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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

`The end of occupation`!Islah Jad - Ramallah (22 April 2002) -We woke up this morning to see if the Israeli troops withdrew from Ramallah as they claimed yesterday or not. To start with my street, where I live, all that had changed was the fortification of the barrier sealing the beginning of my street and now a new one at the other end. 24/4/2005
Israel Continues to Deny Palestinian Prisoners their Basic RightsAl Haq - Press release on the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners day - Calls attention to the ongoing plight of some 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners currently detained in substandard conditions in Israeli-administered jails in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).17/4/2005
Treatment at al-Ramleh prison hospital is fake’ Saed Bannoura - IMEMC and Agecnies - Ahmad Lutfi Dharaghmah, from Tubas, who was sentenced to 15 consecutive years, is currently suffering from several health problems, and facing harsh conditions at al-Ramleh prison hospital which lacks the basic health facilities and medications. 30/4/2005
Occupation Never SleepsKim - MPT - US peace activist - On the nights of the Occupation 29/4/2005
Palestinian Detainee Denied the Right to Healthcare and a Fair Trial Translated from a Press Release from Physicians for Human Rights 29/4/2005
At-Tuwani History (Part 1)Christian Peacemaker Teams - History of a village under settler attack in the South Hebron Hills29/4/2005
Palestinian minors illegally detained in Offer centerIMEMC Staff - "Israeli TV channel 10 reported Thursday that Israel illegally detains a number of Palestinian kids, aged between 8 and 10, in Offer military detention camp, near the West bank city of Ramallah."29/4/2005
PA security should fight violence, enforce law barehanded IMEMC Staff - "Israel has rejected a request by the United States to supply the Palestinian police with weapons to help them maintain law and order in the Palestinian Authority areas"29/4/2005
PA arrests two in Gaza over truce violations IMEMC Staff - "The Palestinian Authority security forces have arrested two resistance operatives suspected of violating the truce by taking part in rocket and mortar attacks on Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian security source said on Friday." 29/4/2005
Crossing Erez checkpointErnie - ISM volunteer - I just got back to Jerusalem this evening from Gaza and it was so hard to do, a simple thing like crossing through a checkpoint - leaving the Palestinian authority`s area of control back into Israeli controlled territory - that i now believe all my paranoia about security isn`t paranoid after all. 26/4/2005
Update on Jaber DalanyHanna - IWPS - International Women`s Peace Service - On Thursday afternoon, 31-year-old Jaber was leaving a hospital in Nablus where he had spent 5 days and been diagnosed with viral meningitis. He was stopped at Huwara checkpoint and detained from 12:30 pm - 10 pm, when the checkpoint closed and the soldiers officially arrested him. 27/4/2005
Abbas Puts His Own Stamp on Security ForceGreg Myre - NYT - Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, has named three new security chiefs as part of his effort to reshape the security forces, one of the most contentious issues confronting him.25/4/2005
A Gap In The Wall Lena - ISM Volunteer - At Abu Dis, a small village on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the wall brings the road to an abrupt end, blocking what used to be the main route between Jerusalem and Jericho. About 9 meters high and solid concrete, it extends into the distance to the South, a huge snake carving up the hillside.25/4/2005
Miracles in a Sea of Tragedies From Anna`s journals - ISM volunteer25/4/2005
Dahlan: PA will cooperate, if pullout is complete Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC - Palestinian Minister Mohammed Dahlan listed Saturday the Palestinian Authority conditions to cooperate with Israel in the implementation of the disengagement plan, saying it should be complete, part of road map, provide PA with full control over borders, and a safe passage between Gaza and the West bank. 24/4/2005
One Day under occupation and and total closure on the West Bank IMEMC and agencies: Resident arrested, dozens held in Hebron; Army invades a village east of Bethlehem; 3 Palestinians arrested near Ra`anana; Hunger strike in Majeddo prison, fourth day; Army annexes 8 Dunams in Hebron 24/4/2005
Yousif: no more power bases inside PA security ; IMEMC - Palestinian Interior Minister General Nasser Yousif expressed Sunday satisfaction with the smoothness of the unification of PA security devices and of the replacement of its chiefs; Dahlan listed Saturday the Palestinian Authority conditions to cooperate with Israel in the implementation of the disengagement plan, saying it should be complete, part of road map, provide PA with full control over borders, and a safe passage between Gaza and the West bank. 24/4/2005
Israeli Occupation Forces Invade NablusRay Smith - Electronic Intifada - Early this morning, about two dozen jeeps from the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) assisted by a helicopter entered Nablus and surrounded a house on the Jabal Shamaliya, the northern mountain of the town. During the military operation 15 people were arrested, of whom two remain in custody. Six people were injured and taken to Rafidia Hospital, one of them in serious condition. 12/4/2005
Assassination of a Palestinian resistance fighter in NablusRay Smith - Electronic Intifada- Today, Thursday afternoon an Israeli undercover commando killed Ibrahim Smeri, 24, a fighter of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs` Brigades, right outside the Balata refugee camp on the outskirts of Nablus. 14/4/2005
Join the `Adalah bloc` at the anti-G8 demonstrations this July in Scotland.Uri Ayalon - "We, Palestinians, Israelis and supporters, call every person who believes in freedom, justice and the right to self-determination to join us in the Adalah bloc at the anti-G8 demonstrations this July in Scotland."24/4/2005
Pesach at Bil`in: From Slavery to Liberty - from separation to partnershipUri Ayalon - Coalition Against the Wall - Passover demonstration on April 27, 2005, 10.00 am, jointly with the people of Bil`in against the construction of the wall & new settlements on their land23/4/2005
My first settler attack Hanna-IWPS - Last week, I witnessed my first settler attack. "It was nothing," my friend Arafat told me afterwards, and I know that he was speaking in comparison to other attacks, when people have been injured and even killed. 23/4/2005
The village of Bil`in held another demonstration to protest the construction of the Apartheid Wall.ISM News - At about 1:30 150 people including Palestinians, Israelis and international activists departed from in front of the village mosque to the construction site of the fence.22/4/2005
Full closure of West Bank imposedEfrat Weiss - YnetNews - To remain in effect until end of Pesach; Despite relative calm, security services not taking any risks - entrance of Palestinians to be permitted only in humanitarian cases 22/4/2005
`He shot me with a rubber bullet’Ali Waked - YnetNews - Mahmad Sa’id Wahadan gets into row with soldiers at Beit Ibah checkpoint; resisting arrest, he’s shot with rubber bullet; Wahadan says he’s proud: “I later beat my son, who had begged them to leave me alone” 22/4/2005
The officer got angry, and shot me IMEMC - How did Mohammad Wahdan, 41, become the target of rubber-coated bullets fired by an Israeli soldier on Beit Eeba checkpoint, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus? 22/4/2005
