBC News Online - Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has announced that parliamentary elections set for 17 July will be postponed. He said he wanted to allow more time to resolve a dispute over changes to the election law. 6/6/2005
Clash at disputed Jerusalem siteBBC News Online - Israeli police have stormed the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, using stun grenades to disperse Palestinians who threw stones at police and Jewish visitors. 6/6/2005
Call for Action: Demonstration against the Annexation Barrier- in Al RamadeenAl Ramadeen Village Commitee - Calling for a demonstration against the Annexation Barrier in Al Ramadeen village - South Hebron District 6/6/2005
Closure, confiscation, connivance and cupidity Part 5Jerry Levin - CPT - From The Inside Looking Out: Report-55 - one afternoon in a Palestinian House in the the Hebron Old City6/6/2005
Portraits of DheishehThree stories from Dheisheh Refugee Camp in the West Bank: Despair and survival in the shadow of Israeli illegal settlements and the Separation Wall. 6/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 6.6.2005 IMEMC and agencies - Youth sentenced to 22 consecutive years; Farmlands bulldozed in Jayyous; Resident arrested in Bethlehem; Child injured in Khan Younis refugee camp 6/6/2005
Israel launches airstrike on Gaza militantsDaily Star staff - An Israeli aircraft fired three missiles at Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip, causing no casualties, as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in the territory for talks aimed at preventing a already fragile truce from further fracturing. The attacks also came as a senior Hamas leader said his group is ready to talk to the U.S. and Europe. 9/6/2005
On a string of anti-Wall protest activities, and military attacks on the protestersIMEMC & Agencies - Protests in Salfit, Bil`in, and Beit Sorik, anti-wall organizer kidnapped 6/6/2005
Abbas blames Israel for Jerusalem clashes Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Dozens of Israeli policemen entered al-Aqsa mosque yard, to protect settlers who entered the mosque area, in order to ‘celebrate’ the 37 anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem in the 1967 war. Clashes errupted between dozens of Palestinian youth who gathered at the mosque, and the police. "6/6/2005
Hebron Update: 26 May-1 June 2005CPTnet - Periodical Update of events in Hebron area. 3/6/2005
We killed police for revenge, Israeli soldiers confessDonald Macintyre in Jerusalem - The Independent - Two Israeli soldiers have come forward to describe how they took part in what they say was an officially ordered "revenge" operation to kill Palestinian police officers among them several unarmed men. 3/6/2005
At-Tuwani Update: 18-31 May 2005CPT Hebron - Periodical Update5/6/2005
Palestinian militants storm PA officesThe Daily Star staff - Militants loosely affiliated to the Fatah Party of Mahmoud Abbas stormed public offices in Nablus under a hail of gunfire, accusing the Palestinian president of failing to honor security promises.6/6/2005
Playing with fireMeir Margalit - the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions - "the Jerusalem municipality wants to demolish a neighbourhood with 88 houses in Silwan village and to expel 1,000 Palestinian residents"2/6/2005
Six jeeps enter Hares, close village for 1 hour.Rebecca and Hannah - IWPS - At 6:00 pm, 3 jeeps entered Hares village, and several soldiers also walked inside the village on foot. Two villagers reported that they heard sound bombs. Soldiers “closed” the village, reportedly telling people they encountered to stop what they were doing. Shortly later, 3 more jeeps arrived, and several more patrolled the roads near Hares. 2/6/2005
Hebron Update 19-25 May 2005 CPTnet Hebron - More settler and army harassment of the Palestinian population in the old city of Hebron 1/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occipied territories 31.5.2005 - 1.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Resident shot killed in Qalqilia; Army invades Balata refugee camp; Three arrested in Nablus; Three arrested north of Tulkarem; Three arrested in Betunia; Youth injured in Khan Younis; Army invades three villages near Hebron; 1/6/2005
Update on Jaber Dalany: Prisons and parties ISM report - Written BY H. - After four weeks in prison, Jaber Dalany (the Palestinian man with meningitis who was arrested at Huwara checkpoint), was finally presented with charges. As expected, the charges are preposterous, not to mention the fact that they all refer to incidents that supposedly happened more than 2 years ago. 2/6/2005
