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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Risks and rewards in Ramallah (interview with Sam Bahour) Sharmila Devi - Financial Times - Sam Bahour has a warm manner and an infectious laugh. But beneath the avuncular exterior lie a sharp intelligence and a steady nerve that have helped the US-born Palestinian businessman survive since he moved to the West Bank in 1994. "If I wasn`t optimistic, I would pack up my bags and go back to the US," he says with a laugh. 31/3/2007
EU to work with some Palestinians, but not with others Haaretz gave the headline "EU to work with PA officials not affiliated with Hamas"; Y-Net wrote "EU won`t deal with Hamas". The upshot is the same. All EU countries, in their own internal affairs, are pledged to the basic rule of Parliamnetray democracy - i.e. that all members of a cabinet which was approved by the elected parliament are equally responsoible for the government program. But they do not recognise it as applying to the Palestinian cabinet. [A.K.]. 31/3/2007
Details of killing of 10th grader in southern Jenin village Ali Samoudi - PNN - Before dawn on Thursday Israeli forces military vehicles, including a bulldozer, stormed the southern Jenin Region Shuhada Village and surrounded the home of Solomon Essa`has, a member of Fateh`s Al Aqsa Brigades. Solomon was being hit but managed to escape. Soldiers shouted through loudspeakers to the residents of the besieged house, and to their neighbors, that all houses in the area would be demolished if Solomon did not give himself up. Israeli forces were holding families at gunpoint, including children, women and the elderly, while other residents threw stones and empty bottles. The Israelis fired live bullets, sound bombs and heavy gas. Ahmed Ibrahim Essa`has, 16 years old, was hit by the bullet of an Israeli sniper and killed on the spot. 30/3/2007
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (22-28 March)PCHR - Nr 12/2007 - 4 killed / 21 military incursions /re Gaza: Rafah International Crossing Point open for two days (26, 27 March 2007) / Erez crossing remained closed to Palestinians; international workers allowed to pass (...) few [Gaza] Palestinian patients able to travel to hospitals in Israel and the West Bank. / Re West Bank: army positioned at checkpoints continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of civilians. During the reporting period, 8 Palestinians, including a teenage girl, were detained at various checkpoints in the West Bank.30/3/2007
Sewage `tsunami` kills five in Gaza Agencies - Al Jazeera - "Village children clung to wooden doors floating on the putrid waters and rescuers paddled through the village in makeshift boats in search of victims." 28/3/2007
The Death Swamps Laila El-Haddad - Diary of a Palestinian mother - ""Now Palestinians have to drown in their own shit? I can`t wait to hear the latest excuse about how this, too, is their own fault."" 28/3/2007
Israelis destroying children`s play area and seven homes near Al Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem Maisa Abu Ghazaleh -- PNN -- "Muslim and Christian dignitaries held an emergency meeting in Jerusalem last night. The subject was demolition in the Old City`s Bab Hatta neighborhood that will leave seven families homeless and hundreds of children without a place to play"27/3/2007
Two fighters killed in an Israeli invasion in NablusSaed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "The sources identified the two fighters as Ala’ Ziad Al Ghaleeth, 26, and Mohannad Mreish, 24. The two were killed during a gun battle with the invading soldiers in the Old City of Nablus"27/3/2007
As Prisoners Day approaches, female detainees appeal to be freedSaed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "Nearly 10,000 Palestinian people are imprisoned by Israel. [...] There are 128 female Palestinian political detainees imprisoned by Israel, among them 62 who are already sentenced by Israeli courts, 63 who are detained without a trial and three who are detained under Administrative Detention orders without charges. [...] Also, there are twelve female detainees who are under the age of 18"27/3/2007
Parents of Palestinian girl killed by IDF in December sue stateReminder: Doaa Abd al-Qadr, 14, was killed last December by Israeli soldiers while on her way back from school, near Faroun Village in the Tul Karm province 27/3/2007