On eve of Jewish holydays, Palestinians are besiegedGhassan Andoni - 22 April 2005 - Israeli military officials decided Thursday to impose an entire closure on all Palestinian territories during the Jewish holidays. The closure order would be in effect from Thursday night until Monday morning. 22/4/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA - Reporting from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, Friday April 22nd 2005 22/4/2005
Happy Pasover - The Festival of Freedom Yehudith Harel 23/4/2005
Putting the Israel Boycott on the AgendaPress release - (PACBI) Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel - Finally, boycotting Israeli institutions, as a morally and politically sound response to Israel’s crimes, is on the mainstream agenda in the west; and no one can ignore it now. The taboo has been shattered, at last. From now on, it will be acceptable to compare Israel’s apartheid system to its South African predecessor. As a consequence, proposing practical measures to punish Israeli institutions for their role in the racist and colonial policies of their state will no longer be considered beyond the pale. 22/4/2005
Israeli army makes West Bank incursionAgence France Press - Israeli troops made an overnight incursion into the main northern West Bank city of Nablus on Friday in an unsuccessful bid to arrest two local chiefs of the radical Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a spokesman for the movement said. 22/4/2005
Academics back Israeli boycotts BBC News Alert - Academics have voted to boycott two Israeli universities over their alleged involvement in "illegal activity" in the occupied territories22/4/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA reporting from: Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, Al-Ayyam, Thursday April 21st 2005 21/4/2005
Another day in the occupied territories Saed Bannura - Imemc and Agencies - Detainees resume hunger strike in Huwwara;The Gaza Strip: Abu Holy and Al-Matahin checkpoints closed;Isareli Army invades two villages and a reffugee camp near Bethlehem; 21/4/2005
The Crow CriesToine van Teeffelen - The Electronic Intifada - writing from Bethlehem, 19 April 200521/4/2005
Global Movement To Boycott Caterpillar Gathers Momentum Stop the Wall - an active link - Marking the meeting of Caterpillar shareholders on Wednesday 13th April, activists have held a series of over 30 protests spanning the globe making it clear that the consumer boycott and divestment campaign of Caterpillar is well under way.21/4/2005
Israelis start army move from Gaza Strip Inigo Gilmore in Jerusalem - news.telegraph - The Israeli army began moving equipment out of the Gaza Strip yesterday, paving the way for the start of prime minister Ariel Sharon`s planned summer evacuation.21/4/2005
Arab staff locked in kitchenInigo Gilmore -news.telegraph - A VISIT to a Jerusalem restaurant by former Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu provoked a furious reaction from the chef after security officials locked several Arab staff in the kitchens as the politician`s party dined.21/4/2005
Three Israeli soldiers wounded in bomb explosion in GazaXinhua - At least three Israeli soldiers were wounded in a bomb blast Thursday in northern Gaza City, Palestinian media sources said. 21/4/2005
PCHR Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoriesPCHR - the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have launched more attacks on Palestinian civilians and property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). IOF extra-judicially killed a Palestinian in Balata refugee camp near Nablus. This week, human rights violations perpetrated by IOF included shooting at Palestinian civilians, incursions into Palestinian areas, house raids and arbitrary arrests.21/4/2005
West Bank villagers Threatened with Imminent ExpulsionGush Shalom - International Action Alert - After the background information follows a request for sending your protest letter (sample letter given) to an also given list of email and fax addresses. Included is the address of a website from where you can send faxes all over the world as a free internet-based service. 21/4/2005
Back to Balata Henry - International Women`s Peace Service (IWPS ) - Sadly, the report of my friend Omar Al-titi was not good. He is in England, but the Israelis` physical abuse took its toll during his 6- month detention with no charges. A. from the ISM office in Balata claims that Omar is "different" and twitches constantly.20/4/2005
This Place I`ve Grown to LoveKim - ISM volunteer - am sitting on an ancient boulder watching shepherds tend their sheep and goats while keeping an eye out for the mistauteneen, or settlers, who make it a practice to regularly harass, threaten, and terrorize the people of Qawawis, a tiny cave community in the South Hebron Hills where I have been staying for the past few days. 20/4/2005
Physicians for Human Rights-Israel visits Ofer Detention CampPHR - A new interim report has been released by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel following a visit by a physician and lawyer from the organization to Ofer Detention Camp where Palestinian detainees are held. 20/4/2005
Budrus: “A model of resisting the Wall” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - The Israeli Separation Wall. One of its main aims is to separate Palestinian people from their land. In Ramallah, the Wall divides the villages into two Ghettos; nine in the first and six in the second. 20/4/2005
Day of arrests, new administrative detention; Army closes Beit Iba checkpointIMEMC and Agencies - Israeli Prison Authorities (IPS) renewed military detention orders against a resident of Nablus for the eighth time; Four arrested east of Bethlehem; Dozens detained in Al-Khader; Soldiers to level 3 homes, wells near Hebron; Army closes Beit Eeba checkpoint 20/4/2005
Another Palestinian woman has lost her foetus at a checkpointMahsom - Ibtisam Lahham of Khan Yunis lost her baby after an hour-long delay at the al-Tuffah checkpoint20/4/2005
Not so Fast Out of GazaFerry Biedermann - Inter Press Service - Two dates in the Middle East that once seemed set in stone are now being challenged as Israel considers delaying its Gaza disengagement and Palestinians mull over postponing their elections. 20/4/2005
Festival of Freedom - for Whom? Ram Rahat - Yesh Gvul - This Saturday, April 23, 2005 the Jewish people will celebrate Passover – The Festival of Freedom. However, all the hype about the so-called “pullout” by the Israeli government and media is aimed at blinding us to all those whom the Israeli government has denied their freedom20/4/2005
Detainee released after four years in administrative detentionSaed Bannura - IMEMC - Israeli Prison Authorities (IPA) released on Monday evening detainee `Ali Farraj Salem Abu Juraida, 29, from Rafah, after four years in administrative detention, without trial or charges.20/4/2005
Fatah lawmakers drop demand to postpone elections IMEMC & Agencies - Fatah lawmakers decided Tuesday night to vote in favor of an election bill, paving way for holding legislative elections on July 17, as originally planned. The vote on the election bill will take place on Wednesday. Senior Fatah official, lawmaker Qadoura Fares said Fatah lawmakers would vote for the bill in the PLC session on Wednesday. 20/4/2005
Israel`s Citizenship Law to be RenewedAm Johal - Palestine Monitor - No one knows better than Ariel Sharon how to give a platform to the political right. Sharon, of course, this new man of the middle, when not battling the extreme right or outmaneuvering the Feiglins, was once the chief front man of the Israeli right and the father of the settlement movement. 13/4/2005
Israeli Violations Threaten the TruceThe Palestinian National Initiative - Palestine Monitor - The truce between Israel and Palestine is in imminent danger due to Israeli violations; the Israelis have not released more prisoners or turned over more cities to Palestinian Authority control; soldiers continue invading and terrorizing Palestinian communities and shooting, injuring, and killing Palestinians; the illegal settlements are being expanded, and the illegal Apartheid Wall is being rapidly built.20/4/2005
