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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Soldiers order Palestinian farmers to stop workMa`an News Agency - Farmers were working in Jurish and Aqraba villages as part of a land reclamation project but soldiers said the farmland had been confiscated and now belonged to Israel, committee coordinator Yousif Deiriyya said30/6/2011
Tonight`s detentions include Palestinian Legislator, Journalist, Human Rights ActivistsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - Nightly raids by the Israeli army and detentions of Palestinians all over the West Bank are a common occurance, rarely getting much media attention. Tonight`s raids seem to have specifically targeted well-known people, involved in political rather than military acts. 28/6/2011
`Now it’s all gone`: Women cope with siege in Jordan ValleyNora Barrows-Friedman - EI - “`We used to live the best life, with what we had here — from our own sources. We’d love to go back to our tradition of working on our land. It was our main source of income, it was a way of life. It wasn’t too long ago that we had this life, and now it’s all gone`”27/6/2011
June 24, 2011 Beit UmarDavid Shulman--Smug, slick, superior, the officer stares blithely past the Palestinian farmers who have come to prune their vines. Twelve young soldiers, laden down with black metal shaped for modern war, await his orders. It is 10:30 AM, and the sun is high and merciless, the fields burnt to a powdery, impoverished brown. We have walked down from the village to this field abutting the huge settlement of Karmei Tzur with its barbed-wire fence and watchtowers and red tiled roofs. Because of the proximity of the settlement, the farmers usually have no access to this field unless we come to stand beside them. The soldiers were waiting for us when we arrived. [forwarded by Tal H] dn26/6/2011
Field of NightmaresGideon Levy--Last Thursday, settlers again raided these spectacular fields, threatening to torch them and uprooting plants as they fled. The two farmers we met in their fields − Awad Tawil, 49, and Hussein Ibrahim, 71 − are survivors of the settlers’ incursions. Tawil was wounded in the forehead in last Thursday’s assault; Ibrahim was hurt in a similar attack a year ago. [dn]25/6/2011
Palestinian youth and the healing arts by Mark LeVine - Al-Jazeera "Zacharia Zubaidi, another of the Theatre`s founders with Mer-Khamis, was still a leader of the al-Aqsa Martyr`s Brigades when he followed his dream into the theatre. He explains this dynamic most succinctly: Far more than can violence, art forces people to look at Palestinians differently. "It makes them see us differently and question their basic assumptions about who we, and through it, they are." ca24/6/2011
Narratives Under Siege: Hoping for Work: Un-Employment under the Israeli Closure PCHR - Ramzi’s unemployment is a direct result of Israel’s illegal closure policy, a policy of collective punishment which has been applied periodically since 1991. Since 2007, Israel has imposed an absolute closure on the Gaza Strip, keeping its borders continuously closed. Unemployment now stands at 45.2%,[3] and the poverty rate exceeds 60%.23/6/2011
Israel: Halt Home Demolitions : Compensate Scores of People Displaced in West Bank CommunitiesHuman Rights Watch - The demolitions on June 14 displaced 100 people in Fasayil al-Wusta, a community in the Jericho governorate of the occupied West Bank. Demolitions on June 21 displaced 27 people in al-Hadidiye and affected another 13 people in Khirbet Yarza, communities in the northern Tubas governorate. The Israeli military authorities destroyed the structures on the grounds that they lacked construction permits, but the authorities have made such permits almost impossible for West Bank Palestinians to obtain in areas under exclusive Israeli control. 23/6/2011
Gaza family exiled to Syria and Libya looks backRami Almeghari - EI - ""Upon arriving at the Allenby Bridge between the West Bank and east Jordan, the Israeli authorities seized my [Egyptian-issued] Palestinian ID card along with those of three bus loads of others.”" 22/6/2011
Israeli Officer Indicted On Charges Of Ramming Mentally Disabled Palestinian BoyKevin Murphy - IMEMC - "The soldier who carried out the illegal order, however, will not be prosecuted since he was discharged from the Israeli military before the completion of the two and a half year long investigation and filing." 22/6/2011