Another Visit to Tel Rumeida, Hebron: Saturday 28.5.2005Nina Mayorek - Machsom Watch - Reporing from Hebron: "The guard of the Kiryat Arba gate was not ready to let us in. He started to make phone calls and to our surprise not a police car and not an army car, but a white jeep with religious settlers inside appeared."2/6/2005
Settlers may shut down country IMEMC & Agencies - A senior Israeli army officer has warned against underestimating the force of resistance expected to be offered by settlers during the upcoming Gaza Strip and West Bank pullout, according to Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.3/6/2005
The Process of Transfer Continues: The Jerusalem Municipality Plans to Demolish 88 Houses in Silwan, East JerusalemJeff Halper - The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions - The Municipality of Jerusalem intends to demolish an entire East Jerusalem neighborhood - 88 homes housing 1000 residents - in the el-Bustan area of Silwan village in East Jerusalem, close to the walls of the Old City. 3/6/2005
20 injured, 2 arrested, one Israeli soldier wounded in Anti-Wall protest George Rishmawi-IMEMC - At least one thousand Palestinians joined by International and Israeli peace activists demonstrated against the construction of the wall in Bil`in village west of Ramallah in the West Bank. 3/6/2005
2002 killing of 15 PA policemen was cold blooded Translated by George Rishmawi-IMEMC - Israeli newspaper (MAARIV) reveals information about an Israeli commando unit which killed 15 Palestinian police officers in 2002 in revenge to the killing of six Israeli soldiers by two Palestinians. 3/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Teritories: Friday 3.6.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers attack family in Husan; Three arrested north of Tulkarem; Four Jerusalemite detainees to lose their ID’s; 20 injured, 2 arrested, one Israeli soldier wounded in Anti-Wall protest; Detainee facing deteriorating health condition; 3/6/2005
Administrative or open-ended detention IMEMC Staff - An interview with freed prisoner Wasfi Izzat Qabha - Wasfi spent three years in detention, he was repeatedly transferred between Majeddo, Ofer and the Negev detention, which is a policy Israel uses in order deprive the detainees from settling in one detention for a long period, thus attempting to break ties between them. 3/6/2005
Israeli government proposes blocking Palestinian compensation suits B`Tselem - `The Israeli government has proposed an amendment to the Civil Wrongs Law intended to exempt Israel from paying compensation to Palestinians injured by the security forces. The amendment applies to " residents of a conflict area" and "subjects of enemy states." The Government has clearly stated its intention to apply the new law to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories . ` 3/6/2005
Knesset member Ahmad Tibi hurt in anti-fence rallyAli Waked and Efrat Weiss - YnetNews - Arab Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi, senior PA official, sustain light injuries during clashes between security forces, protesters during anti-West Bank security fence demonstration; Israei soldier loses sight in left eye 3/6/2005
During a demonstration against the Wall in Bil’in, the occupation army wounded Dr. Mustafa BarghoutiAlMubadara - Ramallah - Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, the secretary general of the National Democratic Initiative, (Al-Mubadara) was wounded on Friday, 3.6.2005 by Israeli Occupation forces at a peaceful demonstration against the wall in Bil’in village. 3/6/2005
Israel begins to release 405 Palestinian prisonersAgence France Presse - "Israel began to release 405 Palestinian prisoners from across the occupied territories on Thursday in a move approved by the government earlier this week, a spokeswoman for the prison services said. "3/6/2005
Blood revengeChen Kotas-Bar, Omri Essenheim - NRG/Maariv - In 2002 Israeli soldiers deliberately killed Palestinian police in retaliation for the killing of 6 Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint 4/6/2005