`My son lived a worthwhile life`The Guardian -- In April 2003, 21-year old Tom Hurndall was shot in the head in Gaza by an Israeli soldier as he tried to save the lives of three small children. Nine months later, he died, having never recovered consciousness. Emine Saner talks to his mother Jocelyn about her grief, her fight to make the Israeli army accountable for his death and the book she has written in his memory26/3/2007
Minister Mustafa Barghouti on army harassment of Palestinian civiliansRami Almeghari - IMEMC - Palestinian Information Minister, Mustafa Barghouti, deplored the continued Israeli army attacks on Palestinian civilians, citing the case of the 19 year-old Mohammad Jabali of Nablus, who has been harassed by Israeli soldiers at the Hewarra checkpoint (...) as the worst in a long series of the Israeli army harassment of Palestinian civilians at checkpoints and roadblocks. 24/3/2007
Torture which does not leave a traceGideon Levy - Haaretz - What won`t the Shin Bet security service do to break the spirit of a Palestinian detainee? Before, interrogators used threats and told detainees that their loved ones were being arrested because of them. Now they even put on the show. Under false pretenses, agents brought the wife and the aged father of a security detainee to a Shin Bet interrogation facility, where they forced him to remove his kaffiyeh in order to humiliate him, then dressed him in a prisoner`s uniform, held him by both arms and, through a window, displayed him to his son, who has been kept for weeks in isolation, without the opportunity to meet with a lawyer. 24/3/2007
IDF cancels ban on Israelis driving Palestinians in West BankAmos Harel, Amira Hass, Nir Hasson and Yuval Yoaz -- Haaretz -- "The order, which was due to take effect in January, was never put into practice and was finally withdrawn due to a petition filed by civil rights groups with the High Court of Justice"26/3/2007
Existence is ResistanceAnna Baltzer - Electronic Intifada - diary of an international solidarity volunteer in and around Nablus.23/3/2007
Israeli forces kill Palestinian teenager in central West Bank district of Ramallah Rashid Hilal -- PNN -- "Israeli forces shot and killed a 17 year old boy on Wednesday evening. Mohamed Ibrahim Ismail Salaimeh died instantly in northwestern Ramallah`s `Abud Village. Israeli forces kept the boy`s body for a time [...] not allowing the Palestinian ambulance waiting to transport him to the hospital to come near"22/3/2007
Report: “Israeli troops committed 1,123 violations last week”Saed Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "Since the beginning of this year, Israeli troops have committed a total of 13,417 violations against the Palestinain population. Among these violations were 522 shooting attacks; 22 civilians were killed and 369 were injured. A total of 1090 temporary checkpoints were installed and a total of 1410 civilians were kidnapped"22/3/2007
Embargo didn`t stop Palestinian aid flow Steven Erlanger - IHT - ""The Palestinian Authority is a subsidized institution and always has been, and is now increasingly aid dependent. And it`s a big problem. It`s hard to do humanitarian aid that also helps development."" 21/3/2007
Law denying family unification to Israelis and Palestinians extended Shahar Ilan - Haaretz - "The law provides for the establishment of a committee to consider exceptions on a humanitarian basis. However, as the Shin Bet, IDF and Population Registrar will have a majority in the committee, not many exceptions are expected to be approved."21/3/2007
Open Letter about Al-NuemanYahav Zohar - An appeal by email - "Al-Nueman residents have turned to the Israeli Supreme Court demanding an end to their untenable situation."21/3/2007
`I try to forget - but i can`t`Rory McCarthy - The Guardian - "She was the 12-year-old girl filmed crying alongside her father and siblings as they lay dying - victims of an explosion at a family picnic. But what happened to Huda Ghalia next? Rory McCarthy meets the shy, teased girl who became a symbol of Palestinian despair"20/3/2007
Twilight Zone / After her! Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "When it was all over, the soldiers gave her a cookie and some halva. And just to be on the safe side, they added a threat: "Don`t you dare tell your parents; otherwise we`ll kill you," they told her before letting her go, knowing they had done a terrible thing. But little Jihan did tell, and so did her parents: The IDF is using children as human shields. "20/3/2007