The truth behind another Israeli expulsion trickAmira Hass - Haaretz - "The worse this intolerable situation gets in neighborhoods that are so close to the annexed Jerusalem, the greater the likelihood that the residents will leave and head over to Area A." id 22/6/2011
Officer indicted for ordering soldier to run over Palestinian who posed no dangerB`tselem - During a routine military operation in the West Bank village of Kufr a-Dik in 2008, an army major ordered a soldier to run over a young Palestinian man who did not pose any danger to the force or to other civilians. The soldier drove the vehicle into the man, breaking his ribs, jaw, and teeth. The military prosecutor has filed an indictment against an the officer exceeding his authority in a manner that endangers human life and health and for unbecoming conduct. 21/6/2011
Troops Demolish Homes, Tents, in the South Hebron Hills Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Israeli soldiers demolished on Monday seven Palestinian homes and tents that belong to residents of Khirbet Bir Al-Ad, east of Yatta town. 90 residents, most of them shepherds and farmers, inhibited the demolished homes. Such demolitions, targetting the weakest and most marginalised part of the Palestinian society, are a daily occurance rarely getting any public attention. 21/6/2011
Israel Claims Freedom Flotilla Aims At Confrontation With the ArmySaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Head of the Israeli Navy, Eliezer Marom, voiced on Sunday a strict warning targeting the organizers of the Freedom Flotilla, dubbed in his speech as the “Hate Flotilla” that will be heading to the besieged Gaza Strip later this month to deliver humanitarian supplies. Flotilla organizers affirmed the peaceful nature of the flotilla and their determination to proceed to Gaza20/6/2011
Medical Care in Gaza Under SiegeStephen Lendman - Countercurrents - emergency measures have been taken, including canceling or suspending pediatric, ophthalmological, cardiac catheterization, endoscopic, urological, orthopedic, and other surgeries, as well as dental care, outpatient services, primary care, lab tests, medical imaging, children`s and women`s services, occupational health, and more. 20/6/2011
Israel Is Going to the DogsGreta Berlin - Sabbah Report - Although the army`s justification is that using dogs is a way of protecting the sprawling separation barrier from Palestinian vandals looking to create openings, the Israeli Human Rights organization, B`tselem, is appealing to the army senior command. Victims of the dog attacks are not security suspects, but rather day laborers seeking to enter Israel to find work and who do not have the proper permits to do so. 20/6/2011
Support our friend Rani BurantWordpress - "Throughout the years of struggle in Bil’in, Rani has been documenting on camera the demonstrations and night invasions. His photographs, as shown in exhibitions, tell the story of the village from his point of view, showing natural talent for photography. Rani has prepared a CD with selectIn spite of his severe handicap, Rani continues to attend demonstrations against the separation wall in his village of Bil’in on a regular basis."ca17/6/2011
Barghouti arrives in Gaza to meet factionsMa`an News Agency "Barghouti said his visit to Gaza "is to communicate with the Palestinians and take a firsthand look at all the issues and to improve the situation for residents who are living under difficult circumstances." ca17/6/2011
Demolition orders handed to farmersMa`an News Agency - "Israel`s Civil Administration handed out demolition orders to three farmers in the northern West Bank on Tuesday, warning them that bulldozers would shortly arrive to demolish their greenhouses and farm buildings." ca 17/6/2011
European Union Expresses Concern Press release - "European Union Expresses Concern Over Persecution of West Bank Protest Organizer, Bassem Tamimi: EU representative to UN Human Rights Council stated on Tuesday that “The rights of Israeli and Palestinian Human Rights Defenders protesting peacefully [...] are severely curtailed”, mentioning Tamimi`s case explicitly." ca 17/6/2011
The Naksa Day at Qalandiya Tamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - Once the military commanders identified two brothers of the Abu-Rahma family among the demonstrators, two of the heroes of Bil`in, soldiers were sent to neutralize and arrest them. The brothers were attacked and their faces sprayed at. In act of solidarity, tens of people huddled around them, creating a human buffer that was impenetrable and had dissolved only once the brothers` friends carried them to an ambulance and they were then taken away. 16/6/2011