Israel Resumes Use of Naked Screening Khalid Amayreh - Al Jazeera - Israeli occupation forces in the southern Gaza Strip have resumed a controversial method of screening Palestinians travelling through the Rafah border crossing. 20/4/2005
Gaza Activist`s Life Becomes Play Kate McGeown - BBC - What would induce a young woman to leave her small American town to fight for the rights of a group of people she hardly knew? In "My Name is Rachel Corrie" - the story of the life, and death, of a 23-year-old peace activist in Gaza - we find out. 19/4/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA reporting from: Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, Al-Ayyam, Wednesday April 2oth 2005 20/4/2005
Palestinian Grassroots Resistance Confronts Occupation Confiscation Head-OnStop the Wall - On Friday 16th of April, Abboud villagers received fresh confiscation orders for 6000 dunums of their land by Occupation Forces. It will continue the project of the Apartheid Wall in the western areas of Ramallah, reaching Bil’in and Saffa to the south.20/4/2005
Nazlat Issa cut by the wall David and Abdul Karim - This morning, in the flattened market place that once housed two hundred stalls in the village of Nazlat Issa near East Baqa`a in Tulkarm district, a dozen soldiers kept one hundred demonstrators away from a section of the wall which has divided the village for nearly two years.20/4/2005
For the moment we have won Mary - ISM Volunteer - Tonight we are Bil`in, a small village outside of Ramallah. The day began with a gathering of internationals at a vacant apartment, where signs protesting Caterpillar (the tractor maker) are made. 14/4/2005
Court Dismissal of Suit still ISM victoryISM News relay - Judge Dismisses Suit "Without Prejudice" and Rejects Awarding of Court or Legal Expenses to Right-wing Journalist 20/4/2005
Upon your walls, O Abu Dis, I have set watchmenNavah Elisar - Mahsomwatch - an intimate look at the progress and human cost of the Separation Wall as it snakes its way through the Jerusalem area20/4/2005
White House seeks clarificationsYitzhak Benhorin and Attila Somfalvi - YnetNews - U.S. Administration concerned about plan to build 50 residential units in West Bank settlement. Americans also seek clarification over reports that upcoming pullout may be delayed by several weeks. 19/4/2005
Abbas says he prefers dialogue to confrontation with the factions. Reuters - Several Palestinian protesters and an Israeli police officer were injured on Friday during a protest against a Greek Orthodox patriarch near the holiest Christian site in Jerusalem, police and clergy said. 29/4/2005
Palestinian Authority launches law-and-order driveNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - The Palestinian Authority on Saturday announced a new law-and-order campaign, pledging to put more police on the streets in a bid to boost public safety and confidence in President Mahmoud Abbas. 30/4/2005
Three Demonstrations and a SederGila Svirsky - Coalition of Women - "Not only were the demonstrators ferociously attacked by Israeli soldiers with stun grenades, tear gas, billy clubs, and bullets, but there were actual provocateurs spread among the demonstrators who deliberately set off the melee by goading the soldiers and hurling rocks at them." 29/4/2005
Resident arrested near Tulkarem IMEMC and Agencies - 19/4/2005
Violations resumed in the occupied territories Saed Bannoura - IMEMC&Agencies -Approximately seventy days after the cease fire agreement declared at the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit in Egypt, between the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, the Israeli army conducted 3854 violations. 19/4/2005
Gunmen open fire during a Nablus meeting IMEMC & Agencies - A group of unknown gunmen opened Saturday fire at a building in the West bank city of Nablus, where two Palestinian Authority ministers held a press conference to explain the conditions of Palestinian political prisoners, who are planning a two days general hunger starting Saturday. 19/4/2005
Aqsa Brigades take over the PA Parliament in Jenin, asked members to resign George Rishmawi - IMEMC - Speaking in a sit-in in solidarity with the prisoners in Jenin, Zakaria Al-Zubeidi, leader of the Brigades in the West Bank, accused the Palestinian Authority of neglect of families of martyrs and prisoners18/4/2005
Measles among detainees in Ofer Saed Bannoura - IMEMC&Agecnies - Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society Karim Hammouda, visited several detainees in Ofer military detention and reported that infectious skin diseases are spreading in sections 7 and 9. 19/4/2005
120 female detainees, including 23 children and 13 mothers Saed Bannoura - IMEMC&Agecnies - The Palestinian Prisoners Society revealed that Israeli arrested in 2004, 63 females, from several Palestinian areas, among them wives of detainees and residents who were killed by the army. 19/4/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressThe Palestinian Mission to the US - From Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds, Tuesday, April 19th, 2005 19/4/2005
Israeli FM rejects any further unilateral pullouts after GazaAgence France Presse - Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom warned on Monday against any further unilateral withdrawals after the uprooting of settlers from the Gaza Strip and a small section of the West Bank this summer. 18/4/2005
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied TerritoriesExcerpts from the PCHR - Gaza - Weekly report - 7-13 April 2005 - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have launched more attacks on Palestinian civilians and property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). 19/4/2005
Israel plans to tighten grip on West Bank – Report Palestine Monitor - Aljazeera - Israel plans to tighten its grip on more than 20 percent of the West Bank after the implementation of the Gaza pullout plan, Israel’s daily Yediot Aharanot reported on Friday. 16/4/2005
Israel to extend Vanunu restrictions by 12 monthsReuters - Israel`s interior minister said on Tuesday he would ban nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu from leaving the country for a further 12 months due to concerns he could harm national security. 19/4/2005
Israel`s Sharon considering delaying Gaza pulloutMatt Spetalnick - Reuters - Israel is considering delaying a Gaza withdrawal until mid-August to avoid further angering settlers during a Jewish mourning period that marks the destruction of two biblical temples, officials said on Monday. 18/4/2005
Hope for the future in Bil`inMore notes from, and reflections on, the non-violent struggle against the occupation, by and ISM volunteer17/4/2005
Two internationals arrested at Bil`in protestISM - A Danish and a Swedish ISM volunteer are arrested at an anti-Wall demonstration 17/4/2005
At-Tuwani diaries, by the CPTPoisoning of the grazing land, persecution of Palestinian shepherds15/4/2005
Settlement expansion near Beit UmarCPT - "Farmers in the Palestinian village of Beit Ummar are slated to lose access to large portions of their land when a new "security" fence is constructed around the Israeli settlement of Karme Tzur."15/4/2005
International Day of Action Against Caterpillar: Bil`in ISM - "About 15 internationals, 6 Israelis and 50 Palestinians gathered at the Bil`in mosque with placards and posters denouncing Caterpillar and the Annexation Wall."15/4/2005
Israeli Navy Awards Unit Responsible for Killing Nablus Professor and his SonISM - "Family of Professor Khaled Salah is Still Demanding Justice from US officials"15/4/2005
More PoisonISM - "On the morning of April 12, 2005, a shepherd from Yasouf village in Salfit was grazing his sheep when he noticed small pink pellets on the ground near the Yasouf roadblock across from the Israeli settlement of Tapuach. "15/4/2005