Articles concerning the new Palestinian government(1) Aljazeera - "Meshaal: Deal with whole government" ; (2) Interview with Khaled Meshaal for Aljazeera; (3) Nazid Mgally - Haaretz - "It`s worth trying "- "The Israeli government`s resolute opposition to the Palestinian Authority national unity government conveys a heaping dose of hatred, contempt and inflexibility."; (4) Avi Issacharoff, Amos Harel, Mijal Grinberg, Aluf Benn and agencies - Haaretz - "Security source: harsh response if attacks continue " - "Israeli security source: There is no place to negotiate with Hamas until it renounces violence." 20/3/2007
Gaza is turning into another BaghdadMartin Chulov - The Australian - "Members of the Dargmarch clan have kidnapped before, most recently nabbing two Italian aid workers in November. The word on the Gaza streets is that the Italians either then, or during an earlier kidnap of an Italian journalist, paid a ransom - a suggestion which, if true, has posed a significant obstacle in securing Johnston`s release. " 19/3/2007
Hebron update 4-10 March 2007CPT Hebron - another week under occupation in the southern West Bank18/3/2007
Human Rights Reports from IWPSInternational Women`s Peace Service - descriptions of a series of incidents affecting the lives of Palestinians in and around Nablus, in the northern West Bank, in February and March17/3/2007
Today, Saturday, in the West BankIMEMC - 1) Army setup several checkpoints near Jenin 2) Israeli army abducts three Palestinian children near Jerusalem 17/3/2007
Israeli army units fake usurpation of Palestinian villages for `practice`Polly Bangoriad - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli media sources today reported yet another incident of the Israeli army conducting a drill simulating the takeover of a Palestinian village at the hands of a reserves unit. For the third time within a month, the Israeli army conducted a `takeover exercise` at Beit Lid, a village near Tulkarem in the northern West Bank." 16/3/2007
Twilight Zone / After her! Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "Jihan Dadush, 11, who lived in the Nablus casbah, was rewarded with halva and a cookie after soldiers had her leave her house early one evening and lead them to the hiding place of wanted suspects, enter a dark and abandoned apartment to check if anyone was hiding there or if there were any explosive devices inside. They did the same thing with Amid Amira, a 15-year-old boy from another part of Nablus. He, too, was sent into a dark apartment, at dawn, to scout out the place himself. Arfa Amira, 12, was sent in to investigate who was in his own apartment. Instead of the famous "After me!" ethos of the IDF heritage, now we have "After her!" - a young girl led off by armed soldiers who hide behind her." 15/3/2007
Nablus Invasion Diary III: Resistance, Hypocrisy, and Dead Men WalkingAnna Baltzer - Electronic Intifada - "What most struck me about the Nablus invasion wasn`t the killing of unarmed civilians. It wasn`t the obstruction of medical workers and ambulances, or the indiscriminate detention of males, or the occupied houses and curfews. What I will remember for the rest of my life is the steadfast resistance of the people of Nablus."15/3/2007
Search continues for BBC reporter BBC - "The corporation said it was working closely with Palestinian authorities to try to establish what happened to him." 14/3/2007
Israeli and Syrian law forces Golan bride into indefinite separation from family Ma`an - "Her father told her with tears in his eyes that "one day the Golan Heights will return to Syria, and then I will come to visit you."" 14/3/2007
Nonviolent resistance to occupation: family refuses to leave despite being surrounded by settlements Najib Faraj - PNN - "Ibrahim Attallah is sitting in the nearly destroyed village of Khallet Sakariya. His family is alone now, surrounded by barbed wire and the observation posts that double as sniper towers. "13/3/2007
Updates of the International Solidarity Movement 1. Second Annual Conference in Bil`in 18 - 20 April 2007 2. Second Casualty and Other Victims of Operation Hot Winter 3. Settler assaults on internationals in Tel Rumeida and tree planting in Beit Omar 4. Purim attacks on Palestinians in Hebron 5. Nablus women celebrate Women`s Day at Huwwara checkpoint 6. Two hospitalised at Bil`in as IOF lash out 7. South Bethlehem villagers protest at worksite of shame 8. Tree planting and Tom Fox memorial in Tel Rumeida 13/3/2007
