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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Israel accuses Ma`an news of incitement, bans TV channel from prisonsMa`an - Abed al-Nasser Farawneh, a Palestinian official in the PA`s Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs called the decision an attack on Palestinian media aimed at banning the Palestinian national message and increasing the isolation felt by Palestinian prisoners. [bz]30/7/2016
Armed Israeli settlers raid Nablus-area villageMa`an News Agency - "Armed Israeli settlers, escorted by Israeli forces, raided the village of al-Badhan in the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank district of Nablus Friday morning, locals told Ma’an. Witnesses said that more than 15 Israeli settler vehicles raided the village where some 3,000 Palestinians reside as Israeli forces were reportedly deployed on the main road leading to the al-Tawahin area. Locals told Ma’an that armed Israeli settlers have raided the area every Friday in order to carry out religious rituals in the area." ca29/7/2016
Home demolitions are organized state violenceHagai El-Ad - +972 "As it happens, these facts are known not only in Israel, and it is not only human rights organizations who are in agreement about this. The world too, the diplomatic community, they are all aware of the figures and all agree as to their significance. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is known in Jerusalem, Brussels and Washington, and they know what it means." ca29/7/2016
In photos: Students take to the streets from Gaza to New York for Bilal Kayed and Palestinian prisoners Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network - "The World Student Day of Solidarity with Bilal Kayed and Palestinian Prisoners included events and actions from Gaza City to New York to Philadelphia. Drawing support from student movements in the US, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and elsewhere, the Progressive Student Labor Front`s call for action on Monday, 25 July sparked protests, sit-ins, and events calling for freedom for hunger-striking Bilal Kayed and his fellow Palestinian prisoners." ca29/7/2016
Coexistence in the land of ‘Hatikvah’Steven Davidson - Mondoweiss - There is a fundamental conflict in Israel’s basic identity. Simply, how can a state that is supposed to be for Jews, by Jews, truly be democratic for all? This question cuts to the very heart of people’s vision for Israel. Some emphasize the “Jewish side,” some emphasize the “democratic side,” and most Israelis try to somehow combine the two. Proud Israelis cite the extensive rights minorities in Israel have that are nonexistent elsewhere in the Middle East. But with over 50 discriminatory laws and 79% of Jewish Israelis saying Jews deserve preferential treatment in Israel, to be a gentile in Israel parallels the collective alienation I felt hearing Hatikvah growing up.-rh27/7/2016
Ten years after last Lebanon war, Israel warns next one will be far worseWilliam Booth - The Washington Post - When Israeli army commanders describe how the next war against Hezbollah could unfold, they often search for words not used in military manuals. The future conflict, they warn, will be “ferocious” and “terrible.”-rh27/7/2016
Israeli Forces Raid Ramon and Ofer Prisons as Palestinian Detainees Join Kayed in Hunger StrikeIMEMC - "The committee said that a crackdown on Palestinian prisoners has included a number of sanctions such as removing family visits, imposing fines, closing sections of the prisons and moving prisoners to closed sections, stripping them of their clothes, and handcuffing them." - id 27/7/2016
How the Israeli army is deciding Palestine`s soccer championship Activestills - +972 - "The army is preventing seven Palestinians from traveling to the biggest sporting match of the year." - id 27/7/2016
Photo Story: Friday Prayer at Ibrahimi Mosque- Running the Gauntlet al-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Every Friday, many Palestinian Muslims come to Ibrahimi Mosque for prayers. To get to their place of worship, and home afterwards, they must run a gauntlet of Israeli military checkpoints." - id27/7/2016
Israeli Occupation Authorities Are Establishing a Stone Checkpoint at the Entrance of Ibrahimi MosqueHebron/PNN/- "Israeli Occupation Forces are installing a stone checkpoint at the entrance of the Ibrahimi mosque to restrict Palestinians from entering it to visit and pray. As Hebron Rehabilitation Committee’s General Manager, Imad Hamdan, illustrated the new checkpoint will be made of stone in a permanent- style in front of the historic holy site, which will affect the fabric of the building and the community.The restriction of rights and collective oppression of Palestinians in the Old City of Hebron must stop... The installation of another checkpoint in the Ibrahimi Mosque area would only increase current tensions and further the ongoing cycle of violence and expulsion against Palestinians in the area." ca 22/7/2016
Army Carries Out A Limited Invasion Into Southern GazaIMEMC News - "At least three armored Israeli military bulldozers and four tanks carried out, on Thursday morning, a limited invasion into Palestinian lands, east of Rafah, in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip...The army conducts daily limited invasions into Palestinian lands close to the border fence, and frequently opens fire at the farmers, and workers, forcing them out of their lands." ca22/7/2016