Breaking the Silence: From the testimonies that were exposed in Maariv this weekendBreaking the Silence, Maariv - "I shot one in the head as he was running while another one was crawling behind. We got up and started chasing them. It was… really… I really enjoyed it. It was the first time (in my experience) that we were in an ‘advance…storm…’ situation, like in our training exercises. And we acted flawlessly. We performed superbly."4/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 4.6.2005IMEMC and agencies - Four injured near Hebron; Mentally disabled detainee attempts suicide; Parents of detainees complain of humiliation during visitation; Tribal revenge; 4/6/2005
State Land, State PeopleFahmi Manasra - reporting from Wadi Foqeen - The people of Wadi Foqeen and another three villages to the south west of Bethlehem, received a military order stating that a total area 756.5 dunams of their lands is going to be confiscated by the Israeli army. 4/6/2005
We killed [Palestinian] police for revenge, Israeli soldiers confessDonald Macintyre in Jerusalem - The Independent - Two Israeli soldiers have come forward to describe how they took part in what they say was an officially ordered "revenge" operation to kill Palestinian police officers among them several unarmed men. 5/6/2005
National and Civil equality are the building blocks of true Peace and ReconciliationYehudith Harel - We are commemorating today the Naksa, the 5th of June, 38 years of a cruel Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza strip and 57 years of the 1948 Palestinian Nakba and displacement of two thirds of the Palestinian people5/6/2005
The Silwan demolishing: Crime against Humanity and contravention of Jewish religious valuesShamai Leibowitz - In addition to being a crime against humanity for which Lupliansky and others can be indicted in the Hague, it is a betrayal of the most fundamental precepts of the Jewish religion. 5/6/2005
Nonviolent direct action in Bilin - Israeli soldiers tear down the fence!International Solidarity Movement - The villagers of Bil`in, joined by Israeli and International activists, built a mock security fence in the bulldozers` path to the construction site of the annexation barriern and tied themselves to it. In order to remove the activists the Israeli military first had to dismantle the mock fence! Photoshop. 5/6/2005
Naksa Day Demonstration in Bil`inRann - ISM - The village of Bil`in had been preparing for this demonstration for many days. They had made 1,500 Palestinians flags, so that everyone in the demonstration could have one. 5/6/2005
Israeli solders and the culture of revenge Allison and Rann - ISM - Palestinian man held and beaten after Friday`s protest in Bil`in - A day after an Israeli solider lost the sight in his left eye due to being hit by a stone at a demonstration in the village of Bil`in, someone in the army decided to take revenge. 5/6/2005
Israeli signs get activist makeoverLaila El-Haddad in Gaza - Al - Israelis driving along Highway 505 in the West Bank have been greeted with an unexpected sight. Signs that usually guide them to settlements instead on Saturday reminded them of the illegality of the construction on confiscated West Bank land. 5/6/2005
Call for Immediate Action: Silwan ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions) report ICAHD - Silwan background and sample protest letter to be sent immediately to Israeli authorities and the media. 5/6/2005
Demonstration in Beit Surik ISM - Today, 5.6.2005 at 8:30 AM, the villagers of Beit Surik will once again stand with Israeli and international peace activists to protect their land from destruction and theft. Israel is continuing to erect the Annexation barrier on Beit Surik in defiance of the International Court of Justice. 5/6/2005
Call for Action: Join the People of Marda in Non-violent Resistance IWPS - To correspond with the Israeli High Court decision on the Wall in the Salfit region, the village of Marda has planned a nonviolent demonstration protesting the construction of the Annexation Wall on their land. Israeli and international activists are invited to join the people of Marda and other Palestinians for a march and public meeting at 10:30, Tuesday, June 21. 20/6/2005
Israeli Soldiers Use Tear Gas as Bullets in Marda Allison - IWPS - The demonstration this morning was quite small-approximately 30 Palestinian teenage boys and 4 internationals from ISM and IWPS. We started up the mountain from Marda, heading toward the construction of the annexation barrier, at 10:30 am. 20/6/2005
Tents Replace Homes for Some PalestiniansMustafa el-Sawwaf - Palestine Chronicle - Mustafa el-Sawwaf - Palestine Chronicle - "Despite their difficult conditions, no official or civil organization offered help, according to the families.." 20/6/2005
Campaign for release of Adnan Na’im ‘Abdallah, a Palestinian educator, from administrative detentionAppeal from Nina Mayorek and Hava Halevi12/6/2005