Latest Israeli Military Incursion into the Hebron District: A Massive Violation of Human RightsAhmad Jaradat and Anahi Ayala Iacucci -- AIC -- "This latest incident is one of many violent incursions into villages in the area, and most likely will not be the last. In this particular incident, the massive human rights violation of using a man as a human shield can be added"12/3/2007
Life on Shuhada Street: reaching home by climbing rooftops, nonviolent demonstration calledPNN -- "For years Israeli forces occupying the southern West Bank city have kept this vital part of the Old City`s central market closed. This translates into Palestinians being compelled to climb on rooftops, or from window to window through neighbors` houses, in order to reach their homes"12/3/2007
Israeli army abducts at least 21 Palestinian civilians from Jenin districtGhassan Bannoura & Agencies -- IMEMC -- "Soldiers fired live rounds and sound bombs during the invasion, no injuries were reported. The sources added that Israeli troops targeted mostly students of the Arab American University"12/3/2007
Years of Strife and Lost Hope Scar Young PalestiniansSteven Erlanger -- The New York Times -- "They are the children of the second intifada that began in 2000, growing up in a territory riven by infighting, seared by violence, occupied by Israel, largely cut off from the world and segmented by barriers and checkpoints"12/3/2007
Hebron settlers trespass in Palestinian family’s olive orchardISM Hebron - For the second time this week settlers from Hebron broke into and trespassed in an olive orchard belonging to a Palestinian family in Tel Rumeida. On neither occasion did the Hebron police or the IOF take any action against the trespassers.11/3/2007
International Women`s Day in PalestineMaisa Abu Ghazaleh - Palestinian women participate in government, are leaders in the national struggle, go out to work and stay in to work. On the occasion of International Women`s Day, in meetings, lunches and art exhibitions, Palestinian women are honored. 11/3/2007
Testimony of 11-year-old Jihan Tahdush who was used as a human shield for Israeli forces in the Old City of Nablus, 28 February 2007 10/3/2007
Twilight Zone / Only twelve years old Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "It was about 3 P.M. last Wednesday, when Salama suddenly noticed small objects falling on the sand and kicking up little clouds of dust. Salama told her father later that she had no idea what they were; she had never seen a volley of live bullets. A few minutes later she saw her cousin Hanan slump to the ground, a hole in her head. In a panic she left everything and ran to the tent camp, about three kilometers away, to summon help. "9/3/2007
Israel imposes restrictions on foreigners entering PalestineGeorge Rishmawi - IMEMC - "Citizens who are not registered in the Palestinian population registry are required to obtain a permit from the Israeli authorities valid up to three months only. This includes foreign spouses of Palestinian citizens, children up to the age of 16 of resident Palestinians, businesspersons, investors and bearers of a working permit for the West Bank. This also includes foreign workers of international missions and representatives of international organizations in the West Bank, in addition to lecturers and consultants and Humanitarian cases." 8/3/2007
Don`t say we did not know #43: Settlers continue to invade Palestinian- owned shops in Hebron.Amos Gvirtz - ICAHD -"After the massacre perpetrated by Baruch Goldstein in the Patriarchs` Cave, the army closed the market, and prevented any access of Palestinians there. The settlers took advantage of this, broke into the shops from behind and started building flats inside them.."2/3/2007
Hamas lawmakers to remain in Israeli custodyAviram Zino-YNet News -"..the Military Court at the Ofer camp ordered their release after deciding they did not pose a clear and present danger and the prosecution could not claim otherwise because Israel did not object to their participation in the Palestinian elections – which the state was authorized to do according to Israeli-PA agreements."2/3/2007