`We want water` say Bethlehem area protestersDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - “We haven’t had water for nearly 40 days,” a caller to the Voice of Palestine radio station told the presenter of the show July 8. The caller lives in the picturesque village of Artas, southwest of Bethlehem, which is known for its fertile land and imposing monastery. Residents of the village are the latest victims of this summer’s extreme water shortage that has hit many parts of Palestine, but especially the Bethlehem governorate.-rh 20/7/2016
Palestinian child Muawiya Alqam, 14, sentenced to 6.5 years in Israeli prisonSamidoun - Muawiya and his cousin Ali Alqam, 12, were arrested on 10 November 2015 and accused of attempting to stab an Israeli occupation guard on the Jerusalem light rail. Today, Ali, who was 11 at the time of arrest and turned 12 while imprisoned, is held inside a juvenile detention facility while Muawiya is held in Megiddo prison. Ali was shot three times by Israeli forces and had to undergo surgery to remove a bullet from his stomach. He is being detained for at least one year. Muawiya was accused of attempted murder and possession of a knife, despite the fact that the guard was only lightly wounded.-rh 20/7/2016
Using My Jewish Privilege To Make a Difference for Palestinians in HebronBecca Strober - Forward - Our direct-action of creating a communal space in the form of a cinema reminded me how privileged I am, and how capable I am (we are) of using our bodies in a different way. Instead of using my body and the privilege that comes with it to uphold a system, I can use it to resist that system. In that, I feel neither pride nor shame, but simply a responsibility to use my body and privilege to help dismantle the systems that oppress Palestinians.-rh20/7/2016
Intimate portraits of Gaza’s lost Charlotte Silver - The Electronic Intifada - "Obliterated Families is a newly released multimedia project produced by photographer Anne Paq and journalist Ala Qandil. Two years in the making, it profiles ten families from Gaza partially or entirely annihilated during the Israeli bombardment in the summer of 2014." - id 20/7/2016
Denied permission to go to the mosque to pray Features - International Solidarity Movement - "When it was the man¡¯s turn, he closed the gate, and told the guy he will not get through. No reason was provided. The man unbuckled and took off his belt and showed he was unarmed, but the officer didn¡¯t care." - id20/7/2016
Israeli court sentences Palestinian journalist to 6 months in prison over `incitement`Ma`an - In recent months, Israel has detained scores of Palestinians for social media activity, alleging that a wave of unrest that swept the occupied Palestinian territory last October was encouraged largely by "incitement." Palestinians have instead pointed chiefly to the frustration and despair brought on by Israel`s nearly 50-year military occupation of the Palestinian territory and the absence of a political horizon. [bz]19/7/2016
Equality could be the ultimate deterrence to violenceTalal Jabari - +972 - If the Israeli security establishment is looking for a proper way to put an end to violence, a little equality in the eyes of the law might go a long way [ry] 18/7/2016
5 Palestinians injured with live fire during Israeli demolition of prisoner`s homeMa`an News Agency - "Under the protection of armed Israeli soldiers, bulldozers entered the town of Qabatiya in the Jenin district early Monday morning, where they demolished the home of Abu Zeid, who was accused of transferring weapons to the attackers suspected in the killing of a 19-year-old Israeli border police officer and wounding of one other outside the Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem in February" [ry] 18/7/2016
Contrary to facts and regulations: MAG Corps finds that soldier who killed Mustafa Tamimi acted lawfullyB`Tselem - "Tamimi was hit by a tear-gas canister that a soldier fired at him from very close range on 9 December 2011, while he was throwing stones at a military jeep during a demonstration in the village of a-Nabi Saleh. Tamimi was critically wounded and rushed to Beilinson Hospital in Israel, where he died the following day" [ry] 18/7/2016
Palestinian child sentenced to 6.5-year sentence in Israeli prisonIMEMC News - "Moawiya Alqam was accused of trying to stab an Israeli security guard at the entrance to the illegal Israeli settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev, along with his 12-year old cousin Ali Alqam. Ali was shot 3 times and badly wounded in the incident. The sentence on Sunday was based on a plea agreement negotiated by Alqam’s lawyer. The case did not go to trial" [ry] 18/7/2016
A Palestinian Village Under Siege: No One Can Leave, Not Even a Child With Cerebral Palsy Gideon Levy&Alex Levac - Haaretz  "Some 20,000 people were placed under siege this week, in the wake of the incident last Saturday, in which shots were fired at an Israeli couple with six children who were driving toward the West Bank settlement of Tekoa; the father was moderately wounded." ca15/7/2016