Allow opponents of the disengagement to realize their right to education and take matriculation examinationsPress Release - The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel12/6/2005
Video from Bil`in – Olive tree chainingISM - "Residents of Bil`in village, together with international and Israeli activists, chain themselves to olive trees that are to be uprooted to make way for the Israeli apartheid wall." (from May 2005)12/6/2005
The ceasefire continuesISM - "Three residents have been shot dead by Israeli forces in the area of Balata camp since the `ceasefire` heralded by the Sharm talks."12/6/2005
Week of nonviolent resistance met with Israeli violenceHannah, Joy, Suraiya - IWPS - Palestinians and Israelis and internationals persist in meeting Israeli military violence with nonviolent, peaceful protest12/6/2005
Stink bombs and chicken-shit in Bil`inISM - a new weapon used against anti-Wall demonstrators: high-pitched sound. In response, demonstrators throw harmless - but malodorous - water balloons. 12/6/2005
Anti-wall protesters` new weapon IMEMC Staff - Protesters against the separation wall in the village of Belein, near Ramallah, responded Friday to army tear gas by throwing balloons filed with chicken urine “poo missiles” at soldiers. 11/6/2005
Report: “Settlements kill the Palestinian State” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & agencies - The National Office for Land Defense reported that settlements spread all over the Palestinian territories are decimating any horizon of a future Palestinian State. 11/6/2005
Pullout Coordination; meetings, no progress George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - Stressing unilateralism of the Disengagement plan, Israeli political source said coordination with the Palestinians is not a must for the pullout to take place, Israel Radio reported on Saturday.11/6/2005
The Scream - New weapon designed to leave victims dizzy, nauseous,Associated Press - YnetNews - Israel is considering using an unusual new weapon against settlers who resist this summer`s Gaza Strip evacuation — a device that emits penetrating bursts of sound that leaves targets reeling with dizziness and nausea. 10/6/2005
Protesters resort to chicken pooAli Waked and Efrat Weiss - YnetNews - Anti-fence demonstrators say they targeted security forces with manure-filled balloons 10/6/2005
3 arrested, 5 wounded at nonviolent protest against Wall in SalfitIWPS - resistance and repression continues12/6/2005
`Factions won`t give up weapons`Ali Waked and News Agencies - YnetNews - PA Foreign Minister Kidwa challenges Israeli request for terror groups to disarm, says that arms are legal if not used to violate truce, says that the topic is not even up for discussion: `We won`t disarm so long as the occupation continues` 11/6/2005
Israeli army shoots live bullets at children in MardaIWPS/ISM - another violent response to an anti-Wall demo in Marda12/6/2005
Occupation DiaryTom Kay - Ramallah, Palestine - Notes from the Bil`in Demonstration against the Wall.10/6/2005
Israel accused of Gaza trickeryChris McGreal in Ramallah - The Guardian - The Palestinian leadership yesterday accused Israel of setting it up to fail by withholding information crucial to a successful transfer of control of the Gaza Strip when Jewish settlers are withdrawn this summer. 10/6/2005
Israeli troops make incursion into Gaza Strip as Abbas appeals for calmAgence France Presse - Israeli troops made a brief incursion into the Gaza Strip overnight after Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas arrived in the territory for talks with armed groups aimed at preventing a fragile truce from fracturing, Palestinian witnesses said Thursday9/6/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 8.6.2005 Palestinian Mission to USA presents: "Three martyrs, including Al-Quds Brigades Commander"; "Desecration of Quran in Megiddo prison"; "M. Barghouti affirms the need for PLC elections in 2005"; Al Ayyam - " Abu Mazen to meet with Straw and then heads to Gaza"; "The PA rejects railway link between West Bank and Gaza" 8/6/2005
Dahlan: Israel`s Policies in W.B. is leading to new Intifada George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - Mohammad Dahlan warned on Thursday of a third Intifada if current Israeli policies including settlements, wall construction and the isolation of Jerusalem continue. Dahlan blamed Israel for the weakness of the Palestinian Security forces. 10/6/2005
