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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Israel arrests almost 600 Palestinians in August: NGOAFP - Many were arrested during demonstrations in support of Palestinians in Gaza. [bz]30/8/2014
The Difference Between ChildrenGideon Levy - Information Clearing House - In a world where there is some good, it would be impossible to understand the total, almost monstrous unfeelingness in the face of the killing of hundreds of children – not ours, but by us. Imagine them standing in a row: 478 children, in a graduating class of death. Imagine them wearing Messi shirts – some of those children wore them once.-rh 28/8/2014
Since the beginning of ‘Operation Protective Edge’ in Gaza, Israeli forces have also injured at least 2,139 Palestinians in the West BankKate - Mondoweiss - As war rages in Gaza, West Bank routine of violence and arrests unabated — Arrests, expulsions, home demolitions, land seizure and settlers harassing Palestinians continues: Since the beginning of the fighting in the south on July 8, soldiers and police have injured 2,139 Palestinians in the West.-rh28/8/2014
War of attrition pointless in GazaAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened Hamas with a war of attrition, he ignored that in such a war the winner is not the strongest army, but the side that has the least to lose.-rh 28/8/2014
PCHR Calls for Stopping Extra-Judicial Executions in GazaPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Press Releases - PCHR calls upon the Palestinian National Authority and resistance groups to intervene to stop such extra-judicial executions whatever their reasons or motives are.-rh27/8/2014
All the Masks Have been RemovedTamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - This year the appearances have been removed. All the masks have been removed. During the four Fridays of the Ramadan month in Qalandiya checkpoint the occupation had been disclosed, and all its shame was made visible in the public sphere.-rh 27/8/2014
Celebrations in Gaza after truceTHE ASSOCIATED PRESS - Arab News - "Mosques used their loudspeakers to broadcast celebratory chants as the wartorn enclave hailed the apparent end to some of the worst Israeli-Palestinian violence in a decade." - id 27/8/2014
FINALLY - Hamas, Israel Agree on Long-Term TruceSuhaib Salem - The Daily Beast - "Six people were said to have been killed after Israeli strikes in Gaza on Tuesday night, bringing the death toll to around 2,200, more than a quarter of whom were children." - id "27/8/2014
His last cry of pain "echoes in my ears"Maram Humaid - The Electronic Intifada - "Hala tried to phone her husband several times on the day of the massacre. He did not respond, so she sent him text messages. Still no response.Then she turned on the TV. Al Jazeera showed images of a dead man, wearing a vest marked “press.”" - id 27/8/2014
69% of Gaza Schools Damaged by Israeli AssaultsConnie Hackbarth Alternative Information Center - ""Israel’s ongoing assault has significantly damaged at least 277 Governmental and UNRWA schools. About 30% are still being used as shelters for displaced families.”" - id 27/8/2014
As war rages in Gaza, West Bank routine of violence and arrests unabatedAmira Hass - Haaretz - Arrests, expulsions, home demolitions, land seizure and settlers harassing Palestinians continues: Since the beginning of the fighting in the south on July 8, soldiers and police have injured 2,139 Palestinians in the West Bank [ry]25/8/2014
Nowhere Is Safe: Israel Tells Gazans to ‘Stay Away From Terrorists’Jason Ditz - AntiWar - Israel to Call Up Another 10,000 Reservists as War Escalates [ry]25/8/2014
Homeless Gazans struggle to find shelterMohammed Othman - Al-Monitor - Abu Assar and her 13-member family fled the neighborhood of Shajaiya in eastern Gaza following a major attack by Israeli forces on July 19. “The situation is increasingly worsening in the hospital park, where thousands of displaced people have taken refuge,” Abu Assar told Al-Monitor.-rh 21/8/2014
Revenge devoid of purpose: Punitive demolitions of Palestinian homesCody O’Rourke and Jeff Halper - Mondoweiss - And the “punitive” demolitions were pointless and, indeed, counterproductive, even by Israel’s own standards. Over the years the Israeli authorities have demolished some 40,000 Palestinian homes, either as “collateral damage” in military incursions (10,000 were destroyed in the latest round of fighting in Gaza) or because, since 1967, Israel has refused to grant building permits to Palestinians, who are then forced to build “illegally” and face demolition. In virtually none of these cases was “security” the reason for demolition, as testified by the fact that none of the owners were ever arrested.-rh21/8/2014
Adameer : Urgent – Palestinian Legislative Council Member Khalida Jarrar Expelled to JerichoSamidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network - At 1.30 A.M on 20 August 2014 approximately 50 Israeli occupying soldiers surrounded Jarrar`s home in Ramallah. An Israeli captain then proceeded to hand Jarrar an order which states that Jarrar must not leave the district of Jericho for the next six months and can only leave with the express permission of the Israeli military commander in the West Bank.-rh 21/8/2014