Demolition Threats in Lud!ICAHD15/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressThe Palestine Mission to the US - From: Al-Ayam - Al-Quds - Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Thursday, April 14th 2005 14/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressThe Palestine Mission to the US - From: Al-Ayam - Al-Quds - Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Agencies - Friday, April 15th 2005 15/4/2005
Israeli authorities cut down hundreds of fruit-bearing trees in Ain Jawaizeh area of Al-Walaja villagePalestinian Monitoring Group - Link to PDF document - report filed on April 14. 15/4/2005
Excerpts from the PCHR weekly report April 7-14Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 14/4/2005
Messages from Taayush, the Arab-Jewish partnershipSome things that are happening under the Occupation, and what you can do about it (if you are in the area)14/4/2005
Two Palestinian homes demolished today by Caterpillar excavation drills in AnataICAHD - Just Hours Before Caterpillar Shareholders Meet in Chicago Caterpillar Excavation Drills Destroy Palestinian Homes in East Jerusalem: Two homes demolished by Caterpillar excavation drills in Anata; demolitions underway in Kfar Akab. 13/4/2005
Bil`in : Israeli Army Attacks 14 Year old childISM - News relay - Without provocation, the soldiers suddenly and forcefully took 14 year old Majed, one of the children, to their jeep and forced him to the ground.18/4/2005
Settlers from Eli attack farmers from AsSawiya IWPS - The farmers worked for no more than a half hour before two armed settlers (apparently a settlement security force) arrived on the land and started yelling at the farmers to go down. 18/4/2005
Living and working with people under occupation Hanna - IWPS - I`m still here, still in Palestine, still living and working with people under occupation. I think I`ve done more of the living this week than the working, though, and it`s been nice. 18/4/2005
No way to raise terroristsHenry - International volunteer - Qawawis is the tiny village in the most southern part of the Occupied West Bank, and is surrounded by the illegal colony of Susiya, and two illegal (even by Israeli standards) outposts; 17/4/2005
Settler attacks in the West BankHanna and Anna - IWPS - Settlers from Itamar attack farmers from Yanoun 17/4/2005
Entries from ISM log-book in South Hebron HillsAccounts of routine settler harassment in Qawawis - March-April 200517/4/2005
Fida from RafahAn ISM volunteer tells of life in Rafah with a family whose home was demolished17/4/2005
Hazon David outpost removedEfrat Weiss - IDF and police forces evacuated the Hazon David outpost in Hebron for the 25th time Tuesday night. IDF forces destroyed the synagogue building at the site, and the evacuation was completed without incident. 13/4/2005
Israel considers barring Palestinian workersAndrea Stone - USA Today - The Israeli government is considering a plan that would prohibit Palestinians from working within Israel`s borders, according to two senior Israeli officials. 7/4/2005
"Breaking the Silence": The eyes that see allChen Kotas-Bar - NRG/Maariv - "For the past four months we have presented here testimonies of soldiers who decided to break the silence: they told of plunder and abuse, about old men who died because of a mistake, about a family that was removed from their living room so that so that soldiers could watch a football match on television." A farewell column.13/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressThe Palestine Mission to the US - Reporting from: Al-Ayam - Al-Quds - Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Agencies - Wednesday, April 13th 2005 13/4/2005
Fatah wins a majority in Bir Zeit Student Union electionsIMEMC - In a strong come-back, Fatah won Tuesday more seats than Hamas in the students’ council elections at Bir Zeit University, ending ten years of Islamic movement monopoly over one of the most important students’ body in the West Bank. 13/4/2005
Here and there in the Occupied Palestinian territoriesYehudith Harel - based on IMEMC and Agencies - incursions, house searches, “flying”checkpoints, arrests adminsitrative detention – etc –business as usual… 13/4/2005
An Interview with Israeli Activist Jonathan PollakPat O`Connor - Jonathan Pollak is an Israeli activist who has been involved in non-violent direct action in the West Bank for the last two and half years, participating in many direct action protests against the Wall. On April 3, 2005 an Israeli soldier shot Jonathan in the head with a teargas canister from an M-16 from a distance of approximately thirty meters at a peaceful protest against the Wall in the village of Bil`in. 13/4/2005
Non-Violent Protest in Deir SharrafJerry - ISM volunteer - The pictures of the land fill don`t describe the stench, the water reeks of garbage and looks like cement.13/4/2005
The Taste of OccupationKim - ISM volunteer - For someone who loves to write, I am sitting at this computer without the words to express what is happening here in Occupied Palestine. No metaphors. No imagery. No hearttugging stories. Just the visceral, gut-wrenching knowledge that we cannot continue to live our lives as we do while this continues in our name and with our tax dollars13/4/2005
Israel aims to end decades-long reliance on Palestinian laborersDan Werner - -The government wants to bar all Palestinian laborers from the country by 2008, a plan that Palestinian officials warn will spell disaster for their already battered economy. The World Bank encourages an end to Palestinian dependence on Israel, but says ties are being cut too soon. 12/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressThe Palestine Mission to the US - Reporting from: Al-Ayam - Al-Quds - Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Agencies - Tuesday , April 12th 2005 12/4/2005
Here and there - One day in the Occupied Territories IMEMC and agencies - Army raids into Palestinian villages, arrests, searches, injuries, torturing detainees etc... Business as usual10/4/2005
My three sons are detained, home leveled IMEMC - Palestine News Network - “They arrested my three sons, and leveled our home, but we will remain steadfast in our land, the occupation is punishing us for defending out land, until when will it remain?” 12/4/2005
Update on Imprisoned Objectors in IsraelSergeiy Sandler, Oshra Bar and Dror Mizrachi – New Profile12/4/2005
Life in the armpits of PalestineThe Economist - THESE days, the people of Kfar Qaddum have to come home by the back route, a bumpy dirt track that weaves between sickly- looking olive trees, where cars get stuck when it rains. Three years ago the army closed its link to the main road to Nablus because, for a few hundred metres, it runs through Kedumim, a nearby Israeli settlement.12/4/2005
Army Land Grab in Jayyous IMEMC - The head of the Israeli `Civil Administration Department` in the Qalqilia area, informed dozens of residents of Jayyous, near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, that the army intends to grab more of their lands in order to erect a road east of the Separation Wall. 12/4/2005
Nightly Raid on Budrus by KhawagaInternational Volunteer to the occupied territories12/4/2005
Prayer on the blood of family and friends Anna - an International volunteer to the occupied territories12/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestine Mission to the US - reporting from: Al-Ayam - Al-Quds - Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Agencies - Monday, April 11th 2005 11/4/2005
Human shield for fieldsBeny Gefen - a letter from a peace activist11/4/2005
Israeli troops make incursion into Nablus ; threaten to demolish family home of a deceased fighterAgence France Presse - NABLUS, West Bank - Israeli troops made an incursion early Monday into the centre of Nablus in the north of the West Bank, witnesses said. 11/4/2005