Army Kidnaps Palestinian Legislator In HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - With the kidnapping of legislator Al Qadi, the number of Palestinian elected legislators illegally imprisoned by Israel stands now at 17, nine of them are from the Hebron district. Some of the legislators have been repeatedly kidnapped and imprisoned. 16/6/2011
The top 10 reasons why the opening of Rafah Crossing just doesn`t cut itGisha - In no particular order of importance, we thought we`d list some of the reasons why the opening of Rafah, while significant and helpful, doesn`t meet all of Gaza`s needs for access and why, as some voices in Israel have recently suggested, it can`t serve as Gaza`s only access point.16/6/2011
Bedouin children hope their West Bank school will be spared Israel`s bulldozersHarriet Sherwood - The Guardian - But, after today, the last school day in the academic year, the pupils of Khan al-Ahmar primary in the West Bank cannot be certain their school will still be standing come September. Head teacher Hanan Awad fears that if the building is left empty, bulldozers will rumble up the hill from the main road to tear down the illegal two-year-old structure built out of old car tyres and mud. 16/6/2011
Waiting Game Meg Walsh - MIFTAH - Perhaps what makes this issue so shocking is the contrast that exists between the justice system regarding Palestinians and that regarding Israelis. Israeli settlers, who are responsible for many attacks on Palestinians, can only be arrested by Israeli police, not the military. They are then tried in civilian courts. However, most cases of settler violence in the West Bank do not even reach the court system. Under Israeli military rule, Palestinians can be arrested and kept indefinitely with no charges against them. If they are tried, it is in military court by judges who are officers in the Israeli army. 16/6/2011
Village Homes Demolished In Jordan ValleyDavid Steele - IMEMC - "The ten village homes were crushed, burying any possessions inside and electricity meters were confiscated by the army." 15/6/2011
Army Attacks Political Prisoners In Qidar Prison, Four InjuredSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The Ahrar Center for Detainees Studies and Human Rights denounced the Israeli attack, and stated that this violation is part of an ongoing Israeli policy that aims at humiliating the detainees." - id 15/6/2011
Unemployment in Gaza and West Bank rises despite hopes of economic revival Harriet Sherwood - Guardian - "...two reports in the past week by the United Nations paint a dismal picture of continued high unemployment, particularly among the refugee population." - id 15/6/2011
East Jerusalem teenager on life as a stateless PalestinianJalal Abukhater - +972 - " Arab citizen carrying a Jerusalem ID is not able to even carry a Palestinian passport or a full Israeli passport."15/6/2011
UN marks 5 years of Gaza siegeMa`an - According to UNRWA`s report the number of people living on less than one dollar a day has since the start of the blockade tripled to nearly 300,000.14/6/2011
Analysis: Pluralism and the Arab springBy Daoud Kuttab - Ma`an News Agency "Many Palestinians are talking publicly about the need to create new political parties different in structure, ideology and working procedures from the present set of nationalist or Islamic factions. This kind of skepticism about existing political configurations is not unique to Palestine. It can be argued that the absence of genuine independent pluralism in various political groupings has been the major problem facing the Arab world." ca10/6/2011
Parliamentary committee calls on health minister to resignMa`an News Agency - "The committee said Abu Moghli and Sharif were responsible for financial and administrative violations, and called for the reform of the Medical Council." ca10/6/2011
Not at Israel`s beck and callKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly "Officials involved in efforts to form a new national unity government, which would culminate the reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas, have assured Palestinians that the new government won`t be "in anyone`s pocket" and that it won`t be subject to "Israeli whims and dictates" ca10/6/2011