Human Rights Groups slam military checkpoints Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - report prepared and published by the Human Rights group in Israel (Machsom Watch) slammed the military checkpoints in the Palestinian areas, saying that it paralyzes the lives of million people on daily basis. 10/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 10.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies -Dozens hurt, activist arrested near Salfit; Settlers uproot trees south of Bethlehem; Tension mounts in the Negev detention; Prisoner suffering serious health problems; 10/6/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 10.6.2005Palestinian Mission to the USA Al-Quds: President Mahmoud Abbas stressed on the need to maintain the calm; child Injured in Ayda Camp; Settlers uproot 150 treas in Hebron; Al-Ayyam: World Health Organization announced that 96 Palestinian women delivered their babies at the Israeli checkpoints since the eruption of the Palestinian Intifada in 2000; Al- Hayyat Al- Jadida: The PLC demands from the government to activate the decision to ban entry and trade in settlements products 10/6/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press Thursday, June 9th 2005Palestinian Mission to the USA presents: Al-Quds: Midnght provocation: Israeli Incursion to Zaitoun Quarter in Gaza ; Al-Ayyam:President Abbas: I am not worried about the continuation of the calm; Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida: PLC members from the Democratic Alliance boycott the PLC session in protest against delaying the PLC elections 9/6/2005
Another Wednesday at Kalandia Checkpoint Tami Goldshmidt and Aya Kanyuk - MachsomWatch - As has been reported, every few hours they go over to the peddlers, and either they beat them or they turn over their carts with all their merchandise, or they both beat them and turn over their carts. Its seems that the favorite sport among soldiers at Kalandia during the last three years, hunting down and shooting at children from the Kalandia refugee camp, has been replaced with the abuse of vendors.A link to a short movie.25/6/2005
Amending fencesZochrot - Creative protest against the fencing off of the Miska village school house Saturday, 25 June 2005 from 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m 25/6/2005
Soldiers attack a peaceful procession in Belein Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Friday afternoon, Israeli soldiers ONCE AGAIN attacked a peaceful procession against the Separation Wall in the village of Bel’in, west of Ramallah. 24/6/2005
News Flashes from the occupied Territories - 24.6.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers attack a peaceful procession in Belein; Army invades Yata; Resident injured near Tulkarem; Settler injured near Salfit; Army arrests youth in the northern West Bank; Soldier mildly injured near Hebron; Resistance fires at the army near Tulkarem; Sniper fires at army post in Naveh Dekalim; Soldier injured west of Khan Younis; Settler killed, two injured near Hebron; Clashes in Atteel, homes occupied 24/6/2005
Israel recruits Palestinian children to collaborateDefence for Children International - Palestine - Recruiting Palestinians as collaborators is perceived in the OPT as part of Israel’s policy to maintain control over the territory and the Palestinian people. Most cases of collaboration are found in interrogation centers and prisons where detainees are put under extreme physical and mental pressure to collaborate. Palestinian children often find themselves under such pressure.14/6/2005
Stink bombs and the scream; Peaceful Prayer in Ramadin ISM -Palestine - Two repots by ISM volunteers - Bil`in: Palestinians from Bil`in taped their hands together to express their intention to hold a non-violent demonstration. As they marched out of the village soldiers laid barbed wire along the path. Ramadin: The army declared the area a closed military zone in the morning, warning the villagers not to get close to the path, and put up a checkpoint on the main road to the village, not letting any cars in.13/6/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 13.6.2005Palestinian Mission to the USA presents: Al-Quds, Al Ayyam, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida 13/6/2005
Call upon Israeli academics European Jews for a Just Peace - Academic freedom is indivisible. Yet for Palestinians the right of access to education at any level, let alone to freedom of speech at the highest level, is denied by Israeli authorities. The barriers erected by the successive Israeli governments preventing access to education for Palestinians must be condemned and lifted. 13/6/2005