14 Palestinians Dead Since Sharm el Sheik - including 3 Palestinian Children in Rafah YesterdayPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - In another attack that reflects the continuing disregard for the lives of Palestinian civilians, especially children, on Saturday evening, 9 April 2005, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) willfully killed 3 Palestinian children near the Egyptian border, south of Rafah. 11/4/2005
Israeli Troops Threaten to Demolish House of Deceased FighterISM News Relay - During last night`s invasion of Nablus at 4.30 am, Israeli troops took over the house of Abu Raid, the father of the deceased Palestinian fighter Raid Al Khalili, and told him that the house would be demolished.11/4/2005
More land confiscations in Bethlehem areaGeorge Rishmawi - IMEMC - "Most of these areas are planted with trees, Israel wants to confiscate it because it is close to Jerusalem. They do not want to use it for Military purposes as they say, but to link Jerusalem with the southern settlement blocs of Gush Etzion, Bitar and Efrat"9/4/2005
Administrative DetaineeA-Dameer - Yaser Abd Alrahman Khalayleh has been detained for over a year and a half without charge or trial. He has a wife and eight children in Ramallah. 9/4/2005
Free Manal !!! Camapign to Free Manal Naji Mahmoud Ghanim, 29 years old, mother of four, was arrested in April 2003 and sentenced in a military court in the occupied West Bank to 50 months in prison. Manal who suffers from Thalasemia, gave birth to her son Nour in the prison. 9/4/2005
Excerpts from the PCHR weekly report 31.3-6.4Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) 9/4/2005
An international petition caling for the release of Ms. Tali Fahima from SOLITARY confinement The petition has gathered hundreds of signatories, including a Nobel Peace laureate, a member of the European Parliament, experts on prison reform, mental health professionals, academics, journalists, peace and human rights activists, decent people from some 25 countries. 8/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA (PMU)- Al Hayat al-Jadida - Al-Ayam - Al-Quds and agencies - Friday, April 8th 2005 8/4/2005
Israel considers barring Palestinian workersAndrea Stone - USA Today - "The proposal comes as the international community is trying to bolster the Palestinian economy in the West Bank and Gaza. Unemployment and poverty there have soared since the Palestinian intifada, or uprising, began in September 2000." 8/4/2005
Palestinians` home in middle of battle; House in Hebron nearlyJoel Greenberg - Chicago Tribune - "Mufid Sharabati stood in a dark alley in the old quarter of Hebron behind a steel door barring access to his house, which had been partly torn down by Jewish settlers.."8/4/2005
The Gaza Strip - the March access reportA very informative report of OCHA/UN on movement and access during March 2005, at the main Gaza Strip crossing points, internally, and for the fishing industry(download 427 KB)8/4/2005
Israel`s Peeping Tom in Rafah still operationalEê÷áàøíîïá Iîàïëùâù - PCHR - "Following on from weeks of intensive behind the scenes lobbying and, most recently a public media campaign, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights has played an integral role in the limitation of an enhanced X-Ray machine from the Rafah international crossing point."7/4/2005
UN: Half of the Palestinian Population under Poverty LineHalf of the Palestinian people are living under the poverty line, a United Nations report revealed on Wednesday, Palestine News Agency (WAFA) reported.7/4/2005
CPT accompanies At-Tuwani shepherds and their families to press conferenceClaire Evans, Christian Peacemaker Team - "Over 40 villagers from the Palestinian communities of At-Tuwani and MuFakara in the south Hebron Hills brought concerns about the recent poisoning of their grazing land.. Shepherds discovered the poison on March 23 in a field that the residents of the illegal Israeli settlement of Havot Ma`on claim is theirs. The shepherds have endured many incidents of harassment and violence from residents of Havat Ma`on in recent years." 7/4/2005
CPTers Intervene as Israeli Settlers Clash with Palestinian ShepherdsKim Lamberty - CPT - "At-Tuwani-CPTers got in the way of Israeli settlers and Palestinian shepherds when settlers from Havat Ma`on outpost tried to provoke a clash on Sunday, 3 April."7/4/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressAl Ayam - Al-Quds - Al Hayat Al Jadida - Agencies - April 7th 2005 7/4/2005
The visit ended in humiliationJackie Hugi - Maariv - Egyptian journalist was asked by security men to give them a lecture and to take off his belt. Dr. Yoram Meital: "People from Arab countries want to come here and talk about democracy and freedom of expression and here they are given a lesson of what a Police State is all about." 7/4/2005
Israeli Forces Continue Rampage Across West BankIPC - Tubas, Palestine - Israeli occupation forces continued their rampage across the West Bank, storming towns, raiding houses and attacking civilians. 5/4/2005
Night raid in BudrusISM News relay - Last night at 11 pm Israeli military raided Budrus, a village in the Western Ramallah district. 15 soldiers came in on foot followed by several jeeps. They entered several houses until 12:30 pm. 6/4/2005
Bil`in resists the Wall ISM activists - In a demonstration against the wall today five Palestinian demonstrators were wounded. Two of them were shot with rubber bullets, the rest were injureded from beatings by border policemen. Five Israeli activists were arrested. 6/4/2005
Palestinian Family shot while cultivating their land near the WallISM News relay - Four family members hospitalized, one in serious condition6/4/2005
PNIC: 345 Israeli Violations of Sharm Understandings During Eighth Week of TruceIPC report - Gaza - A report prepared by the State Information Service (SIS) asserted that the Israeli forces continued violating the ceasefire agreed upon during the Sharm Al Sheikh summit last February. 6/4/2005
Israeli Forces Wound Five Civilians and Arrest Four Others in West BankIPC and WAFA - SALFEET, Palestine, April 6, 2005 (IPC + WAFA) - Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded five civilians in the town of Marda and Salfeet and arrested four others throughout the West Bank, while a house in Beir Nabala was demolished and another occupied in Hebron. 6/4/2005
Army Invades three villages, a house demolished and Palestinians fire at military camp near RaffahIMEMC and Agencies - Three invasions conducted by the IOF in villages in Nablus district on Wednesday, April the 6th. Houses were raided and searched and barrikades were erected on the streets. Free passage of citizens was obstructed. Home was levelled in Jerusalem and Palestinuian resistance fired at military camp near Raffah.6/4/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressAl-Ayyam - Al Quds - Al Hayat Al Jadida - and Agencies 6/4/2005
Children, PTSD, and the future of PalestineGaza Community Mental Health Programme - EI - On April 5th every year, Palestinians celebrate Palestinian Child Day. This year`s anniversary comes as Palestinian children suffer from various deprivations of their basic human rights. Israeli occupation remains the main reason behind all these violations and the basic source of agony for children and the Palestinian society as a whole. 6/4/2005
Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Palestinian HouseJordan News Agency - The Israeli occupation forces demolished on Wednesday a three-storey building for a Palestinian citizen in the town of Beir Nabala near occupied Jerusalem. 6/4/2005
Four Palestinians wounded by Israelis guards near West Bank barrierAgence France Presse - NABLUS, West Bank - Four Palestinians were wounded Wednesday by Israeli gunfire close to the separation barrier being built across the West Bank, according to Palestinian security sources. 6/4/2005