Israeli army carries out explosions in central Gaza StripMa`an News Agency - " Israeli warplanes carried out air raids in the central Gaza Strip late on Wednesday night, with conflicting reports on the nature of the strikes. Palestinian sources said that Israeli warplanes carried out two airstrikes targeting lands east of al-Bureij refugee camp in the besieged Palestinian territory.They added that at least two missiles hit an unknown target south of the Camera military site.No injuries were reported." ca15/7/2016
For Palestinians, Raising Arabian Horses Is ‘the Hobby of the Poor’ JAMES GLANZ and RAMI NAZZAL - NYT "In America, they call raising horses the hobby of the rich,” said Muhamed Hamdan, 25, a Palestinian trainer who studied in the United States. “Here, it’s the hobby of the poor.” ca15/7/2016
Army Injures One Palestinian, Kidnaps Another, In JerusalemIMEMC News - IMEMC "The Israeli Police said members of its “Border Guard” units, were attempting to arrest a young Palestinian man from Shu’fat when another Palestinian attempted to obstruct them, and that the soldiers noticed a third young man, reportedly “carrying a knife and approaching them rapidly,” before they shot him.Spokesperson of Fateh movement in Jerusalem Tha’er Fasfous, said the wounded young man was trying to remove a knife from the hand of another young man, known to be a drug addict." ca 15/7/2016
Undercover Israeli Soldiers Injure 13 Palestinians With Live Fire Near RamallahSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "Undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrated, on Thursday evening, into the al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiyya village, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, shot thirteen Palestinians with live fire, and kidnapped one.Eyewitnesses said the undercover soldiers infiltrated into the village, before breaking into the home of a young Palestinian, identified as Tareq Rabea’, and abducted him. Rabea’ is the coordinator of the Islamic Block at Birzeit University." ca 15/7/2016
The Survivor’s Guide to GazaBrett Mason, Will West, Georgina Davies, Ana Maria Quinn - SBS - Gaza will be unliveable by 2020 according to the UN, with daily life already a struggle to find food and shelter, but Dateline finds the people bringing innovation and inspiration to the fight for survival.-rh 13/7/2016
Parents of slain Israeli soldier fail to prevent Hamas prisoners from watching Euro finalMa’an - The parents of a slain Israeli soldier failed in their appeal to the Supreme Court to prevent Hamas-affiliated prisoners being held in Israeli prisons from having “the privilege” of watching the Euro 2016 soccer championship final between France and Portugal. The appeal was lodged by the family of Oron Shaul, an Israeli soldier who was killed during Israel’s 2014 ground offensive on the Gaza Strip, whose remains are still being held in Gaza - Hamas demanding the release of prisoners in exchange. The Oron family are holding a public campaign to worsen the conditions of Hamas prisoners in order to put pressure on them.However, the Israeli Prison Service stated that there was no legal precedent for barring prisoners from watching public television, and its position was upheld by the Supreme Court. [ak]12/7/2016
Obliterated Families Activestills - The stories of families whose lives were shattered during the 2014 Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip [ry]11/7/2016
The angels I lost in GazaDoa`a Abu Amer - EI - "It has taken me a long time to gather the strength to write about a period of my life that has reshaped me completely: the night I lost 14 members of my family" [ry] 11/7/2016
Hizma: raids, harassamnet, dread - and shoppingTamar Flesichman - +972 Magazine - The 7,000 residents of Hizma, completely cut off from Jerusalem by the Israeli Separation Wall, suffer constant army raids, arrests of adults and minors, violent patrols at all hours of the day, body searches, and more. In one case a woman who married a resident of Hizma was not allowed to return to the village because her ID did not list Hizma as her hometown. After several days of total closure, the Israeli security service put up signs calling on the residents "to turn in stone throwers". Despite all, Israeli civilians are welcome in Hizma those who are unmistakably religious settlers. “Many of them come to buy in Hizma here - because it is cheap here” say villagers who speak good Hebrew. "We are angry with the army and police, not with all Israelis or all Jews". [ak]10/7/2016
Israeli Government Targeting Facebook ActivistsIMEMC News & Agencies - "Israeli officials have blamed social media for inciting a wave of violent attacks by Palestinians that began in October 2015. Since then, Israeli security forces have arrested about 400 Palestinians for social media activity, according to Palestinian rights groups Addameer and Adalah. Most of the arrests have been for postings on Facebook, a popular network among Palestinians...In that year alone, the Israeli attorney general opened 155 investigations into alleged social media incitement, a marked increase from previous years, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (although the law on social media incitement applies to all citizens and residents, the vast majority of cases have been directed at Arabs in Israel)." ca8/7/2016