Gaza children unable to go back to schoolFares Akram - Aljazeera - A math teacher, al-Arqan was meant to return to school in less than a week. But as violence has resumed in Gaza after the breakdown of ceasefire talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Cairo, the school year has been postponed indefinitely in the besieged Palestinian territory.-rh20/8/2014
UN: Amount of Destruction in Gaza ‘Unprecedented’Celine Hagbard - IMEMC - "Serry reported that the number of homes and apartment buildings destroyed or severely damaged in the Israeli assault is 16,800. In contrast, no Israeli homes were damaged severely by Palestinian rocket fire during the month long Israeli invasion of Gaza." - id 20/8/2014
Hamas: Israel tried to kill armed wing leader Mohammed DeifReuters - Ynet - "Marzouk said Israel had ruptured the truce alleging it was in order "to assassinate Mohammed Deif," but that civilians were killed at the site of the attack." - id 20/8/2014
Israeli airstrikes kill three in Gaza, rockets fired at Israel as ceasefire breaks downEdo Konrad - +972 - "Operation Protective Edge has so far claimed over 2,000 Palestinian lives and 67 Israeli lives, the vast majority of whom were soldiers killed during the ground invasion of Gaza." - id 20/8/2014
Touring the devastated industrial zones of GazaMartin Lejeune - Maan - On the night of the July 27 the Israeli air force dropped three bombs on Al-Hurani`s carpentry workshop. The carpentry of the Al-Hurani family had been well-known across the northern Gaza Strip. "It was all designed according to the desires of each individual customer, processed with the best woods and decorated with passion". Now the plant is totally destroyed, leaving the Al-Hurani family and 25 regular workers without livelihood. ak 19/8/2014
`We want a ceasefire for always, not for three days`Ma`an - Gaza`s health ministry said the death toll rose above 2,000 as more people succumbed to injuries and bodies were found under rubble. The figures showed 2,016 people had been killed and another 10,196 wounded. Among the dead were 541 children.(...)"We want a ceasefire for always, not for three days" says Wafa, a mother of ten living with her family in a UN school after their home was destroyed. ak 19/8/2014
A bullet through the heart of a Palestinian man - and an entire communityGideon Levy and Alex Levac--Ayham awoke and phoned his father, Hashem, who told his son that he would be home soon to finish building a new cage for the ducks in the garden. About 10 minutes later, an Israel Defense Forces sharpshooter fired a bullet into Hashem’s heart, killing him on the spot. The sharpshooter then took his rifle and left the balcony of the house from which he had shot Hashem, according to the family who own the apartment which the soldiers had taken over. dn16/8/2014
64 Palestinians Kidnapped In Jerusalem, West BankSaed Bannoura- IMEMC "Israeli soldiers kidnapped, late at night and on Thursday at dawn, at least 64 Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank, and in occupied East Jerusalem, and moved them to a number of interrogation facilities." ca15/8/2014
Palestinian unity scores concessions from Israel in CairoDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor "Supporters of Palestine around the world as well as in Palestine and nearby Arab countries have taken up the need to boycott Israel economically as a translation of the need to send a message to the Israelis that the illegal and unacceptable occupation will cost Israel financially and politically." ca 15/8/2014
NEWSLETTER 13 Aug. 2014B`Tselem - Newsletter - I`m in a constant state of fear. When I`m at home, I fear for myself, my wife and my daughters. When I go out, I`m afraid of being bombed, or that a nearby building or the street I`m in will be bombed. But I am the channel through which information reaches the office, and from there – the world, so I haven`t stopped working.-rh13/8/2014
Gaza: Palestine first and lastAlain Gresh - Le Monde diplomatique - More than a thousand Palestinians have been killed in Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, against some 40 Israelis, and the numbers are rising. But Gaza, the birthplace of Palestinian nationalism, has a long history of resistance.-rh 13/8/2014
Gaza Volunteers Risk Their Lives for PalestiniansAl Ray Palestinian Media Agency - IMEMC - "Noble stories written in a time of war, Al Rays reports, to the most human degree, they begin with the very people who lost their properties and are still helping the others, and do not cease with efforts to rescue the rest." - id 13/8/2014
More stories from GazaSarah Algherbawi - ISM - "This is my university...the most dangerous type of terrorism is practiced here– knowledge building! Here we learned how to face the occupation with education and knowledge, and to make the world aware of who we are. My words are my weapons!" - id 13/8/2014
Gaza: Netanyahu did Hamas a favor in this warGhassan Michel Rubeiz - The Arab Daily News - "Israel’s leader has managed to close the secret tunnels of the coastal strip. But exposed Palestinian suffering has generated global compassion for the eventual lifting of the blockade." - id13/8/2014