An Open Letter to the Palestinian and International Community Palestinian Civil Society representatives - "We, the undersigned, medical and health service providers and members of professional unions and research and training institutions working in the health sector in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, would like to register our protest and deep concern over the increasing pressure exerted upon us to enter into Palestinian - Israeli cooperation schemes in the sphere of health." 13/6/2005
PNA carries out four death sentencesPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - PCHR calls upon President Abbas again not to convert death sentences and the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) to repeal legislation related to the death penalty. 12/6/2005
Free Manal – update and Call for ActionWomen`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)- To our great regret, Manal has not been released. There are about 800 signatures on the appeal demanding her release. Please write protest letters. 13/6/2005
Hebron Update: 2-8 June 2005CPTnet - Hebron - While walking in the area below the Ibrahimi Mosque where Palestinians cross to get to the south side of Hebron from the Old City, Steve Ramer and Donna Hicks noticed that the doors to a house which the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee had been restoring had been welded shut. 12/6/2005
Week of Palestinian nonviolent resistance met with Israeli military violenceInternational Women`s Peace Service (IWPS) - Reporting the events of one week of non violent Palestinian resistance in the Occupied Territories.13/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 28.6.2005 IMEMC and WAFA - Main Gaza checkpoints closed; IOF Splits Gaza Strip into 3 Parts, Arrests 2 youth in Hebron; Girl arrested west of Khan Younis; Army invades Beit Fajjar; Soldiers close Burin junction near Nablus; (PPS)Called for saving the life of a Palestinian prisoner in al-Damoon; Israeli Court sentences Palestinian Policeman to 25 years; Father, daughter sentenced to consecutive terms; alestinian Medics: Israel Uses New Dangerous Weapon against Citizens; Six resident of Qalqilia receive consecutive terms; Three residents arrested, two homes occupied in Hebron; Roads, junctions closed near Jenin;28/6/2005
Kids with machine gunsThe writer, on a first trip to the "holy land" confronts some of the anomalies of Israeli society - from teenage soldiers to orange (anti-disengagement)wristbands and t-shirts. A very personal account. 28/6/2005
PA warns Palestinians not to buy any evacuated land in GazaKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - The Palestinian Authority on Sunday warned Palestinians not to purchase lands in areas that Israel is planning to evacuate in the Gaza Strip. 28/6/2005
Palestinian groups plan to move to GazaKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Leaders of Hamas and other Palestinian radical groups in Lebanon and Syria are planning to move to the Gaza Strip after Israel evacuates the area, Palestinian sources confirmed on Sunday. 28/6/2005
PA urges Islamic Jihad to commit to truceThe Daily Star staff - The Palestinian Authority, under pressure to crack down on militants, tried to convince Islamic Jihad of committing to a fragile truce, as Israel faced the widest protest so far against the planned pullout from the Gaza Strip. 28/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 16.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army installed two military roadblocks in Tubas; Special Forces abduct Islamic Jihad leader; Four residents arrested near Ramallah; Six settler women arrested in Hebron; Dozens detained, homes searched in Hebron; 16/6/2005
On Good IntentionsOmar Tesdell - Bethlehem Bloggers - "International organizations congratulate themselves for helping Palestinians and they must be very proud. With the air of a savior, they are building capacity for a people who seem to already have it.. or is it that we instead need support in the struggle for liberation?"16/6/2005
Letter from BethlehemToine van Teeffelen - Bethlehem Bloggers - "How could the man working next to the radio decide that there was no problem in putting on loud Hebrew music? It must have been the fact that the area was now devoid of common Arab life. The informal checkpoint market economy which used to flourish here over a year or so ago during certain times of the day (when laborers passed by) has gone." 16/6/2005