Life in Jordan Valley strangled by Israeli military controlJillian Kestler-D`Amours -The Electronic Intifada - The Jordan Valley covers nearly 30 percent of the total territory of the occupied West Bank. Nearly all of the Jordan Valley falls into Area C, which under the Oslo accords is under full Israeli military control. In addition, over three-quarters of the Jordan Valley has been declared closed military zones, state land or nature reserves, and is thereby off-limits for the area’s Palestinian residents. 9/6/2011
Restrooms and Sanitation at Umm-Al-Kheir The Villages Group - Mohammed’s home, one of the few still standing in that part of Umm-Al-Kheir – a village suffering continual destruction from the Occupation authorities – does not have a restroom. Therefore, residents must perform their bodily functions outdoors.9/6/2011
West Bank mosque targeted in suspected `price tag` attack by settlersChaim Levinson - Haaretz - The Peace Now movement responded by calling for more decisive actions against violent settlers. "The Shin Bet security service and the police must uproot the `hill youth` phenomenon," it said. bz 7/6/2011
Settlers, police clash at West Bank outpostMa`an News Agency - "Six Israeli police officers and five settlers were injured Thursday in clashes that erupted as police dismantled an illegal settlement outpost, a police spokesman said." ca 3/6/2011
Taking on Thomas Friedman over unarmed resistanceJoseph Dana - +972mag "Having just returned from the Qalandia Nakba protests, I had witnessed exactly what Friedman dreams of taking place. I decided to pen a short letter to the editor of New York Times explaining what Friedman failed to mention. It was rejected by the paper. Thanks to the internet, the letter might have a second life. Here it is:" ca 3/6/2011
PALESTINE/ISRAEL: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?Jeff Halper - ICAHD newsletter "Imagine. September 22nd (or 23rd or 24th), the day after the Security Council recognizes Palestine as a member state within the 1967 borders and it is ratified in the General Assembly by more than 150 countries: The Palestinian flag joins that of 192 other member states, all of whose territorial integrity is ensured by the United Nations. Indeed, this is one of the most fundamental of UN tasks." 3/6/2011
ICAHD Monthly Newsletter - June 2011ICAHD - "Summer Rebuilding Camp 2011: Every year hundreds of Palestinians are forced from their homes, homes built on land they own. Since 1967 Israel has demolished more than 25,000 Palestinian homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. ICAHD rebuilds homes as an act of defiance, creating alternative facts on the ground."3/6/2011
Following the opening of Rafah Crossing, Gisha`s new animated film asks: Gisha - The film, which will be shared online through social media networks, challenges the commonly held belief that Israel no longer exercises control over Gaza and does not bear responsibility for what goes on there – an opinion voiced ever more strongly since the opening of Rafah.2/6/2011
West Bank travel restrictions take their toll on international aid budgetsAmira Hass - Haaretz - "...the organizations have added a full-time position to deal exclusively with the Israeli authorities which issue travel permits within the West Bank, to and from the Gaza Strip and to Jerusalem." id 8/6/2011
Jerusalem-area settlement asks nearby mosques to turn down loudspeakersAmira Hass - Haaretz - Ibrahim Za`atra, who heads the Palestinian Authority`s religious affairs office in the Jerusalem area, confirmed to Haaretz that he had received a complaint from Ma`aleh Adumim, saying that municipal authorities in the settlement were seeking to lower the volume for the call to prayer - and the reading from the Koran that precedes it - from two mosques next to the settlement. Za`atra called the complaint "unacceptable interference in people`s lives and our freedom of religion." 2/6/2011
Israeli Association For Civil Rights Slams Israel`s Record In East JerusalemKevin Murphy - IMEMC - "The report states that around 1,200 Palestinian children were questioned regards throwing stones in the past 18 months. The children are often taken from their bed at night and roughly questioned by Israeli interrogators in the absence of their parents or lawyers, the report claims." id 1/6/2011
New excavation site in West Bank village has Palestinians on edgeSean O’Neill - - “They’re looking for ancient Israeli things,” says a woman on whose land the dig is taking place. “People are worried that if they find something Jewish, what happened in Susiya could happen here.” bz 18/6/2011
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