Israeli army ends Nablus raid Al Jazeera-"The Israeli forces then regrouped around an apartment building in a newer neighbourhood, surrounding it with jeeps and armoured vehicles, using loudspeakers to demand the surrender of wanted men thought to be hiding in the building. After civilians poured out, soldiers rushed through the entrance and explosions were heard inside, but it was not immediately clear whether armed men were holed up there." 2/3/2007
PCHR Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 08/2007PCHR Palestinian Centre for Human Rights-"On Monday, 26 February 2007, an IOF sniper shot dead ‘Anan Mohammed al-Teebi, 42, with a bullet to the neck, and wounded his son, 24-year-old Ashraf, with a bullet to the hand, when he attempted to offer help to his father. The victim was on the roof of his house in the old town, when the IOF sniper shot him. IOF prevented ambulances from entering the area and arrested the son. " 2/3/2007
Hebron Update: 18-24 February 2007CPT Hebron-"The family explained that they have problems with settlers every Saturday. The settler children come and throw stones from the other side of the fence. They have broken many windows. The fence is wired with sensors so that the settler security and police know if anyone touches it. Then they send police or security to find out what happened and cause trouble for the family."2/3/2007
`Operation Hot Winter` continues in Nablus and nearby Al-Fara` camp; three injured, five arrested Maan News - "The operation began on Sunday, the inhabitants of Nablus were granted a brief respite on Tuesday, and the Israeli forces returned with renewed force on Wednesday. They are claiming to be searching for `wanted` militants in the city. For the second consecutive day on Thursday, the Israeli forces besieged many Nablus residences, especially in the old city where they have imposed an ongoing military curfew." 1/3/2007
Foreign Ministry Arab cadet humiliated at airport Nurit Felter - Ynet - "Rania Jubran, first Israeli Arab Foreign Ministry cadet and daughter of Supreme Court Justice Salem Jubran, treated as `high security risk` by security guards at Ben Gurion Airport" 1/3/2007
IDF incursion into Nablus OCHA - At approximately 02:30 on 28 February, a large force of IDF soldiers and Israeli Border Police re-entered Nablus. This latest incursion marks the continuation of Operation ‘’Hot Winter’’, the largest military incursion in three years in Nablus city. 1/3/2007
At-Tuwani Update: February 20 - March 10, 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams - Tuwani/Palestine - " Each morning and afternoon, the team monitored the Israeli military escort of the children from the Palestinian villages of Tuba and Magayer Al-Abeed to and from school in At-Tuwani. The remainder of each day was spent accompanying Palestinian shepherds in fields near Israeli settlements and settlement outposts." 14/3/2007
Israeli army `used human shields` Katya Adler - BBC News - "Amid Omeira, aged 15, told B`Tselem that a group of soldiers used the barrels of their rifles to force him to enter a number of houses ahead of them."14/3/2007
Violence against women rises in the occupied territoriesIRIN (UN humanitarian news and information service) - "Hussein told IRIN that the numbers of `femicide` cases had increased from pre-intifada (Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation) levels and that the true number of killings is not known because they are not reported." 8/3/2007
PMRC slams Israeli attacks against its medical crewsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, head of the PMRC in Nablus and the coordinator of the Popular Committee against Closure, was attacked by the soldiers who also detained him for three hours." 8/3/2007
Israelis Arrest 18 Suspects in Raid on Palestinian Site ISABEL KERSHNER - The New York Times - "Mr. Sneh, speaking in an interview while visiting New York, said that although the 18 once were members of the Aksa Martyrs Brigade linked to the mainstream Fatah faction, they had severed those ties in the past year and were paid by Iran through Hezbollah of Lebanon."8/3/2007
Israeli government erases the Bedouin Village of Twail yet again - March 7th 2007.Yeela Raanan - Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages - "A person that dies, dies only once. But they make us die every month: live again, and die again over and over again . – Aqil Talalqa today, after the Israeli government demolished his entire village for the third time in three months." 8/3/2007