Hussam Khaddar to Defend Himself in Salem Military CourtIPC and WAFA - Arrested on March 17, 2003, Hussam Khader, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Parliament (PLC), will be allowed today to defend himself in the Israeli Military Court of Salem for the first time after already held 14 trial hearings. 29/6/2005
News Flashes From the Occupied Territories - 29.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - ISM: IOF Prevents Villagers Feeding Livestock in WB; Israeli Colonizers Continue Attacks in Khanyounis; Two Palestinian youths severely beaten by Israeli mob; Town invaded near Jenin; Paratroopers dropped in Budrus; Three Civilians Wounded and One Arrested in West Bank; Israeli Settlers on Rampage against Residents of Al Mawassi Area; P.A security man arrested near Tulkarem; Six detainees receive high consecutive terms; ; 29/6/2005
The struggle in Bil`in continues with determination and creativity. Ami - Anarchists Against the Wall - Biliin Demonstration - This Friday there will be another demo in the village. All of you are most welcome. 28/6/2005
Surrealism in Beit Surik From an eye-witness - how the Peace Process is enforced in Beit Surik by the Most Humane Army in the world2/6/2005
38 Years of Israeli OccupationTa`ayush the Arab-Jewish Partnership - "On Saturday, June 4, we will express our solidarity with the people of Salfit Region and join them in a Protest March.. Once the Road-5 construction is complete, the road will be fenced, and will disconnect the inhabitants of Kifel Hares from about 60% of their land.. Moreover, the new road, prohibited to Palestinians, will cut the Salfit district to two parts." 2/6/2005
Call for Action: 38 years of occupation in the West Bank and the Gaza StripThe Coalition Against the Fence - This coming week will mark 38 years to the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. On Friday, June 3rd, we`ll join the people of Bil`in in their demonstration against the annexation of over half the lands of the village for the purpose of enlarging the colonies and building the Separation Fence. 3/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occipied territories 1.6.2005 - 2.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army to expand settlements east of Nablus; Three arrested in Bethlehem; Army obstructs traffic on Salah ed-Deen Road; Soldiers invade Nablus; Female detainee sentenced to consecutive term; Procession against the Wall in Salfit; Resident shot killed in Qalqilia; 2/6/2005
18 killed, 170 arrested in May 2005Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - The International Solidarity for Human Rights prepared and published a report which documents the Israeli military violations in the occupied territories, and the internal Palestinian situation. 2/6/2005
Army to expand settlements east of Nablus Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Military bulldozers started expanding settlements surrounding several villagers, east of the northern west Bank city of Nablus, bulldozed farmlands near Alon Moreh settlement and a hill, 1km away from the settlement. 2/6/2005
15 residents arrested in Hebron Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Only a few hours before the Israeli army announced the release of 85 Palestinian detainees from Hebron area, soldiers arrested at least 15 residents after invading Ithna, al-Thaheriyya, and al-Fawwar refugee camp in Hebron. 2/6/2005
Palestinian children and Childhood Maisa Abu Ghazala - IMEMC - In one of the alleys of the old city of Jerusalem, I saw several Palestinian children running and chasing each other, while one child carrying a plastic rifle, was following them, pretending to be an Israeli soldier in a game they were playing. 2/6/2005
Portraits of DheishehNora Barrows-Friedman - The Electronic Intifada - Shadi sucks on two cigarettes at a time, the twin smoke curling up the side of his right arm like conjoined snakes. The Bethlehem air is crisp and wet; the main street hums with traffic. "Life has a beginning and an end, just like these cigarettes," he says, pinching them between his calloused fingers. Shadi arches his eyebrow at me, squinting in the muted sunlight streaked across his face.9/6/2005
News Flashes from the Ocupied Territories - 8.6.2005IMEMC and Agencies -Hebron settlers damage, burn a store in old city; Israeli Air strike targets a car in Gaza Strip; Resident arrested in Ithna; Army attacks Palestinian policemen in Hebron; Army attacks Palestinian policemen in Hebron; 8/6/2005