Soldiers clash with Hebron settlersEfrat Weiss and Ali Waked - YnetNews - Two arrested, one wounded as dozens of Hebron settlers throw stones, eggs at soldiers trying to protect building of wall to protect Palestinian family; Baruch Marzel: detainees were kids 6/4/2005
Soldiers, PA police clash in HebronEfrat Weiss and Ali Waked - YnetNews - Army says police officers deployed in restricted zone; local residents stone soldiers following incident 6/4/2005
Police beat worker to force him to promise not to enter Israel B`Tselem update - "They punched me in the face, causing my nose and face to bleed. It hurt so much that I thought blood was coming from my ears" 5/4/2005
Israel expels Palestinian to Gaza; prevents another from leaving B`Tselem update - "Since 2003, Samak has been trapped in Gaza and has not seen his wife and children."5/4/2005
Shepherds from At-Tuwani and Mufakara whose livestock has been poisoned spoke at a press conference in Hebron ISM - The press conference was hosted by the governor of Hebron and afterwards the Palestinians protested in front of the Kiryat Arba settlement police station demanding an investigation. 6/4/2005
Update on Jonathan PollackISM - Yonathan Pollack was released from hospital after being struck in the head at a demonstration against the Wall. He has several stitches in his head and two small hemorrhages in his brain and cannot sit nor stand up due to dizziness. 6/4/2005
An antipeace whirlwind: ACT NOW against house demolitions Near Bethlehem A message from PLO Negotiations Support Unit on imminent demolition of Um Rukba South, and call for protests, issued by Gush Shalom6/4/2005
IDF troops beat, arrest PA policemen in Hebron The Associated Press - Israel Defense Forces [sic]troops beat five unarmed Palestinian traffic police in the West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday, a witness and officials said, throwing them to the ground and hitting one with a rifle butt. 5/4/2005
Arrests of Palestinians in Nablus , Husam and Qalqilia; Settler wounded near a Gaza settlement IMEMC - and agencies - Yesterday and today a series of arrests of Palestinian citizens in various West Bank cities and villages. IOF raided villages and conducted house searches.5/4/2005
Detainees considering Hunger Strike Saed Bannnoura - IMEMC and Agencies - The Palestinian Prisoners Society reported on Sunday that Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons are considering hunger strike as a result of the deteriorating conditions they face in detention.5/4/2005
Gazans reclaim destroyed farmland Alan Johnston - BBC News, Gaza - Zakariah Zaneen lowered the tiny orange tree gently into a hole he had dug on his farm in northern Gaza. He shovelled the earth back in around the sapling and left it standing about knee-high - its leaves gleaming in the sunshine. 5/4/2005
Palestinian shepherds from At-Tuwani and Mufakara will speak at Hebron Press ConferenceChristian Peacemaker Teams - Palestinian shepherds from At-Tuwani and Mufakara whose livestock has been poisoned will speak at the Hebron Governor`s press conference on settler attacks and MARCH to Kiryat Arba police station demanding a speedy and thorough investigation 5/4/2005
Israeli suffering brain hemorrhage due to injury during Anti-WallISM - news relay - Israeli activist, Jonathan Pollack, was hit in the head by a tear gas canister shot from an M-16 when Israeli soldiers fired at an anti-Wall demonstration in the Ramallah region village of Bil`in. 3/4/2005
Breaking the Silence - Chen Kotas-BarBreaking the Silence goes on stage, Habima Theatre, Tel-Aviv, 8-10 April5/4/2005
UNICEF brings critical supplies to the isolated children of Al-MawasiUNICEF -Began delivery of a series of critical health and sanitation as well as education supplies to the 5000 isolated and deprived children of the Gaza Strip enclave of Al-Mawasi.5/4/2005
Sabri Rajoub: How Israeli Occupation Forces Executed a Teenager in Hebron ICP - AlQuds El Arabi - Wadha Al Rajoub, from the town of Dura, south of Hebron, impatiently awaits the response of the Israeli occupation authorities to the complaint she filed about the circumstances pertaining to the killing of her son last month.4/4/2005
One Big Prison: New Report Warns Against Continued Strangulation of Gaza Strip after Disengagement B`Tselem report - Israel has cut off the Gaza Strip from the rest of the world to such an extent that it is easier for Palestinians in Israel or the West Bank to visit relatives in prison than visit a relative in Gaza. 4/4/2005
Vandals desecrate Rabin`s graveBBC News Online - Former Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin`s grave has been defaced, the latest in a series of attacks police believe may be linked to ultra-nationalist Jews. 4/4/2005
Israeli Troops Storm a Palestinian Town, Open FireIPC and Agencies - A large contingent of the Israeli troops stormed early on Saturday morning the Al-Ras town, south of the West Bank City of Tulkarem, breaking into several Palestinian-owned houses2/4/2005
Nour Ghanem , a Palestinian Baby inside an Israeli JailIPC - PPS - Palestinian baby, Nour Ghanem, 1.5 years-old, has been hospitalized over the past few days at an Israeli prison`s hospital.4/4/2005
Israeli Forces Invade Town North of NablusIPC - WAFA - Israeli occupation forces invaded the town of Assira Al Shamaliyya, north of Nablus province, as troops along the borderline between Egypt and southern Gaza Strip opened fire towards civilians and their houses. 4/4/2005
Two Citizens Killed,Tens Wounded in Hebron Province within Late Three MonthsIPC+WAFA -Hebron Governorate of the West Bank announced that in the last three months the Israeli occupation forces violations claimed the lives of two citizens and wounded tens. 4/4/2005
CKUT Radio - A new resistance to the Apartheid WallISM - News relay - Listen to an interview with Mansour, a coordinator with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in Biddu, Palestine. 4/4/2005
Protest against the Wall in various West Bank villagesISM - Israeli activist in hospital after a head injury sustained during anti-Wall protest, A-Zawiya protests isolation of their community,joint Palestinian-Israeli protest at Asira al Shamaliya near Nablus3/4/2005
Israeli (Yonatan Polak) hurt in anti-fence protestAli Waked - YNetNews - Border Guard officers fire tear gas grenades at demonstrators; injured Israeli activist Yonatan Polak: “They aimed…directly at the protestors, as happens in all the demonstrations,” he said, and added that one grenades hit him in the head.3/4/2005
How the "Peace Process" looks in the Gaza StripA record of daily oppression by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, March 24-303/4/2005
The Games We PlayMaia Carter Hallward - a tour of Hebron3/4/2005
The First Yum El-Ard Protest: An interview with Fr. ShehadehSharif Hamadeh - Electronic Intifada - 30 March 2005 marked the 29th anniversary of Yum El-Ard ("Land Day")-the first mass political protest of Arab citizens of Israel, now commemorated as a national day for Palestinians worldwide. Sharif Hamadeh interviews Fr. Shehadeh Shehadeh, the activist-priest who headed the first protest in 1976.1/4/2005
Palestinian intelligence chief quits over `corruption`, securityAgence France Presse - Palestinian West Bank intelligence chief Tawfik Tirawi has resigned over the ongoing security chaos in the territories, an unidentified security official said. 1/4/2005
Israeli rampageKhaled Amayreh - Al Ahram Weekly - Settler violence against Palestinians is burgeoning at an alarming rate and The Palestinian Authority (PA) is calling on the internationalcommunity to pressure Israel to put an end to nearly daily pogrom-like attacks by messianic Israeli terrorists on defenseless Palestinian villagers throughout the West Bank.1/4/2005
Nu’aimanProf. David Shulman, Taayush / Hacampus-lo-shotek - "Now the Wall is nearly built—we see its wide, violent swathe, a giant V cutting off the village from its hinterland. What is worse, because the villagers all carry West Bank identity cards, they are now officially illegal aliens—living in their own homes. "1/4/2005