Israeli forces kill Fatah activist in Nablus raidMa`an - Israeli forces killed Zakariyya Mousa Dawood al-Aqra, 24, after laying siege to a building in the village. Al-Aqra`s brother is reported to live in one of the apartments in the three story building, which Israeli forces attacked with grenades and heavy gunfire. [bz]12/8/2014
Israel Border Police kill Zakaria al-Akra - report in an Israeli contextElior Levy and Yoav Zitun - Ynet - Violence in the West Bank due to increase if the Gaza front couldn`t be concluded diplomatically during the current three-day ceasefire, says the Minister of Police [bz] 12/8/2014
Israel`s attacks in Gaza town `a war crime` Mohammed Omer - AlJazeera - Witnesses say Israeli soldiers used Palestinians as human shields and fired on civilians in Khuza`a in southern Gaza [ry]11/8/2014
The forgotten victims of GazaAlaa` Odeh--Palestinians leave home looking for basic rights, including security and stability, but face consistent obstacles abroad, including rejection due to their identity. During times of war, Palestinians struggle to find opportunity, while watching the Israel’s violence and oppression from afar. This is the story of only one such Palestinian.dn10/8/2014
Israel Orders Halt on Palestinian Home Construction near BethlehemChris Carlson - IMEMC "Israeli forces have ordered several Palestinians working on their houses in the village of al-Khader, to the south of Bethlehem, to stop construction, under the pretext of "building without a permit", according to local mayor, Tawfiq Salah.Mr. Salah said, according to WAFA Palestinian News Agency, that Israeli forces (along with staff from "civil administration") served land owners with notices ordering them to stop work, giving the owners until September to either straighten out their legal status or be held legally accountable." ca 8/8/2014
Welcome to the status quo — a tour of the occupationNaomi Dann - Mondoweiss "As a first time visitor to the region, and as someone who had studied this so-called conflict extensively in an academic setting, it was incredibly powerful and disturbing to witness the visual manifestations of the occupation and to meet people working to bring peace with justice to the region. Infrastructure plays a subtle yet violent role in enforcing and expanding the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank. The separation wall, check points, the plethora of barbed wire, settler-only roads running over Palestinian underpasses, and rooftop water tanks are visually striking elements of the architecture of occupation. Equally striking, however, is the resilience and strength of popular resistance against the occupation." ca8/8/2014
From Iran to the tunnels: Do we really have to live this way?Nir Baram - +972 - Those who spot an existential threat at every turn, turn their backs on diplomacy and mock peace efforts are now astonished to find that the enemy has sought out their own weapons of attack. The tunnels are a self-fulfilling prophecy; the time has come to look for another way.-rh7/8/2014
July 2014: Over 1930 Palestinians arrested by occupation forcesSamidoun - Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network - During July 2014, nearly 2,000 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli occupation forces, reported the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies, including all sectors of Palestinian society. There are now over 6,200 Palestinians in occupation prisons.-rh 7/8/2014
Gaza`s health and humanitarian crisisKristin Solberg - The Lancet - The deadliest attack on a health facility was the shelling of al Aqsa hospital in Deir al Balah in central Gaza on July 21. The hospital came under direct tank fire several times, and the surgical ward, the intensive care unit, and pieces of life-saving equipment were severely damaged. Four people died instantly and six died later from injuries, according to WHO.-rh 7/8/2014
We are all complicit in the bombardment of GazaANDREW SMITH - Open Democracy - Yesterday Baroness Sayeeda Warsi resigned from the UK government in opposition to its uncritical support of Israel, while Scotland`s First Minister Alex Salmond called for an embargo on all arms sales to Israel. In Birmingham activist group London Palestine Action successfully shut down and occupied a factory owned by Elbit Systems, Israel`s largest arms company.-rh7/8/2014
Eight Days in Gaza: A Wartime DiaryAtef Abu Saif - New York Times - Sunday, July 27 For the last two hours we’ve heard nothing but sonic booms and the sound of rockets and mortars. Shells have fallen on our street a few hundred yards from my father-in-law’s house, where my wife and I, and our five kids, are staying, and on the street behind us.-rh7/8/2014
Israel-Gaza conflict: Israel `breaks ceasefire in minutes` as eight-year-old girl killed in air strike Adam Withnall - The Independent - Israel called `humanitarian window` after receiving international condemnation for shelling of UN shelter in Gaza [ry]4/8/2014
How a ‘kidnapped’ soldier illustrates Israel’s deceptionJonathan Cook - The National - "And then there was the explosion of military fury as Israel realised its soldier was missing. Israeli correspondents suggested the notorious `Hannibal procedure` had been invoked: the use of all means to stop a soldier being taken alive, including killing him. The rationale is to prevent the enemy gaining a psychological advantage in negotiations. The unleashing of massive firepower appeared designed to ensure Goldin and his captors never made it out of their tunnel, but in the process dozens of Palestinians died" [ry]4/8/2014