Israeli troops enter West Bank village to prevent rally - Palestinian radioBBC Monitoring - Text of report by Palestinian radio Voice of Palestine on 8 June - The Israeli occupation troops advanced into Marda village, northwest of Salfit village, and set up military roadblocks at its entrances a short while ago. 8/6/2005
Hebron Update: 9-15 June 2005Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - observations from recent days18/6/2005
Hebron: what a difference five years makesRusty Dinkins-Curling - CPT - "Words cannot express what my eyes have seen in these first days in Hebron, but I`ll try."18/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 18.6.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Settlers attack, wound Three Palestinians in Southern Gaza; Army invades Hebron, Yatta, detains residents; Palestinian fighter, another injured in Gaza Strip; Fighting the wall with gravestones in Bil’in; Resident killed, two injured in Gaza; Resident arrested in Hebron; Three injured near Nablus; Resident arrested west of Nablus; Child injured near the Rafah Crossing; 10 detainees sentenced to consecutive terms; P.A police arrests two settlers near Beit Sahour; Abu Holy, al-Matahin checkpoints closed (in the northern gaza Strip) 18/6/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 17.6.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Army to bulldoze hundreds of Dunams near Hebron; Eretz crossing closed until further notice; Elderly woman dies at a military roadblock near Bethlehem; Rafah border crossing closed; Islamic Jihad leader arrested near Nablus 17/6/2005
18 year old boy taken from his home in Hares, reportedly beatenIWPS - Human Rights Report No. 194 - In the evening of Friday 17 June 2005, 2 jeeps entered the village of Hares and threw several sound bombs. Soldiers on foot blocked the entrances. An 18 year old boy was reportedly taken from his home and beaten before being driven away in a military vehicle. When IWPS members Suraiya and Joy repeatedly questioned the soldiers, they were eventually told that he would be returned shortly. 18/6/2005
Ethnic Transfer in Occupied East Jerusalem: the case of A-Bustan neighborhoodMinistry of State for Jerusalem Affairs - PA - fact sheet17/6/2005
Warning bells are ringingAtef Saad - Palestine Report - "In a statement released by the Palestinian Bar Association, the lawyers said they were protesting assaults on what they described as "the three arms of justice": the judges, public prosecuting attorneys, and defense lawyers. "17/6/2005
Israeli special forces arrest three Palestinian militantsAgence France Presse - "Israeli special forces arrested three suspected Palestinian militants Thursday in an undercover operation in this northern West Bank town, security sources and witnesses said. " 16/6/2005
Hebron Update: 19-25 May 2005Christian Peacemaker Teams - a week in the difficult City of Hebron2/6/2005
Bill to exempt Israel from compensation claims by PalestiniansAdalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel - Today, 31 May 2005, the government introduced a bill before the Knesset to amend the civil law to exempt Israel from compensation claims for damages caused by Israeli soldiers to Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs). This bill - unique in the world - conveys a clear message: Palestinian life is worthless and it is legitimate to steal financial compensation from the occupied population."2/6/2005
The `Grass Widow` ProcedureHava Halevi - MachsomWatch - about a Palestinian house renovation by the Israeli army 2/6/2005
Editorials in Palestinian Daily Newspapers WAFA - Under the title"For not to Return to the Circle of Violence", Al-Quds says that the goal of such focus is to exaggerate the plan and to show how much it is difficult.Al-Ayyam:Hani Al-Masri said in his article, "Continuity of Quietness is a Palestinian-Israeli Interest", that the Israeli violation of Quietness and the Palestinian retaliation has put the state of calm in the windward . 28/6/2005
PCBS Studies Situation of Elderly in OPT WAFA - %49,4 of the elderly in the OPT are suffering from chronic diseases, 33.8% are suffering from Hypertension diseases and 6.1% are suffering from Ulcer disease" according to the report. . 28/6/2005
Hebron Report - 16 - 24.6.2005CPT Hebron - Since early June, CPT Hebron has begun daily visits to Tel Rumeida. For years Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinians living in that area.28/6/2005
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