Israeli Police detain Sheikh Hassan YousifIMEMC - Israeli police Sunday detained a Hamas West Bank leader, Sheikh Hassan Yousif, while leaving Jerusalem after joining the noon prayer in Haram Al-Sharif. Police says he entered Jerusalem without a proper permit. 11/4/2005
Here and there - One day in the Occupied Tterritories IMEMC and agencies - Army raids into Palestinian villages, checkpoints, searches, interogations, etc... Business as usual 11/4/2005
Struggling to be self-reliant in JeninSalam Max - Electronic Intifada - Why are so many children born with mental and physical disabilities in Jenin? It is this question the staff of the Local Committee for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (LCORD) set out to answer after more than a decade of working with such children and their families11/4/2005
The non existent cease-fire in Raffah Raffah Today - The cease-fire, announced on March 17 by all the militant factions, was never absolutely respected by the Israeli army But the level of shelling, the pace of gunfire, did slow to the point where people felt some cautious hope.10/4/2005
Israeli Troops Disperse Palestinian Protesters ExcessivelyIPC and agencies - At least nine Palestinian residents were reportedly suffocated in peaceful demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall in both the West Bank villages of Deir Balout and Bal`een after the Israeli occupation troops had fired tear gas canisters at the protesters. 9/4/2005
American Jews back Israeli withdrawalsYitzhak Benhorin - YneNews - Israel should be willing to withdraw from most Jewish settlements in framework of peace deal, 41 percent of American Jews say according to new survey. 11/4/2005
`A putsch is possible`Ilan Marciano - YnetNews - Military coup in Israel possible if Orthodox dominate IDF command, ex-general and -Mossad chief Danny Yatom warns; Danny Rothschild: Never say never 11/4/2005
Qawawis, in the South Hebron HillsAn anti-occupation activist gives a detailed description of life in Qawasis and settler intimidation. 10/4/2005
Holding back tearsHanna - International Women`s Peace Service (IWPS) - An anti-occupation activist`s reflections on current and past events in Haris, Deir Balout and Deir Yassin. 10/4/2005
IDF breaks ceasefire and kills three youths playing soccerInyan Merkazi - 10 April 2005 - "The officers commanding the unit responsible for the shooting were involved in similar incidents in the past and the circumstances are being examined."10/4/2005
IDF kills 3 boys in GazaAli Waked and Hanan Greenberg - Soldiers open fire after spotting five figures crawling toward Egyptian border near Gaza Strip town of Rafah, army says. Palestinians say youngsters were playing soccer; army says they were arms smugglers 9/4/2005
Tapped out and hammed in -- Palestinian job crisis set to growOmar Karmi - the Jordan Times29/4/2005
Nineteen wounded as Occupation unleashes brutal wave of attacks as Bil’in villagers continue resistanceStop The Wall - Twelve Palestinians and seven Internationals and Israelis were wounded as Occupation Forces unleashed a torrent of bullets, tear gas canisters and sound bombs in the village of Bil’in on Thursday 28th of April29/4/2005
Abbas Orders `Iron Fist` to Keep Palestinian TruceNidal al-Mughrabi - Washington Post - "President Mahmoud Abbas has ordered security forces to use an "iron fist" if need be to ensure that Palestinian militants keep a ceasefire with Israel, the official WAFA news agency said on Thursday."29/4/2005
Excerpts from the PCHR weekly report 21 - 27 Apr. 2005Palestinian Centre for Human Rights29/4/2005
We were in Bil`in today at the big demonstration against the fence Adi Dagan - Many women from the Women’s Coalition for Peace, along with activists from Taayush [“Co-existence”], Gush Shalom [“the Peace Bloc”], Anarchists Against Fences and many others went to Bil’in today to participate in a non-violent demonstration against the fence, that had been coordinated as such in advance the organizers of the demonstration from the village. We planned to march to the fence-route and plant olive trees.29/4/2005
Bil`in Protest against the Wall: Knesset member: I was beaten by policeAli Waked - YnetNews - More than 250 demonstrators, including Israeli citizens, protest West Bank barrier near Ramallah; several injured after police use tear gas and stun grenades to disperse crowd 29/4/2005
Israeli Forces on Rampage in HebronIPC - WAFA - Palestine - Israeli forces continued their aggression throughout the West Bank and especially in the province of Hebron, as several civilians were arrested and houses were occupied and turned into military posts. 27/4/2005
Israeli Forces Kill a Civilian and Injure a Journalist in HebronIPC and WAFA - HEBRON, Palestine - Israeli occupation forces killed a civilian and wounded a journalist in Hebron on Tuesday in addition to arresting others and expropriating lands in different parts of the West Bank. 28/4/2005
PNIC: Civilians Killed, 30 Wounded, 76 Arrested By the 11th Week of Cease FireA report prepared by the State Information Service (SIS) asserted that the Israeli forces continued violating the de facto ceasefire understating in the Sharm Al Sheikh summit last February, killing citizens and wounding 30 other and opened fire 76 times, arresting 76 in a 34 arrest campaign in addition to 52 incursions. 27/4/2005
Israeli Forces Isolate Southern Gaza StripIPC and WAFA - GAZA, Palestine - Israeli occupation forces closed late last night the Salaheddin Road, which connects and northern and southern Gaza Strip provinces. 27/4/2005
Multiple Israeli violations to the truce in Jenin areaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC&Agencies - The Israeli army carried out in April dozens of violations to the truce arrived in the Sharm al-Sheikh resort in Egypt on February 8, 2005. A report published by the Office of National institutions revealed that Israeli soldiers conducted dozens of invasions, erected military checkpoints, and fired at dozens of homes In the area of Jenin. 27/4/2005
Another day under occupation: Business as usualRetired P.A security chief held at the Rafah Crossing; Dozens held east of Tubas; Arrests near Hebron ; Invasions to Arraba and Qarara; Qassam shell hits near settlers` raly on Gaza; Two Palestinian youth arrested at checkpoint carrying explosives27/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressThe Palestinian Mission to the USA - reporting from Al-Ayyam, Al-Hayyat Al Jdida, Al-Quds Wednesday, April 27th, 2005 27/4/2005
Israeli settlers wage campaign of intimidation on Palestinians and internationals alikeAmnesty International - Israeli settlers in the Occupied Territories have stepped up attacks against Palestinians and are waging a campaign of intimidation against international and Israeli human rights activists. Their aim is to eliminate the presence of witnesses to their attacks, thereby depriving the local Palestinian population of this only form of limited protection. 27/4/2005
Hebron: Terror in the Shadow of PeaceAnna Buren - Live from Palestine - The Electronic Intifada - Mufida, not yet 16 years old, was studying for an exam one Saturday afternoon in April when her window was smashed by stones. Scared, she moved to the sitting room in order to try to continue studying, but Israeli settlers would smash eight windows in her house on this afternoon. It is all part of living with the Occupation in Hebron. 27/4/2005
Israeli army arrests 18 Palestinians in the territoriesXinhua - RAMALLAH/GAZA-- The Israeli army forces arrested 18 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Wednesday, witnesses and security sources said. 27/4/2005
Settlers attack an elderly manSaed Bannoura - IMEMC&Agecnies - An elderly man was seriously injured when a group of settlers of Alon Moreh settlement hurled stones at him and severely beat him as he was herding his sheep on his land near the settlement.27/4/2005