Ramadan 2016: Harassment, collective punishment and settlement expansions in the occupied West BankInternational Solidarity Movement - "Netanyahu’s actions continue to escalate the situation in the West Bank and completely disregard the recently released Quartet report, which has resulted in the U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon condemning Israel for this continued expansion of illegal settlements." ca8/7/2016
Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Three Palestinians In HebronIMEMC News "Media sources in Hebron said the soldiers invaded several homes, and violently searched them, before kidnapping three Palestinians, identified as Ala’ Raed Zghayyar, 23, Ramzi Dandees, and Anas Qfeisha, the son of legislator Hatem Qfeisha...the legislator Hatem Qfeisha was only released from an Israeli prison two days ago, and suffered and health setback after the soldiers invaded his home. Red Crescent medics rushed to his home and provided him with the needed help." ca for id 6/7/2016
In Photos: Palestinians celebrate Ramadan in GazaMohammed Asad - Mondoweiss "Muslims across the world have spent June observing the religious month of Ramadan. In Gaza, where reconstruction after three wars in six years has stalled, the celebrations, fasts followed by feasts, and prayer has brought a welcomed sense of normalcy." ca for id6/7/2016
A Palestinian doctor was the first to help shooting attack victimsElior Levy - Y-Net - Palestinian attackers shot at the car of the Mark family from the Israeli settlement of Otniel, killing the father and wounding his wife and daughters. The assailants then escaped. Soon afterwards a Palestinian doctor, Dr. Ali abu Sharkh, passed there with his wife and brother. "When we saw the overturned car we immediately stopped. The first thing I saw was a teenage girl was in a state of shock. I began to speak to her in English and she didn`t understand me. Then my brother began to speak to her in Hebrew and said to her `don`t be afraid, this is my brother, and he`s a doctor. He wants to help you." [ak]5/7/2016
Settler Attacks in Nablus and Hebron, Palestinians InjuredIMEMC - The Knesset passed an amendment to civil law, establishing minimum prison sentence of three years for people who throw rocks at Israeli troops, civilians or vehicles. However, settlers are not subjected to this law. [bz]5/7/2016
What Israel`s payoff for Turkish civilians means for PalestiniansShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The agreement to compensate those injured by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) actions, whether they were “terrorist activists,” as they are called in Israel, or “human rights activists,” as they are called in Turkey, has also angered groups in Gaza and the West Bank. For years, human rights organizations have tried to get the Israeli government to take responsibility for harming civilians, but Israel passed a series of laws that prevent Palestinians from suing for damages to body or property.-rh 6/7/2016
Israel accused of ‘cruel and inhuman’ border crossing conditions for Palestinians by NGOPeter Yeung - Independent - A human rights NGO has accused Israel of forcing Palestinians to withstand “cruel and inhuman” conditions at its borders. The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, also known as B`Tselem, said even those with legitimate work permits were being made to wait for hours in extremely hot weather. B`Tselem posted an image onto its Facebook account and said in a statement: “The Palestinians photographed waiting in line have permits that allow them to work in Israel. Such permits are issued only after meticulous security screening.-rh 6/7/2016
10-year old girl arrested on settler children accusationInternational Solidarity Movement - A large group of settler children were playing near the Ibrahimi mosque, again and again harassing a family living next to a checkpoint manned by heavily-armed Israeli forces. When a boy accused one of the Palestinian children of throwing a rock at them, all the settler children and large numbers of Israeli forces gathered at the house. A group of soldiers then entered the house with the settler boy, and eventually came out with the 10-year old girl, crying. They then walked her off to the police station, despite her young age.-rh 6/7/2016
Administrative detention instead of bailAmnesty International - Hasan Safadi, 24, resident of East Jerusalem, and media coordinator for prisoners’ rights group Addameer was arrested at the border crossing with Jordan, interrogated for 40 days and subjected to to sleep deprivation and being tied in stress positions. He was charged with "visiting an enemy country", but the Jerusalem Magistrates` Court agreed to release him on bail. However, after the bail was paid by his parents, he was placed under a six-month administrative detention order signed by Defence Minister Lieberman. Concerned people are asked top send protest letters. [ak] 5/7/2016