The “Neighbor System” Reinstated During Nablus Operation MIFTAH - "Israeli occupation forces have returned to their old policy of using Palestinian civilians as human shields, or what Israeli media sources have dubbed the “neighbor system.” According to an article appearing in the Hebrew press, Israeli troops used this system in their house-to-house raids on Palestinian homes during Operation Winter Heat in Nablus last week." 7/3/2007
On the Occasion of International Women’s Day : Yes to Life, No to DeathPCHR - Press Release - "On the 8th of March, PCHR renews its unconditional commitment and support to Palestinian women who are facing exceptional circumstances due to IOF crimes and internal security chaos, which have led to an increase in the number of women killed. "7/3/2007
Raiding NablusSonja Karkar - Palestine Chronicle - "The damage Israel has wrought on Palestinian society is enormous. Peace cannot come by drawing up unilateral borders, but only through engaging, making real concessions and genuine efforts to see justice done. A "Hot Winter" offensive is just a military solution by yet another euphemistic name. In such a milieu, peace will most likely be held to ransom indefinitely." 7/3/2007
Palestinians see growing food shortagesJoshua Mitnick - The Christian Science Monitor - "The problem is most acute in Gaza, where Israeli security clampdowns at commercial and civilian crossings have pushed unemployment to 39 percent and exposed 54 percent of 1.4 million Gazans to food insecurity, according to the WFP." 7/3/2007
The Israeli Military Prosecutor demands a Maximum Of 24 years imprisonment Penalty for the Palestinian political prisoner Hussam Shaheen Nasim Shaheen - "On March 1, 2007 a trial was held in Ofer military court for the Palestinian prisoner Hussam Shaheen, the Secretary of International Relations of Fateh Youth Organization (FYO) and the elected leader of (FYO) in Jerusalem. Hussam’s lawyer, Mr. Feda’a Kawar, and a delegation from the Norwegian Labor Party headed by "Eva Hansen" MP of Norwegian parliament, attended his trial to express their solidarity with him."7/3/2007
IDF raids Fatah offices in Ramallah Ali Waked - Ynet - "Large army force deploys near military intelligence compound in town with armored vehicles, bulldozers, threatens to break into building if operatives don’t turn themselves in; 18 men arrested." 7/3/2007
Hamas vows full truce if Israel helps end boycott Avi Issacharoff and Aluf Benn - Haaretz - If Israel agrees to persuade the international community not to boycott the new Palestinian unity government, the Palestinians "will offer a promise from Hamas and Fatah of a total cease-fire with Israel, including a complete halt to Qassam [rocket] fire and suicide bombings," a senior Hamas official told Haaretz on Tuesday." 7/3/2007
Volleyball and Civil WarPhilip Rizk - The Electronic Intifada - "At the height of fighting between Fatah and Hamas, a Fatah-affiliated base was surrounded by Hamas forces. Ahmed was among the 150 soldiers inside the station. The gun battle continued most of the night, until at 6:30 am when Ahmed`s side ran out of ammunition. "7/3/2007
Glimmer of hope at Rafah crossing Hashem Ahelbarra - Aljazeera - "The Rafah crossing that allows the people of Gaza out into Egypt has reopened for the first time in three weeks. For most Palestinians living there it is the only link to the outside world, allowing access to essential medical supplies and treatment."7/3/2007
Palestinians aside, what about the traffic in women? Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - "If there is no substantial change in the situation in the Gaza Strip, it will compete with Somalia for first place in the international anarchy rankings...the number of crimes reported in 2006 is greater than the number of crimes committed in the Strip since 1948...Abdel Shafi noted that this shocking datum testifies not only to the extent of poverty, but also to the low status of the rule of law and to the level of morality in a society which used to be renowned for its social fabric and moral values. The Palestinians are losing their middle class, which is the key to economic growth and a healthy society."6/3/2007
Unity government in labourKhalid Amayreh - Al-Ahram - "While the Palestinians are pulling together, nothing on the other side -- Israel -- inspires optimism"6/3/2007