Savage attack on peaceful Palestinian-Israeli mass demo against the wall in Bil`inGush Shalom - The cameras succeeded in proving a shocking fact: the stones which were thrown at the security forces and served as pretext for their savage behavior, were thrown by undercover members of the special unit disguised as Arabs (called "Arabized"). They mingled with the demonstrators and threw big rocks at the soldiers. When they were exposed, they turned on the nearest demonstrators and arrested four - two Palestinians and two Israelis. 28/4/2005
Today`s News Flashes from the Occupied TerritoriesIMEMC and Agencies - Army obstructs traffic east of Tubas; 5 children, 2 residents injured in Hebron; New settlement road near Qalqilia; Settlers attack Palestinians, injure Israeli police officer 30/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to tje USA reports from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, Friday, April 29th, 2005 29/4/2005
Bil`in: Protest against the WallISM - News relay - About 150 Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals managed get within 30 metres of the construction machines, before being held back by around 70 soldiers and border police. The soldiers and police aggressively shoved and hit demonstrators. Several elderly activists are pushed to the ground, including a member of Knesset. One Palestinian, Ilyan Abu Rahma, was arrested at this point. 28/4/2005
Palestinian Detainee Denied the Right to Healthcare and a Fair Trial PHR - (Physicians for Human Rights)- Update on the case of Jaber Dalany29/4/2005
Trapped between sea and settlements, thousands of Palestinians struggle to surviveRavi Nessman - The Jordan Times - In Al Mawasi , an Israeli security fence meant to separate Jews from Palestinians has folded the roughly 1,600 families of Al Mawasi into the settlement bloc of 6,000 Jews, and tighter security enforced during years of conflict has effectively cut them off from their relatives, jobs and markets. 29/4/2005
Lock down in GazaEóin Murray - Electronic Intifada - an Irish solidarity worker gives his impressions of Israeli preparations for disengagement: "People on Gaza’s dusty streets cannot imagine that the IOF want to announce to Palestinian militants and, more importantly, to militant Jewish settlers the exact date of disengagement. We all expect them to go early, probably as early as the middle of May. ... If they go early they’ll be gone before the elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council in July -- you heard it here first, folks."16/4/2005
A night at Budrus- After the breaking of the fence, March 11, the army started raiding Budrus homes, subjecting youths to intimidation and abuse and taking some off to the Shabak cells. Activist Adar Grayevsky of Anarchists Against the Wall wrote on April 10 about her recent experience. 16/4/2005
This Week in Palestine - April Week 2 IMEMC Team 15/4/2005
Army invades Bethlehem, arrests three residents George Rishmawi - IMEMC15/4/2005
PA considering delaying parliamentary elections Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC15/4/2005
Conference on Nonviolence Strategies in Ramallah IMEMC - "the Holy Land Trust organization and Panorama center organized a two-day conference in Ramallah on the strategies of the civil based nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation in Palestine. "15/4/2005
Palestinian Gunmen Sign Peace Pledge for JobsMohammed Assadi - Reuters - More than 200 Palestinian militants have pledged not to carry out acts of violence in exchange for jobs, in a first step toward disarming gunmen wanted by Israel, a Palestinian official said on Tuesday. 13/4/2005
Sofian abu Zaida: Israel`s daily arrests and non-release of prisoners are threatening the truce. WAFA - Palestinian Minister of Prisoners` Affairs Sufian Abu Zayda warned Tuesday that Israel`s daily arrest and non-release of prisoners were threatening a truce.13/4/2005
Detainees tortured in Maali Adumim detention campIMEMC and agencies - Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Hussein Al-Sheikh, said that several detainees imprisoned in Maali Adumim detention complained that they were tortured and wiped with wires during interrogation. 12/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressThe Palestinian Mission to the US - reports from Al-Ayyam - Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida - Al-Quds - Monday April,18th 2005 18/4/2005
Another Settler Attack in YanounHanna and Anna - IWPS - On March 20, 2005, two Palestinians farming at opposite sides of Yanoun village were attacked by settlers from the Itamar outposts that surround and repeatedly threaten the tiny village. 12/4/2005
Palestinian stories Mary - International volunteer - It`s early evening in Ramallah, and M & I are sitting on the tiny balcony of the apartment building the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). 12/4/2005
Hope for the futureKim - International volunteer - I found myself lying on my mat half asleep last night recalling, of all things, the scene from Fiddler on the Roof that depicts a joyous village wedding interrupted by a cruel pogrom that brings a beautiful evening to a terrible close. 14/4/2005
Another day under the Occupation: Business as usual...IMEMC and Agencies - Army setting up local checkpoints; invading cities; making house searches and arrests; settlers beat up elderly Palestinian near Elon Moreh and Israeli peace activists; Qassam fired on Sderot26/4/2005
PA shuts down Gaza crossing to protest dangerous Israeli X-ray deviceIMEMC Staff - In a protest move, the Palestinian Authority shut down the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt for several hours Tuesday. The move is basically to protest Israel`s use of an X-ray chamber that gives off high radiation during security checks of Palestinians. 26/4/2005
Settlers celebrate, Palestinians imprisoned Saed Bannoura & WAFA - Every year when the settlers in Hebron celebrate any of their feasts, Palestinian residents of the city are ‘automatically’ imprisoned in their homes, while the army occupies their rooftops in order to enable the settlers conduct their ceremonies, in a ‘clear area”. 26/4/2005
Update on Jaber Dalany`s situationCall for Action - ISM - On Saturday, April 23rd, early evening, Jaber Ahmad Dalany was transferred from the Salem detention camp to Ha’emek hospital in Afula. 26/4/2005
Israeli army `lied` about Miller death Mark Townsend - The Observer - Leaked report returns Gaza Strip death of British film-maker to the spotlight 24/4/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA - Reporing from Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, Al-Ayyam, Tuesday, April 26th 2005 26/4/2005
Amnesty: West Bank farms poisoned BBC News - Amnesty International has called on Israel to investigate the deliberate contamination of Palestinian farmland - allegedly by Jewish settlers. The human rights group said that toxic chemicals had been spread on fields in the Hebron region of the West Bank. 26/4/2005
One day under the occupationIMEMC - Israel extends West bank closure up to next Sunday; Military checkpoint east of Qalqilia; Army invades two villages east of Bethlehem; 25/4/2005
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas: Israel keeps avoiding implementation of agreementsIMEMC - Abbas: Expects Hamas to disarm if joins the legislative council; PA: don’t repeat the Sheba Farms mistake 25/4/2005
The Palestinian National Initiative Condemns Reactionary Electoral Policies in the Palestinian AuthorityDr. Mustafa Barghouthi - The Palestinian National Initiative condemns the Palestinian Legislative Council decision to reject the new electoral system in which half of PLC members will represent the parties proportionally, and half will be voted in based on a majority system. 25/4/2005
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