A thousand soldiers deployed to destroy two Qalandiya houses Maan - An estimated thousand soldiers entered the Qalandiya refugee camp, firing tear-gas canisters and rubber-coated steel bullets in every direction as they confronted camp inhabitnats who tried to bar their way. Tear gas was also shot at Red Crescent ambulances which tried to reach wounded inhabitants. At last, the soldiers managed to carry out their objective - demolition of the homes of Assaf and Abu Habsa families, as a punishment for stab attacks carried out by two young members of the families last year. The assailants themselves were killed on the spot by Israeli police, and there is no evidence of their family members being in any way involved. Nevertheless, the courts approved the demolition orders, as a "necessary measure of deterrence towards future attackers". [ak] 5/7/2016
Attacked by a soldier? Don`t expect to hear from the policeYossi Gurvitz, for Yesh Din - +972 - A Palestinian resident of Hebron is attacked for trying to protect a child from settler violence. It turns out his attackers were aided by an IDF soldier [ry] 4/7/2016
The Sad SmileI received an SOS yesterday from a man living abroad, whom I knew when I was very active against the occupation. He was young and living in the Dehaishe refugee camp. He is now a doctor working in Germany, but the occupation hits him still, even though he now lives far away. His sister’s husband was killed, and to add insult to injury, the widow and mother of 7 children whose ages range from 3-13 is threatened with having the house demolished. This is what the brother sent me. Mr. Mustafa Albaradia is a 51year old man, father of 7 young kids, from 3 up to 13. he was a teacher, he got killed near the entrance of Alaroub refugee camp -hebron as an explanation of having a screwdriver. the israeli Occupation said that his women should take the most important things from the house because they will come back and demolish the house. -- The Sad Smile will be happy if there will be justice with peace and love... Where will the poor woman and her 7 children live? 24/7/2016
12-year-old Palestinian boy laid to rest a day after being killed in al-RamMAAN--RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- A funeral procession was held on Wednesday for 12-year-old Palestinian Muhyee Sidqi al-Tibakhi, who was shot dead a day earlier in the village of al-Ram in the occupied West Bank district of Jerusalem, as Palestinian officials accused Israeli forces of being behind the boy’s death.dn24/7/2016
A creative Palestinian answer to Israeli checkpointsMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man--The Israeli army has placed barricades at the entrances to Palestinian villages and towns in recent weeks. One crane operator figured out a way to help out stranded motorists. dn23/7/2016
Ahmed Dawabshe released from hospitalRotem Elizera--Ahmed Dawabshe has been released from the hospital after being treated at Tel HaShomer military hospital for close to a year after an arson attack which killed his entire family. His mother, father, and brother died when their house was set on fire. dn23/7/2016
Occupation forces issue notice for Palestinian, dead for 22 years, to report for interrogation Reports - International Solidarity Movement - "This particular event serves as an example of the Israeli military’s arbitrary and indiscriminate methods in their selection and targeting of “suspects.” " - id13/7/2016
Videos: Israeli Army Injures Four Palestinians, Demolishes Two Homes, In QalandiaIMEMC News - "The demolished homes belong to the families of Anan Abu Habsa and Issa Assaf, who were killed on December 24, 2015, after carrying out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem" [ry] 4/7/2016
Al-Hadidiya, Jordan Valley - No running water, of course, and almost no water at all. David Shulman - Touching Photographs - Here’s the point. Suppose you want to build a pipeline for water—to be taken from well-known, legal Palestinian sources and paid for according to a water meter that you install—so that your tents and shacks would have the elementary happiness of running water. In theory, you could apply to the Civil Administration for a permit. Your application will be rejected. Almost all such applications are. Palestinians in the Jordan Valley cannot get water through pipes or wells by the standard bureaucratic procedures. In desperation, lacking any alternative, they may try to put a pipeline in place. They can be sure the Civil Administration will send its soldiers and policemen to demolish it and to punish them. It happened today at Al-Hadidiya. I saw it. [bz]2/7/2016
27 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strikeYoutube - VIDEO - "A group of Palestinian prisoners have decided to launch a hunger strike in support of a fellow prisoner. Bilal Kayed was put under administrative detention on the day he was supposed to be released. Kayed has been on a hunger strike for over two weeks and is in critical condition." ca1/7/2016
US donates $52 million to UNRWA in West Bank and GazaMa`an News Agnecy - "United States Consul-General to Jerusalem Donald Blome announced on Thursday a contribution of $51.6 million from the United States to Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and Gaza.The donation was a response to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East’s (UNRWA) 2016 Emergency Appeal for the occupied Palestinian territory, at a “critical” time when representatives said refugees were in dire need of assistance. " ca1/7/2016
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