Soldiers fire at three teenagers who tried to cross the Gaza perimeter fence, killing one and wounding the other two,B`Tselem - testimony by `Abd a-Ra`uf al-`Adini - "After four or five minutes, the shooting stopped, and one of the soldiers said something in Hebrew, but we didn`t understand a word. We said, in a loud voice, "Help us, we are bleeding and we are not armed, we only want to work in Israel . We don`t want to carry out attacks." Immediately, the soldiers again started shooting. We were totally exposed. We had no place to hide, and lots of flares had been shot into the air. We laid there bleeding. The shooting continued for about twenty minutes. "6/3/2007
Aid sanctions threaten West Bank healthAmy Teibel - AP 6/3/2007
International aid agency: 80 percent of Gazans now rely on food aidAvi Issacharoff - Haaretz - `Eighty percent of Gazans receive food aid from the World Food Program or from UNRWA, WFP spokesperson Kirstie Campbell says, "and without it they are liable to starve." `6/3/2007
Man Injured In Accident Dies After Soldiers At Gate Delay His Transport To Hospital B`Tselem6/3/2007
Palestinian civilian killed in renewed clashes in the Gaza stripGhassan Bannoura -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "The clashes started on Wednesday afternoon and lasted through until Thursday morning [...] between Hamas and Fatah supporters, in a new wave of internal violence that has emerged since Palestinians announced earlier this week their first-ever unity cabinet"22/3/2007
Study: 129 complaints against Shin Bet have gone uninvestigatedYoav Stern -- Haaretz -- “MK Dov Khenin (Hadash) […] maintains that investigators acted wildly against innocent people. ‘It is impossible that these crimes will remain without at least checking them’" 22/3/2007
Amnesty flays Israel for keep foreign spouses out of Occupied TerritoriesThe Daily Star -- "The Amnesty report rejected Israeli claims that the restrictions are a security necessity and added there has been no documented case in which an individual `within this category has been responsible for or involved in any important security incident.` The report accused Israel of `profound` discrimination against the Palestinians since spouses of Jewish settlers living `illegally` in the Occupied Territories are allowed to enter the Palestinian areas and live there"22/3/2007
Crush at Rafah crossing leaves one dead, four injured Ma`an News Agency - "Four Palestinians were injured on Thursday when the Palestinian security forces began to fire shots in the air in order to disperse a crush of thousands who were all trying to pass through the newly-reopened Rafah crossing from the Gaza Strip into Egypt. "8/3/2007
Three olive tree planters arrested by army near SalfitMa`an (Salfit) - Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli soldiers arrested Hamdallah Khalil, Muhsin Hasan and Abdulwahhab Ghazi, who were participating in a peaceful protest on the occasion of Land Day near Salfit and planting olive trees. 31/3/2007
Palestinian journalists to boycott the Palestinian Authority to pressure for release of BBC reporterMa`an - The Palestinian journalists` union has called on the Palestinian media to boycott the presidency and the government for three days beginning on Monday. Head of the union, Naem Toubasi, called on the media to absolutely boycott Palestinian officials and their activities, in order to to urge the Palestinian Authority to increase efforts to obtain release of the abducted BBC reporter Alan Johnston. 31/3/2007
Free Hussam Shaheen: A statement from the family of imprisoned peace activist Ma`an Bethlehem - Hussam Shaheen, arrested by Israeli soldiers at Ramallah on January 28, 2004, has been outspoken in support of peace and reconciliation. Now the Israeli military prosecutor asks for him to get 24 years` imprisonment. 31/3/2007
Jenin child: `This is how they took and killed my father in 2002`Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - After five years Mustafa Husny Fayid, now 13 years old, is at last able to speak about what happend in 2002: how his father was taken off by Israeli soldier invading the Jenin Refugee Camp and how the family, after months of anxiety, discovered that he was dead - in circumstances which would probably never be completely clarified. 31/3/2007
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