Emergency call from GazaMartin Lejeune - Gaza City, 31st July - The nerves are constantly on the edge after three and a half weeks of continuous bombardment, of which I only experienced one and a half weeks. Nevertheless, all 70 inhabitants of this house behave calm and considerate. They share everything they have, a baked bread, the last cigarette, a mobile phone battery or a piece of soap for personal hygiene. Yesterday I was in our quarters’ kindergarten, where 80 people are sleeping per room. 2/8/2014
Red Cross in Gaza: Rebuilding will take yearsElior Levy and Attila Somfalvi - Ynet - "In a Ynet exclusive, Sara Badiei, a Red Cross engineer in Gaza says that most Gazans have been left with no electricity and little drinkable water." - id 6/8/2014
Gaza ‘Mass Execution’ InvestigatedJesse Rosenfeld - The Daily Beast - " “My father will burn this all down,” says Mohammad waving his hand over the two homes that share a courtyard. “Who could live in a place where such a terrible crime has happened.”" - id 6/8/2014
Palestinians consider joining the International Criminal Court Ma`an - Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, visint the Netherlands, met with officials of the International Criminal Court in the to discuss the Israeli offensive on Gaza. He inquired about the legal procedures necessary for Palestine to join the ICC and sign the Rome Statute, in order to take possible action against Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Al-Maliki said he would consult members of the Palestinian Authority government on the matter after his visit.ak5/8/2014
Why did Netanyahu take aim at Gaza`s tallest towers?Samer Badawi - +972 - Bringing down buildings is about ratings, not military gain. f anything, this might be the awful truth behind Netanyahu’s war: It is a spectacle for Israeli consumption, even as it consumes the lives of Palestinian innocents.-rh28/8/2014
Behind The IDF Killing Of A 10-year-old BoyGideon Levy and Alex Levac - Information Clearing House - Khalil Anati was 10 years and eight months old and came from the Al-Fawar refugee camp, south of Hebron in the West Bank, when he was killed. An Israeli soldier had opened the door of his armored jeep, picked up his rifle, aimed it at the upper body of the boy, who was running with his back to the soldier, and cut him down with one bullet, fired from a distance of a few dozen meters.-rh 28/8/2014
The constant presence of death in the lives of Palestinian childrenNadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian - Mondoweiss - Israel is aware of the power that each Palestinian child possesses by mere virtue of their mere existence, and therefore, they need to keep children under constant threat of disappearing.-rh28/8/2014
Israeli forces use Palestinian child as human shield in GazaDefence for Children International - Ahmad, from Khuza`a, near the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis, was just 16 years old when he was taken from his family on July 23. He was forced at gunpoint to search for tunnels for five days, during which time he was interrogated, verbally and physically abused, and deprived of food and sleep.-rh28/8/2014
Israel attacks my university — with bombs and liesRami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada - " Fewer and fewer people are swallowing Israel’s lies. Far from destroying “weapons development centers,” Israel is trying to destroy our lives. It is intent on denying us the possibility of learning and working in peace. Israel will not succeed. We will keep on educating our people, no matter how many times we are bombed." - id 6/8/2014
The IDF’s real faceGideon Levy--Khalil Anati was from the Al-Fawar refugee camp in the southern part of the West Bank; a soldier in an armored jeep shot him in the back with a live round and killed him as he was running home. He was 10 years old. Mohammed Al-Qatari was a promising soccer player from the Al-Amari refugee camp near Ramallah. A soldier shot him from a distance of several dozen meters while he was taking part in a demonstration against the Gaza war. He was 19 years old when he died. Hashem Abu Maria was a social worker from Beit Ummar who worked for the Geneva-based NGO Defense for Children International. He participated in a demonstration against the Gaza war, trying to protect children by preventing them from throwing stones. An IDF sharpshooter situated on a distant balcony shot and killed him. He was 45 years old, a father of three children. Soldiers killed two more demonstrators at that demonstration.dn31/8/2014
A Month and a half in Israel and Palestine--A Rubber Bullet in the HeadDIEGO FILIU--Palestine, Israel. One of the longest conflicts in History. One of the most mediatized ones as well. And surely one of the most complex to solve. This conflict, I had studied it, even before being admitted to a Middle-East-focused BA degree at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) and Columbia University. But this summer, I decided to go on the ground to better understand it, to live closer to the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. dn 31/8/2014
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